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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  August 6, 2021 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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eastern interviews with elise stefanik, north dakota senator kevin cramer, former national intelligence director john ratcliffe and the author of blackout can do so went my special guest on sunday start smart right here every weekday n "mornings with maria" on fox business we hope you'll start your day every weekday with us, that will do it for us thank you for being with me we wish you a great rest of the weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello and welcome to the wall street journal large. what is it with the democratic politicians in new york. they love to parade their credentials and every cause in the outspoken supporters of women's rights, their passion about equal opportunity and they know all the right gender terminology but when it comes to dealing with women of the feminism there in the mid-evil
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and one euro for every female in reach. andrew cuomo is the latest and unbroken succession of near democrats by well-documented obligations that he treats women like his personal play themes his predecessor david patterson was accused of the domestic abuse case of one of his starters, he resigned after he was caught with prostitutes. the former state attorney general who resigned after he was accused of multiple women of abuse, this week the state attorney general letitia james released a result of independent investigation allegation about cuomo's behavior. >> the independent investigation has included that governor andrew cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law. gerry: specifically the report
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noted that 11 women have plausibly claimed that the governor's sexually harassed them, mr. cuomo denied that he did anything wrong. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. gerry: does not remind you of anyone? >> i want you to listen to me i'm going to say this again, i did not have sexual relations with that woman. gerry: cuomo's misdirection was worse than clinton's and his long rambling statement this week his behavior was designed to help victims of sexual assault, displaying photos of him kissing different people, he explained it was his way of being friendly. >> i've been making the same gesture and public all my life. i actually learned from my mother and for my father.
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gerry: it's not his fault at all it's his parents fault, his mother who should be impeached, not the poor governor in speaking a family we also learn from the investigation that his brother chris who you know is a prime time cnn anchor drafted cuomo's initial responses to the allegations, he should definitely be impeached for the, nobody's buying with cuomo's are selling within hours every democrat who can get your a microphone called on the governor to resign. >> as we said before the reported actions of the governor were profoundly disturbing, inappropriate and completely unacceptable, the governor should resign. >> he says that the investigation confirms allegations against governor cuomo then he should resign. are you now calling on him to resign? >> yes. >> just like his mentor bill clinton cuomo seems determined to tough it out, he thinks in the end people will get tired of this talk and move on, the problem for cuomo she is no
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longer in the driving seat in the state or anywhere else, it's way to the left of where was 20 years ago. he's way out of line with his party has moved. it's not the party of andrew cuomo or bill clinton, to alexandria ocasio-cortez, the new york city mayor bill de blasio, joe biden has gone along with the progressive tide, cuomo has gone far enough to the left and the coincidence that letitia james who presented the charges is a far left fiber who may one day what the governors drop herself, whether cuomo stays or goes he can kiss goodbye grabbing his face with two hands if he wants to the moderate democrat party he used to believe in. we need to discuss this and other big stories of the week the commentator of the business fox news contributor tammy bruce
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and fox news contributor charlie hurt, thank you for joining me. gerry: tammy let me start with you, the love god no more, is going to tough this out or finish. >> he thinks he can there is a new energy in albany when it comes to impeachment and of course i think this would not be happening so aggressively if it would even have a chance of having a republican replace him so the democrats are thinking this is deadweight here is clearly embarrassing and they want to get it out of the way, new york in all likelihood would still be as you discussed a democrat, the issue is how far left the democrat would be, we see that energy that has been building in albany and they have been waiting for the excuse and this report is that excuse and not the same time we've got a problem in general in new york because this kind of an issue
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indicates that there disconnected from real people's lives, they don't care and they're not operating at the same level of even their own staffers and constituency, that translate into awful policy, then there arguing that the nursing home policy here with andrew cuomo linked to the death of 15000 people is even more shocking and in fact there's a thing that he should have been impeached for and yet that is still out there, there are many criminal investigations, i don't think he can get his head above this, he will try to push it out and try to survive it because again there's a disconnection i think eventually the democrats will have quietly, as gently as possible move him out but in the meantime there's a lot of other immoral issues in criminal issues that get involved here and not caring at all about the impact of the people.
