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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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supporting hong kong protesters and don'tge forget mavericks jacket makeover the remake of the film top gun patch to make it disappear. that is hollywood for you. be sure to join us again tomorrow we will speak with senator toomey of pennsylvania and johnson of wisconsin, it'll be a great show. see you then. john cena is a meathead should know better than to garble communist chinese dumplings when he speaks the truth. because he is an idiot so he apologized to china and chinese for calling taiwan a country. which it is, did you see this? >> while he sounds dumb in any language. john cena was made famous in the glorious country that affords them constitutional liberty to say really stupid
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things. he is the prince harry of wrestling bread in terms of his career, never someone does so much with so little. that in and of itself is impressive. but when you are representing the united states and you are as a rich and famous meathead actor pimping an entire franchise likely fast and furious you should be damned if you ever apologize for acknowledging a free country. but that is what he did. his sin? since saying and mandarin chinese quote taiwan is the first country that can watch f9. taiwan is a country it has been a country since 1949. they have democratic elections 20 million people live there. but china sees them as a territory. in order for the commies to play any movies on the mainland everyone has to contort to their stated censorship in order to make money. we all are member lebron james foolishly smacking down former rockets who had the nard to tweet in support of hong kong. lebron says more quote was not educated on the situation at
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hand. he likes to emotionally preach in this country about american criminal justice reform. but when it comes to ethnic minorities in china he certainly not educated on that situation at hand. if he knew china has forced millions of uighurs entered 1200 concentration camps maybe he'll be a little more forceful in his condemnation and less appeasing. who are we kidding? if you can make money selling shoes, genocide, rape and master realizations are unsavory incidents to be ignored. these two may be the poster children of ignorant americans telling the communist party line but cometh like the gap and mercedes have all gone groveling back to the polished trough apologizing to the ccp for leaving taiwan off of a t-shirt in the gap case. and for quoting the dolly mother loving llama and the mercedes case but i hope john cena learn something here. i hope that shame takes some
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shine off his star stateside. if you are so willing to compromise your soul you do not have the right to represent these united states on the world stage. and that is the memo. despite his fast and fierce backpedaling john cena obviously stepped into big time here. his hollywood masters are also to blame for sucking up to china. after all some greedy studio exact opposite called up the wrestling star and told to start groveling. but what does it tell you when china's ab to bully americans into apologizing for saying it taiwan is a country. i get it, it is a sensitive points. but good lord do not back down prince given to its rights part of him with a great win with that and expectant usa contributor karol markowicz is here. we've got comedian at part of the problem he is a podcast host. and he's got the very big political aspirations part i will fan those flames all day long, dave smith, yes. the fox news contributor serve
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america pac executive director former state department deputy spokesperson marie harf. you are in the glorious thread that's a good luck color. back to john cena in china apparently he has had some bad luck. how do much is this hurt him, karol? >> i hate disagree with you kennedy i really do. as someone born in the commonest country i've no love for the commies pretty really feel bad for him here. kennedy: why? >> tech but americans have been bullied into lying there is one china, was president george w. bush dealt with president barack obama and president donald trump and president joe biden. to stand up for -- we cannot expect john cena to center for the truth when those people avoidance. kennedy: yes we can i expect him to do more than i do from politicians. is trying to producer a production is about to be sold and try to produce not just him. i ship it was just him it's a fine don't pay me. but there's a million people involved in these movies
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pretty really do feel for him because i think if america took a coherent stand on china and had our presidents live up to that, maybe john cena would be able to do the same. kennedy: they've all failed but i do not expect anything from them. they are just trying to amass a power he tried to make money guess what he makes money all over the world pretty makes money in saudi arabia, he makes money all over europe and asia. and he makes tons of money here in the united states. he actually does not need china pretty would be better for his brand if he stood up and was an actual tough guy stood for right here, what you think dave smith? >> i do not want to insult john cena. i think he's a fine pretend athlete. [laughter] that is to him. but i've got to say, i actually think it is very disturbing with this said's about our culture. a lot more than what it says about the chinese culture even.
