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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 14, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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done nothing since june 2020 and had great earnings and big plans for the future the stock is on the move an interesting one to look at. >> great idea, thank you to read more check out this addition at barron' don't forget to follow us on twitter at barron's ♪ ♪ ♪. sean: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow". i am sean duffy and for larry kudlow. president biden is on a presidential retreat as multiple crises pileup at home and overseas. the tallow band is on the move in afghanistan and the country may be on the brink of collapse at 3000 u.s. soldiers landed couple will talk about the withdrawal from marine bond technician joey jones. meanwhile the border crisis continues to spiral out of
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control as leaked audio shows what secretary mayorkas really think about the crisis. former senior white house advisor stephen miller drops by to weigh in. and inflation so edward lawrence is live at the white house, what you have. >> the president was on vacation and he was disrupted, his vacation and now he's working from camp david is what the white house is saving giving briefings about what is going on in afghanistan. he talked about inflation, that top the list on the pole of concerns for registered voters in the u.s., 86% of registered voters are very or extremely concerned about inflation, violent crime is on the list with 81% worried, it's more than the 71% worried about unemployment. these numbers might be why the
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white house over month over month numbers. a senior white house official told me their current year-over-year numbers because if you take out energy and food cost like gas prices the month over the month inflation numbers have started to edge down. but most people see what they have been paying more over the past year from last year to this year paid more for everything, including gas prices. oil company workers as well as executives say it doesn't have to be that way. >> it is supply and demand u.s. oil and gas producers have lots of locations of corsican girl but instead the biden administration has suspended permits on federal lands and done everything regulatory to discourage oil and gas in the u.s. no need for it to be discouraged. [screams] we talked about inflation right now right 3000 additional troops are beginning their deployment heading into afghanistan from kuwait to get help as those americans leave the country from the embassy.
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the tallow band taking over 18 of 34 interprovincial capitals and the administration negotiators offering eight of the tallow band if they don't attack the embassy as a u.s. is trying to get the people out. in the march on kabul is happening now and faster than many expected the white house say the president is working from camp david and he's giving briefings on the situation and is not spoken publicly buddies watching what is going on in afghanistan. sean: he went from vacation in delaware now he's actually working at camp david, that's what's happening? >> that's exactly what's happening he started his vacation in delaware now he's at camp david and he brought his advisors with them over to camp david and the materials that they needed there on the situation talking currently about the afghan situation in your getting briefing on the vaccination progress and the progress of the delta. in the u.s. as well as what's going on at the border. sean: thank you for the report i appreciate that.
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let's begin ranking member of ways and means committee my good friend kevin brady for rise of inflation. welcome to "kudlow" i appreciate you joining me. >> good to see you. >> you look great without ever confide hopefully that is your house in texas. i want to talk to you about consumer price index, the produr price with a 7.8% we heard economist and democrat state inflation is transitory but when you see the massive amount of spending happened in a government you see this inflation happening year-over-year long-term? >> there's no doubt about it. seven months in a row under president biden american families purchasing power has shrunk right now prices are rising twice as fast as pay checks and i should know it was office under president trump as a result is become number one worry of family but mainstream businesses as well because those prices continue to go up, they don't see an end in sight and
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i'm absolutely convinced president biden is driving these prices one clearly by throwing trillions of dollars in this economy fueling inflation, secondly paying workers more to stay home they did come back to work is driving this and if you predict what the three and half trillion dollar orgy of spending and tax hikes, that is going to be more fuel onto the inflation in this president has been in the fed to some degree has been in denial of how serious are concerned this is and how long-term it maybe in sean, as you know, no one wants to see inflation or the expectation of inflation take hold in america. but the white house is driving this. sean: one of the things that we see every day or every other day our cars at the gas station, they will cost have gone up in urine texas congressman and edward lawrence was just talking about a big-play and energy in
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texas, what is the feeling in texas about oil and energy in the increase in prices? >> we can help we are right here right now barrels is down 2 million barrels, rather than the president begging opec to open this ticket or now having russia to the number two importer in the united states, america was energy independent, can be for the long-term, why the president is baking some of our enemies to provide us oil when we have american-made energy right here ready to go in this war on american energy it makes no sense but these are families and workers in small businesses who are paying the
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price for this. >> has a real impact on her pocketbook but also families in texas. i want to turn to house politics is internal fighting in the democrat party. we have the left-wing squad members and say that they want to vote for the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package first but now we have nine moderate democrats that they know we want to vote for the 1.2 trillion dollar transportation package. how do you see this playing out, nancy pelosi can only lose four votes in the house to pass a bill. what's can happen are the rules going to winter the moderate democrats or the american people and none of the bills passed. >> i would predict right now that the speaker if she insist on linking the transportation bill with the three and half trillion dollar spending and tax hikes welfare state bill infrastructure will bill both from the republican to the democrat side, there's no
