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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 20, 2021 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> i would love to take a selfie with you, taylor. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪♪ ♪ ♪. lou: good evening, everybody president trump today with his farewell address to the american people, president trump spoke for nearly 20 minutes offering a message of hope recounting many of america's accomplishments over the past four years. no president has ever had so much success in a first-term and at the same time no president has ever endured more resistance, more vicious attacks or more outright subversion of his administration then has president trump. and no reporter has been more intrepid in his pursuit of the truth behind the radical left
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persecution of this president than just the news editor-in-chief john solomon. he joined us on the broadcast, we will be taking up what it turns out was an organized plan on as part of 30 - 40 of those in that mob that broke away from the save america rally. it appears that there was substantial planning in their efforts to move the mob into the capital building. the biden administration is dirty declared our open borders will be welcoming illegal immigrants promising amnesty and no deportations of illegal immigrants under a biden presidency the president-elect will be in defiance once he takes the oath of the constitution as he says he will act unilaterally without a national debate or a vote in the house or the senate.
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biden statements all working to encourage or caravan that is now as many as 12000 to make their way from honduras, guatemala and mexico to the u.s. southern border. customs and border commissioner mark morgan has already warned about the open border rhetoric of the incoming administration, mark morgan joins us this evening and secretary mike pompeo said china is committing genocide in its repression of the uighurs will be abide in a administration be steadfast in his position and hold china to account, we will take that with hudson institute director for chinese strategy michael pillsbury this evening. president trump today said he is praying for the success of the incoming biden administration and condemning the violence of january 6. now 25000 troops are in the nation's capital, they are to ensure tomorrow's inauguration
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is safe and secure. for more on what is happening on the ground in washington we turn to fox news correspondent mike tobin. good evening mike. >> good evening you have members of the national guard taking up their position in the nation's capital but between the national guard, secret service, police and all the different police and security agencies taking position everyday d.c. progressively gets more lockdown. meantime the department of defense is confirming a couple reports about the massive protective force securing the capital, first there was discussion among supporters to dress as national guard and attempt to gain access no specifics given about how far the plan got just that there was discussion, second the dod confirmed the following fbi screening 12 guardsmen have been pulled from inauguration duty, ten identified by the fbi in one identified by the commander and by a tip line.
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the dod says two comments about the inauguration the rest are connected to unspecified comments or text determined to be inappropriate, the chief of the national guard said the individuals were pulled because the guard is not taking any chances. >> i am not concerned as a large part of our organization regulate 25000, we've had 12 identified in summer just looking into and it may be unrelated to this but we want to make sure out of an abundance of caution that we do the right thing until they get cleared up. >> the fbi is warning law enforcement agencies who ever put a pipe bomb or bombs at the dnc in rnc headquarters has still not be under been identified the evil of the obligor ration that individual is top priority according to the fbi. the fbi released the picture but it shows a man in a facemask in a hoodie the bombs are located and rendered safe with no one getting injured.
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back to you. lou: thank you very much. mike tobin reporting washington our team coverage continues with steve harrigan who has details on how much washington is at a standstill now with thousands of troops ringing the capital and filling the capital itself. steve. >> the area of washington, d.c. is shut down and continues to grow the most obvious and visible are the roads simply blocked off, roadblocks yesterday sometimes concrete barriers have been reinforced in many cases dump trucks for those roadblocks businesses all around, not to shut down but boarded up to protect those windows as well, parking is restricted all across the city there afraid of car bombs so you see no cars parked on the street and also in the air the tsa has increased security in airports
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many airlines not allowing people to check weapons on flights into d.c., on the water the coast guard is patrolling in for major bridges and between virginia and d.c. shut down for the next two days. you can get out of the city, it's very tough to get in the city. on the ground 13 metro stations also shut down if you're going to move around today or tomorrow you're likely going to have to do it by foot and the mayor says almost daily asking people to stay home. even amtrak president-elect biden will be closed down today in virginia for security concerns, back to you. lou: thank you very much. steve harrigan reporting from washington, the president-elect has rejected president trump's effort to lift a travel ban into the united states from europe, brazil and the uk, biden's press secretary said now is not the time to lift restrictions because of the worsening pandemic.
