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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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ed is on sale now during our biggest sale of the year. morning futures" next, and she'll take ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo, hostage to newly armed taliban. 80 plus billion dollars worth of sophisticated weaponry left on the ground now many the hands of terrorists. coming up what went wrong and can we recover? this week americans in afghanistan getting beaten up trying to get out of the country. passports being confiscated and
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taliban soldiers going door to door as new news that they have returned to afghanistan. plus the world is watching, but joe biden claims there's no impact to america's power and credibility on the world stage. >> what's your message to partners around the world that criticize conduct around the world and credibility of our state? >> i have seen no question from our credibility from allies around the world. maria: army war veteran, arkansas senator tom cotton is here on efforts to get people out of the country and why joe biden closed the bagram air base while thousands of americans still on the ground. plus democrats are running away from the most important stories
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impacting the american people. afghanistan and the wide open borders, nancy pelosi forcing the house to return early from vacation to vote on her massive tax and spend proposals. gop leader kevin mccarthy on what gets done this week as biden's budget still calls for defense spending to go down but spending on a new green deal to go up. and former speaker of the house newt gingrich on the u.s. cut and run out of afghanistan and the consequences to come. all that and more while we look right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning the pentagon says that the situation is kabul -- in kabul is fluid and uncertain. we have more breaking news here as the attacks keepeep oncoming. the state department was hit by a massive cyber-attack with a possible serious breach notification by the department of defense and cyber command. president trump joined me this
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past week on mornings with maria on fox business to assess all of this including biden's afghanistan pullout. >> maria, you don't take the military at first, you take the military out last. this is like the captain jumping out the ship if the ship is sinking. it's crazy, it's too late now but you have to take out the soldiers first and then out first into the field. you have to take them back so that everybody is protected. the people have to come out of the country first. then you have to get all your equipment. we have billions of dollars of equipment. brand-new blackhawk helicopters, they have everything. last to come out has to be the soldiers. maria: and yet president biden keeps defending his operation out of afghanistan dismissing an internal state department memo dated back in july, july 13th, in which own officials in kabul warn him that a taliban takeover was eminent and without u.s.
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troops there afghan security forces likely would not be able to stop it. watch. >> all kinds of cables, all kinds of advice. if you noticed, they ranged from this group saying -- they didn't say fall when it did fall, but saying that it would fall to other, others saying i wouldn't happen for a long time and would be able to sustain through the end of the year. i made the decision. the buck stops with me. i took the consensus opinion. the consensus opinion was that, in fact, it would not occur if it occurred until later in the year. so it was my decision. maria: and according to new york times defense secretary lloyd austin as well as general mark milley also warned biden that this would happen and yet he ignored those warnings. joining me right now former secretary of state mike pompeo. he worked in february 2020
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helping president trump negotiate a peace deal with the taliban to withdraw from afghanistan. mr. secretary, pleasure to see you, thank you very much for being here this morning. give us your reaction in terms of the pullout. secretary: maria, thanks for having me, we were determined to get things out. everyone knew that president trump want today get men and young women back home. we always knew that conditions had to be right to achieve that. had to have the administration on the ground right to do that. this administration leaving equipment and civilians behind. 15,000 to 2500 and kept the order that had been there. we didn't have the chaos. all the while we took 12,500 soldiers. when we got to that point, we went back and looked at the conditions. we wanted to get those last numbers out but we never found the conditions right to do so. so we continued to pound the taliban when they violated the
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agreement, when they moved on checkpoint or moved in a place that they weren't permitted. we used american power and made clear to the taliban that there would be real consequences. what happened here, maria, is you had a leader who was unprepared to do that. when the taliban pushed on the trump administration, we pushed back even harder and imposed real cost and when the biden administration pushed, they withdrew to commercial airport that in no way has capacity to get our people out with speed that needs to happen to keep them safe. this is an incompetent method of getting our folks out and presents real risk. i pray that we get them all home but i'm watching today even now they haven't yet organized in a way to push the american power out in a way to make sure that we can get americans out of the country. maria: and things are getting dangerous and more severe by the minute this morning the washington post is reporting that those people going to the airport are getting beaten up and there were 7 afghan civilians killed outside the
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kabul airport as biden set to update on evacuations later today. mr. secretary, does joe biden understand what has taken place here. i don't even understand why you would close the bagram air base before getting all of your civilians out? secretary: well, given what he's told america and what we can see happening on the ground and the massive disconnect between the two, it doesn't appear to the -- perhaps less, he's just not that interested. he's more focused on spending 3 and a half trillion dollars and creating diversity inside the military. it's impossible to explain how the president of the united states can go on tv and tell people that not only are people able to travel safely to the airport when we can clear see that that's not the case, but he told the world that our allies weren't concerned about what we were doing. and you need to only go to british parliament or listen to macron and merkel and can't no
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longer trust america as ally. they can all see with their own eyes to be true. this is dangerous. we are a few months into the administration and american leadership has already walked off the stage. you know, maria, we talked about this before, but president biden talks that america is back. it looks like we are back, it looks like we are back to barack obama, america apologizing, american weakness and our adversaries not fearing us and friends not trusting us. maria: we have to point out that many of the people on biden's team whether it'd be national security or in the state department were, in fact, in the obama white house. how capable are his defense and foreign policy teams in your view including your successor tony blinken? we know that there was a memo emerged revealed this past week indicating that joe biden was warned that this would happen this way and he ignored the warnings.