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question about it. were gonna see over the next couple of weeks were going back to vote next week on this in the pelosi budget but i think the nine moderates understand that a vote for this budget resolution is the green light for higher taxes on families, small businesses and certainly it will drive u.s. jobs overseas. so the first timer seen the moderate democrats understand how damaging the tax hikes will be on their communities and their starting to fight back. sean: at 2017 guide the honor to serve with you in the congress and you were the godfather of the tax cut and jobs act to make sure the pastor 2017. from that package we saw the growth, we celebrate his rise across the country because we lowered taxes and smarter taxes in america but now with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation
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package democrats are talking about more taxes again, what are your biggest concerns on the reconciliation package and tax increases. >> is going to land on working families. don't take my word for it we have a second analysis by the joint committee on taxation which are very formal you're with the nonpartisan scorekeeper in congress who made it clear that two thirds of the corporate tax increases the land on low and middle income families that the second row into say the president is breaking his pledge. small businesses and mainstream businesses are going to be her in significant ways and in america itself there is no question that these tax hikes go through foreign companies that are going to eat her lunch, it's an economic surrender to the rest of the world and there's no question it will drive u.s. jobs in manufacturing and businesses overseas just like it did the last time joe biden was in the white house and i'm from texas
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you're from wisconsin we know throughout the midwest how communities are devastated when they saw these companies pack up and move overseas were getting ready for another wave of that of president biden's tax hikes go through. sean: let me ask you the debt limit, working to use extraordinary measures probably into october with extraordinary measures before we run out of money to pay our debt. are republicans willing to use the debt limit as leverage to stop the massive spending or republicans going to give a blank check to democrats to spend trillions of dollars that we cannot afford. >> republicans have made it very clear that this debt limit, you do not play games of the debt limit you get it done and pay your debt there's no question about it but you cannot ignore the $6 trillion that's been borrowed and a very short time, what that will do to our financial credibility as a country borrowing costs in all
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of that the debt limit should be the opportunity for both parties to sit down and say how do we start to get our financial house in order, senator mcconnell made that clear, we need to have that conversation. but i'll tell you right now democrats are talking to any of this, they are like the rest of their agenda going it alone. i think that's a huge mistake for our country especially for those of us who care about debt and deficit in our financial stability. sean: thank you for joining me in a great member of congress from texas and fighting for free enterprise and free market for america we are also grateful. coming up more cities taken over by the television overnight and now the biden administration is sending troops back into afghanistan retired technician joey jones who lost his legs in an explosion while fighting in afghanistan joins is next when
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sean: the crisis in afghanistan sean: the places in afghanistan is escalating to more capitals falling to the television overnight. the first marines part of the new deployment have arrived in kabul to evacuate americans from the embassy. fox news white house correspondent peter doocy has a latest. >> the commander in chief is keeping quiet about this order that he gave to send 3000 troops to afghanistan on a mission the pentagon admitted it carried the risk of danger, nothing on camera or paper from biden since he left town this time yesterday and that says diplomats are trying to talk to tom o'bannon into steering clear of this american operation leaving the embassy alone and we've also confirmed american staff inside the embassy are starting to prayer t and to prepare documens to be destroyed if they cannot
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be stolen if embassy falls. >> were reducing our footprint to acquire, we are going to have a diplomatic presence on the ground in afghanistan and are abc remains open, we are going to continue to be able to do the consular activity. >> a white house official tells us they gave the order to send these troops in yesterday at some point in the morning and his decision to order the draw down a few months ago republican senator lindsey graham said if president biden truly has no regrets about his decision to withdraw then he's disconnected from reality when it comes afghanistan. and i got an e-mail from aio senior white house official working in the west wing then said the president at camp david is receiving regular briefingshi about this but also about everything else going on in his legislative agenda and covid but the national security apparatuses with him and he'll continue to receive briefings as
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it unfolds as he remains at camp david this weekend. sean: thank you peter, i appreciated per the spring of fox contributor and bob technician joey jones for more on his analysis, thank you for joining me. obviously you served in afghanistan and hit by a roadside bomb and lost both of youry legs. i want to get your take on the mission in the war as you reflect back. >> my injury was terrible but i was there for six month before i was injured and i think what is so concerned about this, is there american who had more time to prepare for a strategy for afghanistan then joe biden i guy that was number two in command for eight years while we were there i guy who was complicit in sending me too work in 2010 knowing they would announce a drawdown within a year end leave us hanging there, i forgive him for that but now is doing all over again, he's leaving ininamericans at risk for what i believe to be a political, not a policy decision and that's what's disheartening.
