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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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see you here tomorrow and good night. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> welcome to it for decades. hollywood inseparable virtual virtue signaling -- [laughter] one of those little things. listened to stars go on and on about morals and candidates are superior to yours. we watched as they change people for not following their mate a code of ethics. guess what? a big old steaming pile of bs according to a new report, they are doing everything they can to skip the vaccine line and get a job before healthcare workers and the elderly. that's why they are all over
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president trump about wearing masks and social distancing. lying, cheating and gaining the system anyway they can. in l.a. doctor claims hollywood elites have been offering five figures to get a shot. they've been trying to get fake jobs in the healthcare industry job get themselves priority and there is good old-fashioned arms for folks who made big donations to hospitals and the reason is twofold. first, hollywood. we all know this. they say one thing and do another. in the vaccine grow up in california, and absolute disaster that's indisputable. not enough doses, not enough distribution facilities, vaccinations are going bad so in some ways, you can't blame them but for the love of god, can we stop listening to them tell us how to live once and for all? get into it, it is a good one.
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republican strategist, alexander wilkes is back. look who it is, be a podcast and host contributor, stephen miller. we've got democratic poster and fox news contributor, jessica looking gorgeous as everyone. i will start with you, alexandra. the government in california, failed many, many things but this has been pretty bad. story after story about vaccines going bad and they are pretty much just going them away and you have a group of people who do things like send $500,000 to the dumb dumb to go to usc and the same people trying to skip the line, i don't have a problem with the free market, my problem is little old people trying to stay alive push out of the way so these elbow rubbers can get the job done what say you,
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alexandra? >> all of these celebrities trying to jump the line, these are all people stealing the virtues of joe biden focused on equity this week. these are all people telling us how to live our lives, we should be doing things. the college admission scandal is exactly what came to mind for me also, when this started, there were instagram influencers in new york also trying to get ahead but nobody could get covid tests. i think this is a real window into what happens when we put government in control of things. you still have those who are able to use resources to jump the line while the rest of us are held hostage by government investments. lisa: last night i talked a lot about the homeless crisis in california and how a federal bailout will fix that. homeless people can't they have
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the room to socially distance in a number of homes and they can be patients because there's going to be 20 a vaccine. stephen, i want to know this, if you had a connection, would you elbow an old lady out of the way to get a shot? >> literally, i would have to flip a coin on it. [laughter] i think you are right, the issue here isn't so much celebrity hypocrisy although i am with you on the moral agreement. "the issue is", california is incompetent, all of california is the restroom for the homeless. i think morally, i hear the complaints and get it, we saw harrison ford waiting in line. lisa: you can get it if you are 65 plus. i know arnold schwarzenegger for 73.
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they all waited in line. they are of age and they did wait in line. >> i am with you on all of that. the virus doesn't really care about classes or races. we are seeing this with the biden administration, they will fill out equity, that is the big word of the moment. i look at it inside i just want shots for people's arms. if tom cruise wants to inoculate the entire crew of mission impossible, i am fine with that. i can put my grudges aside until this is for the most part, behind us and then we can have that conversation. if alec baldwin wants to get on an airplane and fly across the country . lisa: that's the other thing, people are going to florida because they heard there's more shots in florida. they are going to all different locales because they heard they can skip the line and jessica, there was one couple who flew
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five hours from the nearest hospital in the yukon territory in canada and pretended to be motel workers and they got booked. >> they got busted. i was appalled at how low they were, 500 canadian dollars which is certainly not going to stop billionaires doing something like that. they've been shamed and a multitude of publications, no one should be cutting the line especially for something like this. you are right. little old ladies first, front-line workers first. i don't have the same contempt for the biden administration focus on making sure we do it in an equitable way since we know how much the virus has disproportionately affected communities of color but this is terrible behavior. this is far less about hollywood in terms of actors but more in terms of rich people. lisa: absolutely.
