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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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breeze, an insurance company. 65% of workers said their jobs could be done by remote were willing to take a 5% reduction to stay at home. my own opinion an economy where workers won't go to work won't work for long. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." we'll see you back here tomorrow. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: protests today outside of governor andrew cuomo's new york offices. this, news is now breaking. four district attorneys in new york now probing the state attorney general's findings that governor cuomo sexually harassed 11 woman, retaliated against an accuser. legal pros say cuomo and his team could face both criminal and civil charges. as new york lawmakers moving closer to impeachment. joining us tonight, new york congresswoman nicole
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malliotakis, former federal prosecutor jim trusty. the hill columnist kristin tate. robert orr, former white house covid testing czar, dr. bret giroir, and congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks and nancy mace. national border patrol council president brandon judd. we have more on that scathing attorney general report out of new york. it also questions why did cnn anchor chris cuomo, what was his role advising his governor brother to fight back? why did he get confidential information about state workers and state operations in we've got this story. a new york gop congressman delegation demanding to know why the justice department stopped investigating new york's nursing home deaths tied to cuomo's executive order putting patients back in. also this, new covid debate, should the unvaccinated pay more for health care and insurance? should the vaccinated be left footing their bill? did you know this? democrats via the new infrastructure bill, they want
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to track you and tax you, based on the number of miles you drive in order to pay for massive spending. economists warn that could slam middle class and trucking industry. it violates the president's vow to not tax people below 400,000. we'll take you more on the border crisis. the biden administration reportly considering vaccinating illegal immigrants as health officials warn new, dangerous covid variants are ripping through florida and texas inundated with illegal border-crossers. florida governor ron desantis tearing into the president, quote, why don't you do the job. why don't you get the border secure. if until you secure the border i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪.
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elizabeth: okay, welcome to the show, you're watching the fox business network. we begin with new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis back with us and former federal prosecutor jim trusty. we'll turn to the legal part. get to you, congresswoman. jim, first to you, we have four new york district attorneys probing the sexual harassment findings by the new york ag. do you expect charges against cuomo and his team? >> hard to know but there is certainly a possibility. i guess two competing principles. criminal cases are never the same as they appear on paper. we don't usually see the prosecution memos or reports. they can be distorting in terms of how strong a case would actual hang together but at the same time in this report there is ample corroboration, there is retaliatory conduct, there's independent witnesses that saw victims that had been completely shaken up by the creepy nature and behavior of this man. so i do think there is a possibility of charging some fairly low-grade but consequential charges such as
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forcible touching, based on the accounts and the corroboration. elizabeth: we hear you. the criminal cases have a high bar. it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt but there is a lot of evidence here. congresswoman, retaliation against accusers, bullying, that seems to have legs. your take on that. the state attorney general's office finding cuomo and his team actively retaliated against accusers. what do you say? >> well the governor's well-known for being a bully. as a matter of fact an assembly member had been bullied by cuomo for just standing up for his uncle who had passed away in one of the nursing homes due to the mismanagement of the governor. this is very well-known throughout albany. i served there as a state legislator. i can tell you that it is the governor, it is his team. and i will say this, that is probably why there are the votes to impeach him right now. he doesn't have many allies, not even within his own party.