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sean: on practice, a lot of republican supported donald trump when he said we should take a trip out of afghanistan and he did actually get that done he lostan the election and now you have joe biden doing what trump's said, what is the difference. >> that is a question that a lot of americans are asking. i'm glad they're asking the question because the midterms of the presidential election for 20 years we have asked a lot of questions we had a populist no matter who the president was. the truth is when president trump announced that i supported in the context to define our mission and goals and how were going to achieve them or bring our troops p home. i hope that it resulted in defining our mission and goals and a path to achieve it and toward the end of the tender look that way and look like he had consulted with his military leadership and they made actionable goals and contingencies that they feltt like they need to get the taliban to describe two, at the end of the day the most successful time was in hamman and places like that where we brought four tribal leaders and a lotla of them were corrupt
12:20 am
afghanistan government nortel abandoned the people respected those and we invested in them and they were successful. that takes the time and is a long-term strategy that was never going to t last trump strategy was more in line to get the next generation to say look at the taliban and sayn that's n our best option now the tally band is going to create momentum and people are going to run in fear that's with the security forces during. >> and that the timeline they were going to get out of the consequences and that's not where trump was springer troops home. >> i believe the administrations position was not that but by the end of it when they were executing it was much moreh than that. >> we spent trillions of dollars in afghanistan with infrastructure roads and bridges and buildings we framed up the forces and we lost w countless lives and a lot americans were injured though yourself what lessons should be learned from what happened in afghanistan my
12:21 am
investment i've a couple of poundst of flesh of fertilizer over there, i left a lot of myself over there and some of my buddies are, i have a genuine interest in that country happen if you tryen really do, all that money that we spent was for the purpose though national security in the past 20 years we haven't had an attack on her homeland like we did on 9/11 and it didn't hang my hat on that and quite friendly the politicians didn't give me anything to hang my hat on and i don't know what tomorrow holds, help the american people see this because our country did not come our government didn't learn in 40 years the lesson that they should have learned in vietnam which is you can't have this unpopularr war that you consult people with pushing troops and combating troops when you're trying toou covertly win it at e same time and naïvely when at the same time you can't play both sides of the american people like that and hope our next generation of american government understand that because most peopleca go not.
12:22 am
sean: as we now see the surgeons of the taliban taking over a lot of territory and a lot of big cities, what's the feeling of your friends who serve in afghanistan over work that they put in over there to see it crumble so fast. >> there much more heroic that i never try to be, theyy still wee in taking part thousands of bombs and many wars in the last time in the text, i hope they don't pull me out of't retiremet to fight the stupid war and thea a rehoboam meme, they expected this as soon as a dropout started. how do boots on the ground mid level and visited marines with the security question to do her job and nobody important ino tht case, how did we know the security force could hold up but the president of the united states and spent eight years as vice president didn't know. that is not up to me and i've a lot of questions. >> too that point we saw president biden come out and say the governments going to build a whole and we spent a lot of money in years over there. the problem is is this embarrassing for the american
12:23 am
people and the american military to see all the training and money that we put in that the government has collapsed in such order. >> is embarrassing for individuals and leaderships is not embarrassing for us in anybody whoever fought us, our procedures and politicians aside, that'ss embarrassingse because we could have done so much better and we didn't and the lot because the tail was wagging the dog, were afraid to set an actual policy or strategy because we wanted to win votes ato home. sean: let me get your take on this arnold schwarzenegger take a look at his video when he talks about american freedom. >> people should know there is a virus here, kills people and the only way we prevented is to get vaccinated, where masks, social distancing, washing your hands all the time and not just to think about that my freedom is being disturbed. screw your freedom. because with freedom comes obligations and
12:24 am
responsibilities. sean: when i think of freedom i think of none like you who have served and sacrificed, what he had to say to arnold schwarzenegger. >> that's what california knows as a republican, probably understand why they don't like republicans out there anymore. that was a terrible thing to say, stupid thing to say. i think more with alexander vindman who supposed to be a heroic person who wore t the uniform shaking his had yet said that, i'll leave you with this, he posted a picture of him and his brother, i did note tweedle the and tweedledum knew the barbarian. that's quitete a fairytale. sean: thank you for joining me i appreciate it and i thank you for your service. up next leaked audio shows abiding administration knows the border crisis is out of control and unsustainable. former white house stephen miller joins uson next. ♪ welcome to allstate.
