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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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people are dead and 20 are still missing. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: breaking news, two dozen state department workers in afghanistan sent in a confidential memo to secretary of state antony blinken and top officials warning that, yes, afghanistan could collapse after the withdrawal. why did the president and his team keep denying that? there is this, thousands of americans still stranded in afghanistan. this new controversy, the administration doesn't know exactly how many americans are left there and it orders the military only to protect kabul airport, not go elsewhere to
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rescue trapped americans. the uk is sending in paratroopers to rescue its citizens. the white house triggers an international crisis the outrage overseas as allies also are now trapped behind taliban lines. with us tonight general jack keane, congressman tony gonzalez, former navy seal derrick van or the ton, both served in afghanistan. congresswoman claudia tenney, congressman darrell issa, john katko, former dhs official ken cuccinelli. the remarkably catastrophic white house messaging, they're really taking hits to their credibility. calls for mounting resignations. jake sullivan said stranded americans made a choice to stay. ned price from the state department downplays at the airport as congestion in kabul. just a small handful of americans are blocked from leaving. they don't know how many americans are trapped there so what was the actual plan?
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nancy pelosi down plays billions of dollars of military hardware and saying that is what happens. taliban is reporting to turn afghanistan in the world's i'veest narco state. another loss to the white house over the its border policies. we've got that. democrats scrambling over massive crease sees and they may not have the votes to take up the bill in the house next week. the botched trump russia investigation. what doesn't the american public know? 40 gop senators now demand attorney general merrick garland make public john durham's coming report on his probe. potential criminal charges could be involved. florida gop governor ron desantis at democrats defund the police push. what he is doing to bolster the police force in the sunshine state. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with the pentagon now struggling to increase evacuations of americans out of kabul airport in afghanistan. flights still not filled to capacity despite an order from the president. this as the uk is sending paratroopers outside of the perimeter of the airport to rescue uk citizens. the u.s. is not doing that. also reports of killings and widespread beatings by the taliban. we have desperate scenes of mothers at the airport handing over their babies to u.s. soldiers. joining us now, fox news senior strategic analyst, he is general jack keane. general, first your reaction, good to see you again, to the reports coming in, the breaking news that the white house did know afghanistan will fall after the withdrawal. two dozen state department workers in kabul wired that internal confidential moment
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memo over but they denied that through last month there would be chaos. what do you say to all of this? >> well i think it is well-established and president biden seemed to deny this as well in an interview with george stephanopoulous and that is is that his military advisors, this is the secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs, the commander of central command, commander of our forces scotty miller in afghanistan, may have been by far one of our best come machinedders, he served 10 years there, they all recommended couple things, one, keep the residual force there of 2500. that will keep the status quo. it will avoid a taliban takeover and what everyone is concerned about, once the taliban is running the country, it becomes an epicenter for international terrorism and particularly we're
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concerned about the rise of al qaeda again which is in more than 12 provinces right now sitting there but they're shielded. they're not visible. they're not conducting training in the open. that will all change dramatically. he had all of that advice, liz. he had that advise. he chose not to follow that advice. he had civil yarns in the national security apparatus provide him the same counsel. his secretary of state, national security advisor jake sullivan supported his decision to withdraw. as you noted, this may surprise our audience, our nato members who were there with us, they were all in favor of staying. why is that the case? because it is in their national interests. we were going to keep about 2500. they were going to keep close to 8,000 there but they couldn't stay without us air power. he had plenty of advice of the dangers ahead if we withdrew completely and we had a taliban
