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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire. this is lincoln financial. larry: for diehard yankee fans like me pitching a no-hitter is just awesome. just awesome. kennedy: there is explosive new report out today on princess diana and the angry reaction from prince william. prince's william and here's go to blow your mind but that is all coming up, so how is the current going to tackle this when in season five? we'll get to that in moments. first, covid-19 escape from a china lab and killed more than 3 million people worldwide include 6000 americans? for more than your anybody who's suggested such event has been mocked and ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist. now republicans say the
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evidence is beyond circumstantial part so will china ever admit, and how can they be punished question earlier tiberio and peter doocy as the white house about it, watch this. >> what time would present buying call got dead americans registering to figure out if this happened, if covid originated in one of your labs. let us in. >> i would say we've made that call publicly many times. we have conveyed that privately we certainly communicated that they were not transparent from the beginning but that is not acceptable for there's an opportunity now in the next stage of this effort for them to be transparent, to participate in international investigation. that can bring a conclusion to the origin. >> for more than year china has been boldly covering up the truth. so-called experts are quick to say the coronavirus came from a live animal market. just yesterday at louisiana republican senator jon candidate my uncle asked
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berlinski for some clarification. >> what are the possibilities? >> certainly the possibilities that most coronavirus is that we know of are of origin have affected the population's are a scope he one, mers, generally come from an animal origin. >> are there any other possibility is? kennedy: as you can see the administration tone is changing for just a few months is god from no way it came from a lab to, well maybe it could appear former trump administrative officials include former cdc chief said the evidence is clear. >> i do not believe this somehow came from a bout to a human and at that moment in time the virus came to the human, became one of the most infectious viruses that we know and humanity for humans transmission. normally when echoes to human to it takes a while for it to
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figure out how to become more and more efficient price for back as the lab leaked new momentum of the biden administration put real pressure on china to come cleaner with a standby will americans continue to die from this terrific virus? let's get into it tonight party panels got political editor host of the benton show it is a guy benson. the author of the liberal invasion of red state america and columnist at the hill, kristen tate is back with democrat strategist radio host and fox news contributor leslie marshall. welcome one it all up at less i think you look great in green i'm happy were twins. what guy i read the wall street journal article at the lab leaked. they laid out a pretty convincing case. they're using with the fewest postulations to get to the conclusion, that starts to make more and more sense. when you reading what are your thoughts?
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>> secretary mike pompeo the former secretary of state on radio today. asked him about this basic based on the evidence he has seen and the intelligence he has seen, semitrucks that what's available publicly, the evidence really is amounting that this could have been a lab leaked. this nana cia director at one point as well. so i am very eager to see the truth come out. do not expect china to be part of the truth coming out. they're doing everything they can to avoid including setting up a fake little investigation with the w.h.o. i think this is an opportunity for americans to demand the truth and china. it's also demand accountability from that media. because as you pointed out people suggested and postulated this might be the case were absolutely ripped and ridiculed as conspiracy theorist and irresponsible potential war mongers. senator tom cotton and others based on nothing. based on we don't think that is true and the elite consensus is it's not true therefore this is
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disinformation. it might in fact be real and the truth after all. view anyone who is part of the pylon of the time brent raised her hand and say wow i was wrong and that's irresponsible. again not really holding my breath. kennedy: 's a chrysalis talk about that a little bit. i do not think this should be republican democrat left, right, issue pretty think we really need to get to the truth. if you're looking at the truth you have to look at all options until you have disproven the ones that don't make sense anymore that don't hold up. it's the animal to human transmission one that takes more of a logical leap at this point. as we are learning more and more about the funding for the wuhan lab and again a function research that's been taking place there for years including diplomats in china who have been warning this type of research was going on. they were trying to let this country know why has it been
