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tv   Maria Bartiromos Wall Street  FOX Business  September 25, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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but yields are rising. it may be time to play catch up. >> the reopening play, thank you for that. great i guess. to read more, check out barron' and follow us on twitter at barron's online. leto the four winds, mostly around the usa and we don't know who they are. not good. ♪ ♪ cox and the fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo wall street. maria: happy weekend everyone welcome to the program analyzes the week that was an helps position you for the week ahead. i am maria bartiromo. a wild week on wall street this week with years of the collapse of china second largest property developer. new comments from the federal reserve. on where things go from here. a big warning for americans investing in china i'm speaking with florida senator
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marco rubio on why he says billions of dollars of american retirement funds and pension funds may be at risk. then, bipartisan backlash. president biden under fire for his handling of the board up with the white house has most haitian migrants are being deported from del rio, texas. multiple reports dispute that. how many thousands of people are allowed to stay here in the u.s. and where are they now? former acting dhs secretary chad wolf will join me coming up. first let's take a look back from the top news on this edition of the talkers. >> ♪ ♪. maria: ever grand will not be able to make its interest payment, the next what is due this week. that has markets shaken. >> i don't think is going to have the global effects the market is suggesting this morning for i think the chinese government will step in a deal that are properly to make for the chinese economy is not suffering therefore the global economy is not
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suffering for an. >> of course they are making a show deporting only a handful people from the del rio area. many say it is a distraction. >> this is a bait and switch just like known this was coming and not doing anything this came upon them a real quick. all they are doing is robbing peter to pay paul. maria: walk us through why those alliances did not sit well with the japanese government? >> why it did not sit very well at a point in time the japanese government lit between the french and the japanese these would not be respected. >> take a look at markets and how we ended the week after a 600-point selloff on monday. and a 500-point gain on thursday. investors weighing fears over china's ever grand collapse and the federal reserve is stimulating it will likely begin to reduce the pandemic stimulus this november. and then raise interest rates as early as next year.
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the end of the average on me right now connor must john break to heavy this weekend, thanks so much for being here. assess what you hardly federal reserve nj powell this week? >> is you're probably going to have a start to tapering in november, tapering will be relatively mild it will last for ten months. they will reduce their net purchases of treasury bonds by $8 billion per month from the current $80 billion. even with tapering i don't see the ten year treasury finishing this year much above its peak for 2021 that was at the end of march. >> we did. the temp talk about inflation being temporary. john, look you go to the grocery stores. you are seeing gains on everything from milk and chicken to the car you are driving. how might your on inflation
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and the risk to the broad story and the stock market. consumers should be embraced my tech to small business owners of the rising cost of labor. not only is labor being costly or they have a very difficult time finding qualified employees. it appears as though this inflation problem is constraining growth. i think that will continue to be the case for some time. especially since the worldwide disruptions to supply chains are not going to disappear any time for the auto industry cannot get the microchips it needs. as a result we may not see the auto industry get into high gear until late 2022. maria: this is a really important point you're making the auto industry is set to
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lose $210 billion in revenue because of these supply shocks. so what else is going to get disrupted by the fact some of the important products that we need, whether it's components for cars or our electronic devices, it's stuck on supply chains outside of this country bread that is with the backing things up. probably going to back up for the holiday season as well. most important for retail. >> you are right, you've got to get your holiday shopping done as quickly as possible. we have problems shipping goods, shipping containers from china to the united states. you can look at fairly bare shelves at the end of this holiday shopping season. and of course if inventories don't build up if they don't accumulate, that means there's not going to be any sales and bill have higher prices than otherwise on average. >> real quick before you go, investing today pretty worried about the collapse of ever
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grand when you think about allocating capitol today after we saw wild moves this past week and the stock market? quick speaking of wild moves the volatility by world financial markets china will probably prevent this from becoming a major problem globally note deep lasting dive will be working about it to a deep slide when i see or expect a sizable contraction of profits, not yet. >> john, just want to point out they keep saying they will not bail out ever grand. but they are expected to sign $71 billion into short-term repo market in the last five days. perhaps that is the kind of behind the scenes and bail out that certainly put them into the market.
