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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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washington won as well. i'm bad good luck. or good bad luck. i don't know. brian: my vikings lost, that is all i know to the browns. that is tough one to recover from. >> yes. brian: that does it for the vikings and us for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: okay, stocks down on inflation fears. we've got this story, democrats now criticizing president biden for downplaying left-wing activists who stalked and harassed democrat senators kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. the president saying quote, that happens to everybody. it is part of the process. those two senators were against the gigantic spending that trigger inflation. that is what we're warning about. more bad messaging. the president singled out these two lawmakers not a good look. remember lawmaker steve scalise
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shot at a ball game. senators josh hawley, mitch mcconnell, rand paul, chuck schumer, speaker pelosi all personally harassed and stalked. joining us tonight congressman byron donald, congressman greg stuebe, dr. marty makary, colorado congressman ken buck, former police officer officer and defense attorney phil holloway, former homeland security official, laura ries. china sending waves of warplanes into taiwan airspace. we have a debt ceiling showdown in d.c. we have a border crisis getting hotter. now the house is again out of session for two weeks. more on the pandora papers. how the rich and powerful hide their money in offshore scheller companies and tax havens. the president wants to stop all of that. republicans pointing out congressional analysis and congressional reports show the biden family pretty much used the same moves. christmas 2 1/2 months away. dr. fauci says, quote, it is just too soon to tell if you
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will be able to see your family during the holidays. really? the covid czar, now the christmas czar. is he trying to cancel christmas again? but he is blaming the media after it accurately quoted him. we have a preview of a big hearing on capitol hill tomorrow after a facebook whistle-blower goes public. says facebook purposely puts up polarizing, toxic, addictive content to get children hooked. that it puts profits ahead of your families. more on this story too, defund, defamed police movement is it is backfiring in a bigger way. look at this, senator tom cotton and other economists are pointing out this, that government data show violent crime is rising far more than the national average in democrat-led cities and this story. the white house refuses a request from texas to declare the border a federal disaster zone. panama, again warns 60,000 are coming. it also warning it has
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apprehended migrants with ties to al qaeda planning to cross. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. first to this story, the president will soon be traveling to michigan to sell his tax-and-spending plan. the president jumped in the fray attacking moderates in his own party and also this, speaker pelosi sets an october 31st date for infrastructure. the moderate democrats say this is inexcusable, quote, deeply disappointing that the speaker broke her promise and is now delaying the vote. get to hillary vaughn on capitol hill with more. hillary, good to see you. reporter: liz, today president biden made clear his agenda, his ideas are what is in the reconciliation package and that progressives did not write it, he did. the president has to figure out how to slim down his social
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spending package to win over moderate senators manchin and sinema to support his social spending package without losing progressives but also how to trim the price tag without chopping up his entire agenda. some ideas on the table, work requirements, means testing for social programs included in the package so it wouldn't be free for everyone but also making some of these programs only last five years, not 10 like they planned. >> we need to stop talking about these 10-year numbers. that is what got people so out of whack. they don't realize that when you use that 3.5 number, you're talking about 10 years. >> what i thought it should be. it is not going to be that. it is going to be less. >> we have to what is still much harder debate about what priorities we're willing to fund within those limits. reporter: the president is meeting with a group of progress serves members today, including chair of the house progressive caucus, chair jamila pay a pal
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but also with a. elizabeth: we have congressman byron donalds. your reaction to the president downplaying left-wing protesters harassing including a man following krysten sinema into a bathroom coming out of her classroom where she was teaching at arizona state university. your reaction to that? >> i find it to be outrageous that the president would condone such action. listen, everybody husband, every father in america knows that you do not, you would not ever support a man following a woman into a bathroom for any reason, let alone to try to force senator sinema to vote for a radical package that not only does she know, joe manchin knows, frankly all americans know will vastly push america down the road of socialism. but for joe biden to be so desperate to get his agenda across that he is not going to hold these people accountable
