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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  September 14, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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through the roof. i think that rent number, in fact, one of the reasons we got a little bit of extra pressure today and i hope you're right, eddie, i hope this light volume kind of thing is exacerbating and this nothing more than that, although the internals look worse every single day. kim, eddie, thank you both very very much really appreciate it. so this is the third day in a row we started strong and gave it all up and it's looking like a lot of pressure stay where you are for this last hour of trading liz claman, over to you. liz: yeah, you got the dow down 295, a second ago down 300 charles thank you, i think. breaking news, picking straight from the apple tree, the tech giant just finished rolling out its latest product updates. hands down, the iphone 13, you could call it the highlight of apple's cuppertino event but it's not rival phone makers but rather movie companies that maybe most threatened by the latest iteration of the famed smartphone. we are about to show you why, as our apple experts dive into the apple barrel to highlight
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all the breaking headlines. nicholas has now errorred right over the gulf coast, not what many thought be as a storm but instead, as a hurricane. we are going to get an update to the minton the oil & gas operations live from the lone star state. just because new inflation data looked tame, doesn't mean the markets have to like it. there is a weird flight to safety as we kickoff the final hour that has the bulls skidding and flipping with the dow as we said down 298, the s&p losing 25 , the nasdaq down 68, bond yields are plummeting right now, gold is rising, and stocks are buckling, but the bright lights are just hours away from flipping back on in the big apple, tonight, broad way is back, hit shows from hamilton to the lion king to wicked will make their triumphant return to the great white way, yeah, in just a few hours, tony award winning broadway producer bob greenblat who last watched helplessly as the pandemic
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dropped the curtain on his brand new show "some like it hot" ruining its debut is here tonight on just what tonight's return means to new york and all those actors, writers and musicians and stage hands but also why the arts matter, not just to new york but to the entire american economy, but first we begin with a fox business alert. take a look at the stock action on apple right now this is the best gauge available of investors temperature, as it appears to be a bit cold blooded less than an hour after the tech giant's fall product event, the stock has dipped to session lows down about 1.25% despite ceo tim cook breaking out the big news. >> this is iphone 13. liz: okay now i want you to watch what's on the screen here. the biggest news from the new suite of iphones is what you see on your screen. they're calling it who done it? this is a movie called cinematic mode. you're looking at this movie shot entirely on the iphone 13.
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video in portrait mode shoots in dolby vision the camera catches 47% more light, and wrap focus ability so what does that mean? that means the ability to focus and transition automatically from one subject to another. you just saw the cut very close and then of course the man behind it, so pretty fascinating stuff here. apple is also announcing the new ipad and ipad mini plus the apple watch series 7. let's bring in market watch senior reporter and senior research analyst dan flack. john right off the bat what jumped out at you the most and for me it was the ability for a simple iphone to create entire broadcasts. >> yeah, exactly, exactly. they used katherine bigelow, who won an academy award to describe what in a sense has become movie quality filming with your phone. in a sense, this whole announcement was as much about the camera as it was anything else, which increasingly is
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what's happening with the iphone announcement they become very formulaic, and reached a point where they talk about minimal upgrades to the battery life, and chip speed which strategy actually pretty good, lots of memory but usually the video camera which is the highlight of the product, and definitely was the case within cinematic mode. liz: it's very much cliche but i'll do it anyway, to say oh, this is sort of evolutionary versus revolutionary so let's just call it what it is. these are very much sort of enhancements versus breakout moves but to me, it was this ability to shoot the movie that doesn't really have somebody like a samsung concerned. it's more of the movie companies , is it not? >> yeah, it is actually. the one thing i'd also mention is the apple stock you mentioned that earlier. traditionally the stock trades up in the days leading up to the announcement in anticipation of what will happen minutes sold off the day of the announcement but it's always that kind of a disconnect. here is the other thing i want
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to mention quickly is about a quarter of the iphones out there and they are about a billion, have not been upgraded in more than three and a half years, so my thought is that with this kind of wow moment with cinematic mode that's kind of the key or the opportunity for apple to kind of get this pent-up demand among its install base. liz: so the iphone 13, $of 699, we didn't exactly hear what that be i'm hoping that it's the 10 because it's what i'm stuck with right now with a cracked screen but the iphone mini 699, the pro 999, iphone pro max $1,099, will this move the needle on the stock at some point in revenue? >> liz, i think what we saw today is really this continuation of the company 's ability to