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>> a couple of days ago i was in mexico and they said the were going to lose. sean: that was leaked audio from patrol meeting earlier of homeland security secretary mayorkas, at that time to different than what we heard from in the past. >> the border is closed and we are expelling single adults and families under the title 42 authority that rest with the center forit disease control and we decided as an administration in furtherance of the president's direction to administer our immigration laws of this country in orderly and safe and humane way that they will not expel unaccompanied children. >> joining is now stephen miller wormer white house advisor and
12:30 am
america first legal. stephen what he had to say about the two versions one public and one private from secretary mayorkas. >> all be brutally honest secretary mayorkas lied to congress not once butes repeatey in every single appearance he's had this far, his statement at the border is closed, his statement just reference their about humane in orderly migration relies, directer state forward lies spoken to members of both parties. the border agents on the ground knew that they were lies, the i.c.e. officers in the field knew that they were lies in the american people watching it with their own ice in the border communities knew they were lies now we have more video and audio and more pictures coming out of the border as agent simply can't take it anymore and want the american people to know the truth even if their own secretary won't speak it.
12:31 am
>> it's nice to hear even what it's supposed to be off the record and the secretary understands there is a crisis on the border but the most successful policies of trump were stopping the catch and release, building the wall and the remaininghe c mexico policyf you look at this is biden in the administration going to implement any of these policies to fix that they recognize on pthe southern border. >> there's been a lot of focus rightly so on the unmitigated disaster that's played out right now in afghanistan with the american withdrawal but the deadliest foreign policy mistake that this administration has made for american lives is playing on our southern border the decision to terminate the agreement with mexico and the three agreements with the northern triangle countries that cumulatively ended catch and release is meaning the massive amounts of illegal narcotics are getting intercountry, criminals,
12:32 am
gang members, cartels are getting access to our country the ms 13 is being fully reconstituted one of the most barbaric criminal organizations on all planet earth and you have the destruction of ice in the release of dangerous people in every community in the country from a life standpoint for americans this is the deadliest foreign policy failure of this administration and far from changing course they are doubling down on this direction continuing in the most recent cdc order exempting for example unaccompanied alien children from title 42 which of created the largest child smuggling operation only in her hemisphere but playing out on her own southern border. sean: i think the basic question i agree with you that's what most americans look at what's
12:33 am
happening on the southern border and completely disagree with in a majority of americans lame joe biden when you look at covid cases coming into the country and people dying in the desert trying to make it to our borderd and the drug trafficking in the human trafficking what is in this for democrats if it would continue with this insane policy. >> it's clear to me as someone who studied this issue closely for many years that it's a democratic party believe that a large-scale uncontrolled illegal migration is helpful to them politically in the long run because they believe it'll add more left-leaning voters to the country and that's a calculation. but i believe that american voters will see that play as so cruel so callous, so calculated, so brazen that they will deliver a thundering defeat in the midterms to democrats in the senate and inbo the house for
12:34 am
participating and aiding and abetting of the scheme through the silence or outright support. sean: i couldn't agree with you more this is about bringing in new voters to replace the voters that don't agree with your policy. i want to get your reaction because secretary mayorkas has an idea of what was causing the border crisis and it was inviting policies it was trump policies. take a listen. >> tragically former president trump slashed our international assistance to guatemala, el salvador and honduras,/the resources that we were contributing to address the root causes and other regular migration. sean: what is your response? >> this man is pathological, i really say this with absolute sincerity, he is pathological last year we had record lows of
12:35 am
illegal immigration, one year ago under president trump, record lows we had a point in time where the entire south was border there was only 400 people in custody across the entire border of the united states of america, it was accomplished through the presidents policies we now see 430% increase year-over-year of total illegal migration because the tools were rescinded we see the largest ever number of unaccompanied children criminally smuggled intoer this country because thoe policies were rescinded and we see the largest numbers of god are ways anyone of border control can ever remember as people getting in undetected with any under diction at all because the presidents tools were rescinded is it hard complicated, mysterious everyone knows that including secretory mayorkas and truly i believe if
12:36 am
they don't change course and will not only destroy the country but i believe it will destroy the country but i also believe it will lead to a political backlash in the likes of which we have neverck seen before. sean: i can't agree with the more i want to thank you for the great work that you do on border policy and thank you forou joing me today. up next joe biden is on a presidential retreat as a bad news positive for him, pam bondi and miranda devine join us next on what this means for 2022. stay tuned with "kudlow". ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ ♪ and mess me around and then ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby daydreaming again?
