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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 12, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ kennedy: welcome to it led to do it. all the mistress running covid-19, its origins still the murky is. where did it all come from? a wild animal farm, a wet market bat suit a laboratory if it did come from a chinese lab did u.s. tax dollars help fund the research question because you know the chinese come as governments doing everything to avoid responsibility. they sure as hell do not want to take the blame for a virus that is killed more than 3 million people worldwide. 600,000 in the u.s. alone.
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what if the u.s. government gave money to chinese government to study the virus for the outbreak began? or help them with so-called gain of function research agenda medically modified violence to make them more dangerous. with that make the u.s. partly responsible customer to and capitol kentucky senator rand paul went after dr. anthony fauci on that very topic, watch. >> you are fooling with mother nature here but you are lying super viruses to be created with a 15% mortality it is a very dangerous there's a huge mistake to share this with china and is a huge mistake to allow this to continue in the united states. we should be very careful to investigate where this virus came from. >> i fully agree you should investigate where the virus came from. but again, we have not funded gain of function research on this virus in the wuhan institute of virology number. [inaudible] >> there was research.
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kennedy: fell she says it did not happen. period here's the thing institute of health does not deny giving money. what would paren the chinese from taking that money for one thing and then using it for something completely different. absolutely nothing because they lie about everything. let's make tonight's party pound discuss all the political editor fox news contributor katie pavlich is there director of the cato institute center for constitutional studies, ilya shapiro. and we've got the host of the no bk show former sarah get, nomiki konst's back on the panel welcome everyone good to see you all. >> a kennedy get it with you. let's discuss this a little bit. the nih did give the money to the wuhan institute of virology. that happens, we have no idea what happened with the research from the bat lady. her records are sealed and obviously china has been less
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than helpful, helping us and other governments gives the the bottom of where this came from. although they have tested 80000 different animals trying to get the source of the initial viruses. they have not gotten there, but as senator paul says all roads lead to china in terms of letting this cat out of the institute bag in wuhan, what do you think? >> i think we are never going to get to the full bottom of this because as you mentioned they got rid of a lot of documentation. doctors and people who could talk about where this came from we will never know exactly what happened. we do know completely debunked what doctor felty said during that hearing but we do know there is a paper trail of grants over and over again going to the wuhan institute of rolla g. that is where they have done this very dangerous research and experimentation on viruses in animals to see if they can
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jump to humans. we know that's there we have the documentation. actually josh rogan is on some reporting at the "washington post" which is actually very good. he says he talks or number people do this kind of research. but they are afraid to speak out about it and how dangerous it is because guess where they get their funding for all the research? from the nih and from doctor fauci. his argument is, look nobody with a pin this baby on doctor fauci because he is supposed to be the one saving the world from the pandemic. there's plenty of evidence to show the nih funded a lot of this research that went to the wuhan labs which now of course china is not letting us into. but not give us any information. but the idea that doctor fauci saying he never supported any of that kind of funding, is just not true. you can look up the grants. before what were the measures in place to prevent that institute from this kind of
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research? we don't have any of that part i not trust our government. our government is much more open with requests. i do think there should be some sort of an audit here. we should not stop and accept the answers of bureaucrats who may just be trying to cover his own tail and that of the institute where he works. >> it is a question of who let the bat out of the bag. i'm surprised you step on that plan, kennedy prints an important issue and i'm not a scientist or investigative reporter, but a lab leak is just as a plausible as someone eating a bat from a wet market or what have you. this is not an allegation of a chinese communist plot to infect the world, working with the dangers of virus in level two rather than level for secured biological environment.
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and certainly with its u.s. funding or not, the question of how this happened is important. we want to prevent a future situation. fauci, look this is yet another of public health authorities losing credibility of animal they have any more credibility at all at this point whether you are skeptical of covid in the first place or skeptical of vaccines are super cautious or going to do your own thing. the public health authorities and messaging over a year now on issues ranging from masking through the vaccine to racial justice is all over the place. and so i do not know why anyone would be looking to felty on any of these issues. before him like you brought that up about the cdc and masking. even the "new york times" is called the cdc on their statistic up to 10% of the transmission could come from outdoors when actually it's summer between .1% and 1%.