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secretary: maria, there's no doubt it's the same thing that was there for 8 years largely. they've all moved up one slot or two slots but it's largely the same cast and characterrers with the world view and that world view that says america is the set and important details. closing bagram, major air flow hub for american forces and american equipment in and out of the country and pulling out the military before the civilians got out and not working with friends and partners to make sure this was coordinated and most importantly not validating that the conditions on the ground were sufficient to actually execute this stage of the withdrawal. those are demonstrably geopolitical errors. they have not move today fix them. it's not only important for americans and civilians and vladimir putin and chairman kim
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stare and this presents enormous risk to the american people here at home. maria: exactly. and the mixed messages have been incredibly dangerous. last week president biden told the americans in afghanistan to get to the airport so that the u.s. can get them home and then this weekend we were told don't go to the airport. it's too dangerous. they are terrorists right outside the airport. the gates are locked. they are confiscating passports. what's going on? should americans go to the airport or not go to the airport? >> i must say, i don't have accurate situation or knowledge of what's on the ground although i heard from some folks in the region. it certainly sounds like passage to the airport is very dangerous. america needs to work to secure that, to reduce the risk. there are lots of ways to do that. how about this for starting point, make clear that you're not going to beg or implore or you're not going to plea or pay
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the taliban if americans are harmed. you will go and crush them. you will put real costs on them. this is the model that the trump administration had adopted and each time we did that, each time we did that, we got a tactical response from the taliban that respected the united states of america because they understood that there were things that they would not be permitted to do, most importantly harming americans. remember this, maria from the time we began peace and reconciliation and conversations, from the time we signed the deal in february 2020, not a single american was attacked by the taliban in a serious way and there wasn't a single american killed. that wasn't because the document, we were going to go to court to enforce the document, it was because we demonstrated american resolve and power and when you don't do that, this is the kind -- the chaos that you see in afghanistan is precisely what ensued what america fails to lead. maria: so they've already broken whatever agreement was made in doja. secretary: of course. maria: i'm talking about the taliban. was this a coup?
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secretary: you know, between the folks in afghanistan, right, president ghani was corrupt himself. the leaders in the other region. we didn't just sign agreement with the taliban, one with the afghan government too. we were talking to folks in the north and the west, this country has been in a mess for a long time. elections have been fraught and politically uncertainty for awfully long time. our mission set was clear, maria, our mission set was to make sure that we were able to get young men and women home and make sure we were never atracked this place again and we worked diligent as we saw the conditions on the ground that we withdrew in a way that provided maximum certainty that we would never be attacked from this place. chaos that you're seeing, maria, this drastically increases the likelihood that some day, some ungoverned space in afghanistan will lead to an attack maybe not on america but america interest somewhere around the world. maria: they have the weaponry
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now to do it. mr. secretary -- >> secretary: they sure do. maria: i want to get back and come back on something that you touched on and that's the longer-term consequences of all of this and then what actions the u.s. military needs to take now to prevent the taliban from driving afghanistan further into a terrorism state. we will be right back with secretary mike [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist
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treacherous as a friend. this is something larry lindsey posted last week and i want to bring up this global times treat. this, of course, the global times is the international mouthpiece for the chinese communist party and as soon as we saw the cut and run out of afghanistan, the editor-in-chief of global times treats this. after the fall of the kabul regime, the taiwan authorities must be trembling. don't look forward for u.s. to protect them, tapia need to order when they surrender to liberation army. secretary: well, maria, the global times is propaganda mouthpiece for the communist party. that's just them poking fun at a weak administration in america. but here is the truth of the matter is, this debacle will
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certain harm with american and allies. you have seen some of it publicly but talk privately can this president and american leadership team can actually deliver. and so my wisdom would be this, so this is an enormous amount of credibility to the united states. you can begin to demonstrate to the world that we are not harmless, indeed, we are powerful. how about this? walk away from negotiations in viena. we are done, we are out. how about this, help the taiwanese close on some trade and trade deals with them and start delivering those weapon systems and emirates, move that forward and demonstrate that we will be good partners to emirates. if you're president salinsky in ukraine, work closer with ukraines from preventing vladimir putin to take another
