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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 6, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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larry: great new deal puts china not america in the drivert. seat. that is a real bad idea. i am "kudlow", we will see you tomorrow night. ♪ ♪. kennedy: the clock is ticking for andrew cuomo, so far he is refusing to resign. but now it's got a deadline to produce evidence of his innocence before a potentially disastrous impeachment trial. i am kat timpf in for kennedy. a smell that by now, the new york attorney general claims the governor sexually harassed nearly a dozen women. he denies everything claiming it's all a big misunderstanding. no big deal guys, he just kisses and fondles people because he is italian.
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just about every lawmaker in the state, as well as every top national democrat enclosing president biden has called on him to step down. that love god is digging and an reportedly preparing for a fight. but his hypocrisy burns hotter than a thousand exploding suns especially after seeing things like this,. >> known as above the law. and the law will be justly and swiftly prosecuted. whether you are the attorney general, whether you are the head of a large corporation, whether you are a media bigshot it does not matter. kat: so what happens next? the new york assembly judiciary committee has given cuomo until august 13 and to provide evidence to clear his name. depending how that shakes out a month long impeachment trial could follow. then presumably state lawmakers would vote on whether to impeach. and breaking tonight, obama said he will cooperate with
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the probe. is there any chance he resigns before that happens? here to discuss fox news meteorologist lost her in-laws to deadly nursing home mandates, janice dean. hi janice. >> hi cat. kat: i think is astounding and not shocking at all that he has not resigned yet. where do you think we will stand with this, based on your experience by august 13? >> he is not going anywhere. it is going to take him kicking and screaming from the governor's mansion. i have also heard he does take one person's advice and that would be joe biden. i think joe biden needs to get on the phone and say hey man, time to step down. even that i don't think is going to make him do that. kat: know he does not seem capable. notes you dealt with some people from his team smearing it to the press because of course she wanted to find out what happened to your family members who died concerns about
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what his experience with him over the past, over a year now? >> he is a bully. all of his behavior is because the power he has had for 11 years in albany. he does not know anything about power and privilege. he has been a privilege, him and his brother with equal mono name for decades now. i am looking forward to the day he is out of the governor's mansion, he doesn't have security following and he has to be a regular guy. i don't think it's going to be able to handle that, catch. that is why he is hanging onto log. kat: speak of the governor's mansion took the day off work to try and develop a strategy for a public event. they cannot agree on anything. my question for you how do you think that day went? and who are these people who are still trying to help this
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guy out? [laughter] >> that is a good question. he was by his pool with someone who is helping him on a laptop, that is what we know from the "new york post". he is laying low. we do know he is just going to continue to govern as long as he can and for lawmakers in new york, they continue to stonewall. this is the most action i have seen since i have been fighting for accountability in the year end a half i have been screaming from the rooftops about the over 15000 elderly we lost an elder care facilities, partly because of his order to put covid positive patients in a nursing home. that is a crime or it should be a crime. i've always said it doesn't matter what happens as long as he is out. that is all i care about at this point. i just want people to remember, obviously these women have been very strong coming forward and telling their terrible tales of abuse and harassment and assault.
