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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 25, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it jumped from animal to human as natural processor escaped from a lab in central china that by the way studies coronavirus. >> that does for us, on fox business tonight, the "evening edit" starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: time is running out. the white house says 1500 americans are stranded in afghanistan. earlier, in the day it was said to be 4,000. democrat lawmakers, white house, press secretary, say that americans could be stranded after the withdrawal. that is what dc insiders are saying, look at this. today, president joked when a reporter asked what he will do if any america is left behind, saying, you'll bete the first i call. after he let the taliban control the timeline, and the
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kabul airport, president's credibility now tanking along with his approval rating, his agenda now on the ropes. with us, house foreign affairs claudia tenney, former navy seal. and retired u.s. army officer. congresswoman and former i.c.e. director tom homan. and guy benson with us, we have reports coming in that taliban is beating up times"ers, "l.a. reporting 23 california students from just outside of sann diego, now stranded in kabul with their parents, they were on a summer trip. also nancy pelosi fighting with two congressmen, they went to av to do congressional oversight of the evacuation, they say biden botched it, delayed it. pelosi downplaying and dismissing demands for hearing on the botches
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evacuation. texas governor authorizing national guard to arrest illegal border crossers, supreme court orders white house to reinstate trump's remain in mexico policy, handing white house a court loss. some this story, will biden's plunging approve at ratings under cut the democrat massive push. >> this story, where trust nancy pelosi and democrats with massive new -- when nancy pelosi made a stuff happens comment. terrorists? to california, california governor newsom hit with a new state auditor report. widespread mismanagement in multiple state agencies not being run correctly. waste, fraud abuse. democrats are struggling to get-out-the-vote in the >> i am elizabeth
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macdonald. the "evening edit" starts right now. welcome to the show, you are watching fox business network. to hello vaughn on capitol hill. the secretary of state antony blinken says there are still about 1500 americans according to their estimates still in afghanistan. he says the state department ising a agressively trying to get in touch with about 1000 of them they have not been able to reach trying to figure out if they want to evacuate the country. so far 4500 americans have been evacuated. that is just a sliver of the 88,000 people that have been evacuated from afghanistan suns july. even though president biden says he is sticking by his pullout deadline of august 31st blinken says any americans left behind after that date will
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still be able to get out somehow. >> let me be crystal clear about this, there is no deadline on our work to help any remaining american citizens who decide they want to leave to do so, along with the many afghans who stood by us over these many years and want to leave and have been unable to do so. that effort will continue every day past august 31st. reporter: press secretary jen psaki fielded questions on the level of cooperation between the u.s. government and the taliban who is actively working with terrorist organizations. saki says the u.s. government has not offered the taliban money or any resources or supplies in exchange for cooperation in these negotiations. >> why haven't we heard the president say, the united states does not negotiate with terrorists? is that still the u.s. policy? >> well of course it is, peter but i would also say that there is a reality that the taliban is currently controlling large
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swaths of afghanistan. reporter: tonight a group of republican and democratic members of congress, a part of the problem-solvers caucus are writing a letter to president biden asking him to delay that august 31st deadline. we will see if those pleas from some in his own party fall on deaf ears or if he listens. liz? elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you so much for your report there. joining us now new york congresswoman claudia tenney of house foreign affairs. former navy seal commander, david sears. claudia, congresswoman, let's get your reaction to the biden administration saying americans must get taliban permission to leave afghanistan. this is the same taliban that gave safe haven to 9/11 attackers. what do you say? >> no person president should ever stand in our white house and pin the success of a u.s. military mission depends on cooperation with the terrorist group. that is exactly what position we've put ourselves in which is why you're seeing so many of --
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[inaudible] elizabeth: okay. i think we lost the sound. we'll work on that technical problem. let's move to david sears. david, thank you for your service to our country. do we still have the congressman? go ahead congressman. >> i don't think we lost sound. i am concerned we put ourselves in this position. we are concerned about -- [inaudible]. what's happening the, move forwards, i mean don't see how we -- [inaudible]. successfully move people out of afghanistan, particularly since we're also -- to try to bring back afghans who were promised promised -- [inaudible]. to be evacuated and some of our allies. i think it is going to be even more difficult after august 31st to, without any
