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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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david: 55 years after his debut as captain kirk in "star trek," william shatner, now 90 years old is launching into the final frontier courtesy of jeff bezos and blue origin. liftoff targeted for 9:30 tomorrow morning. as spock would say, live long and prosser. i guess that is how you do it -- prosper. see you tomorrow night. elizabeth: okay, we'll get you updated on day five of the air travelers nightmare. southwest flight cancellations. the white house press secretary today called it a quote little hubbub but pilots, even southwest's own ceo does not like things like government mandate. biden's mandate is not even out yet. the faa is not the reason for this what is going on with southwest, but pilots say, yes it is. we have walkouts, firings nationwide. polls show growing voter distrust of the white house's
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handling of covid-19. joining us tonight congressman james comer, dan bishop, parent defending education, former ceo andy puzder, gop strategist ford o'connell, former top security official, kt mcfarland. this top story. we have a major new push by gop senators. they are demanding attorney general merrick garland stop his family conflict of interest, bigger than realized. his son-in-law makes big bucks from school boards pushing toxic agendas on children as the ag aims major federal firepower at parents. we have the goods going missing on empty store shelves nationwide. this debate. the white house knew about this problem months ago, why naming a port czar, task force, why do they think would get a broken supply chain moving again? it won't work. they need to move it by christmastime. big box retailers are hiring
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their own boats to get their goods here. as gas prices soar, watch biden officials check this out, they're going silent on their advice to energy workers, go-go code, guest software jobs. gas prices knocked back every president since nixon. speaker pelosi lecturing the media quote, to do a better job selling democrat big spending but we'll show you the dirty nasty, secret in the democrat's big green infrastructure spending. they don't want you to know about it. it is wind turbine, hits the poor and their health the hardest. they want you to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on it. facebook relying on a powerful democrat law firm at the center of the botched trump-russia probe to stop the way you can control to see you on facebook. it is healthier for you and your families. are they trying to set the nation's narrative again? the border crisis, biden's approval numbers plummet in a
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big way, with a big voter bloc important to democrats. 60,000 migrants are heading here. we have the update tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. okay, the faa, southwest, its pilots union they all say you can't blame so you west airline flight cancellation nightmare on the president's vaccine mandate but southwest ceo says, yeah, it's a problem. pilots don't like it. they don't like the mandates. airline workers don't like them either. southwest is struggling with pilot and worker recruitment. critics say it scheduled way more flights than it could handle. grady trimble joins with us chicago with the update on this story. good to see you. reporter: liz, things are looking a lot better here at midway and across the country today.
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southwest airlines says about 90 flights have been canceled today but that is out of around 3300. so that is a huge improvement from the past several days when hundreds of flights were canceled each day on saturday, sunday and monday. the airline blamed the cancellation chaos on weather and other factors that left planes and crews out of position. southwest saying in a statement, teams have been working diligently to restore stability to the network as to note, the operational challenges were not a result of southwest employee demonstrations. that is a reference to the claims that the problems were related to the vaccine mandate and that pilots and other workers had done sickouts or protests to the vaccine mandate and not showed up for work. the airline disputes that. in fact ceo gary kelly says it is not true even though he is not a fan of the vaccine mandate. the pilots union is opposing the mandate in court but they also say all of these operational
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challenges were not a result of that. still a hectic couple of days here at midway and airports across the country for people flying southwest, liz. elizabeth: grady trimble good to see you, thank you so much. look who is back with us now, house oversight ranking reform member, congressman james comer. always great to have you on. we like your insights. could the constitutional fights over vaccine mandates head to the supreme court? >> i hope so. i have confidence in the supreme court and i said from day one federal mandates would do more harm than good and we're seeing that. with respect to what southwest was saying. i was at the fort lauderdale airport, many airlines had footprint, but only southwest was canceled. when they say it was the weather. i can speak with confidence that it wasn't the weather with american or spirit, it was clearly southwest. people at southwest airlines are