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but don't forget the over 15000 elderly including my in-laws that we lost in nursing homes. these are lives it's the greatest generation, why doesn't anyone care about that? >> a lot of people have your back, janice, you've been fighting this fight for over a year now. seven investigations, seems like not a good guy he's got to go. thank you so much janice always good to see you. >> you are welcome my friend, thank you. >> meanwhile the governors and brother, cnn anchor chris cuomo is still taking a beating from all sides over his reported role with the love of god in the sexual harassment gamma. now cnn colleague is join the fray in this daily newsletter he said chris cuomo's role as a member of his brother's inner circle, a role that raises serious questions about journalistic responsibilities
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and ethics is also detailed in the report too. chris surely has a lot to say about his brother. but for the time being he is staying silent. this is a new report claims cnn executives floated an idea back in may that the anchor should take a temporary leave to help the scandal plagued guv. it sounds like cnn's real focus on account holding him accountable? let's get into it tonight's party panel washington examiner senior political columnist and a resident at the american enterprise institute, kim carty denning crop strategist former biden campaign surrogate kevin walling and fox news headlines 24/7 entertainment reporter, mike guns. hey everybody. guns, i've got to ask you. even brian stelter is saying you've got to go. you've got a problem, you've got to fix this. is it really bad to not heed
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advice from your burros? what you think guns? >> there is a lot of words to describe the cuomo's i'm a ghost chris opposite the governor when he did makes me sick. what he did was sexual harassment. but then he pathetic latched onto his brother for day in and day out there chuckling with each other and everything. but when it hits the fan he all the same goes silent does not address it on his show. i feel like he kind of owes it to the small amount of years that he has two at least acknowledge it pretty could have lied to them and said legally i can't talk about this. but this is what you're dealing with it with the power-hungry people at the cuomo's. you also look at the video the governor put out, what was that? as the ultimate cringe right there. it shows how out of touch they are. and kat, people been canceled for tweets. they have been canceled for a lot less than what the governor did. the fact he will not even really acknowledge it and he still going strong is just
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pathetic. said the warm up core and is an all-time high and the credibility all time low right now. kat: i'm saying i really want to know who made that video montage and if they are okay. kevin, people make the argument of look, he can't report on it he's too close to the situation. the problem is how close to the situation he is that he was involved in potentially crafting the formal response. what is your take on it? >> his name is throughout that attorney general's report. christie's to decide if you want to be a loyal brother or an independent journalist. he's got to make that decision pretty quickly as far cnn's coverage of this unfolding scandal. a culture governor cuomo i called for him to resign back in march when we sought so many come forward. they could cooperate these stories. he's not just that national disgrace and embarrassment, but more than likely he actually committed criminal acts against the very law that
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he signed to protective victims against sexual harassment in the empire state the guy's got to go. >> tim, family loves each other i get it. you can sort of see the problems that could come here. perhaps the women on their staff particularly women be uncomfortable with him, how would he be able to cover this from other people in the future, scandals like this, what is your take on it? >> my take is his moral arrow was not helping his brother. we ultimo have a duty to help our family more than anything else. in fact i've got three brothers hopefully none of them are doing the sort of thing. i will go to the mat for them no matter what. >> even for doing something like this though? >> whatever it is i could do to help them i would do. the point is this, you have duties to different people. have a duty to your brother, your wife, your children. you have of the duty to your
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viewership. chris cuomo abused his duty was bringing on his brother, pumping up his brother who was failing at coronavirus response in the wake janice a dean was laying out. and in many other ways. and using his platform to pump up his brother. beside the scenes he was helping him. i know this is a very rare small minority, i think your brotherly love has to trump everything else. the cnn folks said navy should take a leave of absence, they had a point there. my final point is this. nobody believes chris cuomo was an unbiased reporter. he is a left wing democratic opinion journalist. maybe cnn could have admitted that a little bit more. make sure he doesn't cover people like ron desantis and tried to make them look bad in a coronavirus response. i think helping his brother is not the mistake. >> i think when your brothers doing things like that potentially criminal accusations of sexual harassment, i would not want
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and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. kat: breaking news tonight from the border. 834 unaccompanied migrant kids were apprehended today alone. that's according to the department of health and human services. the 30 day average has been a 512 a day. this comes as the disaster at the border is creating a storm of criticism for president biden. and the so-called borders are vice president kamala harris. on top of that biden has been blaming texas and florida first spreading covid despite almost daily reports of covid surging across the border. florida governor ron desantis is not having that, watch.
