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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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picture of the company. that it is important to him everything facebook builds is safe and good for kids. dagen. dagen: must be so wonderful to be so oblivious surrounded by sycophants. head-scratcher. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we've got major blowback against the white house deploying attorney general merrick garland to aim federal firepower at parents protesting against school boards and their toxic agenda. hundreds of thousands of parents we're tracking this, they're now mobilizing nationwide. joining us tonight, texas attorney general ken paxton, congresswoman nancy mace, former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg, economic experts liz peek and mitch roschelle plus former dhs official mike howell. we have a lot of news coming in
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for you. this debate, where is the education department on school boards nationwide letting things like school books loaded with porn into school libraries? instead of using the fbi and homeland security to go after parents, how about appointing that firepower at drug gangs, antifa rioters and criminals crossing border. merrick garland facing scrutiny over his family ties to a consultancy that has multimillion dollars contracts with school boards to do things like data mine information on your schoolchildren. that consultancy has ties to facebook's mark zuckerberg. more than hundreds protesting against president biden in michigan. the brand new reason why progressives are so angry with the president now. did he just tank his own agenda? we've got top democrat terry mcauliffe caught on a hot mic saying quote, president biden is unpopular. plus the update on general mr
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mcmaster testifying that 1000 americans are still stranded in afghanistan. and the news that the taliban released the terrorist suicide bomber from bagram airbase just days before he murdered 13 u.s. troops. and more on president obama's government ethics czar, warning that hunter biden should stop capitalizing on his access to his father. the president. we've got a big pushback against the president's nominee for comptroller of the currency. she studied in moscow. she wants the federal reserve to control all of our bank accounts. now this, banks are mobilizing to stop democrats from letting the irs snoop on your bank accounts. a i la recalling new report coming into our studios a new caravan of tens of thousands of migrants say they will arrive at the u.s. border in 20 days. this caravan, quote is ready to go to war with mexico in order to cross.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald of the evening edit starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. let's start with. this the white house aiming major federal firepower, the justice department, homeland security, the fbi, the secret service, state attorneys general all pointed at parents for protesting what school boards are doing to their children. toxic curriculums, books that are problematic and more. patients nationwide are responding. lydia hu joins us with more. good to see you. reporter: liz, the department of justice has directed the fbi to meet with state and local law enforcement over the next month to figure out how they will investigate what they're calling threats against local school boards. this comes after parents have voiced concerns and criticism of critical race theory at public meetings and parents say it is
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an attempt to silence them. this is the latest issue prompting parents to rethink public school now with school mostly back in the classroom. students must comply with state mask mandates in 17 states and teachers grapple with vaccine mandates in new york city, washington, oregon, forcing thousands of teachers to leave the classroom. >> i know if we fold as teachers and parents they're camping after us next. >> homeschooling is the next bridge. i'm holding hope. praying everything. >> working scenario i'm leaving the city. this is not the place i want to raise my children with all this political things pushed down their throats. reporter: number of kids attending public schools in the united states fell by 3%, or 1.5 million kids this academic year. it's a concerning trend for public school advocates because money follows the students. so if fewer enrolled, public
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schools, liz. brian: will get fewer dollars. elizabeth: a great piece of journalism. lydia hu, thank you so much. joining us now texas attorney general ken paxton. you just heard the report. let me back up. the attorney general, sir, merrick garland is criticized for offering no data to support what he is doing with the major federal firepower. no facts or state or police anywhere asked for this federal help. what do you say to this. >> this is one of the most concerning things i ever seen come out of government. it scares me that the attorney general is threatening parents, threatening their free speech, chilling free speech and acting more like a bully than the attorney general of the country. i can tell you in my state this will not be happening. we will defend parents and we will stand up for parents rights to speak out what they think is the truth about critical race theory and other issues going on at their school. elizabeth: florida governor ron desantis says they don't need to do this. there are state laws on the books against harrassment.