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innovate and really pull together the hardware, software and services in a fun, private and secure way. i think the key on the prices is that the existing phones, the iphone 10 in that instance are able to, you can use it to subsidize the new device and you also have carriers in many cases providing promotions which helps to increase the affordability but i think the bigger story is to increase the versatility. we've seen apple over the last several years move further into payments, health, fitness we saw that with really this expansion of the broader echosystem in my view that's the story and that's what's going to drive growth and ultimately create additional shareholder value over the next one to two years. liz: let us not forget that the watch, yeah, go ahead. the watch of course is part of the $30 billion accessory business here, john. >> yeah, you know what else kind of flip to the apple services division, which is their fastest growing and which is the kind of the economic
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miracle that tim cook mentioned in the epic lawsuit. that brings me to the judgment or the decision on friday in the case against epic. this whole idea about the echosystem being a little bit under siege, not just in the u.s. but in south korea and japan it's interesting to see what happen el does now that developers have the option of going outside the app store for payments. this is very important because i think it's kind of hanging in the background. apple will most likely appeal that ruling but it kind of brings into question, we have this incredible echosystem but the payment system is going to be challenged country by country over the next several years. if not longer. liz: well, indeed, and who knows which part of that because i want to talk about the watch, which part of that echosystem when you talk about everything that's been happening with apple , where the watch fits in and you look at the details announced with the watch.
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it can now tell you the speed of your tennis serve or golf swing to me that was certainly important as well, so dan, talk to me about some of the options here, because the apple watch the series 3 which i think what i have, is $199. the new apple watch series 7 is $399. that's a significant jump is it not? >> well the price, liz, for the base version of the series 7 is the shape as it was last year with the series 6. i think what's important is that they're packing in a whole lot more technology and innovation, so for example, they highlighted cycling, so if you fall from your bicycle it will trigger the emergency calling. we know from people who aren't cyclists if they fall the emergency calling feature has been incredibly valuable in fact its helped save lives. ecg app which is also on the watch, to take an electric cardiogram is another additional
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feature they highlighted a lot with fitness plus, clearly all of us in the world that we're in -- liz: hold on, look on the screen one second. one second. look on the screen, see these pieces of what appear to be boulders? you will now reveal. they really did beautiful production value, that his arm is simply dust, where he fell down and then of course as you mentioned, dan, it does notify people that it used to notify people anyway if you tripped and fell. the ipad and the ipad mini, john , is there anything that is going to be a game changer with any of this and we should also mention the chip. i mean, they do say that -- >> we talked, right, go back to this 1 terabyte option for the iphone 13 pro, which is lots of memory, which makes a lot of the features we've been discussing all possible. i think with apple dan touched on this well. they incrementally make technological leaps, not huge
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leaps but a lot of small, small incremental changes in a discussion to the big one with cinematic mode to make this all possible across the line not just a watch but the ipad and iphone, so they kind of in a sense give you this more incentive to get a little bit better performance across-the-board. it's not just one feature, when you add up the multitude of options and things that have improved that's the selling point and again going back to this pent-up demand and the fact that a lot of people are sitting on their own old phones is probably going politico push them, plus the max announcement coming up in a month or so. liz: do you know what moved the needle for me guys? the new watch band, can we just show a picture, this is really unbelievable. they also didn't give the price of this thing, but it looks like a twirly bracelet and what can i say? we're going to take a shot of it right now. you will see that it looks like
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the classic leather air bracelet with the double ring, do we have that? i guess we do not. okay, there it is, there it is. oh, my goodness, hey what can you say? i'm an la girl. dan flax, john schwartz, apple stock down about 1.25% but nobody is really worried about that because this is how the stock behaves at most product launches. fox business alert, wynn tanking despite another major sports getting play at this hour, signing a deal to become the official sports betting partner of the new york jets, and i'm sure you're all thinking right now, that this 10.9% slide you're seeing is probably because of the jets embarrassing loss sunday but it's not. new fears out of macau taking shares for all their worth today the gambling hotspot government threatening stricter regulations on casino owners as china announces it may reimpose stricter travel rules and region to help curb the spread of covid
