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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 6, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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businesses and the other industry and it will rely on the crews ship, the crews industry that they have to make and get through, they are trying to do that. >> looks like you o are in a spectacular place, thank you very much. that does it for us on foxbusiness for the evening and it starts right now. ♪♪ >> the white house tonight is again accused of downplaying the chaos of the border, white house press secretary today blaming the media being a crisis for the administration's push to paint a picture that bidens border policy are a success now falling apart. top democrat slams the administration for touting misleading photos showing empty water facilities when next door is moved to another facility.
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that hits your pocket, economic security, it's you and your family tonight, louis, chad wolf, republican congressman guy russian power, port o connell, brad blakeman and republican congresswoman with us tonight, we got more, government documents coming to light. this is about again towns and cities states of the border having to deal with this, the number of criminal illegal aliens have not been deported by the biden administration, it's growing, much bigger than realized. also this, officials are pointing out facebook banning trump over supporting the capitol rise but they are letting drug and human traffickers advertise and solicit on facebook. breaking out of washington, top democrat fear the democrats now will lose control of the house and the midterms next year but this story, gop inciting, ruin republican chances to take back control? president biden claims he's not
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willing to deficit spend, a new closing majority of americans say yes, we are going to have to pay taxes more next year to pay for this big whopping spending spree because the treasury quadrupled its borrowing estimates, we are to show you which democrats this pay your fair share, behind the scenes doesn't do that when it comes to taxes. also, public cases dropping, vaccination rising, lockdowns exploding. new footage coming in of terrorists are looking at a school board meeting about what they say is over the top restrictions for their children. also, senate republicans now demand the senate finance committee investigate new york governor andrew cuomo over his cover-up of thousands of nursing home deaths tied to cuomo's order putting covid patients back into senior facilities. thank you for joining us. the evening at starts right now.
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♪♪ welcome to the show. you're walking watching the foxbusiness. louis, joins us great to have you on. >> always good to have you and thank you. your on top of this story. >> what did you make of text democrat a democrat saying biden administration is touting fake photos of an empty border facility in texas when he says wait a second, illegal border crossers were simply moved next door to another facility, what you think of this story? >> it's exactly consistent with what biden has wanted to do, his administration, they do not want to slow down 170,000 or so that came across last month. by the way, multiply 170 by 12, is over 2 million 41 year but he
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has no interest in slowing down invasion to this country. all he wants to do is get more people more american homeland security health and human services down the at the border to move them out quickly so elizabeth, that's exactly what he's done here. he didn't move anybody across to the other side of the border, he didn't slow anybody coming down. what he did was move them over a little bit and the democrats are talking about it. we have some differences of agreement but i've always found him to be honest and honorable. a decent guy so he's just being honest what he's seen and it's quite refreshing but it's what i see every time i'm done of the border they are not slowing people down and elizabeth, they
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installed a red button down there right on our side of the river in the middle of nowhere and have a tower so you can see it from a ways off. it says in spanish and english and i'm not sure the other language, don't push this right button and border patrol will pick you up immediately and it's in the middle of nowhere and they process it and move the kids out. elizabeth: okay, so we are going to stay on that story, we'll check it out. so resorted to fake photos try to claim the border is fixed, we also have the white house press secretary basically blaming media for saying this is a crisis. jen psaki says a small percentage of the public care about this order challenge, she's calling it the economy for
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the pandemic. she's accused of top spent saying unaccompanied children coming in are going down when we've got nearly 22000 unaccompanied children being held by the government at or near record highs so critics say it still coming in from the white house, what do you say? >> it's exactly, each time recently, the number of kids are increasing and i'm hearing from border patrol down there every night saying the kids are coming in droves, we've never seen this number of unaccompanied kids in the past, they were usually accompanied but they would call them unaccompanied. elizabeth, they are now really unaccompanied and they are coming in numbers we've never seen before. it's incredible. it's an invasion when you have people come across the border from mexico and they tell the american families, the crs said
