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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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assaulted twice in one day by crazy white radicals. adding a gross racial insult to the injury. one of the attackers was dressed up as an ape. liberal racism, no other word for it. it is a live, dangerous and evil "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: okay, breaking news tonight, president biden pushing for covid vaccine mandates for federal workers and private sectors workers. as the supreme court fight in the making. his poll numbers again hit new lows. more democrat voters disapprove. the update on the taliban letting americans and other foreigners leave afghanistan but the state department confirms americans are still being blocked. they don't know how many are still stranded. the republicans ramping up probes into the largest government abandonment of u.s. citizens and allies left behind
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enemy lines in u.s. history. joining us tonight, senator marsha blackburn, dr. meghan --y makary, deneen borelli, and august pflueger. this after gop pressure to do, we've got the details surfacing on biden officials including secretary of state antony blinken and jen psaki, praising, worth it right after the obama administration exchanged five terrorists at gitmo for army deserter bowe bergdahl that happened in 2014. four of them are joining four other terrorists are on the fbi watch list inside of the taliban government, potentially accessing abandoned u.s. intelligence, weaponry, military vehicles? some of that stuff showing up in iran. that is according to reports. also moderate house democrats starting to defect from
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president biden's 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending and tax bill, plus this, more trump appointees joining kellyanne conway, general jack keane, sean spicer say no, we'll not quit after the president tried to fire them from military boards. kellyanne conway, saying, mr. president, you should resign. the white house press secretary trying to deny what more and more government documents plainly show, yes, dr. fauci did fund construction of genetically altered superviruses in china. despite denying that to congress. dr. fauci written op-eds saying do this. admitted to congress he does not track how china spends u.s. money. the republicans demanding proof of this. california recall, more of an attack by angry mob by black conservative and gop candidate, larry elder. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we begin with breaking news president biden speaking a short time ago at the white house officially announcing federal workers will have no choice but to be vaccinated or face termination. he is also pushing for vaccine mandates for private sector workers as well edward lawrence has more in washington. reporter: president biden says it is not about freedom and personal choice. it is about protecting those around you and others as well as yourself. the president made the comments as he outlined the six pronged approach include mask mandates and vaccine mandates as you said for federal workers and government contractors. they now have 75 days to get vaccinated or they could lose their jobs. the president pushing public venues to follow the same route. listen to this. >> to those of you running large entertainment venues, from sports arena has to concert
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venues, please require folks to get vaccinated or show a negative test as a condition much entry. reporter: the plan the president laid out continues masking mandates for travel across state lines t would double the fines for anyone breaking mandate. the plan directs osha to mandate any company with 100 plus employees insure vaccinations or have weekly tests. the costs would be on the company and would affect 80 million workers. on schools the plan requires people to be employed in head start and those programs that are government funded to be vaccinated. the president then calls on states to require schools employees including teachers to be vaccinated. the president says school systems should have regular testing for all kids age kindergarten through 12 grade. >> if schools follow the science, testing masking,
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adequate ventation systems we provided money for, social distancing and vaccinations then children can be safe from covid-19 in schools. reporter: now the osha rule could go into effect in next couple weeks t could be $14,000 in fines per violation if they're found to be breaking it. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. welcome to the show fox news contributor dr. marty makary, former labor secretary nominee, andy puzder. doctor, plainly a supreme court fight. the public health dictates belong to the states according to the supreme court. that is a century old ruling. do you see this fight forcing osha, to get private sector workers vaccinated? do you think this is headed to the supreme court? >> well it does sound like there is some authority with medicare requiring nursing homes and hospitals as a condition of participation to require vaccinations and maybe with osha. that side of it i'm not as familiar with but i can tell you
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i believe in vaccines but that speech today framed the issue incorrectly. we don't have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. we have a pandemic of the non-immune. the way natural immunity was never mentioned once, despite maybe a third or half of those unvaccinated that is something we got to recognize is 27 times more protective in the israeli study. people have a good reason maybe to avoid vaccination especially front line health care workers out there getting covid taking care of patients last year. elizabeth: and i did, the osha, does not have the legal authority to require private sectors workers to get vaccinated. the supreme court already ruled that. district court rulings show that. this will be a major legal fight. how do you see it playing out? >> i think it is another, it is another attempt by the biden administration to try to get something done before the supreme court rules. remember they did that very recently were their attempts to extend the eviction moratorium.