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yet last year as the new china virus was worsening president trump imposter travel ban and then joe biden called his travel ban xenophobic and he tweeted this. banning all travel from europe or any other part of the world will not stop it. taking office appears to have changed joe biden's mind. perspective and all of that. joe biden said he will follow the science when it comes to his response for the china virus and a new study finds lockdown time no benefit to stopping the spread of the virus then voluntary measures such as social distancing and mask wearing, the researchers from stanford university comparing cases of nations that impose lockdown including the united states with nations that took a more voluntary approach like south korea and sweden. on wall street today stocks closed higher on the week's
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first trading day the dow up 116 points that s&p of 31 and the nasdaq rally nearly 200 points. volume on the big board 5 billion shares. listen to my report on the salem radio network as well. up next president trump bids farewell to the nation after years of vicious attacks by the radical left, the deep state and the national left-wing media, editor-in-chief john solomon joins us here next on that and much more. ♪ sarah, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? hmm. so what are you waiting for? captain ahab to help you find a parking spot? thar she blows! whoops! loading zone. darn it.
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>> together with millions of hard i >> tim together with millions of hard-working patriots across the land we built the greatest political movement in the history of our country, we also built the greatest economy in the history of the world. it was about america first because we all wanted to make america great again, we restored the principal that a nation
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exist to as citizens. our agenda was not about right or left it was not about republican or democrat but about the good of a nation and that means the whole nation. with the support and prayers of the american people we achieved more than anyone thought possible, nobody thought we could even come close. lou: the president and his farewell speech this afternoon, breaking news, hillary clinton said she wantsor to see presidet trump's phone records during the january 6 storming of the capital. we think this is a terrific idea, phone records and we believe in the spirit of unity mrs. clinton has advocated here, she should release all of the phone calls a and her texting e-mails made with russia in the name of transparency and the phones and servers she destroyed
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so we would have a better perspective on exactly what her communications were, with whom and what those communications contain. great c idea. supreme court chief justice john roberts has declared he does not want to preside over his second impeachment trial, who could blame him really. but roberts affirmed in so doing the democrats constitutional claim that it is possible to be within the bounds of the constitution and to apply impeachment two remove someone from an office that they no longer hold. how is that for legal reasoning on the part of a few. and apparently the chief justice of the supreme court. breaking news members of the radical militia group accused of conspiringng to organize at leat part of the mob at the capital building on january 6.
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joining us now john solomon editor-in-chief of just the news best-selling author great american. first of all, thank you for being here this news on a group of comprised at least of a number of oath keepers leading a mob, organizing a substantial number and agitating apparently provocateurs. your thoughts? >> the most important part in the indictment from the political question in washington is the fbi date to january 1, they were detailed planning going back to january 16 days before the riots began to carry out this violence. that is the fbi siri indication with conspiracy charges. why is important, we just heard mitch mcconnell a few hours ago say the president cited this mob and it turns out this attack was underway and being planned long before the president gave his
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speech, even the washington post that the planning for this today for the first time in the planning for this was long before the president speech. that is why this impeachment was rushed as stuff left out so many important fact gatherings and were just beginning to get the outlines of what appears to be a pretty well-formed a prior plot to attack the capital. lou: this is emanating from the fbi itself. >> it is interceptive communication in the perpetrators and including on the day of while they were stormingap the capital these oah keepers were communicating and saying let's stick to our plan in real time they were referencing a planet they went back and found the early planning and electronic communications there was a very different story than what what we were told in the first 24 hours. we often find out much later the truth of what really happened. lou:lo i think the radical leftn
