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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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please, help us. brian: stranded, yes, stranded americans or political deadlines. let's see which one the biden administration chooses that does it for us at "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: looks like president biden capitulates, gives in to taliban demands, will not commit to delaying august 31st deadline for u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan, overriding the g7. the situation now deteriorating rapidly. u.s. military all right starting to withdraw troops. the biden administration says it is not sure how many americans remain trapped behind taliban
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lines. lawmakers saying this is worse than saigon. biden and his team's message to americans in afghanistan, you're on your own. with us tonight the former national security expert, kt mcfarland, former navy seal who killed 9/11 mastermind, osama bin laden. he is rob o'neill. former ambassador nathan sales. congressman dan meuser, a tone attorney general mark brnovich, economic expert mitch roschelle, gop strategist, ford o'connell. just one week to go before americans and allies to get out. those who gave safe haven to 9/11 terrorists now seizing passports. they get to decide which americans can leave. the white house getting roundly condemned around the world for trying to stop, topspin a crisis while people are in harm's way, claiming americans are not stranded when people are calling on their cell phones saying yeah, we are from afghanistan. growing fears terrorists may attack the kabul airport in
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order to pressure is the u.s. to leave even sooner. the president's approval rating plunging to record lows. a majority of americans feel unsafe unthis presidency. biden's chaos in afghanistan ramping up the border crisis. kevin mccarthy are saying, speaker pelosi drop your 3 1/2 trillion dollar tax extravaganza, drop infrastructure too, instead of working the phone to pressure democrats, use the phones to rescue every american strapped behind terrorist lines. then this story will voter fraud hit the california recall of the democrat governor. why were hundreds of mail-in ballots stolen in california? we've got the story. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪
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elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin tonight with the latest on afghanistan. edward lawrence at the white house with more. edward. reporter: liz the president late this evening, late this afternoon backing up while he will not move that august 31st deadline to remove all american troops out of afghanistan. so right now the military is evacuating americans as well as those who have helped the u.s. allies over the past 12 years. now leaders of the united kingdom, france, germany, all publicly asked the president to move that deadline because of operations they have going on. president biden standing firm, linking himself though with the rest of the g7, even though they questioned the deadline. listen. >> we agreed the legitimacy of any future government depends on the approach it now takes to uphold international obligations including to prevent afghanistan from being used as a base for terrorism and we agreed none of
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us are going to take the taliban's word for it. we'll judge them by their actions. reporter: still in a statement the white house state department and pentagon have been asked for contingency plans just in case the deadline has to be moved. so the president also says the evacuation depends on continued cooperation with the taliban. republicans can believe the administration's plan has fallen apart so quickly. >> i've called this consistently an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions. it will abstain on this presidency, particularly after the decision we made today, after we heard today he will have blood on his hands. people are going to die and they will be left behind. the biggest credo in the military is no man left behind, no one left behind that is precisely when we are doing. reporter: the president says that the reason we're leaving afghanistan and kabul is because the mission objectives have been achieved. back to you.
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liz? elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. joining me now former deputy national security advisor kt kt mcfarland and rob o'neill, he is the former navy seal to killed osama bin laden. rob, first to you, carnegie get those thousands of americans out now? how would you do it? >> yeah, we can get them out now. we just need a lot of marines and a lot of 82nd airborne at the airfield to let the taliban know, i'm amazed we're telling the taliban what we're doing, getting permission, tell them we're killing everyone in a gun. it will not take one day but a number of weeks. every time we meet the taliban face-to-face we crush them. we need to do it again. we need strength. it is time for this administration to admit we're wrong with the pullout. now we'll fix it. i'm a big believer doesn't matter how you got where you're going, you're just there now. we're just here now. we have people who really need us and use american might, coalition might and go get them.
