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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  September 27, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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knock off an entire dairy. wheels off it. roll it down the hill? how do you steal 4% of the world's cheese. i'm astonished the cheese is the most stolen food in the world. we'll have a chat with our producers here. i thought it might be candy. apparently not. my time is up david asman in for neal. david: thank you so much. i wonder how much good they steal and which food is stolen more often. i'm david asman in for neil cavuto. the dow kicks off the last week of september in the green. that is good news. some top headlines we're watching for you. democrats heading for a spending showdown as president biden's 3.5, to five or send 6 trillion-dollar budget bill hanging in the balance. we have a copy of the bill.
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we'll tell you exactly what lawmakers are looking to spend your money on. getting jabbed or losing your job. new york facing a severe nursing shortage because of a new vaccine mandate that many nurses and nursing homeworkers refuse to follow. dr. marty makary is here whether the vaccine mandates are doing the opposite what they are intended to do. while the migrant camp under the bridge in del rio, texas has been removed, the question remains where are all the illegal immigrants? where are they taken? tens of thousands of more migrants waiting on the mexican side of the border to enter the united states. we'll get reaction from national border patrol council chief brandon judd. that is coming up in just a moment. first our top story, democrats ramming through trillions of dollars of spending bills this
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week despite divisions within their own party. chad pergram is on capitol hill with the very latest. chad? reporter: good afternoon, david. a monster week on capitol hill, on thursday is the deadline to fund the government. the senate take as test vote to avoid a filibuster on the bill to avoid a shutdown and suspend the debt limit. that bill will likely fail. it needs 60 yeas. nancy pelosi says the house will vote on the infrastructure bill thursday, not today. that was the original agreement. the republicans are ready to pounce on democrats who vote for big spending as they try to win the house. >> interesting speaker pelosi didn't want to talk about the numbers. to say it was paid for. it is paid for putting the debt on the next generation of americans. that is how it is paid for. reporter: democrats are not worried about criticism. democrats expect votes on social spending and infrastructure bills this week. >> i think that we'll pass the
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two bills in tandem and i'm not in any way moved by what people say about being responsible, irresponsible. over the years when we tried to do great things we've always heard this argument when we tried to pass social security we heard the argument. medicare, medicaid. reporter: how will we know if pelosi has the votes? when she calls the vote. >> what i'm watching i think is the transition from the donkey to the lemming as the animal that typifies democrats. she is about to take probably 40 or 50 democrats off a cliff. reporter: only thing pelosi was silent on in her letters to democrats the past few days was lifting the debt ceiling this week. that likely comes in early october. david? david: from the donkey to the lemming i like that comment from newt. we have the text of that massive spending bill. we'll show you what's in it.
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aishah hasnie is on capitol hill breaking it down for us. what does it show, ashiah. reporter: david, good afternoon. let's be clear about couple things. there is a progressive wish-list. it isn't even done yet. the clock is ticking on getting this done. look at getting it together. $79 billion with a b go to the irs to strengthen tax enforcement. that means coming after you. 12 billion for electric cars, for your mailman, federal employees. 3 billion for tree equity. what the heck does that mean? panting trees in communities that need it the most. 4 billion for dance distance learning for schools. 4 billion for people minorities, defender issues and bias training. here is the thing. a lot of this has not been priced out yet. expanding medicaid, medicare, those are big-ticket items likely costing hundreds of billions of dollars. if this skyrockets over
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3.5 trillion. that will not to over well with moderates. don't forget house speaker nancy pelosi as chad mentioned tied the bill to a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill to sort of placate wings of her own party but today's deadline for vote on infrastructure now delayed on thursday. right now progressives don't think there are enough votes on the spending bill. members of the problem solvers caucus still working things out. >> you know i can't support any reconciliation package that doesn't lower taxes here in my district reinstating state and local taxes. >> being held hostage for a separate bill the majority of the country doesn't want. reporter: pelosi said not talk about the numbers but values. of the numbers are what everyone in her party wants to talk about. david: thank you. bring in republican kansas senator roger marshall says president biden created one crisis after another. the spending bill is just the start. we say spending bill, senator.
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of course the president says this isn't going to cost anybody anything. that they already figured it out. it is all paid for. i mean you know. there have been a lot of, about faces by this administration to put it kindly. some people would say out and out lies. i can't think of a bigger whopper than that one. can you? >> no, david, of course you're exactly right. when the president says this is all paid for grab your wallet. what he is talking about raising your taxes. this isn't any taxes they will not come after. you better guard your retirement funds now, right? they want the bank report every transaction over $600. they want to expand medicare which will probably destroy medicare as we know it. so your viewers, again, better grab your wallet and watch out for inflation. david: there are a couple of democrat senators. basically just a couple, senator sinema and senator manchin who don't agree that it will cost nothing. who say it is already costing
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americans in terms of inflation and it will cause more inflation at the very least in order to pay for this, spending money you don't have, what's the possibility that either senator or both could stall this bill in its tracks? >> they're both on board to stall it as it is written today. could they come back with a lower number? that's possible. they're interested in the bipartisan infrastructure bill getting through. let's remember on a partisan basis they have already borrowed, democrats borrowed $2 trillion. i think this price tag would cost america 6 or $7 trillion when all said and done. look for joe manchin and kyrsten sinema to come back with a coupler offer in the next several months. david: senator, they start out slow. as you well know the devil is in the details in this thing. we'll bring it back to 3 1/2 trillion. they don't admit to the fact it
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will cost more than five trillion. we will bring it down to two trillion. sinema, manchin signs off on that. it balloons again. they have a way of hiding expenses until years later. is that possible that could happen? >> it is very possible. remember, even though they're talking about bringing the price tag down, no one is talking about what they're going to do to decrease those taxes as well. so i'm very concerned. even if they bring the price tag down, the tax issues are still there. the irs issues are still there. all the other things will still be in there. the taxing part of it still remains a problem and still leads to inflation at the end of the day. david: by the way the 79 billion for the irs, we know the president and liz warren and others want want to get into details how americans spend money, pass that over to the irs and therefore they know everything about not only the money that we earn, the money that we spend s that part of what is going on here with the