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frustrated with management. this is another thing joe biden has done that caused more harm than good. elizabeth: the the biden vaccine mandate is not out yet, not written yet. it is causing walkouts nationwide, health care, airline, law enforcement, possibly the military. the problem is this, a 1905 supreme court ruling only states have power to do vaccine mandates, belongs to the states, not centralize federal government. this is a government overreach. violates the tenth amendment. 2012 obama care ruling, vaccines cannot be regulated as interstate commerce, personal choice like buying medical insurance. like will this thing fall apart. what do you say? >> i think it will fall apart. when joe biden came out with the federal mandate, that was the at the same time afghanistan debacle was happening. and i believe this was part of his strategy to try to pivot and get the mainstream media off his
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back because for the first time in his political career the liberal media was hounding him and he came up with this federal mandate and it has done nothing but create more labor shortages not just airlines but health care and industries where we need essential workers. you have private employers trying to comply with what they believe is a federal mandate and employees just are not having it. it is a matter of freedom. i think that again joe biden has done more harm than good. anyone that is out there that is still debating whether or not to take the vaccine, they're seeing behavior and inconsistency with the biden administration, they are not doing it. elizabeth: that is heck of a way to change a negative headline on afghanistan, to do a crackdown. american's trust on president's handling of covid-19 continuing to slide. we had smallpox, mumps measles vaccines, but those are run by the states, not federalized
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federal post. osha has only 800 labor inspectors to handle inspections of federal businesses. the democrats want 2.$6 billion for osha and the labor department to basically enforce the president's vaccine mandate on businesses up to 700,000-dollar fines they're talking about. >> it is crazy. the democrats want to continue to grow government. they want to continue to feed the bureaucracy. all they need to do to help the economy, get out of the way. again with the mandates, they're doing more harm than good with respect to vaccine hesitancy. elizabeth: go to this. gop texas governor greg abbott. calling it bullying by the biden white house. banning all covid-19 vaccine mandates inside of the state of texas that means tech giants, facebook, google, american airlines, united airlines they may have to take back and rescind their vaccine mandates on thousands of workers in texas. we have that fight going on. we also have this story as well and it is an important one,
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people are quitting their jobs at a big rate, 4.3 million quit their jobs in august. there is that and there is also this, watch joshua yode are, cofoundered of u.s. freedom flyers. he was with tucker carlson last night. he warned that the vax mandates could cause workers to be fired en masse. watch this. >> if you have flights reduced by 30% because 30% of pilots are fired because they won't take the vaccine this will affect how goods get here from overseas, how they're distributed to the stores. same thing happening with the truckers. happening with the shipping industry. those amazon boxes typically show up in two days, might be looking at three weeks. as far as i'm concerned i will never promote a sickout or work action. that is illegal. the u.s. freedom flyers organization i am with, we swill never promote such a thing. we also cannot control the actions of individuals. i think you will see massive disruption in supply chain and
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in your travel if we stand up and say no. elizabeth: congressman, you know, we've had scientists on, we've had congressman on, they said vaccines work, they work. it just the way it is being carried out, you know what i mean? centralized federal government when the states were doing it in the past. your last word on this. >> i think vaccines work. joe biden is doing more harm than good. if he would take run the country like his campaign sit in his basement with his windows closed not talk to anyone the united states would be better off. every time he comes out with a new proposal, it backfires. we have a labor shortage, only getting worse because of federal mandates. elizabeth: congressman james comer, grate to have you on. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: later this hour we get you updated on consumers feeling the crunch. we have the goods, what shoppers are seeing go empty on store shelves. in this debate why president biden naming a port czar and task forces will not fix the
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supply chain. won't work. gas prices are also soaring. watch biden officials going silent on their advice to quote, go code. to energy workers. remember that advice for energy workers? up next erica stan-zei, parents defending education that is the group she is with. senators are calling out attorney general merrick garland over conflict of interest involving his son-in-law, bigger than realized, he makes big bucks from school boards pushing toxic agendas on children as the ag aims federal firepower against parents. you're watching fox business. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: try hypnosis... or...
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show erica from parents defending education. erica, great to see you. now we have gop senators, ted cruz, mike lee, marsha blackburn, they sent a letter to attorney general merrick garland okay, you're aiming massive federal firepower at parents allegedly threatening school boards but your son-in-law is the cofounder of this profitable big business panorama. got at least $12 million worth of contracts from at least 22 school districts across the country? what is this toxic agenda they're selling for children?