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who are basically harassing senator sinema, i find it to be outrageous. the president needs to apologize for his comment because that should never be tolerated. look we all get heated about politics, liz i understand that. but you're not allowed to literally invade the personal space of another human being. elizabeth: we're tracking this. white house is saying it does support free speech. let's watch what happened with senators krysten sinema and joe manchin. we'll watch what the president said, watch this. >> we knocked on doors for you to get you elected. that is how we got you elected we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promised us. elizabeth: now let's show another group of far left activists harassed senator joe manchin at his houseboat outside of washington, d.c. watch this. okay. you are going to see that. you're going to see the activists saying let's talk about it. we come here to talk to you about it. this is where he lives. congressman, your reaction to
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what you're hearing a man followed senator krysten sinema into the bathroom. what do you say to all of this again? >> i just say i find it to be disgusting and rep from hensable. a man has no business following a woman into a bathroom, period, full stop. that is not politics that is everything. you have got no business doing it. it us atrocious. for joe biden to allow this to happen. for joe biden not to condemn this immediately, just demonstrates to the american people that he is not empathetic. he is not your friendly, loveable uncle. he is a cold calculated politician is only interested getting his way. he is throwing a tantrum because he is not getting his way. because there are a few people on the democrat side of the aisle who realize how disasterous his agenda is. elizabeth: the ran to unify the country. why is he going along with this. let's listen to what the president said today. >> i don't think it happens -- happens to everybody.
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only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around. so it is, part of the process. elizabeth: he did say it is inappropriate but part of the process. no, zero tolerance for it, right? i think this is we're in dangerous times for our lawmakers, right? >> absolutely. listen there, is no part of the process for that. when joe biden was a u.s. senator, he wouldn't have been cool with people following him into the bathroom, i can assure you of that. he gets secret service protection right now so it is no big deal but i want to let people understand, this is the real joe biden. the real joe biden doesn't care about you. the real joe biden isn't interested when happens in your life, your pocketbook, what it costs for you to buy milk or buy gas. the real joe biden only cares about his own political power. he has been in politics 50 years, long every than i have been alive. this is outrageous what he said. elizabeth: democrats say he does care, the way they're going about it is totally wrong, he is
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frustrated. he lacks a mandate, historically slim majority for his party in congress. the lowest, smallest margin this about 100 years. by the way infrastructure bill only 10% of it really goes to roads and bridges and road, band, broadband t doesn't really have the fixes we need for the nation's infrastructure and house democrats are saying the white house legislative affairs operation doesn't know what it is doing. it has no plan, no strategy. look at the independent swing voters. they're revolting against the president. majority of independents disapprove of president biden. your reaction? >> well i would say not just the white house legislative team, it is entire white house and with it the entire democrat party. look what they have done to the country over eight months? the border is a mess. afghanistan is in flames. purchasing power for working families and senior citizens has been completely obliterated. this president comes out with a massive spending bill when we don't need to do that in the
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united states. we need to take care of our fiscal house at home. he never held to account by anybody, because he can't stand in front of the media or members of congress frankly more than ten minutes to get questions answered. this president is a joke and disaster. everybody knows it. elizabeth: you're using tough language, congressman. turn to this, bill maher, governor christie weighing in on the debate. issue, president trump when he was president, republicans had control of congress. he didn't get through infrastructure either. dicey what will happen. watch this, watch bill maher and governor christie. >> they're mad at them not progressive enough because they only got elected because they're not progressives because they're moderates. maybe these two, sinema, manchin might have thumb more on the pulse of the average democrat in the country? >> 2020 joe biden is officially dead and buried.