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why do you need all of this firepower, on it? attorney general want the partnership with local states, territories among federal agencies around the country and tribal law enforcement, right? there is that issue. why all the firepower. >> it's a very good question. i think ron desantis is right. we can handle this locally. we don't need the federal government, fbi, department of justice, slamming this down our throats. let us deal with this locally, if somebody is threatened it can be investigated locally. parents should not be intimidated i hope they are not. they will continue to speak out what is good for their children. that this will not chill free speech. elizabeth: attorney general garland faces new scrutiny that his daughter is married to the cofounder of a consultancy called panorama. panorama has multimillion dollar school contracts to data mine information on schoolchildren. that is according to new reports. they're looking at their social and emotional learning.
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this panarama consultancy got millions of dollars of funding from facebook's mark zuckerberg charitable foundation. what do you say to that? >> that is concerning. he needs to disclose his son's interest and his interest in this company, coming out now talking about school boards and parent not being able to talk to school boards, they look like conflicts of interest to me. he needs to disclose those, let the american people know what is going on. there needs to be transparency as it relates to the attorney general. elizabeth: getting back to what the white house is doing, the president says doing this, going after parents like this is okay, you know, this is after he said, quote, part of the process of far left activists stalk and harass his own democrat party senators. little to no condemnation of rioters and antifa destroying cities in riots the media called mostly peaceful. democrats want the irs to snoop into everyone's bank transactions with as little as $600. that is treating everyone with a criminal suspect. what is going on with this
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white house? the president campaigned saying we will not, i will not politicize the justice department. what is happening now? >> it is completely being politicized. to let go what happened in our country with all the riots, a lot of people were not investigated, a lot were not punished, prosecuted. threatening regular parents, millions of parents all they care about their children wanting good education for their children. suddenly they're the one that will be investigated. they're the ones that will be prosecuted. this is very political, president biden honestly has not told us the truth. elizabeth: how about listening to what the parents are saying? where is the education department on that? the parents have legitimate questions about what the kids are learning at the schools. the parents are bosses of elected school officials, school board members. the parents are in charge. they're seeing porn go into children's books and libraries. they're seeing all sorts of stocks you can curriculum coming into their parents heads. they don't want it.
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how about listening to them first, sitting down with them first instead of sicking the fbi on them? >> you know i couldn't have said it better myself. the parents have the right to be angry what is happening with the covid mandates to what is thought to the kids with critical race theory, all the things you mentioned, parents have the right to control their children's education. i think that is why you're seeing people leaving the public schools because they feel like they have no choice. that they cannot control their children's education and they're being dictated by local officials and local governments about how their kids will be elected. it is exactly as you said. parents should have a great amount of input in how their kids are educated. elizabeth: you know it is interesting, at a senate hearing this week senator tom cotton asked the deputy attorney general lisa monaco is this an issue? she testified she said, parent are protesting about is not extremism. attorney general ken paxton, thanks for joining us. good to see you. we'll have you back on soon. still to come this hour former
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president obama's government ethics chief, he is warning that hunter biden should stop capitalizing on his relationship to the president. that there is potential corruption there, pay-to-play influence. coming up next, economic expert liz peek on hundreds protesting against against president biden in michigan. the president has angered progressives with another gaffe. did the president just tank his own agenda? plus democrat terry mcauliffe caught on a hot mic saying quote, the president is unpopular. keep it here. we'll be back in two. ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪
