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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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u.s. pipeline jobs in other jobs and fossil fuels were sacrificed just so the climate could jet off to his place in martha's vineyard. will keep you updated on john kerry's growing carbon footprint. in the meantime that doesn't rust on fox business evening edit start right now. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ fight breaking out now between the white house, texas, and florida over the border. elizabeth: a major fight between the white house, texas and ford over the border. it's ending up to the supreme court, this aztecs is deals with another horrific and deadly human smuggling crash, we also have that in homeland security now revealing the startling number of the billions of dollars in profits that human traffickers earn at the border, plus drug cartels working with
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china and at international operation to profit off of the southern border now in chaos. that is happening now vice president art delicate toe, new york state assemblyman jared and claudia tenney and senator big hall gert joins us, chris stewart, michael jason smith and michael burgess. this humanitarian crisis for the migrants and u.s. citizens. where is the biden administration on that? critics say where is dr. fauci on that? prosecutors closing in on new york governor andrew cuomo. four district attorneys doing four separate criminal probes into sexual harassment allegations. now we've got breaking news. his accuser, lindsey boylan, the first now moving to sue the governor and his team. we've got the democrat-controlled state legislature of new york now has impeachment on a fast track. this debate coming in, cuomo,
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now trying to sow reasonable doubt by attacking his accusers and state investigators with the help of his brother at cnn, even a facebook executive. also this the senate could pass the infrastructure bill this weekend. house progressives moving to be the spoilers there on that win. they want their wish-list. they're not getting it, behind the scenes top democrats now alarmed at new polling showing they could lose control of the house in next year's midterms. plus a new report coming in that u.s. intelligence is now investigating the genetic data of thousands of viruses from the wuhan lab in order to confirm whether it leaked from that lab. this is tricky. the virus can cover its tracks without a trace of where it came from. and the president calling on half of all cars and trucks to be electric by 2030? the debate now ramping up. democrats pushing for a new mileage tax pilot program would
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violate one of president biden's biggest red lines, don't tax the middle class. i'm liz beth mcdonald. the"the evening edit" starts rit now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watch elizabeth: welcome to the show you're watching the fox business network, we begin with a horrific crash at the border in texas, at least ten dead and overloaded human smuggling vanan packet 29 illegal immigrants, 20 others injured, now we have 30 illegals killed in two separate human smuggling crashes back in march, the happening california and texas. back with is not texas attorney general ken paxton. it's great to have you on can you explain what is g going on, human smugglers recruiting young illegals to drive these smuggling vehicles, what is happening. >> that is what is happening, it's pretty sad that people are
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having to die in these car crashes, it's not necessary that this happened, the president of the united states has invited this, he's largely responsible for the fact that this is happening and working to see more of this, you'll see more crashes the cartel does not care about the safety of the people they will do what it takes to make as much money in these people are expendable and the biden administration knows that this is going to happen anymore is going to happen and they're responsible foror it. elizabeth: the smugglers are saying to the young illegals, will cut your fee that we will charge you to come in to cross the border as long as you drive these vans and cars, but if you're caught you're going to get in trouble with us, that's why they're turning texas in border states, neighborhoods and communities into car chases, is that what's happening? >> absolutely, were becoming a cartel states, any of the border states are being invaded by
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cartel people whether the people they've hired or the cartels themselves, that's how it is when the border is open, they are making so much money doing this, billions of dollars in the fact that texas is experiencing this is not the end for the country, will see more of this and more states just as ron desantis said it's coming to the rest of the country. elizabeth: the border is aas disaster area, florida and texas, your governor, they've had it with the white house, a big legal fight with the white house with your state and with florida, human smugglers, homeland security official john testified to congress up to $6 billion human smuggling business for the cartels that's higher-than-expected that's why you see an increase of human smuggling crashes, how does this square with the governor of texas executive order that the biden administration is suing to