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>> why don't you do your job, why don't you get this border secure. >> who deserves the real blame for covid and they busted border? what do you do the cato institute alex nowrasteh. i like so many of your tweets i hope you're not creeped out by v. you have such a freedom focused and sensible solution based approach. but that being said how would you like to fix the situation at the border right now? >> first of all thank you for follow me on twitter credit which everybody else did too. it is illegal for the vast majority of people who want to come here lawfully to do so. what we are seeing right now is a crisis, basically really
12:17 am
tough immigration laws not allowing anyone to come in illegally. that is our people are sneaking across too. that's why there's been a 1.1 million apprehensions this year. it is because people want to come to the u.s., they want to be able to work here and live here. but we don't allow hardly anyone especially south of the board to come in lawfully and do that. i think that is the crux of the problem. that is the problem that's been going on for decades on the border. >> i saw a "washington post" journal your colleague wrote about processing green card applications so slowly they might waste 100,000 of them. no one's really talking about them. people think libertarian solutions of think it's kooky. kamala harris having a crisis meeting couple months and when you think that says about how this approach is going? >> given how coppola harasses that with every single issue forever, this worries meet tremendously but it's pretty
12:18 am
savvy political move on the part abided in menstruation to be able to her for everything going wrong. so i do appreciate that i guess coming from the administration. she's not going to fix anything going on. the entire idea of trying to saws root causes of the immigration that could solve the issue in 50 years. in terms of the root cause these countries are really poor. people from their want to come to the united states. they want to work with bill at them do it legally. until we solve that problem and to keep reliving this nightmare along the border forever. we can thank kamala harris or any of the vice president's, any other country in the world is not going to do any good at all until we liberalize the border. is the same thing with prohibition. the u.s. government did not crash al capone, they solve prohibition of lengthy crimes by ending prohibition and allow alcohol to be sold legally. we need to allow people to
12:19 am
come here legally to take advantage of the free market. anybody who wants a non- violent person should be able to do so. i agree with you. by his polling, actually pretty low pretty vulnerable area. you think they'll actually get it together? nobody seems to really get it together on this. >> nobody seems to be able to get it together. president biden president trump two and things look tough along the border and they double down on enforcement, title 42 is an order put in place by president trump you can force just about anybody over the border almost immediately who crosses, it's a really tough enforcement measure. if something biden has continued basically from taking office. it's making the situation worse. as long as the chaos is going on the prospect of any administration trying to adopt some better rules, to open the
12:20 am
border illegally to allow legal immigration the chances that are slippery. >> and partially agree with that too, thank you alex, thank you. >> thanks about for having me. kat: coming up new york city's mandatory vaccine passport fraud indoor restaurants, bars and gyms kick off the mask mandate hysteria. next outplay what other cities will require proof of the job after the break. plus, looking for a last-minute summer vacation? be careful what you drink. the faa is asking airports to try and curb alcohol sales. will this cause a riot? that is next. welcome to allstate. (phone notification) where we've just lowered our auto rates. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and savings like that
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(upbeat music) how you doing? hey mason! hi mason! thank you. kat: the nation's a second-biggest city on the verge of a vaccine mandate.
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the city council president of los angeles is now threatening to require proof of vaccinations for all indoor activities in her city. on the grounds the unvaccinated are putting lives at risk. which we know is not true. she said today quotes, so many angelenos stepped up and did their part two. they should not be penalized with closures by those unwilling to do theirs. our kids cannot afford the loss of another school year but they are about to return to school the back senator put in at risk every day. this is just days after new york city mayor bill de blasio announced people in his city going to have to show their vaccination cards to eat in restaurants and work out at jim's. so, how long until this is the law of the land, the panel is back, tim carney, kevin wally and mike. you know i got my vaccination i think it's great.