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and the delta variant. the one-two punch leaving wynn's battle and bruised, and we do have lvs down about 10.25%, mgm resorts not having a great day down 3.8%. on the flip side, angie shares heating up after red hot summer sales look at the stock up 8.6%, angie's list and handy parent posting a 21% jump in revenue for august. you guys got to look just a week or two ago i did my podcast with the ceo. what a great story, angie right now is a great story if you own it, it's up as we said $0.93 to $11.63. morgan stanley speaking to the e v sector today, and at this hour, that sector and its investors are listening. lucid group caught in the middle of a bull/bear tug of war the bears clearly winning at this hour, stock is down 5.5% after morgan slapped an under weight rating on shares just a
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week after the air maker received two bold calls remember lucid makes a high end electric vehicle. no, another call was from city, and it was flagging at the moment but one ev stock morgan woke up and said we love it, live cycle. the big bank has initiated an overweight on the stock at a $15 price target, it's at 862 right now up 6.5%, at that level it's an 85% upside from yesterday's close and what does this company do? it's a lithium ion battery recycler, so morgan, believing in the ev world and the need for the future of the recycling of those batteries but going green, not paying off for chevron at this hour the big oil announcing it's tripling its investment in low carbon production to $10 billion through 2028. the energy not with shares at this hour down about 1.7%. close to the lows of the session
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right now. hurricane nicholas reeking havoc in texas but first we have breaking news at the moment with the dow down 303 minutes, 303 points, texas battering and certainly real trouble here, but president joe biden is ariving at this moment in denver, colorado, day two of his three- state tour in just over two hours, he's scheduled to deliver remarks on his build back better plan at the national renewable energy laboratory. we'll keep in eye on that as we are with the markets at the moment. transports by the way down 167 points, s&p lower by about 30 and as you see , the dow is struggling at the moment. we are coming right back we'll take you live to the lone star state to see what the hurricane is doing there on the ground.
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liz: breaking news, at exactly this time yesterday, nicholas was a tropical storm but surged to a category 1 hurricane as it slammed into the texas gulf coast this morning. more than, listen, and this is
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important. just because it's a category 1 doesn't mean it isn't terribly dangerous. more than half a million texans are now without power, flooding has closed schools, more than 40 % of the gulf's refineries are shutdown, still reeling of course from hurricane ida. so grady trimble went right down to texas city, texas to show us exactly what's going on and to tell us the situation in the gulf. grady? reporter: liz, there are certainly fuel disruptions here at what was, as of a couple days ago, a gas station, and now, just a pile of metal and debris. the powerful winds of nicholas knocked down the overhang at this gas station and now crews are working to clean it up as best they can, and this comes as the oil & gas industry is still reeling from ida, about 40 % of oil production in the gulf still shutdown, 48% of gas production in the gulf is shutdown, and the colonial pipeline company, they tell us,
3:20 pm
that two of their lines were temporarily shutdown because of power outages in the houston area, at least one of those lines backup and running again, and it's not just the large oil & gas corporations impacted by this. it's the small businesses as well. in addition to the powerful wind , nicholas also brought a lot of heavy rain, and that flooded a lot of homes and businesses in certain isolated areas. we met a business owner who says it brought three feet of water into her coffee shop and art studio. listen. >> it caught us off guard and we had three feet of water, so all we did was blocked up all of our equipment, say a prayer and hope for the best and walked away and came back and we lost everything. reporter: and the latest power outage numbers here in texas more than 300,000 homes and businesses still in the dark. we have seen power crews out as
3:21 pm
early as first thing, first light this morning trying to get the lights back on. the concern now though shifts to louisiana which was already battered last year by multiple hurricanes and just two weeks ago by ida. this is expected to bring heavy rain to louisiana as well and there are already about 100,000 customers without power there, liz. liz: grady, i feel for them, these hurricanes are just devastating. thank you very much, grady trimble. folks, if we could take a live shot, we can't but if we could, back stage, at the richard roger s theatre on 46th street right now you would see the stars of hamilton probably as excited as they've ever been. the lion king as well, the hottest shows on broad way are about to open in just a few hours for business once again, after being darkened for more than a year. up next, tony award winning producer bob greenblat hads is here live and exclusively on the
3:22 pm
economic impacts of the great white way not only on the big apple but on the entire u.s. economy, and how excited he must be for his brand new show that will open in months. stay tune with the closing bell ringing in 39 minutes and the dow down 323 points we're coming right back, because broad way is back.
