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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 18, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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where people pull back. they might still be using the funds they saved during the pandemic. there is more cash on the sidelines but at these higher prices and supply chain problems drag on, it will be tiresome, prohibitive, i wish there was a solution but there isn't. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" is now. ♪. liz: more reaction tonight on the passing of former secretary of state colin powell from covid complications. powell was battling myeloma cancer and parkinson's disease. that story and this, white house messaging again falls down the stairs. more how we went from pandemic shutdowns to supply change shortages, inflation, now truckers, truckers are blaming california for over the top hyperregulation for the crisis. joining us tonight, colonel robert wilkie, congressman greg
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murphy and michael mccaul, former federal prosecutor jim trusty, florida attorney general ashley moody, former dhs official mike howell and professional truck driver steve fields. we have jam-packed hour. pete buttigieg is called out for trying to topspin the crisis as success. he warns problems will linger into next year. critics with the bad messaging, sounding more and more like the white house messaging shop is underwater. they're deep see diving with a raincoat. they claim they inherited crises from trump. they are out of the office a lot or on leave or vacation. make-or-break time for president biden's big tax-and-spend agenda in the next two weeks. it is now on the verge of falling apart. this could cost democrats control of congress.
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why activists are bringing their portland style antifa protests to washington, trying to bully their way inside of d.c. buildings to occupy them. now that approach is helping to cause another parabolic move to the downside in the president's approval ratings. white house press secretary jen psaki is getting called out for downplaying the president and the first lady violating d.c. mask mandates that they want for everyone else, for two-year-olds, for people kicked off of airplanes. we also have this. british spy, he is christopher steele. he is now trying to claim the main part of his anti-trump dossier that helped ignite the trump-russia probe was true when steele's own sources already debunked it as false. plus, we have republican senator marco rubio, he is saying to the white house, you got to fire climate czar john kerry. he has got conflicts of interest, the senator says. kerry has big investments in china and the border crisis
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growing more dangerous. criminal cartels increasingly shooting across the border at officials in the u.s. as thousands of migrants are now approaching. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. liz: thanks for joining us. you're watching "the evening edit." colin powell, he is the first black u.s. secretary of state. his leadership helped shape foreign policy in the last years of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st. he has passed away from complications from covid-19. he was battling cancer and also parkinson's disease. he was 84. he was fully vaccinated. joining us now former
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undersecretary of defense, he is colonel robert wilkie and north carolina congressman, he is greg murphy. first, colonel wilkie, your reaction? >> it's a sad day. it's a sad day for families like mine who represent those who fought in vietnam. i think general powell's greatest contribution to america was to restore in the minds of the american people the primacy of the affection they once had for the united states military t was at a low point after vietnam and he became the face of the restoration of the military and for that he is owed, he is owed thanks that we can never repay. liz: congressman, your reaction? >> it's a sad day i agree with the colonel. it is a sad day because general powell exhibited integrity. he exhibited honesty. he exhibited professionalism, in his role as joint chiefs of staff. he served under four presidents and a model of efficiency and model for presidents and not turned at that point in time the political office the joint chiefs of staff is presently.
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our country will miss his kind and it's a very sad day. liz: he is a statesman and we lost a powerful voice in washington. we have to move on to this story, separate from that, colonel the president was caught violating d.c. mask mandates at a georgetown restaurant of the first lady also was caught without a mask. the white house press secretary jen psaki trying to downplay it today. your reaction to this sorry? we have embeing taken out of airplanes. we have two-year-olds being forced to wear masks. this is not a good look, critics are saying? >> no, it is another failure of the white house in terms of getting its message out but remember these are folks who believe that the rules are for you and not for them. after after months and months in the campaign downplaying efficacy of the vaccine and vice president-elect, president-elect never take a vaccine pushed by trump. now they're wondering why there
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is so much confusion and so much dissent in the united states after they attacked what really is one of the most successful stories in the history moved earn medicine. so you shouldn't be surprised. they don't follow the rules they want the rest of us to follow. you see that made manifest what they do every day. liz: we saw the mayor of chicago, lori lightfoot slammed after she shared a photo she was breaking her own covid rules, going maskless at a crowded basketball game not wearing a mask. we have cops, we have this story, cops are threatening to quit nationwide because of mandates. today is the deadline for seattle police officers to comply with the vaccine mandate over there. veteran washington state trooper, he quit in a fiery sign-off. congressman like your reaction to this. watch. >> this is my final sign-off after 22 years of serving the citizens of the state of washington being asked to leave because i am dirty.
