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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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maria: welcome and good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures" i'm maria bartiromo. today, corruption at the highest level. clinton campaign, dirty tricks and hunter biden's money scheme. coming up, house intel committee ranking member devin nunes on the john durham investigation. will joe biden's doj stop more indictments because the people who abuse power are now in power then, never mind the border over flowing, the afghanistan disaster, now, an economic crisis is at hand.
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the government will run out of money this up upcoming thursday, but joe biden is still pushing his 5 trillion-plus spending package which he says is actually free. >> every time i hear it's going to cost a,b,c, or d, the truth is, based on the commitment that i made, it's going to cost nothing because we're going to raise revenue. maria: house ways and means committee ranking member kevin brady on the real cost and impact of sky high spending and tax increases. plus, general jack keane assess es the new leadership in afghanistan, as a former gitmo detainee becomes the deputy minister of defense with a little help from iran, to build the taliban army. plus, selling access could not be easier, hunter biden begins his art show soon and his gallery wants to be the biggest dealer in china, but he's already had a real vip reaction
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from its display in the white house. investigative reporter peter schweizer on the hunter biden conflict, all that, right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." and first, this morning, the scheme to take down a president, finally exposed and accountability begins. a federal grand jury indicted hillary lawyer michael sussman, who worked at perkins cooey law firm with making a false statement to the fbi back in september 2016. the indictment part of special counsel john durham's investigation confirms what this program and my first guest this morning have been saying for four years-plus. that the made up story of russia collusion, with donald trump, was nothing more than a corrupt politician, trying to take down her opponent with made up propaganda, but in this big lie, hillary's scheme was also able
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to ensnar the fbi among other government agencies and the media to deceive the american people. back in february of 2018, congressman devin nunes dropped his famous nunes report, outlin ing the fbi's knowledge that the dossier was made up and the surveillance of trump associates, which took place afterwards, was illegal. nenes appeared on this program throughout the multi-year russia hoax and was the first person to warn us this collusion charge was phony, years ago, on this program. >> who is the mastermind of the plan to insert donald trump into russia meddling which we know russia has been meddling for decades. >> well, i think we can say, let's talk about what we know are facts. what we can say for certain. i think that's helpful. we know the clinton campaign, number one, so they're aware of a lot of this , right? they're involved in the creation of the dossier, they're hiring fusion gps, they hired christopher steele, that's a fact so the clinton campaign is
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involved. maria: joining me right now congressman devin nunes, the ranking member of the house intelligence committee. good to see you, congressman. you were spot on right there. thanks for being back with us. what do you say durham's first indictment or actually it's the second indictment, tells us about the broader investigation? >> well, this is just a never- ending story, that the american people expect durham to get to the truth and they expect for doj to hold these characters accountable because the american people have lost trust in the fbi and the department of justice at least half of the american people have, so this is a critical indictment because for years, they've hid under privilege. oh, these are lawyer, you can't talk to them, i think that's what's taken durham so long is just because they've been hiding under well if you hire a lawyer therefore those lawyers can't give up anything so they used perkins cooey law firm, now these two lawyers are gone, one has been indicted, one has not, but that's why they were doing this and it's really wrong.