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they know this is not constitutional or the authority to do. this at least biden is trying to look like he is doing something. he was very critical of president trump since the campaign. has been eight months, what plan do you have? we're still having problems with covid n a couple of weeks it will be eight months he has been president. this is the first plan he came up with that wasn't something president already had in the works. he is trying to look like he is doing something. i don't think looks very good coming out of this. elizabeth: to what andy is saying, doctor, after president biden won the election, he said this in the september of 2020, he said quote i don't think covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory. the press secretary said quote, it is not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccinations. the press secretary saying the labor department does have the power. we hear what you say about the medicare rules but sweeping
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across the board forcing private sector companies to do this or be fined, that violates constitutional powers given to the states, doctor. >> everybody thought that a vaccine mandate outside of essential workers in the hospital was excessive until dr. eseek emanuel recommended it in a "new york times" op-ed. that op-ed came out the day that j&j was pulled off-the-shelf. it became a sort of a low level conversation. it resurged now with the delta variant. thing is, you put a mandate in place t will take at least a few weeks for people to go out there to get it t takes time for the immune system to kick in. delta is projected to peak any day now. it peaked in missouri and arkansas where it started first. it may be too little too late. elizabeth: we hear what the doctor is saying. the president is saying, andy, many are frustrated 80 million or so not vaccinated. public health officials like dr. fauci, andy, going on camera
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talking about variants but not telling the american people that the u.s. government has only genetically tested 1.7% of covid samples against variants. that is lower, we rank 22nd in the world, rank behind latvia, zambia, democratic of congo testing for variants. we don't know what the haven't are out there. people are worried about the side-effects of vaccines. 80 million not vaccinated. many are frustrated. what is the reaction to that, andy? >> i agree with dr. makary. he is ignoring the fact that a lot of people with natural immunity which is better than the vaccine. i wish i had natural immunity. we're dealing with the delta variant from the research i've seen looks like while it is more contagious, it is not more deadly, given the number of people vaccinated. death rate and hospitalizations down from where they were at the
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peak of the original covid virus. this, a covid thing has been political from the beginning. a lot of this is political. i'm a little surprised president biden went this far because i think what he is doing is going to have a negative impact on employment which is already a big problem for him. look, i think he is trying to do the best he can but i don't think he has any idea what to do. i think he has gone way beyond his powers as president to try to look like he is doing something. while see what happens. elizabeth: scientists understand, people say yes, vaccinations work. there is just a lot of questions out there about that. and doctor, the question is why now. democrat strategists are telling "politico" that president biden was supposed to be a quote, return to normalcy. polls show voters feel the u.s. is going in the wrong direction. there is a lot of chaotic decision making going on, again suggesting says he is not calling the shots. watch this. >> now, i'm supposed to stop and walk out of the room here.
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[laughter]. i'm going to stop, with your permission, i will walk into the room because -- i'm happy to take questions if that is what i'm supposed to do. whatever you want me to do. i'm sorry i will get trouble with staff if i don't do this the right way. ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc. i'm not supposed to take any questions but go ahead. elizabeth: doctor, your reaction to that in light of the president saying he won the election, i don't think covid vaccines should be mandatory, and press secretary is saying early on not the role of the federal government to mandate vaccines? your reaction in light of the what you just herd? >> vaccines polarize eschews and people might otherwise convinced them to get vaccinated that is the problem with mandates. people have regrets they wish
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they were vaccinated but you win more bees with honey. elizabeth: thank you, dr. marty makary and andy puzder. thank you for coming back soon. marsha blackburn is next. the taliban letting a flight carrying americans and others to travel from afghanistan to qatar. as republicans are ramp up probes in the largest abandonment of americans and allies behind enemy lines in u.s. history. the botched afghan withdrawal, biden approval ratings. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. about her plan, she can focus on living it. that's the planning effect, from fidelity. she can focus on living it. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio. the only one of its kind proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant, regardless of menopause.
