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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 31, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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before we go but never forget the 13 service men and women who died the 2273 american to die before last week and let's never forget the 2977 americans who died on 9/11 because of the people who now control afghanistan again, good night. elizabeth: we begin with breaking news reaction pouring in from president biden addressing the nation defending his decision to strand hundreds of american allies behind terabytes and afghanistan, the getting dozens of desperate phone calls daily from americans trapped there political reporting abiding and his team articulating talking points among democrats and the media to spin what is being called the botched withdrawal and
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leadership by abandoning americans against rated another countries all the time the diplomacy will work for the taliban this is the same group that harbored 9/11 terrorist still working with al-qaeda today, door-to-door execution, forced marriages public hangings and more in afghanistan. this news coming and president biden kept congress and the public in the dark back in june biden waved a federal under federal statute that would force the pentagon and the administration to give a detailed briefing of congress about the terrorist dangers of pulling out president biden in his leader of afghanistan before collapsed told the leader there is a perception around the world you are failing in the fight with the taliban you need to project a different picture, records show president biden in his team immediately and repeatedly misled the american public red were born to stop the white house with the very
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latest. >> the president calling the withdrawal and extraordinary success, he then lays the blame for some of this mess at the feet of the president of afghanistan after fleeing he fled as a fight there, you mentioned the reuters report in the reuters obtain the transcript of the call the last call between president biden in the president of afghanistan according to reuters, i tell you the perception around the world and in parts of afghanistan that things are not going well in terms of the fight against taliban it goes on to say this this is an interesting part there is a need whether true or not and there is a need to project and picture whether true or not. he blames former president trump resigning to deal with the taliban adding the onslaught was coming regardless the president blames 100 - 200 americans stranded in country right now saying they had been warned since march to leave even though
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the summer president biden said the taliban would not rule he did take credit for one thing. listen. >> i take responsibility for the decision, some say we should have started a mass evacuation sooner. then couldn't this have been done in a more orderly manner. i respectfully disagree. >> the presidency in august 31 deadline was not an arbitrary deadline in the decision to leave was the best decision for america. elizabeth: thank you for your journalism, joining is now former deputy national security advisor for iraq and afghanistan under president bush 43 and former ambassador to nato where former deputy national security adviser kt mcfarland with us as well. your reaction to what we were
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reporting. >> i think americans are rightly fixated on the events of the last days or several weeks but actually this goes back years before the events of the last couple of weeks, the taliban had slowly been gaining momentum for years, i assumed as someone who watches afghanistan closely that this would take a long time before they come to power as a down i refer to it as a slow burning fuse it turns out the views accelerated on several points recently and led to the implosion of the afghan state so things did turn out much faster bad much faster than we anticipated. elizabeth: to what douglas is saying the white house was warned repeatedly by the state department and the u.s. embassy in afghanistan that this was going to collapse more rapidly than what they're being told, your reaction to the report for
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that biden kept congress and the public in the dark by waving a federal statute that would force the pentagon to brief and disclose the congress the risk of terrorism in a pullout and basically the resident decided not to brief congress about that to minimize national security risk but congress did not have the ability to do oversight it could've prevented the debacle we are now seeing listen to this report. >> the way the president handled the evacuation even the speech was not about the american people or the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform made it was not anything higher purpose and ability it was all about i want to make sure i don't get stuck with the black hawk down incident or i don't one have hostages like they did in tehran and i don't one have an evacuation like they did in saigon it was all about joe biden and dodging weave and bring somebody else and what i
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really wanted to hear today from him i wanted him to speak to o'hare purpose and say to those men and women who thought and bled whose loved ones died i wanted him to say your sacrifice was not in vain we did not build a modern afghanistan a create a modern democracy but your sacrifice is not in vain and said it was so petty it was a washington swamp all over again, his decision to blame 70b else. what he said today really was diplomatic of the 20 years of effort and afghanistan use all the dodging, weeding reputation, popularity and nothing about the american people. elizabeth: the foggy bottom was getting even foggier under this administration and that's what media critics are saying the president has been around since the nixon a administration in the debacle of the vietnam
