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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 15, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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no one doesn't like cape cod and martha's vineyard. ♪♪ whether it's private waterfront compound for vineyard estate, he got options. you decide and we will see you dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. friday october 15th, top stories 6:00 a.m. eastern. empty shelfs, joe as americans feel the judge of the supply chain crisis. president biden in the meantime not taking questions for a second day in a row. about this crisis for all americans. we get a better picture of the
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supply and inflation story with september retail sales plus import-export data out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. triple digit gain on the dow futures right now after mega rally yesterday on all three major market gages, up 334 points. markets boosted by big bank earnings and rally in the tech sector. european markets in the green. gains across the board and in asia overnight, same story, gains at south korea, hong kong, japan and hang shy, mornings with maria live right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ dagen: top stories that we are following, former president bill clinton receiving treatment in california for a non-covid
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related infection. cheryl casone has that and more. cheryl: good morning to you. the former president's doctor say he's in good condition releasing the statement. president clinton to uc irvine and administered antibodies and fluids after two days of treatment. his white blood cell count is trending down and he's responding to antibiotics well. he hope to have him go home soon. a source telling fox news it was a urinary tract infection. he had surgery in 2004 and had inserted back in 2010. another covid booster shot to be card by the fda. experts to vet on the johnson & johnson vaccine. yesterday approved the moderna
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booster shot and the agency recommending half dose for older adults, 65 and older. former boeing pilot charged with fraud, accused of deceiting federal regulators and sending two max jets into failure nose dive. federal prosecutors say that persuaded faa to approve pilot training materials that excluded references to the automated cockpit feature. it was a big piece of the max crashes, 2018 and also the one in 2019 that killed 346 people. well, more than 10,000 john deere workers walking off the job after their union was unable to reach a deal on a new contract.
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first major in 35 years. 5% raises to some workers and 6% to others. deere&company wants to keep talking but the next bargaining session next week. there's deere, 3% in trading. what can i say. it's a friday, back over to you. we will see you at the bottom of the hour. american grappling with price hikes. inflation on the rise as we see supply chain bottlenecks and we are facing an energy crisis and in two hours we will get an idea of what consumer spending amid the higher prices. u.s. retail sales last month expected to drop .2%, month over month after we saw rise in august. joining me mahoney asset ken mahoney and joining the conversation former assistant secretary of the treasury monica and wall street journal
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assistant editor james freeman. welcome one and all. ken, you say the president needs to start focusing on inflation and not covid. okay, hit me. >> covid obviously very important, of course, but, look the image that is we have seen in los angeles and the ports out there and all of these, you know, bottlenecks, you can see with our own eyes why is this happening, the real issue is the reason why they are stuck there is we have to get trucks there. we don't have enough truck drivers and you have jen psaki telling us this week that they have been working on this issue all year as pinochio nose has been growing. all the 3, producer price index growing at the fastest rate. that's scary because the companies, producers will pass onto consumers, what a better time to pass to consumers is around the holiday time and little scrouge in there, little
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grim but this is the time producers are going to say we will not eat this in margins, we will pass to consumers. i suspect another leg up because producers will pass onto consumers. dagen: james, freeman, what can joe biden and company do about the supply chain crisis and inflation because their whole policy, what they are trying to push through congress is vast entitlement culture, vast entitlement expansion that will discourage work which would certainly make the labor shortage worse and they've got a federal reserve that still got the running the printing presses which they clearly like because the fed can monetize the debt, the spending and support the spending from the federal government from the democrats so this is the future unless something really changes in terms of policy out of these liberals, i was going to say
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something not nice but i stifled. [laughter] james: well, i'm glad that ken mentioned the trucker shortage. that seems to get a relatively short shrift as the administration talks about the problem at the ports and logistics and supply chains and everything else but i think we shouldn't be surprised when you push a whole lot of money into the economy over the last year and a half but create lots of either encouragements or -- or restrictions on people working. you're going to probably see inflation, you are going to see less productive work that you might have otherwise have had and i think shortages are fairly predictable, so, yeah, we need to go basically in the opposite direction of the bernie sanders plan to kind of intervene in every market and try to fix the greatest economy in the world. we need to just let markets run and encourage people to go back to work and -- and i don't think
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bluster and barking from the white house is the reason or is the solution to more supply in the economy. dagen: right. let set up another tack force on that, ken. >> right. dagen: so my prediction is that if the inflation picture continues to worsen, that there will be a scapegoat needed politically and it will be jay powell and he will not get a second term. that's my prediction. it's not based on anything by my own speculation, but i'm sticking to it for the time being. ken? kennedy: it's unbelievable. he had 80% approval, fed powell will go through this thing easy and as you mentioned things are not going so well and instead of
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looking at their own policies and a lot of the policies come from the carter administrationment it didn't work then and doesn't work now. look at what happened to opec this week. dependencies in late 1970's, what is the supply, and nudging and can you put more supply out, please. in a few months ago, we are energy dependent to energy independent. you saw what happened in afghanistan, oh, we just have to get out. oh, we just have to get out of fossil fuels and to renewables. like afghanistan, like energy, there has to be transition time and that's what the administration is trying to do too fast and least us in bottlenecks and all the problems, all of the consequences. dagen: it's grotesque. oil on track for gain, oil at $82 a barrel. round number right now but, ken, before we go, this is not something -- again, the reason for them killing the keystone xl
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pipeline for stopping new permits for drilling on federal land which again went to the courts but all of this was to fight global warming but then you turn and beg opec to produce more. well, one barrel produced there and one less barrel produced here has nothing, has zero impact on anything to do globally in terms of the climate because, again, it doesn't matter where that oil derrick is or the tail pipe is, it highlight it is utter phoneyness of what this administration is doing and the lack of concern and care for the average american whose stand of live asking reduced and made poorer by every policy coming out of this white house. >> well, you have my blood pressure going in that one. it's, yes, yes, and yes. the middle glass is filling out gas tank and paying 35, $40 per
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trip. $600. they want to look at what's going on there. go around the grocery store and that's transactions over $600. we see, we feel it and its own policy, these are self-inflicted wounds that could go the other way. back to my point, impulsiveness, rash, we are not there yet. and the raise is so fast, dagen, because they know midterm elections they will lose it all and they try to get as much as they can in. >> despite the pain caused to regular americans but they also vote too, so watch out. thank you, ken mahoney, great to see you. virgin galactic, delaying space flights until the fourth quarter of next year. press expectation was for the third quarter. the battle over booster shots, the fd approving to reject or approve johnson & johnson
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booster, we get medical perspective later this hour. inflation, tennessee congressman weighs in on the supply chain crunch, former small businessman and former white house chief of staff responds to tone deaf tweet on who inflation is really affecting. you don't want to miss it. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7-year-old girl at the border after getting her over the 30-foot wall with a rope ladder. joining me now florida congresswoman homeland security committee member and agriculture committee member kat, congresswoman, thank you very much for being here this morning. you've been to the border three times. this is evidence that the biden administration's policies are allowing people, smugglers to profit from human suffering. >> oh, absolutely, without a doubt. not only just allowing it but encouraging it and when you think about it, biden's administration is really completing the full trafficking circle for the cartels. they are 100% complicit when witnessing the trafficking of the kids. i have been to the border and i have spoken with little kids that have been abused. i have spoken with kids as young as 9. a little girl that was gang raped by cartel members.
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it's unconscionable the things that are happening but on top of that you have entities of facebook that have allowed cartels that advertise services on their platform. there's been zero retribution, zero accountability and that is extremely frustrating because you have the cartels that are making out like -- it's incredible the amount of money that they are making, average of $6,000 per individual that they get across. i've stood on the banks of the rio grande and national guard, dps, their hands are tide and thanks to dps and governor abbott are stepping up and arresting individuals that are coming over here because the biden administration they are hell bent on doing thing but enforcing our borders and the laws on the books.
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dagen: monica jump in here, the biden administration witnessing the supply chain problem, the ports problem, they jump right on it when they think it's going to hurt them politically but this border patrol, they are just kind of tap-dancing around it and not doing anything because they think it benefits them politically, monica. >> well, in the long-term, dagen, you're exactly right that this will benefit them because they're doing this to flood the zone, they are doing it to flood the country in order to try to get these people eventually on the track to becoming citizens and -- or at least capable of voting and they believe that they'll vote democrat. so this is part of their strategy for a permanent democrat voting majority, but when you take a look at president biden's poll numbers they're cratering across the board, dagen, but in particular on immigration. this has been going on for the last ten months since he's been president and driving the drag on this poll number so now it is becoming a political liability
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for them and that's why you're starting to see a little bit of at least thought in the administration with regard to the return to -- remain in mexico policy, excuse me, and maybe some other things but the damage is already done, 1.2 million illegal immigrants who have come in just since january. dagen: congresswoman monica was mentioning this that they are -- the biden administration to revise the remain in mexico policy after it was ordered to reinstate it by a federal judge, would this help congresswoman? >> oh, absolutely, without a doubt and morgan is 100% right. you look at this administration. they are held bent on creating a new reality and -- and i think no one is living in it because the rest of us in america are scratching our heads saying, what the heck are you doing? 1.2 million in the country and they are trying to attach amnesty to reconciliation package. the biden build-back better plan
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which is let's build back broke. they want to give amnesty to all of the people who have come here illegally so they have a built-in motor base because their agenda is control if it were anything other than that they would secure border and reinstate mpp policy and would continue building the wall because as every single border patrol agent that's a force multiplier and when you have 75% of your agents processing and baby sitting in the busiest sector that is why we absolutely need every tool in the tool box. it's also making sure that title 42 stays in place. dagen: right. >> we are making it impossible for the border patrol agents to do their jobs and at the end of the day the very basic function of the federal government is national security. we have to do that at the bear minimum and they are failing miserably in doing so. dagen: you throw on vilifying
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border patrol on horseback with lies coming from the white house and the president himself. thank you, congresswoman kat cammack. thank you very much for being here. americans fed up with empty shelfs, the hashtag aimed at the president, never go stag to a wedding again. tinder has your back with a new feature making a buzz this morning. we will tell you all about it.