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>> so panorama education does quite a few things. in fact the survey that goes out to my children once a year and all students in the state of rhode island is administered by panorama. one of the things they do they create and administer what has become quite intrusive surveys to children. in my state a sixth-grader would take the same one as 12th grader. 11-year-olds are asking intrusive questions about their sexual orientation, gender identity. the terms on these surveys are terms these children are not familiar at all. and then there is also a lot of questions around issues about race and again, and then panorama also peddles quite a bit in, what's loosely called diversity, equity and inclusion and unfortunately those words have been hijacked to mean the
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shaming, to be honest of whiteness. they use the term whiteness a lot. they make the case that white supremacy exists in all institutions in our country and therefore they need to be dismantled. the problem -- elizabeth: who appointed them the experts? how dare they be so intrusive and arrogant stepping into what belongs to parents? it is, it is the parents' purview to deal with whatever their children is going through, not these, you know, strangers, pushing these surveys on sixth graders talking to them about their sexual orientation. that is so wrong. it is such a violation of their safe space. i thought they were all about safe spaces. now they're shoving this into the classrooms. can you imagine growing up with this, pressure with kids already what they have to deal with the poison being poured at them on social media and now this? so how is this going to be stopped? >> well, i think that exposing it is really important and even
6:18 pm
though right now it is quite partisan in terms of who is pushing back on this beginning to ask questions and investigate, but among parents, the pushback is extremely bipartisan and i think that is going to be a very, very important part of this. the screeners and surveys i have to say actually resemble what we as parents fill out at the pediatrician's office. to your point who made them the experts, they are very far out of their lane, often use terms like research based, evidence based, when you ask for the evidence and research they are not able to provide anything meaningful or compelling. >> they have a lot of nerve. there should be hearings on this. >> there may be. elizabeth: every condemns harrassment and threats, everybody condemns harrassment and threats, that is not good but the white house intending to intimidate parents across the country into silence. parents are saying listen to us, we're seeing pornography in the
6:19 pm
school libraries. we don't want it. harrassment is already a crime. if the parents are threatening call the local police. why put the fbi, dhs, national security division meant to investigate terrorists into strategy sessions with local law enforcement? you know what i mean? the term is right, they are out of our lane. who are these experts doing this to our schoolchildren? >> that is the other thing. they give training professional development for two hours to teachers. they're expected i don't know to interpret this data. what happens is, the data gets stored by the company. parents have no access to it except if looking at it in the aggregate. then the school uses that data to justify the decisions that it is making around its programing. elizabeth: so they're causing their other than collapse of the school system. parents will pull their kids out. the thing with panorama, they're telling local school boards, local activists we'll show you how to use taxpayer money to get
6:20 pm
our stuff inside of school boards. that is what is also going on. >> yeah. elizabeth: erica, sorry, go ahead, final word. >> i was just going to say not only are they laying out a strategic plan to get it into the schools but they are teaching activists how to make sure that covid money gets spent on these programs. elizabeth: unreal. we'll have you back on. you're a terrific guest. good to see you. great to have you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: later this hour, the border crisis is tanking the president's approval numbers among hispanic voters. 60,000 migrants are heading here. migrants now looking to canada to legally cross. up next, labor expert andy puzder, the white house holding meetings on this new crisis, stagflation causing supply chains. they're naming port czar task forces. they knew about it monthings ago. what they're doing now will not get things moving by
6:21 pm
christmastime. we have gas prices going up. look how biden officials are suddenly going silent on their advice to energy workers to quote, go code, get another job in software. crickets on that. the story next.
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elizabeth: we got, look at this. wall street is telling investors make stock picks because stagflation is coming. inflation is going to slow economic growth. we have this story. supply tracking companies are saying if you're going to the store, you're going to see less of this. 15 to 20% of store supplies are gone when it comes to beforerages, food, snacks, candy, bakery items. that stuff is going out of stock. we have the nation's warehouses, they are facing a worker shortage just as they're trying to ramp up for christmas. ashley webster has more. ashley, good to see you. reporter: store shelves are starting to look more than a little bare as consumers are being urged to be patient and flexible as the logjam in the supply chain including ports, trucks and rail lines are showing no sign of easing up. in fact costco, walmart, already now putting limits on sales of bath tissue and other paper products. take a look at these pictures in "the daily mail."
6:27 pm
they show stores from long island, new york, to southern california, with nearly empty stores, home depot, cvs pharmacy, target, walmart, and best buy. right now it is taking roughly 80 days to transport goods across the pacific. that is guys twice as long as normal. many goods from asia. there are record 42 cargo ships off the coast of california with hundreds of billions of merchandise essentially going nowhere. walmart, home depot, costco, target, are taking the expensive step of chartering their own cargo ships at the rate of $140,000 a day but that may not be enough. one retail experts says 20, 25% of the stranded goods will not make it by black friday, which is the kickoff of the holiday shopping season.