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oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪. elizabeth: the taliban letting americans and other foreign nationals leave afghanistan. security experts warning this is poe tending hostage crisis in the making. many americans are still stuck there unable to evacuate. trey yingst is in qatar with more. trey. reporter: liz, we have some positive news. 113 foreign citizens landing here in doha today after escaping afghanistan. on board that flight were american, canadian, ukrainian, german and british citizens. the passengers landing in qatar after a treacherous journey to get to the airport. sources tell fox news that the qataris helped create a safety corridor to get people out of the country.
6:17 pm
reports indicate the hamid karzai international airport could be operation ral for international air flights in couple days. this with intense negotiations between taliban, qatar and turkey. sours say the major issue is security. the taliban doesn't want any foreign security at the airport. there are major obstacles to have the taliban in control of entry points in the terminals. according to "wall street journal" americans stuck in the northern city of mazar-i-sharif were told to come to the afghan capital of kabul. unclear how many people made the journey to the flight that ended up in doha. protests continue in cities out of afghanistan. out of kabul, disturbing images of taliban fighters hitting journalists and women who were simply trying to protest. gives you a sense of what the demonstrators and civilians are dealing with on the ground with the taliban in control. liz? elizabeth: trey yingst, thank you so much for joining us tonight. it is good to see you. joining us is senator marsha blackburn of senate armed
6:18 pm
services. senator, those are disturbing images. they are really graphic, streaming out of the internet. the president's approval ratings collapseed to 39%. lowest point of his presidency. according to a u governor poll. democrats don't approve what president is doing. we don't know how many americans are stranded there according to the state department. what do you say to all of this? >> i say it is completely unacceptable we are this far into this, cannot tell how many americans are there, how many of our siv holders are there, how many applicants are there. who among our nato allies are there. people just do not know. the good work that is being done by individuals who were veterans, who are going in to get americans, to get these siv holders and get them out of the
6:19 pm
country and away from the violence and the terror and potential loss of life that isis-k, the taliban, al qaeda are planning to take out on people that were friendly to the nato countries that were friendly to the united states, that worked with us and helped in this war on terror. elizabeth: you know the administration is still unclear on the number of americans trapped. voters out there are saying to each other, you know, according to the polls, why did you leave, not know how many americans are still behind? the white house is still blocking 26 senate republicans including susan collins and tom cotton finding out how many americans are trapped behind terror lines. we have the pentagon chief and joint chief chair testifying before your senate armed services committee coming up in a couple of weeks. what do you want to ask them? >> i was going to be asking was
6:20 pm
there a withdrawal plan? did that plan include leaving americans, our afghan partners and our allies behind enemy lines? did it include turning over bagram airfield and all of the equipment, the billions, tens of billions of dollars in equipment? did it include giving that to the taliban to arm them up? did they think about the implications of having a war on terror, fighting an ideology and terrorists and now what do you do? you give them a country where they can say now we have a country, now we have a safe haven, we can begin to export terrorism? did you think about china and the ties to china? and china wanting rare earth minerals, we did the time doing all the mapping, where they are located. did you think about that? did you think about giving china
6:21 pm
a direct route into tehran? did you think about china, russia, iran, north korea, being the axis of evil, and who do they support? they support the taliban. elizabeth: we hear you on that, senator. you know it is the rhetoric americans are reacting negatively to in the polls in the white house. let's watch this. watch. >> with regard to the composition of this government or interim government, i noted the fact that it certainly does not meet the test of inclusivety and it includes people who have very challenging track records. >> i do think that the historic evacuation of 120,000 people was remarkable and i commend the administration for that. this is never easy. that is not always complete right from the start but it was remarkable even though it got off to a hazy start.