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extra spending for the irs? >> absolutely. can you imagine trying to monitor and assess every deposit of $600 or more. this will be load on bankers, lending institutions where you have a deposit of money. they will need more irs staff as well to get ahold of that. they want to invade your privacy more and more. slap a mask on your face, force a vaccine into your arm and want to know every bit and piece of your financial history. david: let's talk about the president's political capital that severely diminished over past several months. in fact from the time he was inaugurated. deadly afghanistan withdrawal was a mess, debacle, led to death of 13 people from our side in addition to hundreds of afghans. the continuing border crisis which is getting worse. you mentioned vaccine mandates which the president himself a few months aing would be illegal. now he is requiring that. among our service people, among others you have a bill out to
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prevent service people from getting dishonorable discharge if they won't take the vaccine. explain. >> yeah. exactly we know right now that we are, we are separating soldiers from the military. that separation goes on because they're refusing a vaccine, we want to make sure that those soldiers go ahead and finish up with an honorable discharge. if they get separated from the military without the honorable discharge they will lose all their benefits, lose their education funding, access to the va as well. this would be a huge hit to the our veterans. i don't know why this white house wants to give soldiers who did not sign up with this in mind when they separate them why they want to force them with a dishonorable discharge. finally why the cdc won't acknowledge natural immunity. half the soldiers sifting out there that don't want the vaccine have natural immunity which is better than the vaccine. david: we'll talk about that with dr. makary with regard to the new york vaccine mandates
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but very quickly the president started his presidency with a 50-50 split. that is just the opposite of a mandate for the kind of massive change in political an economic structures that he has planned for us. how can he do that, particularly since his political capital is so severely diminished? >> you're right again, david. all his gunpowder is gone. one crisis after another has happened. started on the southern borders. amnesty. only one you left out there is the sphere of violence. violence went up across the nation. folks across the country are concerned. he has no political capital. that is why his numbers are upside down. we see a circular firing squad in the house side. you better give chad pergram combat duty and to keep his head down. david: chad, loves the stuff. wilder, crazier, more conflicted, gives him more to
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report on. senator, appreciate it. despite all the spending worries investors are seeing a strong are recovery as markets are mixed. dow okay, s&p, nasdaq not so okay. bring in capitalist pig hedge fund manager jonathan hoenig with it. i wonder why investors are generally still optimistic about things, jonathan? is it that this is really only place in the world to put your money in the markets right now? >> i think a lot is tina. there is no alternative. you're right, stocks have been remarkably resilient. the dow is basically flat, down a little bit for the month what his his tore ially the worst month of the year. we heard that. think of things challenging the market. inflation we know about. all of mt. bide's spending plans. demonstrable rise in interest rates from 1% on 10-year in august to 1 1/2%. stocks have held on now because as you alluded to there is really no other place.
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what is good we're starting to see rotation. not just big cap tech. we're seeing nasdaq down today. stocks like oil with oil stocks up doing and oil as well. banks, restaurants. there are other places to put your money and stocks are continuing to do well. david: but jonathan, what happens, god forbid what happens if the either the delta variant, something worse comes up and causes lockdowns again? we know in order to pay for at least some of this stuff that congress is going to vote for that biden wants done, taxes are going to have to go up? we know some of the plans for that. we know regulations are going to increase as well. in addition to the fact that we're not energy independent anymore. what happens if all of those factors cut into the profits of corporations? >> well i mean we don't need all of those factors, something like, david, regulation. interesting everything you talked about, everything you alluded to, all the risk factors have nothing to do with how many huggies walmart will sell. they're all government, whether
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taxes, regulation, spending causes inflation. those are factors and uncertainty we're watching with government. as i'm watching the market. what is interesting the long term moving average is still positive but the short-term move move now has turned very questionable. some cases even negative. even the investors betting schumer, pelosi, congress won't spend for all the spending they want? >> investors are selling pelosi short. in every way, any way they can. they're looking to diversify out of the big cap tech stocks. top five of the s&p now are 20% of the index. that is an all-time high. david: i noticed that. jonathan hoenig you're the best. appreciate it. coming up today is the deadline
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♪. david: a new vaccine man date taking effect for new york health care workers. today is the deadline for hospital and nursing home employees in the state to get vaccinated or they could risk losing their jobs and it is already creating a health crisis in the state. fox news correspondent alex hogan live in new york city. alex. reporter: hi, david. this mandate doesn't just affect hospitals around the state. it affects all long-term care facilities. that includes assisting living even veterans homes. governor kathy hochul says she hopes everyone gets the vaccine but just in case the state is ready to step in calling on medically trained members of the national guard in case there are any surgeries or procedures that
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are canceled due to worker shortages. this policy will call on retirees, new professionals entering the workforce, as well as professionals coming from other states. so far most medical workers statewide are vaccinated. at least 84% of state hospital workers as of last week and 89% of staff at long-term care facilities. but every single person will need to show proof or face termination. if let go, they will not qualify for unemployment insurance. locally a similar mandate was supposed to go into effect for teachers and staff in the nation's largest school district. originally anyone unvaccinated in new york city's 1800 schools would be suspended without pay. however a federal judge blocking the rule over the weekend, at least temporarily. not before thousands of workers got their first dose. >> even on friday, even on saturday, we saw the number of
12:21 pm
vaccinations in the department of education shoot upwards. 7,000 more vaccinations just on those days. reporter: a hearing in front of a three-judge panel is scheduled for wednesday morning. the united federated teachers union says it hopes the delay will give the department of education to have more time people are vaccinated or have more staff on hand. as far as just the medical community, this could create serious problems. as of last week one county in the state only had 56% of its hospital workers vaccinated, just showing you again, david, just how many lay-offs we could see as of today. david: talking about bringing the national guard in to replace nurses which is just crazy. alex, thank you very much. fox news contributor dr. marty makary joining me now. doctor, good to have you first of all. if we lose, we could lose as much as 20% of health care workers because of the vaccine mandate, if we lose them isn't the mandate actually creating a
12:22 pm
public health emergency rather than solving one? >> that is exactly right, david, and this is not a failure of science. this is a failure of government. when the government does mandates like vaccine mandates, they don't do it precise list and not backed by scientists. those nurses, respiratory therapists i don't want to get vaccine i have immunity, better than vaccinated immunity, science is on their side but the government failed. when you have a top-down edict in america, there are two types of people the vaccinated and unvaccinated when we should talk about the immune, not immune. we have labor or cardiac nurses that is failure of government, not science. david: i had could have individual in back in january, a lot of nurses i dealt with in the emergency ward, look, you guys, are okay, dealing with somebody who might have covid?