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takeover. very much aware of it. elizabeth: should we be enacting, should we, enacting unbridled air and ground power to get our americans out? former vice president mike pence says you know, the taliban broke trump's agreement by pouring into provincial capitals and letting terror groups in. that's when the biden administration should have struck back but it didn't. should we be doing that now to rescue americans? >> two things need to be done. given yesterday's press conference with the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs and also the state department, you can see that president biden has not yet made a decision along these lines. we'll stay as long as it takes to get all american citizens out and our afghan friends and partners who are seeking evacuation. we will stay for as long as it takes. second decision, we still don't have that decision from the president although he hinted at it with the stephanopoulous
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interview but there is no policy decision they have announced. it shouldn't be a may i to the taliban. we put our finger in their chest, this is what we intend to do. we're going to stay here and get this done. it is your interests, if you want us out of here sooner help us do this. the second thing is he has got to authorize the pentagon to use whatever resources they feel is necessary to safe guard our citizens and the afghans. we'll not be able to do that by just staying behind the walls of the airport. we're going to have to establish this, lots of contingencies that can be exercised here. i want to give your audience a flavor of a few. we can open up safe corridors for people to pass through. elizabeth: i hear you. >> we can open up pickup hubs in different parts of the city. we have yet to come up with a plan how we'll deal with the thousands of people who can't even get to kabul, who need
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evacuation. elizabeth: yeah. >> american citizens as well as afghan citizens. if this is necessary, we felt it was necessary, liz, and i don't have a feel for it, we can conduct a counteroffensive. we can parachute in to bagram airport. take it over. bring tanks and armored vehicles in, load the paratroopers up and conduct a counteroffensive toward kabul and toward that airport. there is lots of contingencies out there. i just want our audience to have a flavor what can be done. elizabeth: i got it. >> this is the united states military. we can handle this. elizabeth: yeah but the pentagon was saying yesterday, sound of like we couldn't do that you're saying we can. it is unclear why we gave up bagram airbase. why we didn't have a headquarters to clear our american citizens and allies. this is biden's carter moment.
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he is linked to the withdrawal of afghanistan. there is link to the crisis in 1981. americans could get killed because the biden is shutting down taliban to afghani money at the federal reserve. you mentioned the president's discussion with george stephanopoulos at abc news. you know has been criticized in the international press over that interview as being quote tone deaf, claiming no one is getting killed when they are, claiming chaos was inevitable, when he said a month ago it wasn't. he had nancy pelosi saying well, biden is wise, saying this is what happens. billions of military hardware, aircraft seized by the taliban, that is what happens in a theater of war. not sure it is wisdom to have americans stranded you know, when you first withdraw and leave americans behind. let's listen to interview with abc news. watch this. >> so a lot of pandemonium outside of the airport. >> look, no one is being killed right now. god forgive me if i'm wrong
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about that. no one is being killed. >> we've all seen the pictures, we've seen hundreds of people packed into a c-17. we've seen afghans fall. >> that was four days ago, five days ago. the idea somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing i don't know how that happens. >> when you look what happened over the last week was it a failure of intelligence, planning, execution or judgment. >> look, i don't think it was a fail -- it was a simple choice, george. elizabeth: a simple choice. by the way the kabul airport happened two days ago. your reaction to that interview. the uk, the eu, the european press, nato, they're outraged over his behavior, his statements. german politician lachey, will be the next chancellor of germany, he said this is the worst nato debacle ever. the eu is calling emergency meetings. your reaction to the abc
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interview. >> yeah, we usually have our problems with our feckless european friends who don't want to stand up and be counted. that is not the case here. it was in their national interests to stay. that is why they advocated for it. they certainly have every right to criticize was an ill conceived, hasty withdrawal that turned into an emergency american retreat. that is what we're dealing with and horror of it as it impacts american citizens and afghan citizens. listen, this is one of the worst foreign policy failures i've experienced in my lifetime and as a result of it the role of the united states as a global leader, assurances we give allies that has been considerably weakened as a result of it. our adversaries, they're going to be emboldened, liz. take, china, russia, and iran. china, intimidate, coerce taiwan as a result. can you imagine how the taiwanees feeling.
