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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 2, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ larry: on big government socialism. i see that i am "kudlow". ♪ ♪. kennedy: sleepy joe better wake up and explain what the hell is going on. now it looks like he lied to the american people and our allies about the crisis in afghanistan. those allies could've contributed to the death of 13 american troops and left hundreds of our citizens stranded. so how is the white house going to spin this new fiasco? here's what happened. writers under transcripts of july 23 call between president bided an afghan president three weeks over the country collapse. in the call prison but reportedly said and i quote, i
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need not tire of the perception around the world and in parts of afghanistan, i believe if things are not going wellin terms of the fight against the taliban. whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture. as you will recall president biden's claimed nobody had any idea that a taliban takeover was imminent, that is clearly bs. he knew what was coming and trying to cover his keister look what unfolded part one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in modern american history. the white house seems to think we are all a bunch of idiots, watch for. >> pushing a false narrative. >> going to get details of a private conversation. but what we saw over the course of the last few months as a collapse in leadership. that was happening even before he left the country. it's a p did privately and
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publicly you need to stand up and lead your company but that is something he said at a press conference and july. >> at least lead seemed like you're leaving the country even if that is not true. rational thinkers are not buying it for they know their congressman dan bishop quote in july downplayed a takeover in afghanistan calling it highly unlikely. was he lying then? he knew privately the taliban was winning then, how did his administration fail so horrifically in the end? thirteen service numbers are dead hundreds of americans are stranded because of biden's botched withdrawal. americans deserve answers. let's not forget about president donnie who took biden's word right to the bank, literally. he took out one to $70 million and fled afghanistan. the white house claims there is nothing fishy about the phone call. i seem to member democrats going nuts for a perfect phone call president trump once had
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with ukraine. no hypocrisy here, right? did biden lie to save his own skin? or is he just a clueless oaf? could be both. let's make tonight's party panel, with conservative strategist human events contributor and write term strategy carissa barron is back. she is the cohost of the gut felt on the fox news channel. and kat timpf democrat strategist radio host fox news contributor, the leslie marshall. welcome everyone let's get right to it. chris barrett was the state perfect phone, former president? >> it is not perfectly bs phone call. what is so amazing to me is the administration is now blaming americans who are stranded on themselves saying it is their fault. we warned them for once a month they were supposed to leave. they're also telling people the afghan army was going to
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stand up and you knew the taliban was on the verge of takeover. you arts on the president of afghanistan to lie, to tell people everything is fine. it is unbelievable to me that we have a white house that not only abandoned american citizens but is now placing blame on those american citizens when that same administration tried to convince them that everything was going to be fine in afghanistan. this is absolutely atrocious. kennedy: the dogs, stranded americans, i do not think they are being straightforward. kat, i think they have lied at every turn about everything. i think that is what is going on here no matter how jen psaki tries to spin it for. >> yes, one of the common themes of the entire war in afghanistan has been politicians and then top brass, generals, trying to put
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a positive been even when they knew things were not going well but we do that for the papers release in 2019. even admitting to altering data to try to make it look good. you try to make things look good. alter public perception of this war. they knew this was going to happen. anyone who's ever been there, my husband has been there, he knew when he was there this is not going to work. these are generals and a lot of top military were lying about there is no accountability on this part is been really disgusting, really disgusting to watch. it is just not going to change unless we hold people accountable. this is a massive widespread problem. >> it also shows, leslie, there's a huge chasm in the military between the warrior class, like cats husband and top military brass. the administration, everyone
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whom cap spoke up that class grows and grows and grows they get bigger and bigger there more of them and that's what leads to the mission because of essentially those people become politicians. when they work with politicians in charge and washington, that is when people die. that is when you have horrific outcomes like the entire war in afghanistan. >> you know, since george washington, kennedy, drooped on the ground say what? that is not what we see here. i am a democrat we should not have left anyone behind. this is not just under the bided umbrella and the biden administration with afghanistan and painting pretty pictures. we have the former administration the secretary of state then, mike pompeo, negotiate with the taliban, not the president of afghanistan. not the afghan officials from
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that government. nursing you're going to be the new people endeavor. >> is not the only country. support let me ask you this. [inaudible] >> did know how fast is going to happen. going to flee with a lot of money in the bank that's probably part of our taxpayer's visit for it all was. realize the entire thing was imploding and left. you think mike pompeo and president trump had no interaction whatsoever when it comes to negotiating this withdrawal? are you also send they should have negotiate with them even though it was obvious the taliban was in charge? >> look, there are a lot of things here. i'm not placing blame on democrat or republican. kennedy: yes you are. >> number one the military are
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telling us the afghan military was not ready or prepared and would never be ready. we knew we had to get out we never should have gone in there. >> we did not know these people is never going to work. >> we lost dollars, we lost lives for what? at the end of the day every family overtook the taliban we would leave an area, they would resurface again place before that's not really. >> isis-k is an offshoot of this place before we are screwed, thanks president obama. the panels going to stick around you better believe it. write a present biden facing a crisis of confidence over his handling of afghanistan, foreign policy experts to u.s. credibility have diminished as world leaders perceive the biden administration is weak and feeble and unable to protect its own people even white house insiders are speaking out one unnamed official told politico they were appalled and literally horrified president biden left americans behind.