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elizabeth: welcome back. president biden met with bank ceos and wall street executives today as he ratchets up the pressure on congress to raise the nation's debt limit to avoid a government default. there is only 12 days left to do all this. there is action in washington on all of this. hillary vaughn is in d.c. with more, good to see you, hillary. reporter: good to be with you, liz. there may be a deal to dodge a debt crisis that is looming on congress right now. senate democrats leaving a meeting after reviewing a few options that minority leader mitch mcconnell put on the table in front of them. this afternoon. those options included pushing through reconciliation with an offer from republicans to not
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force them to go through a vote-arama with a lot of amendments, not to stall the process so that the debt limit could be increased before, essentially a crisis goes into effect in about 12 days from now but that was not the option that they chose because reconciliation is still a red line for many democrats. instead they chose option b, which was an offer pro mcconnell essentially offer them a short-term extension on the debt limit until the end of november, until the beginning of december and then that would force democrats to do reconciliation at that point but it also would give them enough time to work through the reconciliation process without feeling they're trying to beat the debt clock. so right now the offer is not, the deal is not official. schumer and mcconnell still have to work out the final agreements and the details, really this is what the white house did not want, but essentially it is kicking the can down the road which is what white house press secretary jen
6:16 pm
psaki said she did not want and the president did not want congress to do. so this seems to be a situation that democrats and republicans in congress are going to find themselves in just a few months down the road. liz. elizabeth: hillary, god, you're earning your paycheck. like log rolling in the ocean for you keeping up with it. i don't know how you do it. that was pretty brilliant reporting. hillary vaughn, great to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: there is a lot of sausage making going on, right? that is how irritating things are in d.c. at this point. we also have this, hundreds protested against the president in michigan. they don't like what he is doing. all big spending you will tax us at 10,000, 50,000. bring in she is terrific. fox news contributor liz peek. liz, talk about this, good to see you. progressives now are really mad at the president. he said he would sign the big spending bill with the hyde amendment. the hyde amendment stops federal funding of abortion.
6:17 pm
senator manchin wants that. progressives hate it. did he just tank his own agenda? >> honestly, liz, it is another big speed bump on the way to passing a big progressive bill, no doubt about it. biden came out in on suggestion to the height amendment if you remember in 2019. for many, many years he has supported it. so this is kind of another flip-flop he would give up on that. that is one of many problems. those protesters are a big deal and here's why. every week that passes people find out more about this bill and the more they find out about this bill the less they like it. so those protesters are complaining because the numbers are too big? wait until they really find out what is in this bill. they are finding that out another reason 500 people remember this is a state that biden won. wait until he goes to a state like alabama. he is in trouble and i think this whole thing with the debt
6:18 pm
ceiling is yet another sort of sign of the white house incompetence. elizabeth: yeah. >> the more we see on foreign policy and economic agenda, everything else, just seems like they can't shoot straight. you know, schumer comes out and says yeah, so do other democrat leaders we'll talk about this. elizabeth: we got it. >> this seems like a solution, white house says we don't like this. holy crow get your act together. elizabeth: watch the president on this. listen to what he said. >> i want to get the bill passed. >> would you sign it if the hyde amendment is -- >> i would sign it either way. my they have no problem giving millionaires, billionaires gigantic tax breaks. this is a tax cut. elizabeth: it is not a tax cut. the joint committee on taxation says it will hurt people who earn 50,000 and up. they loaded back into that number, social security, medicare, taxes income. it will hit lower brackets. the progressives are chasing
6:19 pm
away the moderates here, right? they don't like the hyde amendment. they're bullying, stalking their own democrat senators. their claim that the 3 1/2 trillion is paid for over 10 years? so year 11 everything will go away? what happens in year 11 to these entitlements? let's watch senator john kennedy on this. >> the american people are looking at this with their mouths open and they're going, my god, these people do not trust me to make decisions for myself. they think, they really think, biden and the woke left, they think that america can't survive unless president biden and the woke left make every single decision for americans about how to run their lives. that is what this bill is about. it is going to extend the federal government into every corner of every american's life
6:20 pm
