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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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calling on intelligence agencies to go after the dems political opponents. well, reminder to buy the best-selling book, "the trump century" and to pick up your official mug at thanks for being with us. good night from sussex. ♪. elizabeth: amid the calls for common cause there is growing calls for washington, how about some common sense? now there is growing concern that the push to get america vaccinated, to get america reopened, now getting derailed by new distractions and growing pressure and demands from the democratic progressive left that have nothing to do with vaccination, everything to do with slamming jobs when main street america is in a world of pain. the big solution we're hearing about from washington, more commissions, more boards, more technocrats, no action mistaking activity for achievement.
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brent bozell, ford o'connell, tom del beccaro, brandon judd on the day's stop headlines. pain street america telling washington, please, more common sense. get us vaccinated. open up the economy, the progressive left led by bernie sanders demanding green new deal, higher taxes,. biden administration took big steps in the wrong direction. president biden he does not owe his election to the far left. joe biden cut a deal with bernie sanders during the primaries. we'll break it down. d.c. shock over antifa, black lives matter riots against joe biden in portland and seattle. protests against biden in denver too. they protested against the police. antifa rioters attack ad headquarters in portland. smashed the original starbucks in seattle. the media continues to ignore.
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deplatforming of all conservatives. tarnishing of all conservatives. d.c. in targeting scandal, going after conservatives not just using the irs by fbi as well. democrat making demands of irs. house oversight chair wants fbi to go after conservative social media. wants businesses to do surveillance on bad actors. what about twitter, facebook? what is this about surveillance? we'll keg into that. also this local california or thers are waking up. blasting california's out of control shutdown rules for slamming the economy while having zero, no impact on the covid surge there. the new push for common sense in california as the reopen push gains momentum across the country. also tonight the biden administration pulling the plug on keyboarder policies that stopped violence at the border. the debate now, how to enact humanitarian policies after washington let the border
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descend into chaos and violence. look at this. mexico, guatemala are now cracking down. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us, "washington examiner" byron york. we love having you on. first to the executive orders signed today to stop covid-19. a lot of talks of commissions, recommendations, guidelines. your thought about that? >> well you know, yesterday was the 17 executive orders on all sorts of things including a lot on immigration and today was kind of covid-19 day at the white house. what is interesting is, there was a moment when president biden was talking about his goal to vaccinate 100 million vaccinations in the next 100 days or about a million a day.
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and a reporter said to him, is that really all that ambitious? because that is about the pace we're going at right now. and biden said, come on, man, give me a break. it is a good start. what's interesting about the, his presentation is, you kind of have to divide the style and the substance. my guess is, a lot of americans would probably be reassured by the way biden talks about the virus, about talks about all the active. he is doing, these commissions you just mentioned, all of these things he is setting up. sounds kind of comforting but as far as actual substance, that is, vaccinating people he is not doing that much different from what was done the day before he entered office. that is really the interesting thing that is going on right now. elizabeth: yeah, where is the national guard? he had idea, the national guard, we're trying to see that push. america needs to get vaccinated. they're in a world pain.
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their businesses have been shut down. tens of millions out of work. now we have senate budget chair, he runs the budget now, bernie sanders, progressives, byron they want to push hard on green new deal, higher taxes, single-payer instead. where is that unity where main street america is hollering saying we're in pain down here? >> they're in power, come on. democrats control the white house, senate and house. democratic wing says we're important here. remember in the senate it is 50-50 between republicans and democrats. so every single democratic vote has a lot of influence, republicans too for that matter. one noise very senator can make a lot of trouble for his party. don't forget the house is very chose too. democrats only have 222 votes i think there. they can only lose four to pass something. so these progressive voices are going to have an extraordinarily how influence.