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stop, the governor is saying we stop theselice to vehicles crossing with migrants from over the border, how does this fit into the story. >> the governor of texas, governor abbott is trying to protect the citizens of the esstate of texas from what president biden is allowing which is a lot of crime in the spread of covid, he has authorized our local law enforcement in our state police to stop these people from coming into our state and to take themi back if they're not with other law enforcement, it's designed to protect her citizens from thw spread of covid which is actually happening at a high rate right now. elizabeth: the white house is saying if this violates the constitutional supremacy clause for the federal government to decide what happened tope the border, but this fight could enc up in the supreme court, i like your reaction to run desantis, he's going after the white house the president saying if you're not going to help governor desantis, get out of the way,
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watch governor desantis on this, he's saying the president is facilitating the pandemic, watch this. >> this is the guy that ran for presidency saying he was going to shut down the virus, he was a district in america or the economy he was going to shut down, he's bringing in people from over 100 countries across the southern border. every variant on this planet so we don't know about are absolutely committed to a country that way, what they're doing people are coming in their farming them out all over the united states putting them on buses and planes so when he's lecturing people about imposing covid restrictions and lockdown policies on the one hand and not only doing nothing to stop the border search but actually facilitating on the other hand, he just loses all credibility when it comes to covid. elizabeth: what is the white house telling texas about that what the governor of florida is now saying because homeland
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security secretary mayorkas testified to congress that the administration is not testing or tracking migrants crossing the border for covid. >> the governor of florida, ron desantis is b actually right, hs been on the border more than the president of the united states which you think the 40 governor would be here less, the reality he's been here inof sequence gog on he's absolutely right, the president is the super spreader of covid, there's probably no bigger spreader than the president when you created open border in a health risk with covid in the variant and you allow these people to cross over, if you're an american citizen you cannot cross the border with covid, you are tested and if you have covid you cannot come into your own country and yet the super spreader president is letting hethese people in and once there in spreading covid all around the country. elizabeth: thank you ken paxton, it's good to see let's bring a national border vice president
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art del cueto, let's stay on the story where is the biden administration in dr. fauci. they say were at war with this virus, dr. fauci is warning them it's committed to the country but where are they on the border. >> is pretty much open borders or allowing to enter the united states, we have individuals or cross into the united states illegally they get looked at and checked right away to see if they have any symptoms, if they don't have any symptoms they go through the process and go through i and they get released into the united states, there has been cases where days after these individuals had been into the detention facilities a border patrol, agents are getting notice, whoever you arrested three or four days ago, guess what he was covid positive. they were still released in the united states, b going back and everything else is getting destroyed, people are going to
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cross legally through points of entry and they have the legal documents to do so and not allowed to cross into the u.s. and help the economy, those individuals come for couple hours in a couple days and they go back, they're not allowed to cross, if you are illegal and are doing criminal acts, you're allowed to come in and stay here regardless of covid. elizabeth: when south america piru is calling the land of the land variant alpha dog of covid we have for motor homeland security secretary saying under obama say then vaccinate a should be on the no-fly list like terrorist but then we see with happening at the border, it's just striking in the biden administration is talking about demanding more from vaccine passport for foreign travelers but then this is happening, let's move on to this of full-screen u.s. federal court sentenced a chinese national to seven years in prison for his role in international drug