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♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will live as one♪ ♪all by yourself.♪ you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel. oh. oh! ♪♪ this is not normal. no. ♪♪ so? ♪♪ right? go with us and find millions of flexible options, all in our app. expedia. it matters who you travel with. sean: as multiple crises pilot providing a democrats are we looking at a red wave in 2022
12:41 am
and 2024. pam bondi attorney general in america first policy institute law and justice chair with new york post columnist and fox news contributor miranda devine, welcome to "kudlow" thanks for joining açai appreciate it. >> thank you. sean: pam let's go to you first this is one of the worst weeks joe biden has had not justin is eight months from the presidency but is eight years where barack obama, which are take on 2022 for the republican stake in the house and senate and what's the process for 2024. >> 2022 we only need five seats to take back the house and i'm working on maga action and we are targeting over 20 trump endorsed candidates for the house, were gonna take back the senate the same way 2024 if things don't change their already in big trouble, to quote president trump he really
12:42 am
something today and he said you miss me yet, afghanistan, open borders, crime through the roof, inflation, oil through the roof, you misss me yet. sean: i hear from our people when they say i didn't love all the tweets and all the fights but man do i miss his policy especially having eight months of joe biden. i went to good you miranda, i want to talk about the prospect for vice president harris it's been proved because we have governor cuomo out of the way he's resigning and joe biden deteriorating mentally, we see that ourselves but we did look at our prospects is it going to be incompetence or inauthenticity that is the biggest hurdle shift overcome because you get to be the president in 2024 replacing joe biden. >> i think that the democrats keep coming up to the most almighty backlash doesn't really
12:43 am
matter who's in the chair, the disasters that we had in less than a year when joe biden if people are able to go vote the usual way and backlash at the ballot box will be so enormous that will run over the most challenging candidate which obviously kamala harris is not, she was the stone called loser of the democratic contest she didn't even make it to the primaries she was catapulted into the number two job by virtue, this is not me saying it, this is joe biden saying it, her agenda and her skin color, that is not much to recommend a person, her identity characteristics that are superficial and shallow and she has not covered herself in glory since the most president in american's recent history. sincen a 1970s and every single
12:44 am
task but she's been given was noticeably getting control of the southern border and she felt that miserably, you cannot blame that, that is joe biden as deputy and you can't blame her for running a million miles but this administration has failed the american people so profoundly in stephen miller summed it up so well the deadliest foreign policy that this administration's office of the border in afghanistan which is a disaster anyway. sean: i think joe biden is checked out and if she wanted to adjust the border she is a political to absently do that but she's chosen not to, every task she's been given she's beeh a disaster. 75000 people joined president trump class-action lawsuit on big tech, can you give us an l update on what's elitist. >> in america first policy institute which are proud to be
12:45 am
a part of which we received 79, 79000 stories of americans in really quickly this is interesting at police officer we should all be thrilled with illinois police officer of the year, facebook took him down, took it down because they said it was a sensitive social issue, what remains, defend the police, unbelievable their taking on everyday americans talking about covid and teachers and masks and talking about vaccines, you remember back in the election when vice president harris and vice president biden question vaccines, it's unbelievable whac they've done and unfair and deceptive trade practices based on florida law because they're not assigned there being deceptive,e, they do not know if they're applying everything fairly and they're not seeing full content because of change
12:46 am
in the truth they're taking down the other side of the story. sean: 100% i want to give you the last word you are no stranger to big tech censorship, what do you say. >> look the big problem is these people become publishers there now deciding what to publish and ndwhat is it and it seems that they always come down on the side of the list in the new york post newer story about hunter biden completely vindicated and that was before the election and generally the wuhan lab has been vindicated as well that the virus most likely came from there and buy facebook, google and someone. and then not the arbitrators of truth, is not their role to filter out opinions and ideas and facts that their political priorities. i hope that president trump, i
12:47 am
hope him bondi and these other lawsuits that they're going to have some impact and i think really that these companies and the normans multinational companies seem to be broken up just as the railroads were. sean: i hear this time and time again it's a really big issue that does not percolate in polling but somebody americans are concerned about censorship on big tech they saw what they did to the new york poston and president trump and to think that 79000 americans are trying to join a class-action lawsuit with the president, think that shows energy from a balance of speech on these platforms, thank you very much for joining me. thank you for joining me. you're probably feeling at the grocery store and the gas tank, inflation continues to be a major concern for americans, my former colleague a mick mulvaney joined us on economic outlook when "kudlow" returns. ♪ returns.