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elizabeth: kt, i hear what rob is saying they're saying the road to the kabul airport is blocked. the white house still does not know how many americans are stranded. it is expected to be several thousand. fears they can't reach the kabul airport in time. the u.s. embassy saying there will be delays due to checkpoints, get there on your own but rob is saying something entirely different to that. what do you say? >> rob is right. it is inconceivable to me that a president of the united states is leaving american citizens behind in afghanistan, knowing what fate awaits them. he is doing it, why? because he is trusting the world of the taliban or i guess taking his orders from the taliban getting the american military out there have at a certain point? we have american citizens all over afghanistan. they're not just in kabul. they're not just working for the u.s. government. they are people who teach school, the girls in parts of
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afghanistan. we have one or two or three civilians working on a farming project in another part of afghanistan. these people are alone. they have no way of getting to kabul airport. it is not like you get in your car to drive from washington to boston. these are people who have no way of getting from one place to another and even if they had a car, to drive to kabul airport they would be stopped every mile or so because everybody in afghanistan has an ak-47 and they're all going to be out on the roads looking for americans, looking for bribes. my concern, and i think i get it loud and clear from the administration, they keep saying this, we'll evacuate all americans who want to leave, their definition of who wants to leave is the people who get themselves to kabul airport in time by august 30 fir. it is not going to happen. the administration is setting thenselves up to say the other guys didn't want to leave. elizabeth: so this is going to be a clinton moment, depends on what the meaning of the word is,
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is? they will really to there? rob, you hear what kt is saying, you hear what trump's position was, his plan, nato, security council said yes to that plan. it was conditions based, cut off ties to al qaeda. when you have a plan account for american as ahead of time. that is what patel is saying, biden dump ad plan. didn't have a plan. house intelligence share adam schiff saying quote, very unlikely evacuations will be done by august 31st and they can't account for every american. you see what is going on, rob? >> isn't it crazy they're already making excuses knowing they screwed up but knowing they can fix it too? we always knew on the ground eventually we'll have to negotiate with the taliban at some point because they're just there. they have been right across the border in pakistan the entire time. they have been planning this the entire time but we needed to give them conditions. certainly don't want them surrounding the airport. they're giving us a timeline.
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an ultimatum which is complete nonsense. these are not good people. they shouldn't be treated as a legitimate government which we're doing and we're doing everything they want because i'm convince ad lot of people in this administration at the pentagon know when we get everyone out of there there won't be anymore television on afghanistan, no internet in afghanistan, no more social media. we'll forget what is going on over there and not think about the people having their heads cut off in front of their families. elizabeth: we're hearing that. u.n. human rights commissioner, kt, saying there is a rise, united nations is saying this a rise in street executions happening right now including various sexual assaults and more. biden's approval rating plunging nearly 10%age points, historic fall in one week to 41%. new "usa today" university suffolk university poll shows that. the majority disagree with how he is handling this.
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when you see that, the way they're topspinning this, republican ben sasse saying tell the taliban we're getting everyone out as long as it takes damn the deadline, is that what you would have told them? >> i would probably also say, you harm the head of one american, we'll come get you and your family and cousins everybody else. you will not do this to americans. i worry about what happens next, i think the price of this, the biden presidency is finished. he will never be able to reclaim the competency of the american president. he seems what he is. he is incompetent, incoherent, he is uncaring. his presidency is finished. i don't want america to be finished. i don't want this to be the inflection point, all the countries in the world, g7, they say we'll not follow america anymore. america won't save its own people much less us and where our adversaries take advantage of us. it is a cardinal rule of foreign
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policy if your adversary, weak, distracted, in trouble of any sort, that is when you make the move. i think china makes a move on taiwan next couple months knowing they will get no response, no pushback from the biden administration that will have ramifications that the united states will live with for 100 years. elizabeth: got it. it is clear, by the way, kt mentioned the g7 and also our u.s. allies and nato are shocked and outraged what is going on, rob, biden assured them in june just two months ago, it would be a stable, a stable withdrawal. that didn't happen. by the way, it was nato that invoked article v after 9/11 saying one member is attacked we're all attacked. it is clear the press, the press rob had it with the dissembling and prevarication. watch jake sullivan, nsa, refusing to commit that biden will secure kabul airport until every american is out an watch
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as cbs reporter ask the pentagon spokesman are you being deliberately vague on the number of americans still stranded. let's watch this. >> has the president decided whether he is going to need more time beyond august 30 furs to get all u.s. personnel and afghan people out of the country? >> as i said the president believes we are making substantial progress. >> the broader point i would make is that we have been able to take advantage of counselor officers throughout this building and around the world. >> okay. i'm not interested in a broader point, i'm interested in answer to the question. are you still sending people there? >> if it's a matter of checking the number can you do that and give it to us or if you're being deliberately vague tell me why you're being deliberately vague? >> i think i will leave it at several thousand right now. elizabeth: that is what is so shocking, rob. they don't know how many americans are stranded there.
