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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 21, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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where you will approach as double digits in this yield about 9%. jack: and 9% yield, thank you for that, thanks alex and ben, all great ideas to read more checkout barron' don't forget to follow us on twitter at barron's online, that is all predict kudlow is next and have a great weekend everybody. >> ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ hello everyone and welcome to kudlow and i am larry kudlow is going to be with you today. so president biden giving the nation and update on afghanistan evacuations from the white house predict and fox news white house correspondent has all of the details. good evening jacky pretty. >> good evening. i was in with president biden one thing was incredibly unclear is whether the president intends to use the u.s. military to go
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out beyond the air force and start conducting military rescue operations for americans who are unable to get past the checkpoint are afghan refugees and allies like at the i asked for clarification i'm still waiting to hear back on that. the president is to be on he said earlier this week, the commitment that he made to americans. and who assisted in the war effort but he was not clear on how that would be carried out and he said so far there's been no problem getting americans that pass the checkpoint for the very documents that the refugees would not need our what would get them killed. here's what the president said. biden: let me be clear, any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. make no mistake, this is evacuation mission is dangerous. in involves risk to our enforces
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and being conducted under difficult circumstances. i cannot promise the final outcome would it will be or would it will be without risk of loss. >> the president claimed there has been no challenge to american credibility on the world stage among our allies. biden: i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world and i have spoken with her nato allies and the fact of the matter is that i've not seen this prayed is matter fact the exact opposite i've gotten of these reacting dating to what we said we would do. parliament holds the president in contempt to condemn the withdrawal from afghanistan and the trips he left behind to face the taliban and the president claimed that we rented together merely be together but the allies, they seem to be challenging that statement to some extent of present city the nato allies about how he will
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move forward so afghanistan can be used in the future base for terror attack but his critics say they should been workout prior to the withdrawal and finally when the mission is complete the u.s. will finally draw down its military presence and bringing into the 20 years of military action in that country. to leave open the possibility the troops would remain in afghanistan beyond the august 31st deadline something that he has been consistently up to this point looks like an achievable goal. but seems to open the possibility more. >> 's. larry: he said that there were none in afghanistan and that was ten minutes ago, maybe be 12 minutes ago, was within general jack on the second floor and he was taping something. we talked about that predict and general king who has covered this for lord knows how many decades he said al qaeda is everywhere sprinkled through so many of afghan provinces.
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the only reason i am raising that, not just wettability, but we've the mission here was to get rid of terrorist rated so that the taliban may have the government their completely terrorist and on top of that they will harbor. jackie: the pentagon of correspondent, national security jennifer griffin actually asked the pentagon press secretary by the statement from the president and everything that we just heard and she said, the president said that al qaeda is gone we get we do not have a borate large military intelligence gathering capability and how can we be sure about that read and is it even true and they said well what the president meant is that we don't see enough of an al qaeda presence to make us believe there'll be some sort of a threat to the homeland. and so clearly, seems to be sort of looking to the details in with the president is said, but it was a big statement and is being picked apart and were
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hoping to get more clarification as were seeing more pressures coming out of the department of defense and the pentagon from the state department on the operationally, but we are seeing and measuring god against what the president has been saying sort of the birdseye view because we are seeing this. larry: is hard to come to be when you're not getting a straight answer. jacky we really appreciate your efforts very much and thank you for coming on predict in just a few thoughts, day six of the afghan crisis, president biden press conference, as usual, as jacky suggested, as usual this press raises more questions and he answered. first all, our nato allies are furious, i don't care what the president said and there is serious discussions in the new government and cattle the rescue mission is because the air force or 6000 u.s. troops there. but you have to get there in order to leave the country rated and unlike britain and france, whose troops are sinking their