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liz: all right, i'm looking at the dow right now we're now down 337 points, an important situation developing that really has great ramifications for the market. securities and exchange commission chair gary gensler confirmed at today's senate banking committee hearing that he is looking into the very issue that robinhood uses to generate revenues. listen. >> technology has driven down and competition has driven down the cost of, as you said, invest
3:27 pm
ing, but there's still a cost lap the payment for order flow. even if it's a couple pennies out is a cost so it's not, it's buried behind the scene. what i've raised to the economist, is can we do better to have more competition that orders compete with orders rather than one wholesaler buying half of the retail flow in america. liz: of course gensler's focus is that he would like to make sure that all investors whether they're the big wall street guys or the little guy on the free-trading app like robinhood get the best deal. now the free-trading app accounting for 80% of its revenues coming from this so-called payment for order flow in its recent quarterly report. that's got robinhood investors pretty nervous. you've got the stock down about 2.8% but gensler also revealed that the much-awaited report on the gamestop short squeeze
3:28 pm
earlier this year will soon be coming out let's get right to our floor show traders who know everything about all of this right now we've got the two great scotts, shell shell add it and fullman. what's the most important thing you wanted to hear and now want to hear about the gamestop robinhood reddit report when it comes out because this looked like the retail investor rearing its head for the first time. >> well, liz i've got to tell you i was the chief compliance officer of a firm in london when its actually got a name, payment for order flow, pfaf, right? those in europe, the folks, yeah , those in europe will tell you that it was a very difficult thing, when they were executing orders just like that taking payment for order flow, and then the regulators got in got rid of it. they tried to regulate it for a while but it's so difficult, as gary gensler said is it a penny, two pennies, $0.03 who regulates how much it is and how
3:29 pm
much it's not and they just got rid of it and boy oh, boy talk about revenues going up in smoke overnight, and it was game changing. literally game changing, where firms went out of business over it so i'm going to be listening to see , look at the risk that robinhood is running that's their business model. he's going to be, you know, coming down with an opinion on, and it can't get any bigger than that can it? that's what i'm listening to. liz: scott redler, i think shell ady is absolutely right this is a real risk hanging over robinhood but who else, i mean, what else would you avoid when it comes to the potential for what gary gensler, who is not there to sit and cool his heels and widdle his thumbs this is an sec chairman sticking up as he believes for the individual investor. >> so first of all, it's sort of like a field. when we look at what went on in january, especially when all of
3:30 pm
the short squeezes started to hit, the claim on fossil fuel gets two team, eight-year-olds and 10-year-olds playing on a soccer field for high schoolers. it's completely unbalanced and not right, because it caught a lot of people off guard, so the fact is, we believe that the markets need to be open and needs to be a lot of competition , fair competition, but we also think that there might be some models out there that are still benefit from this payment for order flow, let's face it. it was a race to the bottom, as far as commissions go, and now, the only way for those firms that eliminated commissions to make any money so through payment for order flow so if they eliminate that we're going to see commissions come back in or some other type come back in and that's going to have to change the model of companies like robinhood. liz: shellady, give me where you like to look at this point where there is less danger.