6:28 pm
best advice, start the christmas shopping hunting right now. liz. elizabeth: ashley webster, thank you very much. we have former labor secretary nominee andy puzder. reaction to what ashley reported. president biden is naming a task force and port czar to fix it by christmas. will that stop it. >> don't you wish we had a president with experience in business to solve these problems. this isn't that complicated. if you pay people more to work not at a job than they won't work. we're overpaying people just to stay home. we have problems everywhere. we have problems with truck drivers, ports, everything else. elizabeth: the president has been aware since the summer about these problems with labor shortages as you point out truck drivers. union work rules that have the ports operating at 60, 70% capacity. so there is that going on, andy, but did you catch this? nancy pelosi is saying the quiet part out loud. she is still talking about big
6:29 pm
government spending and she talks that she did think about being quote, ruler of the world. watch this. >> do you think you need to do a better job at messaging and going forward, how do you sell this if ultimately -- >> i think you all could do a better job of selling it to be very frank with you. >> if you ruled the world what one thing you would do? i think about that a lot. elizabeth: okay. she has been in office since 1987 and now we have stagflation. >> god listening to her is such a disappointment in any event, look we really need to get people back to work. we need the economy going again. president biden knows this, or at least people around him know it and you're not going to do it. you're not going to solve the problem of a lot of job openings and not enough workers by creating, spending a bunch of money to create federal jobs we really don't need right now and discourage people from working. you will end up with ports
6:30 pm
backed up, no delivery trucks. people not at the stores selling things. people in this country won't manufacture. the goods are here, they are offshore. biden's guys, union guys. get them to bend the rules so we get those ships unloaded. there are a lot of things you could do as a president if you were willing to take dynamic action. elizabeth: air traffic control strike. >> this is not -- elizabeth: reagan's air traffic control strike. >> yep. elizabeth: finally gas at its highest in seven years, oil is up, oil is half of the gas price. the national average is up 46% since january 1st. you don't hear president biden or energy secretary granholm or you know john kerry saying to energy workers, go code, get your job, find software jobs. andy, here is the thing we went from energy dominance, u.s. oil boom to now begging opec to cut oil prices to get gas prices down. your reaction to this story? final word. >> how on earth does that
6:31 pm
possibly help limit carbon emissions, if we're burning russian, venezuelan, iranian oil instead of burning american oil? we lost 10,000 jobs because we shut down the keystone pipeline. we're cutting back on production. we cut leases off on federal land. we send the business to our enemies. really to people not supporting us. russians, venezuelans, iranians, this is ridiculous. his economic policy simply made no rational sense. this has got to change. it has to change fast or we'll be in for inflation for a very long period of time. elizabeth: we need some common sense w he need common sense party. >> same here, liz. elizabeth: coming out of the bottom of the hour. facebook's new censorship fight, using a powerful democrat law firm at the center of the botched trump-russia probe. they're basically working on a new way to stop what the little guys come up with, a way to control what you and your family
6:32 pm
see on facebook. it is actually healthier what you see and what your families are watching on facebook. up next gop strategist, ford o'connell, dirty, nasty secret democrats don't want you to know about in the green infrastructure spending. they want you to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on wind farms. how greenies purposely build wind farm projects in the poorest, low income communities where the poor cannot afford to fight back, even as health props from wind farms rise. we investigate. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back.
