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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  June 30, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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larry: my final thought, easy. i want to take back the larry: my final thought, ease a pretty want to take back the principles of the declaration of independence. just take them back and get us back on the right road, thank you. kennedy: old mercy was a legal stunner outside of philadelphia for the first public event in the me to it eric, tonight is a free man. this great actor and comedian, bill cosby, walk out of pennsylvania prison after all charges against him were dropped. does he deserve to go free and what does that mean for all of his alleged victims i guess at this point. as well as people like harvey weinstein who are cheering. the man once known as america's dad was known for drugging and molesting dozens of women has been in prison
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for nearly three years pray today pennsylvania high court overturn his to an 83-year-old actor never should have been basic charges the first place. the judge ruled the sitcom star had a nonprosecution dealt the previous district attorney and the current d.a. ignored that deal. in other words he h o a technili nois cby c dosbyot encoon the ce c but h wyer ids at youwneloloe h n shnroncudor this b hadveryveigig lyherocuror's wdor.. tananul t r o uer uneat u hatse o ti bau b a crt o blonpibl tpitpihaha te smul orate twhhaen t hhe, cae be, i there'd bee'dn b ju vdididi a seenceence would wld wld wldotoa brare tsotot a a just sente sncencnd eht n- di v. steve are block,cklah,h bh, b voi voioo voi.
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should've used birth control for early site cosby tweeted quote i've never change my stance normally store credit always maintained my innocence for thank you told my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. special thanks to the pennsylvania supreme court for upholding the rule of law. # bill cosby. the shocking reversal not sitting well with cosby's accusers. attorney gloria represented 33 of them. that is a lot of accusers. a statement today she said in part quotes, despite the pennsylvania supreme court decision, this is an important fight for justice but even of the overturned the conviction on technical grounds, it did not vindicate bill cosby's conduct and should not be interpreted as a statement or a finding he did not engage in the acts of which he has been accused. the accusations against cosby work obvious a quite disturbing. many of the lead victims claimed cosby drug them with pills and then raped them of their unconscious. cosby does have some
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supporters including his former tv wife from the cosby show actress felicia shopper she tweeted quote finally a terrible wrong is being righted. miscarriage of justice is corrected. and tweet. so did the court to the right thing or were they wrong? aren't here to comment could cost efface another truck was at work there's only one person eskimo defense attorney former prosecutor he's argued both sides, quite effectively, randy zelin's back, welcome back randy prints back thank you for having me. what exactly happened here? all the stories we've heard about bill cosby, even from his own admission he was doing some pretty horrific things. the fact that it's important take away, gloria got it right. the decision today had nothing to do with whether or not bill cosby is a monster or not. it is simply a matter of the supreme court of pennsylvania saying hey wait a second period this man was offered an agreement with the district
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attorney for the district attorney said i will not prosecute you, go tilt the civil suits. cosby said okay. that is a contract like in the other contract. that contract was relied upon by cosby. he had the right to rely upon it. and quite frankly that contract was enforceable. it should have been in forced from the get-go. he should never have been tried the first time or the second time. so the supreme court simply set enforceable contract, hate you're not happy with the deal now too bad. kennedy: was a current d.a. thing about that contract? see beckett is a relevant part of the current d.a. in any d.a. that i thought he or she could get around that agreement was soaked guilty of a miscarriage of justice. because ultimately at the end of the day prosecutor's job is to do justice. if you offer someone a nonprosecution agreement you must live with that, your word is your bond. if the public cannot trust the prosecutor we are all screwed.
