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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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those details, we'll watch in the hours, days ahead. to see how he addresses that. but we have a press briefing ahead, we'll get to that soon inl. the meantime that is it for us on fox business tonight, the "evening edit" starts now. ♪ ♪ we're staying on breaking news, president spoke moments ago we'll take you live to a white house press secretary briefing with update on isis suicide bomb attacks in kabul, more than 5 dozen killed, children killed, 150 injuries, 15 soldiers wounded. reports of a third blast in kabul. the pentagon warning about quote, high, right now of more suicide bombers, including car bombings, that pattern is for multiple attacks, we bringng in california congressman mike
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garcia, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel, first you congressman. reaction pour in addition to president's remarks, we are looking at critics saying, he is fatally out of touch. he avoid accountability and blamed trump for the disaster and the evacuation crises in afghanistan. he iss not handcuffed to trump's deals, u.k. and nato are sayingmp that, he said not a mistake to have taliban taliban control the airport, and saying that americans may be left behind and used a tell prompt -- teleprompter statement. republicans say he created your take on this press conference. >> absolutely infuriated and beside myself, he said bagram airfield add little
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value to the situation, and spend 10 seconds to talk about fallen marines and soldiers who lostst their lives because of his mistakes, i am pissed off, i want our president to be pissed off as all of us are, he is living in his ownan world, he needs to shifta t mind set of commander in chief rather than a chief diplomat. elizabeth: helo seemed detached, out of touch and not emotional. the sickening attack. americans are outraged. we have soldiers families, marines, they are fighting men and women, mourning today, and -- you didn't feel that emotion from him, the operational plans he is talking about to strike isis, do you believe him? >> no. i think there are a couple problems from -- look from a emotional perspective, i have 25 years in military,
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soldiers and marines are a part of me, this breaks me like nothing i can imagine. but, fromli a detached military stand point, problem number one, he said, we think it is isis. they could not figure out whether it was covid came out of a china lab but they know this is isis? >> how do you get them, he said we'll go over the hospitalization, part of president's plan -- over the horizon, part of president's planba to abandon entire military footprint in afghanistan, we have no foot print in south asia to do counterterrorism and intell. we're coming from the other side of the moon, the other thing, what is the worst scenario, taliban iss controlling the terrorists? >> or taliban is not? either way. you have taken a stable theater, and turned it to a terrorist disneyland. and you offered zero thinking about how you deal
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with that. elizabeth: we hear you, loud and clear. presidential just moments ago quoted george w. bush, in staying we'll hunt you down at a time our choosing. congressman, let's talk about the fatal mistake to give up and abandon bagram air force base. if president considered today's attacks as a remote possibility, isn't is -- if it is a plus -- scenario why give up bagram? >> they made diplomatic choices, within the trades, there was a decision to let them have bagram airfield and all equipment that was residing there to turnover all of the assets and abandon our afghan partners in the middle of the night. and allow the taliban to run
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rampant in the nation and painted us into a corner in kabul. and at airfield there for that matter, this is the riskiest posture and option they could have considered, this is because of bureaucrats at state department made decisions coming up with strategies and tactics, these are a lot the sames that botched ben benghazi in 2012, we're seeing a lot of same lessons learned he needs to pivot to commander in chief. the mission has to be get all americans out at all costs until we're done with that then we can consider leaving afghanistan and figuring out next. elizabeth: u.s. soldiers pay highest sacrifice to -- dessert the bagram air force base. how do we rescue the a thousand americans, that is a rolling number, a
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calculation, they don't know how many americans are there we have people racing to the borders. your thoughts? >> right, you know you plan a military operation as you go along, you open yourself up to more opportunities and you limit the enemies, we have done the opposite, we. we narrowed options we have. i think we'll be at a kabul airport in a new york minute, they will dug out, at-this-point, i don't know if they have options it is indefensible. they will likely set up rat lines, they will have assets they can piece together and away lot of these are not in u.s. government but folks just putting it together, rat lines to get people uzbekistan, you know maybe pakistan, i tell you, europeans are worried, very likely that will happen there will be a mass exodus
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that will probably go through iran that could dump to western europe. so they are really angry about what this president has done to them. elizabeth: people are concerned about the americans now stranded there. president and white house press secretary admitted that americans may be left behind, we have never been here before in u.s. history in thiss footing. pentagon said that u.s. military has apache helicopter gunships and dronessal kabul airport, but war veterans say that white house is damaging the rescue effort by putting the military on a footing aversion. biden team -- letting them control the airport. it should be noted that it was vice president biden who was criticized for saying to president barack obama go slow, do not go after osama bin laden. the white house treasury