12:26 am
i don't understand how the government can tell a private business what medical documents they have to require an able to allow certain patrons into their establishment. >> it's almost unprecedented, right? the idea of public accommodation be checking your medical history for coming in. we have vaccination requirements for kids enter schools. i could imagine an employer requiring their employees to be back city because there is already a healthcare relationship and a lot of those cases for better and for worse. to say what de blasio is doing to show up at webster hall or to show up for dinner you have to be vaccinated, it is a bizarre brand-new intrusion on people's liberty. and the idea, i think people think the vaccine takes two to tango if you're vaccine it doesn't count with the other guys vaccinated. it is certainly a brand-new sort of intrusion on people's liberty as well as you are pointing out the private
12:27 am
businesses right to run the businesses they want. kat: absolutely. in my house you don't do shots with me you can't come to my house but it is my house. kevin this ignores the natural immunity. some people if you had covered less than three months ago or have antibiotic treatments especially, you cannot get the vaccine yet. what do you think about that aspect? >> yes, kat, it's a good point. i am ready to do shots at your house pitifully vaccinated back and march and ready for it in your kitchen. one of the interesting things were seeing now is 864 americans in the last 24 hours got the vaccine. that is the biggest jump we have seen since early july and more than a month. so clearly, it may be conversations about these mandates are changing mentalities about this along with some fears about the delta variant and just how deadly it is and in these different communities will receive a high level of
12:28 am
unvaccinated americans. i think the more we talk about it make a little more comfortable for the unvaccinated in the country, 67% of registered voters and blame the unvaccinated for the rising cases were seen including 58% of republicans. maybe a little bit of shaming of the unvaccinated is moving the ball down the field just a little bit. kat: tim, the thing about shaming is, shaming is legal. you can shame all you want. i shame people for all kinds of things all the time and i get shamed in it's all fine. but actually mandating that's it really bothers me the mandating. i'm very open i got my vaccine it's great, you should get yours but the mandating list got to be a middle ground here, right? >> i agree with kevin. i am a conservative pro-life catholic who is concerned about semis issues with the vaccines for a look deeply
12:29 am
into it i research the catholic teaching on it and i concluded this is in fact the better choice to make is to get vaccinated. and the outbreak currently is among the unvaccinated. the point of service at the front desk having it maître d' of eight restaurant check at that is the sort of intrusion that is not fitting or standard in our society. we are not a papers please society. half of our country are most of our media has trouble asking for drivers license to even cast a ballot. and now are going to be asking for your medical history to sit down for dinner? that is unfitting. let's help doctors, a doctor give him the vaccine and have him convince his patients rather than having the waiter at the local restaurant being the one.
12:30 am
kat: a former obama herb homeland security officials calling for americans who chose not to get the covid-19 vaccine to be put on the no-fly list. for her i thought about health it's about punishment, watch. >> our next guest at the unvaccinated should not have all the same privileges as vaccinated americans. at least when it comes to air travel. >> people also need to be bernadette the stage. we are bumping up against another school season where it's not clear how or whether they're getting to school, we are done with this. we have to start putting burdens on the unvaccinated. >> kentucky senate rand paul fired back this morning, take a look. >> obscene that if we now disagree in our personal medical decisions with the left they're going to declare we are a terrorist and we can't fly. it makes no sense. it is complete collectivism. all of these people, the same people who hooted and hollered and said trump is leaving us
12:31 am
to authoritarianism, what can be more authoritarian than a no-fly list for people who disagree with you? kat: with a left succeed at unvaccinated americans into second-class citizens? you guns you are back. i will ask you, going to the airport for me very stressful. not the flank i remember all the stuff id, phone, charger, pants, are you stressed about maybe adding another thing they've got to remember you can't fly? >> this is crazy but it's also dangerous. who says this. to be able to come up with this policy. one thing we have learned is once you go this far you rarely ever pull back, as we have seen time and time again. that's what makes it so dangerous. you are exactly right. the airport is stressful enough. but now this on top of it. remind me the lesson an
12:32 am
