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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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reasons behind the decision. musk himself personally with the texas last year. despite the location change he said the company still plans on expanding production in california. i don't know if i buy that. plex no i don't either. thanks for making housing more expensive elon musk i'm sure they appreciated for that does it for us on "foxbusiness tonight" for the evening and it with elizabeth mcdonald starts now. talks okay, more bizarre topspin out of the white house trying to claim the economic plan is working after the worst job report of the year. less than half of the jobs expected were created, 194,000 for the president today walked away from reporter questions on this. we've got new analysis from former officials at the bank of england. they warned the u.s. already
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may be in a recession. and then in the middle of all of this the says this weird thing live on camera that he personally called and pressured a hospital in pennsylvania with covid-19 cases to admit the wife of his friend. more on this new controversy just ahead for joining us tonight congressman and rick step former d.o.j. official and director of fight for schools he had ian fryer back with this is dr. marty makary congressman former top ice official and editorial director. again, a another school board meeting even more meetings across the country. erupted over the toxic agenda for schools and as a justice department trying to defend its push the security division to the fight terrorists. they want to use all that to go after parents and alleged threats against school boards buried where's the evidence, were announcing a lot of it. plus more on this story
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turning profiting off of school boards and backing what parents say is a bad curriculum for kids as msnbc and other anchors are out there smearing parents not digging into what the parents are. pain at the pump and paint at the right house. rising energy prices a liability for president biden. experts we got a new report commented political and media bias to a powerful new oral drug for merck also disappoint the white house is tracking 20000 migrants another report said 60000 but look at this the white house it is now said to be weakening a bush era national security tax with mexico. that was supposed to fight drug cartel. that's all about root causes. mexico once and for money.
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will more money catch drug lords? all of this is the drug cartel is ramping up at the border. >> ♪ ♪ we begin stocks and the downside is u.s. economy could less than half of the jobs have been expected in september. just wanted 90 versus half a million expected on wall street. this does not look at birds coming right when reports of poll numbers crashed below 40%. the danger zone of 38% have got a new study co-authored by former bank of england policy maker economy might be in recession. it's likely right terry mccall's was caught on a hot mike saying the president is on pop the bread that is the quote headwind with d.c. and
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his own race for governor of virginia. now edward lawrence has much more he is at the white house good to see you. >> lesson economy had fewer than turning the overall job gain saying this the reason we need more spending. >> these are about competitiveness versus complacency. competitiveness versus complacency. opportunity versus decay. it's about leading the world or whether were going to let the world pass as a byproduct. >> did not take any questions on the economy. on economic policy just about everybody. canceled pipelines extending social benefits and banned new leases for drilling on federal land. the trend is showing a slowing of job creation represents a
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trend six and 6000 added back in august of 194,000 added back in this report. the white house trying to figure out when the data and the picture for jobs and inflation will turn in their favor, back to you. >> lawrence great to see you think of your journalism there. joni is now house of transportation and house intelligence. congressman great to have you both on. first you congressman crawford. what did you make up at the president said there's a lot of rhetoric coming out of d.c. this jobs the pictures not looking good what do you say? >> it is not. what we see our jobs willfully underperforming some start to see inflation ramp up. rita not maintaining pace that's not good. this is almost a perfect storm i would say the wheels are now coming off the economic bus for president biden. what swatch joe manchin buried
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his face in his hands a senator chuck schumer ripped republicans presented at manchin that he wants the divisiveness to stop in d.c. frankly polls show he's really sick of it watch this. >> republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game. i am glad their brinksmanship did not work. leader mcconnell and senate republicans insisted they wanted a solution to the debt ceiling but said democrats must raise it alone by going through a drawn out, convoluted and risky reconciliation process. that simply unacceptable to my coxes. >> i did not think is appropriate at this time. [inaudible] that is not a way to take it out. elizabeth what you say congressman style? >> clearly with the democrats want to do is drive this country further into spending, raising taxes at a period of time running writing forward
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with only democratic votes they own this, they know that and are trying to do all of the spin that they can do to look the other way. >> there is a feeling the presidents capitulated on this but the debt ceiling when the agenda is pretty bad when you look at the pork and waste in the big blowout they want to raise taxes on this little as 50000 income households part congressman crawford president biden made this weird gaffe yesterday on camera. d.c. insider state raises questions about the crony capitalist ways he and his family is the president's influence to do business in d.c. the present is a personally called the pennsylvania hospital to make sure the wife of his quote good friend got admitted in a hospital crowded with covid-19 patients, watch this. >> more lives are being saved. let's be clear, when you see headlines and reports of massive firings and hundreds of people's of thousands of losing their job look at the