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the elite, what are they saying, solar panels? a vaccine got to get it now. i'll talk to you in just a little bit. we always knew doctor anthony fauci was to face but now he seems to have confirmed it himself. they are often wrong. reporters wearing to masks is better than one, common sense. at the time, he was wearing none. take that at face value. the white house walked back joe biden's goal of vaccinating 1.5 million people a day, a great goal. he said he was just being optimistic, the real world is set at 1 million jobs a day which he acknowledges will not be a quick fix we were all hoping for and promised. >> the real truth is, it will take months before we get the majority of americans vaccinated. in the next few months, masks, not vaccines are the best
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defense against covid. experts say wearing masks now until april will save 50000 lives who otherwise would pass away if we don't wear these masks. lisa: that's great. that's fine. everyone is wearing a mask. everyone knows about the mask plan. the plan is to apparently wear a mask but is there anything else we can do? more of the same and how many masks will take to get back to the old normal or some semblance of that? joining me now, medical correspondent and author of politics, fear and power of science. doctor mark siegel. welcome back. >> good to see you. lisa: to condoms work better than one as well. is that what doctors are now recommending? >> that's a great analogy but no, i think one mask, you wear it properly. how many people have you seen who don't even have it over
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there knows and the nose is the big factor? for people wearing a dirty old cloth mask. the messages a surgical mask, change them frequently make sure they are clean. sneeze into them, not outside of them. we've got to be practical we keep saying shots in arms. to be equitable here, let's go for equality. some don't want shots in the arm, they take it somewhere else. lisa: you mean south of the border? >> yes, that works, too. the main thing, we want everyone to get their vaccine as soon as possible. start with the elderly, front-line workers, but i am hearing moderna and pfizer are starting to get up production now. the problem is mostly in the factories. they're not easy to make. lisa: some of the materials pfizer had were substandard so they had to alter productions of
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how many millions of doses would be available. we are hearing from johnson & johnson, they are close to that third phase of the trial, the critical phase that they could have 100 million but doses, that is a one-shot deal by june. theoretically, all adults could be vaccinated by june and that is realistic. >> i do think so. we are at 1 million doses a day getting into people's arms and i think that will continue to increase. i think we can get to 1.5 billion doses a day. donna says they will have another 100,000 by march. pfizer 100 million by march. johnson & johnson is about to get the vaccine approved in two weeks and that's a one-shot deal how many people don't come back? one-shot, who are covered and that will help enormously, it doesn't have to be frozen. places where we are not getting the pfizer vaccine, i think it's
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a huge addition and i think it will ramp up the whole process. way too much finger-pointing and blaming. we have a vaccine made here in ten months, that's never happened before. it's very disturbing. lisa: for timeline is nothing short of incredible. the fact that johnson & johnson is just the next company, it's not the only company. hopefully they will have a little better in terms of how people react to their vaccine. hopefully that's one you can get into communities of color and convince people the only one shot, but this will be the one and i think that is where we should prioritize the johnson & johnson vaccine. >> completely agreed speaking communities of color, we have to
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overcome 100 years of mistreatment by the medical establishment, black people. that is part of this also latinos. we have a bad track record and we have to really go one on one and overcome the vaccine. the self. with over 25 million doses given out already, we are only having occasional side effects. this appears to be a very safe vaccine. the moderna advisor. very effective and safe to result in israel are nothing short of this. lisa: hopefully this back to be even better. i don't want to be hung over from my fascination. thank you so much. doctor marc siegel. [laughter] >> congratulations on the six-year anniversary. congratulations. lisa: every step of the way. thank you doctor siegel. former president trump second impeachment formally underway but rand paul leading the charge to cancel, calling it unconstitutional and divisive. when they go ahead with the plus, appearing in the sky a few
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welcome back. last night song, we are still jamming to it. once again, ashley but she played on behalf of the government. much. an effort to derail donald trump second impeachment trial failed in the senate today. they began trial senator before. the jurisdiction, president outside of their jurisdiction. marker review seems to agree. what do you say? >> first of all, it is not constitutional. logic tells you. automatic consequence of impeachment trial, the automatic consequence is your from office. that's the automatic consequence. how can you put someone through a process 30 automatic
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consequence is impossible? you can't remove him from office, he's not in office. lisa: yes, he is. he still the president, i ran called effort was defeated in a 55 to 45 boat, the show will go on. he voted against the constitutionality of the trial, doesn't prove convincing the former president bring back alexander will and jessica. what does the tally say to you? aesthetic clear sign there will not be 17 to vote with them to remove the no longer president? >> i just want to say i think i am in favor of what rand paul did here, the legislation congress focuses on the
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constitutionality a threshold matter. maybe 17 reporting crossovers to convict early a good way to so we are not going to its dubious whether or not president biden wants this. i think the arguable, he's been split on the matter. yesterday, senator anymore. you're like it needs to pass and he wants to focus on other things. congressional democrats need this, they need to keep trump a life that's what it boils down to, stephen, you're going to get the board pretty soon because all they had to do for last four years, five years was look at donald trump twitter and they
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have their headline, they don't do any work. is still fundraising. there is utility in the but it makes the most important thing in the country bad news for other things i should be taking presidents right now. >> yes, they are kind of junk was cut off from there. impeachment should have been about removal his ceremonial problem because trump isolated social media, the brother he gets in the rearview mirror and the brother out we get from no covert relief which now they are saying not even until march, maybe april or may, i don't think people are going to go for this. constitutional questions aside, either for all of he's not in the media anymore. again, i think everyday people
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are going to care less and less, ceremonial democrat and take a impeachment should should shot, because but ultimately, i don't care about this publicly, you will sit back and tell me a guy who runs a bar or tattoo parler gives anything caring about impeaching trump at this time focusing on this and not more covert relief which biden promised would be his first priority. i just aren't going to go for this. it's not a good start for bidens congress. lisa: he's not that old. [laughter] await. >> i was carbon dating so i got on. lisa: jessica. rand paul is saying if this were constitutional process, john roberts would be.