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citizens in and elsewhere the going way beyond the airport in the u.s. is apparently just therefore because if you spoke to the president, he has knockout mission meaning, not a mission to leave the airport pretty well is nonsense. no other things here, has at last weekend, some 18000 afghans who were allies of us in applied for these special immigrant visas rated we have no idea ultimately how many are going to need help and i will tell you this, when the delavan defines the afghans who have assisted the u.s. in the nato forces, they are going to do kill them. and i don't know what we will do about that and meanwhile there's over 10000 americans prickled throughout the capitol and the rest of the country but no one really knows how many there are nobody knows how were going to find them in there and a fork the videos board help them to leave and now additionally keep reading about political meetings
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between the former afghan government officials like and doctor abdul and afro-americans meeting with delavan representatives apparently an northern alliance people engage a date. but no one in the u.s. government seems to want to talk about this and i keep nagging about an every night and trying to move the story forward and there has to be some kind of provisional government which won't require recognition or not. don't know what the negotiations are, but there's no coalition, then you're going to be left with them creating this islamic state of afghanistan it that there are rated eat talking about and that may be recognized by china and or russia but it will be a disaster for the united states and for the nato allies in the last grade this will be a terrorist disaster and again, as i mentioned with jacky, president biden said today, is no sign of al qaeda in
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afghanistan but the experts are saying that it al qaeda groups are sprinkled there and of course are going to help we can make the terrorists. and then we learn the wall street journal, the story today that putin doesn't want american counterterrorism in central asia. and apparently, he made a deal with biden in the g7 summit to that effect. what, we just learned that today, believe that summit was in may. may or june but none of that got out. we have got to be in their because of the terrorist threat as well as 100 other reasons. and so this is a nasty story, is unfinished it is unclear. is hard to get the facts. going to grope our way through this because this is such a major think it. look, the only good news was looking for good news. the ims and the world bank and the u.s. treasury i guess our
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withholding cash from the taliban and i assume and again i have more to dig in on this as well but i assume that on the financial side of the story, we are in touch, the u.s. treasury presumably the federal reserve along with the ims, and with all of the commercial banks so that the afghan taliban in a don't want to call it afghan but the taliban assets are frozen. now the ims loans will not be made and we know that the taliban are a bunch of drug dealers a lot of their money comes from selling drugs in a holier than thou with what they don't seem to stop the fact that they are a bunch of drug dealers a week i don't know how we will have that but not least the ims in the banks i hope will keep the cash frozen. that is a little bit of leverage we have for this governmental story. but there has to be a story. in a simply come there was an
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this will have to be resolved peacefully or through for bloodshed and i wish the bidens would be forthcoming about this, somebody is got to know about the tax going on in cabell by the different factions and that was always part of company go back to that issue. the trump deal was a peaceful resolution between taliban and the afghan government and then president, and apparently that was never concluded and so biden could've withdrawn this whole effort to leave. he could have walked away from any so-called deal or we could've used air combat bombing in the taliban started to take over provinces but none of that happened and it is all left dangling right now. and at some point there will be a government and a maybe quite hostile to the united states. and put that all aside, the stock market had a nice friday valley, remember that, just over
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240-point so that suggests the economy is okay. and look, is going to survive this. and we have seen a lot worse than the afghan problem. it's just that this is one of these big issues, the treasure and people lives and military allies, terrorism of the original idea, clean out the terrorists. and it is a tragedy because none of this endgame ideas motives or objectives. and it is a tough one and we will survive this and we are still the greatest country in the world and joe biden is not going to bring us down and we have seen force than biden. i think, i am scratching my head, maybe i will take that back. we've seen many as that is biden, and his ideas on foreign policy are just about as bad as his ideas on economic policy brightest of the stocks are rising and that is a good sign and always find fault in the stock market is move on and
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joining us now, the distinguished panelist, had been, senior analyst and washington times opinionated, and charlie, first of all, both of you welcome and this is a tricky day and charlie, i don't like it biden. i don't do some personal by the way, i just don't agree with his policies understand what i'm just asking questions. how are we going to get these american's out and how going to get the afghans have been assisting us out of there. we have 6000 troops second this airport making it the planes run out of time and the other nato allies are going into the streets of the capitol, the setting up the rendezvous' and they're telling us they actually have helicopter drops and we are not doing any of that so how can biden take any american who wants to leave can leave. you can't just call up and over and say take me to the airport i have a flight. it.