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bigger story. on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward in pennsylvania because a good friend had called and he had rushed his significant other to the emergency room because this woman was having trouble breathing, had a high fever, and could not really catch her breath. and they got her into the hospital. but the waiting room was so crowded, things were so backed up they could not even get her to be seen initially. so because i knew this person, i called the desk the receiving nurse and asked what the situation was. to make a long story short it took a while because all not all the vast majority of the emergency room of the docs were occupied taking care of covid patients. elizabeth congressman crawford
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when you make of that? >> he got off script there i am sure. i would shudder to think what the response president trump and on the some same thing and essentially flexed for the american people. you can imagine that media outrage for something like this for this clearly indicates a double standard, the president showing how much stroke he has in his ability to go and reset for his friends when the rest of america suffering through this. i don't see them stepping up and helping the elderly folks being helped and other hospitals from the country with those have been backs have been denied treatment because they have not been vaccinated. there is a variety of things taking place around the country and he does not seem to care much about that. but he steps up to the plate for his friends. he is very tone jeff and i'm sure his handlers would like to have that one back. elizabeth the other thing, what congressman crawford is saying, congressman steil come is touting the vaccine and he says when you hear about
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massive job losses, it's this kind of stuff this top spinning. topspin in afghanistan when thousands of americans and allies are strata, 13 u.s. troops killed a top a big tax and spend. all this and hitting the president's poll numbers from uc poll numbers like this when you see consumer confidence dropping like this, the levels worse than 2010, when the democrats lost 63 seats, nancy pelosi's season nine not coming back she has a three vote margin, what is he doing? >> the president wants to talk about pretty much anything other than the crises he is creating. earlier this week onto the us-mexico border to seat del rio, texas firsthand. saw exactly what plays out when the president's terrible policies move us away from border security. you see the numbers coming out today the economic crisis that is being created by the reckless spending from democrats in washington d.c. so you see this administration
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president bite into and everything they can to avoid talking about the challenging issues that are in front of us. critically because they are not doing what the american people want, which is control or spend and get our economy up and running. elizabeth it feels like d.c.'s in a bubble and really out of touch congressman crawford for the poll shows democrats are in trouble heading into the midterms. 47% said it with the gop winning back control of the house but only 44% said they want democrats in control, right? it feels like this is so off the rails and out of touch what's happening the rhetoric coming out of d.c. in the messaging your final word. >> think that gap is going to widen is a bit closer to election and nancy pelosi's lack of leadership for example we are being called back next week to do a single vote on tuesday night and then turn around and go back home. look i'm happy to be how my love to be home and connected my constituents. but we have work to be done in washington she ponce until such time she things is necessary for us to come up
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and vote on something that. >> all right congressman brian style, and congressman crawford good to see again. still to come this are going to talk about was going on with pain at the pump at its pain for the white house. this current worry in d.c. rising energy prices are now a major liability for the president and democrats. oil patch experts, wall street wording president biden did reverse u.s. energy independence and that is what is to blame. up next to former d.o.j. official invite for schools executive director he is ian pryor pretties going to talk to us about even more apparent school board meetings corrupting and fights of the toxics agenda for school children. the d.o.j. is defending its push to use federal firepower app against threats made against school boards were going to dig into it, next
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elizabeth okay let's get to the update on the white house escalating into a national crisis what it says art threats against the school board, the secret service even the national security division meant to go after global terrorists to go after parent's threatening school boards for joining is now the fight for schools executive
6:17 pm
director ian prior. great to see you. you're the parent of two loudoun county and former d.o.j. spokesperson. when you make of all this? >> it's pretty crazy when you have the department of justice a labeling apparent as potential domestic terrorist bird first of all there's no jurisdiction here. if there are credible threats of violence and certainly we should all denounce those. if there are credible threats at the local issue. intimidation and harassment are things that are basic and the viewpoint of the person receiving speech. that is unconstitutional. that is a massive overreach and the department of justice has acted unconstitutional here. it's an effort to try to chill
6:18 pm
people from going to school board meetings and voicing their dissent. >> parents are outrage across the country. that the toxics agenda for children curriculum viewed as creating a racism in classrooms and pornographic books in school libraries. parents are upset about that. the media bill is not digging into that they are smearing parents. also strict mass committees even that uk do not have it. wesley former member of the fairfax school board she's a former staffer in the education department, elizabeth scholz and watch of florida mom at the research council take a look at this. >> for years on this board we fought to increase the but that our curriculum. i am telling you now. [inaudible] stop making children hate each other teresa's. [inaudible] get out of the way. >> i really think at this point, the only thing to do is have a mass exodus from the public school system. that is it. >> with this fbi thing, it just made me realize like what else are we supposed to do? standing up to these people does not seem to matter.