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trafficking scheme, that's exploded at the border, it's a massive illicit drug expand the world and operating at the southern border whichnd on china during the money laundering. >> it's a complete domino effect, when you're sending the message that lawlessness is okay and you have all these undocumented individuals entering the country and you're releasing them, the drug cartels are very much aware that agents are getting move from areas where they can patrol the line in the southern and northern borders so they can process these individuals and take care of thehe unaccompanied juvenile, what they're doing their taken advantage of this so they can bring drugs into the united states and make tons and tons of dollars off of it. elizabeth: there working with a powerful cartel in mexico and they're doing things like trying to bribe dea agents to get state passports. they're doing things like dropping babies over border
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walls or abandoning them in deserts or highways in order to distract the border patrol away from parts oflay the border so y can move massive amounts of fat and offer record amounts, 2400 pounds c since the beginning of the year, 2 milligrams can kill you, china is in ona this too, is that true that using casinos and drug companies to launder the profit for the drug cartels that the chinese nationals are doing. >> there's different countries throughout the entire world that they're involved in, the amount of drugs entering the united states right now, the trafficking that's going on the unaccompanied juveniles, everything that's happening right now down to covid and agents that have died of covid, it all falls on the hands of this administration in their lack of enforcement and instead rewarding criminals for coming into the united states. that's what's happening there rewarding the criminals. elizabeth: you gave us news border patrol agents dying of
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covid while working at the border, thank you so much for your service to our country, it's good to see you. up next new york state assemblyman jared dingell for, prosecutors and impeachment now closing in on your covered andrew cuomo after the ag included he section harassed a lot of women, we're breaking news cuomo accused lindsey boylan the first move to sue the governor and his team, we have that debate cuomo trying too so reasonable doubt by attacking his accusers and state investigators. you want to "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪
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into sexual harassment charges and allegations brought by the new york state ag, polls showed majority of new yorkers including democrats say he should lead, joining me now claudia and a member of the assembly gerrit, thank you both so much for joining us, first to you what's n the update on the news we broke last night the legislature will impeach cuomo that there's a deadline he has to respond byat august 13, whats the update now? >> that was reported today that the assembly judiciary impeachment committee did set a hard deadline for the governor and his team to provide documents to his defense which is a little frustrating because a lot of us felt like this impeachment committee was a way more time governor and they said it would take longer and longer and suddenly the attorney general's report came out and they're able to wrap this up in the governor's spokesperson put out a statement saying they will cooperate, i don't think they have a choice at this point.
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elizabeth: we hear you, the new york attorney general found that cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, nine of them current or former state workers, andrew cuomo appears to be trying to stop any charges brought against him by trying to ramptt up reasonable doubt by gas lighting in attacking his accusers and investigators to, what your take on a story. >> of course what he may be doing is criminally very similar to covering of the nursing home scandal now he's retaliating against employees which can be potentially civil liability because you're talking about a work environment which is one of the key factors in sexual harassment. but at this point this is what cuomo does, he's a bully he'se been bullying members of the assembly and the senate for years, he bullied everyone a new early commission and when it got too close to him he shut it
10:20 pm
down, he terrorized the legislature which was unconstitutional in my opinion. there's a lot more to come and he's going to double down and hn pulled up in his governor's mansion paid for by the taxpayers with his staff trying to come out with a strategy, unfortunately the people that got them into this mess are the people that are helping them strategize. elizabeth: we hear you, it's a democrat-controlled legislature that is moving to impeach. governor cuomo even personally handpicked a state trooper to join his personal security team, she's in her 20s and he sexually harassed her and groped her. here's the thing the congresswoman just brought this up about retaliation. talk to us about how this is factoring and driving now we see and lindsey boylan is the first went to step up and say she will sue the governor
10:21 pm