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you can't use lawyers just to conductor dirty tricks to dirty up your opponent and in this case, it went far beyond that, maria and i think this is really a test case or a case study, so to speak, an educational process, in how the swamp here really works. you basically create a story out of thin air, you spread it out to your media that you control, and then you begin to feed this story around into the fbi, the doj, so it looks like it's real and that's what's happened here so i think if you go back and read that 27-page indictment i'd encourage all of your viewer s to do it, you'll really see how this place works, why it's so wrong, and why it has to stop, because people, think of all of the lives that have been destroyed and the businesses here. you know, whether it's the trump campaign, all the people associated with it. you still have many americans who have been poisoned by this who think that donald trump had something to do with russia in fact the opposite it was true
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, it was the democrats and the clinton campaign and the bidens who had something to do with russia. maria: that's basically what i said to john pedesta years ago when i had him talking about russia and i said look it was the democrats actually in bed with russia but i want to take a look at some of the perpetrators of this lie and what they're doing now because you have to look at something like a jake sullivan tweet and raise your eyebrows. back in the day, he was among these ped eling this lie, now he is the national security advisor of the united states. look at what jake sullivan post ed back in 2016, nsa advisor to president, this is where they are now, the nsa advisor to president biden, but you have this statement from jake sullivan on this report about alpha bank and he says this could be the most direct link yet between donald trump and moscow, computer scientists have apparently uncovered a cove rt server linking the trump organization to the alpha bank of russia, the secret
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hot line he's talking about, i mean, it's just extraordinary to me that here he is, pedaling this nonsense years ago and now he is the nsa. equally stunning is hillary clinton's tweet that did not age well. let's take a look at hillary clinton's tweet, when she back in 2016, and she knew that her foreign policy advisors have come up and she was paying them to come up with this nonsense about trump. she tweets out, that it's time for trump to answer questions about russia. did she not accept $148 million from a russian company in the clinton foundation and so she's trying to turn it on trump , meanwhile she accepted all that money? >> well look, this is why this is a case study in how washington works. they essentially accuse your opponent of what they are doing this is typical marxist tactics taking over this entire government here and been going on now this is the fifth year this has been happening, so this is why we expect durham to get to the bottom of this , and
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what i'm concerned about now, maria, is that if you look at the department of justice, if you look at merit garland whose the attorney general, look at how many things that have already looked entirely political if you look at the issue of going to court and arguing that the eviction notices, that that's okay. defending what the administration is doing at the border, so my guess is is that all these characters who worked in the obama administration, worked on the clinton campaign, promoted this nonsense, have to have known that it was nonsense, are now sitting in high positions in the biden administration so you have to believe the pressure in this town, on the attorney general, is so great to shut durham down, because look. they're beginning to certain el around some very questionable characters and, look, this guy was promoting this back in 2016. sullivan never should have been put into this position and when you put people in the positions like this , that are completely unqualified, you end up with 13
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service members getting killed in afghanistan, because you don't have the propaganda media here to protect you, you don't have the tech companies to protect you, and so you end up with somebody who doesn't belong there who was likely, it had to be the biden administration, the white house, who was calling shots on closing bagram air base , on doing what they did to try to do these what looked like now phony drone attacks that end up killing innocent americans, so people get killed when the wrong people get put in positions of power. that's why another reason why this is so important. maria: all right, we want to know what happens next and what you expect from the john durham investigation. here is john solemon on this program, investigative reporter, back in january telling us what he is expecting next from the john durham investigation. let's role john soleman. >> right now, john durham looks to be building a small number of indictments focused on the top
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of the free cash flow, the very top of the leadership of the fbi that's where he's looking. maria: so, devin nunes, what are you expecting next from john durham? was there a statute of limitations that sort of pressured him to get this one indictment out? i know kevin klinesmith got a slap on the wrist, no indictment but we got this first indictment where does it lead now? >> look, what i expect is we've made 14 criminal referrals to the department of justice. i expect every one of those to be looked into. for god's sake the american people, the taxpayers pay for us to do this work. we don't have gun guns in congress. we can't go out and arrest people. we can do an exhaustive investigation which we've done despite being stonewalled by the department of justice and the fbi for years so we've done our job and now we expect durham to do his job which i think he is doing and like i said the american people, every republican senator beings every
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republican congressman, better be saying the same thing when they're having conversations especially the ones who are in positions of power in this town to tell garland, durham better finish this investigation, and it's for a number of reasons i've outlined in the last few minutes. maria: and i know some of those referrals had to do with conspiracy, so we'll be watching that. >> that's right. maria: congressman i want to take a short break. you've got breaking news you sent a letter this morning to joe biden, we're going to take a break and then talk about biden 's no-teeth china policy and why the department of justice just dropped the fraud charges against cfo of huawei, and why that huawei founder's daughter is now back in her motherland of china. that's next, stay with us. that's a nice truck.