3:31 pm
there's always danger in the markets but what stocks, what area do you feel is a better play than some of these very momentum high flying names that are awfully awfully volatile? >> i tell you this is probably not the answer you want to hear, liz, but because technology and health when it comes to both of those together, so technology companies, and healthcare that have a lot of technology embedded in them, they can with one line of code, they can save thousands of lives overnight, and i just think that with the aging population, and the technological gains and advances that we have in this country, those two areas are going to become ever-more prominent even though they are prominent today so i like technology. i like the high flier and the technology companies because they can do some amazing things, send people to the moon, but at the same time, we can save lives so health and technology are really places i like to go hide out when i don't know what's really going on out there.
3:32 pm
liz: scott shellady and scott fullman, we got scott redler, scott shellady, great to have you thank you very very much. the magic of the great white way , back in action. coming up we're going to speak to tony award winning producer hamilton investor, producer, bob greenblat on the night that broadway reopens for business yes three and a half hours away, flipping the switches back on. closing bell ringing in 28 minutes, we are continuing to fall deeper into the red. the dow jones industrials now down 347 points the nasdaq is eight points away from falling below 15,000. don't go away.
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i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones liz: turn off your cell phones,
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everybody. stop talking, unwrap your cand ies now because in three and a half hours, broadway will flip the lights back on after an 18- month shutdown, that was horribly painful. new york city shows are ready to light up their stages once again wicked, hamilton, lakawana blues, chicago, lion king and nyc's beloved ticket booth where you can go and get discounted tickets at the last second reopen in just a few hours. the expectation by the end of 2021, 35 broadway shows will be up and running. to the man who knows what it takes to create a broadway hit, hamilton investor, former warner media, fox and nbc universal entertainment chairman, robert greenblat. you did your best work for fox, that's all i have to say, bob great to have you on. >> nice to be here, liz. liz: this is an exciting night, is it not? i mean what have you been hear ing over the past 18 months
3:38 pm
from everybody you know in the live theatre business and how difficult it has been. >> well, its been really sad. i mean, you know, these businesses have not closed like this in history, and so all to have stopped and all these shows to have shutdown at one-time was really devastating. so many people make their living going from show to show and, you know, costumers and ushers and musicians and so everybody was literally out of work, and its been devastating so it's really a wonderful moment to have these shows, you know, start coming back to life and as you said, so many are opening over the next few months. there's five opening today. a couple opened last week, but it's a really exciting time. it's like opening night. liz: i heard that on some of the opening nights, that just happened last week, for example, a show called "pass over" that when people sat there in the audience and the lights went
3:39 pm
down, everyone just started screaming and going absolutely crazy, even in dress rehearsals which they are letting some people watch it's the same thing but you've got to sort of articulate to us why this matter s so much. you just touched upon it but yes broadway contributes about $12.6 billion to the new york economy, that's i believe about 4.6% of the gdp for the city, and then overall, the u.s. gdp. you know, you think about the revenue 16% for new york city. that's restaurants it's not just the theatre it's restaurant worker, it's transportation, it's so much more is it not? >> yes, it's a huge business. you know the statistics better than anybody, but tourism, people come to the city in drove s and hopefully they will again now that covid is sort of getting behind us, and one of the first things they want to do is go to see a broadway show and it employs thousands of people, not just in
3:40 pm
the theaters, but the restaurant s as you said, and all of the places around times square are filled. there's nothing like walking through times square on a weekend and seeing audiences in front of the theaters, and people, you know, crowding in restaurants, and just enjoying the nightlife and when that was all shutdown, as you know, times square was sort of like a ghost town, so yes, it's big business, it's exciting, and all of that needs to get back to normal as soon as possible. liz: bob, when a year ago, you got word that your show, your brand new show, "some like it hot" which of course is bounced off the movie, with amazing, i can't believe the people who have signed on to write and write the lyrics and all of the great things that are expected of this show. you were supposed to have previews i believe this past march. when did you realize you had to pull the plug what was that like for you? >> you know, it is devastating like it was for everybody but
3:41 pm
