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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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persistence worked. we used to pride ourselves on never giving up on any americans stranded abroad. let us not give up now. good night, everybody. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time. ♪♪ ♪♪ liz: we've got lots of headlines coming in for you this hour. behind the scenes, major fight breaking out in the s white hou. the pentagon blames the state department and homeland security for delaying. movie slowly to evacuate americans now abandoned behind caroline's in afghanistan. look at this, the same agencies are turning around blaming the whiteg house for moving too slowly. we are staying about tonight, the white house with leaks against the president.
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we've got that story and the d.c. debate, the mistakes the.c president made that stranded americans into this, dozens of senators don't believe the white house. they demand president biden declassify all government information on exactly how many americans are now stranded. paul s numbers just hit a new l. tonight we begin with this, another new story coming in. joining us now, congressman mike of veterans affairs. we've got thisra report, the bin administration demanding federal agencies to scrub from their government website any details about u.s. weapons and training given to afghanistan. first to you, the gao and report from the inspector general getting wiped out here. what is your reaction to this?
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>> there could be a security rationale for doing that is are not immediately l going to fallo that but it does look suspect. timing is everything and the timing isn't in the best light right now. liz: the erased audits and reports include the detailed accounting of what the u.s. that provided to afghans forces. night vision devices, rocket launchers, black hawk helicopters, armored vehicles. what you say to this story? >> we have the numbers and they are already out there. they did say in the article it was to protect afghans but they weren't bothered by the fact whenever they released the names and who the contacts were last week so now it's all right to block the information? i think it's more likely they're trying to protect themselves than anybody in country. i'll watch very closely and we are monitoring closely but we know with the equipment is and when it was sent and how it got
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there. liz: general, congress has the responsibly oversight. of this weaponry and u.s. tax dollarses from of the state department said it didn't want to put afghan allies at risk but with the congressman is saying from of the biden administration gave the names of our allies and american citizens to the taliban so how do you square that? >> you don't. they were wrapped around a date as opposed to an objective and the date was, we are going to make it happen by the 31st of august. we did a little before that and because of that, they took some shortcuts and expediteded things getting enough there was truly a dangerous move. liz: to the generals points, for state department officials that are saying the majority special immigrant visasa applicant were abandoned, left behind.
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reuters reported the pentagon blames the state department and homelandng security for moving o slowly for lacking a sense of urgency but the two agencies are now blaming the president at the white house. major insight breaking out over the delays and what happened in abandoning american citizens. to combatr story. >> even before we lost our military service personnel, 13, which is so tragic, even before that, weat knew what the state department told the president. we knew because they told our ranking members and chairman's of the committeeom oversight and those chairman and ranking member explains that in great detail you can't stand and say everybody agrees with you when they didn't and the intel told us very clearly this could go back and go back very quickly. now the president had to make a decision and many of them were
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on camera saying one thing and biden sank another. i'm glad they are saying exactly what's going on so we can get to bottom of us but it doesn't stop the fact that we still have to try to get them out. liz: the president's poll numbers are dropping, it's not below what%.g. nprn. says he's now pulled numbs plummeting toward 43%. there's a credibility crisis and it's a serious one. the got 26 senators, now they don't believe the white house numbers on the number of americans abandoned behind terror lines. they say declassify the information. where talking senator susan collins, tom and marsha blackburn sending a letter to the white house saying tell us exactly what's going on. what is your take on this story? >> the first take -- a lot of folks don't know what's going on
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so for anyone to say they north going on, the congressman already alluded to the stories always changing. i think there's going to be investigations as a congressman alludes to, but the penetration is going to be required to have to lay that out and it's going to beer important what general s breaking out in d.c. -- the president mistaken during the evacuation, get across america behind not just giving the taliban control of the state department and homeland security and the white house fighting about who caused the delays, that m means there sticking to this arbitrary deadline put in place. that meant you were not met up waving their passports saying we
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are american they got stranded is that what your take is? >> it commands each one of the officers were handling cases to try to help them get out. we had over 750 cases we were working on, there are still others left behind, there's the argument how many americans are left behind. one group says one say as much as 250 and others don't know. that's right is yesterday morning all of us from veterans were there when the chair gavin and unfortunately she gave one minute for the 13 who passed, never mentioned their names and then quickly adjourned before the sponsor of the legislation we are asking to move representative could have moved to bring the legislation forward which does exactly think we were talking about. it calls for the investigation, the president to come forward.