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they're saying you know, you're on your own, make your way to the airport. take it, rob, so what happens? >> i don't think they know exactly how many are there. i don't ever want them to project how many they think there are there exactly but sounds to me like they're being deliberately vague because that is what they do. they normally get a free pass from most of the media. you can't deny what is happening here. we have people falling from c-17s, better to hold on to landing gear of a jet going 150 miles an hour than live under taliban rule. kt made a good point. i would be nervous if i was taiwan. china will make moves. china doesn't mess around. when china fights, china kills. taiwan will need to rely on australians and japanese to help them. would you want to be a source for the united states right now? would you want to stand up to the united states when all they will do inevitably back out to leave you to die, not just die but die really, really bad? elizabeth: kt mcfarland, thank
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you both for your service to our country. good to have you on. come back soon. up next a top former counterterrorism official, nathan sales, he worked under president trump, he will talk to us about how the white house is getting criticized from around the world trying to topspin a crisis with claims like this, when americans are not quote stranded, when americans inside of afghanistan getting on the phone saying, yes we are. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪. >> we're stranded at home. we can't get to the airport. when we tried to get to the airport we either get beaten up or we're afraid for our lives. there is a lot of miscommunication going on, i mean, imagine being stranded in the situation like this and not receiving anything for three, four days from the u.s. embassy or the state department. i am afraid for my life. i really need our president to really, really consider this serious. we are in danger. we are in danger, mr. president. please help us. elizabeth: that was an american woman strand inside of afghanistan. she is crying, begging for help. joining me former ambassador at
6:19 pm
large, coordinator for counterterrorism under president trump, he is nathan sales. great to have you on, nathan. your reaction to that? >> that is heartbreaking t shows the real disconnect what people are saying in washington and the reality on the ground in cub kabul. we're hearing rosy predictions. it will not be happening. we'll leave americans behind. we'll leave afghan translators and soldiers who fought alongside their american brothers and sisters. that is no way to run a withdrawal. elizabeth: adam schiff, chair of the house intelligence committee, he is a democrat, said, quote, it is very unlikely all will be evacuated by august 31st. lawmakers are outraged, both sides of the aisle. the lack of accountability, the prevaricating, dissembling by biden and its team and its
6:20 pm
spokesman, including nsa sullivan, kirby, price, and saki. biden created crisis to begin with, ignoring his generals and nato, pulling out without a plan. why get polemical here? why get ideological with a crisis with americans in harm's way? >> it is a good question. it is not too late to change course. it is time while we have a substantial military presence on the ground, you we say to the taliban, you don't get to boss us around, we dictate terms to you. what the white house needs to do, make very clear we'll keep our soldiers at the airport or if necessary, bagram airbase just north of the city until every last american is evacuated and every last afghan translator or soldier or vulnerable person
6:21 pm
who believes in america is able to get out of harm's way. because today, when the president decided that we're leaving on the 31st come hell or high water, he basically signed the death warrant for the people who are going to be left behind. elizabeth: the u.s. government telling americans in afghanistan, you have to get yourself to the airport. let's watch white house press secretary jen saki first say she doesn't know how many americans have been evacuated from behind terrorist lines. then trying to claim it is quote, irresponsible to say they're stranded. >> i know that my colleague john kirby said a few thousand americans have been evacuated earlier today. as jake noted the vast majority have been afghans, given the size of the population that we are moving out and i'm happy to also follow up after the briefing to see what information we can achieve. >> does the president have a sense most of the criticism is not of leaving afghanistan, it is the way that he has ordered it to happen? by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are
6:22 pm
now stranded? does he have sense of that. >> first of all i think it is irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. >> there are no americans stranded is the white house's official position on what is happening in afghanistan? elizabeth: okay. let's show the cbs, "washington post," "new york times," reporting that yes, americans are stranded. what would jen psaki call it if she couldn't get her o taliban? would she call it babysitting? is this setting up to be a global hostage crisis? >> that is the real fear and you know, ask any american who is desperately trying to brave taliban checkpoints to get a flight to freedom, whether they feel stranded. i think they probably give you a different answer than what we just heard from the white house. look if we don't get americans out we're going to see them again in hostage videos put out by the taliban. the taliban and al qaeda have been taking americans hostage for years and with 15,000 of our