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they really overstated that. the messaging has not been straightforward. and this has been a bureaucratic, catastrophic disaster that knows no party. no wiki. >> first off there's a question of public policy and, how you tell the public, how you inform the public about something and science. so depends on what you're statistics of the cdc statistics the same as the "new york times", near times every libertarian does not trust the "new york times" until they want to trust the year times for the reality is we are going out there you want to display some sort of people who do not understand if you get into the gray zone state mask inside but not outside but a 6-foot difference, just wear a mask. what's going to hurt you until
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you wear a mask until this is done? >> i have no idea you're saying. >> know it is taking away your life. wear a mask. spore okay but the cdc said if you are vaccinated you don't have to wear a mask outside. so you have to take your cues from someone. but the people up and giving the accused by the way the "new york times" that is not their number per the "new york times" forced a correction from the cdc who over exaggerated the risk of outdoor transmission, right? regardless of where the coronavirus started the latest attack on america comes from her own per the department of labor announced today record 8.1 million jobs remain open and the u.s. small businesses struggle to hire workers who are being paid more by president biden to stay home. states have announced they are opting out of unemployment benefit expansion to discourage people from filling
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jobs. perhaps hardest at the restaurant industry bring joy to me to it discuss it's a start of the food network, owner of the château anna maria, buddy foy junior. welcome back buddy. >> kennedy thanks for having me. kennedy: how hard is it for you to find people between new york and florida to phyllis necessary positions to operate at full capacity? event it is as hard as the pandemic. it's getting a little bit easier because the waiver to collect unemployment you have to by the end of the month you have to start looking for job approving you are searching for it in new york there's a light at the end of the tunnel whether or not to be the case. literally in the last five days since the announcement here in florida have more applicants and five kits that we had in five months. in new york, it's going to be very difficult to staff part as we open up, mild they we conversed back i do not know how you're going to do it. obviously we talked about this a little bit, restaurants
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considerably margin than other industries. it's harder to make money. so if you have a mom-and-pop restaurant, how do you raise wages in order to attract applicants and workers without going broke? >> will candidly can attract workers not the federal government. i never built into my competition plan. you build your competitive landscape the federal government was not part of that competitive landscape. there's a paragraph in the business model is had competition, federal government. that does not exist. why am afraid of is if we incentivize ourselves out of business. this is going crazy to get people to come back to work. let's face it return on involvement roi the return on involvement at home plus an employee is very high. the return on involvement going to work is low and you're competing with the federal government, unemployment benefit get rid of the waiver that was put in place when it was necessary, now the economy is open. let's have a reversal here.
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let's get people back to work. government please stop competing it's a mom-and-pop main street businesses. let us compete against each other for employees. >> and are going to do it safely. but i look at some lisa beer kratz like janet yellen and even the president who say there is no connection between people getting $300 a week in unemployment and jobs being unfilled when you have over 8 million unfilled jobs part are you frustrated they're not talking people like you? >> that is just completely ridiculous. like your kids think i don't have to study, studying does not help me get good grades. it's like talking to a child. of course unemployment is directly tied to what is going on. the extra incentive to stay home, i would take it if i can pay my bills with it, who wouldn't take it? at the end of the day government you are out of your mind to think what is going on is not impacting the job
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report. it's completely ludicrous it's like talking to a child paid >> it is your absolute right. gina ray mondo said that over the weekend it was a lifeline pay but now it is a death sentence for businesses. i am glad that your place in florida is doing well. now the governor, he just said government desantis is forcing people to look for jobs in order to maintain that unemployment. i think is going to have a tremendous effects right let's he blue states do it as well, thanks buddy. >> thanks kennedy and already is. kennedy: coming up more shocking images from biden's border crisis. children as young as 11 months old abandoned in the desert. if this is not a crisis, then what is? i'll break it down in my memo i'll break it down in my memo the kennedy watches next incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology, makes it brilliant. the visionary lexus nx. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months.
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kennedy: texas farmer made a shocking discovery along the rio grande. five girls all under age seven, one of them a naked 11 -month-old baby. her crying and cluck-u joe for dear life. the vice president supposedly the nations are has yet to visit the southern border or hold a press conference about the disturbing particulars for the eight days into a post.