you're right. we were set to be actually open on broadway by now, and fully running, and everything had to be, you know, rethought. we were going to do a full production of chicago, a pre- broadway tryout production that was going to happen over a year ago. all of those plans went by the wayside. we kept thinking well, you know, we'll look at another few months and see what happens in another few months and see if we can get things back on track but we knew within a few months of the big closure that we weren't going to be able to do that, but i'm happy to say, you know, we're a year away but it'll open probably next fall in a big, you know, hopefully full broadway theatre, but it was devastating but everyone felt that way, all the shows that were about to open. six is a new musical about to open and i think it had its opening night on march whatever that date was, when the whole
3:42 pm
world shutdown 17th or 18th, and people were headed to the theatre that night for their opening and they just had to stop cold, and they're finally going to open next month again. liz: bob, my last question. how did you know dear evan hanson was going to be as amazing as it was? you were one of the co-producers , on its face the script, i would have looked at this and said maybe? this was unbelievable and now it's going to be made into a movie. what did you see in it? what is that special something that a broadway producer has to look for , hunt down, and see and save that one? >> well i love these composers and i know their work really well. they had actually written songs for us for the tv show "smash" and i knew their work so i got a chance to see this show in the theatre on its feet and i saw what it did to the audience around me and to me personally. it was very moving, ben platt's
3:43 pm
performance was just in credible but i think it starts with the score and then this story really hits home. it's all about, you know, the part of ourselves that we don't want people to see , and it's very resonant and it just moves an audience, and it's very theatrical. i'm hoping the movie can capture that as well, but i knew the minute i saw it that it was going to work. you never know how these things are going to ultimately go, but this one really did hit the audience. liz: tony award winning producer bob greenblatt who ran fox entertainment, forget warner, fox, yes! great to see you, bob. >> nice to see you, thank you. liz: wonderful to have you. all right here is a question you guys, entertainment-themed could ted lasso soon be working side by side with the ncis team in the streaming war? charlie is going to break that, next, and suzanne yune, you may
3:44 pm
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liz: it has just been a very challenging day, let's call it, for herbal life, herbal life shares are plunging 21% in this final hour of trade just look at the bottom here, you can see intraday its been ugly all
3:49 pm
day we're now at the lows of the session the vitamin supplements and protein shake marketer cut its full year guidance. the company says covid uncertainties are to blame for the third quarter miss on that forecast. the company, which was famously accused of running a pyramid scheme by activist investor bill akman, but was cleared of any such charges in 2016, says it will report a record year when it comes to at least its sales numbers. investors though clearly shaken at this hour, herbal life stock by the way is about to wrap up its worst day since march of 2020. got to get back to apple. apple ceo tim cook, one hour a.g. ago, brought up the success of apple tv plus. look at this video of the tom vs walking with some type of bizarre robot. that's released in november. now could the tech giant be gearing up for its next big acquisition? doesn't like to acquire things, likes to make them organically but could it be ready to acquire
3:50 pm
something to become a bigger player in the streaming wars? charlie gasparino, first though, we're going to start with a different story. he broke news on amc network which is is moving the stock, amc down about 1%, start with amc and let's get to apple. charlie: yeah, it popped on my tweet, essentially promo'ing my hit on your show, liz and all i said was simply this. i've been talking to insiders at amc networks that's not amc the theatre chain. that's a meme stock, this is the networks that produce programming like breaking bad, madmen, you name it, profitable unlike the other one, have been talking to people close to them and inside them and here is what they are saying. there's no sale that is imminent now as taking over as the interim ceo, a long time broadcasting veteran broadcasting executive formerly of showtime, for a long time, built showtime into a powerhouse now at amc networks a lot of people believe that's he's
3:51 pm
setting it up for a sale. here is what we know. he's still looking at the business model to determine next steps which include, could include, what i understand, a sale at some point, so sale is not off the table, clearly. it's definitely on the table from what i understand, under the right circumstances, the right price, it's a $2 billion market cap company so it can be brought by a lot of places that won't run into regulatory issues i think viacom cbs is the name we keep hearing but the fact that it's a potential sale and sales not off the table is speaking the stock a little bit. it was in the red and on the tweet it spiked up i don't have a chart in front of me maybe its come back down again but it definitely, there's a lot of smoke here on this stock, a lot of people think it is for sale and clearly the markets believe that, but i am talking to media executives that say this thing at some point will likely be sold. it's a question of when, who buys it, and how much and again,