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dagen: president biden taking heat for the supply chain crisis after this comment about food supplies when he was a candidate back in may 2020. listen to this. >> we don't have food shortage problems, we have a leadership problem. i'd harness the industry to get food needed and get millions back to a job, it's not rocket science. it's leadership. dagen: so biden is finger
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pointing not stopping the hashtag from trending, empty shelves, joe. james, it's about leadership says joe biden. it sure is or lack thereof from him. james: yeah, there was so much confusion contained in that one soundbite. obviously we are not a centrally controlled economy thank goodness, restaurant owners who understand their customers make decisions, the president doesn't harness everyone in industry and push them in a certain direction. i think we are seeing now this -- this sort of white house fantasy that somehow people at wal-mart and target aren't highly motivated to solve the problem of empty shelves and we need a layer of federal bureaucracy but i think it's important to keep expectations low when it comes to the president trying to exert executive leadership over the u.s. economy right now.
6:26 am
he is -- this is his first year in an executive job with executive authority. he's a career senator and then a vice president, fortunately he was never needed to exercise executive authority in that job and i think we should keep expectations low but the main thing he can do is takeaway the incentives for people not to work. we had almost 200,000 people leave the labor force last month. 4 million plus fewer jobs, fewer people working than we had pre-covid so taking away the incentives for people not the be in the workforce should be his number 1 job. dagen: right. not adding additional like multi-trillion dollar incentives to stay out of the workforce and to stay at home. monica, i want to get your reaction to this soundbite from jen psaki yesterday when she was asked about endorsement of a tweet from foreman that said inflation is a high-class
6:27 am
problem. listen to this. >> why would ron tweet that and would you agree that that's -- [inaudible] >> do you think two tweets means more? >> not the first time that twitter has drawn sharp criticism. is that something that the white house is addressing at all given this pushback? >> are we addressing the chief of staff twitter habits is not a top priority i will tell you at this point in time. dagen: well, the retweet said that inflation was a high-class problem, i kind of get what jason was trying to get at but ron you're actually saying that by retweeting, monica, and jen psaki has nothing to say about it. >> well, you know, there's sot criticism too that anybody has been asking questions about ron klein's tweet and president trump was scrutinized over every single tweet he and his white
6:28 am
house issued but nobody allowed to ask any questions about the twitter habits of his white house. look, that was an absolutely tone deaf tweet. you have to understand, like, when you're in a position of authority whether you're white house chief of staff or jason foreman, economy adviser to president obama and vice president joe biden and words matter and will be read a certain way and it was read appropriately, i think, that what ron klein was endorsing was that your skyrocketing grocery and gas prices are a high-class problem and it is absolutely absurd because what we do neglect about inflation and particularly the inflation that is hitting now it it pacts the working class, the middle class, those able to at least withstand the impact of inflation.
6:29 am
it hurt those folks the most. so the language on this was absolutely not helpful and the white house should at least acknowledge that those that they claimed to want to have help. those at the lower end of the income ladder are being impacted and hurt the most and what are they going to do about it. dagen: i guess improvement that ron klein tweeted because he has tendency to retweet joy reed and reuben from the white house so that will make your eyes fall out on the head, some of the things the two ladies have to say. the fallout of botched withdraw to afghanistan, the white house's new plan to get stranded americans out. ♪ ♪ ♪
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's friday october 15th, a look at markets at the bottom of the hour. futures are looking to add to yesterday's rally. we've got a nice set of gains on our hands at 6:30 a.m. we are about, you know, just few hours of away from the opening
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bell. we will get a better picture in 2 hours of the supply and inflation story when september retail sales come out and import-export data. that's in two hours time. all 3 major market gages finishes at session highs boosted by big bank earnings and rally in the tech sector. all markets here up more than 1 and a half percent yesterday. european markets this friday also in the green, gains in england, france and germany and in asia overnight, it was exact same story, all four major markets in asia to the plus side. robert dursch sentence today life in prison. cheryl: that's right, dagen. new york real estate heir getting the sentence for killing friend kristin 20 years ago. dersh was put on national spotlight the documentary the jinx which focused on the murder of berman and disappearance of
6:34 am
first wife and he confessed to killings while having microphone still on. the texas abortion law will remain in effect for now. a federal appeals court rejecting the biden administration's latest attempt to undo the legislation. it's the third time the appeals court has sided with texas and let the restrictions stand. the law bans all abortions once a fetal heart beat is detected which is around 60 weeks, macy's shut physical stores at the height of the pandemic focusing on their online sales division. remember, rival saks fifth avenue is separating e-commerce business from division and macy's slightly higher. macy's also owns bloomingdale's we should add here. mcdonalds long awaited mcplant burger finally coming to the u.s. plant-based partnership with beyond meet. the burger going to be available
6:35 am
in 8 restaurants in california, texas, iowa and louisiana. limited time offer start november third. they point out that customer are going to have to ask to hold the cheese and the mayo if you really want to keep the whole thing vegan and cooked in the similar grill and meat, dagen. dagen: you can put enough ketchup on everything to make it edible, old shoe with ketchup have at it. dagen: i hope they don't taste like shoes. haven't had it. the united states planning to resume regular evacuation flights to afghanistan before the end of the year. the end of the year, this is according to the state department. gad news for the hundreds of americans left behind, however, no date has been determined for the flights to resume. as arrangements with neighboring countries are still being worked
6:36 am
out, joining me now is hudson institute senior fellow rebecca heinrich's, we do this story to remind people of all of the folks, americans and our allies and our friends who are still in afghanistan, rebecca. >> thank you so much, dagen for covering this. this is a topic that the biden administration obviously wants to get out of the news, out of the headlines and they don't want americans talking about this. it's been a couple of months since we have left afghanistan officially and there are still americans in afghanistan under the rule of the taliban. so the biden administration intends to hope, you know, you see hypotheticals and we would like to get flights leaving afghanistan in the next couple of months. a couple more months of american citizens, permanent residents, green card holders and those who worked with the united states and took a chance with the united states against the taliban are all still stuck there at the mercy of the
6:37 am
taliban until we get them out. dagen: i want to move to the oil and gas situation. you have the white house that took axe to our energy sector. economic driver in this country, a source of prosperity, not just in terms of jobs and economic growth but cheap and plenty full fuel also energy independent, the world's largest producer of oil, it gives us power over other nations on the world stage over nations that rely on oil production for their funding and so it gives us power over nations that hate us. so they take in in the white house a -- an axe to our energy sector. now after begging opec to produce more, the white house is reportedly consulting with oil and gas producers to try and find ways to bring down rising fuel in prices for consumers.
6:38 am
you can't make up this idiocy. the national average for gallon of regular gasoline at 3.30. that's up more than a buck compared to a year ago. heating bills this winter are expected to soar, rebecca, what do you make of this complete mismanagement of one of our greatest resources? >> the biden administration is being controlled by this radical faction of the democratic party that prioritizes almost like a religion environmentalism above everything else even it means working class americans are the ones going to suffer. we are heading into winter, gas prices are going to continue to go up and i keep thinking about how jen psaki said she thought that it would be unfair if companies were to pass on the price to consumers if they were taxed and now how they are doing the same thing to these gas companies. they're asking them to drop the
6:39 am
prices after as you said taken an axe to increase supply. this administration doesn't understand economics 101 or they do understand it and they just don't care. they've made a decision to prioritize these environmentalist groups at the expense of everyday hard-working americans. dagen: james, jump in here. to go through what they went through, they killed the keystone xl pipeline, stopped new oil and gas drilling leases on federal leases which was stopped by a judge. i mentioned this earlier but then in the 3 and a half trillion dollars really $5 trillion bernie sanders blowout that the left is trying to push through, there are royalty and fee increases that again would hurt our oil and natural gas producers on the world stage. >> yeah, many, many incentives in that bill to -- to push the u.s. toward wind and solar power which is very unreliable and
6:40 am
away from natural gas and oil and i think it's not a surprise that u.s. producers, yes, they are being disciplined about their capital expenditures but they have to look down the road and say are we really going to be able to reap the benefits from new investment. i know the president likes to talk about infrastructure but pipelines are infrastructure. refineries are infrastructure, rigs are infrastructure, so let's hope that he can be persuaded to somehow turn away from the sanders' agenda to less u.s. production. dagen: before we go, rebecca, will this skyrocketing price of fuel bills whether it's gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, will this wake up the white house, rebecca, and stop them from governing for greta thunberg?