6:19 pm
all of us have been at the school board meetings. we are voicing our opinions, or writing articles, we are e-mailing teachers. we are doing all of that stuff. then they don't care. i am like the only thing left to do is to piece out. elizabeth: ian what do you say? >> is actually backstage when she gave that speech but he got a chance to meet with her. fantastic speech fantastic speech from elizabeth. this is what you're seeing across the country because of the school boards that are so infected with their own ideology and agenda. the school board letter came on september 30 on october 4 the department of justice put out a memo. i worked at the department of justice these memos take time for not only do they take time, you also have to go to the office of legal counsel, the criminal division, intergovernmental affairs, probably had a talk to the
6:20 pm
fbi, white house counsel, dhs pretty think all that happened at a weekend? no. think what happened is the biden administration, the department of justice likely work of the national school board association descendent d.o.j. that letter so d.o.j. could push this out. why? for political purposes. elizabeth: so now you're having the biden white house sitting down with local law enforcement, including the national security division, which is meant to go after global terror sitting don't like a low enforcement. there's already harassment laws on the book. by the way where's the evidence? does the d.o.j. have the responsibility to let local authorities and state committees know what exactly is the potential violence question what should we be shown examples of this broad national threat to justify this federal action? without tangible evidence or examples of threat this is all the hallmarks of government suppression and intimidation. even the letters with federal action has numerous misleading
6:21 pm
claims. the nea said do it. the u.s. conference of mayors said do it. by the way where is the evidence of the threats? what is it? >> that's a good question read to the national school board association letter i did not see much at all. i have been to plenty of school board meetings but he went to one in june and loudoun county were two people were arrested. they are not trying to attack school board members. one is for trespassing after the superintendent had a unlawful assembly because people were clapping part is that a threat? is that really threat? is clapping a harassment and threats that may or cap garlic, the criminal division in the fbi need to investigate? i think not. this is just a silence people. elizabeth: and prayer good to see it will have you back on super's telecom a new report the white house is attracting 20000 migrants now heading to the u.s. border. 32000 showed up for the del rio bridge. another part said it is
6:22 pm
60000. the white house probably says everything is under control. border authorities also were the white house and mexico are no pre-negotiated and national deal that the bush white house struck. this move might weaken the fight with drug cartels. next, this fight ever covered treatments. the political and media buys delayed development of merck's new oral covenant to drug? journalist says yes. dr. marty makary is next. ♪ ♪
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extorting is that fox news contributor johns hopkins professor of public health he is dr. marty makary a doctors good to see pretty written about this new merck drug journalist is investigating whether political bias delayed the release of merck's new drug covid-19, pill taken orally. the data is not fully in yet though, but robert kadlec of former hhs official said it could have been out six months ago but there is bureaucratic infighting. with this have saved tens of thousands of lives as he said? >> or more may be over 100,000 lives. it's tragic to look how this was really held not just the regulatory red tape but by rick bright. he was the so-called
6:28 pm
whistleblower actors reassigned within the government. he did not like the idea funding hydroxyquinoline. he had this anti- therapeutic approach. after the hydroxyquinoline debate and by the record i don't think the record supports at the time we were hopeful it was. there is this a backlash it was hopeful from it. government career staff at that time started to downplay any therapeutic and funding for that therapeutics. that's why wanted our assistance helps. this came at about six later than it could have. elizabeth: the trump administration said it $100 million in funding for this drug. but the federal bureaucracy said stop for the trump officials got into fights with rick bright is appointed by the obama white house. after that there were leaks to the media this drug was harmful. the media started denigrating
6:29 pm
what turned out to be the merck drug without doing an investigation into the efficacy of it. is that how you see it playing out? >> that is right. toward this political lens by which the funding was allocated towards vaccine downplaying therapeutics for the scientific community lost their objectivity. by the way this drug is a dramatic. in the trout known you got it dyed it safe, it's up pill it's a simple five day course the results were dramatic but it's a tragedy it was developed last year end we are just now in the phase three clinical trial results now. elizabeth: so do we have a drug swamp in d.c. that's taking this principle stands we have a swampy health bureaucracy we should do a deep dive into to stop it because it's hurting people?