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pullout why didn't he know he's been there for decades the pentagon indicated that the low hundred strands were talking hundreds and hundreds of americans stranded their phone calling into congress, people are sick of it there's a lot of heartbreak here we've never seen americans stranded behind terror lines before and we have the padding on spokesman saying americans get stranded another countries all the time not behind terror lines like this there is justified outrage in the american people, they are done what do you say. >> i don't think this broke overnight and it didn't break under the biden administration it is been broken for some period of time, it was 18 months ago that the previously administration signed an agreement with the taliban specified may 1 of this year as a full withdrawal date, what happened to those americans during that period. why were they evacuated. elizabeth: i have to interrupt, hear what you're saying but so many mistakes were made from
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rendering blogger mayor base, surrendering billions of dollars worth of military hardware uk nato saying telegraphed ahead of time and artificial pullout date that's a recipe for chaos people don't want to hear the word solace anymore they see the mistakes and hear loud and clear. >> i don't think you and i will agree on this i'm just offering there is another perspective that is worth paying attention to and worth considering aside from the americans that were rightly focused on there are tens of thousands of afghan citizens who worked alongside of us over the 20 year project many of them have left behind to the program which would've brought them safely and deliberately to the united states has underperformed for years. so my point mainly tonight is simply while we are fixated on the last days and couple weeks this problem goes back over several administrations. elizabeth: we know that, i'm sorry forgive me, we know that, it is a war it is more than a
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project. reuters is reporting the president warned the former leader of afghanistan that the fight with the taliban is failing, he told them that and that you need to change the perception around the world, you need to change the picture and doug would agree with this to there is a push for optics that we've been at this for 20 years, it shows that the american people are saying why didn't we do better why did we move 13 troops out of the bombing last week, why restraining americans behind enemy lines. >> again i think it's all about perception and optics and that's what washington has become for 20 years american generals have gone onto congress about their charts and said a few billion more, six months, a year or more a couple more thousand americans will have a modern afghanistan military and they'll be able to fight the taliban and the political leader said will build a modern democracy in afghanistan and it's going to be
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a beacon to the world and our intelligence failures they failed al-qaeda and they did not see this coming a month ago, they have all failed and i wish president biden had manned up to that and said something to the american people the swamp has gotten around for 20 years and what happened to those generals their defense contractors and lobbyist what happened to all the politicians that are lying to us, they are honored members of boards of directors of major corporations, i think the whole thing smells and stinks of the washington swamp is a perfect a pity me of what's wrong with washington in the country today. elizabeth: he tells the leader of afghanistan he needs to change a picture of the optics are bad that's what reuters is saying, reports that then president biden went out there and said it's not going to be saigon there will not be any chaos and no all qaeda, were
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gonna stay to pullout all americans, politico is reporting that biden and his team is circulating talking points among democrats and the media and the allies to topspin this about americans trapped behind enemy lines saying this is in their best interest inviting the showing leadership, let's watch this montage to show you what's going on and coming out of the white house. >> first of all i think it's a responsible to say americans are stranded, they are not. >> there are no american stranded is the white house official position on what's happening on afghanistan. >> of his calling you out for saying worst rating americans in afghanistan. >> there's a small number of americans, under 200 likely closer to 100 who remain in afghanistan and want to leave. >> americans to understand we will try to get it done before august 31 but if we don't will determine at the time who is left. >> and? >> and if there is american citizens left we will stay till
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we get them all out. elizabeth: were not saying right now to get them all out were relying on the taliban to help them get out we don't have a diplomatic presence there. we've never been here before with american stranded behind terror lines. >> i don't know if this is the first time ever in history but let's set that aside for a second but the reality for the last two weeks plus we evacuated over 120,000 people to include thousands of americans there are some americans admittedly who are unable to make their way to kabul international airport during that three week period. here is the challenge the challenge between trying to keep the airport, the island open in the face of the very insecure situation to witness the isis attack the other day and keep six or 7000 americans guarding an unsecured perimeter, yes we
