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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  September 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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gerry: britney spears conservatorship hearing is underway right now in los angeles and it could result in her father jamie spears removed as the conservator for the singer's estate. that is it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we've got news coming in. a government whistle-blower said the administration is moving to fire border patrol agents if they're not vaccinated by november now the border union opposes this. key house republicans fired off a letter to homeland security secretary demanding to know why the white house would worsen an already depleted border force that is dealing with transnational criminal cartels, ms-13, the worst border crisis in a generation, even president obama said it is all unsustainable. now we've got florida and texas
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border counties now suing the biden administration over quote, illegal border policies. joining me tonight, senator rock scott from homeland security, florida attorney general ashley mooddy, senator bill hagerty, former labor secretary nominee andy puzder, guy benson, mark green from house foreign affairs and congressman john katko. he is a ranking medical per of house homeland security. look at this, we have this story, biden's top generals blamed the state department for delaying evacuations from afghanistan and this surprising detail. general mckenzie testified that the taliban offered to lets u.s. take control of the security for kabul airport would that have stopped 13 u.s. troops getting murdered and thousands stranded? president's ratings hitting the rock. multiple polls show that. speaker pelosi is expected to
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delay tomorrow's vote on infrastructure. they don't have the votes. two dozen progressives vote no. the magical claim as the five 1/2 trillion in new spending will cost zero. if that is the case why raise taxes on middle class and blue-collar workers and why get the irs to snoop into everyone's bank accounts? buried in the spending bills, massive new government fines for violating government man states. the fines are so big they could possibly bankrupt companies. a preview what could come up at a senate hearing tomorrow. scary new reports that facebook has been trying to hook to its platform children as young as one-year-old to four years old in order to make even more ad money. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for watching. you're in tune with the fox
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business network. right now we begin with florida senator rick scott and florida attorney general ashley moody. we have a jam-packed segment right here for you first senator, and ashley moody. your reaction to jim jordan and congressman tom mcclintock sending a letter to homeland security secretary mayorkas, a government whistle-blower says that the government wants to fire border patrol agents if they're not fully vaccinated by november. what do you say to that? >> homeland security said the border is secure. think of that one out of every 300 people america today came across our border illegally, just this year. so first off why, would they do this? they have created open borders. we have terrorists coming over. we have drugs coming over. they have attacked the border patrol. they accuse the border patrol not doing their job. now they want to dissipate the ranks of the border patrol requiring a vaccine. president biden promised he would not do a vaccine mandate.
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he is not doing it for them, he is trying to do it for the whole country. the federal government should not do a mandate for anybody including border patrol agents. elizabeth: locals in del rio, texas, they spoke to fox news. they overwhelmingly support the border, attorney general, listen to this. >> no problems. they have always got your back. >> been here for 50 years. brought me to tears because i realized that we live in a great country and we want to keep it that way and that's not easy and these men are giving their lives, leaving their families to come here and to secure us. >> i have never seen them mistreat anybody. we back them completely. we say don't lie about them. don't lie about them. elizabeth: attorney general, florida is suing the white house, that the biden immigration policy is legal on what grounds? given what you heard with
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constituents talking there, can you talk more about that in light of your lawsuit? >> it breaks my heart at every turn, at every chance to show support for the men and women that take an oath to protect this country, to protect the safety and stability of our communities, this administration has not had their backs. every action they have taken has decimated public safety laws. they're thumbing their nose at the laws of this country when they are purposefully put in place to protect our people and this nation. first of all they told our sheriffs deputies to start releasing criminals here illegally back into our community who were set to be deported. that was step one. we stood up. we fought back. now, everyone that comes in they're detaining them, releasing them into the interior with not a notice to appear, a notice to report, which is not even a document within statute. it is just saying hey, when you