12:23 pm
yeah, we've all had covid. the chances of nurses who haven't had a vaccine who have had covid of having natural immunity is great. isn't there some way that could be tested, provide them with an exemption? >> well, that is what they do in europe. that is what they do in israel. that is what they do so many places around the world listening to the science and not the edict of politically appointed physicians who are highly politicized on this issue. look, they got the hypothesis wrong. they said natural immunity was worse than vaccinated immunity. they have got it backwards. they have not had the humility to change the position, despite 16 studies support the validity of national immunity. these were our heroes last year. these people on the front lines, risked their own lives. they got covid. they became immune. now we treat them like this. it is a disgrace. david: the idea if you allow an exemption may not have as many people getting vaccine doesn't
12:24 pm
jibe what what is happening in europe. you mentioned europe and israel provide exemptions for people with natural immunity. in fact france has a much better vaccination rate than we do and they allow for the exception of natural immunity as long as you can prove it in an antibody test. >> that's right. great "wall street journal" today on france's vaccination policy they're more flexible. they recognize natural immunity. they had more credibility with their population. if you look what we did with an indiscriminate vaccine policy, rigid, non-flexible, since that announcement, david, vaccination rates are down 20%. the daily vaccination rate is down 20% from about 810,000 at the time of the mandate announcement down to 653,000 t backfired. people became more entrenched suspicious of government when we need them to get vaccinated if they don't have natural immunity. david: i got to talk about "the view." i know you're not used to talking about tv programs, but
12:25 pm
"the view" was on last week, right in the middle of their broadcast they had to remove a couple of the hosts from the set because of the fact that despite being fully vaccinated they had tested positive for covid. so here are two people. now may be in fact those tests were wrong which is a whole another issue, if they were right, you have vaccinated individuals free to go anywhere they want in new york whereas you're discriminated against if you have natural immunity. it kind of shows the disparities and science of vaccine mandates. >> look people see the hypocrisy after double standard right now, be it emmys, mayor of san francisco. this is becoming a highly stigmatized virus where we're treating people with this virus much differently. we saw it with hiv. highly politicized virus that created a stigma somehow these people were treated worse, less than human beings unfairly.
12:26 pm
we're seeing that now. we would never ask people to walk off the set of the blue, or stop from working if they didn't have flu shot. if you look at the united states today. it is absurd, hypocritical, violate basic scientific principles of immunity. david: dr. marty makary, good to see you. thank you very much for being here. appreciate it. coming up why facebook's plans to produce an instagram platform for children are now on pause. the details coming right after this.
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david: welcome back. oil prices on pace to settle at its highest close in nearly three years.
12:31 pm
goldman sachs boosting its oil price target at $90 a barrel. imagine that, as demand ramps up. lipow oil president, andy lipow is here to tell us more. andy, is it all a matter of supply, demand, what exactly is happening here? >> well it is a combination of both actually. we've seen that demand has been increasing as the world economy is reopening. on the other hand we have a supply deficit because, number one, opec has restrained production from the pandemic a year ago and they have been pretty slow to restore production. in between now and then we had hurricane ida which impacted gulf of mexico production, which has taken 30 million barrels of crude supply off the market t will continue to take another 30 million of supply off the market in the fourth quarter due to platform damage. david: andy, you also have an
12:32 pm
administration in power that wants to kill fossil fuels. they announced it. president biden when he was running for president said he wanted to do that. indeed they're shutting downpipe lines. how much of an effect does that have, maybe not right now but on future bets concerning oil? >> well, certainly the impact is on the future because we've seen this administration be very slow to grant permits to drill on federal lands. the same thing could be expected in the gulf of mexico. and as we've seen, of course, crude oil prices and gasoline prices rise, the irony is not lost on the oil market that president biden asked opec plus to increase production faster in order to tamp down the gasoline prices. david: and it kills us, those of us who are proud of the united states energy independence, that we had achieved over the previous four years, losing that in a heartbeat? >> well, i think it is very
12:33 pm
important that you know, the united states continues to produce a lot of energy whether that's fossil fuel, natural gas, renewables, solar and wind because that translates into less dependence on sources outside of the country and also helps us with our foreign policies. david: yeah. but you really don't think that wind and solar are ready to replace fossil fuels, do you? >> no, not by any means but they are part of the mix of the overall energy demand as the consumer continues to buy more things plugging into the wall, the electricity demand continues to go up. electricity demand on a worldwide basis is fueling demand for increase in natural gas. as natural gas prices have gone up, guess what? people are now switching back to oil. david: we got to remember all those electric cars out there, even if biden administration is successful getting people to buy
12:34 pm
more of them, they got to get their energy from someplace, mostly it is not from solar. so, they have got to deal with all of that. quickly, go ahead, andy. >> well that is correct. when we think about california and the drought out there impacting on hydroelectric power, if one looks at lake meade being nearly record low levels, impacting electricity generation throughout the southwest one can see the more you want to use electricity you have got to come up with sources for that 24/7, not only when the sun is shining but when the wind is blowing. >> bingo. andy lipow, great to see you. thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. facebook says the company is pausing the effort to build instagram for children. jackie deangelis has the details. a lot of people shaking their head on this one. reporter: facebook, owner of instagram will pause the development of a new version of
12:35 pm
the app for kids after "the wall street journal" report about facebook giving some users preferential treatment, and reports that mark zuckerberg has known the regular version of instagram has negative impact on teenage girls. the version under development is not supposed to be for little kids, target tweens, 10 to 12 range, parental controls, and wouldn't have ads. that is important. in the age of social media, we're asking the questions for young media, is too much? does it encourage negative feelings, bullying, that kind of thing? adam owe scary, instagram's head, we'll work with parents, policymakers, regulators, experts to demonstrate why this project is valuable and how it helps keep teens safe. critics see this as a concession that the project is a bad idea. that's not it. end quote. after the recent backlash over the issues that i mentioned it
12:36 pm
is difficult not to see this pause as more of a pr move poe essentially. critics saying as kids get smartphones at younger ages they're being targeted earlier and earlier and that could have detrimental impact. even though the new app may not posted as, there is a belief, get them on the apps early, get them hooked, likely to continue with them later years. after all this is a business. david: we remember the tobacco companies trying to interest kids in smoking at a young age. that didn't go over well. seems to be another example of that. jackie, thank you very much. coming up the biden administration making a huge admission about just how many migrants have been released from the border. we're live in del rio, texas, with the details right after this break. ♪. and your family first. i promise to serve, not sell.
