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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  August 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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and if they are real is based on central bank money printing in the thesis behind money printing is a bicycle theory meaning if you keep printing you will not run into trouble. you have a 50% blowback and multiple for the new high, much, much higher from here i don't know if the sky is a limit but are much higher. charles: that's what we want to hear amc gamestop, to the moon thank you very much, liz claman over to you. liz: all the lexicon, yes of course from the reddit rebels, great to see you, the nasdaq has cracked a magical milestone on the march 22 straight record closes the heavy index topping 15000 for the first time ever intraday but cannot close their, it's there to 15026 with 59 minutes left to trade you have
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to wait and see, the s&p is about to knock the 50th record of the year yesterday's fight for covid vaccine approval has a long paper trail, is it still moving the market but it's also doing something else giving major corporations a green light to require their employees be vaccinated, doctor randall served on the teams all three vaccine trials, he's he's here live in a fox business exclusive to hell you how soon the moderna or j&j can get the thumbs up from the fda and what about the booster shot he knows all about this he will explain. have we hit peak housing, new home sales crumbling in the northeast and midwest but ceo of try point homes is here exclusively with his view from the sales room for is it going to finally be a buyers market versus a sellers market. go climb a digital rock the nfc craze awakens and hits a new
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level we will tell you who put down $611,000 for that rock that you can't climb you cannot throw or pet and believe it or not there may be a warren buffet connection to this but we have the breaking news the nasdaq is on pace for the second straight record close that would be the 29th of 2021 it's the s&p that is on track for a very round member 50th close of the year end what a run it is on the index is up so far in 2021 by double digit percentages one of today's four show guest says he is a brand-new etf any cities ready to outperform the s&p 500, again of 20% as receipt for the s&p but let's look at this the revere sector opportunity etf that begin trading under the ticker rsp why let's call it flat to slightly lower what it's going to do revolve around all 11 s&p sectors.
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but what else, how will that top the amazing 2021 realm that we birdie seen let's find out from the man himself we welcome revere security scott coleman and market strategist and trader kenny. you have got to get right to it, we are going to know about this etf what makes a difference, what is the exposure that it gives you that is somehow different from the basic s&p index or the spider that tracks the s&p? >> basically what were doing were looking for the outperforming sectors to wing them higher than the other sectors and look for that performance in their ratings by turning on and waiting on the sectors that we find technically and from a macro standpoint stronger than the other sectors, we believe we can outperform the s&p 500.
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liz: scott i understand that i get by design were gonna accentuate certain individual stocks even though edge look at the top holdings it's basically a fund to fund an etf of etf, spider technology, s&p communication services, healthcare financials and industrial and let's talk about this, kenny pointed this out if you have the xl see you're going to get particular exposure to facebook and google for the x okay apple and microsoft and xl left berkshire hathaway, kenny has a question about this, there is one area that is missing. >> i have a couple of things, congratulations i hope your successful but why wouldn't you think about energy considering energy next year if we go into them for structure plan energy and financials will be in area that will benefit from that, shouldn't you or is it fluent
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that you and add energy i year or some other point. >> this is an actively managed fund we will be changing the ratings as we see changes in the technicals and the natural outlook going around. this time of year is generally the weakest point of the year for the market we've been a little bit sensitive to that so we made the funds to start a little bit more protective and defensive but the fact is we will be moving and changing the ratings as we go along and that will help us gain thou performance. liz: crude oil, to kidneys point crude oil has been on the incredible run up another 3% today and had a huge move yesterday, how much more time are you going to wait to see that you need to add energy? >> we were in energy a few months ago, we came out of it
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about a month or so ago and will probably wind up going in in the future but not just now, again we want to maintain a bit of defensiveness and the funds because there's a lot of volatility at this time of year and we want to make sure were looking out for our investors money as we move forward, when you're starting something out you don't just want to turn around and be very, very aggressive, you have to be a little bit cautious as well and balanced. liz: we have some unforeseen things that were dealing with in the very, very near-term at the federal reserve in jackson hole event which will be virtual due to the delta variant in the covid situation what are you expecting from powell i've heard both sides he has to talk about timing of the taper or he won't touch it with a 20-foot pole. >> i think it's two things i don't think i'll necessarily say anything more than these already
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said we all heard it he said it, they started the conversation, the implication it will start later this year and in ten-month into 2022, that he made clear, when it's going to start, we've been very coy about that and i don't think we'll get any clarification on friday when he speaks i think you will continue to reiterate that were there, were dire but were not there yet and maybe it will be the end of the year. that's what will continue to tow the line to try to get the market instability in the market, like scott said were entering a fairly volatile time of the year end i think the last time he wants to do at the moment is create and make this announcement that everyone expects, little bit sooner than not it will add to the volatility, think is going to play it low-key.