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i can respect somebody who lives under a legitimately fascist government like china wanting to tow the line because they are afraid of force being used against them. but when you have americans who are afraid to offend the chinese communist party, who are not under the threat of violence, it's just that these already rich people might not make a little more money if they offend them, i think that is inexcusable. the fact that we have developed such a culture of conformity and obedience is very disturbing. you see this in the entire covid epidemic. you've seen this in the rise of woke -ism over the last decade in this country. there is no pushback against people just cowering and apologizing. even when you know they do not really mean it. instead of having a spine and standing up for something they believe in, it is shameful. i don't care if the blood soaked monsters who are the last four presidents have not had the spine to say something
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but we should expect more out of adults in a free society than this. so far alright marie, i think is absolute right, what you think? spermatic first i was surprised to hear that john cena has been studying mandarin for a while that is not something i know about him before today. [laughter] but i kinda see the flip of the coin here it's not just rich people get rich off these movies. it's all the people who work on them from the lowest production assistant to the stars. china is a huge market. when it comes to our capitalist companies who can either choose to be working and be part of the chinese market or not, giving up that is a huge risk. and so the china pulser comes to taiwan or hong kong or the south seas is very complicated and delicate diplomatic issues which is why they are challenges for administrations to deal with. john cena kind of stumbled into it today. we cannot disregard the fact
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the china market is a huge one for american companies. kennedy: sure it is they steal all their intellectual property it's a massive market. we do all the work and they reap the rewards. at some point you do have to stand up and say no we are not going to let you censor our films. and i get it, films or make more in china permit they only allow about 40 movies in every year. they've got a communist little committee that decides which movies get in and they all capitulate. whether it's hollywood studios are big tech, they all did the same thing. it is disgusting because china is using that technology to essentially murder people. the state department that you work for, marie, they have designated china as committing genocide against the uighurs. that should mean something to free americans. >> meantime american news outlet have been running cover
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for china last year. the media called it a conspiracy theory. one republican suggested the covenant teen virus could've escaped from a wuhan biology lab. at the biden administration is calling for an investigation and newscasters are changing their tune, watch. >> on the origins of the coronavirus for his big new reports renewing questions about the origins of covid-19 adding ammunition to the theory the coronavirus hut may have escaped from a laboratory in china. so that growing calls for independent investigation for its direct clinic at saga new theory but it is a year-old. but now any damning evidence would likely been destroyed over there. will we ever know the virus origin? and will china ever be held accountable? karol i will start with you. if you had said ten months ago if you had put out on twitter that the virus started in a lab and was leaked by some
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irresponsible researcher, old pap and your social media? >> he would likely for sure, maybe remove from social media. while chinese officials or allowed to keep floating the idea that actually started this covenant teen virus and want to know where to tom cotton go for his apology? is one of the main original figures to make this allegation. he did not say it out of nowhere. he spent a year having his reputation destroyed by some looney tunes guy announced coming around too that position. we should be more careful in the future. i'm mostly talking to liberal immediate to say this is a crazy idea when we know nothing about it. maybe we should take a second and investigate those crazy ideas. kennedy: iran paulson were the few honest people to really press anthony fauci, dave smith breezed by the few
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people to say okay you gave money knowingly to this lab. you knew what kind of research they were doing. how can you be sure they were not performing gain of function research? he said they weren't but you can't really know that. china lies about everything. they have sealed all of the research over there from the doctor who started investigating these coronavirus is back in 2012 when they first appeared in a copper mind filled with bat vcs. >> that is true. i've been praising grandpa quite a bit on my podcast over the last few weeks. it's interesting to see all of these exchanges he has with fauci on the senate hearings will rand paul gets dragged of social media by all of the blue checkmarks. and then a couple weeks later it turns out he's pretty much right about everything he said. like the fauci denying the masks postvaccination wear theater. and then found she pretty much admitting it. but look, i think that this
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story is quite possibly the biggest scandal in modern american history. as of right now the most likely scenario, scientifically if we follow the science is that this origin of the virus was in the wuhan lab. i think that is going to become more clear going forward. and if that's true it implicates for fauci, implicates the world health organization, it implicates china. and it implicates our government for holding onto this information secretly with what came out the other in the wall street journal about the doctors of the scientists who are sick, who were houseboys from the lab. just to be clear, of the last two topics people might be angry with china part were not going to war with china. they have enough h-bomb so blow up the world a thousand times over. but, we need to get to the bottom of what happened here there's a lot of people with blood on their hands. i really hope we do. kennedy: i agree to the next step is not violence us on a
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hot war with china. but marie, what is most important here is getting to the truth but regardless of who is speaking it. just because you disagree with some political listings of venture that deserves investigation. i really want to know how that virus came to be and how it's killed 3 million people including 600,000 americans. i want to know that because i want to make sure it never happens again. if it was some irresponsibility and that lab, that they need to be shut down. there needs to be some mechanism for accountability and i'm not seeing that right now. select the biden administration could not be clearer. they have called for an investigation into all the various theories about how the virus began. they've been completely transparent about that part who has not been transparent as a chinese government. we need much more information from them about all of these questions. that is what the investigation hopefully will get and help them get more details here. kennedy: how do we force china?