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approval rating down to 42%. those are trumpet levels. how can the president more importantly the country bounce back from this question would join me too discuss retired infantry captain it is sean parnell welcome to the show. >> by the way he is also the author of a brand-new novel left for dead. the very appropriate title considering americans are panicking, singling with their hope diminishing. i titled that a year ago when you write thrillers like this you try to read the foreign policy tea leaves and get a sense of if we stay on this track we might end up here and tragically here we are. what i cannot wrap my mind around was this is not about, this is not a debate whether or not we should've left afghanistan but we were in that country for 20 years i just turned 40 in july we have
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been in that country for half of my adult life. it was time to go. the question is about the manner in which we left. it did not have to be this way. and you look at this conversation that joe biden had with the president of afghanistan, he lied. which means he knew afghanistan was in trouble. not only did he not sound the alarm, he did not tell americans on the ground to get out. he did not tell her allies to get out. he did not upgrade military posture to prevent the collapse in afghanistan. he intended to lie to the american people and deceive the american people and the world. right now we sing the tragic consequences of lie after lie after lie play out on the battlefield. and now people are dead and americans are stranded and so are our allies. all of this, all of this rests on joe biden's shoulders. he was the one who gave the
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command. he is the only one in this administration to have the authority's and we are pulling out of afghanistan or doing it this way. >> does this make you hate war? >> i don't think anyone that is been in the situations i have been, i have lost 45 of my friends in 20 years of war. i would be lying few comic kennedy if i said i was not thinking about that right now and asking what was it all for? i think anybody that sees combat, death, destruction and the loss of your loved ones up close and personal you just hate war. if anyone tells you definitely they are lying to you. i am a republican. i recognize there are things in this world that are worth fighting for that freedom is worth defending this country is worth dying for. as the next senator of pennsylvania i can make a promise to the people of this state and this country send your son or daughter
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frivolously and forever the sons and daughters american sons and daughters are our nation's most precious natural resource. we have to look after them we have to protect them. the men and women volunteered to serve this country they know they're going into the fight where they are the best of us and leaders on both sides of the aisle we owe them better. >> it's an absolute shame when the freedom fighters you talk about, freedom for them we talk about a lot on this show it's incredibly sacred they know they are signing up for. we are 20 years in. the people who signed up after 911, people seen so much death and carnage and waste to come back in flag draped coffins for the president to check his
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watch is unconscionable. i hope for the country sake your party has a better solution for the future and has learned some of these lessons. i do not trust any of them at this point. i hope you are true to your word if you are in fact elected and represent the great keystone state, thank you so much. >> thanks kennedy. >> absolute sean. coming up less than two weeks away, the gutless governor trying to buy votes to keep his throne for it outside why he sucks in my memo. one of my favorites, steve hilton, he is next.
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growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort.
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list of failures many, many times here, remote learning for not for his kids, homelessness out of control yet he sold his home during the pandemic for $5.9 million high covered death rates for the one group of voters who soured on him latinos. screeners like gavin and he coughed a pop tart that rises to the corrupt democrat system inconveniently so bobble heads like newsom, latinos think for themselves and families. they've also see the grand prince die of covid rates three times higher than whites. newsom pays lip service and no mind in the off-season. it is no wonder of the return ballot safar young latinos do not seem to be inspired to save the guy described as about as loved by many latinos as a stale mexican coke. they know he is a hypocrite
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only in it for itself by parents across the state latino and otherwise will not soon forget the way their children suffered through remote learning during the lockdown. those are some of the most motivated out there and many have a new distrust for mail and voting especially in a state that's been controlled by one party for so long. newsom thanks the little people he assumes the great unwashed will be swayed by his last-minute party cash giveaway about 60% the state received a $600 stimulus check on friday which was immediately followed up by a slimy plea for donation for recall this from a state that has an 80 billion-dollar tech surplus and still stole 26 billion in stimulus money. i hope september 14, every californian fights the urge to stay home and votes to boot this manikin to go lick his wounds of failure at camp cuomo and that is the memo.