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feel like it, show up. there is no control over the criminals coming across our border, none whatsoever. we're seeing record increases in fentanyl, a drug that can kill entire cities. we see record increases in sexual offenders coming over our border. there is no doubt that the strategic actions of this administration are making our countries and the state of florida less safe. elizabeth: given what the attorney general just said, senator, why fire border patrol for not being vaccinated? other venues, other companies are saying, just basically when you do is, just test if they don't want to get vaccinated, test them, right? so why do such a harsh thing? now you have got florida saying the governor saying listen we have to take matters into our own hands. wee detain any aircraft, bus or vehicle believed to be transporting illegal aliens. you know is going to gather information on identities of any
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illegal immigrants. florida is taking matters in their own hands. now the white house says we'll fire the border patrol for not getting vaccinated. why don't they test them if they don't want to get vaccinated? >> florida is an immigration state. we like immigration, legal immigration. and why wouldn't you support the hard-working people of the border patrol working hard to keep all of us, everybody in the country, everybody in this entire country safe. it does doesn't make sense. they're not testing people coming across the border, not making sure they're vaccinated but our border patrol agents have to? this makes no sense. this same administration said one the border was secure. they said they would make sure they never leave any americans behind. this is an administration that just continues to lie to the american people and not have the back of law enforcement anywhere in this country. elizabeth: you know, it's a problem that hits all 50 states, attorney general. we've got two million estimated
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border crossings. that is about the size of nebraska. one congresswoman the dhs secretary mayorkas, 3/4 of border patrol agents in the texas sector had to be pulled off to deal with illegal surges. it is a hard thing for the media to understand, attorney, general, right? they don't get when you weaken the border you invite crime. go ahead. >> absolutely. the states are feeling it across our country. last two months, you see 200,000 people encountered at the border, coming across by our agents. i can tell you whether it is extreme incompetence or some ex-troop radical liberal agenda they're trying to accomplish, look, no one is above the law, especially the president of the united states. it is in black and white, our immigration and public safety laws. they need to follow the last, until they do, governor desantis and i, leaders like senator scott will step up to push back not just for the safety of our floridians but for the american people.
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elizabeth: you know democrat state representatives are going after the florida governor, senator, he is using immigration because he wants to run for the presidency in 2024. what is your reaction to that? >> i think we all need to stand up for our state. i think the attorney general moody is doing the exact right thing. she standing up for the great state of florida. all remember, we like immigration in our state, legal immigration but we don't want more fentanyl in our state. we want to support raw law enforcement whether in the state or along the border. i don't know why the biden administration created this open border policy which makes this country less safe every day. elizabeth: senator rick scott, attorney general ashley mooddy, good to see you. later this hour the botched afghanistan pullout. the generals testifying again before house armed services. the pentagon chiefs say it was the state department's call not to start evacuations sooner. we still have americans left behind terror lines. we're reporting that the taliban
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said to u.s. you can take over security at the kabul airport. that is tricky stuff for the white house. senator bill hagerty will talk about this. the biden agenda hitting the rocks. nancy pelosi may delay tomorrow's vote on infrastructure. they don't have the vote. ridicule mounting of the democrats magical claims their five 1/2 trillion in new spending will cost zero. if that is the case, then why do you want to raise taxes on the middle class, and why do you want to get the irs to snoop every everyone's bank accounts? that story is next. >> they want to raise 3 1/2 trillion, but if you look at the numbers it is really five trillion f they want to pay for all of that they have to go after people with lower next incomes.
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♪ elizabeth: welcome back. this is how bad the d.c. fighting has gotten. washington face as third government shutdown in three years. this time it looks pretty bad. the government is set to run out of cash by october 18th. edward lawrence is at the white house with more. good to see you, edward. reporter: liz, there is a lot of moving parts with this. let's start with one of latest. about 90 minutes ago, senator chuck schumer and house speaker nancy pelosi were here at the white house talking about all the issues that were going on. last minute drama, the house did
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a little while ago, within the last 15, 20 minutes, pass a bill to suspend the did not ceiling until december 16th of 2022. house speaker nancy pelosi before that vote used some harsh language. listen. >> we cannot predicate our actions in the house on what could happen in the senate. we can't when we coming to agreement on a bill, but in terms of this, i have no patience for people not voting for this. reporter: there were a few moderate democrats waivering over this vote that could open the door for of the larger social infrastructure package. two democrats actually voting against it. so the house speaker says the vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill could happen tomorrow, but adding late today she is not sticking to anytime table. senator chuck schumer blinking today, saying he will put up a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through december 3rd as a stand-alone bill with emergency money for louisiana included. now that is likely to happen tomorrow. he is yet though to outline a