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this country has a unique record among all partisans in trying to exploit any emergency entity crisis for political benefit. mcconnell thech number one republican in the u.s. senate pylon without any evidence whatsoever of what he was alleging and in fact what he was alleging a disputed by the fbi himself and charges against these militia members it is outrageous to see what the rinos are doing here, we understand that not only have the rinos been blocking the release of the documents a president has been trying to declassify in trying to release to the public and now they are attacking the president, they will not be attending his farewell and his
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departure from andrews air force base as i so call it. instead mccarthy and mcconnell and the bunch will be absent. this is a vicious number of people who i findin contemptibl, what do you think. >> the most important thing i am focused on in the 19 remaining hours that president trump has an office is getting those declassified office to the public, it is important to close the loop on all the work thatt a you and i i have done and i have confirmed with the fbi that the documents have been declassified and they provided the declassified sent to the white house i have confirmed to the white house the order has been signed and i willat be working late tonight to make sure donald trump leaves office tomorrow that these documents make it into the american public because
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when you want to talk about the viciousness of the plot against the president and the accidental president the fbi misconduct with christopher steele and others is going to be laid there by these documents and the ultimate historical collection showing just how bad the bureaucracy and other political leaders in washington treated i this president. lou: also the release of the documents will show as we already know that the fbi for some time of the paramilitary police working for the democratic party. even taking the plot conjured by hillary clinton the opponent of donald trump in 2016. and giving it life and energy and using it as a bludgeon to take up against him personally and his candidacy. , there has been no accounting, will there be as a result of these documents in your best judgment? >> they certainly will allow the american people the fbi
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willfully carried out hillary clinton's dirty trick after learning she was behind it, after learning christopher steele thought it was part of his notice to do this, they will no longer be a question that that occurred and no longer a question that the fbi did specific intent specifically target the campaign, not just carter page they had a plot for how they were going to target spy on the campaign going back to august of 16, a lot of the misstatements and lies that the fbi leadership of that era told us get debunked by these documents and i think for history sake that is important is up to john durham to see if he can bring accountability to people who clearly intentionally misled the court in the congress. lou: i think we've all been misled about what mr. durham is actually doing and when he might conclude his pitiful efforts. gina has resigned the head of
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the cia. what took so long and why now and don't you think she is singularly responsible for making certain that the cia assessment of chinese involvement in our elections was blocked? >> the entire intelligence committee tried to block its release until after president trump's the parts are which is unfortunate given a legal requirement to deliver more than a month ago. but dni radcliffe got the information out and i wonder if gina's regulation had anything to do with the last-minute efforts to continue to get documents to the american people on things like russia, china and others and there's been tension between her and the white house for some time over giving the american peoplens transparency d it's unfortunate if that is the reason she is with leaving, the cia director should be willing to give the iraqi people as much transparency as she possibly can that is not been the hallmark of
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her tenure. lou: not hers or her predecessor. john solomon, will we have those documents tonight? >> i will not go to bed until i get them, i promise weau will gt those things out one way or another that it is frustrating were only 19 hours from the departure of the president and we don't yet havee them. but there declassified and ready to be distributed we will get them tonight and work through the night to get them to the american people so joe biden is not tempted to reclassify them tomorrow. lou: you know he would be all speak only for myself, it is my strong belief that there is significant energy behind the manipulation of the release of these documents. and i cannot wait to see to what and. john solomon, thank you for everything that you do and have done. we appreciate it. good to seehnom you. up next, joe biden wants
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♪ ♪ >> i want you to know that the movement we start >> i want you to know that the movement that we started is only just beginning, there has never been anything like it, the belief that a nation must serve its citizen will not dwindle but instead only grow stronger by the day as long as the american people hold in their hearts deep and devoted love of the country then there is nothing that this nation cannot achieve.