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gerry: charlie, it seems like he's hoping to get inspiration by ralph northam the virginia governor that was exposed as wearing black face and i think he just thought i let this go and people would get tired of hearing the stuff and i stick this out, do you think you can survive? >> i think as you know and with cuomo and ralph northam, politics shameless is is a tremendous shield to hide behind for ralph northam and i don't think andrew cuomo is going anywhere until then becomes very clear until he has no other option in the democrats are going to turn on him. i do agree with tammy, we would be talking about this except that removing a guy like andrew cuomo as you pointed on your opening, removing a guy like
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andrew cuomo actually pushes the party leftward in terms of policy but my goodness were not even talking about policies were talking about horrific judgment during the pandemic and monstrous behavior, personal behavior towards the people that work for him and the state government. gerry: thank you, we have to take a quick break but i want to talk more about governor cuomo and his future if he has one and the other big topics of the week, stay with us. ♪ ♪♪ (vo) the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location."
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gerry: and back with tammy bruce and charlie hurt, governor cuomo it is striking that cuomo, cuomo is no conservative, the governor of democratic state has pushback against many of the more progressive forces in his state, half the democratic delegation, the democratic assembly is going to claim socialist of new york, how did the parties get so left
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wing and is it ever going to roll back and is striking that biden has come in in a centrist and he should be allowed the left to dominate as a party headed continuously in that direction? >> is going to depend on whether or not they lift up at normal classical liberals, i would argue that this occurred as far back as 2010 when the democrats lost over 60 seats in the house of representatives that was there backbench, barack obama did that with the passage of the pushing through of obamacare, the american people were shocked and they took it out on the democrats, the 60 plus individuals, many of them are just gone and they were the talent that the democrat party had cultivated and moved along, with that vacuum after barack obama even during the i would
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argue a lack of a center of gravity when it comes to theory, classical liberal theory, what the democrats used to stand for and what the american people thought they were, back to the days of reagan, people people being able to work together while the cadet theoretically liberalism and conservatism and how to apply that, nobody since then has developed barack obama party and there is no interesting beyond him and as you mentioned in your monologue aoc is considered a powerhouse, a person she endorsed the mayor of new york and a person she endorsed for the progressives in ohio run off, failed badly, i would argue that this current party is looking at social media as indicators of power as opposed to real power and they voted in her district, there's no enthusiasm, the democrats have a chance that the good have to do bully look at.
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gerry: this is good news for republicans if the policy is getting rid of it centrist in this way, this is a big opportunity for the republican party. >> i think it is but never underestimate the ability of republicans to screw things up, i think all of this lies at the seat of barack obama because barack obama was an empty vessel, he campaign in 2008 and one thing and turned into something very, very different, turned in to embrace the radical leftist agenda anything but liberal in the spineless this that we saw i think the tammy's talking about, you would expect to see people like chuck schumer, nancy pelosi have some kind of spying in dealing with these young upstarts that filled the void after barack obama called all these losses in the democratic party but it's been
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total spineless is from democratic leaders, what you are windup was a crazy left-wing socialism and during the 2020 primary it's why all along we knew alternately, somehow biden is going to become a resident and become the nominee because they civilly could not run off. gerry: biden's promise was to be what the rest of the party was it and he comes back on the, we have more to talk about and i want to talk next after the break how president biden and the lawmakers in the constitution and how the landlords articulate biggest hit from not. stay with us. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance.