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path forward for the debt ceiling bill. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell saying this democratic government has spent months boasting about how the radical transformation of their ramming through. they have no standing he says to ask 50 republican senators to make their process more convenient. senator bill cassidy says they do have the power as democrats alone to raise or keep the government funded. >> democrats control the ability to get the debt ceiling passed. they control the house, the senate, they control the white house. they can do it without a single republican vote, period, end of story. they wanted to suspend the debt ceiling as opposed to raise it because if they raised it, they would have to reveal to the american people how much they truly hope to spend in the reconciliation bill. reporter: talking about the debt ceiling there. the treasury secretary says we have until october 18th, when the federal government struggles to pay its bills. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank
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you very much. good to see you. let's bring in senator bill hagerty from senate banking. what is the word what is going on? will this all flap for the democrats? >> liz, great choice of words. i think what we're seeing the complete crumbling of the whole biden administration economic agenda. this transformation of america is having a very difficult time getting across the finish line. you have a circular firing squad within the party. they can't agree on anything. they don't know how they will pay for it. i asked secretary yellen to see the framework she and chuck schumer and nancy pelosi developed last week. she said she couldn't show that to me. they don't have a framework. this is falling before our eyes. >> like mutually assured destruction inside the democrat party started when they linked the gigantic spending infrastructure bill with social spend. let's listen to bernie sanders on this. watch the senator here. >> my fear is in the dual agreement that was reached is broken and we just passed the
6:18 pm
infrastructure bill, the leverage that we have here in the senate to pass the reconciliation bill will be largely gone. one hope we have is to say look, if you guys want to pass the infrastructure bill, i want pass it, if you pass that, you have to deal with reconciliation. elizabeth: the american people are looking at this like a soapbox derby. the term leverage, right? linking together, this the way we'll play now on? linking together massive bills to get your way when lawmakers for decades said we need to do a stand-alone fix of roads and bridges. this feels like complete lunacy. >> this is freeze sighly what i predicted when the infrastructure came to the floor. i am the one held it up. i didn't want the leverage that nancy pelosi will exercise. she will hughes the infrastructure bill to link the two together. bernie sanders laid out their strategy. i've been worried this all along. this is precisely what i warned
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about, use so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, 23% of actual hard infrastructure in it, she is going to link that to the much larger quote, social infrastructure bill. this is the complete socialist debt bomb that bernie sanders wants to unleash on the american come my. they want them linked. they want the leverage. they want to force more moderate members to vote for it. they will have a very hard time. elizabeth: we have the democrats magical claim five 1/2 trillion in new spending in 10 years will cost zero. that is the equivalent of putting italy and france on the american people over the next 10 years. if that is the case why raise the taxes on blue-collar and middle class workers? why get the irs to snoop into everyone's bank accounts if it costs zero. watch the white house press secretary on this. i know math -- of the invests that were proposed including tax cuts, and the pay-fors including making the tax system more fair, zero. elizabeth: come on. >> that is ridiculous.
6:20 pm
elizabeth: show the president's poll numbers. half the country disapproves of the president right now. there is a growing number of polls. she admits only people who don't know math get hired at the white house. this is the largest tax increase ever that would pay, those taxes would pay just for about two trillion of the 6 trillion spend which is largest ever. americans face the highest inflation since 1981. the credibility is going down here. >> i think it is plummeting. you're seeing it in the polls just as you say, liz. you mentioned this too. it is inflation. this is the most pernicious tax of all. if you look what's happened to real wages in america, net of inflation since the biden administration has taken over, if you annualize it, real wages are down 4% since january of this year. this is hitting every american. if you think about the inflation they will induce by adding another five or six trillion dollars of stimulus spending in the economy, adding another several trillion dollars of taxes, those taxes will go somewhere. it will go right into the price of everything we buy and purchase. this is inherently inflationary.