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is america going to be there with us? russia will get tougher over ukraine on this issue. iran, watch iran. their proxies in iraq will increase their activity against us. iran has been successful in helping to get the united states off of their eastern border in afghanistan. they have wanted us off their western border for years and they're going to up the ante here defense us. the world is a more dangerous place as a result of this horrific decision that the president made and the fact that we still have a debacle going on because of the ill conceived withdrawal is making everything worse. elizabeth: general jack keane, thank you so much for joining us. thank you for your service to our country. good to have you on. we appreciate your perspective and insights. come back soon. up next congressman tony gonzalez and navy seal derek van
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or theon. calls calling for nsa security advisor jake sullivan to resign after saying americans stranded in afghanistan quote, made a choice to stay there. this as the white house is losing creditability with every press conference. short on facts, short on answers, the question, where was the formal evacuation plan? you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange.
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elizabeth: we're staying on this breaking news with congressman tony gonzalez a navy vet who served in afghanistan and navy seal derek van orton. breaking news, two dozen workers at the embassy in kabul did give an internal confidential memo to secretary of state antony blinken and top state department officials warning, yes, kabul and afghanistan would rapidly collapse after the u.s. withdrawal. the white house, president and his team had been downplaying that scenario. congressman, your reaction to the breaking news? >> i spent 0 years in the intelligence community and it doesn't take an intelligence expert to realize afghanistan was in a fragile state. joe biden is politician and and
6:18 pm
politicians love to play the blame game. america need as leader. this is what is occurring on the ground. my phone is ringing off the hook of people trying to get out of afghanistan. afghanistan is roughly the size of texas, imagine being in west texas you're being told by the state department you have to make it to austin if you're going to get out, nine hours away, there are no roads, no planes, no trains and taliban has checkpoints everywhere. it is an impossible task. one of our cases, an individual was kidnapped by the taliban for three days, finally released, told, we'll not kill but you cannot leave the country. elizabeth: okay. you know, congressman, you're making important points. derek, your reaction to the news in light of nsa jake sullivan? he is trying to deflect the blame for the white house's lack after formal evacuation plane suggesting that americans made the choice to stay. your reaction in light of the
6:19 pm
breaking news. >> my reaction of jake sullivan during the entire career in the government, been trying to redefine the meaning of incompetence. he worked for clinton, biden in the past. worked on libya, myanmar, china. he was tasked to rebuild relations that president trump apparently didn't do so well with. that is not true to begin with. now we destroyed our relations with most of our nato allies. jake sullivan needs to immediately tender his resignation. he is not only incompetent but complicit in this utter complete failure. to put things into perspective, president biden said there are 15,000 american civilians unaccounted for in afghanistan right now. that is 288 times the amount of hostages that were held in iran. there were 52 held for 444 days, including one of the best americans you will ever meet, kevin who lives in my congressional district. he is complicit. he needs to go.
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elizabeth: many americans have lost confidence in the administration's judgment. they have lost credibility with their pressers too. congressman, spokesman ned price downplayed the chaos at kabul airport as congestion. talked about small groups of people. watch this reporter confront ned price over the constant, meaningless ambiguous updates. >> let me spend a moment on other data points. the european union minute sister of foreign affairs, ministers of foreign affairs, the foreign affairs ministers of the eu -- >> changing conditions on the ground at all? you've been reading statements for days. >> rich, they may not care about ephemeral concepts like legitimacy and recognition. >> they have in the past. >> their past behavior suggests that, correct. elizabeth: all right so, that last part congressman, he is basically undercutting the president's own statements. so this seems like chaotic
6:21 pm
messaging. it is like all over the map. your reaction? >> oh, it is downright criminal the way this administration has acted both at home, dealing with the southern border around abroad. now dealing with this afghanistan crisis we need a leader that will say no american will be left behind, one. two, direct communications with the taliban. if one hair is hurt on an american, they will be hell to pay. that is the type of leadership we need to go everywhere in afghanistan and bring americans home as well as our afghan partners, not someone who will cower behind and deflect and try to basically weasel out of taking responsibility for their actions. elizabeth: you know, derrick, it is unclear why biden, the president seems to downplay the chaos and power vacuum last month saying this isn't going to happen when then senator biden warned about that back in 2001.