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secretary right now. >> -- press secretary. >> all military posts and naval stations, on all naval vessels ofhi federal government and district of columbia. until. >> one of my colleagues had a question about what the president would say to afghans here who don't get to leave. what -- the president said, getting every person out can't be guaranteed. was he lowers expectations for smaller -- in the population that is trying to get out that is still there. >> he was conveying is that at the time where the taliban is taking over the country. not our preference as you
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know. it is not possible for every afghan, millions who want to leave afghanistan to be evacuated. at the same time, i think you also heard president make clear that there is not a end to our commitment to getting american citizens out who are not ready to leave exprveg and to getting partners out and those who served alongside over u.s. last 20 years. >> but the taliban. they are in charge of the -- . why doesn't the taliban in part responsible for what happened today. >> i think general mackenzie addressed this, he made clear, i understand your question is different, but it is worth repeating, we don't have any information at-this-point,ta that has not changed overr last couple hours to suggest that taliban had knowledge of or
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engaged in or involved in this attack. what happened today and loss of lives of u.s. service members, afghans is a tragedy, horrific. one of the worst things, if not the worst we have experienced during president joe biden's time in office. but, we don'tff have any additional assessment. >> a few things. talked about the on going mission to get people out after the 31. to be clear as of tonight is that still plan to get all u.s. forces by august 31. >>rc nothing has changed on that timeline. >> did the president based on his public comments, did the presidency this coming? >> i think what you have seen president say and many members of off military and national secondcu team say we've been -- security team we have been watching the threat of isis-k and had concern about that threat growing overe last couple of
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days it has. been a concern that we've been watch, we saw the tragic even happen today. >> what does today's attack say about u.s.'s ability to keep the terrorist threat in check? once the u.s. pulls all u.s. forces all of afghanistan. he talked about it in july. >> you are right, i appreciate that p question. i think it is important to know and understand that the threat that iser posed by having thousands of u.s. military on the ground, still on thed ground, implementing a a mission. and president say, that it a threat, they are a target. people gathering around the airport is a target, but isis ability to target individuals on ground in afghanistan is different from isis ability to to attack the u.s. u.s. and homeland, we'll continue, with present and partnership
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with country in the region to ensure they don't develop that ability. > if he would go to dover to greet the caskets. >> i am sure that president will do everything he can to honor the sacrifice and service of the lives lost today. some others have asked, he did not have an opportunity to, let me answer to provide you an update on -- some have asked about whether he called family members. for those who covered this you know process, or those who have not or watching at home, process would first go through the pentagon, a next of kin notification process. i know general mackenzie spoke to this, this still underway at-this-point. until that is concluded, the president would not make a call, that is the first step in the process. terms of additional steps,st dover, of course, he would consider and want to be a part of any means of honors of the lives lost
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today. >> general mckenzie describeder that one of the explosions at the abby gate happening at a point after someone had been searched by taliban. how is the united states still working with the taliban the way that president describing or remarks. to get americans citizens and afghan allies out if that is what we're working with. >> i'm not going to sugar coat what wero think of taliban, they are not a group we trust, they are not our friends, we never said, that to date because of coordination with taliban we've been able to evacuate more than 104,000 people. that is necessary to continue our evacuation, i understand your question, peter, the questions of others to what they knew or
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role, there is no assessment we have of their involvement in this at-this-point. >> does president think they will be reliable partners if we're already getting reports they are not letting afghans to the airport. >> i think -- after the 31? >> we heard that it is alreadyt happening. >> i note also that as president just said more than 7,000 people s have been evacuated over the last 12 hours. that is well -- an active attack that was happening. those are individuals who are let through gates on planes, and got us over 100,000 people evacuated. against this is not about trust, not about relying on the taliban, as in equal partner, no one is suggesting that because they control large swaths of the country that include a lot of security perimeters around the airport we have
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to coordinate them to get people out, and also we have enormous amount of leverage, this is sour view overtime that in-- this is our view overtime that including economy leverage. >> there have been reports of an explosion through on thee afternoon in kabul or evening now. andr some reports indicate this is the beginning of a process of u.s. military destroying equipment on the ground, canan you confirm that is what is taking place. >> ifi would defer you to u.s. military. >> in terms of what we heard from the pentagon and president articulated, they have enough troops on the ground at-this-point to continue to facilitate the mission, how can that be the case given what we saw today, does that not call for additional troop levels needed and concern