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if the public cannot trust a guy he should be in jail drugging women and having with her unconscious bodies. is there any other avenue were some of these victims can seek justice? >> criminally in the state of pennsylvania come in any case that falls under that agreement, that case is over it can never be brought again. in california at the statute of limitations has not run and there is a conduct that took place in california the answer is absolutely yes. it's difficult you tell some of the victims who are free very, very upset sprayed not just by the alleged abuse in horrific crime that he supposedly committed. but two people who want to see him held accountable? >> the reality is i would tell the victims as much as i could
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understand what they're going through, i do not profess for a moment to be able too. but i would say justice sometimes comes to us and very, very weird ways. what happened to you has not been changed by this decision. what happened to you remains. he is a horrifying, horrible human being. however, the district attorney made in agreement with him. and the district attorney has to live with it. it is unfortunate that another district attorney felt for political reason or whatever the reason to simply discard that agreement and really discard justice. that is the travesty here. that is the wrong doing. kennedy: okay so harvey weinstein's team, they are applauding this decision. how will they internalize this? >> knowing him as i know him, i do not know he is applauding this part i believe arthur
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knows full well that this agreement has absolutely no impact on harvey weinstein's case prasanna matter the court single way to menu cannot parade in victim after victim after bring it up allegations of uncharged prior conduct that is overly private prejudicial but had the court ruled on that that would be a feather in harvey weinstein's cap. the fact that bill cosby got off on a technicality because he had an agreement, harvey weinstein cannot fall back on any such agreement. the cosby decision today, zero impact on harvey weinstein's future pizza before somebody's gotta pay the piper at some point. i have a feeling bill cosby might be tonguing hitler's butt hole in hell, thank you randy. kennedy: meanwhile the company crime wave, car break-ins are up 750%. in san francisco, hope you liked your test leopard on monday tv news and opal is
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held up by armed robbers were reporting on the city's crime spike. and in l.a., luscious l.a. los angeles county sheriff's estes taking matters into his own hands and vowing to clear the famous venice beak sidewalk on july 4 after recent murder there and tons of crimes process upon this city democrat mayor in that city supervisors, actually the l.a. county supervisors architects of failure. so how bad does crime and homelessness have to get in california before democrats admit their ideas have not been doing any justice to this beautiful part of the country? let's meet her. it is hump night with intelligent ceo and gop pollster, chris wilson is back. and looking there, comedian part of the problem podcast these political fortunes are growing by the day. he's we adore him, dave smith is back but we've got democrat
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strategist, former biting campaign surrogate and the most recent leader of my 2013 memoir, kevin wilding is here. so, so good. [laughter] i am loving it. kennedy: they call me dean mcdonald's of penmanship. [laughter] thank you all for being here. chris, i go to california quite frequently. i'm heading back there on the friday for a nice stent in the homelands. los angeles is no longer recognizable. there are tent cities everywhere. you cannot drive in any part of the city without seeing that. eric garcetti's blaming it on the federal government. so what's going to happen here in this fight between l.a. county sheriff in the l.a. county mayor? >> it is interesting these issues are being brought to light and democrats are having to pay attention they're coming from democratic mayors. the weight there erasing 40 years of progress the american cities turning back the clock to the crime-ridden homeless
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dominated utopia of the 70s is astonishing in coast-to-coast or sink leftist mayors and councils under my law enforcement, push pulsed like defend the police to destroy the cities that have been elected to lead. we are to see that backfire. you look at new york even primary voters said they saw crime safety in the top mayoral election but even notorious liberal austin camping pensively 60% of the vote after the mayor and city council pretty much turn the city into one giant homeless camp. these policies and issues have been clear paid republicans will clearly beat democrats a 70s, 80s, democrats got smart and abandoned the socialist policies for cities. night have a whole new generation of democratic socialists are filling their cities in predictable ways. the going to pay off the belt box republicans. smart i don't know republicans have it on homelessness either. have to be honest with you. dave, are you upset customer expect look but kevin did in san diego but he did a good job of solving homeless
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problem there. kennedy: he made more inroads in any other mayor in california, not helping him the governor's race. so dave let's talk a little bit about the fight between alex and eric. you like a piss ink match, dave? tobacco yes. good old fashion piss inc. match let's have one. i think was very interesting about this is for me and you being libertarians and we always talk about how the government gets bigger, bigger, bigger course the federal government is trying to get the six chili dollar spending bill income in california is a big estate government in the union. and yet as the government tries to take on more and more roles, we want to solve climate change and inequality in these lofty visions. it is obvious for everyone to see the most basic function of government cannot be achieved. and everyone notices this in the country. not just libertarian normal pitas notice we can no longer