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>> i think the only thing that we can say for absolute certainty about all of that is joe biden has no earthly idea how is going to get those americans out. and those allies out if they were allies that we wanted to get out before the seven we should've gotten them out and long time ago. but honestly, i think what we are seeing right now is a glimpse of my joe biden on the campaign that he ran pretty didn't get out there and talk to people and make a campaign because this is what you would get three nothing about people who've been covering joe biden for 20 years and for decades even, in washington on capitol hill, he was the committee chairman, years and it could've told you that this was the kind of thinking it you get out of joe biden. he talks, he rambles, obviously is a lot of that is sort of getting increasingly and kill parents but he is not a very bright guy. and he does not have a very crisp vision about what it is
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that he wants to do and of course is how what help get us into this messed in the first place and why he is such a disaster and incapable of getting us out of it. larry: hang on one second because charlie and i, i have covered this for many years, biden is scum on my old tv show on another network every time he ran for president and he ran for president so many times i got to know him pretty well. and quite a number of guest appearances. but charlie, i want to follow up. so he has supposed to have very smart people write the secretary of state, that's a big job. the national security council director. it's a big job so he has mr. solomon, and those are the key policy operators. he has also blinken rated they execute the policies that the president wants and that's where they are coming. in other words, the president is nothing i is going to assign air
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tickets for how many troops or how many bases, that is their job. they had a cable into the state department and saying that this is going to be a disaster. so if they are in over their heads charlie, that is the point i am getting too, and that tells me nothing is going to be solved. they're going to have to either let him roll or something has got to give here. >> a number of times joe biden has come out and said something explicitly that was immediately or previously in some cases contradicted directly by these top cabinet officials. tells you want to think some either they are not telling him things are divided and it remembering things are going about it. whatever the answer to that is, it is terrifying and it's a very bad situation. larry: we don't even know if biden saw the distant cable from all of those diplomats.
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and i'll take it to you next, another thing that infuriated me about the press conference about al qaeda and the terrorist threat. first of all, the original mission hang on a second, the original mission was to get rid of the taliban they were the threat. that has grown but i am told that i just on the guy, and is about 50 minutes. al qaeda is sprinkled throughout the provinces of afghanistan rated how can the president say there is no presence of al qaeda are no threat. >> at this we should be used to his life because he said there was no chance this will happen this rapid takeover, is what he said in july. at this point i think that is asking too much, not only as is frequently, there were alleged senior operatives who work in the erased that we fled from.
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and the predecessor, the trump administration had an orderly incision laid out very cleanly and neatly by former in a great interview from the trump administration about what exactly that entailed. it is never entailed allowing those prisoners the alleged qaeda senior operatives and thousands of them could be dispersed and released from prison sprayed this must be extradited in similar, other parts of this country, there was a catastrophe. nothing i failed to hear anything about this journalist to win through the careful list rather than the real question but nobody asked him about the weaponry, the 80 billion-dollar the u.s. taxpayers, i don't know what your tax looks like but i'm never going to make enough in my lifetime to pay for what we spent on artillery on all sorts of weaponry that is now going
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into the hands of terrorists then going to turn around and killed not only their fellow muslims but the potential allies could be killed by this nato ally of turkey, look this up, distance from the border of afghanistan to the border of turkey, as with the distance from boston to florida. that is not very far. so there's also the risk can happen. and you said it, biden lied about al qaeda. sue and a lot of black hawk at helicopters should pretty high value hardware. and charlie, i think at the end of the day, and a battlefield situation, but this is turn into we have to rescue our people. our americans and isis, to me this is the biggest gaping hole in the biden narrative and it was -underscore today it is news conference read and he said this quote, any american who wants to
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leave, will first of all, what is that mean. do you mean go to meet not want to leave because there on vacation and they may have two more golf games, of course are all going to want to leave because the taliban is going to hunt them down. we know that but on the other hand, we believe anybody in the battlefield commits a military tradition, never leave anybody on the battlefield dead or alive. we will go out and find them. rose stuck in the airport, 6000 troops pray to god bless those troops. been out of the going to go get the other people and some are going to be scattered around the provinces. charlie: and i think that a lesson to be learned from 20 years in afghanistan, that 95 of us 95 percent all agree upon is that you don't ever want to get into a conflict you don't have a defined goal. and that is been the complaint
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from where ever you come down and whether he should pull out of afghanistan or not, everybody agrees to that and we're sitting in a situation right now where joe biden it does not even know what al qaeda is on the ground pretty doesn't even know how many americans are on the ground and he is now trying to commit more troops back into afghanistan. another goal that he won't even trouble himself to figure out what the goal is meaning he has not learned anything from 20 years and trillions of dollars spent on this conflict that had and the worry is is only going to get worse because you end up having to spend more troops after more troops after more troops, when unexpected things go or happen because you didn't know the most basic things on the ground partied. larry: you know ironically charlie, were going to wind up having more troops and their than we had before this
12:21 am
catastrophe. i mean. >> they're going to have to open up more air port space, is to follow so know if they're going to open up more bases, is getting worse. summa this does not look like a great idea, thank you very much. great idea, thank you very much. back to ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both.