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for on going threat. >> every day our troops on ground they are at risk. that is the reality, you sat pentagon brief out today, this was -- these were attacks that we had intelligence in terms of overli last several days of our rising concerns. but i will tell you that as it relates to your first question, i have been sittingue in these meetings, every meetingng that president asked the pentagon, nearly every meeting before they conclude, is there anything else you need to conclude your mission, do you need equipment or troops resources. he asked that again today. going after the individuals. the terrorists who killed service members today. >>we you just noted you were in some of the meetings today was there a point where president was reconsidering the deadline of having all u.s. forces out by august 31. >> he, no, the had the
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relies on advice of military commanders they continue to believe it is essential to get out by the 31. that is their advice. there are several reasons. one is on going threat. and second is that we need -- want to be able to have the ability to get individuals out who have been partners of ours after the 31, they believe the best way to do that is stay that timeline. >> anticipate the flights of mass evacuations will end before the 31? e>> i'm not getting into an operation all-time line of when the last evacuation flight will be, we'll let you know, as we have twice a day as we have updated numbers. >> is there an alternative plan discussed to get these people to the airport given if is potential -- to get outside. >> there are a range of operations, and operational approaches that
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our commanders and military on the ground have been utilizing, not outlining them from here. but that is why they are in touch with american citizens and partners we're working to t evacuate to get them safely tond the airport. >> go ahead. >> is it your opinion that the president has the authority he h needs from congress or where every else who continue operations beyond august 31, talked about pursues isis-k when he needs to, is there any expectation he will need authority. >> i don't think there is an expectation of additional permission needed. >> to doon anything of the sort? >> as president said in his remarks, he asked them to draw up plans, president -- i don't think he could have been more clear about fact
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he believes we'll not forgive, not forget and00 hunt down the terrorists andhe kill them wherever they are. i don't have anything to outline for you. >> is it possible to do that with no military troops or bases surrounding afghanistan. >> we have a range of counterterrorism capacities. not outlining what their approach would be from military, i will leave that to them to take to outline anything on their timeline. >> you mentioned -- concerns about terror threat. president said added risk to our troops. we saw today the consequences, if the risk grows tomorrow and keeps growing. how should americans feel about this operation continuing right now for the coming days? >>in well, i would say first, you heard general mckenzie
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convey that we had every intention, of continuing this evacuation. mission. over the comingat days. they plan for incidents of thesenc kind. to the degree they can, they have every intention to continue, the president has regular consultations, every day. multiple times a day on days like this on how they see the circumstance on the ground. >> details about how the president spent his day? scheduled to brief at 9:00 hour. walkse us through the coming hours. >> for people watching color means additional details, i say that the initial reports of the attacks came in as members of hisrs national security
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team were gathering in the situation room for a regular meeting with the president. they were gathering and sitting down, those gathering, those initial reports came in at that time. as the president arrived in the situation room, one of first updates he received, of course, about the attacks on the ground in kabul. this was a developing situation. as it has been through the courts o -- course of the day and his briefing with national security team briefing this morning, his commanders on ground also and in the region gave regular updates as they lender more information. >> once he left the situationn room, those updates provid -- presided through course of day, he has been in contact with national security adviser, secretary ofnd the state, secretary of defense and military commanders here and in the region. >> ever a second meeting of entire national security time. >> no this was just reeg lar
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regular on going contact through the course of the day. >> you said you were with him. how is he, his mood? how is he in dealing with thee incoming information. ? >> i would say anyone who has watched president up close, most of you, knows that the putting lives of servicemen and women at risk and thosevi decisions that you have to make at commander in chief weigh heavily on him, i noticed any day you lose service members is maybe the worst day of your presidency. hopefully there are not more, we're early in the presidency at-this-point. so i i would say, he was somber. and as he said today, outraged at the terrorists taking the lives of service members. and he wanted to make clear that the public he wanted to have all information he
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could before he spoke to american people so he could convey when we knew at-this-point he addressed public. he has wanted detailed updates of what we know. aboutha what is happening to the ground. that is why he has been no contact with members of security team. >> can you confirm reports -- service members. >> i would leave that to department of defense to confirm any additional casualties. >> you talk about on going threats, weke heard from general mackenzie, how would you sum up level of confidence that administration has there will not be another attack like this before the completion of the evacuation mission. >> i can notot give that you assessment, our national security time said, these are on going threats. we are watching them closely. but i can't give that you assessment from here. >> can you speak to impact on flights have been.