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elizabeth: but here arrest the thing. i hear what you're saying. we're hearing 1.9 trillion deal for covid relief could be delayed until march. abigail spans berger out of virginia, your far left social. lost us seats in the house. republicans gained seats in the house. 50-50 in the senate. they have state legislatures. finish your thought, i hear what you're saying. >> famous call with number of democrats and nancy pelosi and abigail spanberger was very up set with the progressives. i would point out by the way, joe biden sent all of one bill to congress right now. it is not unusual. only his first full day but he took the trouble to send one bill to congress and that is a comprehensive immigration reform package to create a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the country illegally. that is a huge, huge, issue with
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the democratic base, from progressive activists, the squad, all the way to tech billionaires. that is big thing for them. elizabeth: stay focused. we got it. every american needs vaccinated period. vaccinated period, that's it. by the way fdr a had 76 laws enacted in the first 100 days. 53 truman. guess who is third, you can hear him talking. ahead of jfk in the first 100 days with laws enacted. now we're seeing distraction, major distractions in d.c. we, and people saw it coming. we had reporters and people on our show this is coming. now you have, sorry, you know, we know the pain in main street america. we hear it. talk to people out in middle america, byron, we have senator mitch mcconnell, john cornyn, liz cheney, they're saying, what is with job killing plan to, for the oil boom, kill jobs in the
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oil patch? what's that about? >> i do think on the covid thing the whole biden, the last 48 hours to has been to create the appearance of action. new president is on the job, he is doing this, doing that. he is creating this. he assigning people to do this and that, when in fact the vaccination effort actually is gearing up after horrendous beginning in a number of states. but it is about a million a day now and biden plans to just keep that on but the whole idea has been to give this impression of action. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. we've got florida, texas, west virginia, vaccinations are really powering ahead but they're bogging down in california and new york. let's listen to the governor, the republican governor of west virginia. he was on with us last week, talking about he is getting it done.
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watch this. >> we recruited people from our local health departments, our clinics, our pharmacy. put the national guard in right off the get go. today, today, imagine this in the state of west virginia, 99.6% of all the vaccines that we have are in somebody's arm. we're saving people's lives. we created a thing called operation save our wisdom because our older people were dying. our wisdom was dying. we're on it. we've been on it from day one. first-in-the-nation with the nursing homes in every way. first and first and first. people should been watching what is going own right here. we're founded upon getting in the ditches and hard work, practical good sense and everything. that is what is going on right here in west virginia. elizabeth: practical good sense. astonishing, right, byron? common sense. got the national guard out quickly to do it. go ahead. >> 99.6% number is really, really big. in california i think the number is less than 40% vaccinations
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have been given out. there was so much time lost in new york and other places trying to figure out who should get the vaccination. maybe even coming up with penalties for giving the wrong people the vaccination. gradually people came around to think who is dying the most from coronavirus? it is of course the elderly. perhaps we should vaccinate them. and that is what the governor of west virginia was just talking about. and that is what a lot of states are coming around to now. you were right. some are doing better than others but you know, in the united states almost every, every big project starts out badly. remember obamacare was a disaster at the very beginning. it is not a surprise this whole vaccination effort, which is an enormous effort started out badly and is gathering steam. we should all hope, not for joe biden's sake or any party's sake that it gets better really soon. elizabeth: absolutely. in total agreement with that but it is really interesting how it
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is turning out to a litmus test how states governor govern themself whether you're beholden to state capitals and lobbyists, or doing common sense. in touch with people in your hometowns. byron, final word on that. >> that is absolutely right. joe biden wants to have a national vaccination authority when in fact these things do run by the states, federal government can give guidelines but one of the things we've discovered in the coronavirus crisis is that one size fits all solutions don't work. they don't work for the whole nation. they don't even work for entire states. governors are looking at various areas and in their states, some which have a worse problem than others. some which need different policies than others. it is same with vaccinations and decentralization has been the best way to go. elizabeth: all right. byron york, great to have you back on. good to see you. come back soon, okay? >> thank you, liz.
