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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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origins of covid-19 the "the wall street journal" reports as officials warn that timing running out. reports say the w.h.o. assemble ad team of 20 scientists to look for new evidence. let's hope they look harder. adding this new group may be tasked with the covid virus emerged from a lab. that does it from "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: all right. the democrats again getting criticized again coming out with a new made-up narrative trying to whip fastballs by the american people. it is a very unserious claim, the cost for their more than 5 trillion-dollar government blowout is zero! it will cost nothing. that is equal to italy and france. if that is true why is a top democrat chair of house budget in a video now surfacing saying you know what, we can quote, print monopoly money, cancel what we owe china. never mind triggering a
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geopolitical crisis and destroying the u.s. dollar overnight. joining me tonight former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin, senator marsha blackburn, former u.s. border patrol chief ron vitiello. chris stewart from and white house covid task force leader, he is dr. brett giroir. and arizona sheriff mark lamb. are democrats are burying, submarining 10 of billions of dollars of new spending for things like tree equality, electric cars for all government and post office workers, all paid for with tens of billions of dollars in new tax hikes for the little guy, for the middle class and blue-collar workers and for a new inspiration dragnet at the irs on everyone's bank account if it is $600 or more. this week, preview on pentagon top brass testifying over the bombed withdrawal from afghanistan. chaos from overseas hitting the
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u.s. heartland. a female u.s. soldier reportedly assaulted by a group of male afghan refugees. other afghan refugees at other military bases charged with domestic violence and assault on children. the u.s. military dealing with afghan male leaders demanding to continue to mistreat women and children here in america. also we've got the new update on the 21,000 new migrants now said to be heading to the u.s. border. we have drug gangs hitting middle america. the white house claims about the border continues to fall apart. plus are more indicts coming out of the durham criminal probe into the botched trump-russia probe? plus more on john durham's team saying hillary clinton's researchers accessed likely illegally government executive branch data to go after donald trump. and this new fiery debate, if you're not vaccinated you get fired. new york's governor will call in the national guard to replace state health care workers fired for not getting vaccinated. a hot debate.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. now the dow finishing up slightly today. the s&p and the nasdaq finishing down on losses in big tech stocks. it is showdown week. the president, democrats are giant spending bills all in the balance all before midterm elections now fast approaching. that could hand power back to republicans. former president trump ready to pounce. he had rally this is weekend in georgia. we had more than 50 progressive democrats indicating they will vote no if nancy pelosi does not first get done the bigger 3 1/2 trillion dollar social investment bill. the vote on infrastructure delayed until later this week. edward lawrence he is the go-to guy. he always has the best information what is happening in d.c. he joins us now. good to see you,.
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reporter: good to see you, liz. president biden saying what is at stake victory for his agenda. white house press secretary jen psaki saying also at stake victory for the american people. the president says that he is optimistic about this. listen. >> well, it may not be by the end of the week. i hope it is by the end of the week but as long as we're still alive, we have three things to do, debt ceiling, continued resolution and the two pieces of legislation. we do that the country will be in great shape. reporter: so in the social infrastructure package, 79 billion for tax enforcement, going after getting more money, 12 billion for the post office and federal workers to get electric cars as you mentioned. 3 billion in tree equity. 4 billion for distance learning. throw in 74 million for resources for minorities and people with gender identity issues and 25 million for bias training. house minority leader kevin mccarthy says republicans just can't support this much spending. >> if you add that with the
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infrastructure bill, you're talking more than five trillion dollars, more money than we spent in winning world war ii. what has it caused? inflation. that is why you find that there are some democrats who said they cannot go along with this but this will transform government as we know it. reporter: democrats and white house are hopeful for the vote on social infrastructure bill. democrats are still squabbling over cost of it. elizabeth: edward lawrence, you're the best. former cbo director douglas holtz-eakin. how -- let me back up. the president around democrats are being ripped as economically illiterate. trying to say there is zero, no cost adding equivalent of italy and france over the next 10 years? white house press secretary said it today. democrat jayapal said it. chuck schumer, pelosi claimed last week it is paid for. do you think it is paid for? >> not a chance. if you look at these provisions, fully phased in over 10 years they cost about 5 1/2, maybe