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does it restrict the bandwidth you would you would have for the next 5 days. >> itof is a good question. we put out numbers twice a day is because we want fow have to have -- we want you to have afternoon understanding how many people have been able to get out. we have2 members of coalition partners, and we're working. one of the piece that president has been focused on, getting, as many people out and on the planes as possible. but, i don't want to give you a prediction, our u.s. military is incredible, they are working while they face the security threats to continue. >> what do you believe to okay at airport.
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-- can americans go, should americans go. getting through taliban checkpoints to airport? what isti situation on the ground. >> i would say we're giving specific w direction to individuals, american citizens and others on when they should come to the airport, h where they should meet or how to get to the airport. that is direction that we'll give to people to pay attention to security alerts and to notifications and contacts they are receiving from our coalition partners. >> there were warning that to lead this attack. can you speak to whether whether were specific warning. >> the threat is on going,
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we're continuing to watch and assess it. >> president joe biden has spoken a lot about the need to end the forever wars. how do you end the forever wars in afghanistan. if you are still or if the united states it still conditioning to attack isis-k. >> this say specific case today, 12 individuals service members and 15 who were wounded today. certainly i would expect any president of you united states to be cleard he will avenge those deaths and actions of terrorist, i don't think that came as a surprise to anyone. but president stands by as he outlined all of you, in the last hour, his commitment to bringing them to this war. as he implemented over course of last month, we're talking about avenging theot deaths, not sendingho thousands of troops back for an endless war.
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>> a bit of a related question to josh when obama administration was bringing in syrian refugees, there was a lot of push back from various states. about refugees coming in to the community, how do you see that situation this time? is this going to be different? areis you anticipating the same push back and hard feelings? >> we will see. i what we've been working to do is to work closely with governors, with localities. with local leaders to give them detailed briefings on what our vet progress looks like, what the -- vetting process looks likeke and background check looks like before any individual comes to united states that is thorough before they are allowed to come in and step on u.s. soil. we know there are some people here, even some in congress, who may not want to have people from another country come as refugees to the united states that is a
10:28 pm
reality. we can't stop or prevent that on our own, we'll continue to communicate our vetting process, and we'll convey that is part of the fabric of the united states. >> there is an american that has been detained by the taliban. i am wondering if -- release him as part. >> we raised his case in every opportunity, it has been raised but i i do not have update. >> you said there a threat on remaining days to u.s. troops are in kabul, there are additional precautions taken? >> i don't think i will a get into operational details of what is happening on the ground. certainly there are steps take prone tech our troops.