6:23 pm
fellow country men and women in harm's way, we've got to get them out because if we don't the taliban will go door-to-door, hunt them down, find them. we'll not like what happens next. elizabeth: guess what happens next? because the administration is freezing afghanistan's assets at the federal reserve and elsewhere, blocking funds at the imf. don't you see a hostage crisis coming? because they will say we'll take an american, you have got to unfreeze bucks for us? nathan sale, thanks so much for joining us. really appreciate it. come back soon. up next economic expert mitch roschelle, republican house minority leader kevin mccarthy, speaker pelosi instead of working the phones trying to get the spending extravaganza, this tax plan that you want, try working the phones until every american is home safe from afghanistan. the story next. >> this 3 1/2 trillion dollar tax increase and its massive spending program is a disaster for the country.
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♪. elizabeth: we're coming into the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. welcome back to the show macro trends advisors, he is founding partner, mitch roschelle. mitch, we love having you on. now we got this house blueprint, right? one trillion vote first on infrastructure. then the 3 1/2 trillion. there is no guarranty any of
6:28 pm
this goes forward. pelosi can't afford to lose three votes anymore votes than that it is done. senator manchin, kirsten sinema saying we don't like 3 1/2 trillion on we just want infrastructure. kevin mccarthy says work the phones to get americans out of afghanistan first, don't work the phones to bully this, what do you say, mitch. >> anybody voting in the midterms elections is the mess in afghanistan. the economy is grinding along, improving day by day. a piece of legislation that will ultimately hurt the economy and not help it is not going to help voters with the number one issue they had prior to two weeks ago when afghanistan was top of mind which is the economy. this $3.5 trillion social infrastructure program which will be inflationary, at best, could be more devastating than
6:29 pm
that will hurt the very people that the democrats want to help which is the most vulnerable in our society. elizabeth: you know, mitch, you make an important point. we had major top-down pressure on the 10 centrist moderate democrats, we don't like how you're doing this, nancy pelosi. it included pressure from the white house. listen to ranking house budget member jason smith. the congressman talked to us last night. they were threatening charges of racism and sexism to pressure the 10 centrists to go along. watch this. >> they are making every kind of threat in the book. they are threatening your members you have to vote for the budget resolution rule tonight. if you don't, you're voting against women, you're voting against women of color. they're doing everything because they don't simply have the votes. elizabeth: what do you say? >> well, you know what? i will echo the point i made earlier if you look at the $3.5 trillion piece, that is not roads and bridges. that is something, a new term
6:30 pm
we've learned to get indigestion over which is human infrastructure. if you look at that those are social welfare programs, many of them, if they get enacted it will take generations to undo those. and theoretically those are trying to help the minorities. those are trying to help inner-city youth. all important things for our society but when gasoline becomes twice as expensive, when groceries become twice as expensive because of runaway inflation that hurts lower income bands the a lot more than hurts rich. the only pay-for they're talking about is punishing the rich. elizabeth: where are the jobs? do you hear about economic growth and jobs in these plans? you know what happened too? "politico" reporting that democrats campaign arm in congress threatened to financially cut off the moderates if they oppose pelosi in the plan. it was that same democrat congressional campaign committee that held this lavish wine fund-raiser in napa valley which
6:31 pm
has a spike in covid cases in order to convince democrats to go along with pelosi, no masks, no social distancing. we get it they were outside but the point is they're ordering fines and bullying everyone else to do social distancing and wear masks if you're vaccinated. it feels like a really weird time in this country what is going on, mitch, what to you say, final word? >> you know what? it is one thing to vilify the rich and i can understand the politics behind it but right now vilifying centrists, people in the middle, the people who voters really want to get behind because they're not polarizing, i think that is a political blunder on the part of the speaker. elizabeth: okay. mitch roschelle, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> good to sue as well, liz. >> come back soon, mitch roschelle. next up president biden capitulates, gives in to taliban demands. there are still tens of billions of dollars of military hardware