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>> some more information about this possible theory and they will look into it. but let's be very clear here. the chinese who hid this and herb cotton and others use this theory politically to try to deflect from president trump last year. they played politics with the theory too, would you see the truth, candidate. kennedy: mag of the "new york times" that we did not believe jon because he spent so much of his capitol. and he has lied about so much this is not looking like a lie, westward, dave. strictly biden ministration did not release this information about us knowing the scientist at the wuhan lab had been hospitalized in november 2019 where they have not been transparent. this just came out. kennedy: we have much more to talk about. >> the state department out months ago just not the same detail. kennedy: i am the state department now. [inaudible] kennedy: when it shut that thing down.
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that is the responsible thing to do. the panel will be back in just a little bit. coming up, you heard about the passenger plane force the land so they could arrest a journalist? what exactly happened and how is a rush involved? it is a crazy story only women can break it down former mike baker joins me ♪ ♪ ♪ common love isn't for us ♪ ♪ we created something phenomenal ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪
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kennedy: welcome backward at your crazy stories is next one ranks pretty high up there. international outrage is growing by the hour after a fighter jet forced a commercial flight to land to the hard light regime could arrest a popular journalist who is on board and maybe execute him. the plane is trying from greece to lithuania over belarus. the incident and affront to international norms. that is strong language for the crime and insist it was not involved with putin has enormous influence over the country it would have approved the shocking operation. how should the world respond? former cia officer and group chairman and ceo, get yours for the fourth of july, mike baker is back, welcome back baker. >> thank you much for it by your saying all that i don't what this means is going to do
12:20 am
that. >> to tell me about this for there's been a dictator in power them belarus for 26 years. they do not like this guy. this plane did not even fly to belarus it flew over belarus. i'm probably they were terrified it was an error jet they had all this like they were sniffing for bombs or they weren't there sniffing for this guy. what do we do now? spit make it an amazing story to us. to the west to people who are normal. it sounds incredible. who is the head do one and only president since 1994 as putin's puppet. so he doesn't nothing without his say-so or blessing.
12:21 am
smirking as it's going to cause an international incident rates for back in incident so you can imagine in your wildest imagination i don't do resins or knew anything about this or had any hand to play in it. it's probably going to make you unhappy that belarus did something without your approval. the russians are basically leading this whole charge. another thing that is important to note is that even in the recent past, think about sergei think of look, you cannot swing without hitting a dissident that. [laughter] [inaudible] 251 request. spigot is a female cat. without hitting a dissident that the pollutant and his puppets have not tried to or
12:22 am
have targeted. this is to them honestly we look at it as crazy. they are not going to get any pushback. kennedy: 's of the eu is been very forceful and 27 countries or whatever has said we are not going to let our planes fly over belarus. you guys have really screwed us this time. they are talked about sanctions and anything that might squeeze the country. what is the u.s. doing other than saying this is really violating norms you guys, this is not very nice play. spirit were busy writing a harshly worded memo. look at jen psaki at the white house today so there's no evidence russia was involved right but i get it. the white house say cannot get on tv like i am in doing and saying it's prudent. because they have to be somewhat diplomatic in setting the table for whatever actions they will take. but at the end of the day,
12:23 am
this a belarus scare the airlines cannot fly over the uk or other airlines cannot fly over of course not. their life light as russia. the only thing that matters is whether we react harshly to this based on the fact that we know. look when they landed the plane, not only did they take this young dissident took him and his girlfriend but then also off to the side a couple of russians -- mike fsb connected intel officers. they were undoubtedly these surveillance and target confirmation team that got on the plane with roman and his group and just to ensure per that's what you do just ensure the target has made the plane, you want to make sure every thing works smoothly. so they got off the plane when they dragged the decisions and his girlfriend off. and then this nonsense about
12:24 am