6:30 pm
>> that ray was requested. you see the manifestation of that bias. i'm very pro- vaccine. we seen it to the point now at regeneron is not something you want to trust as am not going to get vaccinated. i will let regeneron bail me out. but this blows it out of the water. no one died you got the drug but we should have this drug on a compassionate use available today. >> india's child said it only works with mild cases. final word and they got ten seconds. >> that's an entirely different group that ran the trap of got to look at the best data. spinning dr. marty makary at your terrific log back on good to see if it were coming out of the bottom of the hour you're watching the foxbusiness network. up next congressman darrell issa a pain at the pump now a pain for the white house. growing worry in d.c., rising energy crisis across the
6:31 pm
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elizabeth: okay, rising, electricity, heating prices although going upward could become a liability. again the administration has been sending mixed messaging on this, confusing americans. kelly o'grady has more. >> gas prices are rising nationwide california is leading the way at 440 3a gallon. we not only have the highest prices we also have the highest taxes making up over 25% of what you spend at the pump. on the break that number down part of something more familiar went 18 cents for federal, 16 cents a whopping 51 cents for the state excise
6:36 pm
tax. that is not all california levies a number of fees aimed at using carbon emissions. we all had a hundred and 39 cents every time you fill up your paying a buck 24 in taxes alone paid most of that is supposed to go to road repairs. experts say there is frustration because of the electric vehicle tax incentive put an unfair burden on gas at drivers when it comes to the prepared tax but i asked if you angelenos what they thought. >> our taxes also go to help the environment. i'm very happy to pay it. >> it is what it is. you gotta put gas in it. >> killing my business. i'm drive around have a geese diesel truck it cost me wonder $40 of to fill up my truck. >> for that guy hoping for a break at the likely not coming anytime soon. gas prices are only expected to rise with demand, supply chain issues and it further reliance on foreign oil, liz. quick thinking kelly o'grady. gas prices are up nearly 50% versus last year sticking at a
6:37 pm
seven year with the snow california congressman darrell issa. it's good to see them again for the white house as they want to keep gas prices low but the climate crisis cannot wait can do both? >> you can say both you cannot do both. if we could continue to be a producer and exporter of gas notwithstanding california's taxes we would drive down the cost of energy across the board, this is particularly true and natural gas will rewrite net exporter and we continue on the trajectory we are on would be an even greater exporter. what that means is our prices would be lowered the global prices would be lower. it does not mean you will consume more means you have an opportunity to get off of coal another high polluting fuels. one of the things are not saying is not only are we paying more for fuel but right now china is buying all of the coal they can get, the actual
6:38 pm
carbon emissions in europe, the united states and china are going up this year reversing a trend where we were going down for many years including all the trump years. >> it's interesting to point out china pretty want to point out quickly the white house and the democrats want clean energy, 80% of our u.s. electricity from zero carbon when china puts out more greenhouse gases than the u.s. in the developed world combined. congressman, you and i've been talk about this and other experts have warned about this. the u.s. could start looking like your. we hear that complaint a lot, right? it's a serious thought in this way. the same chronic energy crises europe is dependent on russia for fuel. now instead of exporting energy were back to importing energy as you pointed out handing power back to opec, russia, venezuela. let's listen for president trump and mike pompeo on this, watch.