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chunk of ukraine. how about announcing today that we will not show up in beijing for the olympics and take them, these are the kind of things that world leaders are looking for. they are lack to go show american resolve and strength. i hope that the biden team has it within them to deliver on the kinds of clear actions, not just words but actions that will convince leaders around the world that we remain a strong force and strong partner and that will tell our adversaries a lot too. it will tell them that it will not challenge the united states. maria: why aren't we doing what the french are doing getting the french out? secretary: it's been a long week, that is nonsense. i'm a veteran. i know the capabilities of our
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young men and women. we can deliver just the same way the french and the united kingdom are delivering for their people. to say that we don't have the capacity to do that, first of all, it's untrue. what they have not demonstrated is the willing l to do this. i hope that they will find that steel, the resolve. i pray that we get all americans home, we have an obligation, solemn obligation to make sure that we are able to do so. maria: secretary pompeo, before you go, a question none of us want to ask but i must, is joe biden mentally capable to be in this role at this moment in time? secretary: i will tell you, it's been a tough week to watch the president being disconnected from the reality that we can all see. i pray that they get this right. i hope that president biden is up to the task. today he's demonstrated that in afghanistan he's failed. the incompetence of the administration has been tragic, will have long-lasting implications. i hope they are able to ride the
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ship and get this right. i know that every american wishes that for our own country. maria: of course, and we are all patriots. thank you very much for weighing in this morning. we will talk soon along the lay. former secretary mike pompeo, coming up will president biden's massive blunders in afghanistan blow up his tax and spend economic agenda in washington. nancy pelosi still pushing for passage having called the house of representatives back tomorrow to vote. house minority leader mccarthy is here and weigh in on priorities and dangerous state of affairs right now.
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maria: that was house speaker nancy pelosi dismissing weaponry and seized by the taliban. this stuff, blackhawk helicopters, a29 attack plane all which can be inspected by the taliban and/or chinese party used to take kill civilians or attack u.s. interests as we just heard from mike pompeo. joining me right now house minority leader kevin mccarthy, he's demanding that the gang of 8 receive classified briefing on the biden administration's plan to evacuate american citizens out of afghanistan. congressman, good to see you. thanks very much for being here. have you seen that plan yet? >> no and this is not what happens when you leave. i have heard the taliban has more blackhawk helicopters than australia. can you imagine that? even if the taliban cannot learn to fly those, where would they
6:26 pm
go? they will go in hands of iran and russia. they have built military. imagine iran will be in there collecting drones and missiles and this has set us back decades and for democrats to bring us back into congress to try to pass another new election law that would ban -- unconstitutional but ban id voting to spend $5 trillion, the only focus of this congress or this administration would be to get every single american out but when you listen to secretary of state and secretary of defense, they will use the term as many as we can. that's not the answer. we have the ability to get it out, we just need the authority from the president to send our troops out to bring those americans home, that's what we
6:27 pm
owe to the american public. maria: i think that you have made so many important points there and i want to go back and zero in. somebody else mentioned to me that the president keeps saying anybody who wants to leave afghanistan will be able to leave afghanistan, is he playing word games with us? is he going to get to august 31st and say we res knewed anybody who want today leave and those who didn't want to leave are still there, why -- of course, the americans on the ground do not want to be controlled by the taliban. they want out. what is he trying to say there? >> well, remember what he said on friday, that americans will not have difficulty getting to the airport. they are. that al-qaeda is no longer in afghanistan, they are. the foreign leaders are not criticizing america, they are. that the border is secure, it is not. directly after that press conference, we had a conference call for republicans and democrats, pelosi praised the
6:28 pm
president and the actions. i listened to secretary of state and secretary of defense and i layed into them with the idea, stop saying as many americans. what we want to see is as many americans. why can the french and british go out and get citizens and why can't america? the only thing that is holding back is the will to do it and the authority from this president. how can you get it so wrong or is he just not remembering it. this is an atrocity that will harm this nation for years to come, empower our adversaries and making our allies continue to question. i have heard from ambassadors not knowing where america will be in the future. we've heard from world leaders, even to tony blair and you see what china is trying to do to taiwan and he has empowered iran which will probably have american weapons soon and now we are hearing isis is possible along the airport.