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somewhere between ten to 90000 american troops in to mexico but this is more of an invasion than poncho ever was in this administration solution is just keep moving them and shipping them around the country and they are right, they are not with border patrol but they are just moving them over to health and human services, they are lying. elizabeth: all right, thank you for joining us, it's good to have you back on. come back on again soon. let's bring in acting secretary, chad wolf. we been talking about this for years. we decided to cover this because it's an economic issue, national security issue, it impacts borders, states, cities and towns, communities across the country, it's an economic issue. now we've got henry clay same catch and release, 18500 have
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been released into the interior without papers to show up for their hearings, that's up by more than 3000 in two weeks time, what is going on there? >> again, it continues to be a crisis and i agree on many of us his comments in the earlier segment but what you have with family units across the border, look at the population alone in march, 52000 family units and these are the folks released into the interior, some without court dates as you mentioned so these are folks going into communities and when you say every community in the u.s. border communities, these individuals in these groups moving into the country don't stay along the southwest border don't stay in south texas and arizona and other places, they go to every community around the country so it is concerning the biden administration continues to ignore enforcing the rule of
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law on the border. there's no consequence for these individuals across the border illegally and until they assign a consequence, immigration consequence and hold them accountable, you will continue to see these numbers continuing to spike. elizabeth: republican congressman, michael, talk to us on the disturbing number about the percentage he said of women and children sexually assaulted or tried to cross illegally. watch this. >> what breaks my heart is the father of teenage girl, 30 to 40% according to international ngos, gross especially, the boys as well are being sexually assaulted and sold into trafficking so they take money from these poor families that are so desperate and then they sell them into trafficking, it is truly disgusting. the biden administration doesn't seem to care. elizabeth: we are not going to
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criticize what other media like msnbc reporter, what they choose to report or don't report, we are singularly focused on this issue because it's a humanitarian issue, we've got capsized off of san diego illegal immigrants in the boat said they paid up to 18000 to be smuggled in, now three dead and the captain arrested and charged in federal court. so why is this being downplayed and not given more attention in washington? >> that's a great question we've talked about it for years, which is the dangerous journey a lot of these migrants partake in somewhere in the case of 2000 miles, they are traversing mexico and approaching the southwest border and to do that they have to pay the cartels and smugglers and traffickers to do that and there's a lot of
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violence that goes on in the, there's a lot of abuse that goes on, women, children and the like and i will say whether you're talking about the obama administration or trump administration, our message was similar in the sense of please don't come and we put measures in place and then we removed individuals who were here and that is complete 180 from the biden administration, they are actively encouraging folks to come to the border, which is the most inhumane message that you can send divisionals to put themselves in the hands of these smugglers and others are going to have a dangerous journey so instead of telling them about the dangers with the message out of the administration's pump, the borders open and if you get here you will remain here in the u.s. and i continue to say that is the most inhumane policy you can have. elizabeth: caitlyn jenner is running to be the governor of
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california, getting criticized for her support for border security and a border wall. let's listen to caitlyn jenner. >> i am all for the wall, i would secure the wall, we can't have a state, a country without secure wall. i am for securing the state, i am probe law enforcement, i am pro border protection. ice, pro ice, we need these people and they do a wonderful job. elizabeth: democrats barack obama, hillary clinton, chuck schumer and joe biden were saying the same thing in the 2000's, what you say to that? >> we know all of those positions being for objective border patrol and law
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enforcement, these are positions most reasonable americans, the vast majority of americans agree with so it is stunning, which is exactly why president obama, senator clinton and others held those positions a short period of time ago but again, whether it mainstream media more the democrat party want to have this open border policy in effect, i think there's a lot of pushback and a lot of -- again, pushback on those issues over the next year or so and it's interesting to watch. elizabeth: great to see you, come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: okay, still ahead, gop congresswoman guy is going to talk about his take about this new development. top democrats fear that yes democrats will lose control of the house in the midterms next year but look at this, will gop in sightings ruined republican chances to take back control of the house? this story, next. ♪♪