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people have had enough of governor cuomo and it is my understanding that the judiciary committee will be meeting on monday to discuss where we go from here in terms of the investigation. albany i think very possible that he will be impeached if he does not resign. elizabeth: we hear you, congresswoman, the impeachment appears to be on a fast track. let's talk about lawsuits, jim trusty. the congresswoman makes a good point there, impeachment, retaliation angles here. the legal experts are also pointing out these victims can sue andrew cuomo and the state of new york for damages. his senior staff were aiding and abetting him, enabling his toxic bullying behavior, covering it up, could this team be in jeopardy along with cuomo in terms of lawsuits? >> yeah they could. you have title vii issues. you have civil torts could be pursued in terms of battery and the report laid out a culture within the executive mansion that was extremely enabling. there were times they kind of
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dismiss it as being fear driven, people were so afraid of his mercurial conduct, they didn't want to find themselves on the wrong end of a cuomo temper tantrum. ultimately enabling conspiring, essentially, using my words to retaliate. that is the type of stuff that extends liabilities to his aiders and abettors pretty cleanly. elizabeth: congresswoman, how does in terms of your contacts in new york state and also in d.c. how does cuomo politically survive this? the allegation of one of the accusers, a former aide to cuomo, that he globed her under her blouse, it was sent to the albany police department earlier this year, the police spokesperson at that time, congresswoman said this may have risen to the level of a crime. so how can he hang on here? >> well i don't think he does. i was on your show a couple months ago saying he should resigned over the nursing home scandal. now you have every single member of congress representing
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new york state, plus the president of the united states, plus a little while ago, even own the political side his state democratic chairman saying he should resign. 82 members about the state assembly which will vote to impeach. you only need 76 votes, a majority. i don't believe the governor does survive this. i said all along he was going to go whether by resignation, criminal conviction, impeachment or at the ballot box next year but i think his days are certainly numbered and i would just give it just a couple of days i would think until he decides that he cannot survive an impeachment trial. elizabeth: you know, the other thing too is, we have to talk about, jim, how msnbc, cnn, other networks gave him a pass, treated him as the love guv. in hollywood he got an emmy. there is a lot of adulation there. now we've got as congresswoman pointed out, the president, nancy pelosi, entire new york congressional and senate
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delegation. you have governors, new jersey, pennsylvania, rhode island calling for cuomo to resign. editorial boards of "new york times," "washington post" say he should resign. the lieutenant governor says the accusations are repulsive and unlawful. what is the media's role painting a different picture of andrew cuomo? >> a lot of these people were kind of johnny-come-lately in terms of their condemnation of the governor. he has a lot of enabling, anyone says the right things at donald trump's expense becomes a media darling whether michael avenatti or this governor hailed as a poster child by joe biden handling of pandemic. it takes a lot for people to turn on him. it significant. we shouldn't draw moral cues from the media and politicians who only lately turned on him for this conduct. don't expect a lot of professionalism from his brother when it comes to coverage for instance.
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elizabeth: basically, congresswoman, used as an attack dog by the democrat party. went after brett kavanaugh quickly. this is how sick it got. the any complaint or allegation about the governor was handled by people around him who protected him. so the victims, with their accusations, it was so bleak for them, that any, even unwelcome sexualized attention from governor cuomo was viewed as a better alternative to get, you know, the verbally abused or toxic experience in the executive chamber. that is from the state ag report. >> shouldn't come as a surprise because when the ag issued her report on the nursing home scandal, we saw how his own chief of staff covered up the information. she admitted to it. she covered up the information because they were afraid of an investigation from the department of justice which is why so many of my colleagues and i are on the federal level so dispointed doj is not pursuing it. governor cuomo has a double
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standard. he went after three assembly members of his own party, accused of sexual harrassment from 2013 on. they didn't even have a investigation. they didn't have any due process. yet the governor now when you have this five-month investigation, 7400 communications including text messages and e-mails, 150 people including those very close to the governor, those that served in his administration, even those that served the state troopers who protect him, corroborated stories from these victims and he doesn't want to resign. he thinks he is above the law. by the way he drafted, he signed into law sexual harassment today that he violated. elizabeth: to your point an aide to governor cuomo, stephanie bennett, according to the state ag forged governor's signature on the state document that the governor completed mandatory sexual harassment training in 2019 when he didn't. so where this goes going forward, to your point, we hear