6:29 pm
why is this president either lying to us or not knowing the truth of what's going on and trying to defend it but only calling on the press that is predetermined? maria: well, on the tony blair comment, i was reading the story tony blair calls this an imbecile move. that was reported earlier. you mentioned the hr1 voting bill and i want to get back to that because i've got to tell you, there are viewers of this program who have lost faith in the republican leadership, lost faith in mitch mcconnell and in you because we do not know if you have your arms around free and fair elections. how come there's no discussion about all of the states that are changing their voting laws right now, how come there's no discussion about the audit going on in arizona right now? what are you going to do? can you prove to the american people that you are in control here and able to ensure that we will have free and fair
6:30 pm
elections in 2022 and 2024? >> well, first and foremost, maria, you can see it's not in law. the answer is, yes, we can. secondly, if we watch the states, georgia passed an election law that more people are registered to vote than any time before and difficult to ever cheat again. state after state where dem kravitz have left the state. that's where the difficulty lies. now we got them back to texas. we are going exactly what the constitution says, not to make this a national campaign but empower the states to where we are going. we are fighting every single day. we watch the democrats because they could not pass hr1, they are bringing hr4 now while thousands of americans are being held hostage in afghanistan. that's their priority because they know they will lose the election. nancy pelosi is only down to 4 votes and they want to spend another almost $5 trillion to bring the greater inflation. you know, president biden said he's going to bring us back.
6:31 pm
he brought us back to the 70's being hostage in afghanistan, oil prices the highest we have seen. begging opec to produce more and we are watching they are trying to cheat in elections, inflation, a number that we have not seen. this is jimmy carter on steroids and this is just 8 months into the administration. i will promise you this just as we have done each and every day. we will fight just as we are going to fight this week and we will win and the next century will be the american century because we know how the govern. maria: all right, i like that promise. real quick before you go, you and your colleagues came back early from cay vagues to vote tomorrow, what does this week look like, is joe biden's economic agenda going to get blown up as a result of this massive mistake in afghanistan? congressman: i hope the focus of congress is just on the thousands of americans who are in afghanistan right now to make sure we protect the servicemen and women that bring them home.
6:32 pm
instead of listening to nancy pelosi saying she's having a conversation with the president about election law, why are they protecting the border from those 5,000 prisoners who have just left afghanistan and have the hope of coming across our borders? maria: yeah, we will see about that. you've been to the border, you've seen it firsthand. house minority leader kevin mccarthy. wonderful to have you, sir, we wonderful to have you, sir, we will b yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. ice cream is like whooping cough,
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>> we know of no circumstance where american citizens are carrying american passport or trying to get through the airport. we are working on a variety to verify that number, the americans are still on the country as we work on this because we don't have the exact number of countries, americans are there. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al-qaeda gone? maria: just 3 concerning statements made by president biden during his address to the nation on friday. he also promised to bring home any american who wants to come home. contradicting his own defense secretary who said we do not have the capability to rescue large numbers of americans right now. joining me right now is arkansas senator tom cotton, he's an army veteran and served in afghanistan from 2008 to 2009, he sits on the senate judiciary
6:37 pm
and armed services committee and we are honored to have him this morning. senator, first, thank you so much for your service to our great country. this all must be personal to you. how do you see it? >> thank you, maria. well, for so many veterans who served in afghanistan or their gold star family members, this is tragic, heartbreaking, it's sad but it's also infuriating because it was not just predicted -- predictable, it was predicted that joe biden's ill-con received, ill-plan decision to rush troops out in the middle of the fighting season could lead to this kind of chaos that we see now where we have anywhere from 10 to 15,000 americans stranded behind taliban lines, unable to get to the airport and direct contradiction what joe biden said friday which own secretary defense was contradicting about. my office has been on the phone with hundreds and hundreds of americans and afghans who report taliban gains outside of the
6:38 pm
airport beating people with sticks and pipes and chains, confiscating passports, confiscating visas. it is in the a free passage situation in kabul right now to the airport and it remains that way today. that's something that joe biden needs to stop today. he needs to commit to getting out every american and stop playing word games saying things like, well, every american who wants to go or as many americans as we can, it needs to be clear, we will get out every american from behind taliban lines. maria: yeah, it certainly has not been clear. is this a hostage situation? senator: yeah, maria, in effect, the americans are hostages to the taliban. they may not be under lock and key in a jail but if the taliban control all of the airports once we leave and they control all of the border crossings, then we are going to be a hostage to fortune to the taliban's good will to the americans. there's been a lot of comparisons in the past week, to sigone 1975, i would say this is much worse than what happened in