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withdrawn the last american troops and yes americans are going to have to find a different way out, i believe the biden administration. elizabeth: what's the way out pakistan or to iran were so sorry were coming up against the heartbreak, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate your insights. we will have you back on that was a spirited discussion and we appreciated, goldstar families look at the story, rebuking president biden after their children were killed in afghanistan by terror bombing during the botched withdrawal the family say the commander-in-chief was talking more about his own son then their children killed in the line of duty. afghan war veteran brett on the fallout that the president is facing. that story next. all the time in the world.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. elizabeth: joining me too continue the discussion on afghanistan former military intelligence analyst brett also a veteran of the afghan war and a goldstar family, 13 soldiers killed in the bomb in kabul during president biden's watched
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afghanistan withdraw these families slamming the commander-in-chief saying that he acted selfish in their interactions talking more about his own son then he did their children killed in the line of duty, what is your reaction to this. >> they have every right to slam him, i don't think he cares he's too busy checking his watch to see what time dinner is then honoring our fallen soldiers this administration is obsessed with political points that seems to be all president biden seems to care about and he keeps not listening to these family members he rather talk about himself and that's been the problem this whole time he never listens to the people on the ground the people that actually knew the information that this was going to be a problem that the taliban was way to take over and we have future attack this group isis québec conducted this attack where was authorization to strike them months before this, they clearly had information but they waited 24 hours after the attack occurred i think it could've been stopped
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and is disgusting what is happening he keeps talking about on the press conference that he has unanimous recommendations for military leaders and advisors to keep the august 31 deadline and leave americans home, who are the advisors i don't know one military soldier that would say it's okay to leave americans behind. elizabeth: everybody knows this is a problem 20 years in the making and were talking about mistakes now and the fact that he didn't surge troops and like george h.w. did in afghanistan and george w did an obama did in iraq he pulled troops out and left american stranded the debate in washington as president biden has been in d.c. since nixon and the vietnam debacle how to get the afghan pullout so wrong let's watch the families here, watch this. >> i felt i owed it to my son to at least have some words with him about how i felt and it
6:20 pm
didn't go well, he talked a bit more about his own son that he did my son and that didn't sit well with me. >> the checking of his watch, that didn't happen just once, that happened on every single one that came out of the airplane. >> i cannot look at them anymore after that. considering the time and why we were there, i found to be the most disrespectful thing of ever seen. elizabeth: numerous family members there were saying that the president checked his watch multiple times, not just once, there saying every time a coffin came out he was checking his watch were moving to do so, what do you say. >> it is disgusting and
6:21 pm
disgraceful and the sad part unfortunately were worse off because attacks are going to continue in the future because the administration basically is going to be joe biden's legacy and he's gonna go down as he took the boot off of these terrorist groups and were more vulnerable than we've ever been before, he's not focus on national security he does understand what it means he's talking about the war on terror but just remove one of the most important counterterrorism capabilities from one of the most important regions of the world what he does understand having these small contingents in afghanistan is not just about afghanistan is protecting americans overseas globally in our strategy on the global war on terrorism so we don't have to have our families see their sons and daughters killed innocently it's about influence and there will be more attacks and strikes and that's what i fear. elizabeth: let's watch the washington post reporter ashley parker she read aloud to jen psaki a rebuke of president biden by the sister of u.s. marine killed in the kabul
6:22 pm
terrorist bombing. >> his sister is one of the marines killed and therefore attack in the president, struck her family as strict in shallow and she says he can't affect as bad as you did in say you're sorry it did not happen to happen. >> the president make clear is the secretary of state in a national security advisor made clear that were all responsible and they feel a responsibility in the buck stops with the president. elizabeth: scripted, shallow, you cannot f this up every life is on your hands. we're hearing the reaction to that from these families and also this this is about optics and a victory lap and getting a pullout of the ending of a 20 year war for the inner bursary of 9/11, there is real pain-and-suffering among these families who lost their children, your reaction?