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lou: president trump and this afternoon farewell address, president trump offering encouraging words ahead of his departure tomorrow from the white house, president-elect joe biden meanwhile has a sweeping amnesty plan and open borders plan that will apply to nearly 20 million illegal immigrants, perhapse more who are in the united states of january 1, in september 1985 the u.s. senate passed a bill, a bill to grant amnesty to more than 2 million illegal immigrants, the bill had the support of more than two thirds of the senate and you might be interested to know that one ofen the 29 senators who rejected the bill was then the senator from delaware, senator joe biden. in october 1986 when the bill was passed byvo a 64 vote margin
5:29 am
in the house andpr then signed y president reagan in november there had been a national conversation and dialogue, there was public debate in the whole nation knew what was happening and now mr. biden is determined to swiftly pass amnesty as quickly as possible by signing an executive order acting unilaterallyn. our next guest has beenn leading the fight to secure the southern border, he says the biden administration does carry through on its open borders and wide-open immigration plans will be looking at unmitigated illegal immigration crisis in this country. joining us now is custom and border protection commissioner mark morgan. i want to begin with the caravan making its way up into mexico and on its way to her borders and we can take a look at what's happening, these are stunning
5:30 am
pictures, thousands of these illegal immigrants have been headed off into guatemala, even honduras and even heading into mexico needing to get to the united states border, 8000 -- 12000 we are told, what is your custom and border protection intelligence telling you about questioning. >> your exactly right the numbers are a little bit over the place, as the caravan goes from honduras and guatemala there are more strap hangers that join the caravan making a larger but i gotta tell you what you were saying about amnesty, this is not a political statement this is a law enforcement perspective from cbp it is not just. about amnesty it
5:31 am
is aboutes the rhetoric that is gonna stop deportation for 100 days, if you're here illegally we will reward you with free and stop in and ppp that for stopping release. biden a administration is an open borders strategy and people asked me what's going to happen starting tomorrow and i said authority happened for caravans is a microcosm of what's happening and what's to come because of the policies. lou: do we know the origin of this is, we have known these caravans have been organized and supported in financed by various groups including prominent nonprofit the microstructures
5:32 am
wake up as a boy to join the caravan, these are well organized, well orchestrated and funded operations. and let's be clear the organizers themselves, i've seen the manifest from the organizers, the migrants themselves and the smugglers are all using assumed to be president biden by name and siding he, him and his open policies as the reason they are coming they actually interviewed a young migrant from honduras that said according to soon to be president biden we have 100 days to get to the u.s., siding biden'sro promise to stop the bd tatian for 100 days. it's clear whether coming in the open border strategies that are d in.g lou: it's inconceivable that we are not -- even the far left which biden represents as he
5:33 am
takes the oval office tomorrow it is remarkable that they learn nothing about the impact of the rhetoric and the promises on the surge across the borders. >> backs exactly right, they know. soon to be president as already started walking back what he promised during the campaign he was going to do on day one, his own words he said that there will not be able to do everything on day one because if they did resend president trump's policies and initiatives that we would have 2 million people at our border, that is the one thing i agree with president-elect joe biden that's exactly what would happen but this is important he didn't say they can every send or change the open border policies he just saidid not yet, he's kicking the crisis down the road. lou: mark morgan, the acting commissioner of custom and protection, thank you
5:34 am
very much and thank you to your service for the nation. we appreciate it. up next the radical left idea of humanity is unusual it seems to be odd in every respect. amongst those abbott deprogramming president trump supporters. how dangerous is that path. were not the ones with trump's syndrome, they're the ones who are deranged, aren't they. we'll take it my name is trisha. i'm 70 and i live in mill valley, california. my biggest passion is gardening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition.