and that's why the president's poll numbers are dropping in my opinion. elizabeth: numerous polls show half the country disapproves of the president. quinnepiac, bunch of them, what do you say to that, liz? what do you think? >> look quinnepiac 38% approval. that is shockingly low. a little bit lower than most of the other polls but the real damage has been done is on the character issues. we see poll after poll now saying they don't think biden is honest. when he goes around the country and claims a 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending program has zero costs, guess what? people don't believe him anymore for good reason, right? they also challenge his competence, his leadership. these are really terrible assessments and remember he only has been in office, what is it now, nine months. i don't know how he rallies from here, liz. i think one thing that could help him out is if indeed merck comes out, or someone comes out with a drug that actually
6:21 pm
changes covid because someone came out with a total today showing more people had died under his presidency from covid than under trump. elizabeth: we hear that we understand that. lizzie, you're right about the messaging, they're saying things like the border is closed. dhs secretary is preparing for 400,000 worst-case scenario to come this month. you know afghanistan exit was a success when general h.r. mcmaster testifying this week that 1000 are still stranded there. we have got inflation coming in. you know, the other thing too, liz, we'll talk to you about this next time. the associated press reporting that more than half of the states, 2/3 of 90 cities have not spent a dime of their $350 billion in covid relief. that is happening too. liz peek, we ran out of time. i could talk to you entire show, liz peek. good to see you. still to come this hour, a new alarming report, we're talking about it, a new caravan of tens of thousands of migrants
6:22 pm
say they will arrive at the u.s. border in just 20 days. they're saying quote, they are ready to go to war with mexico in order to cross. up next, congresswoman nancy mace. french tv going after the secretary of state and the white house for claiming that the botched afghan exit was quote a success. plus general h.r. mcmaster saying 1000 americans are still stranded in afghanistan. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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elizabeth: welcome to the show congresswoman nancy mace from house veterans affairs. congresswoman, french tv, called france tv-2, they literally went slack jaw, the anchor went slack-jawed when secretary of state antony blinken tried to claim the botched withdrawal from afghanistan was a success. you can literally see her in disbelief. what do you say? >> just when you think we couldn't get weaker on the world stage this happens. there is no success vacationing in the hamptons as kabul fell. there is no success or courage in lying to the american people or world leaders about the exit in afghanistan. i will tell you, linda, yesterday morning i gave a speech to young biz liters and as i concluded my remarks i had a young woman approach me and handed me a letter and her and her house were trying to help a
6:28 pm
family exit out of afghanistan. they approached my office several weeks ago and we tried desperately to help them. we were unable to get that family out of afghanistan and they're deeply troubled by individuals and citizens, sivs alike we left behind. elizabeth: the secretary of state was meeting with the french president to smooth over france's anger after john kerry said the president had no idea france was mad, that the u.s. left france out of the new indopacific deal with australia and the deal with the uk and their 40 billion-dollar submarine deal france had with australia was canceled. watch what john kerry said. watch this. >> he asked me, he said what's the situation? and i explained exactly, he had not been aware of that? he literally had not been aware of what had transpired and i don't want to go into the details of it. elizabeth: okay. so he is not aware of that. you pointed out afghanistan.
6:29 pm
we have this too. we've got, by the way the republican senator hagerty has been tweeting about what john kerry said about france. let's show his tweet. first let's get your reaction. i need to move on to general mcmaster. what do you say to what you just heard? >> i guess my biggest question who is in charge if the president doesn't know what is going on, who is in charge in the white house? elizabeth: let's listen to general mcmaster testify that 1000 americans are still stranded in afghanistan. watch this. >> i will point out that my phone is full of what's app messages from afghans, residents, american citizens brutalized at taliban checkpoints on the way to get to the airport. many of them are stranded there now. 1000 are stranded right now. the picture you heard, was painted in press conferences in washington was completely the
6:30 pm
opposite what was going on in kabul. many others besides me who had that same experience communicating with afghans on the ground under those dire conditions during the evacuations. >> let me clarify this 1000 americans and allies. let's be about 1000 americans and allies. what do you say what he said, his phone is full what is going on there, what do you say? >> it is devastating really. many of those individuals and families we did leave behinds, citizens, sivs, allies alike, they have gone dark. they're in hiding, they move every single evening to try to avoid the taliban, to try to avoid the death sentence we gave them by abandoning them and stranding, leaving them stranded in afghanistan and i will tell tell you of all the classified briefings i attended in a bipartisan way with the administration and biden's cabinet, no one would give us the actual number of individuals allies, citizens, green