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appreciate it. elizabeth: sure. coming up "the daily caller" shelby talcot. shelby talcot is first of breaking news around the country on riots. she is embedding herself inside of riots. she will break down the new shock, the shock in washington after antifa and black lives matters rioters protested against joe biden in portland and seattle. antifa rioters vandalized and attacked the democrat headquarters in portland, oregon. they smashed the original starbucks in seattle. we have more on this next. the media continues to ignore the story. is possible with verzenio, the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe,
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visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ♪. elizabeth: joining me now is "the daily caller" reporter who has been courageously embedding herself in riots, reporting on them. back with us is shelby talcot. shelby, we love having you on. no riots in washington but within hours of president joe biden's inauguration riots against joe biden in portland and denver, seattle? what do you make of that, they had banners and signs that said f joe biden. >> this is not surprising if you have been following these riots and covering them. these are really radical groups. joe biden's agenda is not radical for them. joe biden said he will not
6:17 pm
abolish the police. that is one of the big things of these people, abolish i.c.e. and police. it is clear they will riot and all of these issues even when joe biden is president. elizabeth: so it is not whether it is joe biden or trump. it is that they just hate america? they think all of america is farc fascist, but the fact they're out there rioting shows it is not s that what is going on? >> i think that is a fair assessment. a lot of media and democrats pushed the blame of past year of riots on to president trump, right? but now we're seeing that inauguration day, they're still riots. they're still going on. clearly it is, it is goes deeper and it goes past president trump. these people don't like biden either. they don't like his administration. they vowed to continue rioting. they're not going to stop. you know, so we shouldn't expect them to stop. but i think that the media is going to ignore it and the biden
6:18 pm
administration is probably going to try to downplay it as long as possible because they're pushing you know, they're pushing this unity and they want everything to be kumbayah all of sudden because he is president. elizabeth: so no coverage on msnbc, cnn, no coverage at cbs, abc, nbc. we checked it. we're not seeing the coverage. rioters smashed the windows of the democrat party headquarters in portland. they smashed windows at a federal courthouse in seattle. they smashed the original starbucks in seattle. they smash adamson go store. they carried knives, pepper spray, molotov cocktails. attacked people in cars. they overturned a car with people in it in portland. senator tom cotton criticized no matter what side the violent mob is on this all has to stop, what do you say. >> absolutely. i don't see how that is a
6:19 pm
democrat republican issue. violence is violence at the end of the day. we saw people condemn violence when trump supporters did it. we should absolutely see people condemn violence when it is left-wing groups like antifa. unfortunately i would say that is not going to happen. elizabeth: the media silence gives agency to it. that is the issue. jerry nadler, democrat, he also said antifa is just an idea. is it just an idea? >> no. i think there is plenty of evidence that shows it is far more organized than a lot of these people are saving. it is an idea, that's correct. but it is also a group. we see the people come out night after night. they are dressed in black bloc. they have equipment. they have trained to riot essentially and to fight back against police. it is more than just an idea. and it is so obvious, if you just look at the footage, cover the events and you know, there is your proof.
6:20 pm
the proof is literally in the video footage we've been providing all year. elizabeth: you've been doing courageous work. congress needs to get to the bottom who is funding it. we have information about who is. it has to be fact checked and nailed down who is funding it. by the way, let's talk more how media condone ied it. but encouraged it. >> that ain't a riot what we're seeing in minneapolis. what we're seeing now is frustration. >> that is being done by a commission, city council, not a mob throwing it into the harbor. >> people do what they do. >> what about an teach fa. >> that is a myth. >> let's make sure we show up wherever we have to show up, if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a restaurant store, a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. >> they're not going to stop before election day in november and they're not going to stop after election day.
6:21 pm
that should be everyone, everyone should take note of that on both levels. they're not going to let up and they should not. >> mostly protests. it is not, it is not generally speaking unruly. but fires have been started. >> show me where it says protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful? >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. is this what you want from joe biden. they are going to take your country away, and taking down the statues. >> crime is rising. defund police. >> oh, my gosh it is so bad and defunding police. it is like -- >> looks like a big deal here. when you zoom way in to pine street and surrounding area. let's zoom out, show all of seattle. you get a sense of context for this. this is happening in about six city blocks. elizabeth: this can only be called breathtakingly idiotic and breathtakingly absurd. 30 people were killed in the riots. 2000 cops injured.