and his team to retaliate against her for leaking your personal file to the media and apparently the facebook official was apparently involved in that according to the state attorney general as well. >> the whole situation is probably also criminal. what h the governor and his team have done, anytime a woman steps forward, they done everything in their power to destroy them, he famously leaked the personnel files and shot them around to the present facebook helped him, not only the more we bankruptt it's contributive to such a hostile workne environment and it's one of the reasons a lot of people are having issues trusting big tech companies, media tech companies when you see that they're carrying water for the preferred politicians. i'm happy to see lindsey boylan file that suit because he needs to be held accountable for his actions as well his staff should be to because they contributed
10:22 pm
to this. elizabeth: congresswoman you talked about this too it seems like it turned toxic pretty quickly according to the state attorney general. this became a matter of a powerful man attacking and personally abusing and sexually assaulting women, people don't understand how scary it is for women in the environment to be set upon by a serial printer order that is in power, that's at the state ag is saying. >> take about how dme d did is r him to be out there talking about this and putting out as a lawyer and i'm shocked he's out there talking about the fact that we don't have a 9 - 5 office, just because it's rigorous doesn't mean it has to be hostile work environment where people are sexually harassed or assaulted, he is just putting himself out there almost understated derangement
10:23 pm
and he doesn't have a lawyer maybe than his other brother chris giving them advice and the advice that he's getting is bad i don't know why he's talking, he should be held up somewhere and probably in his home, not the governor's mansion at the taxpayers expense at this point. elizabeth: we hear you that's okay governor cuomo calling for the rexburg nation accused of sexual harassment,ar watch this. >> no one is above the law and the law will be justly and swiftly prosecuted, whether you're the attorney general or the head of a large corporation, whether you're a media bigshot, it does not matter. i think the way they are handling is disgusting, there is a disrespect for women that this a administration chronically
10:24 pm
exemplifies. elizabeth: this is coming at the same time reportedly harassing women, what do you say assemblyman, will give you the final word. >> governor cuomo is pretend to be a champion for women all while he sexually harassing women on his own step in section harassing a state trooper in section harassed the doctor they gave him a covid test, is just disgusting to see, take a hard look in h the mere, at this poit the legislature has told them were going to do this the easy way or the hard way and either be resigned or impeached. elizabeth: claudia you'll get the final word next time, we will come to you on that, thank you for joining us, were coming. into the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network, senator bill hagertyul joining us, the sudden brother capacitor infrastructure bill this weekend, moving to be the
10:25 pm
spoilers if they don't get their wish list behind-the-scenes, top democrats worn new polling showing they could lose control of the house in next year's midterms, keep her here on fox business.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show senator bill hagerty from elizabeth: let's welcome bill hagerty, great to have you back on,ha where hearing progresseshe want to spoil a possible vote this weekend by senate
10:29 pm
republicans to pass the historic one point to trigonometryy package they don't like it that they're not getting their wish list, can they spoil that win? >> we will see how it unfolds, i'm not very happy with either. we just had the score come out and is going to add over a quarter of a trillion dollars to the deficit. that's what i been concerned about all along they tried to put it through without any text now we finally got the scoring what is going to cost america, i've been a businessman all my life and in turn to understand but i can understand this it's gotta be inflationary and is going to add to the debtdd and e deficit that are children and grandchildren are going to continue to bear. joining you saying they don't like the cbo score that it will ad a quarter of a trillion to the debt? how many senators will join you to say no? >> it is hard to say, liz, but
10:30 pm
as we're studying it, we got the scoring a few hours ago, more and more of the tier of the senate this isn't as it was billed. we were told all along it would pay for itself. cbo came through with the scoring, not so fast. over a quarter of a trillion short fall. we'll see how this unfolds but certainly not billed as it has been before. certainly none of us want to add to the deficit, the burden on our children, i've been concerned about this, we talked about this before, liz, about the inflationary impact happening now. elizabeth: when trump was president, even though republicans controlled both chambers he could not get through a 1 1/2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill either. the progressives are talking about delaying this for weeks and weeks until they get what they want. now, sir, internal polling, the democrats are looking at it right now that shows they could lose control of the house in next year's midterms. they're down by staggering 6 percentage points versus republicans.