6:31 pm
cardholders that we left behind, not a single one. elizabeth: we still don't know the number. okay. congresswoman nancy mace. thanks for joining us it is always great to have you on. you will come back again soon. still to come this hour, former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg. president obama's ethics czar warns that hunter biden should stop capitalizing on his relationship to the president. up next, economic expert mitch roschelle. president biden facing blow back for his new nominee of the comptroller of the currency. she studied in moscow. she said the federal reserve should control all bank deposits. we have this, banks mobilizing all over the country to get stop the irs from snooping into your bank accounts. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> they're looking to fund the irs, the agency that collects taxes, they want to collect more taxes from you, to give them
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show macro trend advisor founding partner, he is mitch roschelle. hey, good to see you again, mitch. there is this big senate fight. the president's pick for comptroller of currency saule omarova. senator pat toomey saying you know what? give us your thesis you wrote at moscow university. you want to end banking as we know it. you want the federal reserve to seize control of all consumer deposits. should we be worried about this? >> it is very troubling. 20 years ago i worked in germany, that is the way things worked around the time in berlin wall fell but maybe my years are off a little bit. they don't want asset prices. they don't want free economics at all. this is what she professed as a student in moscow.
6:37 pm
this is the united states, not the ussr i don't see either side of the aisle liking this one. elizabeth: she hates bitcoin too. this all happening as the democrats want the irs to track transactions of as little as $600, gross inflows, outflows because that is the minimum amount that triggers reporting where the irs can track this, documentation to the irs at 1099s they already get. it is about the tax gap. about going after small businesses and independent contractors. when you see the comptroller nominee and see the irs push to do that by democrats, put it all together. law-abiding americans they're being treated as though they're financial criminals, guilty first until proven innocent. kind of weird stuff. >> first of all, liz, i don't know how the banks, that is why the banks are pushing back could ever get their arms around that much data. they have a hard enough time with the regular 1099s they get right now.
6:38 pm
$600, take your family to disney, put it on a credit card, that is 600-dollar transaction. is that what the irs really wants to look at all the inflows and outflows? i can't fathom how a government agency can get their arms around that much government data. it is i hadout tick. the tax cheats are going after the regular middle-class americans. the rich people, they have legal means not paying taxes. elizabeth: that's right. the little guy doesn't and people are really mad about this. you're right, banks across the country, fox business has been reporting this, they're going on social media, you know what, customers, speak out against this. seeing this in kansas and oklahoma and florida. see it in missouri attorney general joining nebraska. we're not going along with this. this is so unfair. the irs leaked people's tax returns data "propublica," billionaire tax returns. by the way, mitch, i want your reaction to what senator
6:39 pm
barrasso said about this. watch this. >> their goal of course is to squeeze more money out of hard-working taxpayers and they want to use that money that they squeeze out of hard-working taxpayers to pay for their big government socialist agenda. now number one this is an invasion of privacy of american citizens. and number two, it turns bankers and credit unions into defacto irs agents and they don't want any part of it either. the irs is the most powerful and truly unresponsive or unaccountable agency of government. and they have proven they're unable to keep tax records secure. proven it. we're not going to allow joe biden to give the irs more power. we're going to stop this in its tracks. i want to be able to tell cowboys in wyoming, if they make a payment on their pickup truck or buy a saddle for their horse
6:40 pm
they're not going to have an irs agent along for the ride. elizabeth: cowboys in wyoming will be mad too. you know what? he is saying having covered the irs for years and testifying before congress twice about irs and tax reform he has got a point here, right? by the way they want to spend money on things like free electric cars for government workers. you know free energy up grades for homeowners, freebies given out there. freebie money for down payments for mortgages, right? so we're reading through the weeds of this bill. it doesn't look pretty. it just doesn't seem right, right? what do you say, mitch? >> right. no and i'm not irs point, liz, talking about hiring 89,000 more auditors for the irs. first of all i don't know who can hire 89,000 of anything given how tight the labor market. the accounting industry i came from, graduates 250,000 people a