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studio now. chief justice of the supreme court, i think he knows the constitution pretty well. >> that is what i hear. also, concerned about making taken to the hospital, everything will be all right with him just for observation of the time but still concerning, obviously. i did hear rand paul earlier, that john roberts would be there there are 90 of constitutional scholars on the other side they are saying it is appropriate, especially considering impeachment proceedings began while donald trump was in office. lisa: this is true but now -- >> mitch mcconnell should not senate majority leader now minority, in the leaders position that he said donald
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trump decided this rides. mitch mcconnell listed like you would vote to convict and i certainly, as a junkie got excited about that. now i know we won't get the 17 votes is a process and only half has been done to it should be. the idea is that when i office you don't doesn't really matter what he did, he's out of office now. i want to focus on good when you know full well if it were reversed and the democrats had done with donald trump it would be an attack on would never let in. lisa: republicans will not -- when they have majority in the house in the senate again, they are going to impeach everybody and it will be really stupid cycle. >> woodrow wilson deserve it
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the. lisa: you know what great points. woodrow wilson and andrew johnson. we will convict him, we'll get that one boat. stick around. coming up, fox more including president biden making a move that might make libertarians happy. i'll explain what he announced. difficult confirmation hearing biden will return to break it downwn. ♪♪ ♪♪
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1994 biden's designation, not mine. it's a disaster and it's no wonder new president on the unsavory bill. joe biden and kamala harris ran on for the reform in criminal justice system which is considering made names for
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people, black men for years president biden signed a few executive orders, one into private by not renewing federal contractor 1994 was meant to show democrats the politically ambitious chairman of the senate judiciary committee for delaware could be boldly racist and unforgiving as well. incentivized to help present as a result of the bill and it tough one for drugs mandate and follows strict truth in sentencing guidelines. now incarcerated at least 85% of initial sentences instead of using his euro or judicial discretion back to make easier for less violent biden created sentencing later admitted it was a mistake. first-time drug offenders had a great shot spending it in the hotel. obviously there were not enough prisons to house his growing
8:30 pm
population private prisons pop up to fill in the incarceration app. 50% of prisoners today are held in private facilities that's about 28000, mostly support the $5 billion a year industry. lucy long it takes to change the industry and meaningful criminal justice reform can be carried out to all of government and not just executive bs. democrats in total control on capitol hill, it's wise to make meaningful progress here instead of bringing expensive bills at the next democrat president. that is the memo. prisons are only part. he had the bones to get the system we can see real justice senior editor and author, robbie is back in front of the
8:31 pm
jefferson memorial site. >> i can't see, i'll take your word for it. lisa: not just federal prison used in this system, it's also ice and marshall. there are other areas executive order does not touch but is it a good first step? >> ice makes a great deal private prisons. i don't know why they wouldn't extend the order for the item kind of indifferent whether we use private or public is your people in prison with this switch and of what kind of prison used doesn't bring anyone. it's like a feel-good gesture doesn't seemed like it actually does make a huge change. we need to be people were there should or have been there too long. we need to change mandatory minimums into hard business of making legislation just closing
8:32 pm
some private prisons, i don't know what it accomplishes. lisa: those prisons are there because of that push for mass incarceration in the 90s and that's when the private prisons took hold 1997 you are right and that is what i'm trying to do it executive order, it has to be congress who works together coming up with that makes sure the next success of generations of young people spending their lives in cages have to rethink how we you drug addiction side and how we view incarceration? is just two people have been bad and make them feel awful? >> right now, people are dying