6:22 pm
elizabeth: got off to a hazy start? 13 of our troops, 13 u.s. soldiers killed by terrorist suicide bombers. is that a quote, hazy start? >> oh, the conduct, the words, the disinterested nature, the callousness of actually caring about americans that were there in afghanistan about caring for and caring about these troops that were killed to end their families. it is astounding to me and i will tell you that i fully believe the reason the american people have done such an about-face on joe biden, this administration, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, is because they sound as if they do not give a ripping flip about protecting the american people against terrorism. all they want to do is pass their infrastructure bill, pass
6:23 pm
bernie sanders's budget, continue with their socialist agenda. so they can turn us into a socialist nation and they will have achieved nirvana. government control of everything. it is misplaced priorities. the american people are figuring them out and we're going to have to buckle down and block this and keep a lot of bad things from happening between now and the 22 elections. elizabeth: senator, got your work cut out for you. senator marsha blackburn, good to see you, thanks for joining us. up next, gop strategist, ford o'connell. we have more trump appointees joining kellyanne conway and general jack keane saying no, we won't quit after the president is trying to fire them from military boards. kellyanne conway, you, mr. president, you should resign. this is the debate. why is the president doing this during the afghan crisis? keep it here on "the evening edit." >> i think it is imperative that we fight for this.
6:24 pm
one of the last places where we should be politicizing anything is our united states military academies especially at a place like west point which has the oldest board. that board was formed by then secretary of war james monroe back in 1815. there has been a long tradition of being non-partisan to insure we're offering the best possible advice and instruction to our west point cadets.
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elizabeth: joining us now gop strategist, ford o'connell. ford, president biden is facing questions why now why is he firing 11 trump appointees from military advisory boards including general jack keane, h.r. mcmaster, sean spicer, kellyanne conway, why now? >> no question about it. this is very petty, vindictive, customarily of these boards serve three years irrespective of who the new president is. when it comes down to it, it appears this just happens to be a raw political power move so the biden administration can steer attention away from afghanistan. elizabeth: you know president trump it has been said didn't fire obama appointees, right? now you got general jack keane, kellyanne conway saying no, we're not going to quit. kellyanne conway, you, mr. president, you should be fired. >> they should absolutely not quit and they should fight this. i believe there has never been a case of this situation ever been
6:29 pm
adjudicated. i tip my hat to jack keane and to kellyanne conway, but to your point, emac, essentially the biden administration says this is not about party registration but it is about qualifications. if that is the case, i think you would be hard-pressed to ever find two more qualified people than four-star general jack keane and former national security advisor, h.r. mcmaster. i bet they are the two most qualified people to ever serve on these boards. elizabeth: they have won multiple distinguished awards as well. the fight will be that the president has power to do this. he is trying to fire them, kick them off boards, u.s. naval academy, naval academy, west point. former trump cabinet member to your point, russ vogt, you can't do this, this is a three-year term. sean spicer joining reportedly a lawsuit against this. do you think that will work? >> i hope it does work. i think this is a very underreported story because there is also another narrative
6:30 pm
going on underneath. there is a real raging battle in the military about how the woke agenda harms military readiness. i think the biden administration wants to chuck the 11 trump appointees, put in their own people who will be mute about this. frankly regardless of your political partisan stake as americans, we should be more concerned about a military who is prepared to engage the enemy rather than what politics and pronounce they may use. elizabeth: you make an interesting point. so you're saying that there is a military reason for why the biden white house is trying to do this purge, because they don't like the positions of those that they're trying to get rid of, right? is that what you're trying to say? you see the elbow shots coming out of the white house press secretary for example, people can debate whether sean spicer, kellyanne conway, they can decide if those two individuals were qualified to be on these boards. you say, set the elbow shots
6:31 pm
aside, this is a deeper story about what the biden administration doesn't like in terms of the positions of these appointees, right? >> that is exactly right. they're holding out sean spicer and kellyanne conway as scapegoats because people know them, who are partisans. but in the reality is, is again, within the military there is a raging debate about readiness, whether or not we're capable, particularly in the navy of being able to fight the chinese should it come to that. the reason why there is some doubt about it, is because of the woke pc agenda you often talk about taking place in boardrooms and is taking place in colleges and high schools across this country is unfortunately seeping into the military as well. many of these appointees, particularly jack keane, have been vocal about the dangers of that in terms of military readiness. elizabeth: ford o'connell, great stuff. thanks for joining us. up next congressman tim burchett from house foreign affairs. the white house press secretary
6:32 pm
today trying to deny what more and more government documents plainly show, yes, dr. fauci did fund construction of again ethnically altered superviruses in china. despite denying that in congress should there be probes special counsel? keep it here on "the evening edit"? >> he should step down and have a full transparent investigation to untangle the complex web of u.s. taxpayer dollars funding this type of research.