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we've got next. elizabeth: joining us now gop strategist ford o'connell. okay, ford, you know how democrats and green activists want us to spend via their infrastructure package hundreds of billions of dollars on gigantic, noisy wind farms? "forbes" magazine reporting rich neighborhoods, don't want them. the rich can afford to fight
6:37 pm
back against it with lobbyists and lawyers. wind farms projects purposely planting industrial farms in the poorest rural communities where the poor cannot afford to fight them. what do you say to this? >> wind power is not the miracle solution with our energy needs that the democrats and sierra club and selling to us for years and to your point it has serious health consequences and disproportionately hurts the poor who can't fight back. people don't want these wind farms anywhere near their homes. unfortunately the poor don't have resources to push back on big wind. elizabeth: not fair, root? talking about root causes, right? what about root causes how this will hit the poor. to your point forbes is reporting 317 wind projects have been rejected in 2016 as being bad for people's help, disruptive, sleep, headaches,
6:38 pm
north dakota, montana, nevada, that is how you pronounce it, the poor can't afford to fight the gigantic noisy industrial energy facilities in their backyards. they can't make it go away. this is even happening outside of poor neighborhoods like san francisco. >> well, to your point, emac, basically 317 wind projects have been pushed back since 2015 from hawaii to maine, mostly in the wealthy communities which see like marin, california, princeton, new jersey. unfortunately a lot of times in poor communities in this country they're not able to do that but even in some case the poor communities in the flyover rural areas of this country have been able to push back on wind, when they have been able to do it, democratic legislatures in blue states have gone around home rules like they have in new york to still put wind energy in these people's backyards. elizabeth: that is the point. new york governor andrew cuomo's
6:39 pm
administration, he overruled home rule for local communities said, you know what? we're still going to push the wind farms on you. that is constitutional fight. since this hurts the poor, they're all about root causes why aren't we hearing more from the white house and democrats about this? they want a totally green economy in two decades with wind farms. we've known for decades, generation, wind farms create health problems. now they're slamming the poor wit. how come they're silent on this? >> well, because they have been selling green energy for decade as a solution to fossil fuels and there is a reason why 88% of our consumption of energy comes from fossil fuels because it works. green energy is a myth. it has serious health consequences to your point. in 2009 in minnesota, the health department pointed out exactly what those health consequences are but the democrats feel they need to make good on the campaign promise when essentially we're better off burning the money than putting
6:40 pm
through a green energy economy like democrats are selling. elizabeth: ford o'connell, great to have you on. come back soon. up next, congressman dan bishop, big tech censorship data force, facebook highing a powerful democrat law firm, perkins coie at the botched trump-russia probe. they want to stop a way this little guy came up that is way to use facebook that is healthier for you and your families. they want to control the narrative again i guess. border crisis, biden's approval numbers plummet in a key voting bloc. hispanic voters don't like what is going on. 60,000 are headed this way. look at this migrants looking to cross in canada. we'll get to the story next. stay right there. >> the biden administration is essentially ceded control of our southern border to the cartels. ♪♪
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elizabeth: joining news no now north carolina congressman dan bishop, house tech. facebook is pucing perkins coie, that is the law firm that helped hillary clinton campaign push the false russia collusion narrative inside to the fbi. it has been debunked. they were going after trump. they're using same law firm going after a little guy who has new software helps facebook users not seeing stuff in their news feed. they even kicked the guy off their site. what do you think of this story? >> liz, unifying theme about all the stories of facebook and other tech giants to boot, that everything they do, diminishes freedom it seems. so case of this fellow you know, how among us hasn't thought after the fact about how much we wasted time on social media.
6:46 pm
he develop as tool people can put on their browser, detach themselves somewhat without going cold turkey. they come down on him like a ton of bricks. who is the law firm that shows up? the ubiquitous perkins coie, the law firm for michael sussman, fellow indicted by durham of late and of course the folks who organized the, all of the russia hoax and fed it to media, fed to it the fbi. yeah, so, you know, that it is amazing, that is the kind of thing facebook seems to be doing these days. elizabeth: you know, so perkins coie is ubiquitous. they were also involved in the vote reform push that has people questioning the integrity of the vote. so now this same democrat law firm is again helping to shape the narrative inside of facebook. this developer louie barclay,
6:47 pm
unfollow anything. can unfollow news pages but still connect family and friends. they sent him a cease and desist, kicked him off the platform. they're saying it infringes on facebook's trademarks. we get that. understand it. people are happier when they are not on facebook, that is the dirty secret he found out. >> liz, we've had this francis haugen, person came forward says she is a whistle-blower. she sound as similar note when she talks about what facebook does. anything to sort of increase the addiction of the user, never let the user have any freedom. she has part of it wrong. one of the things facebook does it censors, it increasingly limits the freedom of the user to decide what information they can get access to. so it just the opposite what we would have imagined with these tools of mass communication called social media. this latest example as you say,
6:48 pm