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today, i'm a medical assistant and i'm studying to become a registered nurse. in filipino: you'll always be in my heart. maria: welcome back. we are back with congressman devin nunes, who along with his republican colleague in the house intelligence committee , sent a letter to president biden this week, this
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morning, about his covid origins investigation. congressman thanks for being here. why don't you walk us through this letter. what are you trying to accomplish here with this letter to the president? >> well it's pretty simple. the american people, and republicans in congress at least , expect there to be a whole of government approach. we've sent the biden administration two letters previously to this. finally this week, we're able to get briefed because biden instructed the intelligence community to do an assessment. now, what it's clear is it, once again, they're using the intelligence agencies to put a cloud of secrecy over all of this and quite frankly, with 700,000 americans dead, this should not be happening. there should be totalitarians here. total and complete transparency. earlier this week, we had numerous questions that were asked by republican members on the intelligence committee, and every member left there with zero confidence that there has actually been a real
6:16 pm
investigation done here, and look, the easy reason why is that there are numerous americans who have received grant money. there are scientists who are paid for by the taxpayers and simple questions were asked, who did you talk to? and the fact of the matter is, they couldn't answer that and they refused to answer that, so it looks like there needs to be an entire new report that needs to be written, because republican members on the committee have basically had enough of this , it just looks like this is another attempt to obviscate and protect china, once again, by the biden administration. maria: yeah and there was an exclusive wall street journal story this morning that covid-19 panel of scientists investigating the origins of the virus has been disbanded, so the colombia professor jeffrey sack says he disbanded this tax force because he was afraid that there was a political
6:17 pm
implication. we're following that. he says there were too many links to ego health alliance. let me get your take on the overall policy on china out of this administration. we know china's goals, they're using their belt and road strategy to ultimately take over america as the number one super power, and yet, joe biden keeps giving them victories. he, over the weekend, allowed this hostage swap, allowing the cfo of huawei out of, she was under house arrest in canada she's now back in china, swap ping for the two canadians that were put in jail in china. your thoughts on what we're going to see from joe biden with regard to china? my sources tell me that there will be legislation soon, written, about china policy, so far, none of it has any teeth, congressman. >> well look the biden administration and all the democrats are always afraid to even dare mention china's name even just last week, the united nations, joe biden refused to talk about china, when clearly, china is trying to
6:18 pm
overtake the world, be the world 's largest economy, and essentially, take control of the world's reserve currency, so they continue to be afraid of them for some reason. what should have been said here is the two canadians, the canadian government had picked up this huawei leader, we're holding her for extradition to the united states. the chinese picked up two canadians for no reason at all. we have no reason why those canadians were picked up so what the president of the united states should have been saying is release the two canadians now but instead what do they do? they negotiate behind the scenes on a friday night, once again, there's an exchange and they hope that the american people won't see how weak this administration really is. maria: by the way, congressman, secretary mayorkas has admitted on fox news sunday that as many as 12,000 out of the 17,000 migrants under that bridge have been released into the country. so he's admitting it.
6:19 pm
that 12,000 have been released into the country. you've got a disaster in afghanistan, and incredible dangerous situation at the open border, and we may very well have another economic disaster this week, because the government is running out of money on thursday. real quick, on this boon-doggle and what's most important for you to look at in terms of all of the spending $5.5 trillion spending plan that joe biden is still pushing through despite all of these disasters. >> yeah, and the american people don't even know that this is happening because they marked up all of these bills and passed them here in the dark days of summer in august and september, they marked up a bill yesterday. most americans don't even know that that happened. cspan for a large part didn't carry a lot of the hearings so what they are trying to do, they know this will be wildly unpopular and we've seen this done before, maria. let me just take you quickly back to 2009. obama came in and said we have to pass the stimulus so we gave them $800 billion. i didn't vote for it but they got that. then they used that money to bribe members of congress,
6:20 pm
democratic members of congress, remember it only passed by one vote in the house, to get obamacare through. this is on steroids. biden has $1.9 trillion that they passed supposedly for covid to bribe these democratic members who really don't want to vote for it because this bill makes obamacare look like nothing and then don't forget, on top of all that, the taxes and i know you'll have chairman brady on in just a few moments, but the thing that worries me the most, why would they want to double the size of the irs and double the number of agents, unless they have a plan to final ly force the banks to produce every record of every american at all times, so to the irs so that the irs can go in and try to invade all of americans to force them to pay more taxes. that's the only possible reason they want to double the size of the irs. maria: we'll talk about that with kevin brady coming up because i know that they want all of the surveillance of
6:21 pm
anything that you withdraw from your account over $600, which is pretty extraordinary. i know that's not in the bill right now but we'll talk with kevin brady about it, congressman thanks very much good to see see you this morning on all of this. devin nunes, joining us. quick break and then the disastrous piling up the southern border overflowing with migrants, 200,000 every month, the americans in afghanistan still fighting to survive, and get back, and this thursday, the government will run out of money. the ranking member on the house ways and means committee, kevin brady, is next, to tell us what to expect this upcoming week. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business.