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numerous fatalities, injuries, i have worked sick, i played sick. there are lots of friends over these years. like to thank you guys. like to thank the citizens of yakima county as well as my fellow officers within the valley. without you guys i wouldn't have been very successful and you kept me safe and got me home to my family every night. thank you for that. wish i could say more but, this is it. so 1034 this is the last time you hear me in a state patrol car. and jay inslee can kiss my [bleep] liz: congressman, what do you say to that? >> liz, it is so disheartening. a year ago we talked about our meros, our first-responders, our doctors, nurses, those who came in the midst of a horrible pandemic, literally put their lives at risk to save us. now with the defund police movement, now with this other movement, that is being put out with a shotgun fashion, it is
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very disheartening. it just shows the liberals don't understand the situation. i would understand sometimes the hospital mandate. i'm against mandates because i'm a physician. i think those decisions as with any medicine or any treatment need to be made between a doctor and a patient, not between a government and a citizen. but here we are, we're cutting our own throats to spite ourselves, our own noses to spite ourselves. in the midst of a crime spree of epic proportions caused by the liberal defund the police movement. it its heartbreaking. it is heartbreaking seeing this and soldiers leave who devoted lives to the service of their country and service to the community because of mandates really, truly, in my million opinion will not move the needle in this pandemic. it is tragic. it shows a total lack of understanding what is going on, just a matter they want control. tragic. liz: you're also a doctor as well. colonel, we have had a unprecedented $9 trillion so far in fiscal and monetary stimulus
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yet we have more than three million less people working, or seeking work versus before the pandemic. more than 10 million jobs still empty, including 1 1/2 million in the health care and social services field. record high, 4.3 million quit their jobs last month. and "the washington post" is reporting vaccine mandates separate from cops, causing hospital workers quit. hospitals lost 165,000 jobs last year when the pandemic took off. your reaction to all of that? >> the reaction you shouldn't be surprised by what is coming from this administration and let me take a step back as a former member of the cabinet of the president of the united states as the secretary of va. in the next few hours, liz, 13 members of the cabinet are going to europe to break bread with greta thornburg, including the secretary of transportation who doesn't have a clue as to what's going on in our ports in the west coast and the gulf coast. that is what this is about.
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it is about appearances. it is about feelings. it is about a total lack of understanding as to what makes this country work. you mentioned the number of people who are not looking for work, who are out of work, they're being paid not to do that and that is the great tragedy. one last thing. we are experiencing this because this president, his first week decided he would destroy american energy independence and he wonders why energy prices have soared. he doesn't understand the cascading effect of that. yet he is asking opec to produce more oil. liz: congressman, we ran out of time. we'll have you back on, congressman murphy. good to see you. colonel robert wilkie, thank you for your service to our country. congressman greg murphy. great to have you on. come back soon, both of you. still to come this hour the border crisis growing more and more dangerous. cartels shooting at u.s. fishes from across the border as thousands of migrants approach. up next congressman michael
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mccaul, president biden is in the danger zone. the next two weeks are make-or-break time for his big tax-and-spend agenda. it is now on the verge of falling apart. we have now activists bringing their portland-style antifa protests to d.c., to bully lawmakers, to try to occupy federal buildings. all of this helping to cause another parabolic move to the downside of the president's approval ratings. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. stay right there. oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new projects means new project managers.
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liz: the president is entering a crucial two weeks for his agenda. his job approval ratings took another hit, a new low of 36% for the first nine months of his presidency according to a new "zogby poll." let's get to david spunt in washington with more. david. reporter: another week of back and forth between the president and members of congress. the original price tag for the president's social spending plan, $3.5 trillion. but the president himself just a few days ago said it won't be
6:16 pm
that number. >> it's clear that it is not going to be $3.5 trillion. so the question is how much of what is important. reporter: independent vermont senator bernie sanders out with an op-ed in a west virginia newspaper making a plea to coal country about the climate. the state's senior senator joe manchin in no mood fired back, writing in part, this isn't the first time an out-of-stater trying to tell west virginians what is best for them with no relationship to our state. i will vote for no expansion of government programs. no manchin, no climate priorities. tying the logjam to the president's social spending bill. surrogates, the cabinet secretary say the backup of america's ports and truck driver shortage can be fixed with build back better. >> there is 17 billion-dollar for the president's infrastructure plan for ports
6:17 pm