10:29 pm
-- protect our troops on the ground. >> just last week president -- we made clear for taliban any attack on our forces, will be met with quick and forceful response. would this qualify as a swift and forceful response? >> i think that president just addressed that. he said we will not forgive or forget and hunt you down. >> people who live to kill themselves. >> he was referring to attack from terrorists from isis k. >> regardless of whether they attacks. >> i don't thinker he could have been more clear. ahead. >> at least 67 thousand democrat signed to a letter asking president to raise the refugee cap in fiscal
10:30 pm
year 2022 to 200,000. you are looking at 125 right now. is that something that the white house is willing to sstep. accept. >> i have not talk to white house about this specific question, we'll trying to get our muscles working again in our system and refugee groups that work on welcoming refugees and working on our vetting process in the world that need to be in good shape to welcome refugees to get as many as we can, but not have a conversation with him about raising the cap. i am happy to do that. >> you gave kabul is only departure point. i wonder if administration knows how many that areer in country still are outside of kabul and if there have been or may be in
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future effort to go out and rescue a people from the other places? >> yes. we'll continue to be. on your former question, the vast majority are within the kabul vicinity. but the state department provided an update earlier today, i know there has been a lotas happening today. of 1500 that they briefed on yesterday, roughly 500 have been evacuated. we're talking about roughly additional thousand that we're we believe remain in afghanistan. vast majority over 2/3 informed us they were taking steps to leave, we were in attouch with. with. >> just to be clear, you say those missions to be vague they have taken place. >> i'm not confirming, just convey i'll leave that to department ofl defense, i
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tell you we're committed to getting american citizens home and out of afghanistan should they want to leave. and that includes people in the country. >> go ahead. >> thank you. > today general mckenzie said that right now they are focused on other active threat to u.s. service members there. are all of threats that u.s. facing from isis-k or are there other groups? >> i am not details additional information about on going live threats. >> do we know if to the still feels as though the chaos and violence that we have seen on the ground in kabul was all unavoid able. >> from 11 days ago? >> yes. >> well, i would say, we go back to learn days ago -- 11 days ago, we certainly did not anticipate that the leadership afghan government
10:33 pm
would live in the manner or would topple in manner and time line they did or that afghan national security forces would cease to protect the airport and parts of t kabul. that is not what we anticipated in the timeline, that is true. i will say in reiterate within 24 to 48 hours we secured airport and evacuated people. >> how would you describe relationship in taliban in light of the attack. >> this is not a friendship or a relationship where there is trust, it is based on trust but we're continuing to coordinate and move american citizens move afghan partners and our allies out. the fact that we've evacuated 7,000 people in last 12 or 13 hours now is evidence of that. >> two republican senators so far have called on president to resign over the
10:34 pm
attack. twhat is the white house response. >> i would say this is a day where u.s. service members 12 of them lost their lives. at hands of terrorists. not a day for politics, we expect that any american whether elected or not would stand with us, and our commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists where they live. and to honoring the 34e78ry memory of the service members. >> thank you. >> i just -- yesterday, i was leaving white house i spoke with a group of men at white house gate, who said they were service members here in america and our armed forces various branches, they had their photos on posters and seeking help for their families. we prioritize the group we are helping, they are not they are in military but not people who fit the
10:35 pm
description for criteria for getting assistance. however in our interview, they said they are getting assistance can you speak to thiss priority and who is eligible. can you drill down a little bit to b make sure people know who we're allowing into the country at-this-point. >> i'm a not sure what -- that i totally understand your question. american citizens, which i assume these u.s. service members are. >> they served here they are from afghanistan, they have family membersm there. they said they went to state department, and state department was helping them get their family members and they wanted to get attention so other people in their situation could get their family members in. i am asking -- >> you are concerned we're
10:36 pm
helping family members who people who fought by our side for 20 years, helping them come through once a vetting process. >> the root of my question, is consistent information for those who need help, i have been doing reporting around people getting correct information about the process. i want to be able to say. in my reporting if you meet these qualifications, you can come in, a lot would like to know. >> we have been clear on that. u.s. citizens, their family members, some of duel nationals. some of them may have lived their whole lives in afghanistan -- immediate family members that is spouses and children, and vulnerable population, that does have a a broad range of meaning, we'll work to get as many out as we can, there and is range of programs if
10:37 pm
individual have different, the information on state department web site. >> over 65 democrat in congress call on biden to -- 200 240uz. thousand. >> i just answered this. >> then, president made -- >> we'll continue to monitor the white house press briefing with white house press secretary jen psaki. colonel james and congressman garcia with us, this is deadliest worst attack on u.s. troops in about a decade, president's poll numbers are plummeting. never seenar such a rapid fall in a president's poll rating since hoover. parliament and nato with quotes: colonel your
10:38 pm
reaction? >>lw first, i think all criticism is honest and fair. but it isne probably going to get worse. because this is actually just sitting us up for a set of cascading things, for example if you are isis kor al qaeda, you are scouring the country, looking for americans to take hostage. that willo get you more publicity and more attention. a guy and a girl in a blindfolded in some room will hammer biden to death. right now it is a race between those people trying to get out of the country, someone trying to find them, they are the new coin of the realm. that will keep biden team up sleepless at night. elizabeth: colonel's point.