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she failed these children. she has failed all of the children. kids like this to be exploited dangerously shifted like flush pond into the u.s. i'm parents are paying dearly to the only group of people benefiting from the border crisis, the coyotes. how on earth you send an 11 -month-old baby on a journey like that and hope for the best so far beyond me. some will say conditions in guatemala and honduras are so bad these people have no choice. but that baby easily could have diapered all those girls could be murdered or succumbed to the element and god only knows how many tiny bodies they know in the desert. there's no excuse for setting kids alone on this trip. are the parents been incentivize by the chaos here hoping it's a catapult the precious kids over the border everyone will get to stay? it's no better here, in fact it so bad with covid, license overcrowding even the vice president cannot >> the trip. she is too busy lazily pondering her root causes when she should be drenched in the
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net effects. take a page and princess diana, love these kids, hug them, take the cameras to texas. make it seemed like you give a damper do not zoom a random leader once a week and call it good? she said she was attacked and low in the krupp northern triangle leaders to internationalize our approach. that approach is inhumane garbage for kids are suffering and moral be injured, abused or killed because of this immoral inaction. 17006 and 50 kids are in facilities with more than 100 other kids. they're not being guarded a properly cared for. one large houston shelter was closed because kids were given plastic bags and said being allowed to use the bathroom. add to that parents cannot even find either kids once they get someone on the phone. and when they are abandoned mid root, you damo know there's no 1800 coyote customer service hotline with a can voice their complaints with the narco terrorists who are laughing all the way to the bank.
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madam vice president, go get dirty. go do your job. what you are doing is not working in the blood and suffering of innocent children is on your hands. that is the memo. the texas farmer found the children spoke to fox news about the heartbreaking discovery, watch this. >> they were all in the little pile right here on the little obd blanket. one of them i thought was dead already. she was all out. one little baby crawling around could not walk. kennedy: he cannot get through when he called. so babies are now been dumped along the border crying and hungry, abandoned and alone. the vice president and president do not be hard to call that a crisis, what hope do we have that they will ever solve it? the party panel is back, katie pavlich, ilya shapiro and nomiki konst. katy went to start with the effort it when the vice president to go down there and get dirty. i want her to go into one of these facilities and i want
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her to see, feel, and touch these children and hopefully spur her into action. has been so much in action from the administration and congress and this is several administrations. this is a problem going back decades. if they have to do something, what are your thoughts? >> i think it is cowardly that she is not willing to go down there on face the problem and person. but it also think business administration that is perfectly fine with what is happening. they're not sending her down the printer not sending any policies to stop this to stop the flow from coming from central america. i feel look back at what statements a digital bite on the campaign trail saying it's not a problem for the knighted states to absorb 3 million new people. you had kamala harris was a senator saying she wanted to
12:21 am
reimagine the role for immigration and customs enforcement at the height of the abolished price movement. what you're seeing play out exec adapter the borders open their allowing everybody to come in pretty advocating it to stay. the not doing any kind of deportation. in april it was the lowest number we have seen since 2004. this is exactly what they said they would do and they are fine with that. their actions speak for themselves or their interactions. kennedy: there in action and calluses make it so much worse. that is what is incentivizing parents to send their kids, defense secretary said the border is closed. while clearly it is not closed. clearly it's a very dangerous trip across the rio grande let alone the entire thousand mile journey through the desert. yes, there is administration and action but there's also legislative inaction. matt is with the real needs
12:22 am
that come from. unit talk about root causes, it is the war on drugs. it is drugs are illegal in this country. although everyone's consuming them and they should be legalized. with such a screwed up immigration system, how easy what a legislative fix be if you could do two things? >> it's more of an issue for criminal justice reform and what we have a whole host of problems in that regard paid on immigration you are right. decide about tweaking or revoking this or that executive order. it's been broken for decades is a legal path so desperate people resort to anything to try to find a better life for themselves or send their kids a lot of the think that will help. and certainly, sending the message as president biden did during the campaign he will reverse trump's policy be nicer, kinder let people in. it's only going to encourage
12:23 am
more and more people to come. i don't think the matter kamala harris going down to the boarded-up makes for a nice photo opera that shows your care. s not going to change the policy really. she become the administrations jared kushner maybe she will now bring more peace to the middle east like tier did or peace of the midwest. at the end of the day this is a matter for congress further needs to be a big fix that involves labor issue, economic issue on really think about what kind of system we want to allow people to apply legally. kennedy: don't think it's on get step factor economic according on the lease. i would not give her that much credit but it doesn't look like she serious about anything here. but your friends in congress have to do something. because this is sick.