10:31 pm
dcc chief, democratic congressional chief maloney said they will lose a and 15 vulnerable democrats are being targeted for inflation. >> inflation is bitter pill. trying to shove it down our throats saying it is transitory. if you look at our state, feels like the one dollar menu in mcdonald's is turning into the five dollar menu in america. home prices are up, gas prices are up. there is no way this isn't inflationary in the long term. as they talk about dumping trillions this into the economy, putting more after debt burden on our backs this will very difficult for the democrats in 2022 and beyond. elizabeth: good to see you. >> good to be on with you. elizabeth: we have more on the senate intelligence republican hearing. they say america and the world
10:32 pm
needs to hear about china's growing threat. we have a knew report that u.s. intelligence are investigating genetic data from the viruses from lab in wuhan, china. this is tricky. the virus can cover its tracks without a trace where it came from. that is what scientists and epidemiologists are warning. up next, congressman chris stewart on china's dangerous moves. you're watching "the evening edit." >> we should be worried and concerned. we have strategic economic concerns and stuff like that. also military. i leave the military to the military but when it comes to what american banks do in china what american banks do in china will be ultimately up to the
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman chris stewart. he is on house intelligence. sir, great to have you on, congressman. what did you make of senate intelligence holding this rare
10:37 pm
public open hearing about the threat that china is playing? china is playing the long game to dominate the world economy. i think that is what the senators wanted to point out. what do you say. >> that is exactly right. the american people need to understand this, they are playing the long game and they're playing it brilliantly. over the last few years there is awakening among the american public by some business leaders and some political leaders china is not our friend. they are not a place across the pond that make great iphones and surf boards. they have goals and ambitionses. they're open about it. by the 2049, 100th anniversary of the chinese communist party claiming power. they want to be the greatest force in the world. not just one superpower, the dominant superpower in the world, diplomatically, economically, technologically. the more the american people
10:38 pm
know that the better it is for us. elizabeth: watch senator marco rubio here. he agrees with you. he is saying china doing basically the biggest illegal wealth transfer from the u.s. into china in the history of mankind, up to $600 billion a year of american technology and know how going into china, china is stealing it. he said a lot more. watch this. >> the long arm of china is not some futuristic threat. it is already here. today the chinese communist party has more control over what americans can say, what we can hear, what we can read, what we can watch than any foreign government has ever had in our history. and they have weaponized our openness. they have weaponized our decency and they have weaponized a corporate lust for profits against us. and if we don't wake up and we don't address this now the america our children are going to inherit very soon could very well be one where the sanctimonious preachings as
10:39 pm
someone once said, the sanctimonious preachings of a genocidal communist tyranny will be the only things americans will hear or say about china. elizabeth: whoa. that is scary stuff. he is basically saying china will dominate the u.s. in what we think and say. talk to us about that, what do you say about the corporate lust for profits working against u.s. interests? >> i'm so glad marco is talking about this. he mentioned transfer of wealth, 6 to $800 billion a year but his he can point is actually the greater concern. people say there is no way china can control what we say and what we read and what we're told here in the united states, that can't happen. here is the truth, it does happen. here is an example of it. you have, the greatest coverup in the history of the world poe earningsly. that is the source of the wuhan virus and yet they were able to manipulate and control our own media into absolutely dismissing that, saying you're a conspiracy
10:40 pm
nut if you even ask that question. our own media, our own tech fell into that. many of our political leaders fell into that and they did that because of the influence in china in our public discourse. now look, you don't have to be an intelligence official to look at that seems to me we ought to at least consider the possibility that this virus came from the lab. anyone with any common sense would at least ask that question and yet china was able to pressure organizations like "the new york times" as we know, to not even ask the question, not even allow the other people to ask the question. when marco says they will dominate and influence our own political discussion, there is no question they have already done that, pretty successfully. elizabeth: yeah. they're building ports and they're seizing giant sections of the economies in africa, ports throughout asia, myanmar, pakistan, middle east, they're trying to claim rights to the arctic.