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balance our budget protect our borders. in california you cannot have piss covered drug addicts on your streets. kennedy: they are all over the place. you cannot swing a dead cat without hitting the piss covered. >> the debate about defunding the police. look, i think this misses the mark a little bit. you can certainly say police do not need military gear in armored vehicles and swat teams around every corner. kennedy: you can and no knock raisin quality and all that perspective the reason is there's homeless people. these illiberal cities have decided they're not going to enforce property rights. they are going to allow people to live on public property and they're going to allow people to shoplift and commit carjacking all these property crimes and not enforce that phrase before they are not enforcing them and it goes to show they think human beings
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are disposable. so, what is the solution, kevin? student that is a complicated question for sure pretty look at the numbers are 66000 folks in los angeles that do not have adequate housing. that's not just the short term this is a long-term problem that is a huge issue not just for democrats but for republicans across the board pray to your point, kennedy don't think there's easy answers for this. you have some tent cities that have been set up that cost $2500 a tent. it's kind the median rental amounts in the city of los angeles but you can pay rent for all these folks living on the streets. the architectural association has come up with some zoning ideas with some public housing ideas. clearly this is a crisis that does not have easy solutions. more money you throw in the more people move to venice. >> if i was homeless as were i would want to be paced back
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kennedy: former president trump today headed down to the border where he ridiculed his successor, president biden for abruptly cutting off border well wall construction. said the new president should've gone to the beach instead, watch. >> all biden had to do is go to the beach but if he would've just done nothing we would have now the strongest border with ever had with this port would have been completed within two months everything could have been completed. it would have been painted, not sitting there rounding and rusting. it would have been perfecto. kennedy: that's in the rio grande valley and 2,071,000
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people illegally crossed into the u.s. since the beginning of this year. so, will trumps visit shame president biden into making the border secure? or at least making some legislative suggestions preterm decade it would institute of immigration studies, alex nowrasteh is here. he is back in action welcome back, alex. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: let me phrase it like this what did you like about the former presidents visit today? [screaming] what did i like about it? not very much. i guess he's entertaining like he is always entertaining. the substance is really lacking. you connect to april 2020 the number people was at the lowest point it's picked up since biden took office. as already increasing quite a bit i'm not up fan of president biden's policy when it comes immigration for think he's made a lot of mistakes. i don't think we can lay the entirety of what's been
8:20 pm
happening over the last year end several months along the border is just not that powerful demand for its back is not that creative either. your policies, your messages that people in central america. let's just go the night send their kids, they make the journey. and then when they get here because we do not have the right kind of immigration, then people essentially enter into a black-market system. they are working for cash and they lose track of bad people they should be tracking. and good people who cannot get legitimate jobs are working for vacationland and texas. >> that's a big fundamental problem no one is talking about. for almost all these people it is illegal, it is against the law for them to come to this
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country lawfully to work even temporarily. people do not to come here and work illegally they don't have to read that's in both republicans and democrats do not understand. people from central america come legally to work. by all means they will do so. it's illegal for the vast majority do soap we have this probit the border. if you'd make it legal this problem goes away that something people who are republicans, democrats everything else they seem to be ignoring. democrats want to shove all this mighty central america to pay people not succumb much about work. republicans want to build a big goofy wall that's also not going to work. >> what about these root causes the vice president's talking about? >> the vice president's giving all this money to central america did basically help develop their economies to basically pay people not to come. the fact of the matter is it's not going to work. those countries are too poor. more are able to come here
8:22 pm
they have the resource to be able to do so. >> they will have just enough to escape or they'll have just enough money to pay more coyotes to come here illegally. and then work for cash. >> that is pretty much what's going to end up happening if they give them all of this money. all we can just increase the number of work permits problem solved you can fire me, you can go home he do not have to have me on here anymore to talk about this fun topic right customer at that be great for everybody i think. >> i did not release or such a big data president trump i really like that you laid out what you enjoyed about a supportive visit. [laughter] alex thank you for coming appreciate your perspective respect the exhibits for having me. kennedy: thank you for coming a police 18 people are dead more than one or 50 still missing and that florida building collapse. investigator said they still do not know what happened. biden's energy secretary already climbing climate change. i'll play with at the horrible cold out copout, next.