6:22 pm
he said he saw in 1988 and 89 when the last soviet troops marched out of afghanistan, the power vacuum then. why the flip-flopping and why did biden close bagram airbase, leaving behind thousands of civilians? why couldn't their headquarters handle this in afghanistan? >> they're flip-flopping they have no plan. they're making it up as they go along, that is why it is so chaotic. the reason they closed bagram state department under blinken didn't want the optics closing embassy and kabul, leaving open a military base. incredibly foolish, bordering on criminal decision. elizabeth: congressman, biden's comments have been resurfacing. then senator biden said in the '70s, quote, i'm getting sick and tired of our moral obligation to vietnam. we have no obligation to
6:23 pm
evacuate 100,000 south vietnamese. the"atlantic" reported that bidn said we dent need to worry about that. biden was no in in charge of withdrawal out of iraq. that is where isis stepped in. how does he not know that there is no chaos that we're seeing right now? >> bottom line, joe biden does not care about human rights. that is evident on our border. it is evident across the globe. we're seeing that unfortunately in afghanistan. part of the chaos this administration caused when they shut down the embassy, they destroyed all the visa applications. all these people trying to get out, guess what? their paperwork is destroyed. i have people calling me, there is nobody on the state department that has this case. you almost have to start all over again. mean while the clock is ticking. and the president needs to be firm and not go, you know august 31st we'll get out.
6:24 pm
no, no american will be left behind no matter what. elizabeth: don't put a time clock on it. congressman tony gonzales, former navy seal derrick van orderren. thank you very much for your service to our country. next congresswoman claudia tenney. democrats scrambling over multiple crises. democrats pelosi and schumer they may not have the votes on the massive spending plan to be taken up in the house next week. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> president biden and democratic party desperately need a country to be scared of covid or they're going to lose the grip on the presidency and they will lose their power. too . because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back democrats scrambling over multiple crises. now this, democrats may not have the votes next week for their massive spending plans. look at this finding from the tax policy center that undercuts their argument for higher taxes to pay for more spending. 100 million plus u.s. households, 61% of pay zero federal income taxes last year. welcome back to the show texas congressman tony gonzalez. is your response to all of that. >> the democrats are in chaos. the bernie budget they're pushing forward is trillions of
6:29 pm
dollars of deficit spending that will increase taxes. one, it will cause 17 trillion in deficit spending over the life of it, not to mention all the other hidden things in there, like amnesty. you're talking about amnesty when you have one of the worst issues on the southern border? i mean it is absolute chaos on the other side. the good news the moderate democrats, they don't have the votes. the moderate democrats are fighting back against pelosi's move here. elizabeth: she has been sitting on their heads for years not letting them come up to rise in the ranks. president biden pivoting off the failure in afghanistan. he is threatening legal fights and lawsuits against gop governors over mask mandates in eight states, your state, florida, oklahoma and tennessee and others. trying to use the federal sieve rights office, unclear on what grounds, this is a states right issue, constitutional fight. the states are talking about parental choice.
6:30 pm
there is concern about that. kids showing lower rate of infection. watch governor ron desantis on this. >> he is obsessed while you have all this stuff going on with afghanistan. obviously all the stuff at the southern border which you and i talked about, one of the biggest border disasters in the history of our country, inflation, gas prices, and what does he do? he is obsessed with having the government force kindergarteners to wear masks all day in school. in florida we believe that is the parent's decision. joe biden believes the federal government should overrule the parents and force these young kids to wear these masks. elizabeth: you know what governor desantis is doing? he launching sites to give out regeneron doses, life-saving treatment, up to 15 sites throughout the state by end of the week, keep you out of the hospital, your response to all of this. >> this is absolutely a states rights issue. we have to let the states lead. i have six children of one of my children is a first-grader.