6:39 pm
sigone 1975 but the scenario that troubles me going forward the tehran of 1979. 52 americans hostage and paralyzed america for more than a year. we have 10 to 15,000 americans who are in effect hostages to the taliban right now, joe biden needs to make it clear to the taliban that we are not leaving until everyone is gone and if their injured, we may do exactly what we did in 2001. maria: well, look, it's important to point out the number of troops in afghanistan right now. talk about that and i want to get your take on what the motivation was to close bagram air base first. he closed the air base on july 5th. tell me what implications that had even as he's shutting down the one opportunity to protect people while there are thousands of americans on the ground in afghanistan. first the point about the number
6:40 pm
of troops in afghanistan today? >> yeah, maria, i think this illustrates very well joe biden's incompetence in handling the withdrawal. we announced the withdrawal in the spring. we had 2500 troops in afghanistan. we now have 7,000 troops in afghanistan, maria, to try to get americans out. so we have almost 3 times as many troops in afghanistan to get out of afghanistan as we had when joe biden announced we were getting out of afghanistan. nothing can probably better indicate the incompetence of joe biden of executing the withdrawal and then when you talk about bagram air base, the chairman of the joint chiefs made it pretty clear the other day that the military was given a maximum troop level that they can have in afghanistan starting july 1 and to control both the embassy and the airport as well as bagram required more troops and they were not allowed to have the troops there. they had to shut down bagram. why would they shot down bagram? massive air base where we have ability to sustain thousands of troops and afghans with multiple
6:41 pm
runways, you have to wonder, joe biden who has mistrusted military leaders didn't want the air base to be open, whether that was on purpose or in effect it meant that we did not have our massive air base available to support our own citizens and to keep the taliban at bay as we had an orderly withdraw of the citizens and now look, we have airport right in the middle of downtown kabul with the taliban and even threats of isis right around the perimeter threatening civilians and our troops alike. maria: so where is this going? i mean, isis on the ground. we are actually talking about talking to the taliban. we have not deemed them a terrorist organization. why not and should we be negotiating with a group that performed a coup in afghanistan?
6:42 pm
senator: this is implications of joe biden's disastrous withdrawal. now he has to do business with the taliban. the taliban have checkpoints all over kabul and controlling in many cases access to the gates to the airport. his priority needs to be getting american citizens out but he needs cooperation to a degree from the taliban to do so. so he's operating from a position of tremendous weakness because of his ill-planned execution of the withdrawal from afghanistan and i'm very worried if americans remain in afghanistan, if joe biden won't commit to getting every american out, then that will be the case going forward and that will only empower the taliban to provide safe haven to organizations like al-qaeda and other terrorist groups. al-qaeda remember attacked us from afghanistan in 2001 and they want to do it again and afghanistan because unique geography and hundreds of miles away from the ocean or friendly neighbors and the concentration of foreign terrorist groups there has the unique threat of
6:43 pm
being able to plant and launch attacks again from safe haven to which americans have no access. joe biden has been saying we have some kind of over the horizon counterterrorism capability and that is about as accurate as what he's been saying about the orderly nature of this withdrawal. maria: unbelievable. this is such an important point that you make in terms of the u.s.' capability to conduct intelligence, conduct anything from a position of not having any present in the country. tell me what you see as a long-term implication here, senator, because i've been talking about the bernard lewis quote of global stability and destabilizing a global community because of the perception of america not to be trusted as a friend. senator: so there's the immediate threat from afghanistan, maria, again, because of the concentration of foreign terrorists in
6:44 pm
afghanistan, you are probably going to have more terrorists surging in afghanistan on the hills of the taliban's victory here and because of its remote geography. hundreds of miles away from the ocean, surrounded by unfriendly neighbors, unlike countries like the middle east, somalia, yemen and syria where the military has the opportunity and the ability to strike against terrorist targets. there's going to be a growing threat from afghanistan. but then when you consider the image that this projects around the world of biden impotence, you see china, this is going to reverberate unfortunately for many years to come. maria: all right. senator, good to have you, thanks very much for your insights this morning. of course, we will be watching and catching up with you soon. senator tom cotton. crisis at the border, disaster in afghanistan and credibility breakdown for the u as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