6:32 pm
missing in afghanistan. why should we trust nancy pelosi with multitrillion dollar spending plans when she is saying stuff happens? this is what happens in wartime. tens of billions of dollars missing. this is what happens when you withdraw. really? story next. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now house foreign affairs member, pennsylvania congressman dan meuser. congressman, we would like your reaction to the president saying he will not commit to the u.s. withdrawing out of afghanistan beyond the august 31st deadline. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> well, shock. why would we have a arbitrary, ridiculous date for withdrawal when you have people such as adam schiff and everybody else stating how it is very unlikely we will get all americans out by august 31st which by the way is a week away? not to mention the allied,
6:37 pm
afghanistan allies that fought with us getting them out. who held us to this date where we will perhaps leave americans behind? that is contrary to everything our military and our country is supposed to be about yet president biden comes out in a glowing way, announces august 31st and talks about how wonderful an agenda he has. pretty remarkable and quite disturbing. elizabeth: media critics calling out msnbc and cnn for really incompetent reporting on the trump deal with the taliban saying that biden could have gotten rid of it, he wasn't handcuffed by it. trump had conditions within the withdrawal plan, saying if you connect with al qaeda, give rise to al qaeda we will fight, we will come back at you and he released 5000 taliban, he agreed to the release of 5000 taliban prisoners in exchange for 1000 afghan soldiers. you can see why that part of it is problematic, the point of a
6:38 pm
condition-based plan, you account for ahead of time for how many americans are there. now they don't know how many americans are stranded because they just simply unplugged it and pulled out. robert gates, former top security official said biden never got it right in 40 years in foreign policy, what do you say to that? >> bob gates said that, and i think bob gates was right. we're seeing it once again, how sad that the current president he has to state he was held by a past agreement by the trump administration, when he abandoned every other agreement regarding the border, regarding paris climate, regarding iran. it is shameless excuse making. there were no conditions assigned to this situation. no planning. i mean had enough meetings already to see there was no planning. i know as a fact, we all do when president trump was in office the conditions were very clear and if those conditions weren't met, it was also clear that the
6:39 pm
full might of the united states military would be used against the taliban and those breaking such an agreement. i know that from someone who was in the room as it was stated. so it is nonsense. and it continues to erode trust, liz. that is perhaps one of the biggest problems outside of all of our americans over there and afghanistan bamming a another hotbed of terrorism, completely caused by the policies of the biden administration. elizabeth: the american people are actively misled and misinformed in real time. that is what is happening. >> that's right. elizabeth: nancy pelosi is saying, nancy pelosi stuff happens moment. she told a local tv station in her home district in california this is what happens, talking about the tens of billions of dollars of military hardware and assets left behind by the taliban. congressman jim banks says now that the taliban has more black hawks than 85% of countries, all the countries
6:40 pm
around the world. massoud is trying to lead a resistance inside of afghanistan. he asked the white house for some military help. he says he was turned down. what do you say to that? >> again, it is incredulous. very difficult to get in the minds of this irrational thought and what congressman banks did say is true. well over 150, perhaps black hawk helicopters, thousands of vehicles, all kinds of arms seeing them utilize it. a complete misunderstanding what is important and it is quite delusional. now, by the way, not just coming out of the white house, here we are in the capital, today, nancy pelosi and much of the leadership of the democrat house are rewarding themselves by passing a, trying to do their best to pass a 5 trillion-dollar spending bill, not to mention a federal takeover of elections because they're doing such a good job, they feel they should be elected into office
6:41 pm
regularly. look, we've got to get real. we have to be focused on what makes america, america, and what makes the world safe. it is serious situations. we've got to deal from a position of strength. elizabeth: congressman dan meuser, thank you so much, really appreciate it. come back soon. >> thanks very much. elizabeth: up next republican strategist ford o'connell. look at this story. possible voter fraud on the california recall? here's the question, why were hundreds of mail-in ballots stolen in the recall election? we're going to break it down next. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪