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>> from publican party is a very big one, everybody is invited in and look at the last election, we continue to grow and in two years we will be majority's. ♪♪
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okay, joining us now, congressman guy reschenthaler from house republican party fears are
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growing got the fight over liz cheney is going to wreck the republicans chances to take back control of the midterms. what you say? >> first, thanks for having me on, what would ruined our chances of taking back the house and 22, we continue to deal with the number three ranking member in house leadership constantly looking in the rearview mirror and attacking leadership, attacking leader mccarthy talking about past issues. we need somebody who's going to look forward to the future and focus on attacking democrats and the far left agenda is joe biden, that's how we went. focusing on democrats and what they are doing, not on each other. elizabeth: is cheney is saying essentially, she had a post about it, the president, former president trumps is saying the vote was rigged, a sham
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election, she is disagree with that, he's misleading the republican party, you are saying this is backward looking and some are saying they don't want the republican party headed in that direction and then there's this. we got a pull saying 57% of americans, a majority expect yes we are going to pay more in taxes to cover the $6 trillion in new spending. biden is saying he is not willing to deficit spend, is $6 trillion in the treasury quadrupling the borrowing estimates to pay for all the stimulus when the economy was already booming when biden sat down the ovaln office in consumr prices are rising. your reaction? >> therein lies the problem, instead of being in the washington post talkingem about biden's far left agenda, hisos
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idea to raise taxes, getzlaf to the chinese communist party, it's of talk about that, the article that liz cheney wrote was focus on the 2020 election. when not would you win if we relitigate what happened to the past. we can't view it through the lens of 2004, 2020, we've got to focus on combating radical left policy with of the biden administration and draw attention to the public joe biden was a bait and switch, he ran to the seat governing as a bernie sanders governing. that's why liz needs to go as conference chair and somebody to come in and focus on winning in 2022. elizabeth: i herooan but she sag trump is the one relitigating the 2020 election and that's hanging up the party, too. biden is demanding everyone pay their fair share for overspending, he kept bringing
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up in his speech to congress. critics say, he brought it up again today, biden and his wife use of c's to avoid paying half-million dollars in payroll taxes for medicaren and obamacae and use these to shelter 13 and a half million dollars in speech income as profit. they did payroll taxes that way, setting up these llcs, there's so much weirdness out there, what is with the republican -- people are saying what are you doing? what are you doing? get focus, even the top former chairs of the democrats campaign, the dcc including martinn saying you're going to lose the gavel next year because redistricting and retirement. it feels republicans are all over the map here. >> we are going to rip the band-aid and get rid of leaders who want to look backward and relitigate issues. wasn't president trump who wrote the little in the post, it was
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liz cheney. she doesn't miss any opportunity to go on other networks and ash republicans. we need to get liz cheney out. that's how we win in 2022. elizabeth: let's move on to this, why are republicans getting in on the action? have a dozen senators plan to ask for earmarks for the district even though the gop caucus band them in 2019. are we going to have no more bridges to nowhere all over? >> no when earmarks were banned, it just gave power to the executive branch. if i want to have money in my district, i wouldit out earmark, i would have to talk to a 22-year-old recent graduate from an ivy league school in the department and explained to him how locks and dams in the river work. no one knows the district better than the representative's article one section onene powere
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have in the constitution, we should be making the decision is elected officials. there's transparency, accountability and the constituents are served better. when earmarks were banned, he didn't see any savings, the money is still appropriated. then you are directing how it spent in the district. if we don't have this, the money will go to democratic districts and battleground states to help incumbents and this way republicans some of the funding back and prioritize the distric. elizabeth: it sounds like -- it sounds like your defunding this behavior. >> here is the option. do you want joe biden and the administration making these decisionsan or republican's makg the decisions and making the calls? the money is still spent regardless. i think i know more about my district then a woke staffer in the biden administration. elizabeth: i don't know if we