6:21 pm
again this is the most broad-based tax that hits retired people, low and middle income workers the absolute hardest. this is where the biden administration policy is taking us. elizabeth: msnbc and other anchors at other networks say this is about child care, free pre-k, climate change, right? but they're not drilling into the details. we're seeing things like expanding the child care credit for people who are not even family members. we're seeing things like you know, free electric cars for government workers. on and on and on. it is getting swampier out there. we've got watchdog groups saying 2,000 companies and lobbyists spent nearly half a billion dollars lobbying just on infrastructure alone. that was just in the first half of the year. now you got the social spend coming in. more money is flowing now into d.c. than ever before in terms of lobbying. your word on that? >> it is part and parcel what is happening here. in the process of fundamentally transforming the economy as bernie sanders likes to say,
6:22 pm
there will be a lot of new entrants that will come into play. they will destroy the fossil fuel industry. they slipped amnesty into this thing. there is everything that everybody in washington is tack being on the bill. this is why it is so unmanageable and why we're seeing it fall apart. elizabeth: seeing righter, quinnepiac, monmouth, gallup, half the country disapproves of the president right now. this is the most rapid drop's in a president's approval rating in a century, according to george will. your final word. >> well-deserved. look at disaster in afghanistan. the disaster on the southern border. inflation is killing the economy here in america. it is hurting every individual here. if you look what they're trying to accomplish with this transformation of our economy, it is terrible. elizabeth: senator bill hagerty. thanks so much for joining us. it is good to see you. later this hour we've give you a hearing coming up tomorrow in the senate, a preview of it. scarier reports that facebook is trying to hook children as young as one to four years old to its
6:23 pm
platform in order to make advertising money. the toxic impact facebook and instagram have on teens and now children is coming up. up next, former cke restaurant ceo and labor expert, he is andy puzder. reports that democrats buried in their spending bills, massive new government fines for violating the biden vaccine mandates. could it bankrupt companies? that's next on "the evening edit". ♪. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean-
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elizabeth: okay we started off the pandemic with shutdowns. now we're ending up with people getting fired for not being vaccinated. there are concerns about the hit to the economic recovery. workers are being told, get vaccinated or you will get fired. fox business's lydia hu has the story. reporter: liz, good evening, new data on the nation's unemployment rate will be issued next week but already we see a trend emerging from the unemployment data issued for august. take a look at this, states with the lowest rates of unemployment are run by republican governors. nebraska and utah doing the best. meanwhile states with the highest unemployment rates, nine out of 10 of them are run by democratic governors, nevada, california, new york, top this list. now these states imposed some of the lengthiest and harshest shutdown measures and those shutdown measures could be widening the unemployment gap. republican controlled states are
6:28 pm
leading the recovery, adding jobs lost during the pandemic back at the fastest rates. utah, idaho, even surpassing their pre-pandemic employment numbers but blue states lag behind hawaii and new york, rounding out the states being slowest to return jobs that were lost due to covid. now there are new concerns that vaccine mandates could stunt job recovery. new york as an example as governor kathy hochul declares a state of emergency to replace unvaccinated health care workers. as of monday there were more than 53,000 of them. new york city is bracing itself for more turnover ahead of the deadline on friday for education workers to get the shot or lose their job. as of monday, 87% of the city department of education workers were vaccinated. liz? elizabeth: lydia, great journalism there. good story there. joining us now former cke restaurant ceo, author of the book, the capitalist comeback, he is andy puzder.
6:29 pm
andy, great to have you back on. >> great to be here. elizabeth: forbes is saying democrats buried inside of their spending bill increase of 10 times in government fines for companies that willfully violate president biden's vaccine mandate on businesses. forbes sass it is so draconian it, could bankrupt companies. what do you say to that? >> it is just another effort by the biden administration to go after small businesses. small businesses can't find enough workers now to even stay open for their normal hours. many businesses have closed. others are closing earlier, opening late because they can't find people. all of sudden if you have to tell the workforce they have to be vaccinated or they have to leave, they have to stop being employed you will lose workers and if you're a small business you can't absorb 70,000, 140,000, 700,000-dollar penalties. you just can't absorb those right now with the inflation impacting the cost of all your
6:30 pm
supply chain, all the goods you're trying to buy. so it's a very draconian, authoritarian approach to accomplish something that could have been done much more easily if president biden hadn't questioned the vaccines legitimacy to begin with which he was doing less than a year ago. elizabeth: i mean so was now the vice president. you know, "forbes" magazine says that the fines could run as high as 70,000 for infractions, even wait for it, 700,000 for repeated violations. we have already seen health care workers, nursing homeworkers, cops, firemen lose their jobs for not being vaccinated. the president's approval rating is plunging. "axios" ipsos poll, 53% have little trust in biden to be accurate about covid-19. quinnepiac, 51% disapprove how he is handling the vaccine mandate. if you understand the economic impact of their policies, right?