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of our forces there, without, most of our allies moving out to really have any kind of operation other than the private ones that me and some of my colleagues are working on. so i believe that is what we're going to be seeing the real challenge. elizabeth: okay. david, they are now armed with american weapons the u.s. left behind. controlling the area around the kabul airport. isis is reportedly there. the taliban is stopping people. the window seems to be slamming shut. was this the right way to go, no evacuation plan ahead of time, to rescue americans, arm the enemy, give us us control the airport, then fly everyone out what do you say? >> no, this was a complete disaster. there is not even enough words -- everybody calling it debacle, disaster. there are not enough words in the english language to describe how bad this actually is. withdrawal is one thing but the way that this was tactically and strategically executed for getting everybody out, the sequencing of the military out,
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not getting citizens out, the intelligence failure to see the taliban progressing across. the intelligence failure to assess that the afghan national military and the police couldn't stand on their own. it is dewalk kel -- debacle after debacle with lots of blame to go around. elizabeth: thank you for your comments. congresswoman, the white house is trying to do damage control after they created this crisis. are there are reports that the president will make more public appearances to tout the evacuations when his policies created what is going on. critics, including democrats say it is impossible to overstate the incompetence and complicit of biden and his team. listen to him make a joke about americans caught in afghanistan. >> [inaudible] >> you will be the first to
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know. elizabeth: okay. you're your reaction to that, you will be the first person i call -- what do you think of the joke there? >> i'm shocked of the seemingly harmless nature of the way president biden talks. he talks about the taliban drawing a red line in the sand and we're fine with it. something david said earlier, our intelligence showed us it was disaster. members in a bipartisan way on the foreign affairs committee, this isn't going to work the way this is going. we knew and we saw things. the question why did the biden administration to ignore the intelligence what appears to be here? why is he so arrogantly pursuing this policy? democrats in a bipartisan way, we don't like the hard-line of august 31st. our mission is to complete the mission, not to come up with ard official deadlines.
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let's complete the mission. let's not talk about everybody has to be out by august 31st. we need to get everybody out to get out safely. that is the mission. elizabeth: that's the mission. david, a branch again of isis is at the kabul airport. nsa jake sullivan said the threat is real. adam schiff says the threat is real. that americans may not be evacuated in time. u.s. forces that were leaving now, are they enough? it was the taliban that gave the president a red line. instead of owning the situation, the president pulled out without any conditions left a power vacuum. what would you do, what would you do now? >> yeah, right now i would say exactly as the congressman said, the mission is to get every single u.s. citizen out and then those that helped us we get them out. so with that in mind i open up to the military, give me options. you retake bagram. you retake major airfield to
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include kandahar, include. jalalabad. surge in troops. there is no red line the taliban gets to draw. you start dictating as the united states, as the president, here is the mission, i'm not leaving until that mission is done. every single u.s. citizen out. elizabeth: okay. congresswoman, again, democrats are warning americans will be stranded. adam schiff has been saying that. let's watch jen psaki admit to that. she is also saying americans could be stranded. watch. >> does that mean that the evacuations will stop before the actual 31st so there is time to get the troops and their machinery and weaponry out of there? >> that would be correct, yes. that there would need to be time to wind down the presence. >> if one u.s. sudsyily discovered, i really want to get out i'm stuck who knows where somewhere in afghanistan and kabul, would this trigger a
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diplomatic, military or -- thing to get that person out whatever the date? >> our commitment continues to be to u.s. citizens f they want to leave we will help get them out. >> no matter what the day? >> again we expect there could be some but i don't i'm not going to get into it further. elizabeth: he asked will some be left behind. she said some could be. what do you say, congresswoman? >> david made a great point. why do we have our staging operation for our embassy, close our embassy which we spent over $700 million on with state of the art information technology, ways we can use biometrics to know exactly where people are, ways to track american citizens, to know where our enemies are, stage out kabul in crowded city, very difficult place to rape out of with one runway when we could have done it at bagram, with an additional runway, a more rural area to stage operations. we have people all over the
