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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 20, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. ♪ larry: sandra smith is right, the u.s. military should restore order in >> treadmill to restore order in the towel bound get no money or recognition. i am "kudlow", do it again tomorrow night. kennedy: the situation in afghanistan great horse by the hour. dropping this debacle thousands of panicked americans in scores of courageous afghans who help the u.s. military all along the way. at the present started the war and continue to or the one who is botching the exit now? that evening i am guy benson and for kennedy. but now we've all seen the interviews and heard the stories of fear and chaos of playing out across afghanistan. the taliban now running most of that country and starting
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to play hardball. multiple reports of beatings and shootings are on the capitol city around kabul and elsewhere. the stories of desperation are heartbreaking mothers of literally throwing toddlers over the airport walls or to try to get them to safety, look at that. and of course the now iconic video of afghans clinked u.s. cargo planes as they tried to escape the taliban and their onslaught. the president still seems pretty clueless about the violence on the ground there, watch the spirit. >> a lot of pantomime outside the airport. >> look but no one's been killed right now. god forgive me if i'm wrong about that but no one's been killed right now. we've got a thousand like 1200 out yesterday couple thousand today. it is increasing. we are going to get this people out. >> we've all seen the pictures hundreds of people packed into a c-17. that was four days ago, five
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days ago but. >> what to think what he first saw those pictures? >> have to gain control of this. we have to move this more quickly. we have to move it in a way and we did. >> it was a four days or five days ago it was two days ago in the time sat down with george stephanopoulos but also appalled to apologies more will likely die in the days and weeks ahead were in the state department the countries on the verge of collapse. the political disaster increasing falling squarely on the shoulders of our commander-in-chief. utter disaster, overall witnessing. and ironically the more troops in afghanistan than we had
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before the withdrawal. just trying to get our folks and friends out of the country. >> he is right it's indisputable. i rate so too are some of the staunchest allies one british member is disgusted by the present suggestion on the afghan military's fault. the courage of men i thought with, to claim with iran it's shameful those who have never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have. guy: that, and the house of commons got a very strong response. it is ugly. the afghan military of course shoulder some responsibility or comment or question about
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that. they have lost more than 50000 in the conflict which a point that out. ultimately though who owns this fiasco question rejoined me too discuss is charles a coke institute vice president for research he is also former nominated ambassador of afghanistan. he's a veteran of the afghanistan war. it is a will. >> the bigger picture is the blame game right now provide context year we have to separate the decision to withdraw from the implementation of the last phase of the withdrawal. i've been a long supporter of a natural interest to leave the longest war. president biden held about. it's also something president trump supported.
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people of both parties, presidents from two different parties have supported. it is in the national interest. while these visuals are clearly worrying and troubling , we have to remember we have been in a long war. twenty-eight years of conflict with thousands of americans have been killed and wounded. the war was not going exactly the way we would have wanted to if we could have baked things as we wish as opposed to the constraints on the ground. guy: here we are trying to get something that's popular will get to poe how that in a moment. you hear the president said this could not be carried out any better, this is the best of the united states can do. i wonder how you react to that. that is a tough assessment for me too swalwell. that is true for a lot of americans. >> 18 the great things about our country as we always wish we could do better both here at home and abroad. i think a monday morning
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quarterback in this is the wrong direction. >> you have to think about accountability here. we need to do that now. there needs to be accountability for more than just the last week. even if you read the washington post afghan papers you see that americans were misled by leaders, leaders at the pentagon, civilian leaders. we've been widened too or misled the need to be accountability for this disastrous longer conflict not just the challenges and disasters of the last week. guy: thanks your time and thanks for joining us tonight. tonight president biden is continuing to insist the withdrawal from afghanistan could not have gone any better as i just mentioned, watch this. >> do think we should've got out a long time ago?
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>> we showed up at. >> except the ideas will be messing about or what. >> but would be messy? if he would've gotten out a long time ago, getting out would be messy no matter when it occurred. guy: but maybe not this messy. now there's a new poll taken this week it shows most americans don't think our military should have been in afghanistan and the first place according to a server from the associated press 62% of americans don't think the war in afghanistan was worth fighting that include 67% of democrats and 50% of republicans. public opinion for the war obviously eroded. president biden really have no choice but to let kabul fall like this or could the commander-in-chief have found a better way let's meet tonight the party penalty jamie weinstein podcast host jay w strategies founding partner jamie weinstein, host of parts of the problem podcast david smith attorney democratic strategist ethan.