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>> this is joe biden's america. terrorist more aggressive and the taliban control afghanistan, the cartels control the border and china keeps being aggressive as they can. that's the world we live in again, because you don't have any kind of confidence projected from the oval office. maria: that was ohio congressman jim jordan with me last weekend on this program on how biden's radical policies are destroying america and that's just 7 months into the presidency. joining me right now is former speaker of the house newt gingrich, fox news contribbor. newt, assess what you're seeing? >> the big thing to realize is that this is just the opening of what will be a nightmare. you have beijing, the chinese communist government, saying, you know, taiwan looks pretty delectable because nobody
6:49 pm
believes u.s. will fight. more aggressive with israel, more aggressive with saudi arabia. you have the southern border which is basically collapsed and we have people coming in with covid, people coming in with criminal records. no controls of any kind. of course, you're now going to have a stream of terrorists coming out of afghanistan knowing that if they can get to the southern border they can get in the u.s. easily so i think you have a heightened threat there. you go through item after item and biden is about to have sort of a crisis of crises, so many different things going wrong and why would anybody believe him? i also think it's going to make it harder for them on capitol hill. i think the democrats have got to be as they watch all of this unfold, they've got to be in a state of shock that they have a president who is this weak, this confused and this wrong and this
6:50 pm
angry anybody who tells him contradictory things. i think we are facing 3 very, very dangerous years of a biden presidency. maria: unbelievable. >> a world with predators, there are countries outs there, russia and ukraine, china and taiwan with the south china sea. there are people out there who really want to hurt us and we have a president sending them a signal that you might as well beat up on the u.s. because their president won't do anything to defend them. maria: when we spoke over the weekend, you said, look, we still don't neglect what the taliban is going to do. >> i think that's right. you have a seventh century deeply committed sharia-based group who really do believe in an alternative world. this one of the things frankly with george w. bush we would never win the argument inside
6:51 pm
the american leadership. these are not people you can negotiate with. their vision of the world is fundamentally different than ours and you either have to defeat them or after 20 years they defeated us. maria: newt, meanwhile kamala harris is packing her bags, she's going to california to fundraise for governor newsom. we will talk about election integrity and the california election when we come back with (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable?
6:52 pm
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maria: welcome back, we are back with former house speaker newt gingrich while afghanistan burns and thousands of americans are desperate to escape the taliban control, vice president kamala harris is getting set to travel to california this week to fundraise and lobby for governor newsom. newt, it's just incredible that
6:55 pm
we haven't heard a peep from the vice president or many democrats. they are running away from this story. >> well, look, i think the democratic party, they have remarkable talent, they know that there are wolves out there and no matter how bad their leader is they stick with him and deep pressure not to break and not to say what you really think and in the case of harris, you know, the vice president's job is to stand near the president and smile and be supportive. why sending her to sigone or vietnam at this time is a little strange but i don't think they thought that afghanistan was going to collapse this fast so they didn't think about the optics of the two places. she's on the way back from asia. newsom, the governor of
6:56 pm
california is in deep trouble. she's the close ally. this is going to be an election where they go all out to steal the referendum. secretary of state of california has now said you can print your own ballots. i didn't even think about this. you talk about the opposite of election integrity, are they going to allow you to print your own ballots and people to come around and harvest your ballot so the unions will be out there and they'll make sure that everybody votes even if they don't vote and i think this may well be the most rigged statewide election we've seen probably at least half century. i think people should look carefully because if newsom is in straight honest count, he probably has a good chance of losing but if they can stuff every ballot box in california and they can cheat in every way possible, she's part of raising the money to pay for the cheating. it's just that simple.
6:57 pm
it's not complicated. maria: that is so extraordinary and that's the reason we continue to focus on all of the audits going on across the country. we want fair and free election. former house speaker newt gingrich, thank you very much for that. wonderful to see you and honor to check with you. thank you, sir. that will do it for us on sunday morning futures. stay with fox
6:58 pm
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. hello, everyone. welcome back to carla. i am married couple. we talked about the catastrophic consequences of the biden afghan pullout last night. president biden should put the blame game attacked english and the afghan government and military instead we should really attack the taliban. the root cause of this problem. by now, politicians and policy experts acknowledge the biden disaster, by the


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