6:23 pm
>> i truly believe the blood of these soldiers are on president biden's hands it could've been avoided the way the pullout worked was a wrong way to do it i don't want a large presence in afghanistan thus not what i'm saying i did seven tours between iraq and afghanistan i seen multiple lifetimes but there it are very real and disastrous consequences for letting her guard down and allowing groups like the taliban into function over there. i hate to think that these family members are grieving because something that the administration did. elizabeth: thank you for your service to our country and thank you for coming on, it's good to see you, come back soon were staying on the story congressman michael mccaul president biden facing democrat demands for congressional probe into the botched afghan withdrawal. growing calls to resign or be impeached 13 service members
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elizabeth: tran18 now how sport
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affairs gop leader homeland security terror congressman michael mccaul great to have you back on growing calls for democrats of congressional probes, it's good to have you on democrats are asking for congressional probes in the bosch withdrawal from afghanistan more republicans by the day say biden should resign or be impeached what is your take of democrats pushing for more probes. >> i think there's a lot of interest into what happened or should be partisan issue in american issue, i think what happened was an absolute disaster the way this drawdown was done biden basically in may decided we would pull all troops out with no conditions on the ground and that was the beginning of the end they had no plan how to withdraw americans and american citizens how to
6:29 pm
withdraw our interpreters special visa holders and had a really horrible story this week and talking to high levels trying to get for busloads of little girls and acquire at the afghan university they were christian orphans and they sat at the gate for a day and got to the taliban only to be turned down by high officials in our united states government back into the hands of the taliban there is so many unanswered questions there is a lot of anger not only with members of congress but when we go home to our constituents the american people wanted us to wind this down but they didn't want unconditional surrender to the taliban that is precisely what
6:30 pm
we give them as we left last night you can see them celebrating in the streets another cachet that they got the cash in the helicopters i can only imagine 9/11 on the 20th anniversary brings shame and disgrace on this country we want answers to the questions that the democrats join us, great if they don't will go forward with their own investigation. elizabeth: now we have the taliban who harbor the 9/11 terrorist raising the flag at the u.s. embassy and kabul on the anniversary of 9/11 and by the way almost two dozen times a president biden since 2018 said we will not leave no american will be left behind anywhere domestically, foreign, both of those policies biden said abc news august 19 if there is an american citizen left we will stay to get the ball out but we did not stay. he said that two dozen times since 2018 no american will be left behind, i don't know how you recover from the.
6:31 pm
>> i don't either. >> he also said it wouldn't be like saigon and al-qaeda is gone from afghanistan. it is either a lie or incompetence, i don't know what it is but to your point the american value, particular the military is no one left behind and this is precisely what we did we left american citizens behind because we had arbitrary deadline not mission-based arbitrary deadline, that was a mistake. elizabeth: now 90 retired generals and admirals in the pentagon chief lloyd austin and sherry mark billy that they should step down over the debacle, either they didn't do enough or they should resign and protest your reaction the joe biden kept congress and the public in the dark in june when
6:32 pm
joe biden waved a federal statute and blocked the pentagon from giving a briefing to congress about the terrorist dangers of falling out the statue said he had to prove congress if he was going to cut troop levels below 2000. he stopped it say this is undermine national security interest and is basically saying effectively biden blocking congress that congress and the couldn't do oversight in the debacle that they were creating, could this be grounds for a push to release a president biden is this possible grounds for impeachment. >> now you're getting into the meat of the matter this is i'm the leader foreign affairs, house armed services in all three committees will be conducting this oversight investigation but what you decided violates the law it violates the law and a bad way
6:33 pm
where congress is kept out of the loop in a national security issue, this is not about a phone call to ukraine or perhaps miss dealings with an intern, this deals with lives in american lives that are going to be lost because how this was handled in the lies along the way, to me i did get the review the may, june and july from the intelligence committee it was a dire assessment they knew exactly what was going to happen and it was a state department that had this rosy idea that we would negotiate with the taliban in doha and pulled the p steel out and biden will blame his top generals in intelligence community and i think they got it right but he'll blame anyone but himself. he owns his and it was his
6:34 pm
decision. elizabeth: congressman michael mccaul, it's good to have you on. come back soon were coming at the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox business. scott fitzgerald, major fight between democrats and nancy pelosi democrats joining republicans say you have to call the house back in nancy pelosi refuses to call the house back in session will hundreds of americans remain trapped behind terror line. keep here on "the evening edit". ♪