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what you're saying republicans out of new york saying to the doj why did you drop coverup of investigation into nursing home deaths? i want your reaction to this, cnn's role, msnbc's role, ongoing role basically giving cuomo a pass all threw last year, right? you can imagine the victims. their torment at home. this should not be hot on people. day in, day out the networks propped up governor cuomo as the love governor. he is single and ready to mingle. never once did they give credence to his accusers last year to their pain. some networks did. a lot of networks didn't. these networks, many these networks, owe this women a huge apology. remember avenatti for president, cuomo for president? let's watch this montage. >> new york's andrew cuomo has become an outspoken voice in this crisis with his blunt and sobering assessments. >> you were there for us and i
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go, oh, he you are smart, you are honest. >> you exposed a lot of your own vulnerabilities. >> topic about you is your love life. >> you've been commended for your clear and calm leadership. >> congratulations, andrew, much deserved founders award. >> you and your brother chris tied as most desirable men in new york. >> is it true that this was swab that the nurse was actually using, in scale? this was the actual swab that was being used. >> i was going to be nice and sweet. i want to know -- elizabeth: first to you, congresswoman, your reaction? >> it's a slap in the face to 11 sexual harrassment victims. also 15,000 nursing home victims. the governor has to go. he will be impeached or must resign or we'll take him out on ballot box. those who want to add to my effort go to enough cuomo and
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add your name. elizabeth: jim trusty, final word. >> looks like we moved to some sort of justice when it comes to his misconduct and attack on victims himself. it is incomplete the nursing home if that is not factored in it will be a bit of a incomplete story when it comes to cuomo's accountability. elizabeth: congresswoman nicole malliotakis and jump trusty, thanks for joining us. good to see you. up next, kristin tate, new york senate minority leader robert ort, on the scathing new york ag report, raises questions on cnn anchor chris cuomo advising his brother on the sexual harassment allegations. they want to know why chris cuomo got confidential information about state workers and operations? you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that is up next.
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why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven matching your job description. to help increase energy and improve recovery. and it keeps you at your best all day long. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing. and it helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. proven quality sleep is life-changing sleep. only from sleep number. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show "the hill" columnist kristin tate and we welcome new york state senate minority leader robert ortt. great to have you both on. robert ortt, first to you, there is major blow back against cnn's chris cuomo. he helped orchestrate the
6:18 pm
governor's response against his accusers. a new york state attorney general why did a cnn anchor who didn't work for the state, why did that person get confidential information about state workers and state operations that impacted state business? so what is your take on that? >> well, that is a great question to ask. and only confirms when a lot of folks across this country, specifically republicans and conservatives when they talk about the media bias, look no further, always remember this right here. where you had, first of all chris cuomo should never, ever interviewing his brother ever of the if you want to call that an interview. but secondly the idea he was advising him and had access to personal information on these women, that is disgusting. it shows you, this is almost, this isn't journalism. this is a family, inside family. both those obviously brothers
6:19 pm
came up with their father who was governor of new york at one time but it is undeniable, incestuous relationship tear between two brothers. it was not journalism. cnn should be ashamed of themselves. chris cuomo could not be employed by cnn any longer. elizabeth: is he going to get impeached? >> the governor i believe will absolutely be impeached. the only thing that saves him from impeachment is his resignation. elizabeth: kristin tate, let's get to you, critics are saying this is about a abuse of power. email from chris cuomo to his brother, team of advisors. draft of a statement the governor could use responding to the charges. the language in each are eye did not call. they mirror each other. >> this is an absolute shame. cnn should be absolutely ashamedded. cnn throughout 2020 aired
6:20 pm
regular prime time banter between the others. one was cringe-worthy, you played it during the show, chris cuomo held up a large swab. i think it was an attempt at comedy. another segment chris cuomo told husband brother he was the best politician in the country. making light of this situation, he and cnn destroyed whatever credibility they had left. they created a conflict of interest that made impossible for the network to cover andrew cuomo. this year, all of sudden when the sexual misconduct allegations came forward and made public. chris cuomo said all of sudden he can't cover his brother. he never should have been covering his brother either the good or the bad. the network didn't decide to stop the coverage until all the news about andrew cuomo became bad. it is shameful. it is unethical. people are starting to catch on. this is part of why cnn's ratings are nosediving. people are tuning out.