10:24 pm
need another yoga center in new jersey paid for by taxpayers, that was a lot of fun. >> i need a lot in my district, biden doesn't care about my district like i did so that's why we needh: the earmarks back. elizabeth: good to see you, come back soon. i'll call you sometime. up next, o'connell, he's fired up. he's going to weigh in covid cases are dropping, vaccinations rising, outrage, look at the new footage coming in. upset at a school board meeting, they don't like the over-the-top restrictions for the children the school board wants. that story is next. [chanting] [chanting]
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did you see this? parents are sops upset at the school board meeting in utah, they erupted in outrage. the school board demanding kindergarten through 12th grade students wear masks in school and do much more in the terms of lockdown restrictions. watch. [chanting] [inaudible] [chanting]
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>> a motion to adjourn and all in favor, say i. >> i. >> i. >> i. >> i. elizabeth: joining us now, board o'connell. he could feel pent up anger saying t no more masks. your reaction to that? it was almost like they were going to start throwing tomatoes and lettuce. they were really bad. >> i think the parents are right to be outraged. my heart goes out to them. we have the data to know there's no medical science behind mask mandates in schools because when we look at the data, we know minor children are the least likely to contract, transmit or die from the disease and when you're dealing with young adults, he realized the masks are causing more problems in terms of developmental cognitive
10:30 pm
and emotional learning than they are worth so my heart goes out to them. we need to get back to normal and if people want to wear masks in school, it should be optional. elizabeth: i hear your, i shouldn't have been facetious because this is serious, my apologies but i want to go through this, the cdc projects a sharp decline in covid cases by july, let's go through it. cases at their lowest in seven months, four in ten adults fully vaccinated, entire state like wisconsin and west virginia, zero new covered deaths, cities like new york and chicago moving to fully reopen but i don't know if you saw this, a man recorded and he was stopped at a store in brooklyn for not wearing a mask, he says he couldn't wear one because of a medical condition, we saw that video. he's getting yelled that and the lockdown insanity continues, the mayor of washington d.c. doubles down on her band, she saying no dancing outdoors at events like
10:31 pm
weddings, even if everyone is vaccinated and defending it saying at least you can go on having weddings. let's listen to the mayor of washington d.c. watch. >> we were proud of our residents and businesses who made conditions in d.c. such that we can open up these the studies. ultimate headline may you can host a wedding in washington d.c., a regional meeting, you can have your friends and families for family reunion but the parties at hotels and restaurants. elizabeth: guess what, critics might say we don't answer to your, we are allowed to go on with our lives the way we choose to, it's not up to you to decide how we live our lives. what do you say? >> i think youy are right. i think this is unfortunately become a con. never want us to go back to normal. when you see goalpost moving and
10:32 pm
changing regulations, you almost have to question the cdc about what normal actually is because essentially about stoking fear and maintaining control and i can't believe in thiss day and age in the 21st century american citizens have to be told by the government when they can have their individual rights back and do things that are in the constitution. it's a sad day andrn i hope peoe start to see through this. yes we need to be safe but we cannot continue to allow the government to get bigger and take our rights away. elizabeth: the other thing, the media often is talked on, looking at the macro national level, the localal leaders and what the local leaders are saying is flat out absurd. the budget director compares covered lockdowns on restaurants to fire code instructions, a lot more people die in fires in covid-19 and restaurants and bars, 1.4% case rate there.
10:33 pm
the rotor is over the top and then the cdc director is being asked to resign by the congressman so the cdc used verbatim language from the teachers union about reopening schools and she's advising summer campers age two and up must wear a mask at all times at summer camp even outdoors including vaccinated adults. really? >> people try to justify this insanity and i agree, the cdc has been penetrated by people who actually want to keep us locked down and they are not concerned about the size so i am right there with you and i hope people wake up and understand their rights and exercise it and be safe as well. elizabeth: we have mixed messages, we have the white house covered advisor same vaccinated adults don't need to wear masks. your final word on that.d mixed messaging, right? >> it is but the mixed messaging create greater fear and means
10:34 pm
fewer people are going to be vaccinated. you need to reward people for getting vaccinated. if you tell them they have to put on at v mask, they are not t to get vaccinated. elizabeth: vaccinated people are not spreading covered, that's what andy said. fourth, good to see you, thank you so much. ♪♪ >> i've gotten the vaccine and i hope everybody else does as well. elizabeth: got it, thank you. a senior and o her reaction to powerful senate republicans demanding senate finance committee investigate andrew cuomo over his cover-up on nursing home deaths, putting covid patients back into senior facilities. next. ♪♪