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we want to know how many weapons are lefteh behind and what the odds are getting them back or having a reporting of where they are at. all of this to establishing and also establishing that if we don't recognize the taliban as a government, we do not recognize the taliban government. these are things we need to do with oversight to see what happens, it's going back very quickly and has already gone that, it's gone bad since the day it started and it's a marine and as a father of marine and the grandfather of a marine, i am upset and so are my constituents in the veterans around the nation are upset and it concerns me because the uptick of the veterans who served the last 20 years on the crisis hotline for our va.
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liz: thank you for your service to our country and your family service. also for you, general. thank you for your service to our country as well. we saw happen at the airport, al final word that officials are saying we didn't have time to screen people. we didn't have time to screen who's coming and wanting to of the presence arbitrary artificial deadline so what happened was they were delaying flights for hours and hours while americans were swept up in the crushing crowd saying we are here with passports, lettuce and so that's what happened. your final word. >> there's never a good time. i've had to be part of evacuations, they are never clean and this is the hardest military operation to do, noncombatant evacuation in a combat zone under pressure by the enemy when the enemy owns most of the terrain. my hat is off to the soldiers and airmen service personnel
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underground. they were heroes doing heroic work for us but we f are getting abandonedh -- we were given abot hand. liz: they are heroes, they did heroic work given that hand they were dealt. it's extraordinary, 122,000 ejaculated, they were just working under terrible duress against that artificial deadline. thank you again for your service to our country, to have you back on again coming up, former white house terrorism on this claim game at the white house on the withdrawal who's to blame? more damaging weeks of the administration against the president were watching the evening credit. ♪♪ >> the withdrawal was a circus parade, of bad decisions.
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some of my colleagues in washington are trying toin pin t but this one is unsustainable. you can put perfume on a pig but it still stinks. ♪♪
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welcome back. this is happening now, this is the debate in washington, president biden's mistake because americans to be stranded left behind terror lines in afghanistan? let the taliban control and black americans at checkpoints at the kabul airport. it got to be a situation where it was out of his hands but the artificial rushed deadline, did it create chaos, the crowds at the airport? americans could be seen waving passports saying we are americans but they couldn't get through. bring us now, former white house coordinator for counterterrorism. what is your reaction to this onstory? >> thanks for having me on. i think washington is starting to play the blame game and we heard it from the president himself a couple of days ago in his speech where he tried to pass responsibility for the situation on to everybody. it was president terms for, we heard. the afghan army's fault for not hiding fighting hard enough. he tried to blame americans not
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able to make it through the chaos to the airport i thought was on presidential and regrettable. the factors, the president is responsible for what went wrong, it was the president who insisted on withdrawing according to an arbitrary deadline, it was the president who ignored the advice of his militaryry commanders and civiln defense personnel who urged him to keep small counterterrorism force in the country to keep it stable and pressure al qaeda. you don't have to look far to find out who's responsible for lack of planning and execution when it comes to the withdrawal, 1600 pennsylvania. liz: we hear you. even nato and the united kingdom were saying you don't do an artificial state that lyford will have an arbitrary deadline, it's a recipe for chaos. officials on the ground are saying when they had people
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pouring in, they did not have enough time to screen everybody to meet the president's deadline americans were swept up in the, the u.s. military repeatedly had to delay and stop all flights out of the airport for hours and hours because there was nowhere for evacuees to go. countries would not take them because they were not vetted or screenedau because everybody was rushing to meet the president's deadline. now we have reports that the pentagon blames the slow response and lack of urgency from the state department, home and security and now they are blaming the white house. your take in all off this was going on. >> i think it all shows why you have to let the mission be the priority. what do we want to accomplish? we want to get our people out and get out the afghans who put their lives on theri line for america and you work backward from there. if this is what we have to accomplish, how much time will
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it take? but the white house didn't backward, we are going to get out by august 31 hell or high water and will get out the number of people we can in the arbitrary deadline. the white house is trying very hard to depict this operation as a success. they are talkingng about the 120,000 people who were removed and that great work. our soldiers did great work onat the frontline and diplomats did great work on the frontline but to be clear, this is not a success. hundreds of americans are stranded behind enemy lines, thousands of afghans have targets on their backs because they work with america we were not able to get them out on time. if that's what success looks like, i'd hate to see what failure looks like. liz: we hear you. then you have the pentagon spokesman, john kirby, they are trying to spin this favorably and said we have americans who get stranded in countries all