outbreak from a flight? you look at spirit airlines they've been an absolute disaster 45 days, tens of thousands of people next to each other in airports where is the outbreak. i don't understand what's happening here. the big thing people are bringing up is they keep saying fully vaccinated. so does that mean in a couple of months the booster shot comes out that's going to be considered fully vaccinated? joy then had to get the booster shot to be fully vaccinated? what happens when there is another variant? what do we do here what is the endgame? what is fully vaccinated mean right now or what will it be down the line? i don't know they don't tell us it is disaster. it's crazier and more dangerous. >> kevin one thing we talk about rhetoric former official said this was an obvious step. do you think this was an obvious thing to do? >> kat i don't know. i'm on the network talk about vaccinations as a surest way
12:33 am
get of this pandemic we are facing. we do not know the origins and we need full transparency from the chinese communist regime welcomes the origins of this virus. pretty sure it came to our shores via airplane. there needs to be some level of oversight when it comes to travel. we should not allow any foreign travel into our country if you are unvaccinated. that is a key indicator. were seeing with european nations and other countries and cannot don't want americans who are unvaccinated coming to their countries. when it comes to flight travel i think there's a lot more questions about this in terms of how we keep everybody safe. kat: tim, do you agree to rand paul this is authoritarian type idea? >> i think it sort of creepy. the word cancel cultures overused. he got tech platforms throwing off websites they don't like the content for their going to have airplanes throwing people off or being unvaccinated. you throwing off or having bad
12:34 am
cakes. credit card companies are supposed to cancel people selling guns. bits after bits of the democratic agendas limiting the bounds of permissible dissent and that creeps me out too. kat: very creepy. meanwhile, you're more likely to get into due to an overwhelming number of reports of disruptive passengers this summer. the federal aviation administration is asking airports to start monitoring alcohol sales preflight. faa administrators steve dixon said in the letter, our investigation show alcohol often contributes to this on safe behavior. what i have done my fair share of alcohol investigation. i think it is safe to say that if you are getting into a fist fight with a flight attendant
12:35 am
you are probably a jerk even when you're sober. will this really clear the air or just to punish the rest of us were trying to drown out everyone's crying baby. all right, gunz, we enjoy a alcohol beverage sometimes and we can handle it. is this discrimination against good americans, boozing americans such as us? [laughter] >> forget the vaccination for it care more about the alcohol. i am not flying unless i am drinking. this is wild. here's the thing kind of what you alluded too but if you are crazy have to start throwing punches at a flight attendant, you are a lunatic, okay. that doesn't do anything with alcohol consumption on top of it. maybe people are so stressed out right now because they've been stuck inside for year end a half. now that being put into the high stressed-out situation. the bottom line is two things
12:36 am
you need, and alcohol in your flying don't take either of those things away for me let's go. kat: absolutely. do you know what, many people are like gunz, kevin. they don't apply sober people just going to start getting hammered on the way to the airport reportedly for the airport, the night before and stay up all night? or does this and kevin? >> when does the bender end? i am with you guys. i love of blood he married before an flight. what should be required now on flights are duct tape. we saw some of the flight attendants used to restrain that passenger. i thought it was great. not that he hit a flight attendant they were able to tape them to his seat. if you're going to serve alcohol you should also have duct tape on any plane. kat: absolutely. look, excuse me tim, my last flight i had a drink far more than i wanted to those the only time is allowed to have my mast down. so you can see how these things can happen.
12:37 am
[laughter] >> i just bring a bag of chinos with me and then i'm always actively eating. we do need to talk about not covering up her face but our legs. i read about a woman -- like a florida woman got arrested for indecent exposure. is that still illegal? people at the airport basically don't were close anymore. but it is because she was drunk and expose yourself on a flight to south dakota. i have never flown to florida south dakota maybe it's a common phenomenon. only because she was drunk was illegal exposure. i think when you start enforcing dress code on the plane. men issuer if not ties at least a blazer. kat: no, no, no i am not flying like that. >> yoga pants don't count his pants that's orbit go break. >> this is terrible. kat: every time i fly i look horrifically ugly. it is part of my ritual. so i reject that. i don't think you should fly naked.
12:38 am
>> booze and close combined. >> there's a middle road there for sure. >> i need to drink just to deal with everybody else on the flight bottom line. alcohol and fly go hand-in-hand, alcohol airplanes airplanes alcohol. kat: a drink in your sweatpants. it's a great thing not change it, panel stick around. coming up a tale of two politicians. one was to fund the police, the other is spending tens of thousands on private security. they are the same person. how is this possible? find out next. we are thrilled we finally found our dream home in the mountains. the views are great, the air is fresh. (sfx: branches rustle) it is bear country though. hey boo-boo! we hit the jackpot! bear! bear! bear! look, corn on the cob! oohh chicken! don't mind if i do! they're hungry.