6:39 pm
>> one of the other things as very proud of us we became number one in the world in energy, oil, and output. we're beating saudi arabia by a lot we're beating russia by a lot. we are bigger than both and now were going back to them? we are going back to opec for the first time in a long time. we are going back to opec because we do not have enough energy, we do not have nut oil and gas because a lot of the areas that we are talking about were shut down. stupidly shut down for no reason. not even an environmental reason, they were just shut down. >> most of the work that came to develop through warp speed, the vaccine that ultimately delivered good outcomes for the world and so much of the pharmaceutical companies have the most technology in the world all came from america. because this the system we have. europe has a very different model does not reward work as much but has no place for innovation is why we have outcompeted them and grow in our economy. elizabeth: what you say congressman? >> clearly if you are norway
6:40 pm
you are very happy to be a next ed porter and vast amounts. most of europe has been to foolish to develop an independent capability to have cleaner energy. so instead they are going to buy it from russia for the going to buy it from russia at their own peril. america was on the path to replacing russia as a reliable source for natural gas for your. that made the europeans cleaner and more able quite frankly to be independent of the wrongdoing of russia. there is a number of areas beside just costs where we were on the right track as a net exporter. and again natural gas allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint every year for a decade. and in fact right now we are going the other direction as is the rest of the world. we have made a lot of mistakes. those mistakes are reversible. the number one mistake we made was to elect joe biden and
6:41 pm
bring in with that policies that started shutting down the ability to be self reliant on affordable energy which was making us the envy of the world. and quite frankly we were reducing our carbon emissions while at the same time taking care of our people at an affordable rate. >> it is a wild piercing europe experiencing natural gas shortages as a band fracking they're looking at russia buried their net gas have doubled. there's a great point you made congressman it's good to see a bird will have you back on again soon congressman darrell i separately have a new report the white house tracking 20000 migrants heading to the border. publicly saying everything is under control, we are hearing 60000 all separate border authorities warned the white house and mexico are doing this to pray they are renegotiating and national security deal struck by the bush administration. the new deal might weaken the fight with drug cartel put cap next the daily collars, the d.o.j. going after parents concerns over what is being taught in school.
6:42 pm
they do not like the threat they made to school board. got a parents group zeroing in on attorney merrick garland family ties to a consultant feet that's profiting off big time school. we investigate this, back in two. you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner.
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elizabeth: 's welcome back to the ship daily caller at a tort directory, it is vince coglianese. vince is good to have you on. we reach out to the justice department on the story we are waiting for a response. parents group is questioning attorney general merrick garland's decision to eight fire power as parents but they discovered the attorney general son-in-law is the cofounder of a profitable big business consultant called panorama. it is multimillion dollar contracts with school boards. what is your take on the story? >> it seems like a big deal. this is the son-in-law of the sitting attorney general of the united states.
6:47 pm
he founds this company that is dedicated to taking psychological profiles of students in the school district that contract with this company, panoramic education. as a part of the profiles these do, the psychological profiles of sediments like race and white supremacy and unconscious bias and intersection analogy. this is all the language of critical race theory. this is an amazing series of events this week. to get the attorney general of the united states announcing is going to hammer down on parents who are dissenting in the school board meetings but among the things the parents are upset about is hiring companies like panorama education and order to influence the way their children are taught and what they are taught about. he's got a direct conflict of interest here. when he goes on vacation to visit with this son and daughter-in-law it's going to pay for those vacation. >> should there be congressional hearings about this? how many school districts around the country are using panorama right?
6:48 pm
it's using taxpayer money to tout a toxic agenda that parents don't like. instead of pushing academic excellence it is pushing things like equity. points of the focus on the surveys and trainings on systemic oppression unconscious bias and the like. when you see this comment when you talk about what is going on inside public schools, parents continue to tell us it's frightening. let's listen, watch this. >> there is a big tech industry right now that is data mining children. i spoke before the school board about a contract right panorama education founded by the son-in-law of u.s. attorney general merrick garland. it all hits very close to home. >> he is putting the national security division, which is supposed to fight global terrorism into local law enforcement meetings to look into what is going on at
6:49 pm
school board meetings for the fbi to comment when this is going on. can you put it altogether? >> is just amazing but you got to give her a lot of credit she is such a good warrior on behalf of these parents, she is one of them. she's no slouch is a former wall street journal reporter, so much stealth and one of the things she's dead up here is the obvious conflict of interest between the attorney general of the united states and his son-in-law who is responsible for providing this quote unquote service to the school board to the tune up let's just pick fairfax county in virginia over $2 million has basically come from federal covid cash to fairfax county to panorama education and of course merrick garland's son-in-law. in eight normal justice department what that would mean is the attorney general would recuse himself or any behavior that appeared improper. that's not what is happening with this justice department they're going after parents hard they're trying to chill the descent were sitting across the country. >> full disclosure of
6:50 pm
cowritten a story at the wall street journal, was close friends with danny pearl when he was assassinated in pakistan. the data mining of students is also drawn the attention of how panoramas also got funding from the foundation back to bite mark zuckerberg of facebook. he wrapped that together to come a final word for it. >> that is the truth. this organization, think about it. by extension merrick garland is bite facebook and mark zuckerberg, you talk about specialist in data mining people that is what facebook does. back in 2012 mark zuckerberg & company admitted to emotionally manipulating people on the news feed in order to assess how they were reacting to the way facebook was sharing data. and now this is the same company that's working with a group that surveying students nationwide. >> it sounds pretty incredible is going on, vince coglianese great to have you on will have you on again soon.