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>> i did not seek the easiest course. by far, it was actually the lou: i did not seek the easiest course, by far it wasd the most difficult, i did not seek the path we get the least criticism, i took on the tough battles, the hardest fight, the most difficult choices because that is what you elected me too do. lou: he did, and he did great, president trump from his farewell address, 25000 of our troops are in washington, d.c. to ensure a safe and secure inauguration for the president-elect joe biden. let's go to kevin corke withth e latest from the nation's capital this hour. >> good to be with you theti lockdown continues, 25000 plus
5:39 am
available in the nation's capital for what is supposed to be basically a virtual inauguration and as we continue to observe the security preparation for the inauguration in washington, d.c. fox news has dreceived confirmation from the head of the national guard that at least a dozen members of the guard have actually now been removed from duty, pulled from duty because of suspected far right extremist ties. general daniel hogan said would only say that authority saw inappropriate text or comments that led to the troops being relieved of duty. just the latest reiki headline ahead of what is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power in a capital that is frankly beginning to sample the green zone in iraq if not more than that, for those who are wondering the level of vetting is unprecedented, those in the low say think again. >> i think the vetting that is occurring with the national guard and others is the same
5:40 am
vetting that we see with most inaugurations, the secret service, the fbi are going to vet any individuals that will have close proximity or access to these locations. around the d.c. >> meanwhile the bidens are ready to take the residence back to the nation's capital leading the first date, the former vp telling guardsmen he would represent them and all americans. along this with his next journey and public life. >> true patriots defined by the courage of their character. so it is deeply personal that our next journey to washington starts here, place that defines the very best of who we are as americans. >> meanwhile fox news can confirm that the former vp has invited republican senator mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy to join him at st. matthew's
5:41 am
tomorrow in the nation's capital for church, that is a tradition on an aggravation day biden becoming the second catholic u.s. president, jfk being the first. lou: thank you very much, kevin. corke reporting from washington. breaking news, a day before the biden inauguration and new poll showing the american people aree concerned with the direction of the united states in the latest usa today poll 65% of american voters say america is headed in the wrong direction. nbc's latest polling shows 73% of voters say america is on the wrong track, 53% of americans are pessimistic and worried about the future. joining us now iss victor davis hanson h senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford in the national review
5:42 am
contributor. great to have you withe us victr this is an extraordinary moment as we look, kevin corke just referenced the green zone in baghdad during the iraq war, 25000 of our troops at the nation's capital, have we ever seen that many of our national guardsmen deployed anywhere in this country at one time? >> i cannot think of a historical parallel maybe the rate in 1864 when he tried to take washington and abraham lincoln was shot at that the closest we have seen to these militarization of the capital. what i don'ton understand is a lack of concern because we always thought the left was the bulwark over weaponization and militarization of our bureaucracy, our military we have retired officers that came out and warned us when donald
5:43 am
trump suggested that the antifa, blm movement was too close to the white house they burned the episcopal church and they might have to bring inn federal troops they said he was plotting a coup, their silent i have not heard one retired general say they were concerned about the use of military force. same thing with fbi everything is flipped upside down the left likes the overzealousness of the fbi, the cia, the military, we are now examining the ideological framework of i individual soldiers, if you're going to do that we had retired military with the commander-in-chief six months ago of mussolini, hitler and a very prominent general he should be removed sooner than later. that was not considered insurrectionary, there's no pretense or effort to be disinterested it's all one-sided. that's why they show that
5:44 am
concern, they had donald trump at 51% one of the highest of the entire tenure, that backlash is growing and it's not a disinterested honest appraisal, it's all biased in asymmetric. lou: i suspect we will see the president's approval rating rise with every success of month of the biden administration when we see these kinds of numbers see country is headed in the wrong direction. i want to turn to two things, the military historian you appreciate the fact that allce f our service members have a background check as they enter the service, every recruit to see this fbi investigation suggesting that an fbi investigation or background check by any number of the contractors that do it extensive in a matter of days is really
5:45 am
disinformation, it troubles me that weou would pretend that anything thorough in the way of an investigation background investigation can be done. do you agree? >> i think it is more for media consumptionhe there is some rigt wing right supremacist conspiracy threatened to take over the capital and the rushing to make sure they can filter out these dangerous insurrectionary's among the rank and there is no evidence that they exist. the mob was regrettable, everybody's deported, is preplanned, probably not decided by the president but in terms of actual violence. lou: did you say probably? >> it paled in comparison with 90 days of blm and anti-pro riot that was contextualized and condoned by some of our most prominent officials. lou: is the fbi telling us that a number including a group of
5:46 am
hope keepers were actually plotting to carry out this act against the capital as early as the first of january some 5 - 6 days before the mob actually broke away. it is interesting to see the fbi some giving out a lot of information and by the way and deeply appreciative, i'm just taking note of this, suddenly they are sharing information with the american public and i applaud them but it's a departure from everything they have been doing for yearsro previous. so perhaps the inauguration of joe biden will bring a new open transparent fbi. >> i cannot figure it out either they have been so secretive and is stimulating about their failuresth, they failed to tells all about the fisa court abuses and all the sudden they are saying we knew about all of this and we have some clue about a
5:47 am
plot and rethink it if you did why didn't you get that information and allow capital police to take the necessary measures. i've never seen them be so candid about how lax they were when they had information in their hands. lou: they had intelligence, three days before the event. the potential for violence was significant. victor david hanson, it's great to be with us, thank you so much. up next the china owned world health organization admits is screwed up the response to the china virus, so did china. we take it up with doctor michael pillsbury, broken windshield... take 1... hey guys, my windshield just got broken, i feel like i need to blow off some steam. let's go... 1, 2, 3, 4... mr. blanks? there's no need to be stressed. geico makes it easy to file a claim online, on the app, or over the phone. yeah, but what if i never hear back? that's gonna make me want to go jab...jab! nope! your geico claims team is always there for you.
