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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 3, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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david: so for the third consecutive larry: for the third consecutive day spirit airlines has had more than canceling hundreds of flights and leaving. passengers stuck in passports all over the country. spirit airlines blaming weather, system outages and staffing shortages, it's a mess. we will see you tomorrow. elizabeth: new york governor andrew cuomo accused of shocking sexual harassment in a graphic bombshell report from the new york attorney general alleging he violated federal and state law, sexually harassing 11 women including state workers over a seven-year period. the president said he should resign, so to pass democrat nancy pelosi, chuck schumer the conditional delegation says he should resign. a new york district attorney now hasty a report that can bring criminal charges about cuomo remains defiant.
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critics say this is about maximum power and no accountability, joining us tonight former deputyon independent counsel, new york state democratic lawmaker, senator rick scott congress and michael mccaul, mike huckabee, the daily caller vince coglianese and just secretary chad wolf, we have more details on the charges brought against governor cuomo, also in a pre-recorded response governor cuomo attacked investigators and his accusers, we have that in this story, a growing number of workers unions and teachers unions say no to a vaccine mandate, that is setting up a battle between president biden and his allies, we have more on the distributed mysterious findings from housese republica, about what exactly is going on at the wuhan lab in china before hethe outbreak. it may have occurred earlier
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than we thought, we have a lot on that, growing on democrats to investigate the origins of the pandemic. plus the deadline is fasto approaching, the far left democrats remain defiant, is this putting in jeopardy three and half trillion dollaris reconciliation bill with what even members of their own party call their extreme demands that they want. we will tell you all about the bnew website by d.c. politicias and their families like nancy pelosi, so you can grab it too, this is putting spotlight on how politicians go to washington and come out multimillionaires. bthen president biden stealing the backlash from his own party from keeping the trump era rule that turns back border crossings during the pandemic, we have a dangerous new variant exploding in south and central america, it looks like the government is not oktracking that, thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪ look who's back with us, new york state assemblyman angelo santabarbara and deputy independent counsel saul weisselberg albany county district attorney has a new york ag's report with the sexual harassment allegations againstor governor cuomo, he can bring criminal charges, do you expect that, he says any victim should contact his office with additional information, do you expect criminal charges, what do you think. >> i do not know enough about the workings of that particular office but i can tell you if there will be any criminal charges is going to be at the district attorney level, it's going to be at the state level there's nothing federal criminal here, that's really dangerous for governor cuomo and there will be an incredible amount of political pressure for that to happen. elizabeth: okay let's turn to
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you, the report alleges violated multiple state and federal laws including title vii of the civil rights act, now we have a new york is subleased saying they're trying to close the impeachment probe as fast as f they can, what's going on with impeachment. >> as far as i'm concerned impeachment was on the table long time ago i called to the governor's resignation last year end this report confirms what we've been seen all along the governor is a serial sexual harasser and an assaulter in an intimidator and the legislator should move forward with impeachment as soon as possible. there is the women working in the executive chamber that go to work in fear and sitting a press conference speaks volumes clearly he intends to go after his accusers there is public resources to try to redeem himself to gain support and is using his office in his power to try to i intimidate people and e
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can't let him do that we have to put a stop to it, people have heard enough, this report for the people on the fence and not sure whether or not they should call for his impeachment, this report you'll see today more people coming forward saying the governor needs to go and needs to go now. elizabeth: i like your reaction to what the attorney general leticia james said today. >> these interviews and pieces of evidence reveal a deeply disturbing, yet clear picture. governor cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees in violation of federal andti state law. elizabeth: what is your reaction. >> power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and he's been there a long time and he's acted with impunity and i think it's finally catching up with him.