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david: growingback lash over the president's border policies. a steady stream, could say a flood of migrants is showing no sign of slowing down. correspondent jeff paul is live in texas with the very latest. jeff. reporter: david, that camp under the international bridge here in del rio, texas, has been cleared away a steady stream of migrants continues especially an lotrd bother. in this spot, we've seen as many as two migrant families. you look at this video, fresh video, one day, one spot, among the very vast u.s.-mexico border. families coming in from venezuela, cuba, central america is another one where we see a lot of people. it is a pretty orderly process out here which is a very stark comparison to what we saw just one week ago. that is when thousands upon thousands of mostly haitian nationals poured across the border in del rio. homeland security secretary
12:42 pm
alejandro mayorkas says in the span of two weeks since september 9th, 30,000 migrants crossed near del rio. 2000 were flown back to haiti. mayorkas said 8,000 went whack to mexico. when questioned by chris wallace about the number of people released in the u.s., here is how the secretary responded. >> how many were released into the u.s.? >> they were released on conditions. and i think it is approximately 10,000, 12,000 or so. >> have been released? >> yes. >> talking about a total of 12,000 or could it be even higher? >> it could be even higher. the number returned could be even higher. what we do, we follow the law as congress has passed it. reporter: now that number could be even higher because 5000 are still being held or could be deported or simply just released into the u.s. mayorkas also says more than 12,000 will have their cases heard by an immigration judge,
12:43 pm
referencing ntas, notices to appear. migrants are essentially released, given a date to show up back in court. the seg tear insists they will be monitored. he believes the system will work. you talk to folks on the ground, whether with the border patrol, whether with state law enforcement and when you ask them about that, they don't really think the system will pan out exactly that way. david? david: it was interesting to see his jump in numbers, he went from 10 to 12, then even suggested, chris said could be 14? he said possibly. numbers are hard to break down. thank you very much for that, jeff. i appreciate it. new numbers of migrant releases as white house press secretary jen psaki says the u.s. deported more than 90,000 individuals from the border, listen. >> our border restrictions as we applied our immigration policies. there were more than 90,000 people who departed the country, who attempted to cross our border in the month of august. that was even before we saw the
12:44 pm
horrible photos that we saw of people gathering under the bridge. david: reaction from national border patrol council president brandon judd. great to see you again. for months saki and other administration officials saying most migrants, the overwhelming majority of migrants are sent back. we got word of mostly haitians who came over the past couple weeks in del rio. he said that there were 1400 that were sent back. as many as 14,000 who were released on their own recognizance in the united states. lord knows where they are but that means that 90% of them are still here, 90 percent of them have been released into the general public. we don't know anything about these people, right? >> and that is just the haitians. if you look month over month, we are releasing anywhere between 60 to 70% of the people that crossed the border illegally that we apprehend. in this year alone, under
12:45 pm
president biden, we have released more than 600,000 illegal border-crossers. when you add that to the number of people that are known to have gotten away, crossed the border illegally, evade apprehension, we have added nearly a million people to our population just in the eight months since president biden has been in office. that is an astounding, astronomical number, that should make everybody stand up to question why is this president acting in the manner he is. david: brandon, do we know whether these individuals have been tested -- we know, by the way, there is 0.2% vaccination rate in haiti. it is practically nonexistent in haiti. do we know the haitians, 14,000 or so released to the general public have they been tested for covid? >> only people get tested for covid if they're held in custody. if they're transferred to i.c.e. to be held in custody.
12:46 pm
those individuals will be tested. if they're releaseed with ntas or ntrs no, they are not tested. they're turned over to non-governmental organizations or ndos. those organizations are supposed to test them. once they're released into out of our custody, they don't have to have testing. they are released into the general population, which could spread the pandemic even further. david: brandon, meanwhile all the cheap shots politicians, primarily democrats have been taking against border patrol agents for what happened with the haitians they were trying to keep out because we do have borders, we're supposed to have borders, but there was none for the past two weeks in del rio, how many of those border patrol agents have actually come down sick with covid, god help them, how many have actually died? >> so we have had more than 10 agents that have died, they are
12:47 pm
considered line of duty deaths because they did contract covid while on duty. that is at least 10. i believe the number is, i believe the total number is 12. then of course we have agents that are out every single day. we have hundreds of agents out week over week because of covid. that is because we're dealing with this situation. david, i want to make this clear, our agents understand that, our agents understand we're going to face dangers when we put the uniform on when we go out to patrol the border. we accept that, we accept the dangers, we care about the american public because we want to keep them safe. that notwithstanding it is disappointing seeing the administration act so will willy-nilly towards illegal immigrants but their own citizens you must get the vaccine. federal employees are have to get the vaccine. they are up in arms.
12:48 pm
he is letting people go into the united states without testing them or what diseases they are bringing into the u.s. david: brandon, it must be worse than that, when you have the commander-in-chief suggesting that you are whipping or strapping whatever word he wants to use the migrants that are coming in when clearly they are trying to create some kind of border to prevent the immigrants coming in the morale must be getting hard? >> believe you me. this is the worst commander-in-chief in my 24 year career. i've never seen anything like this. agents are second-guessing themselves every single day. when you second-guess yourself in the law enforcement setting you put other people in danger. yes, we wonder why are we putting the uniform on every day just to be attacked by the president of the united states for something that is false. it is political. he is distracting from his failures and trying to put it on somebody else. that is morale is in the dumbs right now. david: brander done, you know the agents very well. you represent them. you're one yourself.
12:49 pm
could the agents have stopped the flow if they were given support by this administration into del rio? there are others, we understand there are tens of thousands of people that have just crossed the southern mexican border that are on their way here? >> oh, absolutely. you know, i get asked all the time by congressmen, would i rather have policy or would i rather have more technology and agents? i tell you every single time it is policy. if you go back to the president trump, the policies he enacted it caused drops in illegal immigration to 45 year lows. that wasn't by giving us more agents. wasn't giving us more technology. it was policy. if we keep people in custody depending a asylum hearingses they will stop colling. the reason they're coming, the catch and release that is the magnet that draws so many people here and that is directly on biden's head. david: brandon, i hope you and your fellow agents there is a big swath of the country, i
12:50 pm
would suspect it is more than the majority of the people in this country that support the work that you're doing and that have a lot of pride in the work that you're doing. you save more lives than you harm, that is just a fact. around we appreciate the work that you're doing. thank you for being here, brandon. >> david, thank you. david: straight ahead buying a house right now is getting more and more competitive. meet the company giving homebuyers a major edge right after this. ♪. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter.