alone. >> this is about democrats wanting to continue to provide benefits we can't afford. reporter: president meets with members of congress at the white house tomorrow but if he loses joe manchin his agenda is in trouble. liz: david, spunt, thank you. activists are bringing portland style protests to washington. they pushed into police. they tried to force their way into the department of interior this weekend to occupy it. that was the attempt. you're seeing footage right there on camera right now. it also happened throughout the weekend. joining us michael mccaul, house foreign affairs ranking member and good to see you. activists doing that, leaking to the media cameras ahead of time preplanned walkout with homeland security as well. activists are stepping up. what do you say to this? >> i think the democrats are in
6:18 pm
disarray. they're divided. i never seen them this divided before. the progressives and moderates can't seem to agree on anything which is why pelosi couldn't pass anything when we were last up there. she added a two-month extension on the debt limit. and now, they say they're going to institute migrant protection protocol. i will see believe that when i see it. contrary they will pretend to comply with the court order, then give a memo why they're going to terminate it. but they are being, you know, you know, very tiff vieded party right now and that would be great for the country. if this entire 3.5 trillion package, massive tax-and-spending, in inflationary economy, liz, and it is hurting you know, jobs and the economy. gas prices going up. shutting down my state's you know -- liz: we hear you. we also don't want --
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>> shut down our energy. liz: we don't want to see this activist behavior in washington we saw in seattle and portland. antifa mob violence, 575 riots, 2 billion in destruction. 25 dead from the riots. 2,000 police officers injured. to your point "the hill" magazine is also reporting growing pessimism among the democrat party. they will lose congress next year. 10 democrats, 10 are set to leave the house, either retiring or running for other office. democrats have only net three vote margin of control. so you know you see the activists stepping up here, right? that is what is at stake. joe manchin, he is pushing back hard. he is saying things like that child tax credit, you have to cap it at $60,000 in income for the households. you have to have a back to work strategy on that. your take on that? >> the reason why we have a, an employment issue, if you pay
6:20 pm
people not to work they're not going to come work. then they want the benefits they got from the government when they come back, that is why you got these cargo ships off the coast of l.a. and on the east coast, can't even, the supply chain stuff, we can't even get it into the country. i think joe manchin is probably now the most powerful senator in the united states. he holds the key to all of this. he is certainly more rational. antifa storming the capitol concerns me. you know what? if they, you know, nobody was prosecuted last summer when antifa she destroyed everything, burnt down things and all the violence. if they come to to the capitol o the same thing they deserve to be prosecuted. liz: we hear you. it would be hypocrisy if they were not, right? they tried to bully their way into federal buildings to occupy them. started late last week and through the weekend. we have that kind of bully, people are saying the president,
6:21 pm
democrats still want the irs to go snooping into people's bank accounts with as little as $600 in transactions. you don't become a mill that are or billionaire with $600 in transactions. >> liz, you named probably the key -- there are so many biden blunders, i could talk for an hour about it but you're talking about something that alone will get us the majority in the congress back. when the american people realize we're going to have an irs spy agency snooping on any transaction you make over $600 and hire 85,000 irs agents, this is politically, it will blow back on them. you're right. it is a razor thin majority. i think we're poised for takeover of congress. liz: it is astounding because they came in full force, the democrats in january and thought they had a mandate to overhaul the entire u.s. economy when
6:22 pm
they only basically won power with 13,500 votes. that is how much senator david perdue lost by out of georgia, the republican there. final word. >> it was hardly, hardly a mandate. you know what? we won every incumbent race in congress in the house. that was not a mandate. liz: got it. congressman mike mccaul, you're terrific. come back on. >> thank you, liz. liz: we're going to come into the bottom of the hour in just a few minutes. still to come british spy christopher steele claiming parts of his anti-trump dossier used to trigger the trump rush russia probe claiming parts of it is true when steele's own sources claim it was false. republican senators demanding the white house stop stalling declassification of the trump russia documents.
6:23 pm
the public has the right to know. a professional truck driver saying white house is pushing another false narrative that the supply chain crisis is success. they are saying silent on truck driver shortages. truckers blame california for hyperregulation making all of this much, much worse. the story next.
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♪. liz: joining us now, professional truck driver, steve fields. steve, how much is california's hyperregulation and other states hyperregulation affecting the supply chain crisis? we're looking at california hyper regulating diesel trucks. they're outlawing diesel trucks in the next few years. they already took out of service $20 billion worth of diesel trucks. now they want to wipe out trucker, owner-operator and contract drivers. they want to knock them out of the state of california too. the ports there are the second most active, second largest in the country. how does california type of regulation hitting you guys? >> that is a slippery slope because in order for the products to get to the ultimate destination we have to have trucks. we have to get to the ports. we have to get to the rails. all that stuff is very important. i understand the blockage in the ports but ultimately it is going to take a truck to get it there where it needs to be and that is to the american people.