10:39 pm
the administration did it backwards. they didn't count heads of americans first. theyer didn't keep the military in there to get americans out. they didn't secure the, they abandoned bagram airport base, they didn't do that. butam they froze afghanistan assets at federal reserve, blocking dollars from imf. to colonel's point what about hostage taking? >> that is where we're going to next. and the colonel is spot on. it will get worse it is getting ugly year and worse than what we've seen the forensic of this are self evident. you don't need to be an intel community member to understand how to do this better. unfortunately they continued to treat this the same way, you heard from jen psaki, she have an enormous amount of leverage. we don't, that is
10:40 pm
delusional. you don't watch threats you about after threats, you just had dozens of americans killed by savages, you don't watch them you go after them. if you have leverage use it. we need to start taking carey of this problem rather than just spec tating and hoping for the best, hope is not a strategy, it has failed us, this is at the core the problem. the colonel is right, it is getting worse before it gets better. elizabeth:ow and the jen psaki said, we don't trust the taliban. but they just the taliban to take control of the evacuation point that kabul airport. and americans have to get taliban permission to leave, this is same group that gave safe harbor on 9/11 terrorists. >> i actually think they set themselves up for this, they were out trumpets we're
10:41 pm
doing an amazing airlift. not a problem am -- like waving a flag in front of a bull. every hammer plow, makes them look less credible. elizabeth: okay. congressman mike garcia and colonel james thank you for joining us. >> we'll stay on the white house peacece -- press briefing, we'll stay on coverage of isis suicide bombing in kabul. what itat means for americans in the i world. with us next gold star wife jennie taylor, her husband was killed in afghanistan, and former navy seal derrick who did two tours in afghanistan, stay with us, you are watching the "evening edit" on fox business. but as we've evolved with the military,
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elizabeth: joining us no, gold star wife jennie
10:46 pm
taylor, her husband. killed in action in afghanistan on his fourth tour of duty, thank you for his service, we're sorry for your loss. also joining us former navy seal. too you jennie, your reaction to today's events, we now have 13 soldiers killed in isis suicide bombers, can u-- explain what military family suffer through. >> i can't find words for it. it [inaudible] news that -- >> jennie. we're going to fix your sound in a second, there are technical difficulties. derek your thoughts of the killings. >> let me say to
10:47 pm
mrs. taylor, but for the grace of god, my wife would be a gold star widow also. we're owe her a debt that never be fully be repaid. wed. pray for her and fellow gold star widows and mores this, unfortunately there are at least 10 more gold star mothers, we don't how many more gold star i've wives because of the incompetence of the biden administration. i hold marine corps near to my heart. god bless their families, we have to remember, this did not need to happen. this way, the national security consult is cull culpable in this. elizabeth: we have jennie back on, we're sorry, finish
10:48 pm
your thought. >> i was saying, i can't -- words for what those [inaudible] knock on the door [inaudible] they might -- one individual. fell like the world stopped. now there are 13 gold star families. elizabeth: you are breaking up again, i am sorry. let's get to you derrick. this is terrible what is going on with the sound. senators tom cotton and marco rubio have been criticizing secretary of state and also other biden officials saying that americans who ended up stranded in afghanistan didn't want too leave, they chose to stay, that includes acting u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. there is about a thousand maybe or more we don't know
10:49 pm
americans stranded there. there could be a hostage crisis your reaction to thought they chose to stay. >> i don't want anyone to think i'm mincing my words, they need to be fired immediately, they are making excuses for americans left behind in afghanistan, agents whatga president of united states -- against what president of uzbekistan u.s. u.s. would not happy. the chairman of joint chiefs ofaf staff, i know we have depth on that bench but not with president biden. i'll call for just about everyone under him to step aside, and see what happens with presidente biden in near future, if he continues f to fail at an epic scale. elizabeth: with growing criticism from democrats too. lawmakers, republicans saying he needs to step
10:50 pm
down, the president's comments in past, he said in march we'll leave in a safe and orderly way, and there would not be chaos, and said god forgive me if i am wrong. then he goes to camp david. >> president obama security -- president joe biden security strategy was knocking on wood, and noping hoping nothing happened to our brave men and women, he has proven to be incompetent. elizabeth: jennie, we're so sorry the sound did not work we'll have you back on. we'll try tomorrow, you are terrific, we're so sorry for your loss, up next, joe, and congressman rick crawford with us, keep it here on the evening edit.