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the time but we are talking behind terror lines. that sounded like a regrettable -- as you would put it, statement to me. the question is, if the taliban were to write the evacuation plan, what they have written it this way given how bad i went? >> losing your passport while on vacation in london is not the same as the government abandoning you in a war zone for terrorists working around every corner. our expect an apology from the pentagon for such an assaulting analogy. we have americans left behind, it's not their fault they were not able to make their way to the chaos in theo crowds to safety. if the white house's responsibility to go get them. we saw the private sector do that. we've heard reports about former special operations forces, former intelligence officials who saw the biden administration was not getting the job done so
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they put together operations themselves to go out and bring vulnerable afghans and american citizens to safety. we shouldn't have to rely on good races are former military to do that. we should rhyolite on the white house to give our military work will do exactly that. liz: we are seeing now, when have we seen a commander-in-chief order the generals to leave americans behind? looking back at then senator biden, senator biden 2001 set if we leave afghanistan and chaos, it will be another time bomb waiting to explode but nowow you have the president, as you say in the president did say this from american citizens waited too long to leave. it feels like evidence mounts that the white house and the president are manufacturing doing it for months, a false narrative on the presidentos thanks chaos is coming, safe orderly exit, it's not going to be like the fall of saigon.
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no al qaeda there. he actually set that. the afghans government al qaeda and the taliban consult with al qaeda, leaving them behind, the 9/11 attacks is what feels like there was a major top spent going on for months not to mention this conversation with the resident of afghanistan's king's children not, you have to change the media's perception around the world and make it look like the taliban is losing, that was july. >> that was especially unfortunate. the president owes candor to the american people. he has the obligation to tell it straight. if the situation in afghanistan begins to collapse as it was in july, what he should have been doing is telling the state department in the military with got to start moving out now. priorities should not havey been
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one, should not have been urging the afghan government to put false information into the public domain, that was a warning that now is the time to start withdrawal to give us the time we need to get americans home. unfortunately that was not a priority for the white house. liz: terrific, great analysis.. the inset perspectives are appreciated. we'll have you back on again soon. complement security ranking member with practice, to preach the pentagon the taliban doctor tara chauvin blocked americans from leaving and protected 9/11 terrorists. keep here on the evening at it. we got headlines coming for you. feelings might not is once again become international safee haven that was the whole reason we went to afghanistan after 9/11 to prevent back. ♪♪
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running us now, health, security ranking member, congressman is back with us. it's great to have you back on, what was your reaction when you heard the report that pentagon will not rule out working with the taliban and future potential airstrikes against isis or other terrorist? also takes children indicating we forgive u.s. aid, u.s. money
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to the taliban. what is your reaction? >> my jaw hit the floor. let's take a step back. united nations still has a tolerantro on the terrorist organization and we are going to deal with that and we are going to give them aid. are they really going to go after al qaeda? like they have for the last 20 years? they refuse to announce al qaeda. they will without a comment enemy but i i think i'm glad for al qaeda and let's not forget 20 years ago al qaeda trained in afghanistan under taliban watch to attack thehe united states. tragic consequences. to me, it's unbelievable they would think about this taliban something that happens to our citizens or something happens that causes harm to the united states to pay a heavy price. that's what we should be doing. liz: u.s. taxpayers are given hundreds of billions of dollars
10:28 pm
in 20 years since afghanistan. tens of billions of dollars in military equipment as well. this is the same taliban killing freedom fighters for democracy and? say under no circumstance the u.s. or any government recognized a group that gives protection to suicide bombers and religious nazis. that's what nikki hailey is saying. >> she's a very smart person and she's right. i completely agree with her. to me, when you start dealing with the devil, and they are the devil. they are literally beheading people the last few weeks to cooperate with the united states. beheading them and we are going to be there friends? it's almost as bad as sending $150 billion to iran for the iran nuclear deal dealing with the largest policies of terrorism in iran with president biden did when his vice president. we have to project them know if
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they do harm to us in our citizensr, there's a heavy price to pay and we don't project that, we get what we have now got american soldiers have planningdi and execution and putting the soldiers in harms way for the group session never dealt with in the first place. liz: outrage congress has over the public did bocce the polar. if congress is involved going into court, congress doesn't have the duty on oversight pulling out in writing in a have time on how plots and evacuations are held but it looks like the president did a erwaiver of federal statute mandating the pentagon to a briefing of congress on terrorists and withdrawal of afghanistanis that happened in june. we see a lot of rhetoric.