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kennedy: energy secretary jennifer had a pretty callous take on the florida building collapse when she was asked whether climate change could be involved in the tragedy, while she said this. so back we will have to wait to see what the analysis is for this building paid but the issue about resiliency and making sure we adapt to this changing climate that's going to mean levy seem to be built, seawell's agent built that means infrastructure needs be built for this so much investment we need to do, to protect ourselves and climate change prey but also to address it and mitigated part help with these when taken together will make a huge step and allow america to lead again. kennedy: jesus christmas lay there still more than 140 people unaccounted for, their bodies are trapped and twisted under that mess of crumbled concrete and rusted steel for their loved ones pray they
8:28 pm
might be rescued. and you are making the case about infrastructure spending and climate change? what the hell is wrong with you? did you skip sensitivity training in your heartless boot camp? we still do not know what the hell went wrong in surfside, florida bread whether it's a rusty or something far more nefarious, no one is acknowledging out loud. whatever happened is not new to the sweeping irreversible effects of climate change or all of florida would have to be evacuated. climate change has been the most convenient demon every could be miraculously explained away, embrace that's climate change. displaced because of climate change and foot-and-mouth disease, sharks, sagging crypto market and climate change i'm over these lazy slogans and prescriptions are used for political gains to spend money and gain more control. why not use your powerful position and plentiful resources to get a few hundred more disaster relief workers
8:29 pm
to south florida so these families at least have the comfort knowing the government has done everything in its power to save those precious souls. because the government would rather use a tragedy to acquire more power selling unfounded climate's conspiracies and saving lives and that is the memo. earlier today florida governor desantis lashed out the energy secretary for climate change theory, ron? >> i do not think there's any evidence of that. what we want martha, we want the truth about what happened. so we know if it has implications for other properties in florida if there needs to be anything to remedy it on the state or local level. but were not going to do is use this to advance any pre-existing agenda. there's no agenda here. we want the facts, we want the truth. support damn right we want the facts. we should better off keeping her mouth shut until there are more facts on the table customer demand pales back,
8:30 pm
chris wilson, dave smith and kevin walling. kevin i want you to respond to that. she did not just make a minor misstep that was like 15 paragraphs of her going on and on about why we need infrastructure spending when people still have no idea what has become of their lost relatives. >> it's tragic and i'm the democrat on your panel part is not a good idea to speak about climate change in the same sentence of talking about this building collapse we don't know the answer. secretary granholm said it's too early to tell what were the root causes of this. we are piecing more and more together saw information by an engineer study from 2018 showing massive issues with the infrastructure of that particular building. you talk about rebar you talk about concrete in your opening, kennedy. again i think it was a mistake to in the same sentence talk about climate change, despite the effects were seeing across the board in this country. but actually show some heart for the victims, focus there
8:31 pm
and then make the case here in for structure bill. kennedy: yes. and dave, it has become so easy to make climate change the umbrella because of everything. the problem is we need that over, over, and over again people stop listening to you. they stopped taking the issue seriously. what other issues can we blame for a string of tragedies? >> i am just going to start playing their game. i think the federal reserve easy money policy is what is to blame for this. i blame it on government regulation and the war on drugs. and the covid at lockdowns. everything i am against is the reason why this building collapsed. as you said people stopped paying attention paid what's interesting about this moment is it's very revealing about a mindset. and a mindset where you kind of have your policy agenda and you view human beings as pawns on a chessboard.