lewis barclay, seems like an innovative guy, but nobody is, nobody is too small for facebook and perkins coie, marc elias to go out and crush. elizabeth: who made them the experts, who made facebook experts to dictate what we should read and think? scientists in switzerland saying having no news feed, a massive news feed is better for people's happiness. they spend less time on the platform. this little guy says i can't take on face book, i'm in the uk, would i have to pay facebook's legal fees because i'm over here in the uk. the funny thing he said, now i'm less addicted to facebook because of this experience. i'm happier than i ever have been. your final word. >> he had an epiphany. many need to follow the same course and detach ourselves from these things because they increase our dependence, make us less happy. let's face it the folks who run these things do not have our best interests at heart. they want to limit our freedoms,
6:49 pm
not expand them. elizabeth: congressman, i want to get this in too. facebook, you know, mark zuckerberg's foundation is financing and backing panorama and panorama is basically selling a toxic agenda for children inside of classrooms, and parents are fighting against this. we have the, attorney general's son-in-law is a cofounder of panorama. they are doing data mining like facebook does on children and their social, emotional learning. parents don't like the fact that there is pornography in school books, school classrooms and libraries, asking things like their sexual identification told to strangers. your word on this congressman? >> liz, mark zuckerberg keeps showing up in all the wrong places. panorama is selling critical race theory curriculum. it is son-in-law of the attorney general merrick garland runs the thing. that is a bad deal but you know
6:50 pm
zuckerberg shows up in also funding of so-called nonpartisan efforts with respect to the election last year, that may have had an effect on tilting things. it is just, there is nothing consistent with freedom about what facebook represents or what zuckerberg is doing in his spare time. elizabeth: doesn't feel like freedom at all. it really feels top down, you know what i mean, using big tech to do it. congressman, dan bishop, great to have you on. up next former national security official kt mcfarland on border crisis. president's approval numbers are plummeting among a big democrat block. talking hispanic voters. they don't like what is going on at the border. 60,000 are heading this way. migrants are looking to cross through canada illegally. the story next. >> depending on mexico for the long term is a tricky thing because their corruption is endemic there. and the cartels, you know,
6:51 pm
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okay, back with us now, former deputy national security advisor, kt, great to have you back on. dallas morning news did a poll, the president's approval rating among hispanics plummeting to 35% because of the border crisis. it plummeted in the research poll of hispanics, 16 percentage points to 56%. he sang democrat voting block taking kids hispanic. >> i was in texas two weeks ago hearing a lot about this in the sense that we assume the biden administration incompetent so that's why they won't fix the border in the keep an open border. the people i was talking to said no, they know what they are doing. they know particularly with the hispanic vote, their economic plan isn't working very well in part because hispanics are a lot
6:56 pm
of small businesses and boys small businesses owned by hispanics, fastest-growing segment of the small business group is hispanic and biden administration taxation and regulation mandates securely inflation are crushing small business so the reaction from hispanic voter is he doesn't like that so what does the biden administration duplex are not going to change policies so what they are drink with an open border is taking the people coming across the border, relocating them in red states in the south with the idea with this certain period of time with amnesty, citizenship and voting rights that's how they win election. they think all hispanics are the same mistake and i think it's a calculated risk caretaking and i think they are going to fail because hispanic voters are drifting away from the democrats toward pro- market,
6:57 pm
pro-business. liz: and the independent party is getting bigger. let's watch henry clay on this. >> south texas-in those counties the last couple days the people traveling, they want the border security. there's a lot more coming into the united states. as long as they think the bar is open, it would continue primary. that's the reality of it. liz: the hispanic communities majority founder of the border dealing with this. cannot mexico say they want the white house months ago 60000 migrants are coming in caravans and hispanic communities in an uproar upset about it. your word on back? >> all immigrants are the same, the bike and ministration treats them differently. when the cuban were happening
6:58 pm
and demonstrations biden administration said don't you dare come to america, you, on-chip, folks, will have a coast guard and you back to cuba, house a few multiple. on the other hand they are talking about long-term solutions which basically means there's no solution. they are encouraging one kind is not one-of-a-kind because they think cubans if they come to america, they are going to vote republican and they think migrants are coming across the southern border, they will reposition them in red states and let them vote democrat. they think they own them and that's the terrible part. kennedy: >> the would think that way, we are going to stay on this, let's take an inside look at a migrant camp from fox news. it's the horrors of the travel here. it's a dangerous journey, a difficult idea for the media to grasp what it is. people die on the way.
6:59 pm
>> what was the journey like for you? >> it was really difficult. if you are looking at the water, dead bodies, it was really horrible. liz: he said dead bodies, right? drug cartel kill people on the way. human smugglers kill people on the way for children to attack on the way. drone footage knew root is opening up, it's the most abuse as the u.s. citizen ever.
7:00 pm
liz: it's great to have you back on, you are a terrific writer, right and of about, we'd rita. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, been watching the evening edit, that doesn't for us. we hope you have a good evening and bring us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: wi-fi may have a cause of death, gabby petito was strangled her former fiancé brian rodriguez don't know where to be found. that stinky coward. what does the autopsy report mean? how will it affect the manhunt? wyoming corner today announcing his highly anticipated finding but he kept a lot of information close to two wyoming laws apparently. he cannot say whether he believes


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