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liz: scott i'm going to pull up charlie gasparino and see the power of fox business your fund has turned positive slightly perhaps people are watching and into the story that you have will call it flat to slightly higher rs the ticker is rspy launching today, good luck to you and kenny always great to see you, thank you so much. liz: any time. the fox business alert we have an uptick and hackett tax apparently good for some businesses, at least when you are cybersecurity shares of the cyber crime fighter more than popping the close up 18.8% on an upbeat sales forecast driven by 28% year-over-year jump in revenue in fiscal fourth quarter. it also confirmed its upping and stock repurchase program to a total of $1 billion share which are currently at the moment stating a $442.36. morgan stanley colina fight for the agents in favor of planet
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fitness, the big bank initiating shares that out perform while downplaying the threat of the online competitors pelaton an beach body as people are starting to grow more comfortable with the post pandemic return to the gym planet fitness flexing its muscles under muscles by higher than 5% pellets ongoing toe to toe with the brick-and-mortar announcing the trooper chad model with enhanced safety features, it'll be available as of august 30 in the u.s., canada and the uk the debut has been delayed from may to a safety recall the pelaton shares of peloton up six and half percent and rival beach body pumping iron up 3.6%. and talk about a come back and what might be the ultimate bite on the dip after regulatory crackdown like billions from chinese shares it's leading the charge for china's tech titans
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jumping 21% but jd is also moving very nicely is up 14.6% and we abide do up 8.6% as well in chinese gaming giants getting in on the action, ten sent which is absolutely crushed lately is gaining eight and half% it's now above $60 a share at 619890 up 9% and ali baba of 6%. one of change and pings original punching bags running that company he founded and used to run and now he's who knows where getting a you know what slapped by xi jinping. more good news from across the pacific going all in on casino stocks as travel restrictions on gambling destinations due to
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improving coping numbers, las vegas see the biggest gains right now, we have went up 7.7% las vegas and pick it up by seven in the third%, up three and a quarter% asia works to get past the latest surge will booster shots be the very key to the true lysing the delta dairy and the u.s., what about all of those who got the single j and a shot, or boosters coming their way one of the doctors at the center of trial for all three vaccine makers might have the answer. with the closing bell ring getting 49 minutes. we have that expert next when "the claman countdown" returns. dad don't industrial up 85 points and we do have the nasdaq still above 15000. ♪
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vaccinated against covid-19 covy october 2 disney will hold vaccine events for those employees. i hope it's more crowded than that video shows. chevron mandating vaccines for employees who traveled internationally in offshore workforce and the gulf of mexico and on shore support personnel popping 1.5% flipping it over to cvs health nurses, pharmacists and all employees who face patients to be jabbed by the end of next month that stock is down two thirds of 8% as corporations lay down the vaccine laws pfizer ceo telling fox news his team is hard at work to reach the next major milestone vaccine for elementary age children. >> five and 11 we will be able to finish in september. in a little bit later we will do for kids below five years old.