12:24 am
[laughter] stu varney glad you're laughing just vice president here since very appropriate. >> it's so funny, kids are dying in the desert. what a laugh. it's hilarious. >> listen, don't get me started on this and that someone is detained at the board, put in shackles i am very familiar with the situation let's be real here. the united states destabilize central america by propagating their financial gains. we know the history here. you want to get to the root causes i'm bumming both the democrats and the republicans, i'm blaming ca every major corporation invested in central america i'm not laughing at this is the humanitarian crisis. their violation of humanitarians rights. he went to get involved. and the united states should amend and shut down for-profit prison camps at the border that trump and his cronies have been making money off of. i am not laughing at this. i'm very serious.
12:25 am
[inaudible] before its present biden's probably to take responsibility for. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] the reunification issue i'm sorry four months into the administration, i am sorry to know happened? [inaudible] kennedy: hello mr. biden been in office? how long is joe biden been in office? longer than you been live. >> excuse me? we are not having these conversations about donald trump four months ago. now it's biden question which i guess we did i don't know what show you are watching, you are not squeaking around here though. no, there. [inaudible] complicitous in also said it time and time again. if you're going to spew words on the guitar biblically and it up for the party pam turns the later california governor gavin newsom appears to be slowly gaining ground in the
12:26 am
battle to keep his job, why the world with californians want to continue to let that dumb dumb lead. plus gas shortages of the pipeline cyber attacks of that hurt your personal economy? was the president doing about it and more will be ♪ ♪ ♪ common love isn't for us ♪ ♪ we created something phenomenal ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ ♪
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85% want him gone concrete me and others continues to promise socialize spending. but is really just a bid to
12:31 am
buy votes because my current now california republican congressman house judiciary committee member nomiki konst is backward welcome congress members direct that giveaways are going to keep coming until gavin either lives or dies based on his waist. kennedy: is losing people from the state. single-handedly because of the senses and because of the accident they are using, your delegation per owner who is saying they approve this job less than 40% they vote to remove, who's doing this polling? >> berkeley's polling could be a little bit of a push polling. kennedy, the fact is people who employ people people who generate real wealth tended to leave the state. we have continued to be a
12:32 am
magnet for people who live on the street. people who live sucking on the breast of government. that is really why is state has trended toward his party. he likes it that way. doesn't matter fact is financing the highest tax state in the country pretty stucco increasing taxes. but given the surplus back in the one-time cash deal. the last thing he would want to do is actually lower taxes on the most taxing people in the country. sue for their tax and they are leaving. you need those businesses. you need those multibillion-dollar companies in silicon valley. going to throw $12 billion at the homeless problem. so far all of his plans have fallen flat for the homeless population dropped the state has exploded. you think that could be as detrimental to him as his pandemic reaction?
12:33 am
>> it's unlikely. for whatever strange reason even while there's human feces on the street, people living on the street and nobody in their right mind wanting to go to san francisco, and francisco continues to support him. the real challenge with the governor for most people who still create jobs, who still work for a living do not make their money off of, if you will silicon valley. that is where this support against him and for republican alternatives is coming from. before is it enough? >> it may be enough. eighteen years ago when i helped with the recall then, we were behind in the recall for a long time. it was in the last few weeks, i had just had enough they sell viable alternatives. one of the challenges with the recall is they won't fire him if they can't believe in an alternative. in 2003 they believed in arnold's work to nag her as a viable alternative.