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♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪
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♪ ♪ lou: joining us lou: joining us now is michael pillsbury the director for chinese strategy at the hudson institute, the chair of the defense policy board. good to have you with us, let's start with the china virus cover-up a number of organizations including w.h.o. now acknowledging that they were misled, we also know they were complicit in the cover-up. let's speak straight as we can about that. thereupon an agency first of
5:52 am
china than the united nations. do you disagree? no i don't disagree at all there has been new comments by various scientist i was not aware of and isha technically possible to create a virus and then leave no trace behind. of that creation. in this apparently is what are famous lady has been talking about she was manipulating viruses that she found from bats, she denies that they escaped from her lab but the possibility that this couldld be done and it's known to scientist in the biology field. lou:uh in wuhan we also know one of the origin we knew it did not come from a a wet market because it was preposterous that it had done. in the overall adjuster were such geniuses but also that we found out had been working witht the chinese through the nih for years would say that it couldn't possibly have beeny engineered
5:53 am
because it did not kill everyone. the genius of this virus is that it did not kill everyone incapacitated every major nation on earth with the exception of chinats itself and china stop te virus within its own borders but exported it to nearly every other country on earth and no world leader had the guts to say this is a moral equivalent of murder. why is that? >> part of it is the number of scientist who are required to reach a consensus until world leaders this is murder, the consensus has not been there we would need a presidential commission. lou: excuse me we have to get a consensus of scientists to tell us what is murder. >> no, world leaders.
5:54 am
lou: no one can use their independent judgment as a leader of a nation, they have to go find six little buddies to help them through the tough times. >> i know you don't like it but that's how the real world works. lou: i don't think -- >> a number of presidents and even ultimately said they will not take action against a virus or join us by pulling out of the w.h.o. until their own scientist confirmed that this kind of thing happen. that's why the steam in wuhan is so important in the chinese from seeing the materials that they need to see in their also launching a counter attack on us. theyie claim we had pulled paul dietrich out of her own program. chinese are on. lou: i don't really care what the communist chinese claim and i don't really think you should career either, nonsense doctor
5:55 am
pillsbury if i may say the truth of the matter is we know very well what happened in our intelligence agencies would not have the appellation of intelligence fixed to the trade style if they were intelligent we have to know what is happening, 400,000 americans dead and biden is the guy who has to straighten it out. very quickly, 15 seconds, will he or will he not. >> he said he is going to go back to the w.h.o. and that reduces our leverage, a lot of the biden appointees are pretty tough on china but whether thegh president, biden himself will be tough, i think you have to wait and see. i'm concerned they will not be. >> as are we all, thinking he much doctored michael pillsbury, stay wit
5:56 am
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♪. lou: president trump wit president trump with the words of encouragement for the incoming biden administration. >> we did hear what we came here to do. and so much more. this week we inaugurate a new administration, and pray for its success in keeping america safe and prosperous. we extend our best wishes and we also want to them to have
6:00 am
luck. a very important word. lou: and that is it for us tonight. civil rights attorney, trumps a part of leo terrel sinvestigative reporter sara carter join us. and maria: >> good wednesday morning, everyone. it is wednesday january 20th, inauguration day, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump delivering a farewell message to the american people. >> i want to thank the american people to serve as your president as been an honor beyond description. thank you for this extraordinary privilege. maria: it is inauguration day, president elect joe biden taking the oath of office later this morning. he already has 17 executive orders lined up


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