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country who we're communicating with can't get to kabul. they can't get from the apartments to the airport. when they're in the airport, we have devices as long as their cell phones last long enough. we can see them. my staff are working day and night trying to get people out t of the airport using private contractors. the good generosity of these former military many cases are helping us. but we can actually see that they're, desperately getting through the perimeter of the airport because the taliban is seizing their documents and preventing them from getting into the airport. this is a debacle of major proportions. i have never seen anything like it. it is an absolute disaster. elizabeth: potentially up to two dozen high school students and parents from outside of san diego may be stranded there too. they're stuck there now. that is the report coming in. "l.a. times" reporting that. claudia tenney, david sears, thanks so much for joining us. good to have you both back on. up next, tom homan, the border
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crisis, texas governor abbott authorizes the national guard to arrest illegal border-crossers. arizona is moving more troops there. look at this too. the supreme court deals another court loss to the white house. says reinstate trump's remain in mexico policy. do it now. you're watching you're watching "the evening edit" on fox you're watching "the evening edit" on fox you're watching "the evening edit" on fox you're watching "the evening edit" on fox ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former amounting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor tom homan. tom, what do you think of this governor greg abbott orders the texas national guard to arrest illegal border-crossers, the crisis exploding in afghanistan, will the administration push back on texas here? what do you say? >> i think that the administration has been suing texas. i've been assisting the texas attorney general lawsuits suing the biden administration. we're 3-0. what is the administration doing? they're appealing each of the decisions to secure the border. they don't want to do anything to secure the border. remain in mexico, we won. ice policies we won. they appeal to the supreme court. they are fighting to continue to do what they're doing which is
10:19 pm
total mess. the texas governor is trying to secure the border. i'm helping them best way i can. they will go after the governor trying to secure the border, something they failed to do and don't want to do. elizabeth: now we have the pentagon spokesperson, he was asked how many terrorists were screened out at the evacuation checkpoints to come into qatar and the u.s. he said he doesn't know the number. your reaction to that? >> look a national security issue, it is at risk here, right? we already know the special immigrant visas between january and march, the city department denied 84% of them, 84% were denied because they had time to vet them. they had time to look for derogatory information in various databases, including dod. now they're in a rush to load up planes to get people out of there. administration is looking bad because they haven't removed enough people. fill the planes up. we'll do little vetting. we'll handle it in the united states. this is extremely dangerous for
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our national security. there are people coming into the country that haven't been properly vetted. advocates for looking for them to be released and not detained. this is a very dangerous situation for the united states right now and the biden administration is not paying attention. elizabeth: okay. let's get back to the supreme court decision against the white house. you were involved in the case against the biden administration. the supreme court basically said the white house was quote, being arbitrary and capricious not giving a reasonable explanation for getting rid of remain in mexico at a time of quote, emergency. this policy of biden getting rid of trump's remain in mexico emboldened human and drug traffickers. who else did it embolden? >> it emboldened all the cartels in mexico. just not immigration issue, right? the cartels control the border. so they're moving record mountains of fentanyl through the border because the border patrol is so tied up with the humanitarian crisis.
10:21 pm
over 90,000 fentanyl overdoses this year. the dea is on record saying 95% of fentanyl is coming through the southern border. don'ter to get about covid, thousands of covid cases in the united states. this has turned into a humanitarian issue, turned to public health issue, turned to safety issues, border patrol arrested 8,000 criminals. they ear h arrested 7 people on the fbi terror watch this. how many got awais are on the list? embolden cartels whether to smuggle terrorists, smuggle drugs or smuggling goods into the united states. elizabeth: tom homan, thanks for coming on. good to see you. come back soon. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: congressman chris stewart on the impact of terror takeover in afghanistan could have on the democrats
10:22 pm
massive tax push. the president's approval ratings taking a dive, keep it here on fox business. >> that is the correct order for an evacuation, first you give up control of the airport, thenn try to fly everyone home. that is smart as putting on a helmet after you were shot out of a cannon, i think that happened to joe at some time in his life. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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elizabeth: welcome to the show utah congressman chris stewart. great to have you on, congressman. should we trust nancy pelosi with a multitrillion dollar budget tax-and-spend, five trillion dollars all in, new spending when she says things like quote, stuff happens. this is what happens in war, that the administration left tens of billions of dollars in military assets to terrorists, do we trust her here? >> i hope you're being facetious about it. there are lots of reasons we shouldn't trust her. i look at people, people look at president biden they think he is capable? he is not. is he overwhelm misdemeanorred. he certainly is. tell you who is not incapable. nancy pelosi ride as hard, hard whip on her caucus we saw that in the last few days.