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elizabeth: let's welcome to the show wisconsin congressman scott fitzgerald thank you for joining us we have fights now we are hearing democrats are saying you should call the house back into session, she still refuses to do that, why. >> we had our conference last week rosie of vance started to
6:39 pm
inspire and leader mccarthy was adamant and talking to members and say what do you think i think a lot of members felt there was a sense of urgency we needed to be in d.c. i needed to wrap her mind around what exactly was going down not only the invitation but the request was made that members of congress returned to d.c. the focus was on veterans and the committees that were appropriate as congressman mccall this discussed and we did then the republicans came back in force and we tried to make the push today to bring congress back to deal with these issues. elizabeth: the pentagon is saying hundreds of americans are still behind terror lines, we have generals saying that is was
6:40 pm
happening we have house republicans and democrats say they continue to get phone calls from americans in afghanistan saying we still need to get out, dozens of house lawmakers same president biden needs to come up with a plan for rescuing them but nancy pelosi does not seem to think this is a desperate situation according to her critics in congress and fears are ratcheting up the democrats will lose control of the midterm and the house rather next year and tax-and-spend is in jeopardy in the democrats epilepsy are trying to change the headlines away from the. >> we offer that plan but what we discussed as a conference in one of my wisconsin colleagues mike gallagher offered a piece of legislation that would've defined where were at. the biggest concern i had right now is the administration, jen
6:41 pm
psaki doubled down on this they are trying to normalize relationships of the taliban, what you have to remember this is 75000 mbersf no aormaorzedli gt, t mhis ts is eo n n ectedct bhere is n nhyrcerha yo wtia,a,a,omesesest aft akakak the t ph tususay sis ethalibths l lnd et bliyeny tdke t i they wil t tryo t rtaietnghathaananwilry mb f confe connce iots inoinin stand statata for f f. elizabeth: congressman scott fitzgerald, thank you for joining us, it's good to have you on. it's in christ is now unfolding
6:42 pm
millions without power after the deadly hurricane ida slammed the gulf coast, the store making its way northeast, energy analyst, the impact on all of this in that region, the gas prices, oil electricity, the power grid and more, keeping here on fox business. ♪ d's fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like our lunch. (laughs) amazing! see it. want it. ten-x it.
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elizabeth: let's get you updated on the story crews are working around the clock to rescue people trapped by hurricane ida's floodwaters in more this is the fifth most powerful storm to hit the continental u.s. they category force storm is trying to restore power over 1 million people all over the wheezy and a lost power new orleans still in a blackout including the surrounding suburbs this could last longer than a week. were talking a near-complete shut down in new orleans in cities and towns with me now
6:47 pm
energy analyst stephen short, what's going on with the power grid and energy production, what do you say. >> absolutely power grid has shown its vulnerability being knocked out, to your point it's 1 million people without power and it's a significant amount of refineries that don't have power also. if you don't have a refinery that has power you're not boiling crude oil and if not boiling crude oil that condenses into one you make gasoline and fuels, this market is playing out the way you would expect it from a hurricane trading standpoint, that is to say with no oil going into the refinery that is demand for crude oil has taken a hit we seen a muted response with crude oil prices there taken the hit, on the
6:48 pm
other side of that yet the product markets oil, gas, jet fuel and so forth if you're not making the crude oil then what happens you are getting the disconnected prices and that is what were seen. prices are muted right now were not seen an overwhelming response either way but the market is playing out the way you would expect and that is to say it's bullish for products gasoline, diesel fuel, bears for the crude oil markets. elizabeth: by the way grady trimble our reporter at fox business reporting 70000000000 0 economic damages to the region, talk to us going forward how long does this problem last when it comes to gas prices. >> at this point it's an object to position. we are hitting an area that is responsible for 50% of the
6:49 pm
ability to make gasoline in this country, that is taken a significant hit but were also dy over dx moment that inflection where were transitioning from peak demand for gasoline into the weakest demand season for gasoline. with that said as long as we do not see more than 3 - 4 weeks we certainly have enough forward cover of supply to cover that but if we get any prolonged disruption to the ability to produce gasoline going to late september, october then that's a sense of significant problem, we've already seen a major year-over-year increase in prices which is translating into inflation running at an annualized basis of over 7%, we are dodging the bullet right now with the price action that were seen that is to say crude oil a little lower in product a little higher and were taken away in c
6:50 pm
attitude at this market at this point. the market is really not indicated any sort of concerns going forward so we probably have three to four more weeks, keep in mind there is a big opec meeting that takes place tomorrow, we should start to see an extension of what the cartel agreed upon in the last meeting that is to say in increase in membership output of 400,000 barrels a day and that certainly will help keep a lid on prices going head over the next 1 - 2 months. elizabeth: is great to have you on, thank you for joining us. >> up next congressman tim burgess, we have republicans getting ready to launch dozens of probes and inquiries on biden's botched afghan with draw an american still calling lawmakers saying we are stranded behind caroline's, the president himself repeatedly said this would not happen, democrats