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ran against progressives, ran against bernie and elizabeth warren. ran to be uniter. he would force compromise. he went up to capitol hill and capitulated to progressives and liberals to his party. why should we be surprised? he couldn't stand up to the taliban. he couldn't stand up to aoc. elizabeth: rhetoric is getting really heated. time for everybody to tone down the rhetoric? we should point out the facts like this. alexandria ocasio-cortez has never gotten any legislation out of committee much less to a floor vote. a lot of republicans on other side are in the same boat. she ranks among the worst, least effective congressman ever. turn to stick to the facts ton down the rhetoric what do you say, congressman? >> i agree with that but when you look at this plan, which is such a disaster for our country, i don't use that word lightly unfortunately requires you to use the type of rhetoric that sometimes gets used. i think governor christie is right, 2020 joe biden is not the person serving as commander-in-chief, who is serving as commander-in-chief is
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bernie sanders looks like joe biden because that is the same plan he used throughout his career. elizabeth: congressman byron donalds thank you. christmas is two months away. dr. fauci is getting criticized telling cbs it is just too to tell if you can see your family at holidays, really? bah humbug. the christmas czar is flip-flopping what he said. we'll have it next. house foreign affairs greg stuebe on the pandora papers. scheller companies used by the world's rich and powerful. republicans point out that congressional reports show biden family pretty much used similar moves. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
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elizabeth: an historic investigation, hundreds of journalists from 100 companies have uncovered secret documents showing a an elaborate global offshore scheme that let hundreds of world leaders, public figures, rich and famous hide their assets from the taxman. this is dubbed the pandora papers. amy kellogg joins us from milan, italy to explain it all. reporter: liz, the pandora papers represent the largest ever leaked cache of offshore
6:17 pm
data, blowing the lid off peoples private assets and exposing vast wealth and how it was hidden away by dozens of world leaders and hundreds of civil servants, among them jordan's king abdullah, according to the leaked documents leaked too to the international consortium of investigative journalists posted in hundreds of news organizations has a hundred million dollar empire from malibu to london. the royal palace insisted the cost of these properties and all related expenditures have been personally funded by his majesty. another big name caught up in the pandora saga indirectly, russian president vladmir putin a former cleaner said to have become his lover allegedly owns property in monaco. the kremlin insists putins that nothing to had. managing money offshore is not inherently illegal but critics say using tax havens robs
6:18 pm
countries of needed tax income. there is the question of how all of this wealth was accrued. finally no one gets off scot-free here. south dakota is mentioned as an emergent tax haven. elizabeth: so is nevada, so is nevada as well. amy kellogg, thanks for joining us. joining us florida's greg stuebe, house foreign affairs. he is the congressman who blast ad home run, a moonshot, a bonafide major league homer of more than 330 feet i think in the congressional baseball game. congratulations to you on that. >> thank you. elizabeth: your reaction to what you just heard? by the way congressional reports show the biden family has used similar moves. >> that shouldn't surprise any people that watch your show. i'm sure that is happening. these are from the same people say tax the rich because they're not the ones being taxed because all of their money is offshore. i tell you this, if a single member, elected member of congress or the federal legislature or biden or otherwise failed to report assets that were in these
6:19 pm
accounts offshore, they should be held accountable and they should be tried an convicted for their crimes in violation of not reporting assets and their disclosures that we're required to file. hopefully people are going through the lists to see if there are members ever congress or other elected officials in the united states who failed to disclose assets they had offshore they should be held accountable for that. elizabeth: the president said he wants to stop the abuse of scheller companies and takes havens. let's go through it. he and his family used according to a senate investigation the president's brother and son hunter used a cat's cradle of scheller companies to hide cash payments from overseas business dealings from kazakhstan, russia and china. jim banks says the congressional reserve service report concurs that the president avoided paying half a million dollars payroll taxes by sheltering book income and speeches, $13 million in s-corporations. your reaction? >> they want to say tax the rich when they're not paying their fair share of taxes. that is not even mentioning
6:20 pm
hunter biden's investment in these chinese companies, i am being paid a billion dollars from chinese companies. recently jen psaki was asked by fox news if he was divested himself of that claim that biden said would happen after he became president? and saki refused to answer the question. so you know you know for certain that he still hasn't divested himself of those interests which is completely against what we stand for as americans and not leveraging yourself with foreign entities and foreign governments. they should be held accountable for it. what is unfortunate, we have a politicized doj run by a biden administration and democrats as you know will not hold accountable democrats decisions on this. if this was me or republicans that had these assets they would be being investigated right now. elizabeth: hunter's laptop is reportedly under a doj investigation for potential money laundering and tax evasion since 2019 reportedly. and that hunter biden was warned back in 2016 by husband lawyers