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$6 trillion. if you look at the tax hikes they're promising, they are about 2 trillion. two does not equal five or six. this is not close to paid for. it will go every year after that. it's a big increase in the structural red ink in the federal budget goes as far as the eye can see. elizabeth: why are they ruining their credibility with statements like that when nobody believes them? nobody can believe what they're saying anymore. edward lawrence just reported it, we're looking into what they want. tree equity. electric cars for all government workers. stretching to the breaking point the term children in order to let people who are not family relatives take the child tax credit, really? >> yeah. this is unbelievably enormous bill. also has tremendous scope. there is everything under the sun in this ranging from education to social safety net, to taxes, to energy. and they are not proud of their work. all right? we saw the house budget committee do the markup on a saturday night virtually, so
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they didn't get together to do it and they didn't have one cbo cost estimate. no one wants to talk about the price tag here because they really don't even know what it is. elizabeth: you know, douglas, we may find out also whether democrats will raise our taxes on a gigantic scale with only their votes via budget reconciliation. we said it time and again. it is unconstitutional. it is taxation without representation, when you knock out republican voting that is half the country. irs getting more money to do information dragnet with everybody's bank accounts with as little as $600 in account balances. that is unconstitutional too. >> i have been shocked how little attention that has gotten. $600 of transactions through the year is not a lot of transaction. why should the irs given that information for every bank account in america? that is invasion of personal privacy. i think it is an outrage personally. what would it do?
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anyone doing something nefarious would not use a bank. so the money will flow somewhere else into a dark hole. this is recipe up to set the financial system. it is recipe to invade our privacy. i don't even think they should contemplate this provision. elizabeth: it is outrageous, they get information on $10,000 or more in transactions. by the way the irs was hacked. the office of professional management, personnel management was hacked. government has been hacked. more people have access to the little guy's account data. it is outrageous. people are really mad about that. we'll move on to this. democrat nancy pelosi says quote, it is self-evident that 3 1/2 trillion dollars will be cut in spending. all of that is happening when they're ramping up spending we don't even know what amounts. republican representative jim banks says the president is not paying his fair share. he is saying the president is basically avoided paying half a million dollars in taxes on $13 million in book income and speech income by putting it in
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off-balance sheet s-corporations. congressional reserve service points out that is a dodge. what do you say to that controversy? >> well, look they have made a big deal out after variety of entities like 55 profitable u.s. corporations paying zero tax. well, get them here, make sure everyone is paying taxes before you make claims like that. if you look at the bill it doesn't change that a bit. so what's the point? they just wanted to raise taxes not on those big corporations but on everybody and throw the money into these different spending programs. the bill as a whole is indefensible from first principles of public finance. it is heavily political entity and that is what we're dealing with. elizabeth: nancy pelosi, house speaker, she dodginged it, abc george stephanopoulos saying 95% of your caucus supports it. you need 99, 98%. you have a net three vote margin in the house.
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watch the speaker here. >> let's not talk about numbers and dollars. let's talk about values. elizabeth: okay. let's talk about values. the democrat chair of house budget john yarmuth said don't worry, the federal government is banker in monopoly. we at the stroke after keystroke with, a keystroke we can cancel what we owe china in interest costs on the debt that china now owns. the u.s. debt china owns. really? >> so at the same time he is saying that they're attacking republicans because they won't help them raise the debt ceiling. you can't have it both ways. you have to defend the full faith and credit of the u.s. treasury and canceling debts to china or anyone is not going to do that. it is going to impair the credit rating of the u.s. it is going to race the interest rate paid by everybody in the economy, car loans, mortgages, checking accounts, credit carveds, you name it. so they have to start getting serious about the tax-and-spend problem. they can't pretend you can just
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print the money. we've seen that already. they have borrowed entirely the american rescue plan. we got inflation that came wit. got to get a more sensible approach to the future. this does not add up. elizabeth: douglas holtz-eakin we love having you on. senator marsha blackburn is fired up. the pentagon chiefs are set to testify this week over the botched afghanistan withdrawal. this as the fbi is now investigating a female u.s. soldier assaulted by a group of afghan refugees. we've got other separate incidents of refugees charged with assault including on children. later this hour hillary clinton, the latest trump russia drama. it is eerie echos too whitewater. also 21,000 migrants heading to the u.s. border. the white house narrative on the border is falling apart. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> they see that their, that other folks have gotten through and other folks are getting