8:33 pm
in prison right now because of the disease, covered our prisons are the hardest hit by the coronavirus in any sector of society. right up there with homes for the elderly. there are many prisons in the country where the entire prison population get the disease because they are in close confinement, a perfect condition to spread. obviously people who did terrible things, many have to be locked up, many for a long time but the prison population, you will see people who aren't in society if they ever were. they are there and sucking up public resources and are in peril because of coronavirus. we need to get them out of it and change the system to the president can do for pardoning to get them out but executive order doesn't go far enough because of easily undone. need congress to act and they
8:34 pm
have congress right now so they should do it. lisa: that is a big opportunity missed by president trump, community all sentences for every first-time nonviolent drug offenders in federal prison. that could have happened and would have affected thousands and it couldn't even get him . lisa: yes, biden's not going to do it because he's part of the establishment, law and order tough guy, who want to see them rot. i hope people start blowing whistles on this regime. nice to see you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. lisa: one thing standing in the wake of president bidens law enforcement agenda. bidens nominee for attorney general, merrick garland. almost nobody on the supreme court in 2016. republicans controversially blocked his nomination as supreme court justice he had the
8:35 pm
final say on the investigation including into after so how will republicans deal with this in the hearings? alexander wilkes. we'll go in the opposite directions. jessica, the hunter biden story is still of story. he's under federal investigation report about his foreign activity raised a lot of concerns and set off alarms within federal law enforcement for good reason. it's not nothing. >> okay. if it's not nothing, i look forward to the reports coming out after the investigation, president biden acknowledged hunter is under investigation. let the facts lead where they may. he doesn't need a press conference every day, he needs executive orders done and start
8:36 pm
governing. we have a crisis on our hands and is not what hunter biden made money off the chinese. lisa: it's not making money off chinese, it's his dad and uncle and his dad said it's not foul play. if you're using it to enrich yourself -- that is a problem. >> i'd say the same thing about the trump part. >> then say the same thing about trump. the patents she got, kushner made tens of millions of dollars as working as a foreign-policy advisor. it's not illegal hunter biden can't separate himself, his last name is biden the. lisa: ivanka trump is selling shoes and handbags. hunter biden is selling access to his dad. >> as far as merrick garland, god rest his soul, it's clearly going to be conflict when he
8:37 pm
comes in and i think it's worth at least questioning. i don't think we are special prosecutorial but you're beginning to joe biden's brother was caught. he came in office with and the investigation -- if he dismisses this completely, we might be an special prosecutor territory for biden is leading with a little bit of a conundrum. if he dismisses it in the end, i think these are questions you will have to at least answer. lisa: he still walks among us. >> i know people believe it and i have no problem with that but i'm just saying, god rest his soul. lisa: i think he's still alive,
8:38 pm
alexandra. [laughter] >> it's a lot of american politics. who could imagine four years later, merrick garland would finally get his way? but we'll see hunter biden investigation. the department of justice becomes increasingly politicized, it's certainly one under the obama administration, no indication under the biden administration and quite frankly, the media is not interested in this. he's not pursuing it. that's the bottom line. >> i always thought president trump should have pardoned hunter biden. thank you so much. great to see you all again. coming up, a few years ago, a giant pancake pancake shaped
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item head toward the us. someone claimed its alien technology. he'll explain and give you an honorary degree, i think. next. ♪♪
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time for another edition of conspiracy theories. october 19, 2017, an object known as -- if you pass to earth beach four times faster than any asteroid, without typical, tail. only one thing, aliens. it didn't even stop to say hi. my next guest things it's not so far-fetched. joining me now, professor of science and other of the brand-new book out today, extraterrestrial sign of intelligent life beyond earth.