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just because you say something is unlawful does not mean that is criminal, his vulnerability is at the statene level but he seems very vulnerable. we have seen a trend in recent years as politicians doubling down it happened in virginia a few years ago were several state officials were accused of bad things and they have been hunkering down andan hanging in and iju don't think he's going o be able to. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear let's listen to the investigator and the attorney who worked on this probe describe what the victims allegedly went through i would like your reaction to the soundbite, watch the. >> all of them experienced harassing conduct from thehe governor. some suffered theirir unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. others suffer through repeated offensive sexual suggestive or
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gender-based comments, number of them endeared both. simplyet's go to the men. the port alleges he assaulted a multiple women including an appropriately touching the state trooper praying upon her, retaliating against an accuser, bully and that woman. the governor is trying to play this off that his interest in the state trooper was a push for more diversity in his own personal police squad he asked that woman to help him find a friend who can handle pain, this is graphic he read his finger down the back of his neck in an elevator in the middle of his stomach to his right hip he's accused of reaching under women's bosses to grope them as well and more. how can he survive this. >> the fact that they he grope the state trooper, he thinks he can get away with it, is speaks
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to the fact he's above the law he think they applied other people but they don't apply to him, these crimes are egregious and disgusting of the report is thorough and believable and there's other victims have not come forward thereor are people that are quite frankly afraid of him and what were seen he only has to get to page three of the report and struck by these acts in the way that he has abused the power but having said that i sears i doubt he will resign even if histh own mother asked m to resign, the only way to get him out of office is begin the impeachment trial and i challenge you to find a single vote in the senate when this goes to trial, there probably is not. elizabeth: let's bring up what governor cuomo said in a prerecorded script. i would like saul to respond to this. watch. >> remember where we are, today we are living in a superheated,
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if not toxic political environment. that should not be lost on anyone. politics and biased are interwoven throughout every aspect of the situation. elizabeth: saul, sit tight, by the way many of the accusers are democrats and democrats investigated him let's listen to a.d. james on this, sit tight, watch this. >> to undermine and put aside this investigation and there were attacks on me and t members of the team which i find offensive. elizabeth: what do you say. >> let's start with the most recent comments, he is allowed, he may not like it but he's allowed to publicly attack a prosecutor who we feels is going after him, that is his right his
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claim that this is political in the superheated atmosphere is ridiculous when you consider that many of his victims were people that worked for him and democratic including one woman i saw today he works for him when he was hud secretary almost 20 years ago, that simply, everybody can look at it and know it's notot true. elizabeth: saul is making a good point, so are you a silly man, this is about maximum power and no responsibility, cuomo is accused of blaming everyone else but themselves, he blamed nursing home deaths tied to executive order putting patients back in nursing homes he blamed the cdc, he blamed trump, he blamed the biden administration, he blamed europe, god, the media but what is striking we have a leader of a state trying to say this is acceptable behavior, this is cultural and other politicians hug and kiss people, he did a slideshow showing that. where is the slideshow on his
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family members or any other politician grabbing women's rear ends and groping them under their blouses, touching the back and neck of state troopers, forcibly kissing them, asking people to play strip poker with him, how isl? this cultural and acceptable behavior for a politician if these allegations are true. >> it's not acceptable, if you watch theco press conference hes coming unhedged, he's mentally unstable he lost touch of reality either fax or the cannot in this report watching the press covered the don't think you read the report i think you prepared these ahead of time and he tried to discredit and minimize his actions and the point he's beginning to believe his own lies it's an embarrassment that the state has to continue to put up a deal with this behavior, you mentioned the nursing home deaths, what we saw he sent people to diet these nursing homes and he was capable of doing that with his back against
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the wall what is he capable of doing now that's what we have to move swiftly and remove him from power, we don't know what hele s capable of doing we don't know what he's capable of doing but we know he needs to leave the state and unfit for office. elizabeth: another thing that came up, as we wrap this up thec special investigator sound that governor cuomo drafted a letter, shared it with the press to smear state worker lindsey boylan who is an accuser and took her job records and senate to the associated press, the new york post and the new york daily news, that was a smear job with accusation that this is retaliatory that that happened and he and his team are attacking h the accusers, then e have chris cuomo involved in a pr squad to clean up these charges, there is so many angles here in the draft statement coming out of chris cuomo waiting in its identical to what the governor was staying, take