6:41 am
>> they have to put the squeeze on them. the infrastructure, with infrastructure and pipelines they do care that russian pipeline north stream two, they canceled the americans ability to have cheaper gas in keystone and they green light it which is bad for nato but it does help the russians. dagen: sure does. we have easily and knowingly handed power to nations that hate us in every way. thank you, rebecca heinrich, great to see you. >> good to see you. dagen: coming up laying the ground work for covid boosters. fda set to vote for johnson & johnson low-dose shot. what you need to know next, you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪
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dagen: first moderna and now johnson & johnson, fda new vote on booster shot for americans, what you need to know. we are back in 2 minutes.
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dagen: today another covid booster shot may be approved by the fda. experts are set to vote on the johnson & johnson vaccine. yesterday the panel unanimously approved the moderna booster shot. joining me now one of the
6:46 am
doctors on that panel, dr. levy, pediatric infectious disease expert and the head of the precision vaccine program at boston children's hospital. dr. levy, great to see you this morning. just tell us about what we can expect today. doctor: good morning, dagen, thank you for having me on today. well, as you know the fda panel discussions are live streamed, open to the u.s. public. we had a good session yesterday as you said considering a potential booster for the moderna vaccine and today we will consider potential booster for the johnson & johnson vaccine. to clarify our committee advises fda, fda makes the final decision but yesterday we voted unanimously in favor of moderna boosters for certain populations. americans 65 years and up and those 18 to 64 years of age who have conditions that put them at higher risk for severe covid as
6:47 am
well as people who have frequent exposure and therefore may benefit from a booster. dagen: i have shared this before but my father and he had heart surgery about a year ago, he went ahead and got a booster in like august. he was vaccinated early in the year and i was laughing at him, where did you get the booster, he said, i have a guy. it's a medical professional but he was very -- he's really on the ball about getting it. i was so proud of him on that note. let me talk there's a study, highly anticipated one about mixing and matching covid-19 vaccines. they found the approach to be safe and effective. can you explain this because, see, i had covid in march, got the j&j vaccine as soon as i could after a 90-day period so when i get a booster, i can -- could i go and just get a moderna booster if i wanted? >> well, thank you for that, dagen. this has been a highly
6:48 am
anticipated study as you bring up because americans want to know can i mix and max, can i get one type of vaccine and then can i get another. the studies that came out from the national institutes of health, it's not just been peer reviewed but put on public server suggest that this may be safe to mix and match and those facts look hopeful but we need more research on this and there's not yet public health guidance on how to do this but it is an important study and a step in that direction. dagen: this month pfizer submitted request for vaccine children 5 to 11 and telling governors to start prepare to go vaccinate the children. you're insight into this? >> well, i think that we will have to take it one step at a time with vaccines we start with safety because vaccines we give to healthy people so they better be safe so our committee start
6:49 am
with a heavy emphasis on safety. we need to see the data, the age specific data for the safety and efficacy in children 5 to 11 year's old of age. i believe our committee will meet on the 26th of october to look at the data provided by pfizer the sponsor that's asking the committee to review that data. and i haven't seen the data yet so i don't want to comment on it. do i think that -- and i know that coronavirus does infect children, can make them quite sick and children can also spread the infection to others, so it is desirable to have such a pediatric vaccine available but we have to see the data. dagen: i want to get your insight into this as well before we go. former president bill clinton has been admitted to a california hospital this week for sepsis and i believe the sepsis is a result of a urinary track infection.
6:50 am
can you tell us exactly what sepsis is and he's being treated with antibiotics, his white blood cell count has come down so the news is good but this is something that, you know, really concerns everyone. doctor: thank you, dagen, and we wish president clinton a speedy recovery. sepsis is the body's exaggerated response to an infection typically a bacterial infection. from what you're telling it sounds like there were bacteria in urinerary track and over a quarter of millions die every year of sepsis so this is a medical emergency and i'm happy he made it to the hospital in a timely way and he's getting better. dagen: me too. and one thing and i'm clearly
6:51 am
not a doctor, dr. levy. one thing -- and this is for any like the child of any older person, that when you get intervenous antibiotics can cause destruction of good bacteria in the gut so certain things to look out for, i will leave you with that. >> for sure. we have bacteria that live in our gut and when we take any biotica we change the good bacteria and there are potential side evenings of that but right now the priority is to clear the bacteria out of the blood stream and get the patient better. dagen: i only share that because it happened to my mother. that's why i share that with audience.
6:52 am
it's great to see you always drh for being here. we will see you soon. doctor: always a pleasure, dagen. thank you. dagen: take care. taking a chance on plus one. tinder's new feature will make sure that you never go stag to a wedding again. we will tell you all about it next. our experts help your business succeed. in any market, any language, any industry.
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dagen: time for the morning buzz. swipe your way to a wedding day. tinder rolling out a new feature that let's users be plus one for a wedding. members can create a profile detailing who they are, where the wedding is taking place and what they're looking for. the company says mentions of a plus one and tinder bios have increased 45% since the
6:56 am
beginning to have year. monica, what do you think? >> well, i think it's great idea, dagen, and frankly it's such a great idea. i can't believe that nobody has come up with this before. if you're looking for a one off, somebody to accompany you not just to a wedding, why stop at a wedding, any special event, birthday party, new year's eve, you swipe on tinder and get that one-off date and you never know, he or she may be the one. dagen: yeah. james, what -- back in the day before your marriage and your family and everything, what -- what is a must have in a plus one? >> the dark ages before i got married. [laughter] james: i can't even remember, who cares about that awful time. but the sole blind date to a wedding date, i think this may be a plot to romantic comedy. they haven't already made this
6:57 am
story, maybe julia roberts was in a movie like that or wedding crash sequel, there's definitely a lot of potential here. dagen: rather than a rom-com, a horror movie. >> so many ways to market it. dagen: we are watching your money. the word on wall street next. ♪ ♪ ♪ plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? . . . look forward to planning with schwab.
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is friday, october 15th. your top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern. bringing back trump era border policies, the biden administration set to reinstate the remain in mexico policy next month, being forced to by a court. what this means for the growing crisis at the southern border. a look at a markets, futures trying to extend yesterday's rally, we've got gains across
7:01 am
the board and we'll get a better picture of the supply and inflation story with september retail sales, plus import/export data. gains of more than 1 and-a-half percent across the board yesterday, boosted by big bank earnings and a l rally in the tech sector. european markets also in the green this friday, gains in england, france and germany. same story in asia overnight. green across the board. "mornings with maria" live right now. some of the top stories we're following this morning. former president bill clinton is receiving treatment at a hospital in california for a non-covid related infection. not a viral but bacterial. cheryl casone has more. cheryl: it is one of those infections, dagen, good morning to you, as you faux, that a lot of americans actually suffer from in hospitals. the former president's doctors say that he is in good condition, releasing this
7:02 am
statement. president clinton was taken to uc irvine medical center and diagnosed with an infection. he was admitted to the hospital for close monitoring and add a ministered iv antibiotics and fluids. his white blood cell count trending down and he's responding to the antibiotics well. a source says it was a urinary tract infection that developed into a broader infection, reportedly this is sepsis. he had heart surgery back in 2004. he had stents inserted in 2010. well, white house press secretary jen psaki defending ron klain's twitter habits saying the tweets are, quote, not a top priority after the chief of staff claimed inflation is a problem for the rich. klain retweeted this, adding emphasis, most of the economic problems we're facing, inflation, supply chains, etcetera, are high class problems. we wouldn't have had them if the unemployment rate was still 10%.
7:03 am
we would instead have a much worse problem. well, psaki added that klain has the right to free speech. not surprisingly, the tweet has drawn outrage from republicans. well, today another covid booster shot is set to be considered by the fda a, experts set to vote on an extra dose of the johnson & johnson vaccine. yesterday an fda panel approved a booster shot of moderna. the agency recommending a half dose of that vaccine be given to older americans, those 65 and older as well as those at risk. moderna stock is up 3% on this news. then there is this, a former boeing pilot has been charged with fraud accused of deceiving federal regulators about a flight control system later blamed for sending two jets into fatal nose dives. he was indicted on six counts of fraud by a texas grand jury yesterday.
7:04 am
prosecutors say he persuaded the faa to approve pilot training materials that excluded references to the automated cockpit feature that was later blamed for the crashes. those are some of your headlines from here. dagen: thank you, cheryl. we'll see you in half hour. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money this morning. joining me, chief economist lindsey piegza, capital management partner and portfolio manager joanne feeney and financial ceo jay hastra chelli.we had strong earnings fm several big banks, investors putting inflation fears aside for now. lindsey, what is your current view of the inflation picture? and again, stocks versus treasuries are a better bet in inflationary times because companies can raise prices. >> absolutely. what we saw this week is the
7:05 am
latest read on inflation from a consumer standpoint and producer prices continue to rise. yet the message from our officials from the federal reserve, from treasury secretary janet yellen continues to be one of transitory, suggesting that price pressures will prove temporary. essentially as the economy recalibrates, as the bottlenecks are smoothed, price pressures will come back down to a 2% level. while the message coupled with the expectation of the fed's taper may be enough for investors at this point, to quell investor fears. we know inflation is hitting businesses and consumers here and now. squeezing profit margins, eating into consumer wallets and by extension, then, undermining the prospect force a more robust growth profile as we look out to the end of the year and further into the new calendar year of 2022. dagen: i want to ask you something real quick, lindsey, before we move on.