10:41 pm
they're trying to seize back taiwan. to your point about wuhan, cnn is reporting this that u.s. intelligence agencies are investigating the genetic data from the virus in the wuhan lab, that it possibly leaked from the wuhan lab. this is china's achilles' heel. they're using supercomputers at the energy department to do this bork. 30 house republicans give cash award, give a whistle-blower reward to anybody with information about the wuhan lab and the coverup. will that pass? the democrats are saying yeah, do this? >> you would think it would, right but too many times in the house here our democratic colleagues have done things regarding china i sincerely shake my head why in the world would you not allow us to do that? why in the world would you put forth policies that appear to protect china? this is one example about it. this is about them creating the belt road initiative, essentially recreating the silk road.
10:42 pm
they're doing it through debt traps. talk to djibouti and sri lanka. doing through media manipulation not only here in the united states but aggressively in other nations particularly as you said india and throughout africa. elizabeth: guess what? the bubonic plague traveled along the silk road. it took out back then iran and italy. same thing. congressman chris stewart, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: same here. the president calling for half of all cars and trucks to be electric by 2030. can he do it without natural gas? we have that and also infrastructure. democrats want a new mileage tax pilot program. may violate the president's vow not to tax the middle class. congressman jason smith next. >> so if you're driving an electric vehicle you're not paying anything into the gas tax. you're not paying for the use of the roads. for the life of me i don't for the life of me i don't understand
10:43 pm
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show house budget ranking congressman jason smith. a lot of action with cars and trucks we drive. the president is calling for all u.s. cars and trucks to be electric with zero emissions by 2030. you can't do it without natural gas powering utilities, right? he will not outlaw gas, right? >> liz, here we go again. >> here we go again this administration is so out of touch with real working-class americans. to come up with a proposal that you're going to mandate and not desallow markets to decide, less than 2% of all cars purchased in the united states this year our electric vehicles. this administration's actions every day has been whether it's
10:48 pm
elimination to keystone pipeline or whatever regulatory impact that they do, they're just trying to increase the cost of fossil fuels that ultimately will eliminate gas powered cars so they can reward their political friends, allies and donors that make electric cars, it is awful. elizabeth: then there's this tha infrastructure plan has a new mileage pilot program that would violate one oft' the biggest trendlines don't tax the middle class, would slam the trucking industry and they want alcohol monitors inside cars so if you're driving around and will higher than 0.08 alcohol content, the car can shut down, what do you say to that. >> we can say a lot about this infra- structure package, the biggest aspect of thistu infrastructure package being the score keeper the c.b.o. just issued in the last couple of hours that over 256 william
10:49 pm
dollars will be added to the deficit under this info structure package, that means they aren't finding ways to pay for the study within this package, it is something that has to be addressed, we've already hit our debt in the last week in and the democrats failed to approach or just issue. elizabeth: overhearing republican senators and a quarter trillion need of infrastructurere even under trup he can get that through, the private jet belonging to john kerry's family, flying out of their homes in places like arthur's vineyards, private jets 40 times more carbon per passenger than commercial flights, this is still going on, right?
10:50 pm
>> democrats hypocrisy has been common for the last year end half of the f john kerry on his personal flight and wanting you find electric cart recording bush wanting to defend the police insane i spent all the edmoney that i want of your federal dollars to protect me in her own security or whether it's governor of california saying don't get in groups and don't go out to eat but then you have fine expensive dining. it's acceptable, the hypocrisy, they tell you one thing and they do another. elizabeth: congressman jason smith, thinks her dreaminess come back> soon. congressman michael burgess, we have aid humanitarian crisis at the border, he's going to talk to us about it, thousands of migrants coming here getting covid getting released into the interior without a trace homeland security secretaryal saying that, officials asking where is the biden administration on this, you're
10:51 pm
watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> the biden cages filled with kids are covid incubators and all of these folks that lecture self righteously about science they don't give a flip about science because they wouldn't be doing this if they did. k that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business and offer plans as low as $30 per line. more businesses choose verizon than any other network. we are open and ready for you.
