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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 8, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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♪♪ larry: big winner today, governor ron desantis who put work requirements on unemployment larry: a big winner today, governor ron desantis to put work requirements on unappointed benefits, another big winner the stock market, a third winner the great polls that show i'm edit"t now. ♪ is. liz: it was a pretty chaotic response from the binding of from the biden of administration, they were ready with champagne, hats and horns they did not expect how disappointing it was. biden same justification for his historic blot of the government and then spending the deal the economic recovery out of the t pandemic. by the way democrats with their local economies both the treasury secretary janet yellen
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and the labor secretary unwittingly indicted the teachers union for keeping school shut down forcing working parents to stay home. women had a net job loss, the dow and s&p closing of record highs expecting the fed to keep rates low for the duration. the president wants stunning new powers for the irs to track f yr money, powers like never before in order to pay for his blot spending. you're gonna want to hear what the president is planning, joining us andy pozner, sean duffy and doc turned jack kingston, brandon michon joe concha, tonight more hypocrisy, bashing voter reform laws china has could've sized over for using prison slave labor camps, human rights abuses there and in hong kong, where is a statement on that from the 100 plus
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companies who all signed a statement bashing torches reform, now this parents starting to win victory against cool boards across the country over there botched school shut down in restrictions, will show you big new developments in the nation's biggest school district. plus more on the fbi spying on the sitting president, the fbi getting a second antitrust dossier that no one knew about from christopher steele in order to spy on trump his team will after trump sat down in the oval office, well after the fbi had fired steele for his leaks in the media. new conflict of interest accusation against the democrat governor of michigan, gretchen whitmer breaking her travel being on everyone else but reportedly flying to florida on a private jet owned by rich businessmen who do business with the state of michigan. two top t democrats slamming the
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biden of administration for the botched border crisis with the white house press secretary jenb psaki is complaining saying it's maddening that people keep asking why the white house is not calling the border with everyone else sees a crisis. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" start right now. ♪ . liz: look who's look who's back with us former ceo andy pudzer the white house unplugged the celebration of the court back in the champagne jobs coming in less than a third that expected, what did you think of today's event? >> there's a good role of business that you'll do more business when you open them when you're closed and with the economy coming out of the pandemic, you're going to wwi do better thenou when the economy went into the pit demo. if your democrat, all they had
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to do too have tremendous job growth and economic growth was not do anything stupid, coming out and paying people 21 - $22 an hour not to work in a time when you create jobs and bring the economy back was stupid. it resulted in the terrible terrible job r numbers. of course they were celebrating, these numbers were a disaster. liz: inadvertently indicting the teachers union saying basically working parents had to stay home because the schools are shut down and women did have a a net job loss, what did you think of that. >> it's a real criticism of the teachers union, the teachers union should be working in vaccinated, if there vaccinated there very little risk, they were not that much risk to begin with because kids really don't get this, it was anis indictment of the teachers union, there are so many jobs out there go to any
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retail store in your neighborhood, anyone a restaurant, clothing store, hardware store they will tell you they cannot find employees. it stuns me that janet yellen and joe biden would claim the unemployment insurance claimants had nothing to do the job numbers, they are what cause the bad job numbers there's no doubt about it americans know this, everybody knows this. liz: president biden and vice president trying to take credit for v-shaped recovery this started in the third quarter of last year when democrat state leaders are shut down their own state economy with massive job losses, the rooster taking credit for the sun coming up. >> that's a great quote i don't know where you got them from or if that was youat but that's a great quote, governor desantis is doing the right thing, he's saying if you're getting unemployment benefitss in floria
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you need to show us that you are unemployed and you need to show she can't get a job, employment will improve in florida and biden and the democrats will try to take creditt for that just like they take credit for the economy coming back as we exhibit the pandemic. liz: let's watch ted cruz and his warning here and i wouldak like your take on this. watch. >> look at what's happening in washington, washington has gone stark raving nuts. they are losing it andin spendig money like crazy, dear god please, nobody till the democrats what comest after trillion. liz: what biden is doing, what comes after trillion, you probably know, notr me.