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so easy to dismiss that along political lines? >> it is because of the media, kennedy. for the last of the media has been insisting that any suggestion that covid may have leaked from a lab is a conspiracy theory. instead of actually asking questions, doing investigations and following the evidence journalists all embrace this knee-jerk dismissal of that idea. but now we know that the leak theory is viable. a bunch of prospective scientists signed a letter stating that. there is a pile of evidence that covid probably came from a lab. a one point is this virology lab in wuhan has a history of accidents. several staffers who work there came doubt the flu like symptoms in fall of 2019 for it this was a lab accident it will be one of the greatest ever in human history. 3.4million people have died of covid. so the question becomes if
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this was a lab accident, what will be done to hold china accountable for being so irresponsible? and you know, i do not think they will be held accountable. the biden administration will not hold china accountable for its. >> i don't know that any recent administration has been terribly good at that. leslie we have to make sure this does not happen again. and if it could happen the way that we are hearing and if it could have made these leaps and gone through juice up viruses senator rand paul calls it, what is to stop it from happening again? china has not let measures safeguards to protect their world population. that scares them a gz's out of me, leslie. >> i think you are right to be
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scared, candy. i love peter doocy but when he asked jen psaki about china caring about american lives i had to chuckle salad because they don't care about chinese leslie certainly do not care about american lives. they don't care about transparency they care about money, they care about power and they certainly do not want to get caught. whether it's an animal one of their markets are at lab that leaked. either way it's circumstantial. they were not able to find a connection yet spit up in 2003 the ground father of this current virus actually was linked over a long time to an animal that was sent to a market 600 miles from where wuhan is. now the lab yes that is a possibility heard the cdc director say that. >> that lady's records are still sealed b may never know smith is not acceptable we may never know is not acceptable in 3 million people have died from this virus.
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if it were from an animal you tested 80000 animals test 800,000 animals home at that sister printer at the pandemic is honestly been very costly for the u.s. president biden solution quite expensive because of that the governor wants to stick more hands in your pockets. a new treasurer report reveals present buying hopes to pay for all of his wacky chili dollar programs by hiring more irs agent student picture your returns. bring it on lois lerner, creeping up hours foxbusiness report the irs wants direct access to your bank account information. so not a penny of your cash flow goes unrecorded preacher how do we keep these jerks out of our wallets? guy benson disses agree just. i have been aggrieved. >> i am so old i remember 2013. and i are member the irs having been exposed just abusing a bunch of political enemies of the party in power. they denied and the democrat
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said no, no it was briefly admitted at some conference summer and they set hopes, sorry there were some lawsuits. i do not want to empower the irs further and higher and many more agents to be combing through any of our information. this is an agency have a job to do it's a contemptible one. they have a lot of power in the past before the irs to be used as a giant stick to beat political enemies into submission depending upon which party is in power i do not trust either of them. i think this is incredibly dangerous. we're going to fly down this slope it's not just slippery it is covered in greasy innards. we are on a fast track to authoritarian hell here. taxation is best your thoughts? >> is actually terrifying
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taxation is best for the natural consequences of this people will stop using banks. banks already barely give us any interest. so people will pull their money out of the bank, starts during cash. i know a lot of people who arty do that. crypto currency will skyrocket in value people keeping their cash into gold, silver, other hard assets. people want financial privacy. they want financial privacy the irs is going to empowers this kind of level people will find a way to hide their cash. whether legal or illegal to find a way to do it. for that's the wonderful thing about crypto currencies people who do not have a lot of money, it's not just the rich people were going to practice legal tax avoidance. everyone will do a comic guy denson you see it doubt is a ghost in his machine there something i can do there. leslie marshall i might come to a falcon might mean agreement here, leslie. >> yes because i'll tell you do not care if the democrat or republican in the white house was majority the house of the