6:31 pm
>> well, yeah, people get this. people understand, you know, that he is not handling the pandemic like he promised. he said he had a national strategy. trump screwed this up. now he wants everybody to get vaccinated with the trump vaccines, "operation warp speed" vaccines. that is the only thing he has got. we need to get people vaccinated. the border is a disaster. the economy is a disaster. foreign policy is a disaster. murders are up 30%. the country is declining rapidly, far more rapidly than i expected and i thought it would be bad. it is much worse than i thought it would be and people are seeing it. elizabeth: 55% of the population is vaccinated. people say use the power of persuasion, don't bully people. >> yes. >> "the wall street journal" has an interesting op-ed, andy, talking about the osha mandate, that it exceeds the authority of congress. that it could end up in the supreme court. the 1905 supreme court ruling gave the state power to do
6:32 pm
vaccine mandates and not the federal government. the obamacare scotus ruling 2012, it says if i choose to get medical insurance that is not interstate commerce. so the argument that you can do vaccine mandates because of interstate commerce, no. if i can, interstate commerce doesn't cover my medical insurance according to the supreme court, then it doesn't cover federally mandated vaccinations. what do you say? >> i say that is absolutely right and the democrats know this. the democrats have very good lawyers. they may not have good economists but they have very good lawyers. i'm sure, it is very much like that, eviction moratorium, where the biden administration knew that it wasn't constitutional but they thought if they pushed it they could get an edge with the court rules quickly. i'm hoping the out will rule quickly again. once again they know they don't have the authority to do this. they just don't know what else to do. they really don't understand you could easily convince people to
6:33 pm
get vaccinated if you just tried to do it in a way that wasn't so coercive. elizabeth: got it. andy puzder, you're terrific. great writer too. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next, guy benson, we'll look ahead at tomorrow's senate hearing on the toxic impact that facebook and instagram is having on teens and now children. look at this "wall street journal" story. facebook is trying to hook children as young as one to fours years old to its platform in order to get ad dollars. also later this hour the border crisis, reports that mexico did warn the white house do not wipe out trump's border policies. you will trigger a migrant surge. now reportedly tens of thousands of migrants heading this way to the border. keep it here on fox business.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back to the show fox news contributor guy benson. guy, we've got a senate hearing on this tomorrow. we have this
6:38 pm
"wall street journal" report that shows that things are even creepier and weirder at facebook than realized. that facebook has been targeting babies as young as one to four years old to hook them to the facebook platform for advertising revenue? this seems really shocking. what do you say? >> i'm not sure i'm shocked because the future of these platforms is to get as many users as possible. the earlier you influence people and condition them to want your product or be a part of it, be familiar with your platform the better in terms of revenue from their perspective. there is a whole separate question is this good for children at all? in fact could it be deeply unhealthy? the fact that a lot of executives reportedly at the companies don't allow their own children to use the platforms speaks volumes. elizabeth, i was just on the brink of this generation. facebook came to my college when i was a freshman in college. i had a flip phone in college. this technology was not
6:39 pm
ubiquitous yet. when i look at what is happening, when i think about my own consumption of social media and my habits these days, i am so grateful those tools and platforms did not exist for me when i was growing up because it is sort of a scary new world which ultimately oversight is appropriate of the companies, of the government, but comes down to parenting as well. parents really need to think hard how this much they want their kids, especially young kids to have access to this stuff and at what age. elizabeth: facebook's own research shows it is toxic to teens. now they're talking about tweens. talking about teenage young girls too getting hooked. talking about you know, talking about playdates, getting inside of children's playdates to get them hooked into facebook. they're talking about, they're a valuable untapped resource, kids on tablets and phones as young as six years old. we can't ignore it. our duty to go after this market. really? that is your duty,
6:40 pm
responsibility, facebook, to hook preteens and children to your platform where you have done little to nothing critics say to truly stop terrorists or predators on your platform, or really sick, disgusting content. facebook around the world has been criticized for that. your final word, guy? >> their duty in some theory or on some level to shareholders to society that is different question. you mentioned teens and tweens. if you remember how awkward those years were, how mean people could be without this technology, imagine being 12 or 13, going through a phase, fixating how many people are liking your instagram photo. does this mean i'm popular? do people think i'm ugly? all these pressures already exist at that age, brains just starting to form. this type of stuff can really warp someone's sense of self before it develops in a healthy way. i think that is a real concern. elizabeth: that's a great point.