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12:52 am
mulvaney former omb director, acting white house chief of staff and freedom caucus co-chair and former colleague of mine in the house, mick, thank you for joining me, good to have you. >> it is good to see you i was expecting "kudlow" i put on a tie for "kudlow" i would never do that for you but it's good to see you. sean: i thought you might put the vest on for "kudlow" i wasn't quite sure. >> it could be worse. sean: you and i serve time together on congress and what your take on inflation and the massive spending, this would make even the obama era democrats blush $3.5 trillion in a e giveaway package. >> let'sic talk about inflationy concern is yes, here's why, certainly some of the things overseeing are temporary when you look at the cost of a rental car dramatically higher than it was last summer in large part because nobody was renting s a r
12:53 am
there is some funds in the numbers were you not see the true measure of inflation but certainly it is there and it is concerning because the fundamentals of inflation is defined as too much money chasing too few goods and whenn you have all of this new money into the system, at the same time you restrict the supply of goods and services by raising regulation and taxes and so forth and you put those two things together and regardless of the transitory covid related influence you have fundamental powers that are pushing you towards inflation and when you ask what about the 3.5 trillion all of this is a larger infrastructure bill i call it the bernie sanders christmas wish list bill all thatil does s put more money into the system, inflation is real and dangerous and somebody people don't remember what it was, i'm a little bit older than you but you can't tell by looking at me but i do remember what inflation was like in the 1970s and
12:54 am
80s it's a cruel tax on the folks at the bottom of the economic scale and the middle class and the elderly it makes everybody poor and that's where i think were headed and that's why think the democrats are pushing us. sean: in our dollars don't go as far. i want to pivot with you g you d i are both bullish on crypto and we recognize there needs to be regulation in the crypto space but can government go too far, can the congress go too far in our regulators go too far where they kill crypto in america in does that cause us to have an economic issue in the future, one because were not playing crypto, what your take. >> sure, obviously government can go to to far. it discourages industry for the entire manufacturing that is not here in the country because we went too far and environmental over regulation. we can go too far and it can hurt us because there's tremendous innovation and we
12:55 am
were in congress in block chain and bitcoin first started out, you need a little bit of government, just to set the guard rail and how to perform, the irs and new hire tax people and then how to pay their taxes, a little bit of government involvement can be a helpful thing to encourage news business there's a group of folks in washington who don't like crypto and criminal purposes, that is not the case and it's good work in the senate but it was really sort of the first time where washington pay close attention to crypto crypto pay close attention to washington. there was some improvement in the senate bill and there needs to be more in the house, it's a quickly evolving industry and government can't overreach they need to go slow and do the right things so they don't make any mistakes. sean: i can think of a number of appearance for you and i sat there with democrats and while
12:56 am
we talk about the unbending and people in the system and we would agree with that but it seems like block chain in crypto have the ability to bank then banked and were democrats would actually support this technology, i don't get it but i want to thank you for joining me today and it was a great pleasure to serve with you. >> talk to you soon. sean: up next capitalism versus socialism, which idea and america the answer may surprise you. you. stay with [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today.
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sean: a fox news poll finds the majority of registered democrats now prefer socialism to capitalism. 59% of democrats find din sociam favorable, they should be distributor every american. it's not us as parents to teach our kids by elizabeth: we begin with president bid elizabeth: we begin with president biden drawing criticism to afghanistan falling to the taliban and calling on opec and adversaries russia and iran to drill more over there in order to lower gas prices but don't drill here. the administration geopolitical policies backfiring. joining optional security advisor kt mcfarland,nd energy analyst stephen short, doctor marty mccarron, nancy mace fm


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