6:22 pm
minority communities and businesses destroyed. this is about peaceful protests everybody says yes, the first amendment says peaceful but riots are a problem. shelby, we ran out of time. you will come back on. appreciate it. we'll have more after the break. stay right there. d always will . never letting anything get in my way. not the doubts, distractions, or voice in my head. and certainly not arthritis. voltaren provides powerful arthritis pain relief to help me keep moving. and it can help you too. feel the joy of movement with voltaren.
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♪. elizabeth: with me now media research center brent bozell. brent, always great to have you back on. okay, this growing call by democrats and tv hosts to stop extremist conspiracy theories on the right. there are extremist conspiracy theories on the left. brent, this feels like it is veering wildly out of control in a push to deplatform all conservatives. what do you say? >> it really is. listen to the likes of katie couric who is calling for there to be deprogramming of the trump cult. she is talking about 75 million people who voted for donald trump and this deprogramming thing, liz, this is something mao zedong advocated. this is what ho chi minh advocated in north korea. never i would imagine somebody
6:27 pm
in my life i hear respectable would call for deprogramming. she is not the only one. aoc is saying the same thing this radical left-wing is showing its true colors with the ad vent of joe biden. it is showing america what they really have, what they believe. they believe the events of january 6th, the handful of people who caused mayhem, handful of people are the embodiment of conservative movement. the hate pouring on the internet against conservatives while conservatives are being banned. amazon is banning people because they're violent, conservatives because they're violent. we found so far 204 items amazon is selling that are hate items including wanting to kill republicans and wishing for the death of donald trump. that is okay. but the conservatives, they're the ones that are
6:28 pm
right-wingnuts. elizabeth: so we had dozens and dozens were arrested in the capitol hill riots. so that happened. the issue painting with a broad brush all conservatives. now you have carolyn maloney, house oversight chair, put the fbi and probe, saying we got to probe parler but not talking about twitter and facebook. she is saying we got to get businesses and their customers to do surveillance. it is worth remembering that a bernie sanders supporter and hardcore democrat partisan james how much kin son, went to softball field to murder republicans, almost shot to death steve scalise. he was on left-wing, far left facebook chat rooms. he was a fan of msnbc and he was in chat rooms calling about terminating republicans, calling them traitors. i like your reaction to what nicole wallace of msnbc said recently. let's watch this. >> it would be my policy that a
6:29 pm
republican must assert the truth before they're allowed to share any other views. if we can protect against counterfit dollar bills we should be able to protect against fake news we now know has the potential to kill people as it did two weeks ago. elizabeth: okay. she started out talking about these extremists conspiracy theories. we get that. but then she is talking about you have got to assert the truth before you're allowed to speak. that's something entirely different, brent. >> well yeah, let's talk about asserting the truth. if you're going to talk about what happened on capitol hill, which of course you need to, where were these same reporters this summer when the mob, the left-wing mob, attacked -- everybody is forgetting this. the left-wing mob attacked the white house. when they tried to storm the east wing, when the president was giving his speech?