6:33 pm
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elizabeth: joining us now, tennessee congressman tim burchett. great to have you on, congressman, white house press secretary jen psaki trying to deny what a growing number of investigative journalists, scientists, what government documents show, yes, dr. fauci was not truthful to congress that he was not funding lethal
6:37 pm
gain of function research, constructing genetically engineered viruses in china. everyone know this is happening. why try to deny this? >> i don't know. it was clear hillary clinton is not advising the white house, she would have already deleted the emails. my buddy rand paul, he should get a pulitzer prize. he uncovered this weeks ago. they tried to degrade him or denounce him every time somebody came out with something against this white house or fauci. the chinese government covered it up. the communists did. the doctors have disappeared. researcherses have disappeared. press people have disappeared. fauci said it couldn't break out from a lab. but of course it did, you have to ask yourself why are american taxpayers paying for research on a disease that formerly did not exist and to create one that could leak from leap animals to humans?
6:38 pm
they have lists in the lab of people about iten by the lab bat. it is totally out of control. congress needs to investigate to get to the bottom. if we will, i don't know, speaker pelosi, she does not want anymore bad press. >> 650,000 americans are dead. sars and merz, they found the natural origin of those viruses. they have not found the covid-19 virus yet in nature. they haven't found it yet. 10 times the speed of infectiousness than the other viruses. "the washington post," "the intercept" getting hundreds of pages of government documentss showing yeah, dr. fauci and nih approved millions of dollars of lethal funding research funneled through the ecohealth alliance. at minimum, why do you need to have foia documents? why do you need to have foia requests? why do you need to try to pry this information out when u.s. taxpayer money and u.s.
6:39 pm
taxpayers at risk? >> that is a great question. i think the bigger question is why is fauci still hanging on? the answer to that is so he can keep this covered up because if it, the truth comes out about this he will be guilty of a crime. he is obviously guilty of lying to congress. further these debts will be on somebody's hands. unfortunately the american taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for it that goes to another problem, how big of our spending is, we don't even know where this money has come from, or we even approved it. yet apparently we did. we spent it in communist china. so there is a lot of answers that we have got to get answers to. but the problem is, we have to have a hearing. washington takes its sweet time, it will be six months before we have a hearing, we'll move on to the next calamity. go ahead. elizabeth: dr. fauci could have testified yes, i said in 2011 and in other op-eds create dangerous viruses in the labs for vaccines and for drug
6:40 pm
treatments. scientists say you don't need to do that. are you saying that the risks are, excuse me, benefits outweigh the risks. he said all of that. we're seeing tens of millions of dollars out of the pentagon, out of the nih. out of other agencies going towards ecohealth alliance and going towards this research for more than a decade. so, dr. fauci admitted he does not track how china spends u.s. money. so there is a lot of at stake here. what his cover is going to be is that it's not gain of function research because he is deciding what that definition is. so he doesn't have to abide by it, right? and dodge accountability. let's watch senator paul on this. watch. we're still funding that lab today? well that is what these new documents show us. they have another set of funding at that will last from 2020 to
6:41 pm
2025 but just in august i passed a unanimous amendment to stop it. dr. fauci has been asked about this. senator kennedy asked him in committee do you trust the scientists. he said that is where the viruses are. we have to keep investing there. what if it leaked, and didn't help with us a leak. what if it originated and failed to tell us all along and didn't tell us? would dr. fauci not reassess his trust of the chinese come communists in their lab. elizabeth: your reaction to that, congressman. >> dr. fauci is clearly lying. the rand paul had the goods on him all along. the national media move toddies credit him. elizabeth: congressman tim burchett, good to see you. we'll next take to you california. look at this larry elder around his team at the the at attacked.