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gentlemen good to see you all. jamie lee poling here actually is quite mixed. this a poll shows people say the war's not worth it. should we have kept more troops on the ground for a wild to prevent the taliban from taking over, people say guess we should do that. i feel like there are a lot of crosscurrents here in public opinion. what is your read on it? >> it is not surprising people saying it is not worth it when you see the telegram was in charge, 20 years later we leave in all the said they're in charge again. what did we accomplish? part of the problem is we've not had american president or counter argument for a long time. we did not have a republican president who gave any reason why we should not be there. we certainly do not have democratic president making the case of a keep a small presence in afghanistan we could keep some semblance of status quo if not victory and perhaps prevent the terrorist
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we pushed out from coming back and reconstituting themselves and potentially attacking the homeland. those two factors make that pool not surprising to me. there's been no case for why this war was worth it in the last eight years. >> there's a lot of people making the case we should not be here. that percentage of the publishing grew and grew. if you've always been on that page. are you in some ways gratified to see the majority of the american people both parties coming around your view? >> well yes. i think it's good people are recognizing the reality of the situation. i guess the last president we had that was really making the case was a barack obama. he put in well over 100,000 troops into afghanistan. that was not enough he keeps adding 100,000. george w. bush makes a very strong case for. he was lying through his teeth to the american people when you talk about what a great job he was doing building up
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the afghan military which disappeared pretty quickly did not want to fight. i would've lost anyway. and i do think this is ugly. it could have done any better way. it is something to see, as you mentioned earlier god, we've all seen the images. you do not see images as much in the corporate press from let's say the war in yemen over the last eight years, the war in sibiu, elyria, pakistan, somalia of course iraq. it seems like the moral outrage comes we are leaving a war. there've been millions of innocent people slaughtered as a result of these wars and less 20 years. guy: diapers in the clear
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right to go into afghanistan after 911. the nationbuilding is where you lose a lot of people. >> that should've ended in christmas of 2001. [inaudible] >> just because were leaving a war does not mean people are not going to be slaughtered but slaughters were to continue her but there we in afghanistan or not. >> a lot of americans are concerned about american citizens trapped in that country thousands of them. i don't understand our military our government says we can do all these things in afghanistan but we don't have the capacity now to go get our people and bring them home even though the french are doing it, the brits are doing it. we are the united states they say we can't do it sounds more like we won't do it. that is sort of shocking to me. >> but isn't shocking everything about the last 20 years is shocking. i've had friends fought in afghanistan.
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look we should be doing everything we can to rescue american citizens who are in afghanistan. but everything we have heard from the pentagon is of questionable we talk about afghanistan. simple cursory review of 20th century history let alone 2000 years of history would have warned us not to do a land war in afghanistan. some of us were arguing that i'll be back to george w. bush, president of the united states announced were going into afghanistan. it is our responsibility now to make sure we get the american citizens out properly. i do put that on the pentagon more than anyone else at this point. i believe there needs to be. guy: there is a commander-in-chief, ethan, he largely seems awol. he called 3:30 p.m. and after he got to leave it there pan out we will revisit with you shortly break coming up the president biden silent on afghanistan as i mentioned.
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the team of tomorrow. guy: the white house to betting big on. that is a solid alliteration bird president biden announcing a plan that recommends all fully vaccinated americans get a booster shot, take a look. >> all of you who are vaccinated, how should you be thinking about the plan is for every adult to get a booster shot eight months after you got your second shot. it will make you safer and for longer. and will help us and the pandemic faster. guy: right rountree for everyone potent meanwhile global health leaders have criticized the president's decision thank vaccine surplus in rich nations like our should actually be redistributed to port of countries that are being swallowed up by the pandemic for instance africa's director
12:18 am
of the world health organization warning on vaccinated abroad might actually foster more dangerous. that could arise and put everyone for the risk by the president's plan also. [inaudible] like to me, what about the 14 million americans took out the johnson & johnson jab? will we need booster shots in perpetuity forever? here to help us answer some of these questions, fox news contributor doctor janette neshiewat. doctor good to see you tonight. >> had i good to see you. >> is just a curiosity, strategically speaking for public health officials why not stop the population that would clearly be most vulnerable who would benefit mostly booster shot, the elderly, people in nursing
12:19 am
homes, people who are immuno compromised. do that first, see how that goes, track the data then expanded out make the case based on data to that millions of other people out there. why did they do that? >> absolutely correct. who is most at risk? those having underlying medical conditions those who have a weak immune system. those who had surgery, a transmit, age couldn't transmit up liver transmit those on medication to treat cancer. they are the ones we have clear data shows that they have a third shot, a booster shot them substantially more protection they will likely have the most benefit from a third shot. that is the plan is to get that group of people, plus those over the age of 60 who are at risk of dying from corona vegetable dessert shot first. in addition to those who have the vaccine eight or nine months ago. doing overtime.