6:30 pm
when they attacked a united states senator, rand paul, who had to flee? they are forgetting that one. you know what else they're forgetting, lids? all this talk about washington needed to be guarded yesterday. what about what happened for four years ago? what about the mob that attacked four years ago during the trump inaugural? where they closed down streets where antifa and black lives matter were destroying property up and down. they rioted on the day of donald trump's inauguration and nobody in the press covered that. what hypocrisy. elizabeth: yeah. we saw it. we covered it. and we covered, we had our camera, the guy's limousine, gypsy cab driver, his lehman seen was torched. he lost his business. former cia director john brennan that the biden administration is
6:31 pm
going after libertarians too. watch this. >> the members of the biden team who have been nominated or appointed are now moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about what looks very similar to insurgency movements that we've seen overseas. where they germinate in different parts of the country and they gain strength and it brings together an unholy alliance of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians. i really do think that the law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence and even the defense officials are doing everything possible to root out what seems to be a very, very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic. elizabeth: yes. root out, we get it. extremists insidious threats are wrong but take on how he said it. go ahead. libertarians. they want smaller government. are there extremist libertarian
6:32 pm
groups? are we missing something? >> excuse me, liz. excuse me, liz. where the hell portland was on fire? when seattle was on fire? where city after city was on fire? where was this man on average one police officer is murdered every single week? where was he? where was he when the statehouse in wisconsin was occupied by rioters for days on end, disrupting the work of the governor? where was he just yesterday talking about these left-wing mobs that were again burning the city but no? we have to go after libertarians and people who are religious. elizabeth: yeah. i hear what you're saying. brent, i hear you're upset about it. you know what about trapping police officers inside of government buildings in portland or seattle and trying to set
6:33 pm
them on fire to kill them? so the thing is don't cover it, people will react. they are frustrated. the media is not covering it. this guy is not talking about it. brent, we'll have you back on. we get you're outraged, fired up about it. good to see you, brent. we have a special programing note. storm 6:00 p.m. eastern time. interseptember founder, glenn greenwald. will join us with all his insights what we talked about with brent bozell. still to come, ford o'connell, whether washington is about to be embroiled by a new targeting scandal with using the irs and the fbi. democrat is raising that as a threat. the house democrat oversight chair wants irs to go after conserve its and facebook and social media. we'll talk about that.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back republican strategist ford o'connell.
6:38 pm
okay, democrat senator sheldon whitehouse, top democrat on senate finance who oversees the irs, sends a letter to the head of irs, probe non-profit turning point usa headed by charlie kirk. they believe he broke covid rules hosting two events in florida, calling superspreaders. is that the irs's job? >> no it is not the irs's job. i have to be concerned about a senator from ohio is concerned about a covid protocols in my home state of florida. this is how it starts. they are trying to target turning point usa. use them as a scapegoat, target folks on coin so i tiff side of the aisle with the tax code in 2010 and beyond. unfortunately they feel they can get away with it back when the obama administration did just this. elizabeth: they did suppress the tea party back then in the 2012 election runup to that.
6:39 pm
that was a major scandal. this is a pre-cursor to the fbi's botched trump-russia probe. he called it superspreader events. should the irs probe thanksgiving and christmas too? >> absolutely not. this is the primacy of mayor of palm beach. it occurred allegedly at mar-a-lago. the governor of florida. this is not only not the business of the federal government and the irs, it is not the business of senator whitehouse either. elizabeth: yeah. so you know, we've got that and we've got, you know, senator whitehouse is also talking about dark money going to groups supporting amy coney barrett when "the wall street journal" already pointed out he gotten money and support from dark money groups. it is really not about cleaning up politics. it is about silencing differences of opinion. because now we have democrat house oversight chair carolyn maloney telling the fbi you got to look into social media platform parler but not the bad actors on twitter and facebook?