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elizabeth: welcome back. the big fight and power struggle that broke out at the united nations over who controls afghanistan. is it the taliban or former afghan government? it could have ramifications for americans still trying to get out. fox news's eric shawn has more. eric. reporter: liz, no speech from the afghan ambassador. he withdrew over the weekend. he was supposed to end the general assembly speech today. no reason given for his withdrawal. the ambassador represented the fallen government in kabul and he has been harshly critical of the taliban. the taliban objected to his appearing here saying he no longer represents the country but it is the u.n. credential committee who makes the decision and the taliban representative has not been vetted. israeli prime minister naftali bennett made his general assembly review warning as prime minister benjamin netanyahu did, that iran want as nuclear bomb. he says tehran already crossed all red lines, ignoring harassing u.n. inspectors and
6:17 pm
they seek to dominate the middle east with a nuclear umbrella. he is urging the biden administration to take a much tougher stance against iran as the iranian nuclear talks remain stalemated. liz? elizabeth: eric shawn, thank you so much. joining us now senator marsha blackburn from senate armed services. senator, great to have you back on again. what do you want to ask defense secretary lloyd austin and general mark milley joint chiefs chair when they testify before the senate armed services committee tomorrow about the botch the withdrawal from afghanistan? what do you want to hear? >> liz, one of the things we're wanting to get clarity around, where was the breakdown. if you had the commanders on the field, they're on the ground in afghanistan and they were saying you need to keep the troop levels at 2500, don't give up bagram airfield f you pull out abruptly the taliban is going to come back in to fill that void. where was the break down? did austin and milley stand up
6:18 pm
to the president and say and an abrupt withdrawal is going to be a bad thing? did they say look, we need to keep the plan that was negotiated with our allies, the afghan government and president trump and secretary pompeo? what did they have to say? and were they willing to protect the men and i women in uniform, our diplomats at the state department and our siv holders and their families, our allies? we never leave people behind enemy lines. is this okay with them? elizabeth: a drone strike that killed 10 civilians that included seven children which was condemned worldwide. >> our servicemembers who are dead. elizabeth: 13 troops dead. the situation in afghanistan has created chaos inside of the u.s. the fbi investigating a group of male afghan refugees charged with assaulting a female u.s.
6:19 pm
soldier at fort bliss. that covers texas and new mexico another fort they were charged with domestic violence and child assault. we're a open humanitarian country. lawmakers say, blame the president's rushed exit. thousands came in without vetting. watch white house secretary, press secretary jen saki make this claim. watch. >> i can absolutely assure you that no one is coming into the united states of america who has not been through a thorough screening and background check process. elizabeth: is that true? >> we don't think that is true because you have people bringing in, these men bringing in child brides. we have heard of these assault cases. we know this indictment has been issued. we know the investigation is taking place on the attack on our female service member and, these are individuals who have
6:20 pm
not been vetted. there is a very specific vetting process for our special immigrant visa holders but look, out of the people that they got out, that they were bragging about this as an extraordinary success, only 3% were visa holders, 3%. the other 97% are people that rushed the gates and the taliban let them through. elizabeth: that's right. >> they got on a plane. now, they're trying to vet them on the back end and what you're seeing is this type of abuse. elizabeth: you know usually it takes 18 months to do the vetting they did for 95,000 which was pushed into weeks time. >> right. elizabeth: u.s. military bases are now locked in a major culture clash with dealing with afghan male leaders demanding to continue to mistreat women and children here in america. they're setting up mini villages of thousands outside of military
6:21 pm
bases. new york mexico congresswoman yvette harrell, asked what was the statutory authority for the white house to do this as a rushed evacuation, condensing a year-and-a-half process into just weeks? what authority do they have to do that? now we have our military dealing with this. >> well, the military is dealing with it because the department of state did not do it and homeland security is all busy with a border that is blown wide open and the 1 1/2 million we have already had come over that border this year. so, they're trying to step in and do this but you're so right, it is a lengthy, specific process. you cannot rush this. elizabeth: yeah. >> you cannot call 1-800 taliban and find out if somebody is who they claim to be. because your government institutions, your processes, are basically nonexistent in afghanistan because the taliban is a terrorist group.