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kat: is a historian with much hypocrisy is a time, admitted
12:43 am
to smoking weed after prosecuting a pot users for years. corey busch the progressive congressman from missouri said as she needs and will continue to use private security even though it shuts to defund a police department's, watch. >> i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have had an attempt on my life i have too much work to do there's too many people who need help right now for me too allow that. so if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend ten more dollars on it and you know what? i get to be here to do the work right so suck it up and defending the police has to happen. we need to defend the police and put that money into social safety net because we are trying to save lives. >> should someone tell her crime including a violent crime has been spiking in cities that defended the police last year? sounds like she it sounds too important to be left of vulnerable communities violence to be totally fine with less, it is in you and thanks this mark and back with the panel, tim, kevin, and
12:44 am
mike gunzelman. i can admit a few things. when she talks i put my head that i disagree yes come over at let's hang out. also i'm huge on accountability for police. but, talking about defunding them and letting violent felons ot has created huge problems. i get she has had death threats but i get them it's awful. it hypocritical she gets to be safe and has resources to keep yourself safe it is denying this other people? >> it's a good point on two parts. it's a sad reflection of society that members of congress enough private police using political violence against republicans and democrats, steve's police was shot in the field with caucus members. it's horrifying that we see the political violence in this country. i have had death threats, of course as well being in the
12:45 am
media. that is one part of this. i fully support her trying to protect yourself and her family. but also to, i made biden democrat. i support more resources for policing in this country. that's why i supported the president the primary purpose of privacy democrats passively rescue plan its focus on covid is now providing more resources for local and state police. because to your point, we are seeing huge increases in violent crime, gun crime in the country. we need the police to have the resources to combat it. kat: i am confused too, she is a democrat socialist. she does not want government-funded police missions on private that's like a anarchic capitalist thing, can you help me i need help at. >> if you want to understand the socialist you have to read murray. [inaudible] i am joking some of your hearers might not get that most do. as a set of what he calls a luxury beliefs. you can tower the luxury for
12:46 am
example tran 11 primary sheet lost the black and hispanic precincts and one the wealthy white precincts look at eric adams who is going to be the next mayor he won the democratic primary by winning the precincts with the highest crime. and the progressives when the precincts with the lowest crime. defund the police is a luxury beliefs. you are privileged you're living in a low crime community gives you the ability to believe in that corey bush made it very explicit and we should thank her for that. >> gunz we might not agree on a lot in this country we can agree we don't want to get shots. to be pretty hypocritical should be united, hopefully. >> of course my initial reaction when i saw this video is like excuse me ma'am this is a wendy's stop yelling at me. stop yelling what was she
12:47 am
talking about? this is total hypocrisy. it's also another example of our politicians and do as i say not as i do myself. the bottom line is sure you can afford your private police and whatnot you are a congresswoman congratulations. what about the citizens who might have a whack job living next door to them or hear him in new york city and i can barely find a cop sometimes. the lawlessness is going crazy these days. i am not worried about covid here next city i'm worried about getting mugged and stabbed on the subway. the calls for defining the police is an interesting when portland and some other cities in it are now begging for cops to come back. and now cops don't want to sign up because you get what you get. bottom line. this is a video is unbelievable. it is absurd. kat: a whack job living next door they'll be the memoir of my neighbors pray thank you pa [engine revving]
12:48 am
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>> spirit airlines has been canceling the flights across the country for four straight days due to technology failures and staffing shortages. as a result, millions of americans will have to find a
12:52 am