6:40 pm
>> well that is the point, exactly. we know more organizing occurred on facebook, but once again this is case where you have democrats in power, they're trying to use the federal government to punish and investigate their political opponents. that is un-american, unconstitutional. senate republicans need to put their foot down early. if democrats are not pushed back now for this reckless behavior it is only going to get bigger. elizabeth: senator whitehouse it should be pointed out, brent bozell's group pointed this out, too. senator whitehouse wanted to bring rico, rico raketeering lawsuits to companies that disagreed with them on climate change. your final word, ford. >> you're absolutely right. look, do not punish your political opponents. there is a big difference between hate speech that incites violence and speech comes from people you hate. people comes from people you don't like should never be punished. because that is the first
6:41 pm
amendment. elizabeth: ford o'connell, great to see you. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: coming up, former california republican party chairman tom del beccaro, local california reporters, journalists there, they're waking up, they're getting woke. they are now blasting california's out of control shutdown rules saying wait a second, you're slamming the economy but what you did had zero impact, no impact on the covid surge. the new push for common sense among journalists in california as reopen push gains momentum across the country. >> i think, and i don't mean to be throwing off on anyone but at some point in time we're going to have to learn how to run the store. you know, i am not a politician. i really don't care if you're a democrat or republican at all. all i care about is results but, at the end of the day, you know, this state, this state, when we walked into the door here this state was so upside down it was
6:42 pm
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♪. elizabeth: back with me now former california party chair tom del beccaro. tom, great to have you on. now we're hearing reporters in san francisco saying where is the common sense, california? why did you outlaw outdoor dining in restaurants? we don't really have winter here? we still have a big whopping surge in covid. what did you do that for? >> absolutely. they see no results have come from the bans yet the bans seem to go on forever. now that he has blown the vaccine rollout people are getting really frustrated. elizabeth: so we got big box stores staying open. costco, target, walmart, home depot but outdoor dining is outlawed. you had a california lawmaker in l.a. county, outlawing outdoor
6:47 pm
dining then going to eat outdoors. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is typically cautious, saying open restaurants and bars right now. they're going up above and beyond standards. they're getting inspected. so you even have that. is there a move now, we're seeing a movement across the country to reopen in these states where there has been a crackdown like this. what do you say? >> there is in california. we're having so much success getting signatures to recall gavin at disney here is closed. that frustration is pushing all across california at this point. in san diego now there is a move, the supervisors have voted to require the science to show that outdoor dining causes problems or any other activity. so that movement is happening here in california and gavin newsom's days are numbered. elizabeth: yeah, we had court victories for small businesses
6:48 pm
in upstate new york happening. we're seeing the reopen push in california, oregon, washington, michigan, pennsylvania, new york. west virginia governor, tom, jim justice was with us. he had a lot to say about taking the common-sense approach. critics say new york, california, other states lack common sense. watch this. >> what it really boils right down to it, just think about the definition of committee. a collection of individuals that cannot accomplish anything themselves but collectively they can decide nothing can be done? well that is california today. really, truly today, you know, when it boils right down to it, this is just, i said it over and over, just count the egg sucking cows. we don't have to go out and count their legs and divide by four. all we have to do is count the cows, and move forward. that is all there is to it. elizabeth: he is saying, folksy, love him, do common sense, do
6:49 pm
vaccinations and target where the at-risk populations are. others with preexisting. go ahead. >> we have 6,000 pharmacies. he talked about earlier in the show the use of pharmacies. we're not doing that in coordinated fashion out here. this is another failure of government and why gavin newsom is being recalled. elizabeth: what are you guys doing out there? >> we have collected over 1.2 million signatures and we're headed towards -- elizabeth: i meant with vaccinations? >> oh, with vaccinations. they have these big centers, but they're throwing them out because if they aren't used in a proper fashion. so they're not actually distributing it. they want to do it in mass center as opposed where people live in an efficient fashion. so, not as if they didn't have months to know this was coming. elizabeth: yeah. right. it is just an astonishing story. we've got pennsylvania prosecuting and suing people.
6:50 pm
oregon threatening to pull operating licenses, building lists if you're in defiance of shutdown rules we'll come visit you. crazy stuff, tom, but you're so good breaking it down. come back soon. >> take care. elizabeth: next up national border patrol council president brandon judd on this new push, pulling the plug on the border policies that worked, that stopped the violence at the border. he bait is now this, how do you enact humanitarian border policies? we have the policies on the books. the problem is washington is letting the border descend into violent chaos. look at this, mexico and guatemala cracking down on those who abuse their border. the story next. >> what is ironic to a point is when the united states you know, concentrates on border security, everyone is quick to throw racism against us. here you have countries in latin america are trying to defend their borders. that is what it comes down to.