7:06 am
there was something dianne swan, long-time economist said, that stagflation is not the right word, that a major difference from 1970s is that 80% of salaries were tied to the consumer price index then and that is not the case now. is she right or wrong? >> well, i think regardless of what we're talking about, the academic definition of stagflation, for the average american this means that at the same time we're paying higher prices for goods and services in the marketplace, we're also suffering the effects of a slower economy. so for the average american, regardless of the definition of stagflation, this is going to feel like a double whammy going forward. dagen: that's who we care about. that's who we are. regular folks, right? lindsey, thanks. joanne, a bunch of new economic data is coming out at the bottom of the next hour. we get retail sales for september, plus import and export prices, giving us a better look into the supply problems, the inflation story, this comes on the heels of the
7:07 am
federal reserve mince from -- minutes from last month revealing a strong consensus that it's time to start tapering. lindsey mentioned that. your thoughts, joanne. >> the inflation issue is clearly one that investors need to have top of mind and they need to make sure their portfolios are positioned with stocks that are going to do better if inflation or when inflation and interest rates, more importantly, begin to rise again. we should expect some bumpiness in had these retail numbers, covid was a pretty big force in september, so we're expecting these numbers to come down a little bit. and also when you think about inflation, you have to recognize that it's still strong demand that's driving inflation higher. so the underlying production economy is quite healthy. firms are producing as as much as they can. but there are shortages out there that are driving up prices. the real economy is doing he'll well. that's a good investment environment for investors but on the other hand we do think it's likely, really possible that inflation could get worse before it gets better and the reason
7:08 am
for that is that the housing cost increases have not yet fully filtered into the inflation numbers. and that shelter inflation is starting to work its way in so while shortages persist, inflation could get worse. investors need to be ready for a little bit of a bumpy road ahead i think. dagen: it is a great hardship that i've witnessed firsthand where people -- i know many people who have had to move because their rents were jacked up so much that they couldn't afford their rents and they had to relocate to different parts of the city or outside of the city. of course this is a new york centric problem but it's one that's filtering out across the country. jay, moving on to you. we're wrapping up the first week of third quarter earnings season, goldman sachs scheduled to report ahead of the opening bell this morning. what are you expecting to see here and when big technology stocks start reporting later this month? >> yeah, listen, the banks reported this week, numbers were well. we expect the same out of
7:09 am
goldman sachs. they're going through a transition of moving towards a more consumer-based business. we expect higher interest rates and, you know, the additional volatility of the past few months to help drive goldman earnings. but when you take a look at the way the financials impact the tone of the market, it's not always a high correlation. what we found to be a little more impactful is the tone of tech earnings. leading into tech earnings historically speaking the market can be chop hey. obviously this week was a strong week but the first large tech company reports on the 25th that's took. in that week we have apple, google and microsoft jammed in the four day period and what we found is typically after those groups report, after the first one of those companies report, the market tends to push a little higher, seven out of the eight a last quarters, seven out of the last eight quarters the market has moved higher. the one time it hasn't has been
7:10 am
q1 of 2021 this year, when interest rates were causing tech stocks to feel some pressure. we're expecting a little chop coming into earnings on the 25th which is when facebook has its announcement. but after that, history tells us that the market tends to press a little higher. dagen: jay, great insight. you too, lindsey. and joanne, thank you all three for being here this morning. have a wonderful weekend. >> thank you. dagen: much more ahead this morning. coming up, former white house chief of staff nick mulvaney responds to ron klain's tone deaf retweet. then bill simon is here on the supply chain crisis and retailers, what they're doing to ensure you can get gifts this holiday season. we're talking tech, microsoft tells china linkedin is off the table in china and bitcoin nears $60,000. we get into it. joining the conversation all morning long, monica crowley and
7:11 am
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7:15 am
i'll small business, did you not? i just worry more than -- whether it's supply chain crisis and the ability to find workers, increased wages, raised prices, in all of this it is small businesses from coast to coast that are really getting, for lack of a better word, screwed. >> i agree with you so much and i was thinking exactly your thoughts this morning, dagen. here's the situation. when my wife and i operated a small business, everything mattered to the bottom line. there's no margin of error really for a small business. when costs go up and we're seeing costs skyrocket in this economy worse than we've seen in 40 years. thank goodness we started our business in 1987 and during the tail end of the reagan years and a lot of things were good. god forbid if we started it in the carter years where we remembered those crazy inflation rates and the stagnation of the economy. but it's small businesses, but i'm hearing from manufacturers
7:16 am
and distributors who are begging us to do something, inflation is out of control. biden just does not perceive this. his administration keeps going in the wrong direction. i'm concerned. dagen: monica, jump in here. having worked in the treasury department, there's really nothing that this administration can say that will change the reality that people are feeling every day. monica: well, that's right. i mean, the average american is living this economy on the ground every day and these inflationary spikes are affecting everyday products so every time you go to the grocery store, every time you go to fill up your gas tank, you're seeing it. and it's squeezing the poor, the working class, and the middle class most of all. so, look, we have pumped so much money down into the system over the last year and-a-half because of the pandemic and what we know is that emergency level spending in the context of an actual emergency, like last year, is
7:17 am
justified and necessary. but the biden administration and the democrats in congress have kept up the emergency level spending absent the emergency. so not only do you have the supply chain disruptions that are driving up prices, but you have so much money sloshing around the system. democrats want to spend even more. and of course it's impacting those at the lower end of the income spectrum you most of all, those are the folks that the democrats profess to champion. it's hurting those folks. dagen: i want to talk about another misstep or disaster, rather, is biden's border policy. the biden administration is set to bring back president biden -- president trump's border policy, the remain in mexico policy in the middle of next month but this is after the biden and company were ordered to reinstate it by a federal judge. will this make a difference in terms of beginning to secure our
7:18 am
border? >> it certainly will and i'm so glad that you said that. the united states supreme court actually compelled them to do that. they didn't want to do that. in my role as the ranking member, the highest republican on the homeland security appropriations subcommittee, i have add he vo kateed for this -- advocated for this policy along with a reinstatement of the trump era policies to secure the border. let's be honest with people. we had secured the border, crossings were low. if we talk to the throngs of people coming over illegally, they're honestly telling people that joe biden invited them into this country. they have been told by criminals, coyotes and cartels, that they are welcome here without any problem. we have people from haiti who were in brazil and chile coming over and now are sitting back in haiti because they were duped, not only by the cartels but by the biden administration. we need a total recalibration, whether it's the domestic
7:19 am
economy, foreign policy. think about if france takes their ambassador away. and clearly on the border. this is a crisis everywhere we look and the biden administration tries to change narrative to narrative. the narrative right now is failure. the american people need to demand more. dagen: james freeman, jump in here. james: yeah, thanks. i'm also kind of wondering about the role of the government of mexico in all this. there was an interesting piece in the dallas morning news this week, suggesting that part of the reason why you're seeing this increase in migration is whether it's an overall policy or just kind of a drift, there seems to be less cooperation from the government of mexico. is that how you see it? >> yes. as a matter of fact, mexico has a problem on its southern border. we just received a briefing, nonclassified briefing so i can talk with you about it, from border patrol people at the highest levels.
7:20 am
mexico has its own problems. fortunately, they are sitting down with us now and speaking again. but remember, president trump did it the right way. he didn't ask mexico. he told mexico. look, you're going to do this, this or this or we're going to do this, this and that and they understood that. it was good for mexico. it was good for the united states. it curbed illegal immigration in the country. right now they're pouring across and the worse news is more folks are coming. yes, mexico has its own internal problems and hopefully they will work with us to curve it. dagen: congressman chuck fleischman thank you for being here. coming up, the virginia gubernatorial race neck in neck, democrats are bringing m the heavy hitters it's not just joe biden that's unpopular in virginia, it's mcauliffe, a former governor there. no bones doubt it, noodles the
7:21 am
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dagen: democrats are reportedly hitting the panic button over the virginia governor's race. polls show that democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glen youngkin are neck in neck. the latest fox news poll, 51 to 46. margin of error is 3 november 3f percentage points. prominent democrats are trying to boost mcauliffe's chances, you have president joe biden, former president obama, speaker nancy pelosi and stacy abrams expected at events this weekend.