6:21 pm
and business associates that he failed to pay taxes in about a million dollars in income he collected from the ukraine natural gas, rather energy company burisma. the thing is, even political reporter ben says hunter biden never disputed the authenticity of the emails at the center of his laptop story and he told cbs, yes, the laptop could be his but then tried to downplay it as russian disinformation. what do you say to that? >> well it is his laptop. that is why he hasn't denied it. he knows it is his. they will say russian disinformation like for three years we dealt with the russian collusion hoax from the mainstream media that was completely utterly faults. they have to distract you from the actual facts that are occurring. i'm sure the doj is sitting on all this information. i'm sure there is a statute of limitations on crimes committed by hunter biden. by the time they get to the point of actually prosecuting that statute of limitations is passed, they won't prosecute him. elizabeth: striking hunter still
6:22 pm
has not divested nearly 10 million-dollar 10% stake in chinese invest firms when candidate biden said he would. he mass assets in cat's cradle of companies or countries pouring money in. we'll stay on the story. congratulations again on your home run. congressman greg stuebe, got to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: still to come this hour the white mouse rejects from the state of texas to declare the bored ear federal disaster area. panama warning 60,000 still coming a frightening warning from panama as well, it caught migrants with ties to al qaeda planning to cost. representative gonzalez from texas talking about that. up next, christmas still 2 1/2 months away. dr. fauci tells cbs quote, it is too soon to tell if you will be able to see your family during the holidays. really? bah humbug. the christmas czar is at it
6:23 pm
again of the he is flip-flopping what he said again. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, fox news contributor dr. marty makary. great to have you back on, excuse me, doctor. christmas is 2 1/2 months away. dr. fauci is already warning against making christmas plans. let's watch this first.
6:28 pm
>> we can gather for christmas or it is just too soon to tell? >> you know, margaret, it is just too soon to tell. we've got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we're going to do at a particular time. elizabeth: now he says the media is misquoting him. is it too toon soon to tell? >> highly likely we'll be able to have christmas. i think dr. fauci is afraid to be caught wrong. i think he has been caught up with every word he says because the media hangs on every word he says but why is this "face the nation" have him on incessantly? that is why the nation is hanging on every word he says. he is not the oracle of delphi. he is one physician with a opinion. when you have him on incessantly as the mainstream media does it crowds out other opinions. i think we'll be in good shape in november. elizabeth: you make an interesting point. reports noted we spent
6:29 pm
$15 billion on public affairs officials at our health departments and agencies in the federal government but he is on all the time. that is the criticism. we don't hear from other voices. he said no to christmas last year. a wave of covid cases did not happen. maybe people were more cautious and vaccinations were picking up but when you see the lawmakers, they're quick to teeth out their reaction. representative andy biggs says no one elected dr. fauci to christmas czar. are we going to be going through the winter months with more of this stuff? what do you say? >> well, liz, cases are down 35% over the last four weeks. so we're heading in a good place right now. it is moving from an epidemic to an endemic. in other words, seasonal virus that lives at low levels. it has been downgraded by natural and vaccinated immunity so we're on track to be in a very good place soon. people need help right now and my concern is we have no exit criteria for any of these
6:30 pm
restrictions in place right now. everybody has got a different risk tolerance. i don't think everybody wants to live in isolation because they want to assume the same risk tolerance dr. fauci or doctor walensky has. elizabeth: let's show dr. fauci's flip-flops in the past. they're piling up like planes on a runaway with flip-flops by dr. fauci last year. we don't hear dr. fauci weighing in on all the indoor, maskless, hollywood award shows. things like that. there was a good question by margaret brennan at cbs, there are two studies covid gotten better transmitting through the air with aerosols. what should we know about that with the winter months? >> sars-cov-2 spreads like sarscov-1. we should have known that early con. people with no immunity need to be careful. this is a highly contagious virus through aerosolized rout
6:31 pm
for those individuals. elizabeth: we got this. the u.s. has really strict mask guidance. we are the country that says masks for children ages 2 and up. the w.h.o. doesn't advise that. the uk does not advise that. the eu does not advise that. where do you come down on this? >> we've had this assumption in the united states that masks have zero downsides in children and i think it is really just sort of older adults doing something on kids because they can't without appreciating the effects of it. so there are consequences to it. elizabeth: okay. dr. marty makary, good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come, senator tom cotton now says government data shows violent crime did rise far more than the national average in democrat-led cities. we dig in and we look at how the defund and defame police movement is now backfiring.