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liz: pfizer is not alone in what has to be the best case of corporate competition pfizer, moderna and j&j are in a race to advance a covid vaccine and a fox business exclusive waving in doctor with johnson medical schools who ran vaccine trials for all the pharma giant shots for the state of new jersey. great to have you, as a business network we are marveling how capitalism is here to solve the pressing problem right now. would you say having received full fda approval and well into vaccine study for children that pfizer is ahead in this race? >> i think they are ahead of having fda approval it is very important, it really shows without a doubt that this drug is safe and effective that's what the fda does, the fact is the other companies there vaccines are being used.
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they don't have the fda complete approval but they do have that ua which allows utilization it's an exciting time if we look back it took only a year to be able to develop a vaccine and deploy a vaccine, that is absolutely stunning. liz: it is and then look at these developments and i think wow this is the best of science coming through recycling through some of these names the big three mender now, pfizer, j&j are slightly down that could be profit-taking even biontech with an incredible run why get to the booster shot at this point, tell me where this stands, the cdc is only recommending it for immunocompromised people at the moment, when is there a day i know that i've heard mid-to-late september the rest of us can start getting the booster shot, do you have any insight into th. >> i don't have any insight as
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to when it will be approved but it'll move swiftly we do know that breakthrough infections can incur and it is time to consider the booster when you're beyond the eight months of your second vaccine if it was one of the mrna vaccines or j&j vaccine which is a single dose. i think what we will be seeing his early fall at least in our hemisphere there will be booster shots available for others then immunocompromised, it's important but it'll be a eua not the fda approved booster at that point it does take time to go through. liz: understood, we have a lot of people watching who got the single shot j&j vaccine
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obviously there will have to be a booster shot for that as well are they working on that development? >> i can assure you all three companies not included the u.s. for all the companies are recognizing the need for boosters to occur with every vaccine don't get me wrong but we have too much to lose not to have maximum immunity generated by the vaccine. liz: the surgeon general vivek murthy has talked about the one shot booster vaccine as we move forward in all of this do you believe that the fda full approval of the pfizer vaccine is what sparked the company's disney or chevron or cvs to finally feel free to say we will mandate the vaccine, what kind of role did the fda approval play in freeing up the corporations to do so? >> it's a very interesting
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question and of course i don't work for those companies i can't tell you exactly what they're thinking but fda approval is one of the most rigorous criteria for drug development in the world the fact that the fda comes out and approves the use of this medication is very reassuring to all big companies into all users that is undergone very careful scrutiny. liz: where you stand, i may already know the answer to this question, do you believe company should mandate vaccination among their employees? >> i think it's a compelling argument for every company to protect their employees, what we need to do is protect them against any insult being the virus are toxic or whatever, following that rationale it's a very important to offer
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employees the absolute best in healthcare against covid-19 vaccines are effective and following that reasoning i think it stands to good reason the companies would embrace a vaccination program. liz: doctor randall, thank you very much and thank you for all the work you have been doing with all three of the pharma companies, we appreciate it. >> thank you, have a good day. liz: the age old adage, follow the money it will tell you a lot and what does the money and the taliban were chest about the power that ultimately has to evacuate thousands still waiting to flee afghanistan what president biden is saying now in
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liz: were awaiting president joe biden scheduled to speak in an hour from now to give an update on the situation from afghanistan fox news is reporting the u.s. military is beginning to remove troops from the nation not extending august 31 deadline to withdraw the mission in the country within the next seven days, am i getting that right, tell us more from the white house and what you expect and what everybody expects to hear from the president. >> a statement from the white house press secretary and this is what the president told the g7 leaders he said the reason they're leaving the mission in
3:28 pm