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♪ elizabeth: back with us now, texas congressman, he is dr. michael burgess. sir, it's great to have you back on. the biden administration now reportedly considering mandating vaccines for all incoming foreign travelers and having this debate, but they're releasing thousands of migrants carrying covid-19 into the country. the biden administration's talking about getting these illegal immigrants j&j vaccines. can you take this on? and also this, the administration is saying we're trying to be humanitarian, and we're trying to accept illegal immigrants running away from poverty and disastrous situations in their homeland. what do you say? >> well, it's creating a disaster situation in our country for our citizens. so certainly, president biden should bear that in mind first. i will tell you from multiple trips down to the border this year, it is worse than it's ever been before, and i have seen it
10:56 pm
in pretty tough shape at times. we do know what will work because president trump showed us, implementing title 42 restrictions from the cdc that prevent people from coming in, the migrant protection protocols, remain in mexico policy, the trump administration had in place that the biden administration canned immediately when he got into office, and, of course, the other work that trump was doing with the leaders of those countries of origin to try to stem the flow. look, this is not easy, and it has bedeviled several administrations, but why would you go back from procedures that were working and were working well and now create this amount of crisis? as far as the vaccines go, i was the one in 2014 that got the obama administration to consider giving all of the usual childhood vaccines to all of the kids that were in hhs custody, and there were a lot of them back then, if you'll remember.
10:57 pm
so that policy was instituted then. have the j&j vaccines for kids over 12 makes some sense because it's just a single shot, and you know no one is coming back for the second shot. elizabeth: the homeland security secretary testified to the fact that the administration is not testing or keeping track of where illegal immigrants go, but they're cracking down on americans, right? their asking for things, companies asking for vaccine mandates, mask mandates, they're telling travelers from the u.k., europe, india, you can't come in here if you're not vaccinated, but they can come in here -- they try to cross the border. border patrollers are telling us that. democrats are saying this is a deep concern. let's watch former white house chief of staff mark meadows on this. listen. >> obviously, there is no other explanation other than joe biden is missing in action. not only is he ignoring the southern border, but he's
10:58 pm
ignoring what's happening in our cities. he would rather support mandates and passports in new york and give the people coming across our southern border a free pass than anything else. he's providing buses, he's providing transportation, he's even providing jobs, but he's not providing any protection to the american citizens against these people coming across. you know, kamala harris wanted to find the root cause of this? the reason she didn't go to the border is she only had to walk down the hall to the oval office. there's the root cause, joe biden and this administration. elizabeth: yeah, he's saying the president's the root cause. there's another thing too, illegal immigrants -- >> he is. elizabeth: -- you know, companies here abuse illegal immigrants when they come to work. they're not legalized. they are assaulted on the way in, and they get sick with covid on the way in, they get attacked by human and drug traffickers on the way in. that's the humanitarian crisis.
10:59 pm
what do you say? >> right. oh, absolutely. the crisis begins when the coyote a takes money from the family of the person who's going to be trafficked or taken across mexico. that never ends. the stream of cash back is expected to occur regularly with remittances sent back to the home country not to mama, but to the coyote to who financed their trip up here. it is a dreadful situation that we have allowed to flourish, and we are -- follow the money. the money is funding the cartels, the money is funding the coyotes. yes, there are some businesses this side of the border that take advantage of the fact that they can, they can get labor at a less expensive cost. but at what cost to the rest of society? and here's the thing, it didn't have to be this way. trump had left a situation that was actually quite manageable until it was actively dismantled. elizabeth: got it.
11:00 pm
congressman michael burgess, doctor, thank you so much for joining us. we really appreciate it. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth mac don, you've been watching "the evening id admit" on fox business. thank you so much for watching, we hoeven you have a good evening -- we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. good to be with you today. so the biden administration now rolling towards their goal of a green new deal. the infrastructure package has about 140 billion worth of subsidies for electric cars, subsidies for electric charging stations, a transformation of our utility grid, handouts to certain companies, slush funds for the energy department and under the general, grandiose goal of net


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