6:32 pm
up next congressman ken buck from house antitrust. the preview of the big hearing tomorrow about facebook and social media on capitol hill. facebook whistle-blower goes public. says facebook is purposely showcasing, polarizing content that is addictive and toxic to teens and children. that it puts profits over family safety and family health. the story next. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool?
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elizabeth: a facebook whistle-blower goes public for the first time. accuses the social media giant of quote, betraying both american families, even democracy. also warns that the consequences of facebook's actions could be dire. ashley webster has more. ashley? reporter: well frances haugen, the former facebook employee turned whistle-blower sold "60 minutes" last night she has proof in 10 of thousands of
6:37 pm
pieces of internal research she copied that quote, the company is lying to the public about making progress against hate, violence and misinformation. she also claims facebook's motivation is making big profits by promoting confrontational dialogue as well as harmful content for teen girls. take a listen. >> facebook has realized that if they change the algorithm to be safer people will spend let's time on the site, they will click on less ads, they will make less money. facebook's own research says as these young women begin to consume this sort of content they get more and more depressed. they make them use the app more. facebook over and over again shows it uses profit over safety. reporter: in response facebook said in part we continue to make significant improvements to tackle the spread of misinformation and harmful content. to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true.
6:38 pm
haugen is set to testify before a senate subcommittee tomorrow in a hearing that is entitled, protecting kids online. liz? elizabeth: ashley, great to see you. good to see you, ashley. joining us now congressman ken buck of house antitrust and house judiciary committees. congressman, good to have you back on. your reaction to this report. we have the hearing tomorrow. is there now serious movement to do something about this in congress? >> i think there is serious movement. i think it is really important that the public understands the need for the movement. it is clear that facebook has shown no interest in stopping the predators who use the site. for example human traffickers and drug dealers. they have shown very little interest in the fact that teen suicide rates are going up. that teen girls especially have serious issues when they're using instagram, serious bodily issues and so there are all these, you know, problems that
6:39 pm
really magnify the monopoly issue that facebook is involved in. if we have five facebooks, we have competitive pressure to make sure that these companies deal with the, really abuses going on. elizabeth: congressman, phase book whistle-blower said, quote, facebook's own research shows that it knows that its content is hateful, that it is divisive, that it is polarizing and that they do that because it is easier to inspire people to anger than it is to other emotions. that's the way they keep them hooked to the site. what do you say to that? >> i think it is so important that we have an insider talking about what we have seen from the outside for a while. the antitrust subcommittee in the house did a 16-month investigation and drew many of the same conclusions being confirmed by a facebook employee and documents she has in
6:40 pm
possession. i think it is absolutely amazing a company can put profit over people the way fees back does. every company wants to make process but not at the expense of human debt. elizabeth: what do you do? do you regulate them like phone companies? democrat blumenthal says facebook is using big tobacco's playbook, getting people addicted hiding own research how addictive it is to the effect of its product. research those a third of teenagers who use instagram, teenage girls have negative impacts from instagram as well. how exactly is congress going to regulate this or stop it? >> well, first of all i think it is important to note that it takes someone, 30, 40, 50 years to die from tobacco use. these teenage girls are committing suicide after a month, two months, two years on instagram and facebook accounts.