6:21 pm
elizabeth: robert, to kristin's point, chris cuomo, by the way chris cuomo testified as part of the investigation by the state ag about his role advising the governor how to respond. what kristin was saying the cnn anchor said on his show in march, you can't cover what is going on with his brother. then behind the scenes he is advising his brother secretly. he is helping to orchestrate the response and then governor cuomo attacks his accusers, attacks the investigators, tries to discredit and delegitimatize them. you know, so, this is stunning behavior that we're not sure that the general public understands the details and nuances of it when you see what happened. how shocking was it to you that this was allowed to to go on? >> it is not surprising to me and not shocking it would happen. to your point about the governor's strategy, we have to infer that strategy was in part
6:22 pm
formed by his brother who, you know, told his brother how to handle the media, how to go about this and to try to discredit these women and his brother knew about it. knew about the strategy, was okay with it. a major evening anchor with a major news network. elizabeth: kristin, here is the thing. chris cuomo advises his brother, they say go on the attack. the governor starts gaslighting, attacking the accusers. experts could be about criminal charges, about planting reasonable doubt. reasonable doubt by cnn the anchor and governor doing this attacking the women and attacking the investigators. including dumping opposition research on to go after investigative attorney june kim. this is about laying groundwork of reasonable doubt in eyes of
6:23 pm
jurors looking at possible criminal charges. not saying it will get to that, but this was the gameplan of the cuomos early on to gas light, to undercut what could have been coming down the road. your take? >> it is absolutely disgusting. i feel heartbroken for the 11 women, but i should say, liz, we shouldn't forget about the nursing home scandal the media role in this is not just limited to the 11 accusers. it is also this nursing home scandal. we watched the media, especially cnn over the past year tell us andrew cuomo was the gold standard of governance while 15,000 elderly new yorkers died of covid because of or at least, partly because of cuomo's nursing home order. he then went on to lie about his nursing home order and the death toll for a year straight while he wrote a book about what a great governor he was. it was the media's glowing coverage that allowed him to be so reckless with human life especially and including his brother chris cuomo.
6:24 pm
elizabeth: kristin tate, robert ortt, thanks for joining us. great to have you on. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: up next dr. brett giroir on this new covid debate, should the unvaccinated pay more for health care and health insurance? should the insured and vaccinated be left footing the bill? we have variants coming in. they are contagious. it will ruin every previous model on how soon the u.s. might reach herd immunity. people talking about the pandemic within the pandemic. talking to dr. brett giroir about that and what is happening at the border. the story next. ♪. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now former hhs assistant secretary, he is back with us now, dr. brett giroir. doctor, always great to have you back on. first let's deal with this, former president barack obama decided to significantly scale back and call off his 60th birthday party with estimated 700 people. it will be just family and close friends. this is talked about as the right thing to do. what do you say? >> well i think it's good for the optics. i this if everyone were vaccinated, everyone were tested, everyone wore masks there is a good chance you could be safe. we're in the peak after delta outbreak with over 100,000 cases a day last week, hospitalizations going up. i think it is just a better example of leadership for him to tone this down. i'm sure he could have a bash on
6:29 pm
his 61st birthday but i think it is the right decision and one we should support. elizabeth: the pentagon will make vaccinations mandatory for the military. we heard that story was coming out. the variants are contagious. it is undercutting herd immunity. here is the debate and being raised in the media and "the new york times," should the unvaccinated pay higher health insurance costs? should the vaccinated have to cover their costs? what do you say? >> well i would love to talk about the military but to deal with this specifically -- elizabeth: you can talk about it, go ahead. >> yeah. i am really shocked that that would be the decision of the secretary of defense. we have had a long-standing policy and action that unless a vaccine were fully approved it should not be mandatory. i think we should do everything we should do to help answer questions of our troops, of our men and women in uniform but we