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biden's approach, kennedy, reagan or obama he's doing way more than clinton or obama, there's worries about inflation, the ten year rate dump by two thirds in biden's 100 days of him coming back down in using bank of america triple the number corporate executives warning about inflation and shareholder earning calls that the biggest jump since 2004, what do you say. >> inflation is a result of two things, one is demand and the other supply when you have tremendous demand is an incredible demand coming out of the pandemic everybody wants to spend and travel and go someplace, they all have money because of the government checks, everybody's ready to spend, because of the pandemic we have supply chain that is stifled because of the unemployment benefits because they don't want to work, we thet have supply to meet
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demand we have chips for cars, when you don't have chips for cars and everybody wants to buy a car the price goes away, i was talking to ted about this a few days ago this is going to end up with incredible inflation, it'll be inflation we haven't seen in a generation and larry summers is a conservative and as you know he was in clinton and the council of economic advisers under obama. liz: that is a big warning, we also want to thank hillary vaughn for the great reporting coming in from both sides of the aisle. let's talk to foxes contribute to sean duffy. it is great to have you on, what do you think about elise stefanik handling the charge possibly replacing liz cheney. >> liz cheney will be a foregoing conclusion, she can say whatever she wants and is held accountable to her constituents, however, at the
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conference chair she put her interest over the interest of the conference and created real consternation with the republican base in congress, i think on tuesday she's going to be voted out in next week the probably come back and have elections i think elise stefanik is probably the top choice this is been a position a woman is normally held so i imagine elise is smart, articulate in support of the president's agenda will get it. liz: new york magazine reporting lease cheney orchestrated an opinion piece in the washington post earlier this year from all ten living former defense secretary's former truck. that doesn't look good for liz
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cheney, the biden of administration to pay for his big spending their talk about giving more power to the irs to make banks a tool. it would force banks and, brokerages to report the money flow going in and out of all of their bank accounts and maybe brokerage accounts two. we've never see this before, do they need this information, they get so much information the 1099s. why do they need t that. >> we what everybody owes taxes to pay the tax bill t that they own we've all one taxes to be lower but if youct all will bill you should pay it. the influent outflow of your bank information, two questions, think back to barack obama with the irs was doing to the tea party and not giving them tax-exempt status they pay politics. that's a lot of personal data not equipped to hold personally, it's a right to privacy and they don't have a place to access information banks should push back but they probably won't but
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the american people should, were entitled to one little sliver of a little bit of a privacy if we owe taxes then get our bank information but don't just automatically take my bank information i don't know what you're gonna use it for and i don't trust you and the irs. liz: the irs has been abused for political purposes 99% by democrats going back to fdr and have another kennedy, clinton and obama, the irs has been hacked before, we have to watch this, the other one fighting and democrats want biden infrastructure, green new deal to overhaul the entire economy, china's greenhouse gas admission exceeds the developed world combined, what do you think of that? >> what i was in congress i
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talked about this if you care about environment co2 then you care about putting america first and making sure we have rules and regulations and taxes to keep manufacturing in america, the only good for the american worker but if those manufacturers leave america and go to china they don't do it as cleanly as we do, it's worse for the environment if you set up policies what's happening now with the huge regulation of big taxes, you see former output because they don't have the rules and regulations like china and we live in a global environment where we share the pollution from countries around the world. so the good policy making sure businesses stay right at home in america and don't go to china. liz: that's a good point half aa chinese energy comes from coal, always terrific talking on, come back soon. still ahead former georgia congressman jack kingston on his former hypocrisy.