6:41 pm
so i think it is really misleading in some ways to compare them, compare facebook to big tobacco. but i think the key is we passed six bills out of the antitrust subcommittee, out of the judiciary committee and those bills are going to the floor. we need to get every single republican vote we can so issues like this are dealt with. elizabeth: which piece of legislation? which bill has the most legs? which one do you think has -- we would love to know, we don't want to hear all six are great. we want to know which one do you think will pass in a bipartisan way? >> i think the merger bill will pass. the fact these four monopolies, amazon, apple, facebook and google, really gobbled up so many startup tech companies, sometimes putting them on the shelf, sometimes using them, placing a higher burden on those four companies to engage in mergers is a critical way of slowing down the growth and allowing competition to be
6:42 pm
created in the marketplace. i also think structural separation is important. that the idea that facebook bought instagram and the ftc didn't have the information to examine it. elizabeth: interesting. so itwith be like the 1980s break up the phone companies fight all over again. antitrust action, interesting stuff. congressman ken buck, always insightful and terrific to have you on. come back soon. still to come this hour, texas says the white house rejected its request to declare the border a federal disaster zone. panama warning 60,000 coming. another frightening warning from panama. it said it apprehended migrants with al qaeda ties planning to cross. we bring in former prosecutor and police officer, he is phillip holloway. the defund and defame police movement backfiring. senator tom cotton says government data shows violent crime rose far more than the national average in democrat-led cities. keep it here on
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elizabeth: joining us now, criminal defense attorney and former police officer, phillip holloway. great to have you back on. okay, senator tom cotton wrote a piece for "breitbart" saying democrats soft on crime, defund, defame police, has triggered a national crime wave. you know, phillip, if you just go through the numbers he is saying democrat dominated cities are seeing violent crime rising far more than the national average. murder up 50% in chicago. 44% in new york, 38% in los angeles and the murder rate in baltimore is higher than el salvador or guatamala. what do you say to this. >> great to be with you again, liz. yes, i agree with the senator. it is not just those to the numbers. add to that juvenile crime, it is getting younger. i agree with the senator at least in part because the defund, the defame police movement has gone a long way emboldening individuals who might be otherwise disposed to
6:48 pm
commit violent acts. it emboldens them to carry through with it. it does definitely add to the historic wave of violent crime sweeping the united states, but liz, it goes deeper than that. it goes before 2020. it is before the lockdowns which of course created this national restlessness and add on top of that the riots and you add all of that to the defund and defame the police movement it, creates this perfect storm of social circumstances that has caused this current crisis i believe. elizabeth: that is interesting what you just said. for months the media downplayed this. watch it. >> silly narrative about our cities calling them anarchists is preposterous to me. you know, image after image on instagram yesterday in central park and all over new york, people like walking their dogs. this doesn't seem like anarchy to me. >> democratic cities are in chaos right now. >> crime is rising. >> defund police.