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or you feel like diets don't work, you're right. don't give up. get golo. go to and get your life back, with golo. (chorus) golo! ♪. david: a great song from the past. a blast from the past. cash is king in the hot u.s. housing market but not everyone can afford buying a home without a mortgage. my next guest is leading a company that is looking to help bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller to speed up a transaction. ribbon cofounder and ceo joins me now. good to see you. say i'm a buyer of a house and i don't have all the cash but i realize that if i have a cash deal i can get a better deal from the seller of the house. so i come to you, and what
12:55 pm
happens next? >> yeah. great question. so what happens today is that 99% of people don't have the cash to buy a home. so one out of every three homes in the country are bought in a form of cash. what we did create a whole brand new program, a home buying program. what we do, is take mortgage eligible consumers, we automatically upgrade them to all cash. these are cash, they bid as a cash buyer. what does that do, give them four chances higher winning a home and get a cash discount. the kicker to all of this, they can now in the future get the mortgage before or after they move into their home. so we -- david: let me discuss be clear, let me be clear, do you hold the mortgage then or, i mean do you essentially act as the mortgage holder and they pay you over the years? or how does that work? >> yes. so we're not a mortgage provider. we actually partner wall the
12:56 pm
lenders in the country, with all the real estate agents in the country. we actually use our cash. it serves like insurance. we'll step in. buy the home in cash on the family's behalf. they will move in. and then after they get the mortgage, we just transfer the home back to them. so it is not, the nice thing about this for people it is not a loan and so it is not a mortgage. it is a situation where if they choose to move into the home they choose not to want to stay in the home, choose not to buy the home they can move on from the home. so what we have done is created this brand new program where it's a non-mortgage-based offering to help every single homebuyer otherwise would be mortgage eligible. david: fascinating. i love the way the market works. it provides new opportunities for people. the company is ribbon. if you have an interest contact them. great to see you. thank you for being here, appreciate it. coming up after the break as vaccine mandates and booster shots top the white house agenda
12:57 pm
this week why some of the largest retailers in the country are asking for more time to implement the new rules. the biden administration ordering new regulations for the beaten down oil and gas industry. why that could lead to higher fuel costs for everybody. that is coming up. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪ ♪.
1:01 pm
david: welcome to the second hour of cavuto "coast to coast" i am david asman and for neil cavuto. state and federal vaccine mandates any blowback from all sides, the healthcare sector facing midnight deadlines vaccinations, we will talk to the ceo who says the mandate could cause severe nursing shortages and or hospitals. plus the spending spectacular, democrats in d.c. are dead set on passing trillions on spending measures, we will talk to congresswoman who says the freebies on the bills are leading us further down the road to socialism and by now, pay later at business model walmart and other retailers are embracing as retailers brace for the all-important holiday shopping season but could this option give too much credit to people with no credit. first to our top story this hour, president biden bringing his message on covid mandates to chicago this week, some retailers have their own message
1:02 pm
for him, grady trimble is there with the details. >> to industry groups that represent the largest retailers in the country are asking for more time on the vaccine testing mandate, they say some of the largest retailers like target, walmart, nike, nord stream, cvs, you name it could use 90 day from the diet under guidance from osha to win the actually implemented at their stores, it's going to be a complicated task mandating the vaccine and doing weekly testing on estimated 4 million employees and they have a lot of questions like who pays for the testing or what if somebody refuses the vaccine but refuses to be tested another practical consideration what do you do about employees under 18 haney parental consent to be tested. all of this comes as a retailers are gearing up for the busiest time of year for them the
1:03 pm
looking to hire hundreds of thousands of employees across several retail locations and this only, gives matters. listen. >> adds to the difficulty of bringing all of these employees in the stores and distribution centers when we have a new untested, unproven federal mandate to comply with. the white house has yet to respond to this request from the retail industry leaders association of the national retail federation, but david from the national retail federation calls the bureaucratic ready fire aim where they put the policy in place now and don't quite know how it's going to work in the real world. david: very familiar, thank you for that, in the meantime healthcare workers are hesitant about implementing a vaccine mandate erie county medical center ceo and president tom joins me now.
1:04 pm
, how much of a labor shortage could because by vaccine mandate. >> thank you for having me, just to ground your viewers on who we are where number one trauma center second largest behavioral in new york state in excellence of transportation we see a lot of higher level of care from the community and with a safety net hospital for buffalo and western new york, at the end of the day we had a shortage before the vaccine mandate and especially in our nursing home we actually reached about 95% compliant and 5% of our workers in the nursing home is 20% unpaid leave, it is a real issue and what's happening and that happens the hospitals get backed up because nursing homes are forced to close units and we can't discharge under the communities, we took a lot of mitigating steps inpatient surgery, visits
1:05 pm
and medical icu transfers, at the end of the day were in favor of getting folks activated very similar to the retail sector we need more time to implement it and we have over 400 jobs open as we speak. david: 20%, the nursing homes as anybody who has been keeping up with the news in the past couple of years nursing homes have a horrible covid tragedy, we will relitigate what happened but essentially thousands, tens of thousands of people died as a result of policy mistakes that were made, you say 20% of the workforce might be gone were hearing national guardsmen could be brought in in order to make up for the staff that we will be missing. it seems like the vaccine mandate is causing more health emergencies than in solving. >> everybody is in a tough position you public health on one side and what's going to
1:06 pm
happen as a result of some of these policies, it's a tough position were trying to protect people nursing homes, many people who got sick and the nursing homes got covid from workers that came from early on into the nursing homes. we get the public policy and we understand why it's being done to protect the residents in nursing homes but there is a reaction and a reality to that. david: let me stop you for a second, one thing that we learned about, one size does not fit all, everybody is different everybody has their own reasons and they want to have control of their own medication, shouldn't there be exceptions for folks who have natural immunity that's why a lot of the staffers don't want to take the vaccine shot. >> i don't know all the reasons, some of it is frankly choice, we should have some more time to talk about options and testing and talk about those issues were
1:07 pm
talking about. david: i have to ask you flat out should there not be exceptions for people have a natural immunity and can prove it with antibody test. >> i'm not a clinician, at the end of the day we should follow the cdc recommendation in the science i don't have an answer to that question. david: following the cdc is like following a bouncing ball, there up and down and they change things 180 from one day to the next. >> all we could do is take the guidance that's here today and obviously the state of new york has to make decisions on what guidance it wants to follow when we follow the guidance. david: the state of new york made huge mistakes that led arguably to thousands of people dying in nursing homes, do you really feel comfortable with leaving it in their hands? >> i think the issue at that point was around information being provided. david: is still is, this is a
1:08 pm