he has issued a video confession saying he's being treated fairly. this is an incredible story. select that is clearly under duress. but that's what we're seeing with the john cena video parts on the things of the commonest training forced him to say that in mandarin chinese print mike baker thank you so much always love having you on. >> sure thank you. coming up your for george floyd's desk, violent crime is on the rights and cities for they cut the police a budget has the push to define made america safe? the party panel is here to the party panel is here to discuss in moments, it is it's not some magical number. and it's not something we just achieve at the end. it's a feeling... of freedom to live our lives the way we intended. though the ups... ...the downs ...all of it. this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan,
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kennedy: today moxie when your anniversary since convicted former minneapolis police officer derek shokin kneeled on george floyd's neck killing him or that city in the nation still reeling from the effects after months of protests and riots lester police department to dirk cities from seattle
12:29 am
comment to new york to louisville, kentucky talked about crops quitting and drugs and violent crime is been on the rise. back today's reporters and mourners zimmerman had a duck for covers gunshots rang out near minneapolis. meanwhile congress has a sweeping beer at the police reform bill called the georgian fluid injustice and policing act president biden was hoping how that bill signed before today, so far no dice. he and vice president harris did meet with george floyd's family today. can america get its act together rebuild trust between civilians and police and the communities they serve customers the party panel is back, karol markowicz, dave smith, and marie harf. a year ago the one thing we were united and was discussed and outrage over the murder of george floyd. what i thought my fellows but libertarians have been asking for for a long time, that was criminal justice reform. and smart ways of retraining cops and how they interact
12:30 am
with their communities to make things safer and better for everyone involved. that is not happen. >> no. instead we got was rich neighborhoods which generally have lower crime, defining police force from poor neighborhoods with have higher crime. it is really been a disaster for everybody. we spent a year demonizing police officers. something we do not due to any other group there's a small segment of the group commits an offense we do not blame the entire group like we did the police. we've seen the repercussions of that special in places like new york city where crime is gone up so significantly. on the defend police movement which began again and these rich areas continues to take hold. i think it is an ongoing problem to bluer people to the police field is going to be a lot harder to get the best. kennedy: is a doctor cops nowadays they are demoralized. i is a really tough job especially in places like san francisco opera was important
12:31 am
to couple weeks ago and i went down to the little camp there it fell thing, disgusting and gross. the city at least that part of it is a shell of what it once was. where are we a year later, dave? have we grown, have we become something better? have we learned from last year? >> unfortunately not. it is a real shame because there is an opportunity to learn a lot. and as you pointed out that libertarians have been pretty much right about this, as we have been about everything else for quite a while. and that the obvious answers here are not that police should not be policing violent crime or that we have to make sure everything stays the way it is. the problem is that the black lives matter movement and organization. the marxist organization and
12:32 am
the movement devolved if it did not start this way as violent completely destructive identity aryan because i racist movement that committed murder, assault, and billion dollars of property damage. once you have all of that on your hands there is no way to have any type of legitimate reforms to win the american people over. the answer to policing that we should end the war on drugs. we should and qualified should stop militarizing the police unfortunately the black lives matter movement has not focused on any of these policies. instead they focused on
12:33 am
nonsense like getting rid of aunt jemima and white supremacy. problems that really don't exist or affect anyone. >> and pushing critical race theory with his anti- jewish and anti- asian. >> an antiwhite, antiwhite. none of that has really helped or accurate. i just all collects of this topic garbage. >> dave makes a good point for there are republicans and democrats have spoken about exactly what he listed there. ending qualified immunity, ending no knock raids. for quite some time, why can't they get it together? and by them i mean >> verse about the overdubbing of black lives matter protests were peaceful. we should not fail to criticize the ones that were not. let's focus on effector last year many people made their voices heard peacefully and service of racial justice
12:34 am
because while it is not all police officers, there are still too many happening every single day. we keep saying it over and over again. crimes in cities that have progressive policy also those that didn't. why crime is up is not just progressive policies. i propose additional funding the biden administration has proposed additional funding for community police for police departments. the democratic leadership certainly is not supportive of defend police movement. so a year later the reason we do not have police inform the house passed the justice policing acts read the cannot cannot pass it by the republican party has not supported ending qualified immunity 20 the major sticking points between tim scott who is working very, very hard. support let's turn back to us tim scott takes the lead instead of people like dick