6:30 pm
owe them not to coerce them or force them and violate this precedent. i think this is a terrible step. i think the secretary of defense should tell president biden no and that every effort should be made to help talk to our troops, give them all the information. they put their lives on the line. the least we could do is give them the right to decision-making on an authorized vaccine. once it is approved it is a different story and we would be going with normal policy. elizabeth: we hear what you're saying. this is an emergency use authorized vaccine right now. it is not lawful, it is not in the law that you can mandate vaccines under that scenario but when they are finally fda approved should those who are unvaccinated pay higher insurance costs? we asked that because the point is being made smokers have to pay high insurance. people who have reckless driving habits have to pay high insurance. what do you say? what do you think? >> i think there are a couple
6:31 pm
considerations. number one it should be based on fact and risk. if a person just got finished surviving doing well, you can with delta, they're at least as protecterred as a person who got a vaccine nine months ago. this should be based on fact and risk, not just on coercion. number two, it's a very slippery slope. number one it will be inherently discriminatory. you will have disparate impact on african-americans who don't take the vaccines. should you charge elderly more, if you're over 65 vaccinated or not. you could wind up in the hospital with more bills. do you charge people with different geographies, socioeconomic groups. this is a slipperily slope. i would advise extreme caution. vaccine or no is not a risk stratification. number two there are a lot of unintended consequences and i would be very concerned. elizabeth: we hear you. those are great points you made. your thoughts on governor ron
6:32 pm
desantis saying, listen, white house, administration, you're inundating us with covid cases coming from illegal border-crossers. the governor is saying until you secure the border and stop that, mr. president, quote we don't want to hear blip from you about covid. what is your take on what is going on? >> americans and i am per flexed perplexed you can stop visitors from europe and canada, but allow hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated and highly contagious individuals across the southern border. you can't make this make sense. it is imperative that number one, that we either control the border to limit the amount of cases that are coming in, or at the very least if a person comes in, they need to get vaccinated at the spot. this is a very important issue. why does not customs and border protection or any of the people that biden have put a needle in peoples arms? that the best way at least in
6:33 pm
two weeks they will be immune and not spread it around the country. there are a lot of questions to be asked. none are being answered. you cannot square this circle, can't come from canada with a vaccine or europe and come across the southern border, potentially highly infectious throughout the country. this needs to be fixed. >> dr. brett giroir, thanks for joining us, great to have you on. okay. you're watching the fox business network. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. next up congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. social media again called out for censorship. this time of senator rand paul. this as it allows misinformation on vaccines to spread. that is what obama's former dhs secretary is warning about. so is dr. fauci. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> if we have good information, we'll make good decisions. trust americans they will make good decisions. quick mandating things. we're sick and tired of being told what to do.
6:34 pm
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stuart: welcome back. senator rand paul released a new video slamming youtube for censoring his discussion about how cloth masks don't work against covid-19. n95 masks are the ones that really work. watch senator paul. >> censorship by youtube is very dangerous as it stifles debate and promotes group think where the truth is defined by people with a political agenda. elizabeth: back with us now, a member of the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus, congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. congresswoman, great to have you back on. why would youtube censor this? >> i don't think youtube should censor it. i disagree with president comments that our social media outlets should be looking to censor and deplatform what they consider to be disinformation. we don't want information to go underground.