8:44 pm
welcome, doctor low. >> thanks for having me. lisa: i believe, i know there are a bunch of haters out there trying to pare down tear down your proposition and i think it's wrong. you are saying it's not an asteroid but is something called a light sale, propelled with starlight and photon reflection through the heavens, could it be the work of aliens? >> right, it's not like anything we've seen before. like rocks originally discovered in the solar system. it's like walking on the beach and seeing seashells and rocks reproduced but suddenly noticing plastic bottle that indicates possibly original origin. this object first of all, flat based on what we can tell and also, an extreme shape, at least
8:45 pm
ten times longer it was tumbling and then there was no gases behind it the way we see comment. nevertheless, extra push away from the sun and that would not be provided by the rocket the only way to explain it in my mind, the reflection of sunlight. in order for that to be effective, the object used to be something like a sale on a boat, a sale is pushed by wind where this object is push by light bouncing off the end currently we are developing this technology for space exploration, the space drop does not need to carry field with it. lisa: or beings. you said they are inside this
8:46 pm
light sale or craft, it's a giant thing figured out a way to traverse space in inhospitable climate. >> right. this looks like a particular object, something that does look like a rock we've seen before in the solar system. it came from outside the solar system and we should consider the possibility it might be artificially origin. i'm not, to look for more lasix laws like it. things that look like rocks and send a camera to take a photograph. the scientific community needs to be open minded and every object we see in the sky, that would resemble cavemen presented with a cell phone and arguing the cell phone is just a shiny
8:47 pm
rock. lisa: it is in some ways. it can be just as useless in the wrong hands but you're right, look at the phenomenal discoveries we've made just in the last 20 years. what we know about quantum physics not to mention massive universe we are still learning more and more about every single day. you think this object was sent into our planetary orbit for a reason? are you willing to go that far? >> we sent out voyager one and two and new horizons in all kinds of things. it would be a dysfunctional equipment but we should search for such things. things that might not be around anymore. lisa: 50 think it's more likely they are no longer around and that could be a warning to us? >> yes. that's a way for us if you recognize why, help us get our
8:48 pm
act together and not share something similar. lisa: thank you so much. come back. ♪♪
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on this day in 1788, british began their settlement. eleven ships was the last time criminals were let out of jail democrats come to new york. number one emerging in america, i'm not talking about drivers license on tik tok, teens are making megabucks by turning their appearance in the fbi. shoveling driveway many. two teams have received go funny donations, $70000.1 30,000 snitching about their presence capitol hill. teens mother fired from her job, and others father arrested on
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federal charges. recommending immunity in exchange for the time to be showing their families corporate teams stick to social media for sweet internet cloud. one teen asking her followers to help pay for college she can become. if you sell out your own mother, i think you already know everything about being a lawyer. here are south carolina after computer which caused a traffic backup chick-fil-a manager saved the day by reorganizing his counsel coronavirus vaccination operations to help out he knew the perfect man to fix the vaccine drive through because of the chick-fil-a manager tractor logistics. after arriving on the scene, he reduced wait time from one hour to 15 minutes. had to be stopped from offering a double dose for 99 cents plus,
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he kept asking customers for their jalapeno shot. they were thrilled with his performance. he thanked them by going to play and beating the -- out of each other for the last chicken sandwich. i get choked up when i talk about chick-fil-a. canadian woman. topic number three. a canadian woman, $60 billion lottery jackpot, she got the winning numbers from one of her husband's dreams. her husband said it was especially since she already crashed all the other ones. he played the lottery for two decades using numbers her husband dreamed about 20 years ago. new play 34? she went to her bank to pay bills while her husband kept lottery numbers and when she
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turned, he told her they had just $160 million. actually, technically he didn't tell her, she saw strippers heading to the airport and figure it out on her own. they emigrated to canada from laos with 14 siblings. she and her husband worked to support them in other words, is about to be poor again. then taking care of family, she plans to use her winnings to travel around the world to which doctor fauci replied, oh, dream on. you're not going to travel around. you have to wear a base condom and another. no one is going to get a vaccine. you're welcome. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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i'm so glad you could make it for the ride of your life. that was our first show. today is the sixth anniversary of kennedy here on fox business and i'd like to thank all of you. we'll have a lot of people clapping. [applause] i want to thank you for tuning in every night in the name of freedom. you are an incredible audience. we were on hiatus last year
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because of covid. we have the very best team in all of cable news and i'm proud to work with them every day. i am so lucky to have amazing friends and fans of the show who voice their support every night. thank you, i love you. follow me on twitter and everything. love you, bye. elizabeth: tonight's new setback of biden administration, a federal judge in texas blocked freeze the deportration. is impeachment derailing already? it is exploding on launchpad, even president biden predicting a senate conviction will not happen am only 5 g.o.p. senators say it is constitutional to do prime minister -- prime ministe. and dc and media double standards now pulled to the light of day. on show, fred barnes, david web, ford o'connel.


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