10:30 pm
you and i have been talking about the writer, too. i like reaction from the sound coming in with the white house and the team indicates have low risk and everything under control. he sure doesn't feel that way. >> the first thing we have to do is be sure we can get lanyards secured and that's what we are working on it will be necessary to have form of communication and coordination with the taliban to continue to evacuate from the country, they oversee afghanistan, the more the majority of the country. >> having any americans. >> i don't have that information over talking, former top counterterrorism experts and he was saying listen, as soon as they knew at this would collapse, that's when you start evacuating americans, not later. you don't set up after the fact an arbitrary deadline and then
10:31 pm
do it rushing up to that. you get americansns out first unless the mission decides the timeline. your reaction? >> that's exactly right. why even let up a safe insecurity to withdraw and go to a city in kabul to do the withdrawal from the airport and that the taliban form a ring around the airport to that americans and others from getting into get out of kabul is unbelievable to me. there's up substantial amount of oversight that needs to be done and i applaud congressman of house one affairs committee having a hearing coming up with secretary of state blink. there's a lot of questions to ask going forward. i want to know if the president was told that this would happen and he still stubbornly stuck to this knowing the disaster that would happen, there should be a lot of accountability for him as well so our job in congress to
10:32 pm
have oversight working through a lot of oversight, i assure you. liz: congressman from a pleasure having you on. come back soon, good to see you. we've got this story comes up. the question is about who is been advised, who did he decide to have? cap officials instrumental in the afghanistan exit plan and national security. they invest private equity firms investing in contractors and things like the government covid response? that next with jason.. watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. ♪♪
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were coming out of the bottom of the hour, you're watching the fox news network. welcome back official, jason, great to have you back on. you and i have been talking about who the president picked to have on his team in light of
10:37 pm
the growing mistakes behind the afghan pullout we are now tracking the story out there and we still have no closure on it. a report shows biden's top team invested in the private equity firm investing in defense contractors and potential the government's response to perfect 19, where talking secretary of state and pentagon chief that basically sells access to the lighthouse. your reaction to this? they're talking statements, we don't see any divestments of this yet and we apologize if they did, we just don't see it yet. what you say? >> that's why the paperwork is self-critical. thee a allegations are pretty aggressive. you want to get the paper right but the question is, some of these people who are top-notch people involved in this pine island investment, this group is very aggressive saying we get
10:38 pm
the top people in government and essentially it's written behind the lines, i've read through theirr website, where the people were going to be in charge so if you want to get involved, we know what's going to be on it. we take on investments to others don't do and you've got to look of money.w i think it's a legitimate question, there should not be an allegation they've done something specifically wrong but it begs the question because these top people were out of government, the investments became partners and now they're back in government so did they benefit financially? i think it's a legitimate question and we are talking big dollars, it's no small ideal selling lemonade on the corner. liz: it's about the revolving door turnstile in d.c. where it creates perverse incentives and
10:39 pm
conflict of interest. government watchdogs have talked about this and they don't like it. secretary of state topte biden advisor michelle, chief lloyd austin, the private equity firm pine island capitol partners, we don't know if they divest but the equity shop is basically run by the former head of merill lynch who was still at the bank of america. it has connections to the white house to make money, that's what it's about. >> are talking about the top people in government, they, and make a big load of money they are in a position to make deals and contracts and that's what you have to rely on inspectors general. seventy-two inspector general's, 13500 people who got behind it but if congress doesn't ask the right questions or push them the gao, you don't get the answer out of it. it. personally work with the
10:40 pm