6:51 pm
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6:55 pm
council president brandon judd. brandon, great to have you back on. okay, homeland security announcing it will put a stop to trump's border policy called remain in mexico. can you break this one down? >> yes, it will hurt border security immensely. it will hurt the american economy. it will hurt the american people. what president trump did and the policy he put in place allowed us to send people back to mexico, rather than releasing them into the united states where then they would be able to get jobs, under the table at times. where they would be able to get social benefits welfare, all these other things are supposed to be reserved for united states citizens and those people here in the country illegally. once you get rid of the migrant protection protocols which allows us to send people chaos the border illegally back to mexico we're going to have to reintroduce catch-and-release. these individuals will be released back into the united states. it is bad government to get rid
6:56 pm
of policy that has been working for the country and not even replace it with any policy at all. that is what we're faced with right now. elizabeth: so what exactly is going to -- what are they going to replace it with? because tom homan is saying they're not even helping with the detention facilities either? there is no improvements there either. what are you hearing? >> again that's, there are no policies that are coming. now that could potentially be because we don't have a secretary that is confirmed yet. i can tell you that there is reason to be optimistic. secretary mayorkas did a very good job as deputy secretary. he understands immigration policies. he understands what needs to be done. i hope he is confirmed, he will bes it's a matter of time not if. do we need more immigration judges? the part we need to do, deport people faster, get them through
6:57 pm
the system rather than release them into the united states. that is what we're hoping to see. if that happens, you know it, would be good policy and again good government. elizabeth: you know, we're also tracking this, guatemala is saying enough. mexico is saying enough. mexico's immigration officials are now saying we're going to go after, and so is mexico law enforcement, quote, opportunists, human smugglers and drug traffickers and others and gangs who profit from and are promoting these migrant caravans and illegal border crossers. mexico is saying stop it. they're saying you need to enter mexico legally. they're calling it, quote, irregular border crossing flows. guatemala is saying the same thing. as the u.s. is going in reverse, mexico and guatemala is saying going forward we have to protect our borders. what do you say to that game
6:58 pm
changer? >> kind of amazing isn't it? it is unfortunate. one of the things we have to understand that is probably the most important issue here, all we're doing, getting rid of policies, not replacing them with good policies all we're doing is enriching cart tells. we're allowing cart tells to advertise their services in central american services which encourages people to come up to the united states illegally. it is putting back into organized crime and the cartel's pockets. that should never happen, should never encourage through our policies we should never encourage cartels and organized crime. elizabeth: mexico and guatemala are putting their own troops at ports of entry. they're doing it at mountain passes and rivers. they will shut this down. but is the message getting through to washington what central america is now doing there? >> it is not. in fact if you look, when you start talking about stopping immediately the building of the
6:59 pm
construction of the border walls, all we're doing is sending the message that our borders are now open to come, to come and cross illegally. if you look at the too tucson, arizona, the section with the border, the crossings taking place are areas where doesn't have the infrastructure, doesn't have the walls. if you look at where walls are built, where we got the infrastructure, very little crossings are taking place. the only crossings are taking place, the cartels have to keep us honest and keep us patrolling that area of the border in reality, crossing all of their products through the areas that doesn't have walls or infrastructure. elizabeth: it's a dangerous, it is a dangerous way to go. you know, everybody is for humanitarian, safe immigration, do it legally. do it the other way it is really dangerous. brandon judd, thanks for joining us. really appreciate it. >> anytime thank you.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: sure. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. we hope you have a great evening. thank you so much for watching. ♪ ere at the same time tomorrow. have a great day. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. not even a full day into his presidency, president joe biden facing the wrath of antifa and black lives matter. only hours after he had taken the oath of office, extremists in portland and seattle were attacking police officers, vandalizing businesses, damaging government buildings. the portland leftists carrying a sign, "we don't want biden, we want revenge," and on they rioted. yet the radical dems and the national left-wing media remain silent,


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