6:39 pm
we want it to be out in the open. we want it to be discussed. we want to be aware what is being said. you can't counter disinformation if you force it underground. in ad diagnose to which science is a debate, it is a discussion, it's a dialogue, it's a back and forth and that is how you prove scientific theories. you conduct an experiment. you have a hypothesis, conduct an experiment and repeat that experiment. so i think, when the cdc came out with this most recent guidance and the house rhee reimposed mask mandates to have an n95 mask. so that is the mask that was recommended to us, not a cloth mask. so i think that you know, senator paul, dr. paul's discussion is perfectly appropriate and we should in fact be having that discussion and that dialogue and that debate. elizabeth: all the senator was doing citing the studies saying most masks over-the-counter don't work, don't prevent
6:40 pm
infection. n95 masks work. what is your take on youtube censoring sky news coverage of the pandemic? >> again i think it is inappropriate. doesn't allow for to us know what information is out there and hear information and have a discussion and a dialogue. it is very anti-science if you will. science isn't the suppression of ideas. science is how we build upon knowledge, our awareness of knowledge. then it is always an interchange, a dialogue. for instance i can remember when i first was in nursing and medicine that peptic ulcer disease, type-a personalities and due to stress. it happened to be individuals in australia who pointed out it could aback tear yaw. it took them 20 years to convince individuals in the scientific and medical community that that in fact was true and now our treatment for peptic ulcer disease is drastically different. if we suppress information, if we suppress information we never will come to a true conclusion
6:41 pm
of what is number one, best practice, what is the appropriate treatment or treatment protocols and especially with this pandemic, what we do today is the precedent for how we treat the next pandemic. it is really important we have discussions. elizabeth: the former homeland security secretary under president obama, jeh johnson, he said that the internet and soes media, are quote the biggest danger because of misinformation about vaccines. ken burns, documentary filmmaker called facebook an enemy of the state. you also have numerous studies, "new york times," "washington post," saying people are getting mismanufacturing about vaccines, mostly from the internet and social media. that is where the majority of the misinformation is coming from. what is your take when you said earlier you don't want the white house acting as censors here? >> certainly, do they think that it is going away if they suppress all this information on the internet? if the information is on the internet and it is visible for
6:42 pm
everyone to see, then we can counter that information. misinformation, we know what is being said. i will have people, i think all doctors have been in the position where people will bring in, patients will bring in reams of information or studies off of the internet for them to discuss with their doctor. if we don't even know what is being said we don't know how to counter that information. so i think it is important that it is there, it is out in the open. we're aware of it discuss it with individuals and patients. elizabeth: congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks, thanks for joining us. it is great to have you on. >> great to be on with you. elizabeth: okay. next up, did you know this was going on? that democrats via the infrastructure bill want to track you and tax you based on the number of miles you drive to pay for massive spending? economists warn this will slam the middle class, the poor and the trucking industry. it violates the president's vow not to tax people under 400,000. up next congresswoman nancy
6:43 pm
mistake this is on, how this could impact your wallet. >> i hope the republicans don't get fooled and go ahead and join in this absolute clown car of nonsense and basically indebt the american people for generations to come. ♪. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right,
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6:48 pm
400,000? this will slam the middle class and people in the trucking industry. what do you say? >> the administration says one thing but reality is totally another in this case and it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone majority in power of democrats, 2/3 of that spending you mentioned will go to their home districts. part of the issue with the national mileage tax, how will they track it? when they do track it, what other kind of data are they going to track on u.s. drivers? what kind of privacy issues are we going to have with that? if you're going to do that you certainly can't tax us at the fuel pump when we're getting fuel. it doesn't to my knowledge, i haven't had time to read 2700 pages, doesn't address the fact that electric vehicles are not paying a tax every time they refuel their batteries? elizabeth: that is a great point. the transportation secretary pete buttigieg, he is floated this trial balloon earlier this
6:49 pm
year. he walked it back saying we're not going to do it but now it is in the bill. this thing could pass. that's the issue. >> it could pass. elizabeth: go ahead. take that on. >> no, absolutely. and it will, i believe it will pass under the guise of being quote, bipartisan but there are many of us that will not vote to raise taxes on the american people, particularly in the middle of a pandemic but we're not in the majority. so democrats i would imagine would have the votes. there is enough green new deal in there to satisfy moderates. it is always say one thing in public but what is happening is entirely something else. and the american people, the middle class worker is going to be taxed. i don't care what the biden administration says or all these different spending plans, it is going to happen. elizabeth: so you are going to see public awareness campaigns about a mileage tax out of the transportation department with this phony idea that it is not hitting the middle class and
6:50 pm