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company signing statements bashing voter reform laws like the one in georgia while making big bucks in china accused of human rights abuses in slave labor, 100 companies, where's their statement what's going on in china and china's crackdown in democracy in hongt. kong. >> is my message to corporate america corporate georgia, have you lost your mind, don't you realize only thing between you and your companies and shareholders in the democratic agenda of high taxes, incredible regulation and unbelievable spending is the republican party, don't you realize the republicans, georgia, the two democrats in georgia in the united states senate are fully on board for the most radical agenda in the history of the country when it comes to tax spending andic regulation there intimidated. ♪
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>> i don't think any of these is aoing to work, george great place to do business in florida is a great place south carolina the wholeda southeast region is an businesses and companies and people move theirt everything all day, i think a lot of this is just talk, i'll give you one example, i was talking to governor kemp shortly after hollywood did not start voting law and said they were going to do any movies here, we have 94 movie studios in georgia and all 94 are fully booked, while the stars are saying one thing, the people are paying and the producers are doing another thing and i think ron desantis is going to play in the same experience go ahead. liz: what you're saying is sort of like don't do it, watch what i do with hollywood, finisher thoughts go ahead. >> also, went to look at these laws as you pointed out voter id
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laws are not something radical, expanding the days in which you can vote early as we did in georgia, most people i like tha, keeping the drop boxes and when people find out about these laws are great with them, the major-league baseball. liz: the drop boxes didn't exist before the pandemic, we gotta move on because are running out of time, hypocrisy of u.s. companies like apple and h coca-cola they bash the voting reform bills like the one in georgia for apple and coke spent billions of dollars to block legislation that would stop the importation of goods made with china slave labor camps that persecuted most minorities, laura ingraham has been reporting all about this, where is the dramatic statement from the more than 100 companies that went after georgia for their emvote law? >> i think a lot of the companies are quietly doingnk a reset, you don't say much about
1:20 am
it publicly but they do get hit very hard by the left-wing activist group and many are their own employees and their kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place but in 2019 apple killed an app that was being used by pro-democracy of networkers and demonstrators in china and hong kong decided it was bad and they took it down and piano go to had 13 factories in china, they don't seem to have any problem of what china is doing in hong kong or to taiwan or the uighurs anything else and all that stuff comes back to bite you, major-league baseball moves from atlanta, georgia with the majorityro of black in denver, colorado where 71% white, that doesn't make sense, the major-league baseball. liz: nike is big in the u.s. culture work, andy barr michael
1:21 am
mccaul saying where were you nike, when into come in and testify for house foreign affairs when accusation that nike uses raw materials produced by slave labor in china, nikee has repeatedly denied this, they said that's not what's going on that they check their supply chain for this, congressman barr points out nike also actively oppose legislation that would forward companies to scrutinize and abandon supply chain out of china because of slave labor, it seems like -- by the way nike did not sign the statement with the 100 plus companies about george's vote law, we just want to point out this is what's going on in corporate america. >> i think nike could spend a lot of time putting footprints on capitol hill as opposed to china on capitol hill looking at nike among many other corporations but with a lot of suspicion because of the relationships in china if they
1:22 am
are not using forced labor to get any part of the material than the attic come before congress and show the supply chain into apl probably. we should be held up as a good example, not somebody who isee re-investigated i think congress would be happy republicans and fewer corporations, lower taxes, better trade deal we boys had a great relationship but we need to rebuild that relationship. liz: jack kingston, good to see you, come back soon. up next the guy who first drawn attention to how outrage periods are, the schools are not reopening, brandon michon 'thus, he'll talk with us how parents across the country are revolting against school boards were not reopening, hurting their kids but were seen parents starting to win, that story next. >> you think your martyrs because of the decision you're
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liz: let's welcome back to the show our favorite outraged parent brandon michon. brandon you have given it to the liz: let's welcome back to the show are favorite outrage. brandon michon, you've given into the school board, never gets old i hope it goes into a time capsule so people from the century can see what one. i wanted every day we see parents starting to win in their fight against school shut down small but growing victories but florida ohio, south carolina, is a serious trend, what do you think? >> i think so, i think you're having t parents, thank you for having me again but you're having parents say enough isy' enough and they're asking what i'm asking to raise the bar and what you want is these elected officials to put a plan in place it's been a year end half and were not getting any execution when you're asking why, parents
1:28 am