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on the idea that more people, is it possible more people could be charged for interfering, i'm not saying chris cuomo i'm talking about the retaliatory action and interfering with the investigation and attacking the accusers and intimidating them. >> there's two different things you're absolutely right retaliation is a civil right ofs action, in some instances it can be criminal. that said they get these people, it's easy to get people on retaliation than actual harassment. a big part of this from what i'm reading, apparently there's a culture in albany for years particular in the governor's office, a good old boy network that reinforces the idea that we can do anything that we want in albany and hopefully those days are over. elizabeth: great stuff from both of you, it is great to have you both on, that was a terrific
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panel, we appreciate your insights, good to see you. up next rick scott a growing number of workers unions and teacherst unions now to a vaccie mandate, is the setting up a battle between president biden and his allies, is there pushback against the need to shut down a growing delta variance, is that a serious risk were taken is on on "the evening edit". ♪ more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're
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elizabeth: joining is now look who's here florida senator rick scott, it's always great to have you on, the growing number of government worker union members and teachers unions they are say no to vaccine mandates, what do you say to that these are biden's allies. >> first off i don't think government should mandate masks i don't think they should mandate vaccine, for private company wants to do something then that's our priority but the government should not do this i think americans are fed up with the government telling them what to do, this is pure mongering among the democrats and i'm worried the next thing the democrat governors are going to do shut down the schools again it hurts our kids and they will shutdown small businesses which they say they're not essential that means her small business will hurt again and the workers
10:19 pm
will get hurt again, i'm going to fight against the stuff it's just wrong. elizabeth: we hear you were bringing it up against the white house coronavirus response team is talking about vaccine mandates. they're talking about the cdc reporting half of workers in nursing homes are not vaccinated, union workers not vaccinatedt, there is that fight going on when this is happening afford the white house press secretary claiming governor desantis is not letting kids wear masks, can you take that on? >> i think. to make the choice, they want to make the choice of the child wears a mask or not that's theim choice and should not be disclosed to the government making these decisions i got the vaccine, i had covid i recommend people getting the vaccine that everybody gets to make a decision for th themselves, families want to be safe, s parenting saying i want my child to be unsafe so that make a good decision for their child and
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that's what should happen government should not do this, is not government's responsibility to tell us how to live our lives were fed up with the government telling us how to live our life. elizabeth: that's what the 40 governor desantis executive order isd w about he same let te parents decide whether or not their children to wear a mask. the florida governor is saying the white house and democrats airplane politics of the pandemic here's the point don't politicize the pandemic, keep people safe and get them vaccinated that's what criticst are saying stop with the hysteria of the delta variance it looks like more than 99.99% of people vaccinated don't get sick or rather don't get hospitalized with the delta variance, senator you brought up lockdowns lecture with the press secretary had to say about lockdowns. listen to this. >> you h.e.r. dr. fauci and doctor collins really, really great this this weekend it's been clear were not going back to the shutdowns of march of
10:21 pm
2020 and we are not going back to the economy shutting down, we made too much progress, too many people are vaccinated and too much progress on the economic front that he has said from the beginning will be be guided by the science and health experts and we will not take options off the table. elizabeth: not going to take options off the table, not utruling it out is. [crowd boos] too not taking options off the table, they're saying today we won't do it because maybe we'llr get too much pushback but these democrats want to control their life there using fear to control our lives we have to say will make good decisions give us good information in the state and local and federal level tell us the facts families want to be safe i grew up with parents and did how much of an education but they were not dumb they wanted me too be safe asd. a kid, pares all across this country make good decisions. elizabeth: we also have this doctor michaellm oster home the
10:22 pm
covid-19 advisory board, he says facemasks, masks are not effective in stopping the spread but the cdc director say both the children should wear masks. you can see the confusion on the part of the iraqi people. >> i think what they've done they said if you had the vaccine then you ought to wear a mask but what they're telling people what the benefit of getting the vaccine, there is a benefit of getting the vaccine, we know with the vaccine your chance of getting in the hospital or dying of delta covid is very low, they are so inconsistent but democrats want to control our life we want to stay engine stand up and say were sick of it. >> the first thing that people should do is take a deep breath and turn off the tv hysterics because media companies are 80 logically predisposed to certain narrative they profit off the hysteria, cases are on the rise
10:23 pm