12:35 am
durbin saying tim scott legislation was a peace of token legislation i mean that is disgusting. that is where we are prospective legislation is not good enough. they're trying to get one that is. >> a perfect example i am dubious congress and get anything done for it. >> they do put >> i am to they should all be thrown out. the woke and often out spoken now apologizing for tweets that accused israel of genocide and apartheid against palestinians earlier this month blamed israel for the violence we've seen in recent weeks. but he backtracked today's" i want to apologize for post during the recent fighting that suggested israel is committing genocide is not accurate is inflammatory disrespectful and using to justify anti-semitism here and abroad. as a time to avoid hyperbole this comes after spike in anti-semitic attacks here in the u.s. and abroad with
12:36 am
palisade demonstrators targeting jews, right in the corner or just the other day are the woke from the waking up to the reality of the middle east? ^-caret what are your thoughts on this? i guess on one hand i'm glad he apologize. but people are throwing around terms like war crimes and genocide they are fanning this violence. >> i would like to accept apologies from anybody who wants to offer them. i think as a society we should start doing that more. but the response mark ruffalo got for his apology, he got this vitriol in his twitter responses. he should really take a close look at that and look at the comments he got to see what he has done here. what he has stoked. again, i'm glad he apologize. i think we should learn to accept apologies but i hope he learned to this going forward and not blame people for
12:37 am
genocide or not committing genocide. kennedy: dave? >> will kennedy, i hate to ever agree with you in it sober that i do. [laughter] i do think it is unfair to call this a genocide, outrageous even it is not a genocide it is simply a 54 year occupation. and i do not know if the most outrageous element of the 54 year occupation is that somebody called it a genocide rather than occupation especially when it is just some dumb actor. but, i really, really reject the idea that anyone who is critical of israel. i am a jew i like israelis i like jewish culture but i'm not going to apologize for the actions of the israeli government anymore than going to apologize for the actions of hamas. all of them have blood on their hands. >> what about calling it something it wasn't? >> okay, fine.
12:38 am
but i am just saying the idea that criticizing israel is somehow trafficking in the violence against jews? >> were running out of time i want to bring anne-marie quickly. >> i want to reject that you can be against it. >> they conflate criticism of israel anti-semitism. anti-semitism is a real terrible threat. receipt in this country today. but we have to build to criticize the israeli government's policies and actions. genocide may not be the right word but prime minister needs to be very clear about whether he still believes answer is here. if it isn't, we have to start time but what a multi- decade occupation means for people who are essentially living under apartheid -like conditions for it we have to have that conversation and a way that's not anti-semitic. >> it's those terms. >> calling at the china virus and saying it was related. >> yes twitter is not real
12:39 am
life get off of twitter. that is the answer respect if it's not real life and let donald trump tweet. he was much more interesting when he was there. our karol, david and marie thank you. concerts, live music making a comeback paid we are going to reopen but how will venues make crowded space essay your customer coupler does speak to customer coupler does speak to city [ crowd cheering ] [ engine revving ] [ race light countdown ] ♪♪ ♪♪ when you save money with allstate you feel like you're winning. safe drivers save 40% saving is easy when you're in good hands. allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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kennedy: no one got that i'm still shocked with those less as a mouth trumpet monday but how do you not know that? even my brother did not get it. i guess site suck that mouth jump at a well will fake it next monday i'll give out two trumpets. and for all you concertgoers out there this next story might be music to your ears
12:44 am
and concert venues gearing up for a summer of live events. thank you jesus. artist announcing natural festival releasing their star-studded lineup. one venues winery this month open doors, sold out shows with one major rule for patrons, everyone is got to be vaccinated. michael dorf says he has had pushback from new york other cities like nashville and atlanta could be harder to enforce. so our folate vaccine venues the future of live music? at least for now did you get the job customer timing to discuss city winery michael dorf, welcome back respect hi how are you? kennedy: i'm good i'm excited to go out there season comedy season live music, season bans prep never seen in person i know people are excited for your too. you are at about 30% capacity, right? beckley art is 70%. kennedy: that is fantastic brick house that going? how are you navigating it?