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john, it's great to see it thanks so much for joining us this weekend. on the economy and markets today. how many haitian migrants have been released into the united states? no crete answers in the white house or the department of homeland security. thousands of people living in squalor under the del rio bridget last weekend. now unaccounted for by the former head of the department
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every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. the question about the numbers in the map. if you and the ones you say were expelled or releases less than 5000. so there's 5000 select where is everybody else? >> i'm happy for her to a more fruitful rundown for you if it was helpful from the department upon security. maria: i was peter doocy press
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in the white house for transparency because the map did not end up with the department upon security release these numbers, they claim 1900 migrants returned to haiti, 3900 others are in control because of the 3100 others are still in the del rio sector. nearly 15000 migrants were under that bridge just last weekend. so, where is everybody else? are they living or have they moved to your neighborhood join me now heritage foundation visiting fellow he is the former acting secretary of the department of homeland security, secretary chad wolf. secretary thank you so much for being here. i know these numbers are not be distributed to the public we don't know we have to take the edges word for it. what is your expectation in terms of these haitian migrants? where did they go under that bridge was jam packed with people last saturday. >> here is the process, maria here's how it works at the end of the day. they have been deported according to white house numbers a little over 1500
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folks back to haiti. they are staging another set of folks for flights back to haiti. but what they are doing with the rest of that population is moving them to other border patrol facilities along that border and isis facility so they can process them and then release them into the interior of the united states. so at the end of the day, information or sources that i have talked to say about two thirds of that 14 -- 15000 patients under that bridge will likely be released into the united states. and so those are family units those are minors, some set of single adults. so about two thirds somewhere between 9000 and 10,000 of those patients are likely going to be released into the united states. maria: who goes where are we talking young men being sent back? family units staying? children's with mothers saying?
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how do we know who's going back and who is staying? do we know where they're going to live? >> we know because the biden administration has said they do not apply title 42, two minors but they do not apply to families. they let anyone a female who is pregnant into the country. so you start looking all these populations and essentially the only individuals there sending back to haiti are single adults, both mail and female. as long as the female is not pregnant or says that she is not pregnant. everyone else they are releasing into the country in some cases a notice to report which is essentially please show up at an ice facility wherever you are going for there is no order it's a voluntary versus notice to appear which is an immigration order that they must show up at a specific location on a specific date. maria: i guess the audience
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should have a better understanding of what this means to have additional people coming into the country this way. what kind of job prospects will they have? what kind of benefits will be government have to give out so that we have a better understanding of how the american people will get impacted. i can tell you for sure, i am getting sources who say they are using private jets and private airports to dump some people in areas of the country that the local governments, mayors, governors are not been told about. marsha blackburn was on this program saying look, they are sending in the middle of the night planes of full of people to tennessee. other people tell him of these the westchester airport in new york. what is your take on the private flight, private airports being used with is likely no report is to record this. and also what kind of benefits will be given? what is the impact to the american people? >> here is what we know. they are being flown from
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border patrol stations along the southwest border not only in del rio but all across the southwest border to other locations around the country. they are doing that by ice air which is a private contractor that is private aircraft were usually 7:30 seven of some sort. they're also using coast guard aircraft to do that as well. again, they're going into communities. probably transferring those individuals to facilities in tennessee, in michigan and places so they can again be processed and then released. now, once they get here if they've claimed asylum and they're going through an asylum process was your court date is many months, maybe even a year away you get a work permit. they're able to start working. they are not a citizen by any stretch of the imagination but they do start to be able to work and start to receive some federal benefits. again that is at tax payer expense for its important to remember we are talking about a small population of haitians that have come into del rio.
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we have that same population coming into the country. we have two the past seven -- eight months every other week. the haitians were front and center because they were in one location under a bridge in del rio. you have to remember in the month of july 20, 0000 illegal apprehensions the vast majority of those are over a majority are being released into the country. we have a haitian population every other week that's coming into the country and being a re- settled into the interior of the united states. maria: is a really good point were averaging 200,000 a month. 208,000 apprehensions. that is not including those who got away. tens of thousands of others just got away, did not get apprehended. thank you for mentioning that. it's not just about the del rio bridge. chad it's great to see you thank you very much for all of your work on this overflow at the southern border. meanwhile senator marco rubio out with a warning for american investments in china.