are saying enough is enough, let's get back too normal. liz: were showing you the fight that broke out in utah, were seen protestant seminal county of florida and in fort wayne indiana, south carolina and places like ohio, school districts are dropping mandatory mask mandates and opting to make them discretionary in doing a gradual repeal, the other thing that happened the head of the nation three biggest school districts chicago, l.a., new york city, all stepping down after harsh criticism they botch the school shut down, when you think about. >> the mitigating techniques in schools is over boards, you have a check in the morning, temperature check, social distancing, they have to wear mass, my kids have to wear masks outside during recess, those same kids on the weekend are playing with the same students in game on the same field in regards to people stepping down,
1:29 am
great, i said in my passionate speech if you're not willing to leave, step aside and i'm glad to see some are saying enough is enough or they can't handle the pressure, hopefully they will meet us in the direction of global see. liz: critics are saying why is president biden still wearing a mask outdoors they did it yesterday in louisiana when the cdc said you don't have to wear a mask outdoors a vaccinated, only one in four americans say ito safer them to go out of public without wearing a mask, that's according to an economist to pull, when the leader of the free world is vaccinated in wearing a mask in the vaccine doesn't do anything, if you're so confident in these vaccines,i which i am then take your masks off be the display of confidence and let's movee towards normal
1:30 am
but to continue to virtue single and have a mask alone in a room, you're notn gonna show any confidence in that, let's move forward. liz: were seen massive fights and brawls and airports of people not wearing masks. that happened for example in miami international airport, over facemasks, this is graphic you will see people swinging. it's getting really nasty out there when is is going to stop, what do you think. >> i think it's going to stop when people start saying we have to move forward. if you don't, you don't, don't chain people have it in, have confidence that is going to do something but until we have the government and the states saying e let's move forward with an opposition to normal life, with
1:31 am
the schools we need normal for the kids a lot of their life has been in this unusual circumstances and we don't want them to have experiences that we didn't have enough vice versa. liz: brandon michon, thank you for joining us,. >> take you for having me. liz: were coming to the bottom of the hour, former national security council chief of staff fred fleitz, will get his reaction on fbi reportedly spying on a sitting president, the fbi getting a second unverified anti-trump dossier from christopher steele that no one knew about, this happened after trump became president even well after the fbi firedru christopher steele for his leak of the media, fired at the source, that story next. >> when you see the unequal administration application of justice and the law that should frighten every american and were continuing to see you.
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liz: joining is now former national security council fred fleitz, we have a new reportle this is fbi got a second anti-trump dossier from christopher steele to spy on trump his team after trump took eoffice, this is fine on a sitting president after the fbi, well after the fbi has fired christopher steele as a source for leaking to the media, will happen here. >> this is a bizarre story we know that christopher steele is fire november 2016, we know he was still talking to the justice department until may of 2017. but he got in a lot of trouble for that because that's what he had to resign in the spring -- the fall 2018. but whatever that involved, no one knew that there could
1:37 am
actually be a second dossier, opal according to the british news report the second dossier covers from junior 2017 until january 2021 and if this is true that mean steele was being paid by someone to basically spy and undermine donald trump while he wass in office and also bruce or who is receiving this information at the fbi or the justice department. liz: this is fine on a sitting president of this daily tetelegraph is true, if you're saying he gave intelligence report, during the trump presidency of russian meddling and a case, trump denied that the mueller report found no trump russia collusion, there is a story that christopher steele met at a hotel of the street from his company called orbis and claimed they had for medically sealed secret source networks with good info, this is
1:38 am
the thing, this is after the cia told the fbi under james comey and what steele is telling you is internet rumor, his own sources says he embellishes about gossip and hearsay, rumors said over things like drinking beer that he exaggerates, why are they still talking to this guy and why are they paying him money potentially? >> this deal dossier completely discredited by 2017, as it went on it became more discredited but this suggested there was a continuous effort by the justice department and the fbi to keep working with steele to undermine trump presidency, we needed to know who the justice and the fbi were involved because we know it wasn't bruce. liz: bruce got in trouble for this. >> he was gone. liz: james comey would later testify that they knew by the
1:39 am
winter of 2016 there was no one there and trump russia collusion and peter strzok would say the same thing and james clapper would say the same thing, was all falling apart then james comey leaked to the media inn order to get the university professor in order to get mueller appointed special counsel and it's all falling apart that they didn't have a case but they still have an appeal into the trump s presidency. who is doing that and who has a vendetta, they didn't have the goods and they're still going after trump with a really bad debunked source, christopher steele. >> they were career officers in the fbi in the justice department who continue to work against president trump draw his presidency, from all the leaks that we've seen during the trump presidency that should not come as a surprise but the fact that they would use his discredited individual discredited by everybody including comey to goc after trump is just amazing.