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joining us now, fox news senior enmeteorologist, in-laws passed
10:39 pm
away in nursing homes. it is great to see you. this is getting serious, six republican senators demanding finance investigating andrew cuomo's cover-up, nursing home deaths tied to almost order putting patients back then, what you say to this? >> i think it is a nice gesture but the democrats control congress and i don't think it's going to happen although i am grateful to all those republican senators for stepping up for the little guy. elizabeth: so we have the fbi investigating was going onwi the various scandals. we have the d.o.j. investigating, and impeachment probe, we have again it seems like, is it governor, doubling down and wrapping up the rhetoric that in terms of the blame game, yesterday he blamed the cdc and said it was an order to put nursing home recovering
10:40 pm
patients back into nursing homes, it wasn't an order, it was a guideline, floridawh didnt follow, what did you think of his rhetoric? >> it's a difficult to watch him, it is disheartening and makes us angry, it makes us think last year end continues to get away with it. i am hopingso there is all the s why lawyered up, not for the sexual harassment scandals but over thousand something to watch him yesterday when everybody else tried to sign over 9000 covered positive nursing homes 46 days and then have the document scrub website, there is great reporting by the new york
10:41 pm
times detailing how they went through the process hiding those numbers for months and months and corresponded with is trying to sell before the million dollar book about leadership that is notur a function of justice, i'm not sure what is but i am not thinking anything is going to happen to him. there is the impeachment process but i don't believe it's going to happen. elizabeth: the data of the misled medicare and medicaid, they paid for nursing home patients, right? if they are not getting the truth data then that isy a problem for the federal government. the federal government needed to track new york state deaths and the pandemic levels ofs death
10:42 pm
because new york was a super spreading to other states so they didn't have the right data so you think hhs should investigate? >> yes, i think there should be many investigations. i think it should be one of the biggest stories of the pandemic, what happened here in new york. cuomo was the only governor who decided not to count those who died in the hospital like my mother-in-law, she got covid in her residence but that in the hospital but heard number did not count it wasn't for tish james, attorney general releasing her report saying that yes, the governor wasn't counting those who died in the hospital and therefore not, it's indications they did everything in their power that they could to hide those numbers for months. elizabeth: officially, they buried the numbers but behind the scenes, without reports that they were tracking as of april last year where the internally
10:43 pm
the deaths were going so that feels misleading. your final word. >> of course. everything about a this misleadg from the governor blaming everyone except the man who signed the mandate himself not taking any responsibility what ever, he continues to blame president trump for all of his lies. incredible and i hope we are on the side of the angels and that will prevail in the end. elizabeth: all right, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. ♪♪ elizabeth: coming up, former special assistant to president george w. bush, brad blakeman, he's going to join us on this accusation against cap biden officials. why is president biden and the vice president counting an electric vehicle companies that could make millions for hisli
10:44 pm
energy secretary? that story is next. ♪♪
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let's welcome former special assistant to president george w. bush, brad blakeman. o brad, let's talk about this conflict of interest. why is the president and vice president touting t this electrc vehicle companies when jennifer, energy secretary owns maybe $5 million worth of stock and it works. >> this reminds me of solyndra. obama biden disaster where they picked an energy company, solar panel company in california, a startup that had obama and biden, obama visited the plant and what happened? they secured a $500 million loan. you know what happened it went bankrupt. the loan was never paid and the american people got caught holding the bag. this is the same, in my opinion,
10:49 pm
favoritism and cronyism nursing with this company. it's unconscionable that an official with the u.s. government, this case, cabinet energy secretary allowed herself caught in the middle, which i don't agree she was, something the president says not scrubbed by the cabinet agencies when it involves them in here you have a company the energy secretary had an interest and is now getting touted by the biden administration. elizabeth: the biden administration wants to spend $174 billion on electric vehicles, it looks like the democrat governor and his family invested in this, two and the other thing, people say thisng company may not go public. wyoming's rachel can senator wants an investigation, here's
10:50 pm