6:22 pm
elizabeth: senator marsha blackburn, we'll look forward to your questioning tomorrow. it is good to have you on. >> see you then. elizabeth: later this hour the durham indictment, is it a signal more could be coming and more on hillary clinton's researchers accused by the durham team of accessing data in the government's executive branch in order to go after trump? just who if anyone will be held responsible? we'll investigate up next former acting i.c.e. official, ron vitiello, 21,000 my grant heading to the u.s. bored, white house claims about the border and border control continue to fall apart. keep it here on fox business. >> we need to get somebody in there that cares about america, cares about the nation's border, to tell you the truth even with the president attacking you giving different rhetoric, you need to stand up and say this is actually what is going on.
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elizabeth: okay. let's get you updated on the border. more migrant caravans reportedly heading here numbering more than 21,000. jeff paul is in del rio, texas with more. jeff? reporter: the camp under the international bridge in del rio, texas is cleared out but the steady flow of migrants is not showing signs of slowing down. secretary alejandro mayorkas says 30,000 crossed into
6:27 pm
del rio. 2,000 were flown back to haiti and 8,000 went back to mexico. when asked by fox news's chris wallace how many were released into the u.s. here is how the secretary responded? >> how many were released into the u.s. >> they're released on conditions. >> yes. >> approximately i think 10,000 or so, 12,000. >> have been released? >> yes. >> talking about a total of 12,000 or is could be even higher? >> it could be higher. the number of return been even higher. what we do we follow the law as congress passed it. reporter: that number could be higher because 5000 are held and could be deported or simply released. mayorkas said more than 12,000 will have their cases heard by an immigration judge referencing ntas or notices to appear. migrants are essentially released and have to show up at a later date. the secretary insists they are monitored by us and the system will work. but when you talk to people here at the border involved in local or federal law enforcement, they
6:28 pm
all say the same thing. they don't believe the civil will work and will pan out just as the secretary believes. liz? elizabeth: jeff paul, great journalism, great to see you. let's bring in for his reaction, former acting i.c.e. director, u.s. borderer patrol chief, ron vitiello. how is this following the law? if they released 12,000, out of 15,000, that means 21,000 are coming here they will release 18,000 into the u.s.? >> certainly inconsistent. the law says if you come into the country illegally you've broken federal law and immigration law on the administrative side. so the idea that those people are supposed to be booked in, put into the system so they can have due process, some who will claim asylum. some who will want an immigration hearing but they're all being released because i.c.e. is not funded to take that many people in that amount of time to keep people in detention. many of them have medical conditions. people with small families, there is lots of loopholes if you will that allow people to be
6:29 pm
released. yes, technically it is within the law but we know based on experience and wisdom of i.c.e. officers and agents many of these people will not follow through on their immigration claim. >> white house inflammatory rhetoric about the border and their wrong-headed rhetoric critics now say is falling apart. claiming migrants coming here is quote, seasonal. it is not. it is at generational highs. homeland security secretary mayorkas says photos of the border patrol on horseback whipping migrants, he is merely suggests that. democrat maxine waters backing down, it looks that way. the photographer said the footage shows no such thing. texas governor abbott will hire anybody, any border patrol official fired over this. what do you say? >> i think those agents were put in terribly impossible situation. what orders were they given to deploy? those guys didn't wake up in the morning, say, hey, let's take our horses down to the edge of
6:30 pm
the river. that is not how it works. they were assigned by supervisors. they were given a set of rules to operate. where is that information? they said they would wrap up an investigation this week, what they did most likely was in policy. what i saw on the videos doesn't show them doing something they weren't trained to do. that is what their testimony will be. we'll see when the complete investigation comes out what in fact was said, but these politicians and leaders overstated what those agents did. none of them mentioned how difficult that circumstance they were in was caused by the lack of leadership and personal policies that caused the original surge in del rio anyway. no one is talking about that. no one is talking about the assignment given those agents. elizabeth: border patrol on horseback are desperately needed to rescue people when they go into the most desolate areas, when they try to cross mountains, deserts or rivers. migrants die by the thousands every year. it is not compassionate to weaken the border. you invite crime. you invite death. watch this exchange between
6:31 pm