6:41 pm
guy benson, you're terrific, a great writer and we'll have you back on soon, guy benson. the crisis on the border, reports that mexico warned the biden administration do not erase trump's policies, you will ignite a surge. we have tens of thousands of migrants potentially heading their way to the border. up next congressman mark green gives his take on the hearing today with top generals on the botched pullout from afghanistan. he was among those asking the questions. we have the update next. stay right there dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it.
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edward jones
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elizabeth: breaking news own the border crisis. the department of homeland security intends to issue a new memo in coming weeks to end trump's remain in mexico program. he said they're going to wipe it out. we'll keep you posted on these developments. welcome back to the show, tennessee congressman mark green house armed services. you were at the hearing today.
6:46 pm
the top military commanders are contradicting the president and now they're blaming the state department delaying evacuations from afghanistan that could have stranded americans. what do you say to this? >> both of those things are true. they definitely contradicted president biden on the numbers right? the generals were asking for 2500 soldiers to remain to protect the basically the withdrawal and the president refused that, said, 650 was all he would accept. he pulled that number out of basically out of thin air. compelled them to go to 650. they couldn't control bagram. they had to go to kabul. this is all on the president. the president lied this weekend with george stephanopoulos in an interview. said no, no one ever told me we needed 2500. they today said absolutely they did tell him. in terms of blinken, you know antony blinken should have been ex-filling people back in april
6:47 pm
and may. they had 93,000 applicants in june. they weren't moving people yet. the department of defense was telling them, we're out of here. you better get moving people and the state department didn't. that is on antony blinken and crew. elizabeth: let's watch the pentagon chief general lloyd austin on this. watch this. >> on issue of why we didn't bring out civilians and sivs sooner again, the call on how to do that and when to do it is really state department call. elizabeth: state department call. then, sir, we also had this, general mckenzie testified that the taliban even offered to let the u.s. take control of the security for kabul airport. would that have stopped 13 u.s. troops from getting killed? would it have stopped thousands of americans getting stranded? what do you say? >> i think absolutely. the problem with the taliban at their checkpoints they couldn't
6:48 pm
command-and-control their own checkpoints. maybe the leadership wanted to let americans through, but at checkpoints they were blocking people with american passports and wouldn't let them get into the airfield. sure if we had americans manning that, securing the city, we would absolutely had more people out and strong chance the isis-k bomber would not have gotten in there and those americans died. that was a bad decision t would have taken more troops and the president would have had to authorize those. joe biden didn't want to seem to do that. elizabeth: the general as contradicted the president's easily debunked claim in august when al qaeda was gone when he told abc that. gone from afghanistan. the generals warned that al qaeda is strengthening and could threaten the u.s. what did you hear? >> i heard exactly that. we've been hearing this from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff for a long time. they have been saying al qaeda is in afghanistan for months. so for the president to suggest that's not true, you know he is
6:49 pm
lying, he is either lying or uninformed, both of those are a tragedy. elizabeth: all right so the generals admitting too they have very few levers to stop terrorism now that u.s. troops are out of afghanistan. the over the horizon operations will be difficult but not impossible to do. what is your take on that? >> sure, liz. that is very important for people to know. it's a long flight path from the gulf states to afghanistan. we have to get basically airspace rights from pakistan. our ability to provide continuous surveilance over afghanistan is very minimal now. the flight path, you know, burns up the fuel, so you only have about two hours station time on these drones and on aircraft. it is not enough to give real coverage to that, to that problem. elizabeth: you know, critics and experts around the world and here in the u.s. agree we had to get out of afghanistan. it was a 20-year war. it is the way that it was handled, the exit, the pullout.
6:50 pm
your take on that and on the white house messaging on it? >> yeah. i agree that we were, we needed to get out of afghanistan. we absolutely needed to get out of afghanistan but the way we left made basically our afghan partners you know, it destroyed their morale and their well will to fight. we pull all the advisors and contractors that supported their ability to do ground operations. so they melted away. that is the real problem here, is the way we pulled out those contractors and the support to them doing ground operations. elizabeth: stranding our americans and -- >> hundreds, yes. elizabeth: murder of 13 u.s. troops. okay, congressman mark green. it is good to see you, thanks so much. up next, congressman john katko from house homeland security. he is a ranking member. we'll stay on the breaking news that homeland security intends to end, wipe out trump's remain in mexico policy, a big court fight over this is underway. we have got the story next.