government accountability institute, these are the things who benefit financially from more questions who benefit financially from a covid pandemic, i think there are legitimate questions the pandemic should seek because it's the best disinfectant and we will see how open and transparent they want to be. biden harris administration said they would be the most open and transparent administration ever but eight monthsgh in, we aren't doing so s well. liz: we hear you. pine island, we talked about, they are not shy about leveraging cushy relationships powerful political w connection. it's also partnered with cash that's what antony blinken, a cofounder and basically their tagline, their slogan reads from the board room to the situation room, they are selling their influence in d.c. your final word -- >> the reason it's called west x
10:41 pm
is because if you look at where the white house is situated to the west of it is the old executive office building basically the tunnel between the old executive office building in the white house, that's the private place you get to go in and they named their firm after for goodness psaki. liz: okay, interesting. it just keeps going and going. thank you fornd joining us, good to see her. we'll have you back on soon. greg, he's fired up and ready to go. having administration in america will w deal with the botched afghan pullout for years to come. china, state media and china demanding the u.s. taken afghan refugees in china won't do that. communist china is moving into make billions of dollars off afghanistan's mineral resources working with the telegram. white house press secretary
10:42 pm
dismisses that threat. we'll break it down next. ♪♪ >> they had no plan how to withdraw americans. american citizens are to draw interpreters out, special immigrant visa holders. ♪♪
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let's welcome back to the show, house foreign affairs congressman greg sue b. your take on this? we've got growing rising leaks against the president coming out of the white house. reporting thehe pentagon is basically saying the state department and home and security were to slow, lack of urgency and evacuating americans out of afghanistan for the two agencies are now pointing finger at the president of the white house saying he was too slow. the leaks keep coming. yourur reaction? >> i think you're going to see that continue to happen as
10:47 pm
nobody wants to take responsible before the court in afghanistan so of course you will finger-pointing but at the end of the day present biden committed chief military, the state department was inof charge of the operations on the ground in afghanistan so the department of defense was responding to what they were telling them to do but at the end of the day present biden is responsible for the decisions made in afghanistan, he was the one with the arbitrary date and pulled our forces out before everyri american could get on a bird in flight to safety. it's unconscionable. never in our history we would stand in a place where our president and government banned american citizens behind enemy lines. liz: politico reported the white house officials are saying they are horrified, appalled about how americans were abandoned behind terror lines so the leaks will keep on coming. we got this new deal political
10:48 pm
landscape how the administration handled it. we want to be dealing with this for years to come in the issue of china. white house tech secretary same basically it wrong to think china can undercut u.s. leverage with the taliban claiming china does not have the capacity for that. is that true? but the white house press secretary saying that. >> it's not true because china is closer tos. afghanistan the u.s. now that we've withdrawn off military forces, we have nobody nearby to monitor and surveilled. t who do you think is going to come in? china has brokered deals with the iranian government and roads and bridges and projects, you're going to see russia and china sweep and, he saw one of the china foreign minister's meeting with the head of the taliban. they are already starting to have discussions and think about military equipment, blackhawks,
10:49 pm
c-130, weapons, night vision goggles that can be handed over to our enemy, china, russia, iranians, they are going to give them all off our secrets and equipment so they can reverse engineering and use it against us. we are going to feel the implications of what happened in afghanistan for decades. liz: now china state media is saying the u.s. has taken in afghan refugees. a generous welcome country but china is not taking in any refugees. it is making a lot of money off afghanistan's rich mineral resources. your final word on that? >> of course china will say that when they have millionsrs of concentration camps so of course they won't allow otherer afghans to come into their country and tell us we need to take more in when we've alreadydy taken over 100,000 people from afghanistan
10:50 pm
for our focus should not be on refugees, our focus should be on american citizens still stuck behind enemy lines in afghanistan and a call on present biden department of defense the administration to go in and get our americans out. liz: thank you for joining us. good to see you.. come back soon. next, former acting ice director tom coleman, 16 state fighting with the white house report saying no, mr. president. we will not limit isis powers and arrest and deportation of potential criminal illegal aliens. growing concerns about who is coming in after the collapse of afghanistan. press secretary psaki claims no one is entering the u.s. without being vetted. is that true? were watching that evening at it foxbusiness. >> the bar is open as we know,