chris wallace and governor abbott and more. watch. >> governor, even if you think that those officers are being scapegoated, are you at all troubled by the images of these officers on horseback, very aggressively pushing back on the haitian immigrants coming across? >> several quick points. first, they wouldn't have been in that situation had the biden administration enforced the immigration laws and secured the border in the first place. if he takes any action against them whatsoever, i have worked side-by-side with those border patrol agents. i want them to know something. if they are at risk of losing their job by a president who is abandoning his duty to secure the border, you have a job in the state of texas. i will hire you to help texas secure our border. i'm ready to go to war with joe biden how he vilified the border patrol. look, they have done an amazing
6:32 pm
job in a very difficult environment. over the past two weeks, over 30,000 illegal aliens have attempted to cross in del rio. over the course of the year, over 250,000. these numbers are astronomical. elizabeth: should be pointed out that the town of del rio, the population there numbers about 30,000, 35,000. your reaction to what you just heard? >> i want to appreciate governor abbott and the troopers, department of public safety troopers that are down in del rio, other places along the border because they have been doing this quite a while. helping my former colleagues in the border patrol. i want to appreciate them for that. to his point and the congressman's point, the situation was caused by one thing, we always want to talk about the root cause. the root cause we reversed policies to allow people to get the due process opportunity waiting in mexico. it pushed back the last surge on the border. it allowed people to come to make that claim but they had to
6:33 pm
wait in mexico. they were not released in the united states. what do people think is going to happen if we release 12,000 people as per the secretary's comments with chris wallace if we released 12,000 of that population what are they doing now? they're dispersing all over the united states. they're calling back home. they're putting on facebook, instagram, telling everybody now is the time to come because they got a pass to get away from the border. elizabeth: ron vitiello, thank you for your service to our country. thanks for joining us tonight. good to see you. up next if you don't get vaccinated you will get fired, including if you're a health care worker for new york state. the governor is calling in the national guard to replace them. no osha rules yet for businesses after the president ordered vaccine mandates on the private sector. we're on it. up next, the durham indictment, is it a signal more is coming? it indicates hillary clinton's researchers illegally accessed data in the executive branch to go after trump. just who if anyone will be held responsible? we investigate with congressman
6:34 pm
chris stuart from house intelligence. we are coming out of the bottom of the hour. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> those people should be held accountable. the american people want comey, mccabe, all those individuals responsible for this type of behavior to be health accountable.
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let's partner for all of it. edward jones elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show, congressman chris stewart from house intelligence. people on the national community, sir, good to see you again, believe more indictments are coming from u.s. attorney general john durham's probe, criminal probe of the trump russia botched probe. it is a 27 page indictment of democrat lawyer, michael sussman. pleaded not guilty of lying to fbi. usually see indictments five to 10 pages. this is nearly triple of that. >> this is interesting reading. you can't read this indictment without overarching impression of pure incompetence, i mean
6:39 pm
severe inexistence or corruption. one or the other, they're very incompetent or very corrupt, senior fbi officials and justice department all up and down the chain. i think further indictments are coming. one thing you should remember, republican committee we referred more than a dozen individuals for criminal investigation. so again, i think more indictments are coming. i hope they're coming because if justice is served they should be coming. elizabeth: congressman, you know, this is eerie echoes of whitewater. let me explain. hillary clinton's billing records, remember, connecting she and her husband to the madison guarranty bank, the whitewater lending bank, they disappeared. the billing records disappeared. they miraculously showed up in the white house. the billing records for michael sussman has a road map of what happened too. the durham indictment alleges also hillary clinton's team of
6:40 pm
researchers accessed data in the executive branch. we're talking, the executive branch covers treasury, state department, judiciary, in order to go after president trump in order to go after internet traffic connected with trump's businesses with russia's alfa bank. it turned out it was marketing email spam touting trump's hotels. michael sussman, the democrat lawyer, billed the clinton campaign for a meeting with the fbi's top lawyer. he said he wasn't representing any client. he was merely a citizen trying to plant inside the fbi hillary's false story based on confidential public records. he billed for talking to journalists. he tries to plant it. then they leak the false story. you see how circular this is, congressman? go ahead. >> sure. you bring up a couple good points. they are very narrow in some sense. this goes so much more broadly and the fact that the special council was able to get the