12:34 am
he got considerable support across the spectrum and for a while was a good governor. that is the difference right now. no candidate has yet emerged, no one is taking on the governor as we did in 2003. you know what candidate, as it is qualified now jen and others are emerging are going to sourcing a real debate he's going to have to answer for his misconduct in the state one in which his unemployment rate is over 8%. florida is below 5% and for darn good reason. a governor makes it different spirits before kids are in school in florida. so both parents can go to work. that means mobs are not stuck staying home caring for kids dropping out of the labor force like they are in california. write up caitlyn jenner has about 6% support. this point arnold had above 30%. it's going to take someone not
12:35 am
known with name recognition but also seems like someone with the great command of the issues and political respect from californians, might have to be you congressman you thanks so much your time. >> thanks candy. write fuel storage from that cyber attack by a suspected russian criminal organization starting to hit every day americans pretty special if you're in the southeast for yesterday told you how easy it is for hackers to cripple infrastructure like the georgt geoginia,irginia, h crtrt undera undtatendtate ofo emer y onc d oncrs weigh g b ungorastustoust find stafi haves haveee empty ome a alines a ng tong toakeake sureurey n'tf jet fuel fueopp plan plan the wihis a thisasffce ins in thee economy e isnd ind the t w anythusinusing fix i i could hereoo break down a d maxx fund cd c n c fox noxncertince, eoar ppleoardin dri dviriy syo s
12:36 am
e for no g gases tw twoilet p. [laughter] >> i think there's only a few weeks in the last year we were not hoarding something for that's the promise more estate problem on some level which is there's always going to be some reason we might run out of something, hurricane happens, covid panic this, you cannot just let people hoard things for it happens every time it gets worse because you see the media kit by this thing and all the government does is like just don't do that. but were not going to allow gouging pretty fact in george's case that lowered the gas tax was the opposite of solution to this problem to discourage hoarding the governor needs to raise the gas tax so gas stations do not profit from it to discourage the hoarding. then they can refund the money by lowering the gas tax after the fact that we net zero. gas is $10 so's can fill up their suv because the word about gas running out. wasilla no it's not going to run out its $10 that will
12:37 am
always be syngas who is going to hoard it at $10? that's the only solution that hoarding it's covid of this breed that is not solve the problem here which is the rice of ransom or hacking. in the old days, our days hacking was a cool thing you did with viruses to be funny to show what a cool coder you are. now is a financial angle a shakedown. he got to see this as it rises burial to crypto currency. strong personal computer for a few hundred dollars or a business for a million part or in this case who knows what they're paying to get this gas running again. could be tens of millions of dollars. but the fbi everybody else it just don't pay it. but that's ridiculous for if your private business are going to lose a billion dollars and you can pay 10000097% chance that statistically what happens is you pay it they let you go back to what it's like. everybody's going to pay it. the real solution is why are we allowing this currency to exist that allows the ransom
12:38 am
work? sport combined are not an anti- crypto person are you question work you are so smart placement definitely but look know it was to admit this is rising imperfect parallel to bitcoin activity price before that's like it's saying it's rising imperfect parallel to marijuana legalization birds happening at the same time. >> all the payments are crypto. what else -- and up why would they be using regular wire transfers a thousand kate if that way? support nobody trusts the filthy currents that build by the central bank. jonas you're right about almost everything i'm glad to hear have to go thank you for being here tonight until next time. [laughter] smith thank you parts you are coming up wedding dances taking covid restrictions to a whole new level one bride-to-be is suing to stop the ridiculous regulations. the panel returns next.
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so far tony singh at carruthers last night's mouth trumpet monday song on break my heart. this week's winner was sherry, well then sherry appeared but be careful this next story might just break your heart. a bride-to-be is suing the city of washington d.c. over mayor muriel bowser's last-minute executive order to begin advancing at weddings. it started may 1 for the lawsuit states it is as if the law were ripped from a plot of footloose at a gets worse. dancing is not a lot of strip clubs in the capitol, romantic. but the pressure on d.c. to lighten up or some going to have to call kevin bacon to straighten things out question of the party panel has returned, katie pavlich, ilya shapiro and nomiki konst. no mickey i will start with you. i think you should be able to
12:44 am
dance at weddings, i know that's a very, very brave and orthodox dance we hope she wins this lawsuit. >> you can dance outside i think that is legit. her dancing inside and violating basic covid rules you don't have a majority of people that are vaccinated, yada, gotta, yada. not everybody's following the pandemic rules everybody is at risk, have the wedding outside, be cool i'm not a big fan i she needs to look at the rules of the covid rules right now the cdc. have your wedding in like july. see for that's why she suing she wanted that money back she's in planning for months months and months. >> it's a pandemic maybe don't plan a wedding and a pandemic. i mean that's also. ilia go ahead. >> i'm actually going to the
12:45 am
wedding as a former cato legal associate, the groom, the husband to be. support margaret applebee's or friend question expect that line about footloose and all that you can read the complaint is good separates everything i taught him for it he helped his fiancée file that lawsuit. marion bowser is doing for distrust of government with the teachers unions are doing for the school of choice and movement. this is not good pr for d.c. become the 51st dates. when they allowed zumba dancing and fitness classes, when they allow strip clubs and exotic dancing you cannot dance with masks or most of the people if not all are vaccinated. i mean this is just ridiculous. kennedy: something that should have the masks. support it's really hard when evans talking at the time, nomiki konst i will katy go, katy go ahead.