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senate, i think i echo many american sediments when they say i hate, and i hate the irs. i know say hate is a strong word to my children but i mean up or there's a reason hate is a four letter word when it comes the irs. look, there a lot of people out there feel they are paying far too many taxes and there are very wealthy people who are hiding their money and other countries like kuwait or the bahamas when i was on spring break. one of the things i saw corner after corner after corner or banks. they survived when every other business did not survive bit hurricanes or the covered pandemic. i do not like the irs having more power for it i do not like further invasion of privacy because this will hurt the middle class and the lower class more than the top of what into percent will have the money to hire somebody to hide the money all over the world. kennedy: the goal, leslie, is to get as rich as we possibly can before this all takes effect so we can take our money, our bitcoin, our gold, and not just bitcoin come on baby we've got other crypto
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investments here. we are sophisticated people go by a private island in the bahamas. i like it per the party pen returns little later were going to get guy backward first step vice president kamala harris, her problems keep piling up. it is quite a list shall be customer she's gone 57 days without giving going to the border during immigration crisis where she is the czar. what are the root causes? in report harris keeps a black book of journalists and politicians who do not appreciate life experience. this is a new book claims he biden threw flew off the handle at the vice president when she lashed out owed joe during the 2009 presidential debate. joe biden said harris can quote, go f herself. i like that. during a call with donors. their filing ethics pledge she made on the campaign trail. she keeps her family assets in a trust. she is not been transparent. she snapping up homes without trust. as madame vice president going
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to climb out of the giant hole she dug for herself? and step up to solve some of these problems? i doubt it. join me to it do is because the fox and friends weekend in this week's host a fox news primetime at 7:00 p.m. in the east, will cain. hello dean. [laughter] >> night one. you've seen that on night one miranda divine confuse one cane for another but it always happy to be confused with superman. >> left he will think or superman i'm just glad to have in the studio. kamala harris typical narcissistic do-nothing california politician. i'm not surprised she's feeling on the board. think it makes folks incredibly on empathetic. an uncaring and unserious, your thoughts. >> is she feeling at the border getting it incomplete? is she trying or she completely mail and get in? this entire issue for the buy demonstration which i had it better analogy than hot potato seems but you don't, no you don't, i don't want to. joe biden hansen border crisis too kamala harris for she clearly doesn't anything to do
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its apollo clinical loser on the policies have in place. so she does nothing. she does not do a press conference you point out for 57 day she didn't go to the board up or she does nothing but i think neither them want to come within a 10-foot pole this issue. they do not want attached to them and she's doing a good job of nabbing attached to it pursue for what she should be doing is sitting out there fellow former senators republicans and democrats sing okay what we do right now? what do both parties want to do right now? what can we do for these kids? whatever's happening at the board is incentivizing parents to send babies. when i saw that video of the 11 -month-old baby who could not walk it was abandoned with her sisters in texas, my first thought is there are dead kids all along the desert it's because of their policies. when did they get to stop blaming the former administration? spiegel tried to blame the former administration unendingly prevail final into that process. look, what comes of the kids if the balance something. first of all i cannot imagine
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from a parental perspective placing those kids on the beast, the train that travels north through mexico to the southern border of the united states buried i cannot imagine being in a situation we think that is a healthy, safe choice for your child. kennedy: the best option for your family. i think about that and i get really emotional about it. i cannot imagine sending my kids on a journey like that. i read stories about the kindred trains in europe during world war ii and parents you had to choose between kids to be safe from concentration camps. help brutally difficult that is knowing that half of your family would probably be slaughtered. and knowing your kids are facing god knows what. it's like they're being sexually assaulted in these federalized facilities, they are being sexually trafficked by coyotes or the omens profiting by this. the fact that is the profit center is the driver the biden ministration is doing and nothing. >> they are incentivizing it.