12:20 am
we know there are other components of the immune system that may be helpful towards you. delta is making it much harder to fight off the infection. the reason why the white house administration is pushing a third booster shot for everyone is the fact they've got two steps ahead. do they want to wait until we see more breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization and death are to be want to be more proactive and take action now? for american of citizens people get these mrna vaccines. guy: you are also ring as he mentioned the opening of the segment their critics if they hang on americans have been able to get the vaccines, they have had these shots for months. 200,000,166,000,000 have gone and availed themselves of the opportunity. why are we giving third shots
12:21 am
to younger healthier people why do we do that when there's more around the world that haven't had one. it's not contained within borders, is that a fair point or should the u.s. government take care of their first and they would agree that sentiment here at home. >> it's a very serious issue. first of all i believe our primary focus should be on vaccinated in the unvaccinated for the sheer number would focus a goal right now, everywhere globally vaccine hesitancy vaccine equity is a serious threat right now. we need to be addressing tapping the issue of vaccinating first dose and giving boosters as well as continuing aid to third world countries. our u.s. government has already pledged to millions of vaccines to countries like africa, asia, those who are in great need. we need to ramp up that aid. on top of that we need to be providing more vaccines
12:22 am
combined -- more combined than every other nation but it's great we are helping. >> and we took the lead in creating the vaccine that creates an advantage for us. sounds like your approach is in all of of the above approach which sounds pretty sensible to me. a lot of americans nodding along an agreement. doctor great to see a thank you for joining us tonight. coming up after the break, where is combo? the quote last person in the room silent as chaos reigns in afghanistan. what happened to her being a suppose a leader in women's rights? plus labor california governor gavin newsom calling the recall about a matter of life and death. seriously dude? the panel returns and moments, the panel returns and moments, stay here ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪ evident where the world's kamala harris? i would've done the mouth of a
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trumpet thing but that's candy stick. the vice president awol for roughly a week is the administration faces growing anger over its handling of afghanistan, mishandling you could say. she is now on a trip to of all places, vietnam. the symbolism of that has not been lost on her critics. aside from a handful of tweets, that bp has largely been mia since the taliban took over most of afghanistan this week. earlier this year she claimed she was an integral part of the president's decision making team when it came to ending the war, remember this? >> president biden always said he wanted to be the last person in that room, particularly for big decisions just as he was for president obama he just made a really big decision, afghanistan. where the last person in the room? >> yes. >> you feel comfortable? >> i do. guy: she doesn't might not a suppression on keep your head out of this one. she's prime focus like a laser on the southern border.