7:25 am
white house press secretary jen psaki playing down the idea that the election is a big deal, saying elections are often not a bellwether. she is wrong, james freeman. it was announced tuesday morning that president obama was going to campaign for mcauliffe and then all of a sudden by that afternoon like before 5:00, oh, joe biden's going too. what do you make of all of this? james: yeah, i think it's a real sign of weakness for mcauliffe because i generally don't see virginia as a bellwether. i think as you know, it has really been trending left in recent elections but the swamp, the population of government workers and people who benefit from government contracts in northern virginia has boomed so much that i think democrats really have a structural advantage in that state. so for youngkin to be competing
7:26 am
i think is impressive, it is a sign of mcauliffe's weakness many if youngkin is going to win, i think it's going to come down to the issues about schools and whether parents should have a say in what their kids learn and whether a lot of -- even maybe democratic government workers in northern virginia say this education policy is too radical. i don't want my kids being taught to hate each other and i want to be able to have some say in what they learn. dagen: right. that is an issue with what's going on in louden county and particularly in fairfax county, which the journal has written about extensively. what is happening at thomas jefferson high school, just as a microcosm of the overall movement. this is not about white parents, it's about asian american parents, parents of color, who are very upset about the kind of watering down of admission standards and just a crackdown on school of choice and
7:27 am
mcauliffe when he was governor, he vetoed three school choice bills and then adding insult to injury, monica, there's a quote from terry mcauliffe at the debate between youngkin and him, i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. that might be the nail in the mcauliffe coffin, figuratively speaking. monica: yeah, i mean, absolutely, dagen and that comment actually had terry mcauliffe canceling himself in this race. education is one of the driving topics in this campaign, as well as the economy and covid and covid restrictions. but education is really driving a lot of people in this race. and james is right that bringing in the democratic heavy-hitters like obama and biden and mrs. biden, the first lady, that does show weakness on the part of mcauliffe but it also shows weakness on the part of
7:28 am
president biden. all of these races now across the country are nationalized, including the virginia governor's race. there's another poll, a poll that was released last night, dagen, that shows mcauliffe actually trailing youngkin, it's a razor thin lead for youngkin but youngkin is leading in that poll. so it is about even. but the problem for the democrats is that all of the energy and enthusiasm is with the republicans, particularly in this off election year in virginia. dagen: and i'll point out, newt gingrich tweeted this this morning that it's not -- and mcauliffe was caught on camera talking about biden was not that popular in virginia. in fact, biden's popularity is at 48% or excuse me favorability in virginia is at 48%. mcauliffe is at 42. so it's mcauliffe who is his own problem. what he says and what he did when he was the governor last
7:29 am
time around in that state. coming up, the supply chain crisis and a lack of leadership from the white house, former white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is here, next. ok, let's talk about those changes to your financial plan. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy. actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. new projects means new project managers.
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7:32 am
cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone, some of the top stories we're watching for you this morning. the immediate threat of the debt crisis has been averted setting up a showdown for december. president biden signing a bill into law that's going to raise the nation's debt limit until early december. the $480 billion increase passed by the house on tuesday after being passed along party lines by the senate last week. well, former boeing pilot charged with fraud, accused of deceiving federal regulators about a flight control system, later blamed for sending two 737 max jets into fatal nose dives. he was inindicted on six counts of fraud. prosecutors say he persuaded the
7:33 am
faa to approve pilot training materials that excluded references to the automated cockpit feature that was blamed in the two fatal crashes, 346 people died. well, butterball is recalling more than 14,000 pounds of ground turkey over fears they may be contaminated with plastic. the ground turkey products were sold under the farm to family and kroger brands as b j'ses and kroger stores across the country. they can be identified by the number esp37245 located inside the usda mark of inspection. then there is this, charlie brown may not see the great pumpkin this halloween. a pumpkin shortage is hitting the nation due to weather conditions, shipping problems and in some areas a fungus. prices are jumping about 7% over last year. usually about a billion pumpkins are produced each year mainly in illinois, followed by
7:34 am
california, indiana, michigan, and texas, dagen but not so much this year. could we be short on anything else at this point? my lord. back to you. dagen: i thought with that lead you're going to tell me that charlie brown had been canceled for some reason. cheryl: well, stand by. i'm sure that will happen. dagen: lucy, she was always not very nice. thank you, cheryl. white house press secretary jen psaki defending ron klain's twitter habits after the white house chief of staff claimed this week -- he retweeted a tweet from jason furman that said inflation was a problem for the rich. listen to this. >> why would ron klain word on tweetthat? would you agree, that's a little tone deaf. >> you think two tweets mean more. >> it's not the first time that ron klain's twitter has drawn criticism is that something the white house is addressing right now. >> are we addressing the chief of staff's twitter habits? it's not a top priority i would tell you at this point in time. dagen: joining me former white
7:35 am
house chief of staff himself, mick mulvaney. not under this administration. mick, good to see you. but the retweet was -- i mean, it said that it's a high class problem, inflation. i kind of understand what jason furman was getting at. but ron klain has gotten in in a weird habit of retweeting not jason but some brett odiu -- pretty odiuos people. what is you ron klain's motivation to stay on twitter all the time? >> well, good morning, dagen, by the way, thanks for having he me. the question i asked myself when i saw that come out yesterday, where does he find the time? if you're doing the job of the chief of staff, you would be hard-pressed to find the time to tweet during the day. look, i saw the tweet, high class problems. if he meant that it's a problem only for the rich, then he probably should be fired. because that's just so tone deaf, it's so limousine liberal, it may end up causing democrats
7:36 am
vote in virginia in a few weeks and again in the midterms. if instead he meant that this was a problem that was better than having high unemployment, then that's just misreading what unemployment is. everybody knows that unemployment could go to zero if people just stopped looking for work. so it's bad on every single level and reaffirms why chiefs of staffs should be running the white house and not tweeting during the day. dagen: well, you would assume that ron klain is one of the people in the room when all of these decisions are getting made and if these problems persist, there are not going to be store shelves full of toys come christmas. inflation is spiking. wages so far this year, since president biden was inaugurated, wages adjusting for inflation have fallen 2%. so you would think if ron klain doesn't focus on his job and get
7:37 am
off the twit-sphere, then he might be shown the sidewalk and soon. >> your job as chief of staff is to make the president look good. it's really hard right now to do that with joe biden. the supply chain difficulties are real. they're not going to go away because there was a press conference yesterday. look, i'll give credit where credit is due. the agreement with the unions to go for 24/7 at long beach, the agreement with private corporations to go to 24/7 as we get to christmas, that's a good move. it's just scratching the surface. the supply chain problems are not the only thing leading to shortages and inflation. there are structural difficulties coming out of washington, d.c. it's harder for people to go to work because of the covid rules. it's easier for people to stay home because of the labor rules. it's not just because the port isn't open enough hours during the day. so it was a move in the right direction yesterday for joe biden. but if he or ron klain thinks they solved the problem they're going to have a difficult time the next couple months and the last thing they need is to be taking these sort of comments about rich people and
7:38 am
misunderstanding unemployment numbers. not a really good day for joe biden or my success susser, ron klain. i bet they wish they had one over across the board. dagen: james freeman, get in here. james: thanks. i just think we all remember ronald reagan or someone saying inflation is the beef of the middle class. this is a very regressive tax. and so it's not a rich person's problem, really. it's a problem for people who have to devote a lot of their income to things like food and housing and energy. .dagen: follow up on that, mic. i remember jimmy carter. i remember growing up in the '70s. so i recall firsthand the hardship it put on my parents who were running a wholesale grocery business, individually and as a business. >> it's real. and by the way, most people know that. i guess the only people that don't know that are jason furman and ron klain if they are saying this is something that only hits
7:39 am
the upper class. that's a detached sort of reality. it hits the middle class, it hits the lower classes, especially hits retirees and elderly harder than other folks. it can be good for rich people if you already own a bunch of assets, own a bunch of property and buildings and those properties are now worth more, you actually could benefit under certain circumstances from inflation. so again, there's nothing good that comes out of this twitter yesterday, either he was wrong because he was talking about only rich people or of he was wrong because it's a good problem to have, which it's not. if he goes back and looks under donald trump we had 3 or 4 million more people working than are working right now. yet we didn't have inflation. so it's wrong at a bunch of different levels and could be repercussions inside the white house and outside the white house in the elections in the weeks to come. dagen: under the trump administration's policies, less regulation, lower taxes, you had the lowest poverty rate since records started, records were starting being kept in the
7:40 am
1950s and you had the highest inflation adjusted income or of real income since 1967. monica: yeah. we know what works, dagen. tax cuts, regulatory relief, fairer trade deals and unleashing americans' great energy sector. president trump did all of those things and delivered a booming economy as a result and it lifted all boats. so we saw historically low unemployment rates for every demographic in america, african-americans, asian americans, latino americans, women, veterans, americans with disabilities and we also saw the poverty rate, particularly for african-americans at historic lows so we know what works but the democrats in office are not about policies that actually work and serve the american people. those policies are about fundamentally transforming the u.s. economy. dagen: mick, i'm going to give you final word. where do we go from here as a country in terms of the supply
7:41 am
chain crunch, inflation? what do you see in the months ahead? >> ultimately it's going to be up to the voters. elections have consequences which is why the election in virginia is so critical. i disagree with freeman a little bit. i think virginia can and will be a bell weather this year. yes, it's a blue state. yes, it's heavily democratic in the northern virginia suburbs. but it was very close four years ago, the last time i think that mcauliffe ran and i think if the republicans even come close in that race, it's going to send shivers through the democrat party nationwide. that election, the state legislative bodies up in new jersey will be seeing this as a bellwether. people are going to understand that votes make a difference. if they like what they're seeing they'll vote democrat. and if they wonder maybe we were better off under president trump then i think you'll see an outcome in favor of the republicans. dagen: youngkin his platform is
7:42 am
of the moment. he's going to get rid of the recent gas tax increase in the state, he's going to get rid of the recent grocery -- well, repeal the grocery tax in the state. so it's about parents, power over their children, and inflation. before we go, mick, what's your dog's name? >> that's hank and i've done these television programs now for about 18 months and he's never wondered in -- wandered in. he came in to do commentary on ron klain's tweet and even hank thought it was a bad idea for the chief of staff to tweet. dagen: i just loved it. i didn't say anything when he wandered in the room. he clearly opened the door with his head and came in. looks like he was getting a toy maybe and trotted on back out. so god bless. >> at least he was quiet. dagen: god bless hank and a god bless all dogs and dog owners. because if you don't love dogs, something is really wrong with you. mick mulvaney, thanks so much. coming up, microsoft moving