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you're a parent and i am a parent purred being a parent is a balance between empathy and forgiveness and being a disciplinarian laying down hard rules but you cannot forgive every mistake your child makes because it incentivizes for their bad behavior. you have to some point laydown the law because you have to learn the lessons of life. and whether or not the biting demonstration is motivated by empathy i think that's really something up for debate not a conclusion we should arrive at right here. but whatever their motivation is the fact they have not laid down the law that encourages more bad behavior and incentivizes these parents bring these children into jeopardize situations. get the big things right. get the first thing done. if there is positivity to take away, if there are as lessons to be left the trump administration i think everybody should be able to recognize get those first principles done right. you seal the board and then you figure anything else out. >> everyone talk about root causes at least be positive about it the terminating
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billions and billions of dollars to narco tourists who are authoritarians now writing these countries with corrupt elections but spent wheat cannot solve the worlds probably to solve our borders. >> i cannot solve my problems i got to make money in crypto i'm getting hosed here, will placement i heard you're much more sophisticated bitcoin. a little dozier coin coming on. >> we've got all sorts of stuff but >> i know nothing brace before the sly things willing to talk about will cain. >> right now sing words i've heard i know nothing about it. for alright thanks for coming by best of luck tomorrow night. we been watching. >> absolutely should i say dean kra royal one of the most famous interviews ever broadcast in the world with princess diana. we see her reaction from prince's william and harry roll commentator joins me and moments.
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and losing weight. go to and see how golo can change your life. that's ♪ kennedy: some of the most iconic interviews and tv history princess dan simmons 1995 sit down with bbc margin per share a lesser-known journal sewer she claims are
8:23 pm
three people in her marriage to prince charles, among other things. today we learn that that sheer and the bbc lied to princess diana and her family to gain trust and score the interview. in fact they reportedly forged documents and bank same is to make it seemed like the royal family was spying on her and they could somehow helpers why the bleed the interview badly damaged in its relationship with the royal family. and her brother says he could draw a directly from the interview to her death two years later. it's no surprise princess william and harry are furious part early tonight prince william said this. >> in my view this evil way the interview was obtained substantially influence what my mother said. the interview was a major contribution to make in my parents relationship worse. and have since hurt countless others. but troubles may melt if the bbc had properly investigate the complaints and concerns, first raise in 1995, my mother would have known she had been
8:24 pm
deceived. she was felt not just by a rogue reporter, but by leaders of the bbc who looked to the other way rather than asking the tough questions. kennedy: then harry drop the hammer saying the ripple effect of a culture of exploitation and unethical practices ultimately took her life. toes have taken some form of accountability, thank you for owning a productive first step towards justice and truth. yet we what deeply concerns me is the practices like these and even worse are still widespread today. prince harry's office is been having his own problems with the media. especially concerning meghan markle. but is there any chance as the report changes the way the media treats people? and in some cases destroys employment up global business and was a real commentator who covered both prince william and harry's wedding, welcome to the show. >> thank you, pleasure kennedy. kennedy: so obviously princess diana's death affected people
8:25 pm
so deeply across the world. i cannot remember being more moved and saddened by something. it was like seeing a tragedy in slow motion for years and years. there've been some criticism of the late prince's that she invited this into her life because she had leaked so much about personal details to the press. butts, wasn't the royal family doing the exact same thing? and hadn't they in a sense cornered her by taking away her security and taking away so many of her options? >> i think is rather strong candidate to say they cornered her. we have learned to this case exactly to your point about the line being crossed. how this does affect in a positive way hopefully, media. the bbc let martin beshear fake bank documents. the bank dockets are doctored up by one of the graphics staff members at the bbc to
8:26 pm
depict the fact one of the security guards who worked for earl spencer was his princess diana's brother, most of us remember him very vividly. rumor he walked behind the coffin with prince philip. he has now just passed away and was the grandfather of prince harry and prince william. earl spencer walked behind the coffin of princess diana's brother he also spoke of the funeral. so martin beshear approached him and presented to him the bank and traffic bank documents and statements that an international news organization had transferred funds to the security guard who guarded earl spencer part you can imagine this is the position and put earl spencer in this is why he was flabbergasted. and as a result he was the one approaching princess diana but clearing the air. the understanding was between him, earl spencer, princess status brother and princess
8:27 pm
diana was a very different understanding as to what this interview is going to be about. of course it evolved and she said many, many things you will write remember. it was all obtained under false pretenses and fake documents for that is the issue here, candidate. kennedy: one of the things it was so striking about her death was her leaving behind two sons that she absolutely adored. we saw so many pictures and even as she with the crown you can tell the writers and producers of that show on netflix are on her side. and the way she is shown as a mother in someone who is troubled. in someone with so few options. defectors son who will one day be the king of england can look to this interview in say, that was the beginning of the end. that is what really wounded my mother. so what was it about that interview that through so much kerosene on that fire?