12:46 am
>> i love this ladies fighting against d.c. per the rules here out of control not based on science for the fact is is people dancing at weddings in texas and florida there's no reason why they should should not be dancing at weddings in washington d.c. but some is fighting back and saying no we are going to be dancing at the wedding. support ilia do you think you can get me an invitation to that wedding question work i will go and single-handedly started. >> there's going with all kinds of restrictions they cannot get their deposit back what they plan this across the river where i lived in virginia, it is not been those open state but still, they have a lot fewer restrictions again going to have their first dance whether it's on break my heart or achy breaky heart or whatever it is with their masks full on. able they will drop them in a bout of civil disobedience for a picture. but look, this is a bridge too far. i went to a wedding last summer dated rapid testing it was a rich couple, would have dated rapid testing in ginseng and everyone pass and then
12:47 am
able to go in. there are ways around this. at this stage in the pandemic as were coming out, when d.c. is opening up i think five days later she announced, they are bowser and her latest press conference everything should be open five days later think this is bad pr breaches going to win this lawsuit or bowser's going to withdraw this but i predict at this wedding, when i attend, if you show up let me know we can dance the price before a right nice, thank you all so much. we all love it, don't worry. topical storm is to celebrate salonpas day and our mission to improve people's lives through topical pain relief we invite you to try our powerful, long-lasting patch for muscle and joint pain, get your free sample at hisamitsu we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though.
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get a power trip including a bachelors at stanford university. not seven issues a class of 2021 oldest graduate and the only one not moving into her their parents basic because their dead perch want to learn to get a college degree with the knowledge that comes with it for example before college she never knew her friends and family were racist of the toxic patriarchy in boyton she feel stupid for loving them all of these years. vivian says she hopes to continue her education by getting her masters degree. all in all she should be out of debt by the time she is a hundred years old. topic number two. the coronavirus eases its grip on europe prime minister boris johnson has gathered roots people permission to have casual. at least they found something to do with those extra hospital beds. new update to coronavirus cabins will loan britain's two kiss, hug and stay overnight with adults from different households for the first time
12:53 am
in a year. course dental work is still forbidden. cannot not help but notice this happen ref the queen became single again. what are the chances i hear she's been asking her staff to see someone named big ben. hopefully now i bring the neutrals take effect and will allow six people to anger intermingled indoors or as hunter biden calls it his married years. britons will also be allowed to visit movie theaters and museums as well as eat inside restaurants. after months of not being allowed to see their lovers, they will probably have their mouths full of british wang. topic number three. i'm going to get a call. texas authorities on the hunt for the tiger they got loose in a houston suburb. that is right, houston we have a problem. this tiger seen a roaming neighborhood streets this we confronted here by off-duty
12:54 am
shares with a gun. talk about earning your stripes. before backup arrived another man led the animal into suv and drove away. joe exotic is out of jail? no that ms. victor he was out on for 2017 murder charge and may or may not have in keeping the tiger as a pet. ladies he is single if you can believe it he's got great skin. victors found and charged with evading arrest but the tiger it not. according to his lawyer victor copied tiger by the tobit because he hollered, he had to let it go. those of the rules. now the tiger still on the loose imposing danger to millions of terrified texans bravo not ted cruz he flew to cancún as soon as he hurries what was happening for the good news is when police finally do drag the cat in there be plenty of cages waiting for its at the southern border. topic number four, former georgia lawmaker stacy abrams is now getting her own tv series coming to bed there's already a show called the
12:55 am
biggest loser. the series will be an adaptation of a new novel while justice sleeps about a supreme court justice that plunges into a coma. i wish i could say what happens next i tried to read it and i plugged into a coma. the show would be produced by working title television and nbc universal. slices the nbc promoting a democrat for a change that's great for this is a first novel stacy is written under her real name which is previously written for other novels under pen names. title deception, reckless, secrets and lies, and hidden sin. ♪ ♪ basically the entire democrat party platform. and before we go, do not forget its tickle me tuesday. going three minutes to get the punchline but do not cheat use the # tickle me tuesday ready? what word is always spelled wrong in the dictionary.
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