1:40 am
liz: behind-the-scenes fbi inspector general was leaking, andrew mccabe got fired for leaks, behind-the-scenes insight cooking the book with media leaks that turned out not to be true in the news media has yet to retract what they were doing in 2016 and 2017 with the wrong recording of russia collusion based on steele dossier information. , what do you think shouldhe be done on the daily telegraph report. , what do you think should happen. >> head should roll, people should be prosecuted, that's not going to happen i love donald trump i think it was a great president but i think he t maden error not clean out the justice department fbi, i think he would tell us that now that the senior position should have all been emptied and n reassigned by mid-2017 of what was going on,
1:41 am
think of all the characters of james comey hired who were having the highest and lowest levels of the fbi, that's why this happened, the same thing with the justice department. liz: you have to wonder this is a waste of taxpayer money, paying tens of thousands of dollars to christopher steele, the millions of dollars spent on the mueller probe for years and years, were gonna stay on the story, we love your insight, come l back soon. up next joe concho with his take on the new conflict of interest accusation coming out of local media reports out of michigan governor gretchen whitmer. she broke her own travel ban on everyone else by reportedly flying to florida on a private jet owned by rich businessmen reportedly doing business with the state of michigan, that story next. >> she's lying aboute traveling toto florida, what else is
1:42 am
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we're just so grateful for them. ♪♪ liz: look who's back joe concho we always love having him on a no-no if you saw the sudden detroit new conflict of interest michigan governor gretchen whitmer breaks her travel ban put on a, what do you think of the story. >> the party of scientism following the science, the democratic party.
1:47 am
california governor gavin newsom dined indoors with 12 people without a mask as the most retentions restaurant you could possibly go to and the french laundry in napa then you have near lori lightfoot in chicago celebrated with biden supporters in november 00 in the street of chicago. nancy pelosi got her hair done indoors in san francisco last year and tried to blame the salon owner resetting europe for a jedi mind trick when indoor salon appointments were being taken, i could go through a list of 20 of these but you see the point, rules for the not for me particular which gretchen whitmer with her ailing father in florida, the problem is a couple days later he was spotted by one local newspaper that saw him shopping in a lansing area market and seen getting into tesla and driving away. it's not only breaking the rules in line about breaking the rules but these people need to be held accountable, were doing that right now.
1:48 am
liz: the father was actually michigan, not florida. >> he was in florida at one point was spotted back in the states days later, that the great lakes news that he was shopping and got to her car and drove away, maybe he is sick but at the same time witmer traveled to florida three times over the past six months. again if you're gonna do it be upfront about it, only after she was caught that she gave the excuse. liz: she saint everybody, stay home, don't bring the virus from florida back to michigan, the chief operating officer when on spring break so did her state hhs director, she also went on spring break although them say don't fly and don't bring the virus to michigan. another thing that's going on gretchen whitmer and her staff of been asked about this and they said they will not provide detail of the governors trip to florida with ongoing security concerns. >> that some like it convenient
1:49 am
excuse, she took a private jet, maybe that's why the optics are so bad but she received a john f. kennedy a profile award and what was it with democratic lawmakers and leaders that are getting all these awards for doing horribly in terms of handling covid andrew cuomo, andrew cuomo one and emmy award with a powerpoint presentation and then we learn l performances and it's unintentionally hilarious at this point. liz: i hear you on that folks out there get really upset when
1:50 am
people live high on the nickel of the taxpayer and government, we have usa today reporting that trump's former pentagon chief kenneth had spent upwards of $204 or more, flight to the south pacific, hawaii, italy and greece and tens of thousands of dollars of him and his family, people out there this is really bad d.c. swat behavior, your final word. >> we've been locked up for a year end couldn't travel anywhere and now all these people making the rules or breaking other these rules and you wonder, are there any adults out there leaving this country at all. liz: joe concho, great to have you on, we really appreciate it.