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thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. maria: welcome back. joe biden's agenda is at risk with the government running out of money this upcoming thursday,
6:25 pm
and democrat leaders are still scrambling to find agreement on the massive $3.5 trillion spending plan while progressives are threatening to derail the separate $1.25 trillion infrastructure package which was set for a vote this week. joining me right now is congressman kevin brady, he is the ranking member on the house ways and means committee. congressman it's good to have you this morning thanks very much for being here. >> good to see you, maria. maria: walk us through the week. >> yeah, so, i think this is a economic and political crisis of the democrats own making. right now, they're attempting ram through this , as you said, over $5 trillion of crippling tax hikes and expansion of the welfare but they've also failed to keep the government open, failed to provide disaster relief to louisiana, and a lot of other states, and of course haven't raised the debt ceiling. they've known this debt ceiling for two years was coming, they never passed a budget, haven't had a single discussion with
6:26 pm
republicans about how we tackle our financial future as a country, and, they have the ability to pass this debt ceiling on their own. the question is, will they do that and then my guess is, only if they're forced to. right now i think they're more interested in playing political games with the debt ceiling which is wrong than actually passing it and raising it. maria: so you say that it's politically wreckless to have the debt ceiling in this conversation among all of the other conversations around spending and tax increases. what do you think is going to happen this week ahead of this thursday deadline? >> you know, my guess is, they will play political games with it in the senate, early in the week, realize they've run the clock out, and speaker pelosi and the president and chuck schumer are going to have to make a call on how to tackle it. the good news is for them, in this reconciliation bill, they can deal with the simple majority in the house and the senate. they don't want to do that, but
6:27 pm
they can do that easily and that is the real answer to how this debt ceiling issue is attacked. maria: let's walk through the plans in terms of the reconciliation bill. i want to get your take on the tax increases that they posed like to push through there and then i want to get into this item on bank surveillance because i know that it's not in the bill right now, but they still want to double the size of the irs. first, congressman, walk us through the tax increases that you're expecting in this reconciliation bill. who gets taxed? >> yeah, i've never seen washington spend so much to kill so many american jobs, to raise prices even higher and to expand the welfare state. the greatest expansion in our lifetime. this is an economic surrender to china, russia, and europe, with saddling american businesses with some of the highest tax rates in the world which will drive and kill, we think, about 3 million job, drive many of
6:28 pm
them overseas and make it easier to be a foreign company than a u.s. company or worker. secondly, they are devastating tax increases on local small businesses just as they're trying to struggle to get out of this pandemic economy and get americans back to work, and as we pointed out, this breaks president biden's pledge to not raise taxes on the low and middle income families, and you don't have to take our word for it. the congress' own scorekeeper the joint committee on taxation confirms that low income middle class families will begin to see tax increases. the tax policy says beginning next year, so to put them in perspective, these tax hikes on our local businesses are three times greater than the tax cuts we gave them to spur this economy. maria: so let me talk about the bank surveillance for a moment because i know that right now they are in negotiations
6:29 pm
going on to reinsert the salt deduction, so you've got the new yorkers, new jersey, connecticut , they all want that salt deduction back in there. they want to raise $300 billion to pay for that, and in doing that, joe biden says he wants to hire 80,000 new auditors at the irs. there was an idea of bank surveillance that joe biden wants the banks to be forced to report any withdrawal you take out of your bank the of more than $600, so where does that stand? are the banks going to report to the treasury anything that anybody takes out of their account more than $600? >> so while the bank surveillance was not in the ways and means committee bill, as it was voted out by house democrats , i predict it will be, before this bill comes to the house floor and for this reason. democrats are so eager to provide a huge salt tax break, which mainly goes to millionaire