6:41 pm
billing records and emails which were clearly protected by client privilege. it shows that someone is working with them providing information. but let's remember what they did. as you have indicated, hillary clinton and the dnc used this private firm to dig up dirt on president. did it almost certainly using russian disinformation. they used corrupt as i said, doj officials. they attacked innocent americans. they lied to the american people for years about it. that's what we're talking a i bought here. why did they do that? because they didn't like, they didn't like the current or previous president. you know, there is this narrative about the big lie over some of the things that were said over the 2020 election? elizabeth: yeah. >> oh, my gosh, this is the big lie. this is the thing that started it. it went on for four years. it includes as we, as again i think we're going to see, it includes criminal activity from
6:42 pm
some of the most senior people within our government. >> other thing too, the carrot for them, the tech executive, we don't know the nail of that person yet. they were hoping for jobs in the hillary clinton administration, right? so you know, you see the former president obama was briefed about this according to dni ratcliff's declassification of former cia chief john brennan's notes of his meeting that hillary's foreign policy advisor suggested and proposed a plan to vilify trump by connecting trump allegedly with russia. it all fell apart. mueller didn't touch any of this. the mueller report didn't touch any part of this. former policy advisor for the hillary clinton campaign is nsa jake sullivan for biden now. what do you say to this, final word? >> he has questions he will have to answer. he is in the thick of this. he is sitting in the white house right now. he is going to have to answer some questions as are a lot of other people working with him. elizabeth: okay, congressman
6:43 pm
chris stewart, great to have you back on. come back soon. later this hour more on how the impact of the border crisis is being felt in america's heartland. drug gangs slamming law enforcement thousands of miles away from the border. the murder rate yes did jump a staggering 29% in 2020. up next former white house covid task force leader he is dr. brett giroir. a potential looming shortage of health care workers in new york. they don't want to get vaccinated. they will get fired. the governor calling in the national guard. this is a story that may play out across the country. stay with us. you're watching "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former hhs assistant secretary. he is dr. brett giroir. good to see you back again, doctor. okay the president is going to go to chicago on wednesday to talk about vaccine mandates on businesses. we haven't seen the osha rules yet. now we see here in new york state health care workers getting fired for not getting
6:48 pm
vaccinated. the governor is calling in the national guard. what do you say to this? >> i tell you as a physician i know my most important asset is a trained nurse at the bedside a trained respiratory therapist, all the people who clean the rooms and this is a foreseeable but unintended and potentially disasterous consequence of a mandatory policy and i think this could be diffused and approached many other ways aside from my way or the highway which is apparently what is happening. >> people are saying you should get vaccinated. scientists, experts saying get vaccinated the point when you have a man it today, people push back against a mandate. the problem vaccines are not being administered correctly. i'm seeing, we're seeing nurses stepping in and, assistant nurses, shaking the vaccines. you're not supposed to do that. you are supposed to turn it upside down, over the top. they're not letting the bubbles
6:49 pm
out of syringes. two nurses to vaccinate hundreds and hundreds of people. this is pretty dangerous stuff. >> well i urge all-americans to get vaccinated if they are eligible for vaccination. we know vaccinations are highly protective. and, to boost, if you're over 65 but we do have americans who do not want to be vaccinated. and as you point out, coastersing them, mandating them, beating them up every day on tv, will not make that any better. we have to approach the situation differently. first of all if you can prove you're immune whether you're vaccinated or not you should be allowed to work. natural immunity is very powerful and equal to that of vaccination by all of our data. secondly, there is testing, other options. mandates don't work when you have groups as diverse as conservative republicans, black lives matter both protesting the mandates you know
6:50 pm
you have a problem. elizabeth: black lives matter in new york, they're saying this is racist to have vaccine mandates. they protested at a new york city restaurant called carmine's. when a hostess asked for their vaccine papers, there was a fight that broke out. so, we talked about mandates. in the past we've had smallpox vaccines. we've had polio vaccines. swine flu vaccines how is that different in the past we were told to get vaccinated against these diseases including measles and mumps? >> well, being advised to be vaccinated is one thing and having an overall mandate on authorized vaccines that are not yet approved for certain ages is a different thing. look, i'm pro-vaccination. vaccines work. we know this vaccine is very safe. very effective but there are groups including african-americans who don't trust the health care system. who have been victimized for