6:31 pm
he started school this week. thankfully we live in a school district where masks were optional. anytime you have the federal government dictating to the people what should or should not happen, whether that is mask mandate, a vaccine, it is the wrong approach. we've done everything we were told to do. we social distanced. we wore masks. we got vaccinated and this virus is only, is only mutated. date is the delta variant. next week it will be a different variant. live with the virus. be respectful of others but we can't have the federal government dictating to us mask mandates. elizabeth: that is what the uk is doing. they don't have mask mandates in the uk or europe. they say we will have to live with it. it is dangerous to get it. be safe. >> yes. elizabeth: common sense as well. congressman gonzales, good to see you. thanks for sticking around with another block. the botched trump russia investigation.
6:32 pm
the fbi got in trouble. multiple reports out of the doj watchdog office. what does the american public don't know about this? 40 gop senators demand that attorney general special counsel john durham's report on his investigation public, poe earnings criminal charges here. could be heading to a grand jury. house judiciary member darrell issa joins us next on "the evening edit." stay with us. >> the first part of this is not really opposition research. it is complete peddling of manufactured information. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807!
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most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. ♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman darrell issa from house judiciary. congressman, it is great to have you on. we've got more than 40 republican senators now saying to attorney general merrick garland listen you have to make public the durham report into the botched trump russia investigation, that americans need to see it too. what do you say to this? >> this is a test of the attorney general. is the attorney general wearing
6:37 pm
the proper hat of the highest law enforcement officer, neutral if you will, or is this simply an appointee of the president guarding the last administration and the one before including hillary clinton? no question at all this is a real test for where the attorney general stands as a officer of the law. elizabeth: there were reports that john durham has taken potential criminal charges before a grand jury. we've got former fbi sources who have used that powerful fisa court, that internal fisa court which was meant to go after terrorists, our sources are saying this is what fbi agents and former fbi officials are most worried about, perjury before the fisa court, knowingly using false information from anti-trump opposition research, paid for by hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc in order to get these invasive fisa wiretaps on civilians on the trump campaign.
6:38 pm
congressman, you and i have talked about those wiretaps. they're called three hop taps. in other words it doesn't just hit the individual's device, their phone or their laptop or computers, it hits who they are talking to, and who those people are talking to. that is why they're powerful. that is why you have a fisa court for them. this is dangerous stuff to do perjury before the fisa court. what do you say? >> the fisa law needs to be reformed again but before we get there, the abuses, the illegal activity of lying to get warrants, lying to get information you would not be entitled to, that is exactly what is already illegal. i would commend and be proud if the attorney general actually is doing what we've heard and that a grand jury will indict appropriately fbi agents, department of justice people, who criminally went after indirectly but ultimately the trump campaign with malice and forethought, no question at all. there was a bias.
6:39 pm
we've seen it. we've proven that part. now we have to hold somebody accountable. so far no one has been held accountable including hillary clinton. elizabeth: yeah, the doj-ig found 17 significant errors and omissions. hillary clinton and her team basically were paying for this fake anti-trump steele dossier that had so many problems in it. the doj-ig pointed those problems out and hillary clinton was tweeting out about a covert computer server in the trump organization communicating with russian bank called alfa bank. the i.g. for the doj said that was false. that was debunked, that was wrong. there was no hotline to unlocking the mysteries of trump ties to russia as nsc jake sullivan said. this fake alpha story was planted according to christopher steele. he testified in british court, that information came from a democrat lawyer. this is knowingly planted inside
6:40 pm
of our fbi agent bureau false information to go after citizens, regular civilians. your comment on that? >> you're exactly right and this is where we can be mad at hillary clinton and the democrat operatives but since people within the department of justice and the fbi knew it was false and lied they should be held accountable first and foremost. no question at all the american people need to know the truth which was the only collusion with foreigners was the clinton administration but if we don't hold the fbi and department of justice people accountable for their criminal activity, for their cybercrime, if you will, then this will continue again and again including, it will continue in the next election. i am absolutely concerned that if there is not a punishment now, we will in fact see a very similar activity of the next republican nominee for president, finding himself being spied on at taxpayer's expense and ultimately accused of just
6:41 pm
the opposite. it has never been this bad. it is only going to get fixed if there is criminal, i, i want tae a moment michael wore wits, the i.g. this man is brave. he continues to give the american people the truth. some people don't like the truth because it is not always just in our favor but without him there is an awful lot we wouldn't know. elizabeth: congressman darrell issa, thanks for joining us. it is good to have you on. come back soon. >> will do. elizabeth: okay. up next, florida gop governor ron desantis, we're staying on what he is doing. look at this he is hitting back at the democrats defund the police push. what he is doing to bolster the police force in the sunshine state. congressman john katko is with us. he prosecuted organized crime for 25 years. he is with us next. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> the democrats are waking up from their beautiful fantasy they could defund the police, demonize the police, ridicule the police and everything would be terrific.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show house homeland security ranking member, he is new york congressman john katko. congressman, it is great to have you back on. florida governor ron desantis, he is now doing a big pushback against the democrats defund the police. he is trying to recruit more police officers to florida, $5000 signing bonuses, scholarship programs, out-of-state relocation support, what do you say to this move? >> well it is easy pickings because what is happening in major cities across the country, they're defunding police, vilifying police, making it much more difficult to do their job. the morale amongst those officers and ability for them to do their job is plummeting. in fact it is more dangerous than what happened in chicago with thelma french. i don't blame what governor desan sis is doing.