6:30 pm
households, and it will cost between 100 and $400 billion. i think where they believe they will get it is doubling the number of irs agents to 80,000 in america, and this bank surveillance, they believe, between the two, they will cover the money for the tax break for the wealthy with salt, but who pays the real price here? our working families, small businesses, farmers, who will have both their personal and their business bank accounts surveilled by the irs, local banks don't want to do this , they know this is a horrible intrusion on the privacy of everyday americans, and they think as i do that the real target here is not big business or wealthy. i think they are coming after our farmers, our families, and our local small businesses with this bank surveillance. i predict they put it in. maria: that is so extraordinary. make sure to throw in that salt deduction for the rich people in new york and new jersey, but
6:31 pm
also, make sure we're surveiling anybody who takes out more than $600 out of their checking accounts. i mean, this is incredible. real quick, before you go. can the republicans stop any of this? do you think the agenda is in jeopardy because i know that even in the infrastructure package, there are also tax increases in the $1.25 trillion infrastructure package which somehow nobody talks about. >> yeah, i believe we can stop this , maria, but we can't do it by ourselves. the question for the coming week is not about nancy pelosi's leadership here. this is a test that whether there are moderate democrats left in the house, who will fight for their local small businesses and for american workers. that's the real key. maria: great point. are there any left? only three need to stop this. maria: wow really good point, congressman great to see you come back soon thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> good to see you maria thanks maria: and to you, kevin brady
6:32 pm
joining us next. coming up access on sale with new hunter biden e-mails revealing he wanted over $2 million in success fees, to help unfreeze billions in libya assets while his father was vice president. investigative journalist peter schweizer is next on how joe biden's china entanglements are biden's china entanglements are
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if you have all these connections, this can be used as blackmail against the biden presidency bar and access anything alleged against donald trump. chris: that was senator ron johnson on this program last october warning if elected then candidate joe biden china ties will compromise his presidency. on friday as you know biden's d.o.j. dropped fraud charges against the daughter of ccp member and huawei founder, she was arrested and she had been under house arrest in canada
6:37 pm
since 2018 for misleading hsbc with dealings with iran, as we have reported her release was a top priority for the chinese communist party joining me is peter schweizer, president of the accountability institute, the host of the drill down a weekly podcast on corruption, it is good to see you, thank you for being here, your reaction to the cfo huawei back at home. >> it's another example of a strategic retreat by the biden administration, they talk tough and claim they're serious about the challenges represented by china and what you get is retreat, you saw the annunciator by joe biden in his speech to the united nations earlier in this week in new york where he said we might have some disagreements with china but all of that is trumped by the other issues we have to work with them on. the bottom line china has said
6:38 pm
consistently they seem to surpass united states and political and strategic capabilities in their goal is to be the supreme power on the globe over the next couple decades in the biden administration says are not a competitor and they're basically backing down on somebody positions staked out by the trump administration. chris: what is this about, is this about the current leadership in washington not wanting to upset china or is this about compex of interest that the biden family has with china. >> i think it is probably both there is no question the conflicts exist, joe biden himself, two of his family members his son hunter biden and his brother james biden have received millions of dollars from politically connected chinese interest. we also know by the way that joe biden has been a beneficiary,
6:39 pm