poor, it will with the trucking industry. your point about privacy is an important one. do we want the federal government vacuuming up where americans drive? when the federal government has been repeatedly hacked by north korea, china and russia? we have smartphone apps tracking with location services on their smartphones where you sleep, where you work, where you go to business meetings, where you go to church. which nightclubs or movie theaters you go to? do we really want the federal government with all of that information? >> no. how many cybersecurity bills has the federal government passed this year? virtually none. the biden administration put an executive order on cybersecurity memo on protecting americans data. that was just a memo. this is wasteful spending. amtrak is $58 billion in this thing. they got two billion in covid relief funds and their internet still doesn't work. elizabeth: congressman, good to
6:51 pm
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>> back with is not national border patrol council president
6:55 pm
brandon judd, it's great to see you what is your reaction the washington post is reporting the biden administration is considering giving the johnson & johnson vaccine to border crossers, we have the delta very and other variants ripping through florida and texas, the land of variant is exploding top of the border, what do you think of the story. >> first of all it's always good to speak with you, as far as the story goes this a administration fails to look at unintended consequences when they make decisions, if they give the vaccine to illegal border crossers there going to create another magnet that is going to invite people across our borders illegally those people in those countries that are predominantly where these people are coming from and they don't have access to the vaccine for giving the vaccine to people were gonna be creating another vacuum asking people cross our borders illegally, we currently have in the month of july nearly
6:56 pm
200,000, if not a little bit more than 200,000 illegal border crossers, we cannot deal with more people crossing the border illegally. elizabeth: hundreds of thousands of got a ways according to estimate where the white house, media slamming texas and florida when it's not taking into account what they're dealing with in terms of people coming in across the border infected with covid-19 the new york times is reporting this earlier this year the public health officials and shelter operators were warning that the white house, the administration of the government was not testing and tracking people crossing the border with covid-19 they were saying this will ignite and trigger a bigger pandemic let's us in the florida governor ron desantis on this. watch. >> why don't you do your job, why don't you get the borders secure and until you do that i don't want to hear a blip about covid from you. elizabeth: what do you say he's
6:57 pm
pretty mad. >> i can't agree with governor desantis more, this white house has faced governors, governor nome, governor desantis, governor abbott, they have faced them to do the job of the federal government, that's not what they're supposed to be doing but because the white house isn't doing anything about these unsecure borders, people that are crossing the border illegally, these people that are getting away all of this mess that was crated by the white house because her not doing anything, people like governor abbott and governor desantis are having to step up and go the extraordinary mile to ensure their people in their states are safe, it is crazy. elizabeth: we have the texas county covering the city of mcallen that city declared a disaster area the city of mcallen in texas forced to build its own tents to handle rapidly escalating influxes of illegal border crossers, they are saying
6:58 pm
since february over 7000 confirm covid-19 positive migrants released into the city of mcallen and received that but we see nothing about what's being done to test or to track these individuals, tens of thousands headed into florida or texas and other states, what are you hearing about the white house administration is doing about testing and tracking border crossers going on buses and planes who potentially may have the virus. >> that's one of the main problems were looking out, if you're united states pits into citizen you test positive for covid-19 it's reported to the state health department so they can do the contact tracing, but if we apprehend somebody that crosses the border illegally and turn them over to the ngos like catholic charities and they test them and they come back positive, they're not notifying the texas state health department so there is no contact tracing that is going on
6:59 pm
so everything that we do as united states citizens, they don't do, the white house is not doing the same thing for the illegal border crossers, which again they're protecting people that are even citizens of the united states but they're not protecting their own citizens, that is bad government. elizabeth: let's stay on this, basically were seeing the administration officials slamming americans saying we may require you to have a vaccine mandate, vaccine passport, were gonna put restrictions on you but then we see what's going on at the border, listen were a humanitarian country we want to help everybody but this is chaos what's going on down there then you have a federal judge blocking governor greg abbott executive order, basically saying do not transport migrants via buses and airplanes, he's trying to deal with it that the governor says he's going to
7:00 pm
appeal this we have a judge temporarily blocking his executive order, final word quickly. >> it is chaos and it needs to stop in the white house needs to do their job, that is enough said. elizabeth: thank you for your service to our country, thank you for coming on. thank you for watching i'm elizabeth macdonald. you been watching "the evening edit", we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone, welcome back to cut though i am larry kudlow. so we begin tonight with a question, the 100 senators that will presumably go on the infrastructure bill, how many of them do you think have actually read the 2701 page document, that's right 2701 that's bigger than any book written in history the average bible is a little over 1000


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