6:47 pm
what mayors are doing is making their citizens much less safe. elizabeth: congressman this follows last year's violent riots and anti-police rhetoric that dominated democrat cities across the nation. governor desantis made news when he signed a bill antiriot legislation. when it comes to cities which cities do you have in mind. >> i head the american security task force. i'm charge with coming up with a legislative blueprint for the republican party should we take over the house in 2022, god willing we will. i found out by going to new york, portland elsewhere, those cities are a mess. portland cut their police force 10% approximately. they got rid of their violent crime unit. the end result, 533% increase in homicides. homicide rate in austin, texas where they cut $150 million, is up 97%. in new york city, shootings are up almost 100%. they cut their police force
6:48 pm
almost by 1/6, funding for it. that is the top terror target in the world. if you look what is going on in afghanistan right now, it is a really bad decision. elizabeth: it is important what you're saying, given which cities are targets. certainly new york city has been, and d.c. there is push to defund the police at the same time. we're basically defunding border security as well, right? all of that at the same time. go ahead, congressman. >> well the bottom line is, it is this antiauthority wave that is coming from the other side of the aisle in congress and it is really scary and it trickled down to the state level and when you have open borders on the southern border, then you have a city like austin which cut their police department by $150 million, you have a tremendous problem in austin, texas. murders are up almost 100%. all kinds of crime are out of control in austin. i was just there. it is amazing what is going on.
6:49 pm
fatalities are skyrocketing because everybody knows they don't have the ability to have traffic cops out because their budget is cut so much. so all intertwined. it holds to the theory about being apologists for the criminals and vilifying law enforcement t will have a very serious long-term effect in this country. elizabeth: congressman, there are also things like bail reform, right, that is happening in various states. you know, contrast that with the governor of florida is doing as well with new york city mayor bill de blasio. he has a new program that will give criminals $1000 if, after they have been convicted of lethal gun crimes to be part of a transformation program. this is effectively taxpayer paid for stipend. neighborhood change agents. take this on. >> that is absolutely incredible. listen i was an organized crime prosecutor. i prosecuted drug traffickers
6:50 pm
and i prosecuted bad cops and prosecuted major criminals in cities across the country. i tell you the bad guys only understand strength, when they hear you shoot somebody you will get 1000 bucks and a hug, you will see what happens when that happens. that is absolutely insane. you have to -- criminal element of a position of strength. they're not doing that in new york city. elizabeth: congressman john katko, thanks for joining us. >> sure thing. elizabeth: come back soon. up next former dhs official ken cuccinelli, look at this, the story breaking out of "the washington post" that the taliban is poised to turn afghanistan into the world's biggest, richest, best armed narco state ever. we'll look at the impact it has on the border. already dealing with heavy amounts of drugs flowing through it. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> as time goes on we'll see the consequences of fentanyl coming in, human trafficking and it will be all over the country
6:51 pm
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elizabeth: back with us now, former dha acting concern dhs acting deputy secretary, ken cucinelli. it's great to see you. "the washington post" reporting the taliban is about to turn
6:55 pm
afghanistan into the world's biggest, richest, best armed ever narco state. hasn't this always been going on? hasn't this always been the case? haven't their drugs already been coming here? if. >> so afghanistan is a source of i want to say 90% of the heroin base plant. and so it has been finding its way here, but it's not been financing a government. you don't have governmental support. and what i fully expect the taliban to do is essentially use this as a way to attack our society and finance their government at the same time. and that has not been the case out of afghanistan before. and when you combine that with the intentional open door policy of this administration on the southern border where there is essentially no meaningful bar to drug trafficking across the southern border and we have created a multilayer problem for ourselves.