12:28 am
the why is the first female vp has she been silent on the horrific situation for women and girls in particular in afghanistan question what the panel is bite, jane biden has already handed her this a political football of the southern border. i wonder if she sorta keeping her mouth shut here because she does not want him to get the idea to give her into her portfolio the evacuation from kabul airports. that would sort of be a bye didn't move. >> on some level have always expected this is as payback for her calling him a racist at the first presidential debate. i'm just speculating i do not know about that. i like silent cabal harris at her that when she speaks. i am fine with this. i will say and i despise her as much as anybody, i think the idea that because she is a woman she has to speak out
12:29 am
about women's rights in afghanistan is kind of silly identity politics that is not really make any sense. i don't know, i have a wife and daughter, i care about women's rights as much as a woman does pretty find that silly it's not as if boys are treated very good afghanistan either. guy: is deafly worse for women and girls. fair enough. >> i don't know do they treat how to boys there, guy is pretty horrific. guy: the town that is not treating anyone well, we could stick with that what would you want to be in afghanistan? i would prefer to not be there and i'll put ethan, it could be a fair point to say just because she is a women she is champion women's rights of the year she should be speaking up. i sort of wonder if she wasn't speaking up when she tweeting up a storm and putting out videos about the fate of women and girls under the taliban, wouldn't part of the problem be all of those words would ring hollow given the policy
12:30 am
and what fate is going to befall a lot of those women and girls now? words mean pretty little at the moment. >> i don't know that words mean pretty little it's also hilarious hypocrisy with how treated vice president pence out after he kowtow to from president trump and ran home to mother. you are not complaining then because she is a target who are afraid of a president heiress in the future because we don't have biden wear that the attacker going to to go from her? vietnam is a major trading partner there's been production shifted to vietnam because of the trade war started under president trump not wrongfully with president not wrongfully started for the withdrawal. >> it actually wasn't planned. [inaudible] >> i don't think that attack slammed it all.
12:31 am
guy: it's not an attack we asked a few questions for jamie is it because conservatives are terrified of kamala harris as a candidate? >> no i don't think so. she was not a particularly good political president when she was running i think kamala harris is someone right now throwing darts at a picture of pete buttigieg. she thought she got the price is vice president is now a subtlety immigration portfolio and no one can win on that. now tied yourself to this disastrous afghan withdrawal why her rival is of the transportation department ushering through perhaps the sole achievement may be the biggest achievement of the biden administration. i think she might be wishing she had the opposite role. >> secretary pete and his husband have a new kid congratulations of that. from real life or death situations to fake ones, california governor gavin newsom releasing an ad campaign for his upcoming recall election saying that voting to keep him in office
12:32 am
is quote a matter of life or death. that gop candidate larry elder will harm californians, watch. >> what's at stake in the september 14 recall? it's a matter of life or death with delta's urging gavin newsom is protecting california, requiring vaccination for health workers and school employees. the top republican candidate peddled deadly conspiracy theories and would eliminate vaccine mandates on day one. >> so will california voters see through some of this alarmism and vote gavin newsom out on september 14? we are getting pretty close but let's discuss. jamie i'm surprised it took them this long to get to the republicans will kill your talking points. to get there eventually, always. but i guess with a few weeks to go this does not really feel like a terribly confident thing to sick avenues in. i assume he would survive this thing.
12:33 am
>> when your whole career is a politics and advancing to the next office it is life or death for gavin newsom. he loses his ambition to be president will also go with it. i will note one thing, if larry elder action becomes governor of california, he may not run and a year when they actually have the race but he would immediately make himself a potential republican presidential candidate or potential vp for donald trump should he run in 2024. you have a conservative of the largest state in the country where he served one year as governor would make him a political superstar. guy: we skip past the recall election to governor elder on the ticket with donald trump in 2024. wow. we definitely are using our imagination tonight with jamie. ethan i went to ask about this. i'm not disputing the name or to rocket up some of these lists if he would win. ethan, can we not just say in our politics all ideas are
12:34 am
good, their ideas are bad, vote for us not for them. doesn't have to be vote for them and you will die? >> fear works, let's look at what is happened the last three years fear definitely turns about to vote. people have ignored the giant issue of why gavin newsom won't lose. california, unlike certain republican lead shades ensures registered eligible voters have every opportunity to vote. every california voter gets mail a ballot. i had when mailed to me feels it out in my kitchen, circled no on question one, sign my name on the envelope and mailed it back. polls may show there's a close race the reality is republicans are very small percentage in the state of california. moderates are not being swung by larry elder who by the way there's a bombshell political