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>> we are in the homestretch and governor newsom is bringing up the big guns to put himself over the top, how? by blaming tropism such a great idea, watch. >> the starkest contrast between myself and all of the folks on the other side all supported trump in support tropism, it's their support to end the mask mandate into and the vaccine requirements before their first cup of tea. i hope people pause and consider the life and death consequences of that decision. >> g, did trump cause all of california's pale failures question hunted like the wild fires themselves? to kick them other homes and put them in a tent. send this on the fox news panel he's also a host of a podcasts california rebel base, steve hilton welcome back. >> i love that so much kennedy i so want to cherish almost
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every phrase in your memo there paid the one i think i'm going to hang on most two is coiffed pop tart. there's something about that very precious. >> latinos are not buying it. they have never liked him latino voters if you're looking at them as a group they have never liked to gavin newsom. they do not trust him for he does not work with the community he only talks them when he wants to get elected for something. and now they are underwhelmed and the percentage of latinos voting for recall much higher than those devoted to support him in past elections, why is that? >> it is such an interesting phenomenon. latinos are the only racial group in california overall that's in favor of recall. there's something i read the other day that kind of get to the heart of whites going so badly wrong for him. it's one of these calmness in the los angeles times, remember the brand the column black face of white supremacy for this is another columnist that said he would be an
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imminent tweeted out the other day. gavin newsom is the most pro- latino governor and history. it really gets to the heart of it. it goes to the heart of the democrats these day's that he says the right things about latinos. they do all of the right virtues signaling but in terms of the substance and the life that is lived by people in california, latinos in particular all the disastrous aspects of small business impact of schools as you say, he has been a disaster. for democrats it doesn't matter the reality does not matter as long as you say the right things about the issue what you do does not issue. that gap i think is the reason why he hasn't such tribal people are not putting up with it anymore. they are saying i don't care what you say i don't care about the virtues signaling if
12:23 am
you make poverty worse, homelessness or scum of the wild files worse that's what we care about real life. >> that is what they care about. this is a guy who will not take responsibility for any of it. not only does he pay lip service to massive swaths of voters he pays lip service about homelessness. yet does nothing he does not do anything though actually solve the crisis. we are coming up on wildfire season i think it's very interesting the recall is in the middle of what is called wildfire season in california. his governorship could go up in flames and rightly so. these are not dumb at people. these are not all working-class new immigrants. you are talking to students, parents, business owners who are sick of being told what to do, to sit down and listen and to stop voicing their rate real concerns. >> i think it's very unfair of you, kansas that he's doing
12:24 am
nothing about homelessness. just the other day he did a photo opportunity he was holding a broom and sweeping the streets near a homeless encampment sprayed that is the tough action californians are looking for. on the wildfires, even today or yesterday we had the same ridiculous response we have been having from him for years. instead of actual practical action to do something about the forest ignitions the fuel builds up that's made these wild fires so devastating. instead of doing what he said in the past which is announcing these huge numbers for wildfire prevention it comes to the budget there's about one tenth of what he said. >> they do not clean up the dead brush they spark a massive blaze that would consume all of the tahoe can't help that state.
12:25 am
i would like to see and upset by him. what are your predictions for the recall? >> i think it's going to be really tough for the boat to go against newsom just because he's got the built-in advantage. he is got the government unions behind them, they're organizing a muscle. remember the rules of favor him because he is not treated as a candidate. he has unlimited ability to raise money or the those on the other side of got the limits the candidates have. the thing that makes me laugh about all of this is the whining he is doing. there is an amazing interview in the atlantic just the other day. on the way to sit down with the interview he dropped his breakfast and says to the interviewer, i used to be the lucky one. now it has all flipped on me. like someone else is done this to them. >> what a victim.
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go have your teeth polish. great to talk to steve, thank you so much. >> see you soon break. >> we will be keying keeping an eye on all of it. >> a restaurant owner in florida telling biden support is go eat somewhere else. is this the best way to purchase our lousy administration? plus one vacationer in hawaii finding out the hard way to not to forge a vaccine card. wait until you see how much wait until you see how much time she is facing, that is that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. ( all together ) me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get 5 hundred purchase allowance on 20-21 buick suv models.
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kennedy: welcome back for the florida restaurant owners telling biden voters they are not welcome at her business, yesterday she posted the sign on the front door it reads quote, if you voted for and continue to support and stand behind the worthless and inept and corrupt administration currently inhabiting the white house that is complicit in the death of our servicemen and women in afghanistan, please
12:31 am
take your business elsewhere," occurred over the past by your missing trumpet voters demonized and bullied by zealots was. will stunts like this accomplish anything other than dividing us further? the party panels back, chris barron, kat timpf, and leslie marshall. let's do this chris barron. i'm actually not a fan of this but i know this a restaurant owner, she is really upset. she is incredibly emotional especially about the 12 marines and one sailor who all lost their lives in needlessly. but, is selling half of your potential customer base to not eat there the best business decision? >> i hate this, i hate this printer really do. i understand she is angry. i really hated the personalization of politics during the trump era on that leftist side they could not be friends they could not break by the people who voted differently from them.