kabul because the mission objectives were achieved this statement has this added risk to our troops with increasing threats from isis and completion by august 31 depends on continued coronation with the taliban including continued access for evacuees to the airport, relying on the taliban the administrations is a a been communicated with the taliban throughout this process, fox news learned the cia director met face-to-face with the taliban leader to cordate some of this all the communication to get the americans that are stuck in afghanistan out as well as the folks in the allies and the people who help the u.s. during the 20 year war that was going on so far 58700 people have been evacuated since august 14 the administration focused on the deadline of august 14, it was reaffirmed by the taliban. >> our mission remains focused on ensuring a steady flow of
3:29 pm
evacuees out of kabul to the intermediate safe havens at her installations and they continued to rapidly build our capacity as needed to ensure reception and providing humanitarian assistance. >> republicans are saying this is manufactured and created because of the biden administration and the chaos has created the national security advisor says the reason this happened because the reason they didn't pull out people before leading up to this because they did not want to undermine the effectiveness of the afghan government which is collapsed, the government fell more rapidly than they expected house minority leader kevin mccarthy say in this does not need to happen and it's optimistic and the scramble is misplaced. listen. >> i'm less confident after leaving everything there is no possible way that we can get every america still in afghanistan out and the next seven days. >> that is a huge question
3:30 pm
weighing on the administration, the military will have to move equipment out by friday if they want to meet the deadline of august 31, back to you. liz: they are enlisting commercial airlines and their jets to help out with the situation, thank you very much. 2020 saw one of the hottest housing booms ever and it definitely spilled over into 2021 so hot many calling and not a boom but a worrisome bubble, however, brand-new signals out in the last 24 hours are indicating we could be witnessing the ultimate flip in the housing market, courtesy of the fed overstaying his welcome the ceo of try point gives us the read on why home sales are starting to fall a bit the closing bell ringing in 30 minutes the dow jones industrials of 69 points the s&p
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liz: the housing market has been insane mass bidding wars for a single home and then lines of people entering lotteries to buy new houses but look at this new data point we just got today shows a 24% drop month over month in new homes sold in what is been the red hot and 20% drop in the midwest the south month over month of 1.3% gain in the west clocked the 14% gain but let's sure you year-over-year drop new home sales in the northeast crater 47.6% midwest way more over 44% the south sina 180, down 28% with the west
3:36 pm
going from the 14% gain month over month to an 11% drop year-over-year what is going on what shift are we seeing as the housing market officially started to cool down cofounder try point homes in the wreckage after the housing bubble burst in 2009 he joined us in a fox business exclusive, great to have you back, since the onset of the pandemic it's been a sellers market with hunger game style bidding wars, what are you seeing and talking in the last month or two. >> thank you for having me on we are still seeing broad-based demand across all of our price points, geographies and actually makes total sense when you look at new home sales down year-over-year we had a superhot market at the end of last year linda's homebuilders if you study the data what's lacking is new communities we sold out of
3:37 pm
our existing communities in reloading the pipeline for example untried point we will grow our community count to 80% in 2022 opening 90 new communities, opening 70 this year when you compare and look at those numbers you have to look at the active community counts which are significantly down this time of year compared to last year. liz: do you see the same kind of lines and what kind of incentives have you put into place to try to keep things calm are you doing lotteries for the likes of another homebuilder. >> again were broad-based across the country we operate in ten different states we are still working with strong priorities list systems, year to date we've seen prices go up 6 - 25% and our margins have been running around 24.6% the end of the
3:38 pm
second quarter between the revenue and cost impacts we've been able to manage her business on a profitably manager and to manage and we see the broad-based demand. liz: i see that in get that in the numbers for new home sales are pretty interesting to see the moderate does this mean buyer fatigue of waiting in line getting beat out six, seven, eight, 12, in some cases 13 homes that they tried to bid on, new houses sold 708,000 and you compare them, this is obvious a july of 2021 and the ones for sale, the inventory spent, we get that, tell us if there is any kind of sense that buyers are getting really tired hunger game style situations. >> again current demand is very strong across all of our communities and dissecting the numbers further as we talked
3:39 pm