6:51 pm
hundreds of years. we need to work with them. elizabeth: got it we have to go. >> not beat them up. elizabeth: dr. brett giroir, good to have you own. up next, sheriff mark lamb of arizona. the border crisis hitting the heartland. drug gangs are slamming local law enforcement in cities and towns across america. stay right there. d be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. sesss
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back with us now, arizona sheriff markland, heavy on. the water prices middle america drug gangs slamming local law enforcement cities and towns from local law enforcement estates across the country warning president collapse of the border creates a dramatic surge in illegal alien drunk networks and pipelines for fentanyl methamphetamine and more growth country guns at traffic stops and things like that. what you say? >> exactly true, thanks for having me on. i've been saying all along the border crisis is not just human trafficking but drug trafficking our cities across america they are feeling the effects of the people many crimes in the community, people who came into this country undetected documentary the drugs they bring in macbeth and federman fentanyl this will cause chaos in the
6:56 pm
community it every day more and more community in the heartland of america are getting fentanyl coming in. liz: thanks for your service to our country, a terrific guest. it's been a hard fact for the media to understand, agent and government officials have repeatedly warned in watchtower groups when you weaken the border, it creates crime, people get killed about this is humane, it encourages predatory behavior. this is passionate, lawlessness it invites suffering and causes fraud and coercion and more. the annual human trafficking business is estimated $2 billion a year transnational criminal network at the border, china it is an event involving drug smuggling. your reaction? >> you encompassed it all right there, there are so many components to the : you break it all down from a cartel makes money because of these terrible
6:57 pm
policies of this administration. they make about $15 million a day on human trafficking and drug trafficking and then they undermine the rule of law that's probably one of the biggest issues we are dealing with right now, law enforcement is the underlying rule of law and deteriorating our community high crime and a lot of these cities and communities across the country. liz: when you're an addict, you get a gun, i'm quoting law enforcement, they are saying drug addicts trade their guns more drugs so further arms and drug gangs, let's watch and this nbc host set up the border. >> you and i talked about this many times, america has a warped sense of what immigration policy should look like. obsessed with the southern border and criminality.
6:58 pm
liz: okay, obsessed with the southern border, but show illegal alien conviction for crimes and how they have quadruple 20. how can you talk about an obsession when the media is not covering victims of crime? sheriff, your reaction to that? >> they are doing everything they can to cover up for this presidency and failed administrative policy as it relates to the border protecting the rule of law across the country. we are fed up, he said, i've been saying the same thing on your show for a while, it's coming to america and it's been here i've got a group protect america now for sheriff's come together standing up for the rule of law and the constitution. liz: the problem is critics have said the anchors, many of them live in gated communities or secure buildings far removed from reality what people on the ground have to deal with the
6:59 pm
border we are seeing human smuggling cartel moving their operation literally out of hiding out into the open across the texas border neighborhoods within yards of border towns so i think it's safe to say any rational -- rational product, reason a person would be frustrated to hear how the d.c. media, the beltway and has echo chamber of let's satisfy a chador and not lather into reporting, they are frustrating the american people who have to suffer what's going on. >> i have my constituents all the time say sheriff, dump them off at the politicians house neighborhoods and then watch them cry for border security. that may be what it takes because right now they live in their towers at a personal level, they are
7:00 pm
immigration from what we are talking about is crime. thank you for your service to our country. i am elizabeth mcdonald, cuban watching the evening at it. that is it for us, thank you for watching and hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ >> brian's laundrie parents are horrible people who made tragic situation absolutely unbearable. i get it. up until their sociopathic job on the sun was charged, they were free to load up their stupor camper with for noah bars and send them into wild to escape ramifications of slaughtering his former fiancé but they are heartless nonvolatile of gabby's parents, it makes them jerks. we won't


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