new virus and people make terrible mistakes, i don't feel comfortable leaving and the hands of bureaucrats, do you? >> i think we have a new administration in new york and i think that administration is trying to be more transparent and we have to work together on these issues at the end of the day none of it is perfect and things do change as we learn more. and we have to work together and collaborate on them. david: you have a very tough job, you have to balance a lot of things, we will get back to, meanwhile the president is at the white house is about to get a booster shot which of course he is recommending above in some cases the fda, let's listen into the president right now. >> completed the review and determine boosters for the pfizer vaccine might come later i assume but the pfizer vaccine
1:09 pm
is safe and effective they have all the data that they need. last week they laid out who is eligible for the boosters for now, you are eligible for a booster if it's been six months center second pfizer shot and if you fall into one of these categories people over 65, which is hard to acknowledge, i'm only joking folks adult with certain underlying health conditions like diabetes and obesity and those that increase risk of covid-19 because of where you work or where you live like healthcare workers, teachers, first responders, grocery store clerks, if you fall into these categories you're eligible for the booster, i know it does not look like it but i'm over 65, way over and that's why am getting my booster shot today. the booster line if you are fully vaccinated, the bottom
1:10 pm
line if you're fully vaccinated and highly protected now from severe illness even if you get covid-19 you are safe and will do everything we can to keep it that way with the boosters. let me be clear boosters are important but the most important thing we need to do is get more people vaccinated, the vast majority of americans are doing the right thing, over 77% of adults and they haven't gotten any shots, that distinct minority is causing an awful lot of us damage for the rest of the country. this is the pandemic of the unvaccinated, that's why am moving forward with vaccination requirements wherever i can, on wednesday i will travel to chicago to talk about why it's so important and the more
1:11 pm
businesses for the vaccine requirements, we know to be the pandemic and to save lives and to keep our children safe, our schools open and our economy going, we need to get folks vaccinated. please, please do the right thing, please get the shot it could save your life, it could save the lives of those around you, it is easy, assessable and free. david: the president is making the case for the booster as you might remember there was something to do about certain scientists working with the fda and others who said it was too early to recommend a booster for everybody a couple of scientists quit their jobs as a result of their disagreements with the administration on this in the administration pulled back saying it should be focused on certain individuals the president is taking his coat off and assured off and we can keep that in while we talked her next
1:12 pm
guest and make sure the president gets his booster. the fate of the vaccine mandate which we were just talking about likely lies in the hands of the courts, former federal prosecutor brett tolman is here to give us an idea of where all of this is heading, good to see you, thank you for being here and forgive us, we are toggling between the president to get his booster and you talking about the legality of the vaccine mandates. you have police, teachers, nurses, restaurants, a whole group of people who are opposed to vaccine mandates and we may have shortages in nursing homes, not to mention hospitals et cetera, where does all this land and what courts will this be decided whether the vaccine mandate should be legal or not.
1:13 pm
david: that is a frozen shot let's try to get his picture backup as we listen to the president. [inaudible question] 70 or 90% but i'm not a scientist, one thing is for certain a quarter of the country is unvaccinated. [inaudible question] >> optimistic, i think things will go well, i think we'll get
1:14 pm
it done tonight and tomorrow and the next full day. [inaudible question] >> victory. >> it may not be by the end of the week, i hope it's by the end of the week but as long as were still alive and we have three things to do continue resolution in the two pieces of legislation. thank you. [inaudible question] david: after a couple of weeks of controversy about the booster the president got his own booster shot, he's over 65 making jokes about his own age, you might remember a couple of fda officials who were there for years one of whom is the top
1:15 pm
vaccine effort quit as a result of believing the administration was jumping over the science in order to get the booster shots out there everybody the administration pulled back and said the emergency use for certain groups of individuals in the president is in one of those groups been over 65. meanwhile, the president was beeping up the irs to make everyone pay their fair share may end up hitting him and his own wallet, we will explain why, that is coming next. ♪
1:16 pm
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david: president biden continuing his push to have the rich pay what he said should be their fair share but that could have some unintended consequences hitting him in his pocket, hillary vaughn is on capitol hill with more on this.
1:20 pm
>> president biden has not been shy about what he thinks about millionaires manipulating the tax code so they can avoid paying more taxes. >> that's not how it works with people with tens of millions of dollars. they play by a different set of rules, it's about the super wealthy beginning to pay with ao, with the existing tax code calls for just like hard-working americans all over the country every tax day. >> president biden is one of the multimillionaires that's taken advantage of loopholes to get out of paying more taxes in 2017 and 2018 the bidens made $13 million from book income and speeches and funnel that through s corporations to dodge 3.8% tax on the money the move save them from paying half a million dollars to uncle sam but house republicans are putting bidens
1:21 pm
millions under a microscope the congressional research service in a memo to jim bates says the irs does audit as corporations for tax dodgers saying this as corporation shareholders have an incentive to underpay or not pay themselves wages for services rendered to the as corporation in order to avoid taxes we make in the report that we requested there's examples of taxpayers doing exactly what joe biden did and penalized by the irs and required to pay the back taxes with penalties. if you actually boost irs funding so they can investigate taxpayers they might find out that joe biden owes a half a million dollars in back taxes. >> the white house is everything that biden did was on the up and up according to a statement from two years ago during bidens presidential campaign this is the salaries earned by the bidens are reasonable and determined in good faith considering the nature of the entity and the services they
1:22 pm
perform with the common method for taxpayers who have outside sources of income to consolidate your needs and expenses. the bottom line in this reconciliation package president biden does want to beef up the irs and have an army of auditors go after wealthier people who are trying to manipulate the tax code in their favor so they pay less. david: there's another irony the obama administration in which he was a part wanted to eliminate the loophole that he took advantage of to save himself i've hundred thousand. politicians, thank you very much we appreciate that. mainstream media has been awfully quiet about the lies and misstatements and complete 180s of this administration compared to claims of lives during the meeting previous administration. they complain about the border being close, multitrillion dollar spending plans that cost
1:23 pm
nothing pledges to keep troops until all americans get out is a drop of misstatements and policy reversals is catching up with the president in the polls but with the media ever call him out on this, let's call the columnist joe concha. is media air cover for the president weakening? >> i think the good news people at home watching, there's somebody different sources they can go to to get their news and fox news is one of them the great charles once said when roger started fox news he found his audience, half the country because obviously filling a void in reporting things the other mainstream outlets would not. the cover that we saw over the first nine months the honeymoon stage is slowly starting to fall apart, polite criticism not the hostility that we sell towards the previous president but to
1:24 pm