8:28 pm
>> well it did. but one thing kennedy, a caveat i have for you and every member of the audience of watching this and may have also watched the crown, i think the crown is very well done extremely well done. and a lot of people who were very close to princess diana and the whole royal family work with them on many other episodes. however, when we eat any kind of food there is a label. it will be have anything that's dangerous to us as a warning label even on cigarettes. there is a warning label on many things for this should be a label i believe in front of shows like the crown saying this is a fictional depiction based upon real events. because not all of those events were actually accurate there were depicted in the crown pre-toy speaker for when you watch the crown. please numbers not a documentary and is not historically accurate in every aspects. now to your question, there were so many aspects of that
8:29 pm
interview, kennedy that were at the time highly controversial. of course what happened was she was bringing to light her relationship with her husband, prince's charles and camilla was the third in their marriage. very important about the interview was that even if it was obtained under false pretenses, she was under more threats than she was. kennedy: they. on her paranoia. no one knew who martin beshear was. he was an absolute scam artist. hillary we have to go i really per share time and hope at some point you can come back we can talk more about this i really appreciated rates >> absolutely points before coming up its game night. were saying "say it ain't joe". how well can you tell joe biden quotes of commonest dictators? the party panel returns next, play along your commie friends
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so far for america's favorite new game "say it ain't joe" put our president likes to tell what he's in socialist by gum, we did little digging he sounds a lot it's of the world's most notorious commie dictators. here's how the game works but i'm going to read a quote the panel has to guess whether it is from job items are one of history's worth tyrants. your going to throw in some of the guns and make things interesting. the winning panels gets an all expense paid trip to the eastern front. he ate. guy, kristen and leslie are you ready to play say it a joke? >> right go. this is question number one for you. something must be done to save humanity. a better world is possible who said it, joe biden, fidel castro or cruella deville?
8:35 pm
>> i am going to say fidel. >> no. yes you are right actually. [laughter] it was fatal crash to get a point i don't lie said no. you are in the lead guy don't quit now what you are ahead question work don't do it. >> and she tried to rob me. >> are right here we go. no one should have to choose between a job and a paycheck or taking care of themselves. who said it? joe biden, ho chi minh, or norman bates? >> that is a very socialist quote but it's also very dumb. i'm going to go with biden on that one. see fort you are on the board kristin tate. joe biden said it. set it and forget it. different meaning there. this is for leslie marshall she's a democrat she may know this for the bougie law are evading taxation by bribery and through their connections but we must close all loopholes. who said it, joe biden,
8:36 pm
vladimir lennon or ursula? >> i love ursula. lennon. kennedy: lennon is right. we make this game too easy. i'm going to break your feelings around too. here we go. guy you are tied, it's time to grow the economy from the bottom and the middle out. who said it, joe biden, vladimir lenin or agent smith? >> the bottom of the minimum out is a big weird catchphrase that is been focus group by the democrats are going to go with biden. kennedy: biden is correct. alright kristin here we go it's question number two, just for you. our nation is shaped by the constant battle between our better angels and our darkest impulses. who said that, joe biden, leon trotsky or hans gruber? >> trotsky. kennedy: biden. you are wrong. you are going to be wrong forever in the whole world.