12:35 am
from his ex girlfriend, x producer accusing, allegedly accusing him of waving a gun at her when he was high on marijuana. i think that's going to damage and pretty badly. but gavin is not going to lose this. a quarter billion dollars was wasted with this recall effort when there is a scheduled election next year already if you did not like gavin newsom. >> dave does gavin newsom have to worry at all. going up laying the death card is not as confident as ethan is. >> this seems like a move of desperation as does quoting that seemingly pretty ridiculous accusation about a guy who's been in public life for decades, i have never heard anything like this. the fact that there is a legitimate shot larry elder could be the governor of california tells you had bad a job newsom has done and why should be so desperate. and i don't say that as a shot against larry elder. as you know, guy, i am no
12:36 am
conservative. i introduced him to give a speech just a few weeks ago in south dakota. he is an impressive guy it's pretty unbelievable he is even in this. >> moving on to washington d.c. to the east coast the hypocrisy continues on capitol hill. squad members refuse to leave ionic presley though they are been pushing a bill to cancel rents. that is kind of standard though insane left wing ideology prayer here is how things get from the pair has simultaneously have been earning thousands of dollars in rental income from properties they own and their respective states. according to financial disclosure documents, they ranked him between 20 and $65000 combined at last year during the pandemic in rental income. both have been vocal advocates for extending the eviction moratorium during the pandemic were they also introduced rent and mortgage cancellation act with a fellow squad member
12:37 am
aoc. if they really believe what they are pitching, should they cancel rent for their own tenants first? that is a fair question, ethan. >> so the old saying how do you know when a politician is lying, they open their mouth and spoke. wow, another hypocritical politician in d.c. it is sad, it is too bad. it is over rent. sadly were not talk about politicians who seemingly endorsed domestic terrorist today which is eight far more serious charge than hypocrisy over rent. i do not disagree with you but i do not have a defense for either of them for what they've done versus what they said. i think it's wrong and i wish politicians would stop doing these kinds of things. guy: jamie i love the story, that this family so much. they're out there with the bull heard screaming and yelling we demand this for justice. in their own lives they are
12:38 am
landlords there with that sweet, sweet landlord money even though they are yelling cancel rent, come on. >> obviously if there rent is being paid they would not have this policy. you attacked the fat cats even though many landlords are not fatcats they have to pay mortgages. they're raking in all of this money they have no expenses or bills to pay themselves is silly. it is a good talking point because most people are landlords. >> dave briefly could we have eight you first provision and laws were lawmakers who write the laws have to abide by them first? >> the careful guy you're gonna find yourself at libertarian anarchy if you go down this logical train of thought. the old school commies believed in living very humbling and not having extravagant things as dumb as
12:39 am
they were. these new woke socialist will tell you right to your face how it's aptly okay them to be multimillionaires. but the rich are the problems. guy: that all the riches of capitalism that capitalism from other people just like they want security but the police. there is a theme here. the panel back later. coming up a new report claims 51 -- 61% of households paid zero income text last year how did they pull that off? and do you qualify? economic master brian brenberg economic master brian brenberg joins me in studio after this [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less.
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time for new reading glasses? go to! choose from hundreds of styles and colors, for under $20. and now, enter this exclusive tv coupon code at checkout to save up to 40%. that's guy: one potential small silver lining pandemic according to report a sweeping federally for packages and stimulus payments led to an extraordinary increase in american households that owed
12:44 am
zero federal income tax in 2020. more than 100 with more than 61% paid nothing in this category but experts say the reprieve should be short-lived unless congress approves another round of stimulus payments or extensive tax credits that are set to expire at the end of the year. that is exactly what democrats are considering as part of the $3.5 trillion budget lunacy. how do you pay for the biggest spending plan if fewer people are paying taxes? how can you at home may be qualified to grow tax-free like this? it sounds kind of nice. joan reinstated tonight fox news contributor professor of business and economics at the kings college here in -- brian brenberg. good to see a parade this is a temporary, this is supposed to be spiked as temporary because of an omelette circumstance of maybe not? quick it is that word transitory here a lot by the tax experts say 60% of the
12:45 am
people did not have to pay taxes. but don't worry that is going to go in the years ahead when all the spending goes away. will the spending go away? not if president biden has his way pretty's going to keep extending unemployment benefits is going to use keep extending stimulus checks and child tax credits for think next you're going to end up in a situation with 60% of americans again not paying any federal income taxes but i love no taxes i love low taxes i am down with that. we are going to spend trillions and trillions somebody better pay taxes. all of this stuff is going to pile up for our kids will bill pat heck of a lot. guy: the rich will do that from a political standpoint the fare for share for me is zero. others can pick up the slack. >> you can define it however you want too. why should any of us have paid taxes in 2020? why don't we borrow that money