10:51 pm
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elizabeth: joining us how. congressman rick crawford. and great writer. to you congressman, your reaction to president's pressure, we now have 13 soldiers dead, president
10:55 pm
called out of touch. your reaction? >> it is stunning to see him conduct himself the way he does. what is more stunning that people continue to send him out there to be the face of our nation. >> i could call for his resignation it would be meaningless, h democrats need to h realize he is not up the job, he lacks mental a-- he does not fully and the gravity of this. elizabeth: joe? >> i say i watched this press conference, i understand the congressman a frustration. the president starts this way, they gave me a list here could the first person i was instructed to call on is -- who is they? you are being instructed by youres handlers, he looks weak, takes responsible then
10:56 pm
blames his predecessor done, he could have done whatever he wanted to, the two big keys, i wish reporters would press him on more, why did you close the airbase. and do evacuations from there and not a commercial airport, and why not in winter when taliban retreats to bases in pakistan. we have a difficult situation, it is only going to get worse before it gets better, you have taliban, isis, all of the bad actors and americans still behind enemy lines with no plan to get everyone else. elizabeth: we're seeing an historic plunge in president's approval ratings. dc media, saying, pelosi is out of touch too for talking about vote reform and equity today in a day an historic day when 13 of our soldiers
10:57 pm
are now dead, families in mourning, worse loss of life for troops in a decade. >> well, we should return to dc immediate please. and start to do whatever we can to support americans that are trapped in afghanistan. and whatever legislative action is necessary. elizabeth: she is not calls back. >> right. elizabeth: she is not calling you back. >> i know, if she refuses to do that, she needed to step aside, let anyone else lead, it essential we project strength to the world, we're not getting that from the speaker -- or the president. >> 5 dozen terrorist attacks last year, this year joe, your point about bagram air force base is well taken, england is asking about that. why did you decide not to do
10:58 pm
that, you are shredding evacuation hopes for our citizens, you stuck to this artificial deadline when you didn't have to. >> that is right. then you see white house press secretary in jen psaki claiming we h have quote an enormous amount of leverage over the taliban economically, that is our view. do you really think that taliban they have access to all of these military -- they can sell, look, overall, for this administration that drop that george talked about not just afghanistan, that really fueled it but remember we still have inflation fears, we have a border that is anything but secure. we have skyrocketing crime in our cities, we have an education system that goes sideway withe contributual race theory, we're -- critical race theory, we're
10:59 pm
inpe a more expensive, less safe country to live in in terms of crime at home and potential terrorism from a broad. elizabeth: congressman, you are not getting briefings, you are kept in the bark too. dark too. >> that right, i think that is why she does not call us in, she does not want us to have that information, does usor no good to do interviews with news outlets and communicating on a larger scale. i think she is doing this deliberately, that is a reflection of her poor leadership, what does that say that the rest of the world, seeing american citizens stranded in afghanistan we're not lifting a finger to help. >> are terrific, we'll have you on soon. worst attack on u.s. troops in about a decade, 13 of our soldiers now dead.
11:00 pm
and many more injured. i am elizabeth macdonald. you have been watching the evening edit, thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening. ♪ david: hello, everybody, and welcome to "kudlow." i'm david as aman in for larry kudlow. a very tough day, ladies and gentlemen. terror in afghanistan claiming american lives after 18 months without a single u.s. combat death in afghanistan. ec motions at the chaotic -- explosions at the chaotic center of the withdrawal at kabul airport resulting in the death of at least 11 u.s. marines and a navy corpsman. those numbers have been rising all day, by the way,


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