6:51 pm
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now, congressman john katko, ranking member of house homeland security on this break news, congressman. homeland security says it intends to wipe out trump's remain in mexico policy. the supreme court told homeland are security, reeninstate this after -- reinstate this. they're saying once the injunction lifts, they're going to wipe it out. what are your thoughtsings? >> it just goes to show you they only care about implementing the boarder and making sure it's an open border at the southern border. it's a real head scratcher when you see what just happened in del rio where you had thousands upon thousands of haitians massed up at the border, and then they just opened the doors and let 'em all in knowing about 20% of them on average that covid, were covid-positive, and they let them into the country. it's just mind-boggling that
6:56 pm
they're just thumbing their nose at the supreme court and the american people. elizabeth: yeah. again, the breaking news, homeland security intends to wipe out trump's remain in mexico policy. congressman, "the new york times" had report that the mexican government that warned the biden administration, don't undo this, don't undo remain in mexico. it will lead to a surge of migrants at the border, and now it's coming to an end, and now we have potentially tens of thousands of migrants head here. that's reports coming out of central america and south america. your response to that. >> yeah. well, think about it, we've already had well over a million, i think close to 1.5 million this year alone are coming across the border. very large percentage of them got let into the country, and very few of them were tested and very few of them we know who the heck they are. so what the mexican government was saying is absolutely true. everyone could see it happening, and, you know, right now as we speak there's a group of anywhere from 40-70,000 haitians mask up in -- massing up in
6:57 pm
southern mexico. that's just one ethnic group. we have people are from all over the world coming across and also that a record number of known or suspected terrorists come across the border this year alone. what they're trying to accomplish, do not know, but it's a real national crisis and is health crisis. elizabeth: sir -- by the way, the homeland security secretary testify and indicated that 20% of people in the bridge camp were sick with covid. that's a pretty high number. when you're down there in d.c. and you talk to democrats about this, we had president obama saying it's unsustainable to have an openrd borders policy. -- open boardedders policy. do you hear anything negative from democrats saying, yeah, this is not the way to go? this is wrong? >> silence is golden. they don't want to talk about the border because they know how bad it is. i think a lot of them realize from a political standpoint they think a winner for them with
6:58 pm
some of their base. an awful lot of my colleagues in d.c. quietly will tell me on the democratic side that the border's a mess, and i think some of the democratic members of congress along the border will tell you it's a bad scene at the border. the del rio mayor, a democrat -- i just spoke with him today in a border security round table -- and he was just pacing this administration for not listening to them along the border. it's destroying those towns. elizabeth: the caravans are about half the size of the population of some of these towns. people from 150 countries reportedly have been caught trying to cross. that's according to "the new york times." so, you know, when we see time and again how this has been reported, we're a humanitarian, open arms, pro-immigration country. when it's done illegally, when you weaken the border, it invites crime, it invites transnational criminal cartels. it invites even china doing drug
6:59 pm
smuggling. it invites human smuggling. child trafficking, sex crimes and more. so this is not compassionate behavior. this is -- it's not compassionate to weaken the border. congressman, you know what i'm trying to get at, it's a hard concept to grasp, right, for some in the media. >> everything you tick thed off is exactly what we're concerned about. you've got to add to that what happened in afghanistan recently. 5-7,000 hard core authorrists were let out -- terrorists were let out of prison and we left out of afghanistan in such a terrible manner. obviously, now we know the president did it against the advice of all his senior a visors. now afghanistan is a hotbed for terrorism again because al-qaeda has a home field. when they're looking at the southern border, they've never seen anything easier to get into the united states. and in to everything you said -n addition to everything you said, that's -- other medias don't want to coffer it because they
7:00 pm
know it's a bad thing for the president. elizabeth: congressman john katko, it's great to have you on. it's good to see you again soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. we thank you so much for watching, and we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ kennedy: is brian laundrie can still alive? is he on the run? and, actually, hundreds of miles away from his comfortable florida home where mom and dad still at this moment are mowing the lawn like nothing's happening? well, we got a new lead as fbi and an army of private investigators try to hunt him down. he vanished two weeks ago after reportly going on a hike near a swamp near his florida home. investigators say reportly they have grown very suspicious of that -- repor


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