3:52 pm
the names that i keep hearing is viacom cbs at the top of those but many others. getting to viacom cbs they did some management shakeup as you know involving paramount. what we're hearing from banking sources, again this is much more speculative than the other one which is clearly, i'm hearing it from media sources who know people, you know, it is amc, it's not rocket science that they could be sold, but this is kind of interesting. a lot of people talking about as they take paramount, plus, and put it into a separate part of the viacom cbs empire that they think that could be spun out easily to apple, and the reason why is because apple is having a hard time growing its own streaming service, we're hearing that lightly. there's a lot of talk about that now, i don't know if i agree with it. i don't quite understand all the reason why you would think that viacom cbs is not a huge company, maybe they can make that part of, you know, sort of
3:53 pm
transition that into a different part of the overall entity, but that is bouncing around in banking circles we should point out that viacom cbs had no comment on this , liz. again that is very speculative. the stuff on amc is more real. it is a shoppable asset. it's maybe matt blank is trying to find where the coffee room is at amc networks right now, but at some point he's going to have to think about that there's no doubt everybody is saying it, bankers, media executives you name it and i even bounce that off of people inside amc and they've confirmed that as well. that doesn't mean a deal is imminent or ever. it just means it's shoppable. liz back to you. liz: shoppable. all right, amc right now down 1% charlie thank you. when we come back, some sweet and some sour headlines. what is an investor to do, our today's countdown closer tells us why the big tech trade is here to stay and what you should be buying to keep your portfolio
3:54 pm
in the green. closing bell, six and a half minutes away we're off the lows if that's any consolation but still down about 315 points. don't go away. . . ♪ limu emu & doug ♪
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♪. liz: so, yes, we are seeing a pullback here right now. the dow, s&p, nasdaq are all lower. we should mention that all major s&p sectors are down at the moment with cyclicals leading the way south. investors are clearly right now struggling to weigh headlines kind of all over the place, right? we got the latest read on inflation this morning, the august cpi came in tamer than expected. still up, but certainly easing a bit. and job openings have been surging but also surging the delta variant as businesses continue to grapple with a raging chip shortage and shipping and supply crunches. our countdown closer says forget
3:58 pm
the sweet and sour lemons. let's make lemonade. sylvia jablonski has the ingredient for that. what is your feel about the best way to invest, sylvia? >> great to see you. i think lemonade is looking at future and the next generation of investing. the tech of the last decade looking forward would be something like 5g. 5g will power internet of things, power cloud, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, electric autos and. 5g is a place to look at. the second big place in the market we look at alternative energy resources. with biden going to spend, looking to spend billions of dollars in this space i think an area of the market that can benefit from that would be companies like ballard power,
3:59 pm
hydrogen etf. you're investing what should be a 11 trillion-dollar investment in the next decade or so you mentioned in your intro. i love tech. the great time to buy on the chips. historically the last 20 times the market has rallied back up from here. i think it's a slow september. volatility, you mentioned profits that to me means jump on in. 4 trillion plus dollars of cash in money markets paying zero and equities is the place to be. liz: i like the 5g thing. i don't want to roll over that. fig has everything from qualcomm, verizon all the names that put together the 5g. apple announcing so much that depends on the 5g opportunities for its brand new iphones and the brand new ipads. do you as you speck tech in a way is the safest place to be in the second half i guess? >> i do.
4:00 pm
i think part of that is if you look at the situation now you have the flexible work at home situation that will continue. hybrid education and things like that. so you're going to use tech as you know it. [closing bell rings] tech is changing. it is morphing into cloud, cybersecurity and i think -- liz: there are those bells. nothing technical about those bells. we thank you, sylvia jablonski, "kudlow" is -- ♪. larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so there's lots of breaking news tonight, folks. up on capitol hill secretary of state blinken went into day two of the catastrophic afghanistan hearings. this time in front of the senate foreign relations committee and he continues to blame donald trump. continues maintain nato and our allies were behind the budge bungled that it was smashing


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