in delta variance is contagious but the point is get, vaccinated stop with the fear mongering. with the misinformation about vaccines too, people need to calm down and get it done right and don't be plugged into the wall-to-wall fear mongering on other networks, what doea you s. >> i agree give us good information if we have good information will make good decisions trust americans at the make good decisions and quit mandating things, were sick and tired of being told what to do, i love my mom and i hated being toldyy what to do same with the government quit telling us what to do we can make good decisions on o her own. elizabeth: rick scott, it's good to see you, come back soon. up next the congressman behind the house republican report, congressman michael mccaul this is the gop reports detailing what they say is evidence that
10:24 pm
covid-19 did leak from the wuhan lab the disturbing and mysterious findings about what was going on at that lab right before the outbreak. keep it here on "the evening edit". >> there is no way this happened in the population naturally. it came from the lab ♪ ♪ gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:28 pm
report what is the proof that chinese scientists genetically created covid-19 and it did leak from the wuhan lab the chief of the wuhan lab warned in the summer of 2019 that the safety conditions were very poor they had their genetic basis online and off-line in the middle the night and we have satellite imagery that shows the hospitals in the vehicles going to the hospitals really intensify around that time and they're all located with the wuhan lab in october 2019 then the world athletic games, military games were 9000 athletes come into wuhan they described as a ghost town they see lockdown they come
10:29 pm
to the country with flu-like symptoms consistent with covid this is the first spreader event in october, they send in the top ten biological warfare generals from the poa chinese military to take over you don't cover things up a measure trying to hide something not to mention what was happening at the lab itself which i would be happy to get into. elizabeth: your report points out the wuhan lab basically put out a million dollars of bids with new security guards and surveillance video for the lab to protect it new hazardous waste system they wanted a request but for the new air disinfectant system too, this is the evidence, why is dividing
10:30 pm
the administration and why are the democrats stonewalling hiprobes into this, why not declassify all the evidence on this that the u.s. government has, why the stonewalling i hope when the i see comes better with its report that is presented to congress in t declassify. why don't we hold hearings on this. we have the one hearing on the origins of covid-19, you want to call commissions let's have a commission on this issue in the international community should be crying out because it's important that we know what happened and why so we can stop it forever hacking again for an half-million people are dead right now because of this virus and when you look at what they were doing at the lab you have doctor she the bat lady working with doctor peter daszak they took instruments from the stars cava thousand miles away, brought them into the lab and
10:31 pm
then begin gain-of-function geneticab manipulation to creata superstarsrs virus and hopes to create a vaccine, the operating of esl to three labs insufficient, very irresponsible to be playing with fire, something this dangerous to create a virus that is so deadly, so burial and soha contagious, they succeeded in that but under really reckless operations and that's why we believe it did leak out of the lab in the world never been the same. elizabeth: dni ratcliffe is pointing out, former dni ratcliffe is saying the coronavirus is not naturally occurring to wuhan now it's naturally occurring as you point out to the batcave's hundreds of miles away he saying that can only fly 30 miles, that's a bad range, they were openly studying
10:32 pm
back coronavirus is inside the lab, final question how do we know that this may have leaked out in the latef summer of 2019? >> because it got the attention of the chinese cdc and the director of the wuhan lab warning about the conditions of safety protocols one thing to readd they created a technology even though it's man-made they can take the finger. off of it looks like is naturally occurring, this is sinister operation and doctor peter daszak is the author's the atlanta journal and at the request of the prc who asked him to debunk the conspiracy theories from trump and others that it came from the lab itself. he is the one who debunked it under the prc payroll and now we will debunk him. elizabeth: we hear you it's a
10:33 pm
letter from 27 scientist that he spearheaded. thank you, congressman michael mccaul is great to have you on that was interesting will have you back on soon, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: we are coming out ofr the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox business network, the deadline is fast approaching but the far left democrats are being accused of putting in jeopardy three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation bill even members of their own party call their demands extreme, look who's back mike huckabee he will take it on, stay right o there. >> will it pass, i don't know will have to see what amendments that gets passed in the senate and what happened to the floor of the house. ♪
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10:38 pm
you talk to us about this why did the democrats act like they have a mandate whenhe they don't they have a three vote margin of control in then house, the squad maybe they won their seats with 1000000 - 2000000 votes with the trying to steamroll republicans with infrastructure in the three and after you dollar reconciliation bill even how's moderate democrats are say we don't want to steamroll republicans we want to fix potholes. what do you say. >> that's a lot of potholes three hanna half trillion dollars, this is way more than infrastructure bill you can have an earthquake that we take out most of america and you can fix it for less than three and half trillion it's an absurd amount of money but not about and patricia and i hope the republicans don't get fooled and join in and was clown nonsense and basically inducting american people for generations to come,