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sue and joining us now former investor ryan, by the way and is a finger to about the afghan region coming twice ambassador to afghanistan and he is also be an ambassador to pakistan iraq and syria. ryan crocker, great to see you and thank you for coming on today. plasmas of questions and we need your expertise and actually the whole world needs your expertise there. and this is a tricky one. in any case, then they began, you made a few public statements about this year, very concerned about president and biden in the state department and their ability to lead and i understand that everybody is coming down against this thing, very poorly constructed operation. but one thing, it bothered me a lot, this vivian article in the
12:26 am
wall street journal on the scoop that against 20 or so diplomats from american diplomats in kabal and blinken essentially said predicted that if we left right away is fine, the taliban with over the country and it will you make of that. why was that morning he did do you think. ryan: that came through a special channel, just for such issues, major policy disagreements call the distant generally of use it myself. and so that was what this was, the dissent against the prevailing policy. and it requires it to be read by the secretary of state himself. and he acknowledged that he had rented read and no one is explained why there is no action taken upon it.
12:27 am
so again, doesn't mean that people were just completely inept or completely determined not to hear any advice possibly but there's also the chaos of the moment. but the point really is, is not simply that message, the message should not be sent because we must have known that the afghans security forces. we must have known that this really was not going to be anything to slow the taliban down and once they started moving. so the brave jester by some smart and brave people but the administration should already have known and plan accordingly for the taliban. larry: you know ambassador, one wonders and you have been in that spot, i've been in similar
12:28 am
spots, one wonders if that just of the cable got to the president pretty did we don't that yet, do week. ryan: we don't and it would be a great question and the president himself did publicly acknowledge that he read it and he didn't say what he did about it. sue and i know you been critical about trump and biden for leaving afghanistan. the question that i have for you is, there was a negotiated under trump with his involvement and everybody was involved in that discussion, but the idea was if it were not abided by the town of man did not work with the afghan government and so forth, if we were satisfied by the terrorists and the linkages or lack of linkages and so forth, he could walk away.
12:29 am
and if the afghans, i mean, if the taliban as you saw them coming to these potential capitalisms, that would've been assigned that all bets were off. anybody could walk away from the withdrawal of the also good toward i think combat forces and certainly our forces into the soil don't think his hands riverside by trump or anybody else. what is your thinking on this. ryan: there is lots of blame to go around. and i been doing this rethinking it as lavishly as i can come there was no peace agreement read with the taliban and what president set in motion sitting down it with the taliban and the government of afghanistan, made it clear from the first day this was not about peace, this is about an american surrender. we had no interest in fostering a genuine peace process and we
12:30 am
wanted to do whatever it took to be sure that we could extract our forces that the televangelist shooting at us as we went. we did shameful things, but be honest honest, we basically force the afghan government to release 5000 prisoners. , they definitely did not want to do then we force them to do it and what happened, these guys got right back into the fight rated severe trouble by the afghan national security forces cutting and running which they did, we set them up for it. we started to say and we repeated and repeated it, and were doing a deal with the taliban, and then we are going home. but a lot of folks are going to stand and fight. when they've already been told they been abandoned. she went that was an excusable mistake i couldn't agree more in a particular point in the drive to advance the story little bit ryan. at this point, it looks like
12:31 am
people are going to withhold recognition of this new government. i don't know about china, china may be the first and russia may be the first u.s. and the west is going to withhold recognition. and i don't know if you're in touch with you here, that are discretions of the going on apparently. donning of course is out of the country but karzai, abdul, northern alliances are talking with the taliban, do those discussions hold the premises all or is this just going to be a taliban islamic and run a government whether we recognize it or not. ryan: so we gave up all of our labors on the taliban by agreeing to completely withdraw we need to get a few back in one of these as you suggest is withholding recognition and another very important one is freezing assets. that is already as i understand
12:32 am
been done. larry: wall street journal takes aim former white house advisor stilley and received miller over immigrant visas coming out of afghanistan we will let mr. miller of the explain views on just one sake something, ryan crocker, he is something, he is really something, he's a smart really something, he's a smart guy and give useally ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪ you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. there's a line between drinking and riding. alcohol limits your reaction time, and even one drink can affect your ability to ride. then before you know it, you've been pulled over. there's a line between drinking and riding, and the smart ones never cross it.