10:27 pm
some moderates stood up this is not good policy. this will make us hard to win in 2022. we don't want to do this. she beat them submission. i am talking rhetorically, not literally. got them to stand down and push through, what you said. one of the most damaging pieces of economic legislation we have ever looked at in congress at the time i've been here and probably in a generation. elizabeth: you know these weapons could be used by the taliban and terrorists to block americans from leaving the airport that is what is going on now. let's listen to senator marco rubio here. he said we just donated an entire air force to the taliban. watch there. >> this is way the process should have woked, okay? joe biden should have said, we have these people and we have this equipment and we're going to get it out of afghanistan. anyone who gets in the way including the taliban who tries to stop us will be killed. the goal we'll get out the americans, get out the people that worked for us and we'll not
10:28 pm
leave the taliban an air force. we just donated an air force to the taliban. elizabeth: they now have more black hawk helicopters than 85% of the countries in the world according to congressman jim banks. even allies like australia don't have that firepower. when you see that when you see what is going on, now we've got mark penn, former top clinton advisor saying this is a political disaster. it could cost democrats in the midterms, will this undercut the tax-and-spend push by the democrats on capitol little? >> well let me say this before i answer that question. there is a catastrophe. it's a human catastrophe and a national security catastrophe what we're watching here. it is something like we haven't seen in my lifetime. so then the question you're asking is, well is it such, does it weaken the president, does it weaken the democratic caucus such they can't push the legislation through. in any other universe where things make sense, it certainly does. elizabeth: wait on. stay with me.
10:29 pm
because the biden poll numbers are dropping. voters don't feel safe. are you hearing on capitol hill democrats may say oh, we'll not go along with this, we'll peel away? show the viewer what they're talking about in the way of tax hikes. show the viewer in terms of thefy irpower to give the irs to go after small businesses. they want to empower the irs to collect nearly $790 billion. that means more money out of american and small business pockets. they want to go after financial accounts. irs information gathering on bank and financial accounts just worth $600 or more. that will push blockchain and encrypted apps. are you hearing on capitol hill democrats are really leery about all of this? >> democrats pushed back. a few of them pushed back as much as they could, but at the end of the day they were compelled to support their party. how miss pelosi does that, i honestly don't know. to all of your points, this is miserable, miserable legislation for the american people. and we could talk here for hours about the list.
10:30 pm
you mentioned about the irs. by the way they did that so they could call out one of the pay-fors. it will not work. we know that the irs isn't going to be able to collect the amount of money they have claimed they will in this legislation nor by taxing cryptocurrencies or a lot of other things but at the end of the bottom line you have to have three democrats to stand up and say this isn't a good idea. these are not good policies for the american people. look what happened to the vote, they all supported it. and i suppose -- elizabeth: here is why. >> if i could make -- elizabeth: "politico" reporting, "politico" reporting that the democrat congressional committee campaign was threatening to, threatening to cut off election funding for the moderates if they didn't tow the line. your final word? >> i think that is exactly right. a lot of people are hoping when they get to the senate, you have chris sin cinema and senator manchin saying they will not support it. instead of $3.5 trillion package, they will vote for a
10:31 pm
$3.4 trillion package that is the best we'll hope for. they will tinker to the edges. all of the core will be there. once again this legislation so destructive will get to the president's desk. that is my great fear. elizabeth: congressman chris stewart, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: we're coming out of the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox business network. up next retired army special forces officer, he is gold star husband joe kent. we'll talk more about the chaos in afghanistan. reports that intelligence warned the biden administration that the taliban would attack women and children just 12 days before the white house authorized the pullout. the story there. ♪. >> we make our own >> we make our own timelines, they should be based on getting ourti people out in a timely manner, it is over when we say it's over, if they don't like that, too bad, we'll kill i you. that is what we to to people
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now retired army special forces chief warrant officer. he is a gold star husband, he is joe kent. joe's wife, navy senior chief petty officer shannon kent killed in action of january 2019 fighting isis in syria. joe himself completed nearly a dozen combat deployments. joe, thank you so much for joining us. we're so sorry for your loss. we're so grateful for our service to our country and for your wife's service as well. joe, when you see how chaotic, how president biden withdrew from afghanistan, no plan to rescue americans ahead of time, no headcount of americans inside ahead of time, what do you think about the people in taiwan, cuba, venezuela, nicaragua, do you think about them, what do they think about whether or not
10:37 pm
bidencares about their freedom? >> this send as loud and clear message to our enemies all over the world and any future potential partners, we'll come in half-cocked, not really look out for what is good for us politically and not have the best interests of the people we made commitments to, to include our own people which is the most embarrassing of all. signals to all of our enemies, we are weak, we are a declining power on the world stage. this gives me a great deal of concern. elizabeth: joe, democrats were outraged when president trump demanded allies pay their nato bills. we're isolating ourselves. we're setting back foreign policy for decades. where are the same people now, where are pelosi, schiff, nasser, the squad, where is their outrage, the misogynistic taliban known for attacking women and children, have let terrorists run in and they have now seized power?