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it's the most comfortable, dually-adjustable, foot-warming, temperature-balancing, proven quality night sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show republican strategist ford o'connell. it is good to see you, ford. okay, this news hitting the california recall of democrat governor gavin newsom. police officers in torrence,
6:46 pm
california, to the west of los angeles recently found a man passed out in his car, more than 300 stolen mail-in ballots for the upcoming recall election, a loaded gun and drugs. he was arrested. how did those ballots get in his hands? what is the chain of custody here for mail-in ballots? >> emac, you're absolutely right. this story should be setting off red flags not only in california but also across the country. to be perfectly honest with you, with gavin newsom on the ropes, you have to think this is just a little bit more than coincidental. elizabeth: you know, 300 unopened vote by mail ballots. that is what we're talking about. ballots reportedly not tampered with. they were addressed to residents in compton. the orange county registrar saying, trust us, there is nothing to indicate funny going on. should we be worried? >> we should be worried, we should be hard to take the l.a.
6:47 pm
county registrar in their world, the person who did this was not held very long by the cops. we don't know why it happened. they're trying to brush it under the rug and does not breed confidence in the california recall election. nancy pelosi said she would activate her own operation. maybe this is what she meant. elizabeth: we don't know. i know you're being facetious about it. here is the thing, ford. the california recall will heavily feature mail-in ballots. that led to increased concerns about voter fraud. last week reports came in, some ballot envelopes had holes that could expose a voter's answer saying yes, i want to recall the governor, or no, i don't want to recall the governor. listen to this. los angeles officials explaining this said, well, you know, we need the holes in the envelopes to make sure the ballot was removed from the envelope. really? , what are taxpayers paying you
6:48 pm
for? you can't even bring yourself to open the envelope to see that the ballot was removed? you need a hole in the envelope? what are they talking about? >> that is a great question, emac. this should puzzle everyone. this is something ric grenell and i brought up on twitter. it is very simple. a trained operative can determine just by looking at the envelope of many ballots in california whether or not someone actually is voting to recall gavin newsom, just by looking outside of the envelope. given the way california invokes ballot harvesting, vote by mail and no voter i.d., let's be honest it isn't very hard to figure out how somebody can tip the election in gavin newsom's favor. elizabeth: yeah. ford, i don't want to get you upset and make your laryngitis worse. i know you get very passionate about things. how prevalent are the envelopes with holes in them throughout california? >> there are 58 counties in
6:49 pm
california, not all of them are using it, it is in l.a. county. it is several other big counties. it's a lot of votes we're talking about by mail with the two holes. yes, you could absolutely tilt an election, what is troubling here, in california you don't have voter eye die. you have got ballot harvesting. democrats on capitol hill want to have california's nationwide. the reason why they have the rules they have the supermajority in the legislature to rig the rules in their favor for many decades. elizabeth: ford o'connell, thanks for joining us. good to see you. >> thank you, emac. elizabeth: up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich. chaos in afghanistan hitting the crisis at the border. homeland security and border officials warn of that threat. you're watching "the evening edit on fox business. >> congress could fix this if they would change the law. if they would address three loopholes in the laws that bring all the families and children
6:50 pm
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>> back with a snap arizona attorney general mark brnovich, it's great to have you on, now we have reports coming in that homeland security officials
6:54 pm
joining border patrol officials saying it's a national security threat at the border and terry is coming across because the taliban released prisoners throughout afghanistan. what do you say that the story. >> we talked about this in the past that border security is national security and i think it's a sad day in the united states of america when the taliban set a deadline of auguss rolling out the welcome mat insane the taliban can come across the southern border anytime they want. we know from the evidence of the data there are people on the terrorist watch list coming across the border we know tens of thousands of got a ways people that are being apprehended as we see the surge the record number of people crossing the southern border illegally we know that the dramatic increase in fentanyl and led to the cartels of our southern border in a result of president biden's policies because tears are going to be sinking in our back door.