8:32 pm
if this tragedy can be exploited to help launch your agenda, then great let's use that. it's politics at its most disgusting. kennedy: is disgusting. i hope emmanuelle is embarrassed he said never let a good tragedy go to waste. it is so gross. because then people feel justified in jumping on something horrible before we have all of these facts and making the claims. what you see here, chris? >> bigots amazingly made almost a week without someone trying to find a way to politicize this. now we have that. the probably figure out why it was caused by systematic racism or white privilege could knock it down. when her second favorite explanation forever thing, climate change but as you said the left is excellent taking ron and manuals never let a crisis go to waste to harper evening there's no way to justify the linkage of climate change or anything else there constantly blooming things for.
8:33 pm
i can walk out of my house later, rolled my ankle on the rock and some leftist commentator it's ace because of climate change but it's too much. this is why people don't take the left seriously when they make accusations anymore. >> we only have ten years to live than people they stop listening because they think you're making stuff up. making stuff up you are not taking a life and death crisis, the likes of which we do not see in this country than shame on you part means imprisoned by the genders falling apart like a cheap paper towel. progressives are getting worried and very, very upset sweeping election reform is all that bit on the senate floor print info structure deal is far from done. there's been no movement on climate or healthcare legislation bird that suggest biden's chance of getting anything done or shrinking by the day. and if democrats lose their razor thin majority 2020 it's going to get less done. it is going to be so fun.
8:34 pm
so did president biden over promise? is he now under delivering, kevin? i do not think so, kennedy. speak is a democrat on the pal the latest fox news poll has him at a 56% job approval rating. before he seems nice. >> that's part of it that's what he was voted towards a nice guy to get things done. so far he's not getting anything done that's a problem. >> $350 going to municipalities hiring more police fixing our info structure hopefully with this bipartisan deal , coming up of negotiations with the senate, living that peace of legislation. the best stock market ever in the first one had a plus days more jobs created pretty think this president is hitting his stride. to use his old adage not compared to the almighty comparing to the alternative for the last phrase is guys getting something for the american people. kennedy: chris, which like to respond to that? >> to compare he's getting down to a trump got done there is any set of standards we say he's being successful.
8:35 pm
but look there's never any way democrats can deliver the sweeping reform from a 2020 campaign for they knew that going in. by the message of haywood got to when these two georgia senate races major cabinet confirmations so they can turn out your third-base pre-they made these kind of promises but that's the reason you're hearing so much right now. kennedy: there is a little bit of voter suppression from cindy powell and lynwood going to georgia saying hey guys it don't vote. that was not a strategy either. people were conceived as trump surrogates going yes that this went out everyone this doesn't mean anything, good lord. >> payment to turn up the base up that they're able to do by turning up the promises respect they could to but they didn't get bunch of crazy people on the ground. i am so mad about that. my taxes go up because of those dingbats, i will not forgive any of them. so dave go head and take us home. >> in terms of presidents overpromising just keep things in perspective. george w. bush and his second
8:36 pm
inaugural address promised to rid the world of tyranny in his second term. and barack obama, i believe barack obama believes see levels need to stop he was elected president prato politicians promising and they don't deliver them to people still think their solutions are going to come from the federal government, i do not know what it will take to wake them up that's not where solutions are going to come from. kennedy: do you think we still should end the fed, dave? >> i do, do candidates fun you should ask i do and the federal appeal it. it's a private organization. kennedy: davis taxation theft? >> hold on let me check, yes. sometimes you got to get to the heart of these issues. and progressives have been very vocal. in their opposition to us tablets democrat politics. they do not see the president is doing an offer they have been the one to talk about
8:37 pm
defunding the police. give jen psaki and the president said we love the list wants to fund all of the police every everywhere republicans hate them. i don't think messages like that it went to resident will respect lesson five additional midterms were on an already present pretty think get a window into micco wager? >> know i'm gonna wager with you you and $20000 last time. [laughter] 's become great is that? you know how good a 520,000 of your dollars customer >> issues always look good. score thank you kept its way on the panel you're not only kind leftist you also great taste in footwear. art chris wilson, we have ten seconds like to say? >> i cannot relate top anything with your footwear i think thanks for having back good to see you. kennedy: nevermind. [laughter] [inaudible] [laughter] 's become more of a girl scout.