1:51 am
just ahead dhs oversight council mike cowell, we have two democrats in the biden of administration for the border crisis, the white house press secretary jen psaki complain it is maddening, people keep asking why the white house is not calling the border when everyone else sees that it is. a crisis. that story next. >> divided a administration is totally concealing all information coming out from the border, all information, you cannot get information at the state level or any level, not sure joe biden kamala harris know what's going on. ♪ ♪
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liz: joining us now former dhs liz: joining us now dhs oversight council mike cowell. now look at this, another democrat top democrat senator kyrsten sinema joining henry cuellar the senators lehman divided a administration saying this is the border crisis, we all know it is and is not acceptable that you're leaving migrants and putting them at overwhelm borderve communities, kyrsten sinema, what do you say. >> i'm glad you're catching on and talking about it is undeniable what is happening at thepe border it's an absolute crisis, this a administration is only getting better at tracking kids into the country moving in from facility to facility the only good thing that they're goodod at. secretary mayorkas is trying to pretend there is a victory because kids are in capacity but what they're doing is attracting more and more the come to the
1:56 am
border and putting them themselves into the hands of smugglers and releasing them into the interior where they will stay forever. liz: the cartels are doing the trafficking in thels administration's movie the kids around, the white house press secretary jen psaki complaining it is maddening that people keep asking why the white house is not calling the border when w everyone else sees as a crisis, she was mocking the headline, how is is not a crisis when the u.s. is seen illegal border crossers, number of them equal to the population of dallas which is severe up to four in ten women are trying to cross, we have refugee camps popping up across the border, how is is not her crisis. >> the numbers bear this out, back to back, jen psaki is very cleared with the question, there's no denying reality, when
1:57 am
she called it a crisis herself, you can only sit gonna lie to the american people so much before the truth slips out. liz: democrat henry cuellar was saying the same thing, she sang the biden of administration is using a shell game with fake photo ops and photos for the press of empty border facilities and donna, texas when they're moving them to other facilities next door, let's take a listen tote henry cuellar. >> i would say with all due respect the border is not under control, then i will say the doing a better job moving the unaccompanied kids from one tent to another tenth, the focus was on border patrol donna center, the tent that they have and what the administration has done is set up tents next door in the run by hhs and they moved the kids from one tent to another tent from the border patrol tent
1:58 am
to the hhs and said were handling better. liz: what do you think, he's a democrat. >> i'm glad representative cuellar is speaking out on this the like a little kid saying through your dirty laundry in the closet, they cannot be trusted to tell the truth we inherited to fact check basically everything that mayorkas says that is hiding the truth from the american people. he is a failed secretary, deeply corrupt, should never be in this position during obama administration and got caught stirring visas to political donors and allies and needs not lifted a finger just like, the hearers who can't get to go to the border. the only idea should be no money down south of the border. liz: that hasn't worked since the kennedy administration, arizona, montana suing the biden of administration, today they filed for an injunction to stop the biden of administration from
1:59 am
releasing criminal illegal aliens said to be deported by statute after the biden of administration put the handcuffs on ice they can't target criminal illegals for arrest, we have a drop in deportation now we have 31 left democrats like ocasio-cortez say they want to defend the ice programmer ice works with cops identifying criminal illegals, it works and states, we sing criminal illegals picked up for things like sexual assault, domestic violence, drug trafficking, what is going onfo there? >> ice effectively shut down, right now officers are only going to move about four people year at this pace, they are doing their job, i.c.e. officials are furious that they can do the job, one is calling it negligent over there, they're not doing anything because her told not to, someone's going to get hurt and killed an entirely
2:00 am
preventable in the fall of the administration. liz: you are terrific, please come back soon, we love having you on, good to see you thank you troy service for our country, thank you for watching i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, we hope you have a good evening mondayel night. ♪ >> they're cars you never heard of. >> he liked to buy unique cars -- kissels, grahams, overlands. he always used to say, "i don't want to meet myself on the road." >> it's a great hobby. keeps you out of the beer joints. >> do you have your foot on the brake, teacher? just in case? >> i haven't jumped out yet. >> these heirs hit a fork in the road... >> so that is a point of contention. do you donate cars here? do you have an auction? >> it's really tough to get every sibling on the same page. >> yeah, i'd say we're no different. >> ...until they hear an emotional voice from the past. >> when we go by his gravesite, he's probably on high


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