your point on all of these things that the president says is happening, literally the opposite some point you have to call them what they are, not gas, not biden be inviting, lies, is it being close like they say it is, of course it's not hunter bidens e-mails -- and disinformation, of course they weren't, did we leave americans behind in afghanistan, yes we did are the rains that border patrol uses on horseback are those webs, no and they're not being used on haitian immigrants and now we have a new york times offering corrections as far as original reporting and when is the president of the united states vice president, the press secretary, when are they going to apologize to the border patrol and reinstate them immediately if there's an investigation going on the photographer himself said nobody was being wept, the photographer took the pictures and put the men back to work in the president needs to apologize but that's never going to happen it's not in their dna. david: does anybody think that
1:25 pm
you're exaggerating we have a little montage of the president saying it turned out to be completely false or he's done a total 180, let me play the montage and get your reaction. >> it is a pack forward and we must meet this as the united states of america. if we do that i guarantee you we will not fail and by the way i am a capitalist and american citizens left we will stay until they get them all out. it is outrageous i promise you those people will pay. david: you cannot sell anything if your president or a senator let you have credibility, does this strip away his kind ability? >> that's the thing we were told afghanistan we were going to leave americans behind and we did that was a big turning point for this administration in terms
1:26 pm
of the press turning on this president and then you been talking about a lot as you showed it is fox business about the $3.5 trillion spending bill. david: it's all paid for. >> a cause $0 and he said that in his tweets today which is the best unintentional economy you oversee. that's the thing if you can't trust the president of afghanistan and on the board and violent crime which continues to go up in a country where it was way high the previous year, how could you trust that this government will spend that kind of money responsibly and get into where it needs to go and it'll be paid for, no one believes that and that's why this bill is in major trouble right now. one more point the president said during the montage at the beginning i looked it up really quick this is united states of america fox news poll 54 - 37%
1:27 pm
margin americans think is less united under biden rather than more so, that's a big deal. david: to the polls themselves what seemed clear even the cover with the media giving the president the message is getting through i know not all of americans watch fox news but beyond fox news somehow the message is getting through in the president's poll numbers are dropping like a stone. >> most people have eyes and ears and they could see the images like we saw in afghanistan and people trying to escape on the wing of a plane listed in these polls i look at national polls and i dismissed them more or less because it's state-by-state obviously that decides elections in iowa he is 31% approval, georgia 38% approval, florida and north carolina 30%, pennsylvania 41% if those numbers continue to stay there go down further by by house, bye-bye senate and bye-bye biden in 2024. david: it remind you of 1980 when the media says if ronald reagan is elected president will
1:28 pm
be at work in two months and the economy will be worse than it was in the american public said we don't buy what were hearing from the media were gonna go with their own that they voted for him twice we will see if something happens in the next election, thank you very much, we appreciate it. biden calling for work oil and gas regulation were getting hear from a family-run oil company on what that means for their business. that's coming next. ♪
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♪ ♪ remember when no dream was too big? ♪ ♪ and you could fearlessly face the unknown. (kids playing) you still can. ♪ ♪ (blowing dust)
1:32 pm
when you have a rock you can depend on for life, you'll be unstoppable. that's why over 5,500 companies rely on prudential's retirement and workplace benefits. who's your rock? david: president biden painting at the oil industry the epa to boost requirements for oil and gas companies to find and fix leaks in nearly a million oil and gas wells lydia hu is live in new jersey, could higher gas prices beyond the way because of this? >> yes, that's right, gas prices are already high and they could
1:33 pm
potentially be driven higher, right now gas cost more than 40% than it did a year ago the national average is $3.19 but here is $3.32, now the environmental protection agency confirms with fox business at the agency is reviewing our proposed role that will create new standards to address methane emission from existing sources the proposal is getting support from players and the oil and gas industry like the american petroleum institute that the industry largest lobbying group is that is working with the administration adding that we made significant progress as an industry over the last decade as u.s. methane admission rates have declined 70% in key producing regions that we know there is more work to be done, there is no timeline of when this proposed role could be finalized and it could be years before it takes effect but what's happening much sooner and
1:34 pm
drawing more concerning criticism is what the democrats are trying to do in the three and have trillion reconciliation package, they have included a methane admission that will charge oil and gas companies for admissions, the oil lobby estimates that could cost the economy more than $9,000,000,000.90000 jobs, experts say that will make fuel and gas more expensive and all those cost will be passed along to the consumer at the gas pump. david: it's the jobs in the consumers that i worry about as so much as the oil companies. what is it like running an oil business in this environment, our next guest created a mom-and-pop oil business the family aspect makes it more important to them, let's begin james stewart of cameron energy in bradford pennsylvania the father and son duo will be featured on tonight's episode of how america works at 8:00 p.m.,
1:35 pm
great to see you, i have to asking overall question i know you don't like to get involved in politics but how does the oil business work with the president who wants to kill fossil fuels. >> thank you for having us. sorry, david. my name is john anyway. it is so important to get our message out there through the series because of what you just said people don't appreciate the importance and for a family-run business that we will survive and people think of the faceless corporation but the important aspect if you watch last week's lumber episode it took a lot of dusseau fuel to get the trees out of the woods. that ain't going to happen until people like us get the energy first, it takes a lot of work. >> everybody in america uses our oil and natural gas products and how we get out of the ground is incredibly fascinating and we
1:36 pm
can do it right here as well as anywhere in the world why not do it here instead of calling on opec. tonight's program is way to be fascinating you will see how it works it'll be very entertaining and folks are going to be very interested. david: your great team i hope it's arthur. i'm david, john and arthur. what is your concern for the industry overall right now. >> there is a religious fervor against oil and gas that makes no sense fossil fuel supply 80% of this country is energy needs and we seem dead set on turning our backs on the things that keep us warm were extremely proud of what we do my company supplies 15000 households with natural gas that keeps us warm in the winter that include schools and hospitals, why wouldn't you be proud of that our employees are very proud of what we do this religious fervor
1:37 pm
is bringing all kinds of useless and unnecessary regulation down upon us and were still getting need the oil and gas it'll just come from another country. david: i was very proud that we had energy independence over a long haul, i remember how that whale held their dominance over the oil industry over us all the way back to the 1970s. there is another problem and that is a labor shortage, everybody is having trouble hiring people are you finding that a problem as well? >> absolutely we've had trouble filling positions so we fight tooth and nail to keep all of our employees on even when prices crash, being a family-run business, i work with my sisters and their husbands in my parents and my wife brings her kids out to the jobsite retreats and things and her coworkers and employees are an extension of that family, everyone is excited for this i'm surprised my mother has not called me too say on tv.