12:46 am
and send it on to future generations? it is a fundamentally irresponsible but it's divisive pretty get smaller and smaller pool of people in this country that everybody depends on to fund our government. guy: while the government attacks those people. they demonize that smaller and shrinking piece of the pipe. we went to share the responsibility and the privilege of finding this thing the minute you break that apart you start to get this growing group of people that said let's put more responsibility to pay for it on someone else. why should billionaires exist? why should they exist? we've got to have that conversation as an ethics class i want to introduce you to but that's a different subject. >> keep extracting more and
12:47 am
more money from this group of people while you're demonize and demagogue that group of people it is amazing. very quickly if your back your one year from today were sitting you're doing this again do you think the numbers, 61% or do you think it comes down? >> i think it's close to 60 been going to say 58 -- 59%. but that is terrible three to 60% of people in this country have no responsibility to help fund the government we shared together? lower the rates that the taxes were going decisively in the wrong direction. it is progressive utopia but it does not work and find that up the hard way. quick skin in the game matters. alright brian great to see you. thanks for joining us. coming up president biden versus governor desantis. on masks in school who's got the upper hand? our panel returns to battle on that ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:52 am
republican governors who have a band masked mandates, watch. >> have you seen throughout this pandemic some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures, that his children at work masks in school and political disputes for their own political gain. if you're not going to fight covid-19, at least get out of the way pray. >> joe biden thanks the federal government should come in and overrule the parents enforce these young kids to wear these masks. you've got to wonder, where are your priorities when you are letting afghanistan burn, our border burn and so many other things in our country fall to pieces. guy: biden does seem angry with the republicans and the taliban that my impression of things. it is interesting to see added menstruation that's protected the whims of teachers units at every step of this pandemic certainly pretending to be champions for children only in the context of the delay with a potential 2024 presidential rival, what a coincidence. panel back to do that's all
12:53 am
this, jamie, david, and ethan. in the speech biden gave yesterday said at one point that these politicians are banning masks in schools. that is just a lie. a lack of government mandate does not mean the thing is banned he has set it is all over the place that is not true. >> i took covid as serious as anyone, my wife was pregnant during covid. my parents and her in-laws came we had them cortina 14 days but he got the vaccine as soon as a. the masks for children this just of the evidence that this makes much sense, at least not yet. there is some evidence shows it causes harm. the idea this is the same thing as vaccines or anything else is wrong. i have a son who's about to start school for the first time but he is going to have to wear a mask. i am not excited about that. that is going to be
12:54 am
detrimental to him. i do not like the idea this is similar to vaccines or something like that part is just not the case the evidence is not there. guy: i am pro- vaccine i talked a lot about it. i have worn masks especially pre-vaccine to people did have too many options here. when it comes to children in schools wearing masks, if that is very effective in stopping covid show me the data i'm open to it. but that data has not been forthcoming breed that is where i have trouble here. >> i personally do not have a very strong opinion on vaccines or mask. i am pro- liberty. what is objectively happening here is biden is pushing mandates in desantis' pushing choice. ten out of ten times i will go with the guy pushing choice. if you are talk about following the science or following the data here there's never been a good argument for masking children. now you have a vaccine and all
12:55 am
of the teachers can get the vaccine if they want to it is absurd and completely contradictory to his narrative is pushing we need everyone to get vaccinated. if the vaccines are going to reduce your chance tremendously of getting very sick, hospitalize our dying and they're not very good vectors for the viruses transmitted in any way at your talk about an enormously tiny at risk. if teachers are not willing to take an enormously tiny risk to provide a good education to children and these other human beings. guy: a got to get to ethan for the uk is -- the eu not recommending masks and schools for kids under 12 are they also anti- science and tight childers at just republicans, ethan? thirty seconds. >> all of the above the preponderance of literature is clear that masks reduce transmission. >> not among children in schools you are wrong though. >> absolute let me finish guy.
12:56 am
guy: misinformation. >> look kids are dying. in mississippi a tsunami of cases because of choice our founding fathers said you do not a choice this issue. public health is more important than your individual choice. [inaudible] >> i also support data we are up on a hard break we've got to go, jamie, dave, ethan (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. (can crack) ♪ nothing on this planet compares to it ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ (dog barking)
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