new way to realize they are not successful in life. that is just plain disappointing and this is a topical storm. topical one, for the first time ever a female has become the leader of eight monkey troop in eight japanese reserve. that is right she finally broke the glass tree branch. this is the 9-year-old female who now commands an army of 677 monkeys. making her powerful enough to conquer canada. in fact, she is so fierce and so intimidating that with other monkeys see here the other monkeys do, her rise began in april when she became leader of the females by beating up her own mother. which is even more hurtful than the time she forgot to call her on her birthday. then in june she beat up the alpha mail and took his place. boy that monkey cage it like a real banana republic. confirm has become the alpha
12:53 am
of the troop by carrying out a peanut test which is where they put nuts innate monkey cage and seat which a monkey eats them first. the writers on kennedy do the same thing but with tequila shots. since then she has been climbing and shaking trees which are expressions of a power print tight out she means monkey business. topic two. reminder just because you can do something, does not mean you should. from this fall cup noodles brand will have a pumping spiced flavored roman in a couple now i can stop adding shrimp to make coffee. the new flavor will be available exclusively at walmart. so get ready to eat so much to stretch out your 4-dollar genes. the company promises the new noodles will be the tastiest and most outlandish food experience you have ever had. but it could really be better
12:54 am
than chef boyardee peppermint mocha spaghettios? the flavor was created in response to a nationwide survey in which 60% of gen z responded called pumpkin spice there fall gm. where is my fault dams work november rain and the monster mash. great job genz. unlike millennial's who ruined everything that was great in this country, figured out a way to ruin things that were already terrible, topic three. the oklahoma city became a tentacle guard video showcasing the power of theirs tiger. if it's anything like coffee it's got to be pretty strong. let's take a look. the zookeepers have placed food on the top of this wooden pole up there. it is as untouchable as a democrat sexual predator alleged. the miraculously the tiger leaks to the top getting as high as hunter biden and is on
12:55 am
the pole is his last four girlfriends. turns out tiger's can jump 16 feet vertically which is when the wonderful things about tigger's, that in the fact they are bouncy bouncy transit fun, fun, fun. in the end this tired of the truth the prop at all for the joke is on him it was a pumpkin spice a cup noodles. topic four, jeopardy the beloved game show nursing home indoctrination programs on the brink of a new house, his name michael richards spread which is appropriate because everyone who hears about this quickly repeats his name in the form of a question, so who is mike richards? well, is actually the show's executive producer is put himself in the mix as he shows potential host. the it like your neighborhood pub that's broken toys, sticky counters and bad service, michael richards is no one's favorite. one survey found the former jeopardy champ ken jennings with the fanta choice to take
12:56 am
the hosting spots. then again you've got to count the mail in ballots. some thought levar burton was perfect for the job. perhaps they were worried final jeopardy might come too soon. show producer say nothing is certain yet sprayed the job is still up for grabs. in any case it would be nice to be someone in jeopardy other than andrew cuomo. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ experience, hyper performance that takes you further. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 0.9% apr financing on all 2021 lexus hybrid models. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ♪♪ (vo) the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location." now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business and offer plans as low as $30 per line.
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announcer 1: as they head toward the finish, to save up to 40%. warren has built a substantial lead and headed for her fourth gold medal! announcer 2: she's ahead of the world record pace
12:59 am
by at least half a second and she - oh wait, wait... what's she doing? announcer 1: i think she's doing a headstand. why would she do that? announcer 2: she's stopping. she just, she stopped. announcer 1: i've never seen anything like this. announcer 2: she was so close to the finish, and she stopped. announcer 1: i don't know what she's thinking! announcer 2: this is unbelievable. i've never -
1:00 am
kat: thank you for watching the show tonight. trend 15. catch more of a meet weeknights at 11:00 p.m. eastern on got filled on the fox news channel, good night. ♪ (announcer) the following is a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. ♪ chances are ♪ ♪ 'cause i wear a silly grin ♪ ♪ the moment you... ♪ (announcer) there are artists we'll always remember. ♪ mona lisa ♪ ♪ mona lisa, men have named you ♪ (announcer) beautiful songs. ♪ you're so like the lady... ♪ (announcer) ...with lyrics, melodies and memories that will always touch our hearts. ♪ it's impossible ♪


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