the hunter biden e-mails show that hunter biden is paying some of his dad's bills when he was vice president of the united states. yet the conflicts with the biden's, if you look at tony blinken in the other senior people in this administration they to have financial conflicts of interest as it relates to china. my view, why is this not being scrutinized by the media and certainly if you talk about wall street or big oil they would be talking about conflicts of interest but would it comes to china they don't seem to discuss it. maria: you're right we've been one of the few to 0 in on china for several years. i want to show you this text message that we were able to get and all the information on the biden laptop which you have in your possession, hunters 2019 text to daughter naomi. i hope you all can do what i did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years, it's
6:40 pm
really hard. but don't worry unlike pops i won't make you give me half your salary, what idi amin text this is. >> it is you could say is this hyperbole, would you go through the e-mails we have been going through them, about 30000, were doing it by hand not just word searches and what you find plenty of evidence to support that hunter biden was paying joe biden's bills. we know there were contractors working on joe's private residence in delaware while he was vice president in hunter in his business associates are handling the payment of the bills we know there was things like a private phone or several funds he had when he was vice president. the bill was 300 plus dollars a month that was being paid by hunters business. we know tens of thousands of dollars of bills have been paid
6:41 pm
in this is illegal you cannot subsidize a family member and politics by paying their bills. maria: i want to ask about the art shows, hunter biden is now suddenly an artist who thinks he can sell his art for half a million dollars per painting between 75000 into half a million. it was reported in the new york times that doctor jill biden has hunter biden's are hung up in the white house, that's pretty significant. tell me about the art shows and what you believe this is going to yield for the biden family, we know the owner of the gallery that is supporting hunter biden, he was a be the biggest thing since china. maria: you have just take this out to genius level corruption. hunter biden previously was going to brother world striking business deals, that requires a certain level of transparency if
6:42 pm
you're sitting on a corporate board that gets disclosed, the art world is very hard to trace money. the senate did investigation in 2019 and concluded the art world was right. with money laundering, oligarchs moving money around, hunter biden created a circumstance whereby he can collect half a million dollars a pop for a piece of work and there will be no paper trail, the white house is the ethics solution here, put that in quotation marks is nobody's going to know anything about anyone involved. that's absurd we know the art deals in the art shows the hunter biden will be there schmoozing with people, the man holding these art deals in showing hunters art has said china is a growth market where he really wants to go. we know what this is the biden stand for decades.
6:43 pm
it's really not in dispute. this is the new avenue for corruption, the money will give an opportunity for intermediaries that want to prefigure with this administration in joe biden is displaying the our work which is the really nice gallery for four dignitaries to see the work. .maria: hunter biden still hasnt china because we know about the infamous e-mail that says were going to do this deal with cefc in 10% held for the big guy, we found later that the big guy is in fact joe biden you think these dealings are still going on with joe biden as president is he making money and withholding it from the big guy when he's out of office? is that the plan. >> that's a great question, we know that their finances are intertwined, the e-mails make that clear.
6:44 pm
we know hunter has existing ties to chinese companies that are linked to the chinese military and chinese intelligence, the private equity firm where he was put on the boarding given mistake, that's $20 million in that deal still exist. maria: all disturbing. thank you very much we will talk soon, we appreciate your time. were taking a break and looking at the president on the world stage, he does not mention the threat of communist china during the un general assembly. as beijing sends more warplanes into taiwan's airspace this past week. in negotiation with the taliban to exploit trillions of dollars to exploit trillions of dollars ofof
6:45 pm
the best things america makes are the things america makes out here. the history she writes in her clear blue skies. the legends she births on home town fields. and the future she promises. when we made grand wagoneer, proudly assembled in america, we knew no object would ever rank with the best things in this country. but we believed we could make something worthy of their spirit.
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>> basically if trump did it it doesn't matter if it was a good idea, if trump did it they will do the opposite and it's playing out a little bit in china.