10:39 pm
if a church is everything we need it we wanted, republican b support for more the democrats but it ought to be true for structure roads, bridges, highways, water systems, airports and things with the skeletal system of the economy this is a a skeletal system this is big chunks of lard and fat that would go on the skeleton and we cannot afford it and republicans need to stand up and speak up and say no we will not support them. elizabeth: the three half trillion in b new spending budgt reconciliation bill total gdp of spain, show you, certainly combine, they're talking about thtaxing iras work more than $5 million raising the corporate tax rate, raising individual tax rates those are deal breakers for moderate democrats here's the thing president trump he
10:40 pm
could not get through the one and half trillion dollar infrastructure bill even the republicans control both chambers were talking to 1 trillion infrastructure and then three and half trillion were talking 5 trillion in new spending is this going tong hapn or backfire, do you think it'll fall apart? >> i think it will absolutely fall apart and backfire the damage is the hope it does go through if it does it'll turn up the heat in the oven and cook them next year end the midterm elections the american people are not stupid as the democrats think they are maybe they don't do the math of trillions of dollars every day but they understand this isth utter nonsense and they also understand to pay-for there's going to have to be huge tax increases even after president biden said there won't be any big tech increases, you raise the corporate tax rate in the -gcapital gains tax you start shrinking the economy from a holdback investment, you stop
10:41 pm
hiring companies will go back into a cash h hold position whih they did in the latter part of the obama years and the net result economy falls apart, overseeing inflation this will add to an economic disaster but it will be a boom for the republicans in the midterm elections and in 2024. scelizabeth: the fiscal gymnasts to pay-for and pay leaders, but taxing retirement account will be a bridge too far i don't mean to be sufficient but republicans raneed infrastructure to take bk control the house and the senate in 2022 but a lot of republican voters want to fix bridges and roads brought to the republicans either structural? >> that's like saying i'm hungry and want a hamburger but in order to get a quarter pounder i have to buy a b side of beef 300 pounds worth people are say no when hamburger, republicans
10:42 pm
want infrastructure but they don't want to indent the american people through their grandchildren's future, when they start talking about taxing tpeople's retirement, what's te point of saving for retirement if the government will steal afteru you saved you might blow everybody like a lot of the democrats have advocated a not have anything left and let uncle sugar take care of you in your old age, this is the disastrous approach to the economy but the democrats promote but republicans have to stand against it and explain why, if they can'ty do it they don't deserve to be in office either but i think that they can. elizabeth: governor mike huckabee is great to see you, come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next to vince coglianese on the story a new website attracts stock trades
10:43 pm
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elizabeth: let's will come back to the show talk show host in daily caller top editor vince coglianese the new website from data company called to iq is free and it shows investors what politicians in washington and their families are trading and pulled off or the financial disclosures soso regular invests can win big in profit two. this is interesting stuff if it spotlights on who goes to washington, millionaires, what do you say. >> is a fascinating tool look at the lawmakers like nancy pelosi
10:48 pm
she's worth nearly $100 million more than she was about 15 years ago, how did that happen shows loss of investment in big tech companies which and her colleagues among the democrat party they claim they want to regulate the companies and break them apart and tear them down but that is all lipservice, you really think nancy pelosi is going to be had her golden goose yet google,, facebook, twitter, she's constantly trading and making money off of these companies she has a cushy relationship with them and somehow they end up with gigantic government contracts and keeps going and going until we get insight on how these lawmakers take advantage of what supposed to be public service. elizabeth: nancy pelosi interfamily nancy pelosi same shoes within the letter of the law disclosing that she's doing dit and courting to the stock t and how they're making the trade
10:49 pm
but were talking tens of millions of dollars in tech company trade in her backyard of her district were talking google, apple, facebook, google donated to nancy pelosi it seems people are going to say what is really going on we can talk about being within the letter of the law but were talking about conversations or phone calls with apple ceo tim cook that nancy pelosi had, there is information, insider information that you can profit from d a d.. how can you nail that down that there's any malfeasance or. >> is on display it's in the letter of the law but by every sense of any normal person's perception just a casual corruption of washington, d.c. how is it the people elect to become members of congress they go in with middle-class salaries and they become some of the richest people in the united states, nancy pelosi is a six richest member of congress, how
10:50 pm