6:51 pm
former acting ice director ron vitiello we have a new report the white house is tracking 20000 migrants going to the border. another report said 60000. the white house publicly says everything is under control but border authorities also warning about this the white house and mexico renegotiating national security deal struck under the bush white house might weaken the fight against drug cartels. we are going to debate it next you are watching the evening edit. i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless every day. and having more days is possible with verzenio, proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer
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>> rob italo let me back up a report indicates the white house is tracking 20000 we are hearing up to 60000 heading here out of south america an estimated 30000 into del rio texas the u.s. and mexico renegotiating a new security deal to replace what the bush white house struck dealing with drug cartel violence we put this together because you and i have talked about how migrants are used as coyotes to bring in illegal drugs not saying all illegals are about that that is an issue though, take this on. >> mexico is a key partner for anything that were going to do as it relates to border
6:56 pm
security. there being in bed dated by the drug cartels and the violence that they bring to local communities, not just at the border but throughout the community so plan america under the bush administration, we shared resources and information and intelligence and capacity building so their authorities could take on the cartels face-to-face, they could work on the problems that they have all along with u.s. authorities making sure we could give them intelligence in joint investigations and share as it relates to the border coming to our southern border and their northern border their key is helping us, you saw what they could do with regard to remaining mexico program in their own deployment and troops on their southern border and our northern border there is a lot of potential, depending on mexico for the liberal term is a tricky thing or corruption is
6:57 pm
endemic with the cartels they are in charge of a lot of territory in mexico. we cannot rely on mexico completely but we have to get ourselves in a place where we can share with them and share the responsibility after southern border in our northern border because otherwise this will continue the incentives for people to be in the pipeline whether 20000 or 40000. liz: what works now the biden white house is about root causes of violence instead of giving mexico blackhawk helicopters and weapons to fight the drug cartel, the president wants u.s. money he wants money to invest in regional economic development is that going to help a rest drug lords like el chapo? >> the criminal cartels whether drugs stealing oil and gas, kidnapping and other corruption they will not go out of the organized crime business if they
6:58 pm
can have a job on the street that is not how it works let's do economic development and do more for us but do all of those things but when it comes to drug cartels we have to take that on and the law-enforcement sense, investigations, intelligence, smart targeting of the people responsible for the drug trade and frankly in the united states we can do all of those things. larry: mexico's outrage with the narcotics agents arrested their former exit can defense minister, that is all in the defense with the border war and the drug cartels is ramping up the transnational criminal gangs we talked about this they are joined with chinese gangs delivering into the u.s. ethanol boom this is the third wave of the opioid epidemic they make more money off of that and all them pot if you look at the amounts coming in you are seen in 2013 it was 2 pounds of fat
6:59 pm
and all caught, who knows what wasn't caught, then it went to 20,204,500 pounds, the first 11 months of this fiscal year it is about double its more than double its 10000 pounds, 2 milligrams can kill you this is what's happening right now, arizona is saying that fentanyl has replaced car accidents as a top cause of death for the 19 and younger. that is pretty bad. >> incidentally substance tens of thousand americans have lost their lives using synthetic will opioid in some cases they don't know it then whatever illicit drug they are taking we should have complete agreement with mexico and other allies in the region to eradicate that no out of the pipeline there should be no dispute about the responsibility we have with mexico to stop the poison from coming into their country, being produced in their country and coming across the border there
7:00 pm
should be no dispute or disagreement on that regardless of the politics domestically and internationally. liz: thank you for your service to our country, it is good to see you i am elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit", that does it for us we hope you have a good weekend and good evening and we want you to join us monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. i know headlines everywhere calling the september jobs employment report visible and showing people do not want to work, gloom and doom all because of the topline number was a lousy number, 300,000 below consensus expectations. i am reading in seeing


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