12:32 am
just do not want to see us on the right become those people. it is not pretty. you become so utterly obsessed and angry, and is corrupting to your soul so no, i don't like this. kennedy: i understand where she is coming from, kat. but i don't know, there is got to be a better way, right? she put a bunch of american flags up. too positively pay tribute to the lives there recently lost, it may be. >> that is certainly the better way to go. if she wants to do this obviously she can. but again i don't think it accomplishes anything by dividing us further and further apart. the political polarization of us versus them is what allows for so much corruption. what makes a government overall a worse place because there is less accountability.
12:33 am
obviously can't enforce it anyway. she is a feeling her feelings and wanted to feel her feelings in public. i have certainly done that in one form or another. but, when it comes to politics it does a lot more harm. kennedy: by the way comes people who complain about that, we are two divided everything is polarized, everything is political and they go do something like this. i note leslie rightly said outside republican watering holes with a bullhorn and shame people and yell at them to leave. you are in favor of this, correct? >> absolutely not. let me tell you why. one, or the way to point i have a lot of trump supporting friends here in california. we don't just break bread together we break teal shots together. this restaurant owner -- make their people in the military, there are veterans of people who fought in afghanistan who
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vote for biden. she's going
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she has a valid legal claim. it involves a money, it involves fame, it's like a soap opera. >> why's it so hard to get out of these conservatorships? britney was put for allegedly good reason. now getting out of it, is like getting out of quicksand. it is really, really hard i'm
12:47 am
hoping the judge in california we will see if she does get out of it. she is not out of it yet. kennedy: i don't know if she has to be out of it completely. i do not think her dad should be a part of it. i think she has proven that. i hope the judge finally listens to her as this mindless money machine print or andrew thank you so much for your time this is always interesting. >> any time kennedy you. >> any time kennedy you. >> tropical storm is n n >> any time kennedy you. >> tropical storm is n n >> any time kennedy you. >> tropical storm is n n ♪ ♪ ♪ >> any time kennedy you. >> tropical storm is n n ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with
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kennedy: the general manager of the york mets has been charged with driving drunk. as of now being in danger of losing his job with the team which is why he is requesting none of the net go to bat for him. [laughter] that is an unforced error, this is a topical storm. topic number one, bud light releasing a variety pack of new hard sells or flavors to help you celebrate the fall. when i say default i mean of western civilization. the new bud light fault flannel variety pack includes vomit inducing flavors like
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pumpkin spice hard salsa bread there's also a toasted marshmallow and chocolate flavored hard sell certain case you want to vomit some more. then there is the apple crisp and maple. flavors for all of you health nuts out there. bud light said the variety pack is perfect for fall football season. you can bake losers of your fantasy league you drink them as punishment. personally i'm worried these increase in vaccine hesitancy. after we can trust the visor shot after bud light is fda approved. topic number two. now look at the softer side of law enforcement for check out this new zealand police officer training the department, new police cats but. [inaudible] for. >> know it is the fellows. this is art of the new zealand police cap. he's been trying to follow orders and jump through hoops
12:53 am
just like all the port citizens of new zealand. it's not easing it being a police cap these days evidence blm started to declaw the movement. police cats say they have been neutered. this just search crime scenes for hard to find clues pretty is not responsible for solving the crimes. that would be out of his purview. arnold was trying to jump on command, navigate bodies of water and hide themselves in moments of danger which the skill he picked up from watching former president of afghanistan. where is my $170? >> topic number three. military bands from around the world are gathered for the international military music festival. there they are. the only soldiers on earth that blow harder than general millie, performing a variety of military marches to
12:54 am
stunning rendition of putting on the ritz there's no winner of the festival, france surrendered anyway. our merchant men could not figure out how to play on the trombone. the festival continues in moscow until every major event and russia will conclude with the traditional lighting of the dissidents. we'll be right back with your growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work.
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super welcome back numerous reports are for this week of what appeared to be abandoned u.s. military dogs in cages at the international airport in afghanistan. the pentagon has denied the reports inspired the viral # no paws left behind. it's been trending on twitter's animal lovers across the globe left in disbelief. now on kennedogs the dogs would absolutely never leave behind, we love all of the dogs but let's kick off with herman and he loves pop cups, snuggles, junk food and his daddy, you are the kids i love your eyes.
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bodie is such a good kennedogs such a beauty with a good staffer mrs. chloe, you are a dream come true. she loves the show, we love you too. thank you chloe. hi baby. here is piper. piper loves chasing butterflies and going for long walks, you look so happy. next we have rescued isabel she is now the queen of her castle, who is a good girl? isabel's a good girl what a good baby. the best of the whole wide world is an emotional support dog he doesn't excellent job such a good boy. look at her, oh my goodness this is eleanor rigby because of course she is a british. hello lady eleanor. sent in this shot, oh my gosh it looks you need to be on a
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