6:42 pm
eggs thrown at them. a pellet gun shot at him in the california recall to replace governor newsom. deneen borelli fired up. calling out the media for hypocrisy on this. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> i've seen this. this is absolutely infuriating. larry elder is a friend and mentor on the board of my foundation. tell you something right now, if this is the other side, a white woman wearing a monkey mask threw an egg at black democratic candidate, it would be wall-to-wall coverage. this might constitute a hate rim in los angeles.
6:43 pm
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premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. elizabeth: welcome back to the show. fox news contributor deneen borelli. good to see you again. when you saw california candidate for governor, larry elder, a black conservative in the california recall race he and his security attacked with eggs and pellet gun, what is
6:47 pm
your reaction? >> liz, this is utterly despicable this attack against larry elder because he is a black conservative. this attack was criminal, dangerous and reckless, we will likely see more of it because these democrats are desperate an out of control. where is the accountability. we will likely see more of this. remember how the fbi, they were all over the jussie smollett case what was happening. that turned out to be a hoax. this attack is not a hoax, liz. this is just downright despicable. i really do hope something happens to these individuals. elizabeth: if larry elder was a democrat, attacked by a republican wearing a gorilla mask, how would the media react? >> yeah. all day long it would be breaking news for weeks, liz. you know, laurie elder is a black conservative. he doesn't fit the narrative of the liberal media.
6:48 pm
another point where is al sharpton? he didn't parachute in with this situation? where is black lives matter? they're still around? not a peep out of them because that force was certainly would have this on the front page headlines and breaking news but they don't care about black conservatives. they despise black conservatives, liz, myself enconclude. if they could do away with us and put us away and shut us down that is their goal. that is what they want to do. that is why they intimidate, that is why they are violent towards people who have a difference of opinion. elizabeth: deneen, how have you been intimidated? >> i have been intimidated ever since i started talking about personal responsibility and limited government, liz, from name-calling to telling my parents that they should be slapped and that someone should jump out and deal with me. i have had things said to me that i cannot say on national television. but trust me, they think that i
6:49 pm
will go away or back down. it is not going to happen because i will not be intimidated anyone because i have a difference of opinion. they're out of their mind if they think i'm going away. elizabeth: deneen you've been doing this work for so long, and larry elder as well. when you see how the political debate unfolds in this country, what is your sense of how whether, how republicans are open to other ideas and other ways of thinking versus how democrats react? >> well, there you have it because democrats want to shut you down. they don't want to debate anything. what do they do when losing a debate? they play the race card f you're white you're racist. if you're black you're token, sellout you're a traitor. they have all the other bases covereds liz, when they want to get their voice heard, push their point, push their thank you tiff on you, then in turn they don't want to listen to what you have to say. they resort to name-calling. this is weak.
6:50 pm
this is what they have been doing this many years. elizabeth: this is dangerous, right? it got physical with larry elder. where is the white house, should the white house come out to condemn this? >> well you know they're not going to do that because that will turn up their radical base against biden and against kamala harris. they're not going to voice anything about this. if they do, i would be very surprised but i don't see it happening because they don't want to wake the sleeping giant that controls them. elizabeth: deneen borelli, so sorry you have endured all of this but your point of view, we always love hearing. it is very smart. it is very good and it is spot on. deneen borelli, come back soon. good to have you on. up next house foreign affairs and homeland security member, he is congressman august pflueger growing concerns in the case of the botched afghan pullout. antony blinken will testify before congress coming up. dozens of republicans are saying
6:51 pm
to the president, stop rushed vetting of afghans coming in. unvetted refugees leaving u.s. bases in ride-hailing app cars? keep it here on "the evening edit." >> border security is national security. when you look at the disaster that happened in afghanistan, there are literally tens of thousands of people that haven't been vetted oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now,
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now, house foreign affairs and homeland security member, he is congressman august pfluger. congressman, it's great to have you on. okay, the secretary of state, anthony blinken, will kick off two days of testimony before congress starting on monday, first before your committee, house foreign affairs. we're living in history right now. this is the biggest abandonment of any u.s. government of americans behind enemy lines. what do you want to ask the secretary of state on monday? >> well, you're right. it's just such a tragedy as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11 for all of those who sacrificed, many of whom i know that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and now we have a secretary of state and a president who seem okay with the rising levels of terrorism, with the complete botched withdrawal,