6:55 pm
elizabeth: we broke the news a house concert is sent a letter to secretary mayorkas saint secure the border now warning about the terrorist released from bagram air base and they could pose a threat at our southern border ron vitello former top border guy was with us last night he said shut the border, do you say yes or no shut the border. >> absolutely we need to secure our southern border international security and the american taxpayers heart have to be breaking there was a time when the taliban was armed with sticks, rocks and soviet ak-47s and as a result of president biden's failed policy helicopters, humvees and mvd's, this is a problem that will come back to haunt the united states of america on many levels and we have to secure the border with their first line of defense and were failing it's unsustainable what the biden administration is doing don't take my words, those are the words of secretary mayorkas when he didn't know he was being recorded divided the administration know that there
6:56 pm
failing the american taxpayer and putting us in harm's way god knows why they're doing it but we all need to pray for president biden to ensure he gets the wisdom that he needs to protect americans first for worrying about the what the far left wants to do in this country. elizabeth: former top border patrol chief rodney scott worried about this and you point out the home insecurity secretary warning what's happening down there by you guys in the border is unsustainable, let's listen to this. watch. >> to include ts db at a level we've never seen before that is a real threat. [inaudible] elizabeth: rodney scott referred to the term tsd's that the database, when you hear him use that term, what is your reaction.
6:57 pm
>> you should send a shiver up everyone's spying in this country as we know the cartels have used this crisis in the biden the administration lack of following the law in order to make a significant gain and increase the flow fentanyl coming across the border and now as a result more opportunities for terrorists to sneak in this country is absolutely unconscionable, related to that to think about this, the head of the border patrol was forced out by the biden administration this last month and the time of crisis you are forcing out people that have a steady hand and have that experience which shows you what the biden administration is doing as a systematic attempt to dismantle our borders and empower the cartel and now provide safe haven to the tears coming in this country, it's unconscionable and that's why we have three active lawsuits against the biden administration and as you know i'm trying to get the federal government and
6:58 pm
the biden administration to follow the federal law and put americans first and that's what we need to do if we want to have safe and secure neighborhoods. larry: intelligence community warned the administration of the southern border weeks after president biden announced a plan to withdraw from afghanistan already border portal officers have arrested nationals on the fbi no fly list into terrorists from serbia this happened in the past fiscal year we are here and what about the 300,000 got a ways. >> they got a ways is one of the most important things, as you know there's literally tens of thousands of people, record number of people illegally crossing the southern border so far a million people since secretary mayorkas has been secretary of homeland security we know these are people that are surrendering going into border patrol custody, you have to ask yourself the tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people that are not going into custody and trying to apprehend or avoid apprehension what is on their mind we know
6:59 pm
people that even apprehended there are literally on the terror watch list and the terror database and one of those is one too many in this country america is less safe as a result of the biden administration careless disregard for the rule of law and what's going on in the southern border as you know i'm a first generation american we have to have a system that works to allow people into this country but you can't have chaos and disorder and you can't essentially outsource our border security to the cartel and that's with the biden administration is doing do you trust the cartels to keep your neighborhood safe? elizabeth: that's a great point, final question supreme court taken on remaining mexico policy putting the state on a lower court saying this remaining mexico pushback against the biden administration is still in play do you think the supreme court will rule against the biden administration or remaining mexico?
7:00 pm
>> i think if you look at recent case law, we have a case pending the ninth circuit said that is a lot and that's what the law says everything were asking to enforce the law as it is. larry: attorney general mark brnovich of arizona it's good to see you thank you for coming on, come back soon, i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, that does it for us thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow" i am david asman and for larry kudlow, what a mess president biden was set to speak at noon about his apparent decision to concede to taliban demand in the u.s. military withdraw from afghanistan by august 31 leaving stranded americans behind, then we were
7:01 pm
told he would speak at two, 230 and now were told it all happened in this or the next


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