7:43 am
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7:46 am
are swelling of the arms and legs and confusion. now this is something we want to see. don't wait. ask your healthcare provider about nuplazid. dagen: linkedin leaving
7:47 am
china, microsoft will shut down the social media platform there as the country expands its corporate crackdown. linkedin was the last major u.s. social media platform operating in the country. twitter and facebook had been blocked for more than a decade. tech analyst, pete pashal joins us now. pete, not a surprise. what do you make of this move? >> good morning. so this is -- you know, this is a movie we've seen before, as you noted facebook and twitter don't operate in china for similar reasons and a decade ago google was trying to establish its presence in china but because of certain censorship restrictions that the chinese government imposed on them, they really just couldn't make it work. now, the difference here is linkedin has been operating in china for a while, it's been there since 2014, before microsoft acquired them and has been operating decently since then. this is all part of the recent chinese crackdown on tech
7:48 am
companies and making sure they are serving the chinese government and not the other way around. so one, they're reasserting their dominance but also they're setting restrictions around data and wanting a company, a tech company that operates within china to make sure their data is accessible and basically can be given over to the chinese government at any time. it's really understandable that linkedin wasn't able to make that sort of arrangement work in addition to the censorship that they put on influencers and people speaking out on the network. dagen: it raises the entire issue of the cost of doing business with the communist party of china for americans and it means jeopardizing your relationship with american customers. it raises a whole host of -- >> there's a real reputational risk. dagen: exactly. bitcoin topping $60,000 overnight as the securities and exchange commission is poised to allow the first bitcoin futures etf as the ceo of coin base
7:49 am
writes an op-ed calling for a new approach to cryptocurrency regulation. this appeared this week in the wall street journal opinion pages. pete, your reaction to this? >> yeah, well, bitcoin etf in the u.s. has been in kind of an anticipated thing for a while and until recently is been wishful thinking. appears this time it might actually happen because it's kind of an etf-light apparently based on the futures market and not the actual bitcoin market, which might be enough to get it through. i understand that the s.e.c. and gary gensler have until basically midnight on monday, monday night, to nix it but indications sort of seem to show they're supportive. i think experts are saying there's about a 75% chance. so this will be a step. it's going to be a step in legitimacy of the space and the minds of a lot of investors and i think that one of the big issues with bitcoin and
7:50 am
generally investing is the steep learning curve that you kind of have to really understand what you're investing in and you kind of need to know more about wallets and block chains and all these kinds of things and when etf is a an easier way to ride the wave of interest, whether that's ultimately a good thing or a bad thing, kind of depends on your outlook on crypto generally, though. dagen: thank you so much. great to see you. always a pleasure. >> my pleasure. dagen: coming up, more dogs, this time a relateable pug, noodle, the dog's morning routine going viral on tiktok. it's making a buzz this morning. we'll show you more, next. ♪ you can go your own way. ♪ go your on way. ♪ you can call it another lonely day. ♪
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dagen: time for the morning buzz. seize the day or stay in bed. bones are no bones day will decide. 13-year-old pug noodle gets held up in bed each morning to see what kind of day it's going to be. if he flops over it's a no bones day which means extra hours in day. bones day is seize the day as maria would say. tiktokers following noodle are using this method to decide the fate of their own days. house your day, james, bones or no bones. james: until i realized that was video of noodle, i thought that was footage of me when the alarm went off this morning. fortunately, i've enjoyed all of the in-room coffee that the
7:55 am
hilton garden inn has to offer. now i'm ready to take on the day. [laughter] dagen: charlie dog actually does that. like when you try to pick him up in the morning, sometimes he just flops back over. sorry, i was off camera. but i was imitating charlie dog. i love that. that's pretty old for a little pug there. got to say. he's looking good, noodle. next up, pfizer, moderna or johnson & johnson, this year's hottest new halloween costume is a vaccine. the costume is a simple dress with a syringe coming out of your head, like a tiara for the modern era. i don't care what tony fauci things. does monica crowley approve of this costume? monica: it's not for me, dagen. i will not be going as a sexy vaccine this year. you know, halloween is the latest holiday to be really insulted -- assaulted by wokeism and political correctness. you can't go as a playboy bunny, you can't go as a naughty nurse
7:56 am
so i guess they thought this was the next best thing but i will not be going as a sexy vaccine, nor will i be going as dr. anthony fauci. dagen: no. god help us all. james, what are you dressing up as for halloween? [laughter] james: i'm willing to try the sexy vaccine costume. i need to go to the gym a few times before then. don't knock it. pretty soon we might all have to wear them to demonstrate we've been vaccinated to get into public buildings. dagen: rather than a patch on our phone, we have to wear a tiara with a syringe on the top of it. i wouldn't put it past the losers running new york city. that's for dog gone sure. still s ahead, everybody, getting back to the border, texas congressman chip roy is here ton the biden administration's new plan to go back to the trump era border policy of remain in mexico, all of this starts next hour on "mornings with maria" live on
7:57 am
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8:01 am
moment a better fir of inflation story demand, supplies with the september retail sales report plus import/export prices out bottom of the hour three major market gauges session highs yesterday boosted by big bank earnings a rally in the tech sector all those gauges up, more than 1 and a half%, european markets also in green, gains england, france, germany in friday in asia overnight, green across the board. >> "mornings with maria" live right now. . dagen: top stories this morning, former president bill clinton, is receiving treatment at a hospital in california for a non-covid related infection, bacterial infection not a viral one cheryl casone has more. cheryl: that is -- good morning again former president doctors say you in -- released statement president clinton to
8:02 am
uci irvine medical center midst for close monitoring administratived iv antibiotics and fluid after two days of treatment white blood cell count trending down responding to antibiotics antibiotics well we hope to have him go home soon sources telling fox news a urinary tract infection vepd into broader infection reportedly sepsis can be dangerous not the first health scare hart surgry in 2004 stents in have 2010, a booster shot, experts to vote on johnson & johnson vaccine yesterday fda panel approved moderna booster shots recommending half dose of vaccine for older at risk adults 65 and older immunosystem issues higher in premarket ticking higher up more than % right now.
8:03 am
well to border crisis, the biden administration set the readvice trump-era remain in mexico policy next month, after ordered to reinstate it by a federal judge, under policy migrants from congressional america parts of the world seeking asylum at u.s.-mexico border forced to stay in mexico until immigration court hearings happen in the united states. well, more than 10,000 john deere workers work walking off job union unable to reach a deal the first major strike of the company in 35 years. of this week inworkers rejected an officer, deere wants to talk but face-to-face bar gaining session not expected until next week bottom of the hour retail sales waiting on goldman sachs
8:04 am
earnings, goldman sachs could push that relief button, would really appreciate that. dagen: we will come back to you on that, and retail sales bottom of the hour americans facing a surge, in have prices from everywhere inflation fears growing amid worsening supply chain bottlenecks a better picture of issues talking about it september sales, for retail, out at the bottom of the hour. the expectation, there is for a thereon of 2/10 of a percent last month, month-over-month, after a gain of 7/10 of 1 percent in august joining me wells fargo investment institute president, darrell, and joining the conversation monica crowley james freeman what are you expecting in retail sales as consumers are facing what i describe as skyrocketing inflation. >> yeah, i think you are right, dagen good morning. retail sales headline number probably down 2/10, 3/30 you
8:05 am
got to pull covers back look underneath the fourth consecutive month in a row basically pre-pandemic lows for u.s. motor vehicle sales, obviously, because people can't get cars because of the supply chain shortages if you took morter vehicle sales out retail up 4/10 for the month stronger consumer spending than i think the headline will suggest, and, frankly, consumers in really great shape we saw in august, everybody expected retail sales to decline in august up 7/10 of a percent a lot of variability in numbers month over. dagen: because of transfer permanents the federal government has been funneling money, to americans juicing demand ignored supply-side of the equations if you look because, demand and inflation has been juiced
8:06 am
by the federal reserve and federal spending now you have a situation, where picking up so much regular wages aren't keeping up with nation, real wages actually hourly wages have fallen about 2%, since january. >> yeah. o -- ask excellent point we do expect incomes to come down i mean if you look at just the number transfer updates consumer incomes up 17% because of flow of cash not going to sustain obviously, next year so a little bit of a consumer income cliff that happens there. beyond that, though, it is driving higher inflation obviously, headline ppi, 5.4%, core -- 4. and so it is here to stay with us for sometime. i think the interesting thing is you know labor inflation is always a lagging indicator you see first in energy prices
8:07 am
food prices those types of things, i think the labor inflation is still right before us your point about john deere strike negotiating for higher wages have not seen labor strikes quite a while labor inflation i think story of the future not the preor the past. dagen: james freeman jump in here if you want to weigh in on the federal reserve and jay powell in a pickle, if you will with four-year term coming to an end in february, james? james: yeah speaking of the fed, a lot of us wondered why they hadn't-stopped creating money a while ago obviously, economy has been rebounding for over a year now we are sort of talking about the taper -- begins, and ends, what pace a lot of money has been created through this pandemic. >> huge amount of
8:08 am
money unprecedented, over used term. they are going to continue to push even if they stay to taper mans which is to start in november, december, about 15 billion a month, treasury, public records 4 to 500 billion dollars in liquidity in market that liquidity is here to stay will get spent it has it is inflationary issues, i think interesting thing with you look at bond market starting to price in this risk of -- of fed mistake on both sides, do they tighten too quickly the bond market could perceive as mistake do they say easy too long not tighten soon enough to stave off nation, so unique push and pull that is happening underneath the surface in capital markets, but i think is important to watch for investors. dagen: i made a prediction, not based on any reporting, just my own speculation that
8:09 am
if this white house increasingly needs a scapegoat jay powell will wind up gone somebody will take his place i know -- i know in the white house, there is always that pressure to kind of have your own person. running the fed. >> right. i think you are right here is what i would say about that the biggest hurdle for jay powell to get renominated whether president renominates him sounds self he-evident he will get appointed to second term if in fact biden chooses to nominate him the important thing to watch powell is vital there are so many open chairs now on the fomc have to be filled president biden will have an opportunity to nominate a bunch doubtful picking a lot of hawks especially especially into midterm election year next year as you think about make-up of the fed itself i think that is as important
8:10 am
when you know whether powell is renominated too second term or not. dagen: much more former walmart, bill simon weighs in on supply chain issues ahead of busy holiday shopping season, texas congressman responds to president trump's remain in mexico policy maniacally reinstated, new york wine and food festival hits supply issues, we are taking you there live later this hour. until wine you got to drink seltzer, joking, one millennial millaire when he thinks the bubble could burst. you are watching "mornings with maria" on fox business.