how it may go public, it could go public by avoiding wall street regulatory scrutiny by going through special-purpose acquisition vehicle, it gets acquired and then it goes public so then you don't get to look at the financials and then denver granholm doesn't violate the 2012 federal law that says federal officials can't participate in an ipo. this is starting to stink to high heaven. >> it does and remember, let's remember who she is, she is harvard educated lawyer, attorney general of michigan, she was u.s. attorney in michigan. so she's no dave in the woods when it comes to legal procedure, finding loopholes is what democrats are famous for. do as i say, not as i do and it's up tohe republicans, incumbent upon republicans to shed light. fox sounded the alarm on this in january, it's about time that we
10:51 pm
put scrutiny that it deserves. elizabeth: okay.y. thanks for coming on, good to see you. come back soon. coming up, facebook is banning trump but letting drugs and metropolis on to solicit and advertise plus more on government documents coming to light showing the number of criminal illegal aliens not being deported, that number is growing under the biden administration. stay right there. ♪♪
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welcome back to the show, florida congresswoman, what is this story about facebook allowing drug and human traffickers to solicit and advertise on the site? what is going on here? >> good evening, it's great to be back and thank you for helping me get the word out on this. it is crazy. when ier was at the border, i talked to several foreign national must some who were teenagers, some adults, some who were honestly little kids and repeatedly i kept hearing that they found out how to come to the united states illegally through facebook so i'm colonial
10:56 pm
and figured i know how to navigate facebook pretty good, i'll take a look so i started doing basic searches on my phone and low and behold, they are not only private groups and public groups set up to entice people and teach people how to come to the united states illegally but there are active advertisements that facebook is hosting on the platform encouraging people about the crazy part, they come with dollar figures from one was 9300 to get t to san antonio, another was 6000. it's incredible. they're not only using this with targeted ads, it's unconscionable but then they use the platform to negotiate logistics, providing numbers, which is owned by facebook and we are seeing firsthand how absolutely complicit facebook is in this human smuggling trafficking ring and look at the earnings from facebook just last quarter, $27 billion q1 alone, that's cartel money going to
10:57 pm
facebook to pay for these ads. it's unconscionable. elizabeth: not all cartel is the 27 million all cartel but we hear what you're saying. i understand what you're saying. but it's in that dollar figure saying facebook is enabling cartel and human traffickers and by the way, we are hearing for out of ten come here illegally get sexually assaulted so that is a story. we wanted to talk to you about this, too, we know the government documents revealed in arizona and montana's lawsuit against the biden administration, now we see numbers worse than realized, it's 8000 criminal illegal aliens, even those convicted of homicide and sexual assault could evade deportation because they are not classified as priority for enforcement, that's was coming to light in these documents, what you say too tha?
10:58 pm
>> again, the more we uncover, the more horrific the situation becomes. we already knew it's an emergency, a crisis. we knew that the numbers, whether it's the drugs being confiscated, up 5000% in just the rio grande sector from last year alone. from functional, the numbers, it's not a seasonable trend, it is absolutely response to president biden's executive order and writer of encouraging people to come illegally and look at the got a ways, this is just people who have been seen on camera or by border patrol agents, 158,000 this year alone have got away and those of the people were not turning themselves in two border patrol, they are the criminals, the sex offenders and i spoke personally with a 9-year-old little girl in guatemala, she could barely tell me her name because she was gang raped by the cartel to the time
10:59 pm
her vocal cords had given out from screaming, these are the people we're dealing with, folks were coming here to do you ill will illegally. there are many coming because they want a better life for sure but when you look at the ones actively avoiding border patrol agents, the ones seeking to diverge innocent lives and get away from border patrol agents, they are the folks coming in to do ill will and the ones released . elizabeth: we hear you. >> it's incredible and at the end of the j day, they just want law and order. elizabeth: deportation we are seeing deportations hitting historic lows, the lowest ever and i started keeping records, less than 3000 individuals in april, biden ordered ice to stop arresting illegal aliens unless convicted of aggravatedil felon, gang members or felonies. ten seconds.
11:00 pm
>> americans want to see it on the books, it's demoralizing ice agents if they can't actually follow the law and do their jobs so i'm asking president biden, do your job. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, it's good to see you. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening at it, that does it for have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. this evening i want to continue our discussion about the extraordinary importance of senator tim scott's rebuttal to president biden's state of the union message a week ago. last night on the show we had a great discussion with katie pavlich and guy benson about the significance of mr. scott's remarks. i mean, when can anyone remember a rebuttal speech that was more important, more significant, more insightful


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