earlier it is really the community counts that have exhausted this time of the year compared to last year and that is created the negative column across our company we are seeing strong demand. liz: i know it's been a inventory story, each time home sales go down it's the inventory is spent now you see this reflected in mortgages, we saw new applications for mortgages for new home purchases decreased weekly down 3.9, 4% year over year down 27.4%, has the federal reserve i know it's been great all the homebuilders has the federal reserve painted itself into a corner such low rates for so long that there is a bit of a bubble to what's going on in the housing market? >> the mortgage rate in market is obviously and very favorable to the homebuilders and as you
3:40 pm
look at what's going on in a federal level in the amount of stimulus that is going on i continue to believe that rates will be very moderate as we go forward in the future and the fed indicated there couldn't take their foot off the pedal on the bond purchases in the second half of the year you should see gradual increases in interest rates which would be very normal for this type of seasonality that were going into and that's our prediction as a more seasonal market going forward, the real important point that we talk about lack of communities the inventory the resale inventory in all of our markets are well below and the ten states that we have operated in one, two, three months well below the six month median, not only the resale market very shallow but new home communities have also dropped considerably. those are what are driving the data points right now. liz: a quick question, what do
3:41 pm
you predict happens when the fed announces tapering meeting the scaling back of the bond purchases, they have triangulated that and telegraphed it in there talking about it do you expect a taper tantrum have you modeled after company. >> i'm not forecasting what the fed is going to do we are forecasting that rates will gradually go up there 2022 in our buyer is 620 or $30000 or home buyers are very strong we run stress text that show all of our buyers in our backlog are in great shape and mortgage rates of four, 5%. rates will go up no doubt about it assuming the economy continues to improve, more important thing and ici been
3:42 pm
doing this for a little over 30 years the next decade for housing is going to be very strong because of the millennial's and on the heels of the millennial's of the gen x and if you look at the demographic and the lack of supply i think housing is got a strong leg to stand up for the next decade. liz: you are in a sweet spot, thank you very much doug is the ceo of try point reports are saying by calm ces is being shopped around but are there any buyers charlie gasparino for the media empire viacom cbs. an irish name if you've ever heard one, grew up in ireland with a dishwasher then he decides let me go to start real estate company, who does that. you have to hear where it took him, everyone talks to liz is a podcast where he reveals it all he made the decision to apply to and get into harvard grad
3:43 pm
school, business school no less and then drop out to chase his dream of a handyman, that was over ten years and he indeed acquired by home services puts him in the position where he is the ceo of angie. here is step-by-step how to get success he gives it all on my episode spotify, apple and wherever you get your podcast, closing bell in 18 minutes, we're coming right back, the doubt. the gains of 50 points. ♪
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. liz: crypto millionaire justin rocking the nf t craze tweeting
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he just bought that, the equivalent of a digital pet rock for over half a million dollars the actual figure paid out by the kingpin for the ether rock 87 there's only 107 at cerium or $611,700 this six-figure non-fungible token sending stocks into a frenzy you can see a 25% having a great day and then up five and half percent and seven and a quarter percent, justin is the same guy who bid more than $4 million successfully to win out the charity luncheon with warren buffett a couple years back. and they wanted to convince him that enough teasing crypto were a thing in real and not to be
3:49 pm
criticized warren buffett has done, visa also giving legitimacy to the digital art market from the $150,000 purchase of the egg crypto digital avatar shares of the nft supporter just a bit flat today, flat as a pancake and non-fundable token is a block chain based the access proof that a digital asset is unique and cannot be replicated. however, you can sell it to somebody else, if the price goes up. media giant viacom cbs may be up for sale on this story is right out of goldilocks the fire is to antitrust it's not big enough but maybe a combo will be just right, joining us charlie gasparino, what are we talking about and what are you talking about. >> the stock is bouncing around since my tweet, i've been asking top media executives i will not say the names these are ceo, is sherry's baby wasn't that a song
3:50 pm