6:41 pm
year. how can you hire that many auditors of the irs of mission trying to squeeze money out of regular taxpayers to pay for social programs if not half of america, 3/4 of americans don't even want. elizabeth: more union government workers. mesh mitch roschelle. a new alarming report, a new caravan potentially of tens of thousands of migrants they say they will arrive at the u.s. border in just 20 days. they're saying we're ready to go to war with mexico to cross. up next former deputy independent council sol wisenberg on this, former president obama's ethics czar, hunter biden, stop capitalizing on your relationship with the president. the story next leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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elizabeth: look who is back with us now, former deputy
6:46 pm
independent counsel sol wisenberg. we love this guy. sol, former government ethics czar says this is bad stuff. hunter biden started selling his painting last week for hundreds of thousands of dollars through hundreds of anonymous buyers. he says that is wrong. what do you think? >> i think there is almost universal recognition that it's wrong, in the art world, the whole idea these people who overpay for these paintings will be kept anonymous is kind of a ridiculous notion. elizabeth: go ahead. finish your thought. go ahead. >> idea that anybody would pay $500,000 for one of his paintings is shocking. we want to laugh at it, but it is really pathetic. elizabeth: to your point the ethics czar walter schwab said, don't capitalize on your relationship with the president. this is a case where this individual would not be selling
6:47 pm
13 pieces of art half a million bucks apiece if he was not the president's son. let hunter sell his art at the torpedo factory in alexandria, virginia, for 500 or 2000 bucks. let them have a big fancy show in new york but not sell the art. why is he selling it, why half a million? >> not just that he is capitalizing on it, that's true, it is the other part that i mentioned who will pay that kind of money for it and not want it to be known that they paid the appropriate time that they paid money for the paints? that is the real deeper issue i think. elizabeth: sol, you talked to us about how hunter for years has been selling access to the president. hunter and his family, his uncle have buried cash flows from deals in kazakhstan, in the ukraine, in china and russia and romania in scheller companies,
6:48 pm
off-balance sheet scheller companies. the white house continues to stonewall questions, sol, about hunter continuing to own a 10% stake in a chinese investment firm worth nearly half a million bucks. the president said he would unload that, the white house press secretary in february and july said he is working to unload it. what is talking so long to do that? >> i don't know. i think it is, there shouldn't be any problem with unloading a particular investment or piece of stock. recall what president biden said before he was president. nobody and after he was president, nobody in my family will have any relation to a foreign company or a foreign bank. any relation to. bhr partners is co-owned by the bank of china and hundred hundred has a 10% holding, 10% interest it in. he did in january, he did in
6:49 pm
2020, he did in january 2021, when the story broke. and he did and he does now apparently. and look, keep in mind, you can't droll, the president can't always control what members of his family do but he can certainly repudiate it. that is what jimmy carter did. i'm going back in ancient history, jimmy carter was very embarrassed by his brother billy carter who was paid $200,000 by the libyan government. he sent his press secretary out, called "the new york times" said, we repudiate that. we disassociate ourselves to that. we can't control what billy does but we can certainly condemn it. and that is what is so startling here is the lack of backbone and lack of a statement by the biden administration they condemn what's going on here. elizabeth: that is such an important point you make about jimmy carter, right? because people forget that. and we're normalizingizing this
6:50 pm
behavior when the president has been in office since the nixon administration, right? chinese investment firm also invests in facial recognition software that china uses to crack down on minorities including muslims, muslim uyghurs. you see things like that. we're sort of like defending down in terms of normalizing this behavior given what you said about president carter. your final word. >> like i say presidents are often afflecked with this, often embarrassed by members of their own families, presidents of both parties. what matters what you do about it, what you say about it. no, you can't control what all your family members do but you certainly can make clear to the public you don't approve of it. elizabeth: sol wisenberg. always terrific to have you on. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: up next, former dhs official mike howell, we have a new border crisis, a new alarming report, potentially new caravan tens of thousands saying they will arrive at the u.s.