6:56 pm
leaving americans and other afghans who helped us for 20 years behind. so the first question is going to be how are you, mr. secretary, going to triage the situation and get the remaining americans, the sivs home. we're still in contact with many people in afghanistan, afghans who are trying to get out, pilots that are use beck uzbekistan and their families, they're hiding right now. and we know there's a major terrorist who's been appointed as a minister in the taliban government. this is unacceptable. we don't partner with terrorists. the haqqani network is dangerous, they're real, and i want to know what he intends to do about it. we do not want to recognize that government because they do practice terrorism. elizabeth: congressman, they will be bringing talking points and at lot of rhetoric. they're very adept at talking around a question. will you be able to drill past that and nail it down and ask
6:57 pm
them, the secretary of state, specifically what were the exit plans and why did you abandon president trump's deal with the taliban saying you've got to cut off al-qaeda, you've got to do much more before we will deal with you? you be able to -- will you be able to nail secretary of state blinken down on all of that? >> well, it's doubtful that that they're going to answer in a truthful way, and i think that the after-action and the accountability, it's paramount that we get to that. but right now there are still people trapped behind enemy lines. we want to put them on the record to understand what he is going to do about those folks and how he's going to get them out. you know, we just -- i spent the day yesterday and today in new york city at ground zero, at the world trade center. we met with new york city police and fire, detectives, folks in charge of counterterrorism. they are very worried about the amount of threats. this is a direct result from the debacle that the biden administration has caused. they have increased our vulnerabilities. and one of which is al-qaeda,
6:58 pm
like you mentioned, and what is the secretary of state going to do about that. what is president biden going to do about that. i doubt they'll answer that with any sort of sincerity or good plan. elizabeth: the point is they work for the u.s. taxpayer. the u.s. taxpayer doesn't work for them. they're in a position of power. it's not about holding on to their own power, it's about how are you using your power in service to the u.s. taxpayer who you pledged and promised to defend and protect. and you swore an oath to that. now you've got 41 republicans sending a letter to the president saying we've got grave concerns you're rushing and doing incomplete vetting of thousands of afghans coming here. listen, we're an open arms nation, but they're worried because they have military bases in their districts, and you have senator mark -- excuse me, republican representative mark green saying he's hearing they're taking ride-hailing apps and leaving u.s. visas without any vetting. >> well, it just goes in line with every aspect of this
6:59 pm
administration which is they are opening us up as americans, as taxpayers to every possible threat out there. whether it's the economic threat, the border crisis we see, the afghanistan debacle. you're right to see that we need answers, and mark green -- elizabeth: and accountability. and accountability for botching this withdrawal. so what's the accountability? >> well, i think right now we need to understand what the process is to make sure that we don't have people that slip through the cracks, that they don't take ride-sharing apps. you know, we actually asked, as a member of homeland security, i asked to go over and physically verify and have oversight, congressional oversight on that process, and they can bed it. the democrats -- and they denied it. the democrats flat out denied it under the guise of it's too hard for us to do right now. we need that at the bases around the world, at the bases here in the united states. it has to happen, and they're flat out denying it. elizabeth: congressman, we'll be watching. we're going to see how you question the secretary of state. we're going to report on the
7:00 pm
secretary of state testifying before congress on both monday and tuesday to see how he performs in congress and whether he's honest and transparent and truthful and stops those talking points. congressman august pfluger, thank you so much for joining us, and thank you for watching. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. join us again tomorrow night, andd we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ larry: welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larryw. kudlow. again tonight we turn to the reckless budget reconciliation plan that's under discussion in congress now. of course, i continue to argue that passage ofth this $5 trilln monstrosity will inflict great damage on the economy. you've got massive spending, no work requirements, across the board taxme penalties on productive workers, huge new regulatory obstacles, a green new deal that will jack up the price of power and severel


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