sherry baby, can we play that? >> sherry's baby cbs viacom is it for sale. liz: we can play the sherry's very commercial. >> in any event i've asked several of them is this thing for sale it's rumored left and right that it is they all believe it is for sale they believe there is soft shopping and maybe it's mr. burke off have you ever heard of him the guy a lot of people think it's him who is doing it and that there is a soft shopping going on the problem is, there is no natural buyer apparently that is emerging let's go through the scenarios, one natural buyer theoretically would be tech contact by something right now, cannot buy media property, could
3:51 pm
amazon or could apple do this and i think with abide in the administration with the people in the ftc and d.o.j. antitrust the very anti-tech, the answer is probably no i'm not saying it's possible but it's probably no then you have to ask there is comcast which brian roberts felt he missed the time warner deal and there was talk about comcast buying time warner that went to a separate deal which at&t spun out with discovery, can he go and as you know they have a partnering streaming partnering agreement that is difficult because as you know comcast owns an bz sherry baby own cbs, how do you merge those two companies you would have to spin off one of these things, the last one, can pe firm do a bit on this, pe
3:52 pm
has been going into content a lot lately as you know yahoo was bought i apollo, on the tip of my tongue that is a small, that's not, that is a two billion-dollar deal, this has a market cap of 26 billion and throw a little premium can one pe firm by a 30 billion-dollar company for 30 billion and team up with somebody else and do it. this is not an easy sale and i think that is why the stock if you go to a one year to date chart that was the arcade goes a guy who was by no like crazy and then he had to sell it short that the straight-line since then, people are starting to come to the conclusion despite the rumors that it's a harder thing to sell then you would think, viacom no comment yet i
3:53 pm
called aria last week and he said nothing he did not even get on the phone. liz: you're mispronouncing his name, it's aria and it's frankie valley, charlie gasparino it happens to the best of us we will see you next time milking the market for all it's worth today's countdown closer has the name he said can lean to greener pastures, the biggest cash cows on the street closing bell ring in seven minutes the nasdaq up 73, 15 points about 15000. ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector.
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an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. . . ♪♪
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♪. liz: okay, four minutes to go before the closing bell rings. s&p and nasdaq about to notch new records but it will be the very first time if it can hold
3:57 pm
above 15,000 for the nasdaq it ever closed there. it crossed it for the first time there today. fascinating moments with a couple minutes left. we have breaking news, popular i glass-maker warby parker filed for a offering up to 50 million a share, i'm sorry, up to, can i see this here? $50, what is it, guys? how many shares? okay, the company just filed the s-1. says warby parker going public on the new york stock exchange by direct listing under ticker symbol, wrby. and props to that company which started during the financial crisis and recession. gutsy and now they're going public. 15 million shares of class a common stock. i have a got a question for all of you. are you single stock kind of investor or etfer? you feel more comfortable with
3:58 pm
baskets of stocks? we have sam stovall heretofore both types. sam stovall, director of research and analysis and favorite stoke pick and etf. let's hear it, sam. what do you like right now? >> hey, liz, good to talk to you again. you no how the definition after investment strategist when the analysts do the work and i take credit. so i want to take credit for what john freeman did last week. john upgraded roblox to a five-star or strong buy recommendation after it reported earnings. he also increased its target price by $4 to 9dollars a -- $9a share. basically impressive top-line growth, revenue, bookings. high growth in the active daily users and finally strong numbers for the 13 and over demographic.
3:59 pm
so he is very optimistic out look for the stock. liz: well, yes, these medivers e-games, create it on the roblox platform have become emersive for people and they love it. it has been a rough three months for the company. at the moment that is your pick. get to the etf move. i like this one. the cash cows with the ticker symbol cowz. 100 large cap companies with the biggest cash flow, the most free cash flow? >> exactly. it is pacer etf, cowz. it basically drives for the companies with best cash flow, not looking at pe, price to book, you're looking at lifeblood for the company which is cash flow and you're getting very important names like kroger, like moderna, hca health
4:00 pm
care, tjx, companies that cfra also has very strong recommendations on. so these are good quality stocks. liz: it is great to see you, sam. thank you for your picks. [closing bell rings] here it comes with the closing bell. nasdaq closing above 15,000 for the first time ever. it is time for "kudlow". ♪. david: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow" david asman in for kudlow. the president woe speak at noon, that he would speak at 2:00, 2:30. then we're told during this or the next hour.


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