8:38 pm
so if you're alright chris, dave, kevin thanks much greg have you here great to be with you. the babylon b, by the best satires in the internet. if you do not know what it is you will love it why the liberal comedy police coming to shutting it down seth dylan joins me in a moment.
8:39 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: do not need it. liberal immediate would not know a joke of a punch them in the tiktok sector. especially jokes of a popular sense our website the babylon bee. such as, nike announces partnership with chinese communist party with new slogan just obey it. and, britney spears considers presidential run is the only
8:43 pm
person left and right both agreed. satirical headlines like these array the "new york times" called the babylon bee quote a far right misinformation site. and cues them of having a nasty tendency to punch down. babylon bee ceo seth dillon said he'll not cave to censorship pressure from big media. big platforms like facebook would wise the left utterly incapable of taking a joke? especially really good jokes. hurt me to it discuss the babylon bee seth dillon welcome to the show. [screaming] thanks for having me on kennedy. >> thanks for having me on seth. this is fantastic the "new york times" is mad at you, where they so angry with you? >> that is a great question. we are trying to figure that out ourselves. i think ultimately what it comes down to his were any targets they don't like premier making jokes they don't like. we get e-mails all the time from her readers they will say
8:44 pm
, this time you've gone too far. i usually like satire but this time you it too far. that's just human nature thing when satire tends to poke at you you bristle and you react to it. the "new york times", they represent the left. left wing thinking we hit those targets extremely hard extremely consistently. they're just reacting to the fact their target of her sets are they don't like us. >> it makes me laugh so hard not only is your content fantastic, that is what parody and satire is. it is not a news source. they do not consider the onion a new source for they do not consider separate night weekend update the news. >> no. they try to consider us news, fake news, misleading fake news because her train to lump us into that category so they can get us the platforms. we have fact checkers in the past use snopes, rating or stories a false all that
8:45 pm
nonsense. support they're all false that's the point of these sites. that's like getting mad when you look at x videos because people are wearing close. >> that is the thing that jokes used to be funny or not. but now are giving them a truth rating arrayed them faucets absolutely absurd. but the "new york times" was maliciously slandering us because they want to see us taken off the internet basically. we had a great win against them got them to correct their article and take those lines out of their article there are segway trafficked information. but now them saying we punch down, the reason we haven't responded to that. kennedy: what is their definition of punching down? how is it every other comic and every other satire sites, and every other everything that's doing exactly what you do what are they doing differently that you are not doing and wise what you are different called punching down question but i'm getting so hysterical here i'm just a woman. >> it is a good question but
8:46 pm
so women let's bring up women. they consider a joke about women punching down. i think that's sexist. think of women being beneath me and i can't joke about them they are beneath me that is demeaning to women. i think if i'm joking about you i consider you my equal. i reject the whole premise there's a hierarchy of people who are above other people pretty feet joke about them they're off-limits because they are beneath you. i reject all that they gets nonsense for think it's a tactic for speech suppression. coming on the heels of facebook. facebook just announced are to start taking satire into account where it's allowed in some circumstances but not when it punches down. kennedy: do know they taken into account my 16-year-old dollars, she is 16 tomorrow. she makes fun of people have facebook because of grandma's on facebook. that is who is on facebook. facebook does not get to do anything anymore but you get to keep doing everything because u.s. of the best, babylon bee, seth dillon thank you so much.
8:47 pm
super comeback again. topical storm is a net, look at that that is new york.