6:48 pm
if trump was tough on china in if trump was toughay on china ad one way they want to be loose in another way they want to do the opposite of everything that trump does it's gotten them a border crisis in a fiasco in is count afghanistan. it's put them in a difficult position. spot. maria: that was florida senator marco rubio, with me, this week on mornings are maria over on box business john hinckleying me right now to talk about the situation in afghanistan and how it relates to china is fox news senior strategic analyst general jack keane, the former vice chairman of the u.s. army, a retired four star army general and presidential medal of freedom recipient, general it's always an honor to speak with you thanks for being here. >> delighted to be here, maria. maria: what was your take on the fact that president biden sits there at the u.n. general assembly on the world stage and does not recognize the threat of china, after a year that saw the ccp invade india killing
6:49 pm
soldiers, invade hong kong, start throwing around their national security law, putting people in jail, freedom fighters like jimmy lai, as well as the continuation of bad behavior on the u.s. from stealing intellectual property to bullying its neighbors, and yet, it did not come up in joe biden's u.n. speech. >> yeah, it was quite remarkable in my mind, and what a lost opportunity. usually, when we have a new president, and he's going before the u.n. general assembly, where all the leaders of the world are present, or at least their representatives are there, it's an incredible platform that usually most presidents take advantage of, and before that platform, given the debacle that took place in afghanistan, just such a short while ago and the whole world watched that, and the united states confidence and resolve was brought into question, i think that's in disputable, and certainly, people had that on their minds.
6:50 pm
this was an opportunity for the president of the united states. he's making the claim that we're returning to the world stage as a global leader and therefore, deal with the united states confidence and resolve. layout the strategic framework on how we're going to deal with adversarial nations who are destabilizing the world order. china, russia, and iran, and also, i think come straight out and deal with afghanistan in terms of u.s. commitment and u.s. resolve going forward, and admit that there had been some mistakes made, but the fact that our allies are sitting there, think about our allies in indo-pacific region and i've been out there and talked to many of them, and what they all do business with china, they don't have much choice as a trading partner, but they all look to the united states, maria , for security. all of them out there, to include the lesser countries you don't mention much like vietnam and singapore and indonesia, but
6:51 pm
all the major ones do, as well, and we didn't even address that in terms of the strategic significance and what is the united states plans to deal with china's aggression as well as russia and eastern europe and creating their own sphere of influence and what iran wants to do in the middle east. that was huge lost opportunity. maria: yeah and what did we see in response? china send flights, military war plans, into taiwan. we're going to take a short break and then i want to ask you if in fact you believe china will invade taiwan, next, plus general mark milley and second lloyd austin will take the hot seat on capitol hill this week, i'll ask general keane on the main questions they need to be answering. stay with us.
6:52 pm
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maria: welcome back i'm talking with general jack keane this morning on the implications of the cut and run out of afghanistan. general, what the are your thoughts on what we saw these last two weeks where chinese war planes entered the air space of taiwan? >> yes, it's very significant. the numbers involved and the frequency of it has out stripped anything we've seen in the past, and it clearly as a result of what took place in afghanistan. i mean, what they are trying to send a message, particularly to the taiwanese but also to our other allies in the region, is chinese might empower, in the inevitibility of taiwan actually becoming a part of china that you cannot resist and the united states is not going to be there to help you. that's the message they're sending as a result of the disaster in afghanistan, but it portends a dangerous
6:56 pm
situation. most analysts will look at this and look at president xi and you have to take him at his word, because he has a tendency to do what he says. he's very unlike his predecessor s because he speaks so much openly and puck publicly about where he's going strategically and he has said repeatedly that we're not going to pass the taiwan problem on to the next generation. we are going to solve this problem during his tenure, and that clearly means either taiwan submits willingly or they do something forcefully, and i do believe that the situation in terms of force being an option is likely getting closer. we all said sometime in the next decade but here's what's driving xi also as a back drop to what's taking place. number one, he knows full well he's got economic headwinds with debt, loss of productivity, demographic problems and they are going to get worse overtime. secondly, increasing global resistance and military's in
6:57 pm
region to include the united states and our allies retooling, getting more capability. that may move that closer. maria: unbelievable. general, we should also point out that general mark milley and lloyd austin defense secretary will testify next week, that will be among the topics, jack keane, always a pleasure, thank you, sir. have a wonderful
6:58 pm
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