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c1 okay today's wall street journal is, the right and afghan allies, attacking my pal steve miller for being overly cautious about the refugee settlement, joining me now to respond, is the a for mentioned, white house advisor and americans first leg, steve miller. hi steve, are these guys being too hard on you or what is your take on this. you're not opposed to if they
12:37 am
afghans helped us you not opposed to bringing them in the country are you read. miller: will first of all larry, happy birthday to you. [laughter] larry: and wait a second, you as well. it. miller: yes my birthday is just a few days after yours. suet you and me and sarah come on the chief of staff patio and, we had a birthday party. miller: a joint birthday party, me you and sarah, that hottest chicken in the town, chief of staff patio. [laughter] and we were joined by the 45th president of the united states, that was a great memory. larry: that is good at. let me ask you a question, i think people are purposely confusing to completely different issues. miller: that is who we ought to evacuate from afghanistan obviously the priority needs to be given to the american citizens and secondly, where should they be evacuated to and if you heard joe biden's press
12:38 am
conference today, if you can call it a press conference, he specifically mentioned and brought into the mission for evacuating afghans beyond the smaller group provided meaningful long-term and essential services to the u.s. government to include a term he kept using vulnerable afghans and their real intent at this point in time, they tragically, that is a number that would be in the millions. millions of people afghanistan are now going to live under a brutal autocratic regime. and they are going to have a hard and difficult long fight, the battle for the future of the country. and hopefully, the forces of justice and the forces of modernity will ultimately prevail and we will see but my point has already in the ointment when it comes to refugee resettlement, the general matter is humane and responsible course and is to fun people in the home in the region
12:39 am
near the country of origin enforceable is more effective at because for the price it suddenly one for refugee in the united states, you could resettle easily ten plus and thereby country like for example pakistan because you come to america and their outlaws, this armas, why be clear this is not discretionary, the refugee gets free healthcare free public housing, free food and free education and that is written into the wall fight is very expensive and the second thing that you want emphasize a regional resettlement is because that in means that if the conditions change in the country, people can more easily go back home and be part of building a countries future. this was part of the trump policy and it was in syria and the trump policy and with respect to iraq and afghanistan the trump policy with libya and the trump policy with simile of which was work with our regional partners to whom we give vast sums of money friendly, best sums of weapons to find homes for people nearest the place from where they come there is always my position and now the
12:40 am
position of the trump administration you got a lot of refugees for example and we saved a lot of lives, much more effective and much more safe and just much more rational. sue and bill, i hear you loud and clear. i think the issue right now, first of all there's a lot of emotion because you got these taliban terrorists and a special immigration visas think. and i think stephen, people are worried that the taliban and is going to go house to house and if i did not just ordinary citizens but folks who directly assisted the u.s. forces one way or another and frankly kill them. the taliban will kill these people, it will be no fair trial. whatever, no questions and answer period, the just chop off their heads. and i think that is at the root of this fear read and i think. miller: that's justifiable.
12:41 am
which is why joe biden withdrawals have been saying uniquely disastrous and he just really want to distort hundred -underscore this point if we had done the evacuations and anything resembling the sane order, in other words anything resembling what the remote degree of human intelligence would suggest, and evacuation, then you withdrawal the military, that wouldn't even be having this conversation. so i want to be clear in saying two things. number one, every single person who should have been evacuated, i solely at the joe biden. no discussion or debate, that is a fact and secondly, none of that changes my point. which is that we should be very cautious in deciding since the taliban is now in control, the country, we would settle tens of thousands of people i went in other words if you're talking about taking 60 and 70 and 80 and 9,100,000 people of the
12:42 am
country, with no vetting no immigration checks no controls, and again why not pick up the phone to our friend and saudi arabia and other areas in pakistan and find people is a call all throughout the region know if people legally qualify for special immigrant visa which is the smallest share of people that are being evacuated, u.s. other eligible for that visa which means they can come to the united states as it is. he had a group with a visa, then you can travel to the u.s. this not with the biden administration is doing. because of their failure, their indiscriminate and this is unfortunate but true. putting people on to fly to can get to taliban checkpoints, the taliban is to decide. those of the people going on airplanes. we have military bases all throughout the region. there simply no need to then indiscriminate silly bring it of
12:43 am
thousands of people to the united states who will be here for life, no one's going to be sending anybody home and once here, under our laws, you're allowed to bring your family and their family and their family and their families families and so every one person ends up being ten to 15 more and we need to be careful and cautious. be one we've got to stop provide an open border policy from spreading to this zone and it's bad enough that it's on the mexican border and you're right, the dissenting table from the 20 or 30 people in the state department in kabul, this whole thing should have worked out. steve miller, happy birthday buddy and bendigo. best. and on kudlow rob whitman's going to join me to talk about his new bill and establish a commission to review the chaos in afghanistan.