1:38 pm
you will meet some great people, alex grubbs i hired him when you were in high school and we had one or two service rigs at the time and alex started as a little man on the totem pool were up to 11 and alex -- people will love meeting these people because we love them as part of our family. david: that's why we love the work that micro does, you know he likes to get his own hands dirty and dirty hands in the oil business. the how america works narrated by michael rowe you will visit with our guests once again tonight at 8:00 o'clock p.m. right here is some fox business, brand-new show and it's a terrific show, you are great as well and we wish you the very best i'm proud of our energy business in america i think it's a great business and were proud of the work that you do and
1:39 pm
thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. coming up the push from the white house on toward socialism we will be talking with the congressman on what the major spending bill can lead to. ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage.
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david: wall street's losing streak and supporting political candidates did not stop when it came to back inviting, charlie gasparino is here written brilliantly over the weekend. >> you could say this is a huge case as buyers remorse, i'm not trying to talk to rank-and-file i don't give up my sources i
1:44 pm
have good access at the major firms to the men and some women they can believe the level of competency divided administration issues large and small large meeting the border in afghanistan withdrawal huge mistakes with humanitarian implication, people died and that's really bad stuff they see on economic matters and they can't believe is pushing for $3.5 trillion spending and tax scheme when it's not needed and so obvious it's not needed right now given the fact that the countries coming out of the pandemic and there are problems that are still there but things are opening, that the biggest stimulus package you can get, much are unreasonable and unneeded and aimed at their clients, small investors you make some money during the stock market boom, joe biden and, here
1:45 pm
is in the rest of them have the bull's-eye out on you. the biggest thing, biggest critique when they backup every major firm backed up by the, i remember jamie dimon was out there saying biden would be a breath of fresh air with her multimers from peers or something along those lines if you got them in private from what i understand he would have a completely different assessment of joe biden now that's what i'm hearing. the biggest problem is a level of incompetence they didn't realize it was coming and they did not realize they were voting for aoc and bernie sanders when they were voting for biden. one of the problems i heard, biden has handed over economic policy to the far left. moderate joe basically elizabeth warren, aoc and bernie sanders
1:46 pm
aren't as important as janet yellen and economic policy did you everything that would come true. david: java socialist in charge of the senate budget committee is extraordinary. it is crazy, they cannot believe it. >> what does this mean in reality, it should mean that wall street money will flow to republicans the republicans will have a difficult time raising money to super pacs or whatever but you never know, these are guys. david: i'm laughing because republicans have a history of right when they're on the verge of victory and losing it all, charlie i would love to talk in our about this. >> that's a great point but one thing we will be doing is following the money. david: absolutely, charlie gasparino, good to see you. pt barnum used to say there's a sucker born every minute but
1:47 pm
chances are there are not many voters that will buy into the president's claim that the price tag of his is $5 trillion is 0 or will they, but that's republican north carolina congressman ted budd, congressman i still have faith in the american voter i cannot believe that voters would believe the president's comment that this thing is not what it cost anything what do you think. >> diverted been fooled once they won't be fooled again, joe biden's policies have failed in the foreign policies have failed when we see how we handled afghanistan and is getting ready to see another major failure in regards to his domestic policy this is $5 trillion worth of spending probably six or more trillion dollars when you take away the tax gimmicks there's no pay force, were getting wise to this, gasoline is up 42% and we know this will be incredibly inflationary and is about grinding down america and making
1:48 pm
it more like socialist western europe. david: here's what concerns me, i had an interview a couple of years ago with tom soul the great free-market economist, i asked him it was when jeremy corbin the real socialist running in britain lost terribly and i said that's maybe because the brits remember what socialism was like they lived with them for a while, we have and the united states, could that mean will have to live through socialism in order to reject it and he said yes i think so, does that worry you that we may be so far down the road that we have to live through it before we totally reject it? >> it would be a great time for all americans to pick up at copy something about thomas sowell, the road to serfdom, this is very concerning. we see the failure of western europe european socialism in cuba and the soviet union, i was
1:49 pm
there in 1991 and the former soviet union way to begin to collapse, i've seen the despair in the trying to import that sort of thinking into the united states under a false fairness this is about the destruction of the united states and no more moderate democrats anymore that are not in power it is a radicals on the left side ticket of the democrat party and trying to make a socialist or further than that, this is about grinding down an exceptional country, when were stronger, the world is a better place. >> we need a strong free market economics. david: it is a thin volume and does not take a lot of time to read, it's a brilliant book and everybody should read it because that's the road that we may be close to be getting on there's still time to get off, i hope you agree with that, thank you for being here i appreciate it meanwhile a different kind of shopping strategy, why so many
1:50 pm
retailers are embracing by now, pay later. haven't we heard that before. ♪
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1:54 pm
layaway plan it is a growing trend but is it safe for consumers let's bring in chief financial officer jennifer barton off, good to see you, explain assembly as possible what it is that you provide customers with. >> it is basically another form of credit that they can go into a retailer and a simple installment plan with no interest as long as you pay on time, the they're not reporting on your credit retailers love it, consumers love it, it's easy, simple and convenient. david: essentially it allows merchants and customers both to avoid the credit card processing fees, do i have that right? >> we are specifically talking about the credit card companies like visa mastercard will usually charge on a traditional credit card, this is an alternative that companies are
1:55 pm
offering to the retailers especially to the consumers to have an option to pay a checkout. david: it provides both for the consumers and the retailers they both get a deal out of this questioning. >> absolutely for the retailers they love it because it's more sales for them in a higher average ticket people are willing to spend their money much more because is simple and convenient way to pay it checkout and consumers love it because it's pretty transparent and they tell you in advance what the installment fees will be on a transaction that is $500 and it takes anxiety out of buying certain things and credit for consumers. david: how do you get paid out of all of this? >> i'm working on-site for free cfo, we do credit card
1:56 pm
processing my perspective is looking at trends and what's going on and what can drive sales i see this as a really positive program that's going to be around you will see them grow much more. david: retailers have been having a terrible time over the past year end a half they need every bit of help with rising inflation and consumers feel the same way thank you for what you're doing, we appreciate you coming in and telling us about this, thank you very much. the crypto currency company coinbase is rolling out a new feature which offers users in the u.s. the ability to deposit part of their paychecks into a coinbase account. will tell you more about that when we come back. ♪ that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it?
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