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>> welcome back. growing privacy concerns as china continues to crack down on its corporations. this week forced to share its data with the chinese communist party. there is the collapse of china's ever grand as well, the second largest property developer in the world. senator marco rubio has been sounding the alarm about the danger and risks of investing in chinese companies were to ask him about these latest developments. >> well, on ever grand it's a reminder there we do not have any insight or any understanding about the true numbers of the health of any of these companies in china. and so, as we allow them into
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our market we allow american funds to invest in them in our markets that any of the oversight or regulatory requirements would impose on our american country. were putting potentially billions of dollars in american retirement funds and pension funds at risk. i do not know how we can continue to do that part to help this administration will be strong about it. we are making a lot of progress on the trumpet demonstration in that regard and loss and seem here with the new administration. on the first point of the crackdown i think it's pretty straightforward. spent sending a very clear message i don't care if you're a billionaire or one of the largest corporations in the world, a celebrity because you crackdown on celebrities or your company that is a big giant on social media. no one is bigger than the communist party of china. i think he's putting everyone in their place and remind them you may get rich, you may get famous figure still under our control. i think you're going to continue to see more of this in the years and months to come. >> specie doesn't. maria: the same with an iron
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fist for just two weeks ago the most popular famous entertainer, actress in china disappeared and her entire footprint on social media it was disappeared. she was the reese witherspoon of china. of course this is several months after jack mott disappeared because he made the mistake of criticizing the financial services regulatory backdrop. a lot danger investing in chinese companies he got larry fink from blackrock saying they need take their allocations to chinese stocks up by three times, three times and you had ray dally oh at the greenwich investment forum this week saying this is all manageable by the way all of this is not just an investing story. this is national security issues. and yet joe biden did not even address china and the general assembly this week, senator. >> is been priority in the
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administration that let made a lot of money investing other people's money in china. there's a lot of people and a lot of companies made a lot of money gaining a small population is very large market. they want that to continue not just ten years from now they will be here ten years now they want to know how much money can the make for their funds, their investor, their company of the next two or three years. by the time this crashes are not third terrible thing happens i'll be long gone. it's not their money they're risking but it's a risk to the country. it's a risk because it's not just a market failure. i don't exactly recall who said this is the way things happen with investors it's true there are market failures to rent and you lose this is directed by government. an american investment in china, they can do it overnight we have a government action something they would take on and many cases deliberately as a geopolitical
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chess move. this continues because we have a class in american finance it's deeply invested in short-term profits from china and care nothing about his long-term input mckay on the country or national security. >> so why then is joe biden loosening sanctions on for a way. it has a new lobbyist tony podesta yes john podesta as brothers. there have concerns say they are worried about security and privacy issues. i think number one it's generally disorganized and chaotic right now i think last week stands as a testament to incompetence there being overwhelmed by circumstances. many of it is their woke rhetoric is crashing into real-world situations it's not working out for them. part of that is what you pointed to, let's not kid ourselves here. if you look at wall street,
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all of those industries and financial industries they are enormous and big supporters of the democratic party and joe biden for the generally lands him in everything except maybe the capitol gains tax and carried interest in a couple other things. in terms of social issues and the like most certainly for their having influence on this administration for the telling them to back off. part of the problem we are having here is this insane allergy to anything trumpet with the biden administration bred base of the trumped and it doesn't matter if it's a good idea, if prompted they'll do the opposite. maria: your announcing legislation pushing back on woke corporations printed op-ed in this morning you said no more legal tricks that shield these corporate executives and accountability print they really believe being awoke is good for business they should have to say so and prove it. >> look a foot companies going to boycott a state, if they're going to pull a product off the market because it as an american flag on it might offend people for companies going to make these decisions
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under pressure from either the woke culture or some employee uprising that's pushing them in this direction they should have to justify to their large shareholders why they've done it why it's in the country. if they're sued on that should have a higher burden to prove we have made as a corporation because it's the best interest of our business model. we are acting in the business of our shareholders not just kowtowing to pressure from china from the woke and cancel culture in america. >> my thanks to incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the lexus nx. experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807!
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secret empires author peter schweitzer and fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane. don't miss the show live over fox news sunday morning futures is at 10-ampere plastering a business foxbusiness start smart every six -- 9:00 a.m. eastern for mornings with maria on foxbusiness. we hope you'll start every weekday with us. that will do it for us for this weekend, thank you so mumumumu >> it's every parent's worst nightmare. your child is born with a deformity -- a face no one wants to see. in poor countries, over 200,000 children a year are condemned to a life of pain and rejection, hoping for the miracle that will change their lives forever.


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