12:44 am
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(upbeat music) how you doing? hey mason! hi mason! thank you.
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larry: today stock market rally tells us despite the afghan debacle that america is going to be okay. joining us now, charles schwab global chief investment strategist. i just can say that i know the things always look darkest before they turn completely black but i think that afghanistan is very unfortunate it is a catastrophe in a terraced issue. that's not really going to affect americans economy is it. >> that's right predict the supply chain issues, except the opium but it really doesn't say much about u.s. to cover the allies like taiwan like we went up against the other global superpower china because
12:49 am
somebody a critical component. the shifted were using some of the other things will make in the u.s. and that's critical and there are no afghan stocks or does not like that's going to cause a global decline. and you're right, it's a tragedy, the government can disrupt that stockmarket prey to. larry: but he could jeff, this is way down the road, it will probably be a safe harbor for the terrorists and lord knows what they're going to do and come after us but right now, that is a what if nobody cares to look after. and jeff, as the economy okay, we got a minute left and is the stock market okay in your judgment or other big issues out there. >> no i think it's okay, today the volatility of the stocks are making new climes the s&p 500 here in the u.s., european stock. the value stocks on the growth stocks, is expected and
12:50 am
6 percent this year and 4.9 percent next year and we've seen like to enter back to back like that since the 1970s and that's right inside of global economic inertia and it continued to turn 19 his worries over covid-19 and inflation in discussions. larry: jeff, nobody does a better thank you it is very [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist
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she wouldn't okay be looking virginia congressman rob whitman to the show ms. whitman, you got a commission meeting this right, you are watching a commission. so a review for the whole 20 years, very interesting propositions and somebody up to do it. how are you going to do it. >> larry i believe with everything that we have seen unfoldment not only the past 20 years but especially what we have seen unfold in the last weekend, we needed to get a full bedding and facts in our republican chairman, congress chairman elise if only one him 911 commission, instead of just the talking points and we would get from the administration, let's get to the fact and see if the subpoena witness and truly discover what is happened there
12:55 am
in the whole process, think there's a lot to learn their a lot for us as a nation to know with determination and how we go forward. larry: i would suggest that maybe you've already thought of this, but this mission begin commission and it has members in it but the house and senate but predominantly at the 911 commission's, and other successful commissions, i would suggest bipartisan professionals, people with judgment and so forth and i would just put this inside of the sump, i try to reach outside of the swamp read. >> i agree to has to have those connections because i can tell you over the last week that i've heard some from hundreds of our veterans and folks who were, depending on the folks who have been to afghanistan not entered in the perfect perspective on where we are today but also the experience that we have had through past 20 years, it can't just meet folks inside of washington it, has to be people who had boots on the ground in
12:56 am
afghanistan and world world experience. larry: just today, he is saying stuff that is untrue and makes no sense at all before an example terraced is not a problem, al qaeda is not a problem. you've got to be to cut through that nonsense. >> that's exactly right, those are all talking points on make sure they get to the facts and the truth and you want to hear that can responses from the administration. sue and i wish you luck on and i hope you'll come back and tell us about it when you get it off the rent, thank you predict and the rent, thank you predict and much more there's a line between drinking and riding. alcohol limits your reaction time, and even one drink can affect your ability to ride. then before you know it, you've been pulled over.
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larry: every new day is a blessing. good, sober stuff. i thank everybody. i thank my producers and the staff. look at that birthday cake. terrific stu to to do. that does it for us on "fox business tonight" -- elizabeth: new reports now coming in, house lawmakers indicating the defense secretary metcalf lawmakers say that yes the taliban is beating americans trying to get to kabul airport, contradicting president biden at a press conference that was meant to stick unto him fix his international debacle in afghanistan. where he and his team straight up 1500000 americans and terror groups, foreign policy expert


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