10:51 pm
the southern border, i've been there myself and have seen it. that concerns me right now. ♪♪
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back with us now, former act ice
10:55 pm
director, great to have you back on. we've been talking about the collapse of afghanistan and how it's affecting the portal. you are former the hs, 16 state fighting with the white house report saying no, mr. president. at this time, we will not limit ice in its powers to arrest and deport potential criminal illegal aliens and bad actors. why is this still going on in court? >> i don't understand it, i don't know why all 50 states are on the same side of this. you and i have talked many times from 91% of everyone in the united states his convicted criminal or pending criminal charges. ice is national security, they investigate human trafficking, sex trafficking, they save thousands of children from predators. they investigate the technology in the u.s. given to war fighters such as missile technology. ice does a lot of public safety work, national security work so it's important, they protect this nation. liz: so it's unclear why the
10:56 pm
white house during this. >> they don't like the immigration portion even though 91% of every illegal alien they arrest as a criminal, they want to shut downor the interior. i'll tell you, there's no border security without enforcement because when youu release the judge sunday which t most don't, there has toem be enforcement mechanisms and the rest the judge orders every one, somebody has to remove them. 90% are criminals so this was the open borders agenda, a decapitated ice and must 90% of their authority and record level of illegal crossings on the border last month, ice had a record decrease and rest, it should be the opposite. this is by design, open borders, they don't want immigration enforcement in the united states. liz: you can't have that when you have a country collapsed
10:57 pm
into terrorism in the new york times reports migrants from 150 countries have been seen crossing our border. the washington post, cnn, multiple media reports same there screening is not happening. there's breakdowns in vetting but jen psaki claims no one is entering the united states without being vetted. the washington post reports afghans are coming into the u.s. later flagged for security concerns. cnn reports afghans arrive in the u.s., they don't have documents your response? >> they are not properly vetted. it takes 18 months to two years to property for someone in the problem is, i've talked to people at the air base where afghans are getting off the plane no identification humus at all. how do you clear invite someone when there's no office in
10:58 pm
afghanistan anymore? how do you verify it's authentic? how do you verify documents are authentic? they may be getting vetted but they are not getting properly vetted and it's a huge issue a security issue. liz: senator chuck grassley sent a letter facing basically asking to dispose the number of afghans entering into the u.s. but on the government list and terror watch list. the pentagon spokesman said he does not know the answer. by the way, after they fly and catch somebody come up and watch? what happens to that person? what is that person quote? today go back to afghanistan? what happens to them? can we deport them? >> it hard to deport someone when they have nory country to o back to the afghan people are no
10:59 pm
longer in charge oflo the government but if a third country is willing to accept them. however if there is empathize of a terrorist organization, one countryti accept them? we may be stuck with them. important to fully affect them before they step foot in american soil. liz: the fbi warned the are recently seen people with security concerns and they are flying people into the u.s. before they complete their visa processing. your final word on this? >> the american people, there's noco proof of the sarah southwet border, that's a lie. at least 100 in the last five years either in the panama region were arrested on the southern border. how many of the 300,000 got a ways he came to this country to do us harm? we don't know now but we may know someday and it will be tragic.
11:00 pm
vulnerable to terrorist, it's a stone cold fact. liz: all right. thanks for joining us, thank you for your service to our country. i am elizabeth mcdonald, hugh been watching the evening at it on fox news. hope you have a good evening. thanks for watching and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ >> hello everyone and welcome to cut low, and larry kudlow and it's good to be with you. sunday's really does not pay to read the newspapers and today for example, reading one of my favorites the new york post and i started that in the sports section reported that they pitched the fabulous seventh innings and struck out 15 and he stopped the yanks for game


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