6:49 pm
oh, my gosh, so bad, defunding police. elizabeth: let's go through this. we have 1000 fewer cops senator cotton said in "breitbart" as the fbi collected data from more than 100 police agencies. we have a weaker border. we have a double-digit increase in gang killings. a lot of them are drug gangs and drug overdose deaths. this is an interesting stat, phillip, finally, first time ever over 100,000 americans lost their lives to drugs an homicide in 2020. the positive story is the men and women in blue are really doing a lot of good work for the people in the country. what do you say? >> no question they are but in the present times, liz, we're trying desperately to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps in society, we still have some prosecutors going out of that i way not to prosecute, i mean major crimes, they're trying not to prosecute. add on top of that, police leadership in some places, they're still looking for state, for officers to sacrifice at the
6:50 pm
altar of political correctness to make some kind of a political point. we have this catastrophic backlog of cases in the court system. it is trying to operate on zoom court. people are not considering the consequences of their actions. it is almost like people feel like they can do whatever they want because there is nothing in the traditional criminal justice system left that is even trying to hold them accountable. elizabeth: phillip holloway, we'll have you back on. good to see you. thank you for all you have done for the country as well. up next former dhs official laura ries. texas is saying the white house rejected its request to declare the border a disaster zone. panama warns that 60,000 migrants are still coming and caught migrants with ties to al qaeda intending to cross. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox
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6:55 pm
apprehended al qaeda, people with al qaeda ties inside panama trying to come to the u.s. when you put that all together, what's going on here? >> it's understandable governor abbott asked for federal emergency declaration after the del rio experience 15000 migrants appearing suffering by living the water, food and shelter. border protection immigration is a function of the federal government, not the states and get texas class pick up the bill, they've devoted $3 billion fighting the border crisis and get fema good night the request when fema granted other requests at a rate of ten a month but different's request from texas would be admissions the biden administration policies created an emergency. >> we've got republican texas
6:56 pm
congressman gonzales putting out press releases say panama is morning migrants with al qaeda ties intend to cross. that's dangerous we are playing politics at the sign of weakness to say was clearly a disaster zone, to say it's not is what's coming out of the white house, really? >> this is a national security crisis and the administration has plenty of notice with this next group, hopefully they heed the warning but i fear they won't and instead of preventing the group from illegally immigrating into the country consistent if they were to be consistent, they were quickly, with the hope media would not be paying attention and it endangers americans. >> border patrol authorities have repeatedly come on saying media and democrats and the white house are being naïve, the
6:57 pm
cartel control the region south of our border, you have to pay them to get across. criminal cartel and greg abbott releasing a video of texas national guard giving up to protect support as 60000 are headed here, i think it doubling the number at the poor, up to 2500 troops, is that enough? >> probably not we need the federal government to do its job but this administration time and time again has tied to his not only of the border patrol but ice to do interior enforcement, they tend to blame law enforcement first, punishment first as we saw patrol and deflect blame elsewhere from their own policies. >> the border towns and neighborhoods and communities keep saying, why don't you declare it a federal disaster area? it would.millions of dollars toward us. they are feeling high and dry,
6:58 pm
if the white house doesn't reach out to them and we've got now, 100 terrorists the last three years trying to cross into the u.s. we are so important, why is it that a hair on fire fire engine red for the white house. >> it is scary and perhaps should be fire here moment, it's hard to get this administration to change policies because we been asked going on ten months and i fear it's going to require a terrorist attack bar with drugs crossing the border and run the cameras particularly functional death of this time back to the border because the administration is not changing course. >> it's unfathomable invent this story, 16 republican senators
6:59 pm
including senator joni ernst sent a letter saying why are you letting afghan refugees walk off military bases? what do you say? >> americans need to be concerned with vetting of the afghan evacuees and the biden administration repeats they've been thoroughly vetted by the administration has lost the benefit of the doubt both in respect to afghan evacuation but immigration generally and we know terrorists exploit large migrant areas so the population should continuously be vetted for a reasonable amount of time and will require follow-up oversight to prevent radicalization. >> the number of independent departures could top 700. it's a terrific having you on and appreciate your input. we'll have you back on as soon as we seek development at the
7:00 pm
border. we've been reporting on it for quite some time, it's taking up to a whole another level. good to see you, you've been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening, enjoy this again for the night of the ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >> doctor fauci strikes again among the nations top virologist getting hate for suggesting christmas may be canceled, but job, sir, have fun but now he claims he never said that. why should anybody listen to cap if all he does is flip flops? after plaintiff was on cbs talking about vaccines in the middle of the interview is asked about upcoming holiday season.


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