10:38 pm
basically the u.s. feels like it's a pariah. we're not wanted around the world. we're looked down on. what do you say to all of this? >> -- democrats and national security starement, military industrial complex right now is on full display. when president trump attempted to get our allies to pay their fair share as you mentioned or when president trump tried to pull our troops out of sir was because our military objective defeating isis had been complete the entire military industrial complex turned on him, committed bureaucrat slow role, secretary mattis resigned, that resulted our troops remaining in syria. a month after that my wife was killed fighting isis. had the deep state and bureaucrats in the pentagon not turned against a duly-elected president, therefore the american people, that she and the three other americans that she was killed alongside would be alive to this day. seeing this hypocrisy up fold in
10:39 pm
real time is both disgusting and very telling of all of the lies that have been told for the last two decades by the establishment and military industrial complex about what we're doing in these wars overseas. elizabeth: you know republican liz cheney is saying then president trump allowed 5000 taliban prisoners to be released from prison including now the leader, defacto president of afghanistan. that was in exchange for 1000 afghan soldiers. but let's turn back, so there is that criticism. there is criticism from france. france is saying that french president macron said, talked about quote, moral responsibility. reports though that the u.s. omitted that phrase from the record of a call with the french president and president biden. show again what senator bide said about vietnam and afghanistan and what he said about dealing with women and children needing to get out of afghanistan. richard holbrooke had said this
10:40 pm
feels like 1973 saigon. he said f-them. he said nixon and kissinger got away with it in vietnam. >> actually disgusting and callous and i believe joe biden and holbrooke were having the discussion in 2010. biden as vice president under the obama administration, they realized all of our efforts in afghanistan, talking about nation-building, growing schools, women's rights that was a failed effort. they knew that back in 2010. had we decisively pulled out in 2010, got all the americans out, got the allies out, think of how many trillions of dollars and how many lives would have been saved. instead we let the military industrial complex continue to slow roll us and run roughshod of duly-elected presidents. there needs to be accountability for unelected bureaucrats and special interests for making the war go on so long. elizabeth: no word from pelosi on republican calls for hearings just yet. she seems to be shutting this
10:41 pm
down. remember this from vice president bide. watch -- biden. >> you figure out how to live together like we do, you will never, never, never make it. america's strength ultimately lies in its people. there is nothing special about being an american. elizabeth: nothing special about being an american. what do you say to that, joe? >> i mean that is obviously disgusting and just wrong. that is on full display right now. now biden and his national security team are in charge of the lives of americans, between 10 and 15,000 we don't know. we're seeing how they prioritize americans. tell us every day how many afghan refugees they're getting out of country but they can't tell us a plan or how many americans there are and when they're going to get our people to safety. i want to safeguard those afghans who fought alongside of us. i want to get them out of country but the first priority has to be towards americans but
10:42 pm
that is not the way this administration feels. they put us last every single time, from the southern border to the economy. now that this debacle in afghanistan. elizabeth: all right. joe kent, thanks for your service to our country. thanks for your wife's service as well. good to have you on, joe. come back soon. okay up next, california governor gavin newsom, he is fight of his life, a recall election to get him out, now hit with a new state auditor report, california state auditor finding widespread mismanagement on his watch at multiple state agencies. guy benson is fired up. guy benson is next on before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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10:47 pm
what do you say? >> i can't say that i'm surprised at all, right? california has been in the grip of lopsided, one-party rule now for years and when you look at lopsided one party rule, no matter where it is in the country, red or blue, around the world, typically what you find is that it breeds arrogance, it breeds complacency, it breeds dishonesty and corruption and i think that is precisely what we're seeing in the state of california and i think it comes, this report at an inopportune time for governor newsom, who might on be on the ropes fighting for his recall election. elizabeth: we have a poll showing likely voters in california, those coming out and vote, half of them say yeah, recall the governor. we see another polls, cbs news polls finds that republicans are
10:48 pm
multiple percentage points more energized, more likely to come out and vote than democrats. it is republicans turning out to vote in california. what do you say to that? >> well, another thing that one party rule can breed on the side that is in party is arrogance. so i think you have some democrats around the state are used to view this as winning. they view this haspel approximately called it a nuisance as opposed to the speaking their will in the an election. when you're on the other side and you have been out of power so long and view your opposition crushing the state, grinding it into the dirt, you feel like there is a sliver of hope a ray of opportunity it, makes sense both in california and looking at the broader national picture, the political winds that are blowing right now for republican voters, there are a lot of them in california. they are hugely outnumbered, but there are a lot of them.