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>> and honor pride met the q has released what's called a bisexual couch, that's because after four hours are trying to put it together, you will be screaming screw everybody. that is a love is a love seat and this is a topical storm. atomic number one, a company in silbaugh kea is creating a working prototype for a flying, finally, the georgia jets it until the flying cars is when a kea driver or when atf drives over a bump. don't worry if you do not see any roads. were we are going we do not need roads. this is the air cargo 35 minute test is the one slovakian city to another cannot pronounce. with that, what started as a crazy ideas taken operate unfortunately this will stop singing chitty chitty bang bang. the creator say the fixing that for future models after buying the aircraft quickly turns into a streetcar
8:52 pm
protecting its wings. and under three manson cruises the streets, laying low until the deceptive country turned to earth. topic number two, the creative goat yoga has grated goat hotel in texas were guests can sleep overnight and a goat barn. and guess what, pistol spells the air in san francisco. that's a start of what her 50 a night for adjustment but ludacris said take a go to a go tell, each night stay includes adult therapy happy hour which gaskin pet implant goats to heal their trauma. something tells me this is a bad idea. you can also milk a goat while the owners, hotel owners milk you out of your hard earned cash. you can upgrade to a goat yoga package from her athletic occasion. i prefer hot goat yoga. that's when i do yoga well it
8:53 pm
should warm up. topic three pretty little girl got the scare of her life and she opened her front door to find a 9-foot crocodile sitting at her doorstep. and even worse, right next to was a big stack of chinese takeout menus, let's take a look. oh my god is so big i can't toes no skill. the good news is he scared away the jehovah witnesses that they purred and actually us was all a mistake they ordered a pair of boots and center the raw material. wildlife officials rusted the scene attempted by epic rock up the ropes and sticks but the crock would not go easy rolling over and over again. like a republican being called a racist. in the end these brave men brought the crocodile to tears , tied him up and were driving into a nearby national park print that concludes the sri lankan version two catch a predator.
8:54 pm
so mr. crockett did you have mike's hard lemonade and flavored condoms? topic number four, chinese, and his party celebrating its 1h anniversary with a procommunist dance gala. or select a call, dancing with the czars. thousands had gathered at the olympic chinese stadium in beijing to perform synchronized dance routine, wait a red flag and cheer the commonest leaders under the threat of certain death. the 100 year formed china's communist party. i just like other 100 -year-olds it is pretty amazing it survived covid. the celebration feature who's who of communist leaders like the party chairman, its ambassador to america alexandria ocasio-cortez and mr. about phonics lebron james with the chinese come is part of killed more any regime in history. good job folks, presumably by door boring them to death with performances like these. hey guess what it is wednesday
8:55 pm
night hump night will be back with kennedogs. keep it right here. bye. it means experience. i mean, put it this way. if i told you i'd been jarring raspberry preserves for 85 years, what would you think? (humming) well, at first you'd be like, "that has gotta be some scrumptious jam!" (humming) and then you'd think, "he looks fantastic! i must know his skin care routine." geico. saving people money for 85 years. beg your pardon. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. geico. saving people money for 85 years. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking.
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kennedy: this is that welcome back are you and your dog's residence tonight's brand-new pack of kennedogs the segment were we sure the best candidates of your canines. keep sending in your favorite pictures and see if dog makes
8:59 pm
the cut # jen 14 print first up oh my gosh this is such a cutie sam chewing on squash thomas sent this picture sander good boy that's a good squash. mark said that a picture of his dog zorro living his beach life. oh zorro who's got wonderful pointed ears, you are a good beach dog. up next bow sent and this a picture, how do you bow? you look like you're sleepy in your paws smelled delicious. mrs. hurt dioxins bailey and brutus i love them so much i love weiner's dogs. they're like twins are so cute. mrs. from owner deborah she said this is a busters shop for tinder, sexy. take you on a date buster good boy. this is louis, his owner said he is the best work from home teammate avapro that but you are louis. you are a good boy. she's in a picture of her dog
9:00 pm
ella. i love you so much i'm dying bunny ears count easter every day. up next day hi to norman timothy's sent in this picture i just want to pinch his cheeks, normally such a good one. finally julie said his best friend and protector direct upper hello greta you look ready for the fourth of july, happy birthday america. thanks for watching the best of your dates might peter student, ♪ ♪ >> surging out of control former president trump touring the epicenter of presidenta biden's border crisis would work will be talking to a congressman who was with donald trump out the border and just moments. plus, after two years in prison of what was a ten year sentence, bill cosby walking out of jail today. his team is speaking just moments ago. we have more on his release, what exactly happened this hour but newark's cities and mayors race, taking a chaotic
9:01 pm
turn part of the city's new progresse


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