8:11 am
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twitter store shelves go bear hashtag empty tore shelves trending as the cries continues ahead of the headline season yet labor shortages backlogs, nation all expected to spill into next year. joining me now, former walmart u.s. president, ceo, kkr senior adviser bill simon you are saying you have never seen retails shelves this empty, what are thoughts on big picture here? >> morning, dagen no i have never seen it like this don't
8:15 am
think anybody in this country has when this is really unprecedented. the supply chain is mess from start to finish, backed up in ports in asia backed up on water backed up at ports in u.s., shortage of truck drivers schork of labor in distribution shortage of people to put on shelve, he other than that everything is going pretty well dagen: of all those problems, that you just listed what is the one that most easily would be fixed the administration moved to operate port of los angeles 24 hours a day seven days a week, clatter ships to make sure supplies get here, but broadly speaking what by one of those links is easiest fix? >> well the easiest will be more labor to get, a difficulty to aing thing in environment operate i go i
8:16 am
don't think this gets solved until we alleviate the labor shortage out there people driving trucks unloading at docks, stocking shelves, that is really what has to happen short of that has to be increase in supply hoping operating 4-7 will begin to alleviate some of that but increase in supply, reduction in demand happening in and of itself with price increases we have to reach some sort of equilibrium we haven't yet. dagen: what is the holiday going to look like bigger he retailers vast sources amount of money, to deal with it i mentioned chartering own ships but all of those small retailers nationwide who i worry about think about every day. in terms of the struggles they have been facing during the pandemic, and now this. of them where they are running
8:17 am
-- a woman at a big -- it is an individual retail store in new york, big operation. been in new york city a long time. when i started asking her about the inventory problem because store seems barren she burst into tears, said we don't the revenue coming in the door to order supplies and now there is this backlog and we're running down inventory, we have no revenue, and we can't even pay our rent. >> i do think you are right, you know. that is a great point, and a tragedy, because large retailers will find a way to survive, smaller retailers can't get product big retailers operating 26-7 sounds good sounds like taking action if not here yet it is admitted okay br if not here yet not getting to shelves by christmas time walmart costco target big retailers find a
8:18 am
way to get product through going to be difficult. >> whats does retail landscape looks like next year what can the administration do? what can federal reserve do to kind of right this imbalance where you had demand that was being juiceed they ignored supply-side for much last year and a half. >> given time i think the supply-side can catch up just that you know we are with stretched out across the globe with you know a lot of the hard goods manufactured outside u.s. and that will take time to catch up. but thank you know, the funding isn't stopping, from the government, we just saw largest social security increase in 30 years largest snap increase in i don't know ever i think so there is still this fundamental of funds coming through transfer payments if it is going to
8:19 am
keep demand consumer demand juiced into next year supply chain will struggle to keep up with that. dagen: i don't often do this but sandy one of our loyal viewers down in florida operates like a paneling store like ups fedex shipping center wanted to know we had truck drivers workers during heart of the pandemic. where did everybody go? >> their home, if you think about it, the -- the bottom quintile quartile transfer payments increased through supplemental unemployment child credits getting now, no reason for them to go out, it is they are making the well thought calculus it is better to stay out of the market right now than it is to get in, and until that ends, we
8:20 am
are going to have a labor shortage. dagen: bill simon so much to talk about thank you so much for being here have a great weekend. >> coming up the restaurant industry hit by rising prices worker shortages, our restaurateurs coping a live report next, amazon driver gets unexpected fright during delivery making the big buzz this morning. we are on it ahead. . ♪♪ ♪♪ that means i earn on my bug spray and my sunscreen. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow!
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dagen: time rebounding following pandemic but restaurants? getting left behind, diners facing disappointment as prices soar at favorite spots lydia hu live from the new york city wine and food festival with a whole lot more
8:24 am
good morning lidsia. >> good morning, dagen that is right returns after being completely virtual last year, 14th year expected to draw tens of thousands this weekend to see and meet hundreds favorite chefs restaurants experience culinary wonder at a time when restaurant industry continues long road to recovery, facing battle inflation supply chain bottleneck making food expensive prices continue to climb, yesterday, paranoia do aer price index showed jumped nearly 9% biggest increase over a decade the average prices for many restaurants spike vendors attending in business of summarizing restaurants with critical ingredients say they have no choice but to pass prices along. .
8:25 am
>> inflation is terrible right now, all we know that prices across the board have gone up, beef prices up 50 to 75% to 80, 90%. . >> we are at pier 76 event will kick off a otheringers say they hope this will aspire the restaurant community bring them together raise money for charitable good causes, tickets start 95 dollars and go up into range several hundred dollars for various type of foods throughout the weekend. dagen: thank you for reporting lydia hu on hudson river new york wine and food festival james my beef no pun intended about wine and food festivals been to one in miami big one you pay all this money then you go, and man, they are really slim on the wine pours.
8:26 am
you wait in line for a glass of wine it is like a sip, the little plates of food you really have to really have to embarrasses yourself to get full. >> i think we all deserve healthy pour now and, again, you know you are seeing the worker shortages supply shortages, we are seeing that cross the economy. let's -- let's hope we get despite that good retail sales number we have to remember it is not adjusted for inflation. is to, might be not quite as good as it looks . dagen: it is really -- there is a restaurant in mind neighborhood has a giant banner hanging outside the restaurant trying to hire people restaurant had to shut down during pandemic and only trying to get back on their neither now can't find enough people to come to work you often go in a restaurant in new york one waiter for the entire place bartendinging at
8:27 am
the same time something i also see happening james hit it retail sales import/export prices we bring you the numbers when they hit right after the . ♪♪ ♪ . hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy.