8:37 pm
no one is listening to anything you say now, you are done. i am no longer talking to you. i'm kidding that's harsh. [laughter] dies in the lead leslie can catch up your go to the eastern front perhaps for most valuable commodity i know of his information. who said it, joe biden, jake, or gordon gecko? submit i'm going to go with shay. >> no green is good, leslie should have been greedy as gordon gecko. guy benson can pull into a commanding lead here. with his next, i ready guy? >> yes but it kind of feel i should deliberately lose i do not want the prize. >> is going to be so great. construction is an important front for solidifying the foundations of a thriving country and creating basis for the people's happy life. who said it, joe biden, kim jones own or odd job i love a
8:38 pm
job. so cute his he's a guy throws hats. gerry: you are so right some give you all these answers? i'm just clever. >> eric kristin here you cannot catch up with this one you can be on your way. if we asked if we can save the planet and create millions of economic growth through racist standard living for everyone in the world, who said it, joe biden, or the red school? >> the incoherence of that statement has me leaning towards a sleepy joe to go with biden birds before you are right your one point away from guy benson you're both going to go to the eastern front i have a feeling. leslie this is for you can catch up right now to kristin. will press forward with the speed and urgency for we have much to do in winter pearland
8:39 pm
possibility. who said it joe biden, vladimir biden or natural? >> joe biden for its biden is correct, leslie. it is 81.1. separates all of you. the two of you from guy benson. here's the speed round worth two points but anyone can win here. on this guy gets it then you're screwed. guy, insurrection is an art and like all art has its own laws who said it meant i'm going to go with us at the second option? >> it was trotsky and guy benson you now have five unbeatable points going to reward not just wealth joe biden, no castro or jaffar. ♪ ♪ vicki was biden.
8:40 pm
leslie two points for you if you got this. it's the things we love that destroy us who said it joe biden, fidel castro or president snow? >> the real president stopped the still leslie guy congratulations. >> as my victory prerogative can i actually give my prize to leslie? >> guess congratulations. guy acted out in time to i thought would have to go to the eastern front together. >> you avoided them. up before party panel thank you so much great thursday night. coming up do-it-yourself asked my professor and department work in building a space is it's going to get him the hell out of the rose city is that possible question michael talked demand the suit after the break.
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♪ ♪. kennedy: ever dreamed of going into outer space? many of us have. we do not have to be an astronaut to do it. that is real. you just have to think outside the galaxy. my next guest invented and built his own spacesuit and flight system. he said is going to bring to the edge of our atmosphere and perhaps one day into orbit prodrug we now professor and star of homemade astronauts, streaming not on discovery paused. cameron smith is here welcome professor smith. >> good evening thank you for having me. through active known for a while balloons can take you up to 100,000 feet which is very, very far. but you needed something to protect yourself so you invented the spacesuit, telling about the spacesuit. >> it is a suit that has to maintain your pressure, give you oxygen, maintain your temperature, get rid of your
8:46 pm
co2 you exhale. it's got four or five major jobs but over time we learned how to knock all this out technologically. kennedy: so you are a professor of anthropology at the portland state university city is your campus. and you been this for sometime. have you been using student labor to help you out? i'm sure you have some very curious students who want to learn what you have to teach. >> you bet. a lot of people on the team, the show seems to focus on me but there is a team of people. a lot of the turn out to be students for the here about the project they come to my office and they said i heard about the single say yes come to the shop have a look. a lot of people get involved a lot of students yes. kennedy: thanks space exploration is one of the sayings built into us as human beings. think our brain involves to look outward and try to make sense of the heavens. so what has drawn you to these
8:47 pm
heights? you personally. >> exactly that. human evolution and the human path wherever we been naa species. there's also a distant human future there is a human past, the future is also very interesting. i think it involves continuing that exploration. that is beyond earth. it is a straight path beyond the future. kennedy: if you believe the philosophers who were searching for the rk and looked into the heavens, i think a lot of our longings are still suit similar for this on the quite beautiful about that. are you worried you could perish on the journey? making out some places more dangerous than others. read fly able insist impaired on windy days it's more dangerous to perfectly calm day it's not so bad. the technology itself, like this glove you're the technology itself i have great confidence in. we've been ten years now building.