6:56 pm
elizabeth: so, you know, a couple of years ago the bbc did a report that basically the taliban imposes a tax on every stage of production of drugs. we're talking a roaring production, and as you point out, opium for heroin, hashish and crystal meth. >> yes. others too. elizabeth: so that's what the taliban has been doing. how exactly do their drugs make their way to our border, and can't we stop it? >> so, i mean, the best way to stop it, well, is to -- would have been to support local allies. twenty years ago like we did and succeeded in afghanistan and keep doing that, but that isn't the course we chose. the next best is to actually end enforce our own border restrictions because the open border is what makes this so easy. it is, it's not difficult at all to ship large masses of drugs from afghanistan to mexico without much threat of
6:57 pm
interdiction. and from there because, again, the overland routes are wide open to smugglers, drug smugglers and the drug cartels control the entire southern side of the u.s./mexican border, it's child's play to move those drugs into the united states. and, by the way, any terrorists they want to send along for the ride. after 9/11 it was a bipartisan understanding that one of the things we had to do to protect ourselves from international terrorism was to be tight on our borders and on those who might overstay visas illegally. elizabeth: yeah. biden, obama, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, they all were for that after 9/11. you know, your reaction to a federal court handing yet another loss for president biden on the border. a federal judge blocked the biden administration's new rules that would have put the handcuffs on i.c.e., on i.c.e. agents in arresting illegal border crossers based on narrow categories. now there's an injunction
6:58 pm
against that. this is pretty serendipitous this is happening now. what do you say? >> yeah. that happened, the judge recently reopened by order the remain in mexico program. this administration is lawless. they don't care about the law. i mean, look at the southern border. they are intentionally allowing people, frankly, inviting them to violate our immigration laws so that they would disobey with other laws to accomplish that shouldn't surprise anyone. this was a heartening decision by this judge. it obviously doesn't solve the problem, but it does make clear just how lawless this administration is being. and remember, they are letting violent criminals go. you know, we talk a lot about the fact that they're not serious about covid on the border while felling all of -- telling all the rest of us we need to shut down our lives.
6:59 pm
the same is true on crime. they're not serious about removing violent criminals, gang members, ms-13 members that they encounter along the border, and yet they're complaining about the spike in crime across the country and and trying to find scape don'ts other than their effort to demonize and defund the police. elizabeth: yeah. it sounds like common sense. drug gangs -- >> it does. elizabeth: -- are in various u.s. cities. you talk about the lawlessness, the tracking news and information that now the biden administration is losing way more in the courts than the trump administration did. so that's an interesting trend that's happening now. your final word on that. >> yeah. and you can expect to see more of that as my final word. this has only just begun. because of this lawlessness, they can't defend it in court. can't defend it. elizabeth: all right. ken cucinelli, it's great to see you. come back soon. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth
7:00 pm
macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. thank you so much for watching. that does it for us. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. last night we talked at some length about the catastrophic consequences of the biden afghan pullout, how president biden should quit the blame game attacks on trump and bush and the afghan government and the afghan military and instead how he should really attack the terrorist taliban who really are the root cause of this problem. by now politicians and policy experts in both parties acknowledge the biden disaster -- by the way, if he had fd


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