6:51 pm
border potentially in 20 days. they say they are quote, ready to go to war with mexico in order to cross. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> ask anybody from a member of congress who has been there like myself to a member who actually served along the border to any of the rank-and-file border patrol agents. it is not secure. ne commercial real estate exchange. ♪. welcome to allstate. ( phone notification ) where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. now, get new lower auto rates. you're in good hands with allstate. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health click or call for a lower rate today. was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard.
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back with us now, former dhs oversight council, great to have you back on. a new report coming in, possibly tens of thousands of migrant caravans heading to u.s. border saying they will arrive in about 20 days and they are thankfully ready to go to war with mexico to cross. that sounds pretty serious, what you think. >> personal from this notion that they are saying we are going to go to war with mexico? are the people we want in our country? what happens when we turn around and have to remove them? certainly biden will try who cares about enforcement lockbox what are we going to do with illegal aliens ready to go to war if someone disturbs their illegal immigration patterns? it's no surprise they keep on coming. joe biden and his minions have opened the gate and invited
6:56 pm
everyone in, it's tragic. liz: texas governor abbott and others were at the border to highlight the crisis in the white house again has rejected a federal disaster declaration for the border. the new york times reports 100,000 people have gone missing in mexico. 100,000 people missing in mexico the last decade, the cartel wars are ramping up. it is so sad act by a drunk war without end, murder rates climbing, 30,000 a year and they've got higher capitol homicide rates in the middle east, your word on that? >> what's going on in mexico, failing to stay in that regard, the cartel have been given the sheer amount of control allowed by open border policies that allow cartel only human
6:57 pm
smuggling. they would not be in business if they want able to make millions every week on these huge legal crossings of people that they control. there outfitted in paramilitary gear, if you work to get to the border and accomplices, it would be pretty ugly so right now all we've done is make it more richer and dangerous and powerful a dangerous place to be. liz: people talk about this humanitarian crisis, it's a national security issue. it's heartbreaking the associated press reports hundreds of migrant morning died trying to get to the border after president biden we can that. it's a tough concept for people to grasp when you have a week border, people die trying to get here big assaulted and raped and then authorities are saying 90000 have crossed into panama from columbia, 9000065, 60000
6:58 pm
are trying to get here. >> it preventable prices, humanitarian crisis. the jungle is no place for illegal aliens, especially women and children to cross through guided by smuggler criminal organizations, it's terrible and the only reason they come is because they've seen it previously. they don't joe biden as president now and joe biden has an open border. until the administration changes completely and puts back basic security, policies and procedures attack it, this will keep on coming if people will keep on dying. liz: many of the migrant say they hope for a job when the law says that's not why you can come here. it excludes economic migrants for humanitarian reasons for true people seeking asylum escaping poverty and war. let's speak to henry on this.
6:59 pm
>> we are in the middle of a pandemic, we can't let them comments but they are letting undocumented people come in in the middle of a pandemic. liz: what you say? >> representative makes great points. we can barely keep up with them coming in on the legal side so we got to get it under control, the americans, we are paying the price for this and so are the people who die along the way because of the open border failed policy. liz: are we ready for 50 or 60000 migrants? >> absolutely not and neither are neighborhoods they are transported to buy biden's white house. they are going all throughout the country, the country is not prepared not welcome here are wanted because we have lost a determining who coming and illegal aliens are not the ones who should be coming in. liz: we have so many poor people
7:00 pm
coming in already. you are always terrific, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. i am elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening at it. that does it for us. take you for watching and hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: biden administration declaring war on parents designating them as domestic terrorists protesting at scoreboard trying to limit mom and dad with classroom propaganda? parents have been packing meetings pushing back against leftist agenda and greedy teachers units. respiratory have been peaceful. some protest nonviolent and that's unacceptable but paint parents with the same brush is dangerous.


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