10:49 pm
if they turn out in big, big numbers, if the democrats are two of the words i used are arrogant and complacent. that could be the recipe for a recall. elizabeth: california was supposed to be the country's global policy making model, but when you look at the devastating california state audit report the mismanagement is touching practically every facet of california voters lives. it is touching the water supply has been mismanaged. the prison system has been mismanaged. the health system, mismanaged. covid relief jobless benefits, tens of billions of dollars in jobless bern fit fraud. the california teachers retirement system mismanaged. the education system a problem. they have, democrats have had a lock on sacramento for about a generation, guy. californians want more for their money. they haven't been getting it. what will happen what is your prediction?
10:50 pm
>> with some people leaving the state. there was a quote i saw just recently i think sort of summed up why this rate is close and competitive. it was a democratic official in the state who is in law enforcement, southern california saying nothing might change your political views like, and i'm paraphrasing for tvs a vagrant defecating in our front yard. that is statement and quote that grabs your attention, there are a lot of people in california, centrist, center left people looking around say, what exactly are the people who have been in charge here for so long achieving? is this better off. am i better off than i have been? if the answer in many cases no, job number one is vote yes on recall. elizabeth: all right, guy benson, love having you on, you're terrific. you're a great writer too. come back soon guy benson. >> thanks so much. >> congresswoman kat cammack on this story. human smugglers caught using a fake border patrol vehicle and
10:51 pm
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>> i could go through a list of things we've seen. homemade rafts open trailers like flatted beds, they are floated on the big multigallon drum, they see it all, people pretending to
10:56 pm
be folks, they are not. the stories, would rattle and some cases, they are funny but you know they are sadat the same time. americans, if they knew half of the things that our border patrol agents were seeing they would again be outraged. if not enough over sheer number of drugs and people coming across the borders. elizabeth: congresswoman, texas is now a the governor saying to the national guard, yes, you are authorized to make arrests of illegal aliens crossing. arizona is moving to the -- troops to the border, texas made more thanov 4600 arrests and charges since march. we hear that pentagon spokesman. said they do not have a number of terrorists who have been caught at evacuation checkpoints potentially coming to u.s. bases and also bases in
10:57 pm
qatar, but the border guy stepping up. what is your take. >> this is frustrating, i was on the phone with a border patrol agent on southwest border who the e-mail from dhs headquarters went out asking for dhs to send volunteers to pull them off the line to help with vetting and resettlement of afghan nationals. that frustrating in a lot of ways, none more so than the fact 50% refly of our border -- roughly of our border border patrol section are baby sitting and processing, they are not on the line apprehending and stopping the bad people from coming over. and those who are trying to smuggle drugs and god knows what else. they already have diminished ranks with their enforcement and personnel on the line. now they are asked to do
10:58 pm
more. this is very frustrating. you look at just the amount of got aways, we know about. keep in mind apprehensions come to border patrol, they want to get caught, they are processed and released in united states, got aways are seen on camera or surveillance detection, or by a border patrol agent, and they got -- got away, they are the violent ofenders, sex offendsers, gang members, we know there to two dozen individuals apprehended at southwest border that are the international terrorist watch list, that should be a cause for concern for everyone because that is just who has been caught. how many have come across that border that have not, you have over 140 different
10:59 pm
nationalities coming across southwest border, number 9 romania. you have to stop and think, people from all over the world are coming across the border, they continue is open, they can -- they know it is open, they can get away with pretty much anything and this administration is doing nothing to stop it. elizabeth: we heard there were four it terror watch list, tom homan said seven, you say is higher. >> number is higher than seven. i can tell you that. that number is higher than seven. we're just dealing with what is stopped at border, the drug for example, fentanyl estimated drugs between 20 to 40% that is coming across. you look at what has been seized this year, that is enough fentanyl to kill
11:00 pm
every american 6 times over. elizabeth: amazing, thank you so much, i think you said between a dozen or two dozen, terrorists stopped, thank you. >> good to see you, i am elizabeth macdonald, you have been watching the "evening edit" on fox business, join us tomorrow night. oin us again tomorrow night. >>kudlow: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. as much as i love america, these are the times that try and optimists soul. the biden administration is running a reckless form policy in afghanistan and elsewhere and a reckless economic domestic policy at home. in afghanistan of course president biden has catastrophically bumblebee


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