12:45 am
are there enough vaccinated people in the city to lineup for you? beckley did a survey of our audience. our ticket buyers in 99% of them are two shots in the arm, 14 days past. we have a very isa poets educated and adventurous crowd that want to be vaccinated so they can go back to their lives. and so we had no problem selling out at 70%. were going to go one 100% and a week. and it is great to see the energy and the adrenaline and the real magic of live entertainment between the artists and their fans in a room. it is just fantastic. kennedy: so how do people prove they been vaccinated? >> you can cheat there are ways to have a fake id two. and get alcohol. the state has something called
12:46 am
the excelsior pass which is an online connection to the cdc. that is a very easy way to do it. if you are not a new yorker and you're wanting to commit reason the clear health pass the same clear people who are in the airports. and there it's not a back and tied to the cdc is just a questionnaire that says are you vaccinated or not? and that it does request, please bring your backs card if you are vaccinated and maybe we will check it. kennedy: do you accept pictures of the vax card? >> yes we do. before you have taxing to the right question might give somebody stop and vaccinated then get tested on site? >> yes we accept either the certificates of a covid test, 72 hour pcr or a rapid testing we have rapid test here as well. and even if you are technological hesitancy you
12:47 am
can bring your paper vax card. there are a lot of ways to come in and be healthy. but knowing that your neighbor, the person sitting next to you in a room is also safe really creates the psychology of a room full of safe people. it's a great way to experience life again. kennedy: so what is it been like for these performers? hasn't been magical seeing comics and musicians on stage again? too they have a different kind of energy? what is it like? >> of the first time patti smith was on stage, who you know she actually said well i think tonight i am not going to sit on the stage. i think it's change certain things for people they are much more conscious. but to see the interaction backstage between artists, when the open with live performance on april 2 with a real limited capacity everyone was still super masked up. the bass player pulled down
12:48 am
the thing saying harmony put it back up. with everyone vaccinated that has gone away pretty have a lot more, lottery. >> finally people are so looking forward to it. as did the city winery thank you so much michael. >> thank you shirt look at my button bird >> bully vaccinated slightly intoxicated. yes. [laughter] that is fantastic. that is fantastic. i love it. ♪ ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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kennedy: new report claims megan markel is performing ricky touch therapy on her family with 30 thing like the rest of us she will probably rub them the wrong way too. that's the only thing touching about her. this is a topical storm. topic number one, we begin today with exciting video of officials in mississippi capturing an alligator found crawling and residential neighborhood. per se wildlife officials catches the gator that he tries to break free rolling over comment over, and over again just like house minority leader kevin mccarthy. then the sheriff's deputy holds the gator in place will the gator tamer jumps on his backward we know how he feels.
12:53 am
i can't help jumping out a good handbag what i see when to break they wrestled the gator squeezing his jaws shut until it can wrap some tape around its mouth, that is because he knows without his powerful jaw this gator will be as impotent and helpless as house minority leader kevin mccarthy. they secure the gator by binding its feats. a practice which is set is totally okay and not harmful to any species. the gators taken into custody and the wildlife official was offered his own gator hunting reality called scales of justice. i like it. topic number two, the cdc is urging americans to stop kissing, and snuggling chickens. i'm not going to say what i've been doing with chickens but boy do i have egg on my face. that is not egg. anyhow, new advisor from the cdc says an outbreak of salmonella spread across 43
12:54 am
states in part due to human contact with the backyard poultry. then again what do they expect starting around with those needy breasts and size looking like a whole snack chicken. not to mention the way they shake their tail feathers for the cdc warns backyard poultry can carry dangerous germs, even if they look healthy and clean which is the same thing i was warned about jon stamos. never called back. thankfully no inside the recent outbreak so it's not a fatal attraction for about 34 people take to the hospital for salmonella poisoning so please come hold off from kissing your chickens just for two weeks to flatten the curve. then you can go back to playing with their food you pervert. chicken nuggets. topic number three there's nothing worse than waking up and realizing you drunkenly left something in it cooper the night before. thankfully both times the police found my daughter. but not everyone is so lucky.
12:55 am
at least you're not alone. uber has released its 2021 lost and found index with details about people who lost something and backseats of their cars. just like my prom night. all 15 times i do not want to break even before uber existed people he said call me the town right share. [laughter] let's get the list, phones, wealth, cameras among the most common items live as usps bags full of but would you believe customers less i'm like a cooler full of fish, crystal chandelier and a pair of rabbit legs. why did that bunny feel stupid. one writer also left their dogs ashes in the backseat and another one left their catheter. at least that distracted them from the smell of the driver. that was nasty. before we go don't forget it is tickle me tuesday. you only have three minutes to guess this punchline and please do not look it up. do not cheat. use the # tickle meet tuesday. ready? why don't skeletons fight each
12:56 am
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