did that happen it's really no wonder you watch a relationship that they have with the giant companies, the oligarchs who are doing the bidding of democrats who hold power in the white house or congress in our so joined at the hip that what you have is people using their position of power to enrich themselves and it's a real tragedy because united states congress is supposed to serve in the interest of the people and not in the inside of the building. elizabeth: the website is called to iq the number two and iq, we will stay on the story, thank you for joining us it's good to see you. former dhs acting secretary chad wolf is going to talk about president biden getting backlash from his own party for keeping the trump era rules that turns
10:51 pm
away border crosses during a pandemic, we have a dangerous new variant exploding in south and central america we will talk about it next, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> remember march was the worst month on record for illegal crossings, march was the worst month until april and april was the worst month until may and may was the worst until june that is what you call a bad trend. ♪ tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. businesses that want personalization and speed are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. nice bumping into you. ♪ lights out, follow the noise. ♪ ♪ baby, keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice. ♪
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elizabeth: back with us no former acting dhs secretary chad wolf it's great to have you back on, far left progressives forcing the biden administration is wrong to keep in place title 42 which allows administration to basically not accept border crosses during b the pandemic, what do they want we have a historic number of illegal crossings, this time 210,000 in july that is the highest month the figure into decades, what is your reaction? >> absolutely the administration is right in keeping title 42 in place i don't think they will satisfy the far left groups until they have a completely open border and amnesty at the end of the day but the issue with the administration and title 42 they're not applying it in a manner in which they should to be effective they've exempted family units and all minors from
10:56 pm
title42 42 why you see a crisisf the numbers of the border. they use title 42 it'll be a much better shape than they are today. elizabeth: americans want immigration, the polls show that the majority of americans want that the majority of americans of humanitarian say come here legally, becoming illegally yoga exposed to covid-19 coming of the assaulted you will be abused by companies in the u.s. and abused illegal immigrants, here's the other thing the cdc warning americans saying don't travel to countries like greece or the u.s. virgin islands because of the rising d delta variant of covid cases, we have the land of errant exploding in south america, that variant is scary stuff but the administration is not tracking or testing for that or the delta variant, what do you say?
10:57 pm
>> is equally as concerning as a lack of measures to be placed at the border, as you have 210,000 individuals coming across the border every day, what does that mean that means you will have mass releases of these individuals into american communities and we know without many people, they cannot do the required security checks and you cannot test everyone, as abiding the administration is asking folks to reinstitute mask mandates for indoor facilities in certain states, your lighting a large number of individuals, illegal aliens come into this country every day, every weekend every month and spread to communities without being vaccinated, without the required test. it's a very hazard policy that they have in place, one for americans and one for those of break the law choose to break the law to come into the country illegally. elizabeth: president biden said this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, he's saying this
10:58 pm
is a dangerous time where people are unvaccinated, republicans are saying, the border is a super spreader event your allowing people that are not vaccinated and not tracking them that the major super spreader event, listen tode what top democratic president obama said in 2005. >> we all agree on the need to better secure the border, were a generous and welcoming people in the united states but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law, we simply cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently,en diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country. elizabeth: what happened, why
10:59 pm
are democrats changing thereto now? what changed. >> integrate question i think the biden the administration has become beholden to the left wing of the party when we talk about immigration measures, the messaging from president obama is exactly right but be on the messaging you gotta back it up with policy is in programs that adhere to the rule of law that implement these things and apply consequence to illegal behavior and we know the biden administration month after month has not done this, you see the numbers increased, every month is worse than the previous month we are nowow historic numbers tt this country has never seen before in the system is broken and overwhelmed that's why you see thousands of individuals are aliens underneath the bridge it's a humanitarian disaster international embarrassment something needs to occur, new strategy needs to be in place, new leadership in place this is overwhelming the system at the end of theng day. elizabeth: chad wolf, thank you for joining us, it's good to see you. >> thank you.
11:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you so much for watching, ink am elizabeth macdonald, human watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us, have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i'm larry kudlow. in washington the conversation about infrastructure and budget reconciliation is running hot and heavy, the good, the bad and the ugly, right now nothing is completely clear, not the outcomes, not the spending, not the scoring not even the taxing, let me tell you there will be plenty of spending, plenty of taxing and unfortunately plenty of weird scoring to go along with


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