6:51 pm
about to join republicans in these probes. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> were less safe now than we were 20 years ago. >> i will tell you we will stay vigilant about whatever terrorism threat might emanate from afghanistan emed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now,
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political. >> congressman from household affairs congressman it is great to have you on an okay top republicans in the armed services, the gop 50 amendments to the defense spending bill to launch processing inquiries and more. and a bunch handling of the withdrawal, what you think it's going to recover pretty. guest: things going to cover all aspects the main thing that it will do is less accountable i hope. we still don't know how many americans are over there and many folks are loyal to us, that should be your number one job bringing those folks home. liz: you know, the leader kevin carthy said the gop, every legislative possibility here, when we look for the failures, the president today that he disagrees saying with the assessment they should've
6:56 pm
started the evacuation center. he disagreed with that but he didn't give an explanation for why he does great and what was your take on that. guest: not really sure, we know that there was not enough time and then we know that august 31st, was just a ridiculous date, there wasn't enough time to get everybody out and we know that neither my own office have 17 people that we know were not able to get out. then 41305 congress people across the country in the courses multiplies quickly exponentially but the main thing that we are working on now is accountability and getting our folks home. that just does not seem to be the focus of this white house or speaker pelosi today she wouldn't even acknowledge what was going on overseas and then just totally denies the chance to hear very reasonable piece of legislation that the democrats have agreed at least that we needed and we need to know how much armor they have and who is god them and we need to know what their intentions are that just does not seem to be
6:57 pm
anything but the democrats in the leadership are aware of raymond encouraging. >> we have the generals are saying privately, that the mission was not completed that americans are left behind. the critics are saying in a matter of the president, he speaking more loudly does not make him bright, does not make them correct so the fact is the mission is not completed and that is the issue that they surrendered air force base and other bases they didn't need to and they could've been used for the evacuations. but they did not surge more troops to protect existing troops and americans to help them get out george h and george w. bush and obama troops into theaters like this, why didn't president biden. guest: i just don't think this he's cognitively their man, i do thank you so with it and i think that is this group say, they're all just ranting themselves to
6:58 pm
tell him how great he is basically the two victory lap and played down the fact that we have possibly over 200 americans still over there. the largest situation of hostage taken's americans in the history of our country and yet he and the left-leaning media, refused to focus on the fact. there's a history though i was letting people we let people behind the lines enters the president allies, the russians in world war ii. we did in korea and now course in southeast asia, we left close to 2000 unaccountable americans over there. and now we have people that are contacting our offices, our own congressional offices narrowed state department and basically just hands off as just a total and fortunately we will have a launch pad for the terrorists in the future and a friend is no longer allowing with us in our enemies are laughing at us we better get ready for china because that is the next thing. it is a worldwide impact of this is going to be incredible.
6:59 pm
>> we hear you, there are five times more americans stranded than they were during hostage crisis in iran under jimmy carter. so the pentagon, the white house still does not know and it could be even hundreds more and we just don't know. your final word on the report that the president waved a statute, amending, he did in june requiring the pentagon to brief congress about the dangers of doing withdrawal living behind a terrorist state, please have never been here before, this is a terrorist run country and americans are trapped behind terrorist lines, that is the issue in your reaction to that story. final word. guest: why wouldn't he, you think the congress of the united states is going to hold this the president accountable. nancy pelosi try to change the direction of all of this and so schumer and they, they stand in line because the presidents but
7:00 pm
we gotta get out of that mindset. so appreciated pretty. >> commerce been thank you for joining us it is good to see a. and thank you so so much for watching, i'm elizabeth mcdonald and you been watching the evening at it on foxbusiness predict we hope you have good evening and join us again tomorrow night. larry: hello, president ofbidenh and going have some direct average on larry kudlow and welcome back to fellow have avoided turn to business network edward lawrence of the white house for the latest on the biden speech. edward lawrence tell us what you took away from it please predict. guest: very interesting the present obviously thinking military members on the ground getting 124,000 of people including 5500 americans the president said in


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