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the oath of office, that's what we got this week, last week and the expiration of the cdc moratorium that imposed on the eviction of tenants by landlords because of the covid crisis, and a ruling the supreme court indicated the measure the tears of contracts was unconstitutional and would not stand after the july 31 expiration, congress which the last time i checked is a body authorized to make laws in this country could've extended moratorium but it did not instead members of congress did with it was due best they put on the performance of the benefit of the cameras as cori bush that progress woman from missouri outside of the steps of the capital. president biden on genuine the 20th this year sought to preserve into defend the constitution said he would make the law and he offended that moratorium more unlawful. >> the book of constitutional scholarships as it is not likely to pass constitutional number
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one. but there are several key scholars who think that it may and worth the effort. gerry: he's going to do his best to find the constitutional scholar to support him. you spent the last four words the devil trump that republicans were undermining the constitution we have a democrat who's going to show us how it's done. let's discuss that with our guest, as i understand that the president's position seems to be in the cases to go to the courts and admitted to convey to joe the delight and get what i wanted to anyway, is that presidential behavior. >> it certainly isn't it the behavior of a bank robber, congress needs to do this there's a saying in politics as you look for your entire program, public crusades equals private demons. when you see, you talk about
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projection, these individuals and we now learn that andrew cuomo is the man that they were warning us about and now in this case you looking at a lawlessness that is shocking to the american people, i don't know if they've connected with how much this illegal unconstitutional because we suddenly are swamped with a new major distraction regarding covid infirmity politicians that is very convenient. but i would say in fact this is a deliberate effort to try to get money out and do things before they know they're going to be stopped by people who are serious, he's effectively stated this, it's awful and frankly should be impeachable when they talk about real impeachable acts, this is one of them. gerry: president obama said he had a pin in a phone in
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executive orders he wanted to do it president trump continued in some ways and now president biden has gone further and even more extreme way, are we going to do something to reign in executive power or is it because congress doesn't want to do in the beginning anyway. >> i hope we do it again both parties bear some responsibility for this of giving up power, their own authority to the president if the president is in their party, that's come back for decades and it's a troubling trend that follows politics closely and it has been a problem for some time and we need to get away from not because it's really dangerous it's very interesting if you look back at the ruling from the supreme court, as you pointed out the supreme court said congress must pass a law to renew the cdc moratorium on paying rent, that's a pretty low bar when democrats control both chambers of commerce, it is
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doable for them and it says so much about the situation the democrats even though they control all of congress, even they cannot begin they knew they could not get this or or maybe leadership finally found a spying and said it would be dangerous, i doubt that i think it's because they fear that they could not get it done and it would be more embarrassing, my goodness it was open internal warfare where you have aoc accusing other members of her own party of being racist because they don't care about this issue, it's an astonishing situation. gerry: one more break when we come back progressive's push to defend the police they don't spare any expense when it comes to private security to keep themselves safe. we'll talk about that next.
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>> i'm in a make sure i'm security because i know i have to protect my life and i'm too much work into many people that need help right now for me too allow that. if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend ten more dollars on it, you know what do i get to be here to do the work so suck it up and defending the police has to happen we need to defend the police and put that into social safety nets because were trying to save lives. gerry: suck it up that was cori bush who is willing to dish out $200,000 to pay for owned
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private security but still insist on protecting everyone else. you and i have to rely on the police the demonized and defunded by democrats whereas democratic congresswoman can pay for their own privacy and absolutely safe. >> we seen this across-the-board democrats hanging private security while making normal people's lives more dangerous, she should speak to the women in chicago and minneapolis in new york and los angeles and oakland, san francisco where it's dangerous to walk outside of your home where your children are in danger, those are the people that have somewhere to be, those of the people that live there in equal danger and how dare she dismiss them as not as important to her, not as important people in general, it's unacceptable and i think were gonna hear about that in the elections but this arrogance and superiority, enough is
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enough. , very briefly a lot of moderate democrats and there are still some saying this defunded the police really hurt them in the election they lost them in the house there was a backlash and somehow as we talked about earlier the far left people seem to drive the narrative, why are the moderate democrats pushing back against this. >> a lot of it has to do with their not listening to their own constituents, i don't know how many moderate democrats there are in elected office but when you go into the country talk to regular people and regular voters and democrats who didn't like donald trump or whatever, this all the democrats the moderate democrats, they're not done for any of this and we had a year of extraordinary hypocrisy with its nancy pelosi getting a haircut or gavin newsom and gretchen whitmer going out to dinner but when you start with i had hypocritical games with people security were gets a lot different there because when people vote on
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their personal security things get very ugly, usually for democrats. gerry: thank you to charlie hurt and tammy bruce, right after this at 10:00 o'clock. pray thank you for joining us will be back next week with more wall street journal at large, thank you for joining us. >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i am jack hough in for jack otter who has the week off could be fishing or cycling or doing both at the same time right now. coming up sec chairman gary gensler calling for more crypto regulation. jan beneke will tell us why


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