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>> welcome back i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is 8:30 on the nose friday october 15 we are standing by for september retail sales, plus import/export prices looking at the futures gains across the board after a big rally yesterday. cheryl casone is standing by waiting to report these numbers, the expectation is for a slight drop in retail sales. cheryl: this is interesting, okay. so first off i want to give with you headline number, for retail sales looks like we are
8:31 am
seeing, a jump of .7% a jump for september.7% looking for decline negative .2% ought a gain.8% for if you strip out ought stronger than expected could have seen it go the other way to be trank with inflationary pressures now to importer prices we were looking for jump .6% came in a gain of .7%, import exexport prices jump .1%, the new york factory numbers coming in, looks like supply chain shortages were affecting that as well crossing, goldman sachs numbers while i am here going to you a headlines quick
8:32 am
activity a bit of easing on that, stars goldman sachs numbers. >> was a a large beat they came in 1493 a share on earnings, the estimate only 10, 11, revenue 13.61 billion looking for 11.67 billion on that again, a lot of different retail numbers crossing but, again, i think the headline here that really we should focus on, is that real sales number a gain .7% instead loss of .2% month-over-month stripping out ought gain .8% over a half percent if you will, a lot of stuff quick let me give you year-over-year on retail this is the inflation story, this is what the market has been reacting to sensitive to, don't have year-over-year number apologies, new york -- 13.9 things guys 13.9 year-over-year number, and that is a little bit weaker than we saw last month 15.1% to upside, again, still a big
8:33 am
-- hit here year-over-year, then new york manufacturing number again i said came in 27, excuse me came in 19.8 looking for 27. a little bit of pressure on new york administering number of as well all is inflation, all of this obviously, trickles down to the consumer and about the consumer what the markets are focused on i think i got it all in i will send it back to you. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl james reaction big picture number was up instead of down month-over-month. and looks like ought drag exception. james: big beat on sales a healthy flush american consumer i would say no need of another multitrillion-dollar intervention from washington i think you could ask did we need to spend two trillion in that march rescue package? again, these numbers are not adjusted for inflation but
8:34 am
really big gains over last year, and -- and consumer that still has a o lot of money to spend so maybe not as incentivized as we might hope to get back in workforce. dagen: it was march two trillion-dollar spending package extended instillment benefits juiced demand, hurt supply labor the situation in right now, retail sales year over up almost 14%, incredible, a sign government fed need to get out of the way and stop pumping money into this economy, james thanks for that now to crisis at the border biden administration to revive trump-era remain in mexico policy next month after it was ordered to reinstate it, by the courts, under president biden00 of thousands migrants flooded southern
8:35 am
border every month, joining me now texas congressman, great to see you what do you make of this move by biden administration. >> good morning dagen first of all completely -- stop -- running money into system, the texas situation is this federal judge -- has said government needs to do job follow the law -- follow the -- protocols, the administration, is actually looking at -- occurred on trying to the program following procedures they failed to follow to start with, meanwhile, they are putting out news that well we're doing what judge said so going to do the -- protocol. but they are really not they are trying to you slow walk it until they find a way to kilt. meanwhile, as i sit here in
8:36 am
austin, texas, going to get sold trafficking trade today someone is going to die opioid poisonings from eventful because the pounds a week in last year extraordinary number, we are having ranchers lose livestock, and this administration doesn'tcare that your sale numbers are in a dive, die from fentanyl continue care what this means to people of texas i am glad governor abbott is pushing back. dagen: i repeat myself this administration laid foundation that allows profiting, suffering, human suffering misery people are allowed to profit whether fentanyl trafficking human trafficking
8:37 am
misery suffering of the innocent monica is here jump in. monica: congressman great to see you i would love for you to address the national security aspect of this wide-open border, 1.2 million people have come in since president biden has been in office starting in january. but we also know that there are people streaming across the border from very dangerous parts of the world, when you couple that with the collapse of afghanistan into hands of the taliban isis al-qaeda china can you talk what you are hearing and seeing in texas about national security threat streaming cross our border. >> great to hear from you -- you know, look the american people just don't know what is actually happening. whether it is what i said before about people dying from fentanyl or girls sold into seraff tic t m
8:38 am
ineschininonalizeal d,std, mcallen monce c ab souevt weha wvehaveha tatepors spopoerrorierster lepeop c cen oth oer un aroun a a a w kneeywey andts o aistrinind c aarut evprtingtifrom hearieari t eaks from peoppepepee t t t t s pe ecabeca theyhehew the administration knows that their policies are purposes full, people off united states they can go out, these are more danger than people -- 98 dead bodies in texas, democrat party risking us and migrants.
8:39 am
>> navy is preparing the discharge sailors who refuse to follow covid vaccine mandate they have till november 14 reserve it's have december 14 those to refuse could lose veterans' benefits. thoughts? >> absolutely he absurds discharging at all we know, that natural immunity, greater protection -- vaccines, enforcing onlyh forcing people 8 months data to get a vaccine against personal conscience i think unconstitutional, the members of military to get a vaccine this is not one of the situations this is not going to preserve military
8:40 am
readiness, and i stand behind those members i think i heard -- catholic archbishop said no, that is violating personal conscience, protect liberties. >> and do right thing stand up for freedom of this country. dagen: you have brooklyn -- not, kylie irving is also -- he is also standing up for people's choice to take it i just ask the question, almost 80% of adults, those 18 years of age or over, who have gotten one jab 80% have gotten one vaccine shot so why is the mandate necessary? when clearly some of those who don't want to take vaccine have natural immunity. >> i don't know kylie's
8:41 am
political persuasion, but -- that issue, over the years -- look, i think what we've got here a power grab that is what this is, you just -- thank you most americans don't -- 80% had one shot but the numbers going way up numbers people now people vaccinated, increased hospitalizations data, now united states -- the fact is you should give people choice, health care freedom allow them to make the choices -- getting people vaccinated mandate thing one way to go a lot of americans saying if hell with you i am not getting the vaccine, we should -- provide information give choices, what the truth is why blocking -- monoclonal treatment because --
8:42 am
>> we have fewer in month to go because -- >> congressman that bears investigation, what is going on with federal directors of volunteers antibody treatments there have been reports eric ericsson, said something about running out of antibody treatments in georgia in atlanta, because teller distributing them to red states again become political i want to correct myself, so kylie irving plays for brooklyn nets did disclose his vaccination statistic us he is unvaccinated begins covid-19 but very upset like many not given a choice about taking it congressman, thank you so much great to see you, sir. >> thanks god bless. >> you bless you as well please your whole family bless the state of texas, coming up the state of housing market we
8:43 am
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you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit . dagen: here on "mornings with maria" highlighting millennial millionaires our guest tv gig real estate savvy to chief statistic us on million i know dollar listing new york version founder ceo of brokerage autonomous, ryan, i
8:47 am
talked about new york not coming back, and i was dead wrong. what is going on with the apartment sales astonishing not just sales gains but price against. >> in incredibly active year probably one of the busiest years of entire career not just due to this covid awakening, last quarter alone we saw more contracts signed alone a number we look at in our business not just clothing or -- 4700 closings last quarter 3700 contracts signed, one of the biggest quarters we have ever had in new york city history, 87 for over 10 million dollars. so a very active year buyers coming back to new york city people coming to new york that never thought they would move here think a good time to be here really great.
8:48 am
dagen: i witness that had people moving into my building from san francisco, portland, seattle, moving from the west coast. thinking that this is a good time to kind of -- seize the moment live in new york the market you operate in, do they -- florida and california are they as hot as new york. >> a couple months ago we sold most responsive home sold if state of florida history under 140 million dollars, have done more signature sale operative client division at company 10 million plus in south florida than i have in entire career combined. you see people moving into real estate hedge against inflation, means towards a work space, people look to work from anywhere in the world, they don't have to do it from one specific spot because there is a lot you can do through skype, zoom why not
8:49 am
take that new york city tax money by a beach house, the operation focused on florida and new york city hamptons, other luxury locations. >> took guts to start your own autonomous retail brokerage when you did in the middle of the pandemic. >> it was. it was. everyone said not to do it, every single person told me not to do-million-dollar listing on bravo in 2010 i figured more people know what i did the better 8 billion people on planet life incredibly short let's do it last year every won furloughing laying low i saw that as unique opportunity with a whole world going to to go on pause i said going to write second book did that, too let me start gatest real estate firm in the history of universe what we
8:50 am
did. >> you like meeting you in person you are always selling you treat everybody like a potential client. and so it doesn't matter what you are on a tv show that other people who were not on your version of the show but i met people on the one in los angeles, and they are not nice people. they are arrogant. and like, at the end of the day you are a real estate agent. like, you need to be selling property because you are only on this show like for a short period of time every year certainly isn't paying the bills, so, you need to treat everybody like don't judge me because i am wearing running shorts a he rangers t-shirt i am i a client don't look down your nose at me that is something you do not do because i met you before. >> -- my personal life motto is working incredibly hard be nice to people, because like i said life is short what comes around goes around but as a company want to create
8:51 am
collaborate, inspire others and there is enough mean people out there i think we can build something really, really big, i also think very good people we are we are now we did, 900 million first year we will be 1.3 billion in contracts in first 12 months -- great. dagen: ip not going to tell you who that person was but i will let you guess thank you for wearing pink for breast cancer awareness, always, we'll be right back. . that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty. and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping.
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xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that?
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dagen: morning moefrs virgin galactic plummeting until fourth quarter next year previous expectation third quarter 2020. goldman sachs shares, adding
8:55 am
to the gains after he better better earnings big banks getting a boost from dealmaking third quarter on track to add 60 points to the dow at the open, coming up early halloween fright what causes amazon deliver driver to run away the big buzz next. . ♪ waiting for the break of day living for the things to say ♪♪ ♪ nothing like those skies ♪♪ . ..
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. dagen: and amazon delivery driver in for a spooky surprise during one of his deliveries. he knows he is going viral on
8:59 am
social media. what do you think? >> we have been underachieving, we don't have any halloween stuff in the yard. if anyone wants to deliver a package to our house you won't experience any terror. dagen: you are working from home, you could hide in the bushes when someone is coming and jump out and scare him. monica. >> reporter: i to know if the person got their stuff. did he leave it by the door or flee with the package. if i order from amazon i want my stuff. you would think delivery drivers with no halloween will get some surprises on those doorstep so be prepared.
9:00 am
dagen: kennedy and i are going to see silence of the lambs on the big screen sunday night, one of my favorite movies of all time. i believe you with that. thanks for being here. "varney and company" starts right now. it is all yours. stuart: you gave me an extra three or four seconds. good morning, everyone. is that it? another dip has come and gone and the rally we saw yesterday and again today is driven by strong corporate profits and the gradual retreat of the delta virus. half an hour from now the market opens, the spectacular gains. the dow looked like it is in for another 200 point gain and getting big benefit from a


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