8:48 pm
it is the flying procedures that we are really learning how to do. i feel good though, the risks involved i think they're reasonable price before i can't wait to watch a be checking you out on discovery plus, thank you so much cameron. i thank you for having me. kennedy: absolutely can't wait. topical storm is next. of flexible booking options. expedia. it matters who you travel with. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ow! [laugh] ♪♪ dad i got a job! i'm moving out. [laugh] dream sequence ending no! in three, no! two, keep packing! one.
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before i married sweden's get immediate attention after leaving politics become a garbage woman. unlike here in america where politicians are straight up garbage rate that is political trash talking and this is a topical storm. topic number one, are you in the mood for ihop don't go getting all dressed up for eight sit down breakfast? well now that got your back, flapjack. ihop is launching a spin off restaurant offering to go only service for that demographic of people who like ihop but also someone else to be. the unit flipped franchise will launch in new york city offering pan cables to go. if you think you lose homes difficult to eat pancakes with a fork and knife walking on the street he put more thought in this than a billion-dollar restaurant chain. although it helps most ihop customers are in mobility scooters. i have said the need to go
8:53 pm
only stores are inspired by the pandemic by which they mean though probably start the next one. the stars will have no wait staff will take orders electronically print that's good news for customers to say the worst part of eating ihop's having witnesses that you did it. also with robots instead of humans work in the store maybe adam sandler can finally get a decent meal. topic number two. the formula one monaco grand prix is this weekend i'm so ecstatic cannot see straight sunday after a year offer covid. i know the drivers can stop sitting around spinning their wheels all day. here are the daredevils and formula ones practicing yesterday. from one of the world's most impenetrable championships they say formula one racing in your teammates are your enemies. sort of like being a conservative in the republican party by the first place finisher will receive $66 million while last place will receive a to go pancake bowl from ihop. his drivers train the whole
8:54 pm
lives to compete in an event like this make and then the only people on earth more assessed with race than democrats. monaco is a sovereign city in the french riviera. in fact, it used to be known as the billionaires playgrounds. they know that nickname once we jiggle joints. ♪ ♪ topic number three. i don't know why i am leaving and god bless larry king soul. [laughter] the department of justice has seized 68 big cats from the tiger king park over violations of the endangered species acts. something tells me there tipped off by that bit karol baskin for the oklahoma park started by tiger king villain has been plagued by legal trouble since 2020 receiving multiple citations for feeding the cats inappropriate nutrition.
8:55 pm
which is a nice way of saying a walmart dumpster meets an employee arms. the entire collection of liens and tigers have been seized and likely be moved to an animal sanctuary. meanwhile the real tiger king, joe exotics still running in prison asking for presidential pardon. sadly present biden refuses to take action on anything that is not cost $2 trillion. god i miss joe exotics. topic number four. and speaking of rotten dumpster meat let's hear from you. this is viewer mail. gordie starts us off with would you please get rid of kennedy? gordie, you wrote that to me dumb down. elise try to write it to stuart arnie or neil, they think i don't work here anymore, idiots. they'll alright at candidate kennedy nation are you really that ignorant? i'll build all, you got home.
8:56 pm
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>> host: thanks with the best of your day follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation, facebook @kennedyfbn, email please subscribe to my podcast 70 kennedy saves the world's spotify apple caster and no matter what they say, make every day a kenn-a-day. goodbye. >> a disturbing attack caught on camera nla. it appears to show a pro- palestinian group seeking out and then attacking two jewish men. is the anti- israel taught coming out of d.c. affecting the anti-semitic tax throughout america? this is were getting reports of a cease-fire between israel and hamas to end the bloodshed. we are just learning that present will weigh in on the matter in this hour. so staging for that.


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