6:29 pm
liz: so we've got, we've got christmas presents in jeopardy. by thanksgiving you could see store shelves empty. and we've got california governor newsom and democrats doing hyperregulation. we're short 68,000 truck drivers in the next few years. that number we could have a shortage of 100,000. is the dirty little secret to the supply chain chaos crisis, overregulation and existence from governors like gavin newsom? >> i know back in the pandemic people, people always understood that the trucking industry drives this country. the pandemic shown a spotlight on that and people realized how important trucking is to this country. you know, we need to keep our shelves stocked and we need trucks to do that. so you know, they need to make the laws to determine that and let us go trucking. >> you know, to your point other truckers have pointed out to us what we reported last week, it
6:30 pm
is a triple whammy. prolonged shutdowns broke the supply chains for truckers. the truckers had a hard time eateries and bathrooms on the road. got paid more by the government to stay home than work. you have that, but you have the white house, the president saying is listen, truck drivers, everybody, you guys, the private sector you have to step up. you have to work longer hours to fix this crisis, what do you say to that? >> yes. you know the production is down in a lot of factories from the automotive industry to whatever you want to talk about, it is down. they're cutting shifts. instead of three shifts they're running two shifts w that production down, we don't have the stuff to haul. so and, you know, like i said back in the shortage with the paper and all of that stuff, people realized how truckers stepped up and got the job done.
6:31 pm
we just need the product to put on the trucks just like out of the ports so. liz: if the distribution centers and warehouses are not open 24/7, how can you expect the truckers to work longer hours? i'm not seeing anything in the infrastructure bill for you guys. pete buttigieg just said 17 billion for infrastructure spending to upgrade u.s. ports. that is only 3% of the overall 550 billion bucks. 3% when they're spending more on electric cars or government workers and for post office workers. listen to the sound bite that a treasury official, his name is walter adaymo, basically saying the fix for the crisis get everybody vaccinated including truck drivers. watch this. >> today we face an economy in transition, as part of that transition we're seeing high prices for some things people have to buy. the only way we get to a place to work through the transition, everyone in america and everyone around the world gets vaccinated. liz: what do you say, sir? >> you know the truck driver, my
6:32 pm
daily routine, i come across very few people, i wipe my truck down before i get in it in the morning and drive. i take my -- stay away from people, go back out in my truck and eat. when i get to my destination i see one dispatcher. we stay several feet away. so, actually i'm around very, very few people. so i think it is kind of a personal issue myself but to each its own. i don't see any way of mandating that the truck driver to get the shot, vaccination. liz: we hear you. steve fields, you're terrific. we'll stay on the story. we've been tracking it for some time as this is the backstory to the supply chain crisis, it is truck drivers like you bringing truth to the story. steve fields. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. still to come later in the show we have gop senator marco rubio
6:33 pm
he is saying listen, white house, you have to fire the climate czar. john kerry has conflicts of interests involving his personal investments in china. we have former federal prosecutor jim trusty. christopher steele is going public. saying parts of his anti-trump dossier that triggered the trump-russia probe is true. they were already debunked by steele's own sources as false. the story next.
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♪. liz: book with us now, former federal prosecutor jim trusty. jim, we have british spy christopher steele, he is telling abc's george stephanopoulos that his anti-trump dossier which was used to launch the trump-russia probe was most likely not quote, not accurate, not 100% accurate but then he is doubling down saying there could still be a video of trump in a moskow hotel
6:38 pm
with prostitutes that probably exists? his own sources debunked it to the justice department inspector general as made up, just talk in a bar over beers, speculation. does this tell you how shaky, how shaky trump russia was to begin with? >> oh, it is certainly highlight. it underscores how ridiculous a figure george steele is. this is not james bond. he is a political hack, a partisan who was fired as an informant for going to the media to peddle his story. everything about him reeks of non-credibility. shouldn't be surprised with a soft interview with stephanopoulous. even bruce ohr went to the fbi, this guy steele hates donald trump. you might want to take a grain of salt with everything out of his mouth. he is a pretty known quantity at this point when it comes to
6:39 pm
dishonesty, at least exaggeration. liz: now you have top republican senators chuck grassley, ron johnson, saying why is the white house stonewalling, covering up declassified documents that trump ordered? where is the attorney general merrick garland on that. could this be a political embarassment of the trump-russia probe that was botched? they are demanding why is the justice department not released in anything so-called binder of "crossfire hurricane" documents forker dni ratcliff turned over more than 1000 pages of government documents to john durham for his special counsel probe. he is saying more charges could come out of what he has seen. what do you say to that? >> i'm really concerned that they're holding this binder hostage to try to outlast john durham's investigation. really the dirty little secret here is in the details. you know, when you have a declassification situation, the agency, in this case the fbi,
6:40 pm
gets to scrub through, what stuff can we not live with going public? that is next in doj hands. the fbi finished their scrub nine months ago. they are london approving what can come out with the binder. doj is exercising a pocket veto. they're slow walking this for political purposes. this is beyond slow bureaucracy. there is something going on that needs a hard look. liz: could it show that president obama ordered the fbi to look into trump russia? declassified documents out of former dni ratcliff when he was in office, showed handwritten notes from cia director john brennan, debriefing president obama in 2016 saying that russian intelligence indicates that hillary clinton was using information about the trump-russia collusion story in order to distract from her e-mail controversy and then within weeks the trump-russia probe was launched. this is the fake alfa bank,
6:41 pm
russia bank talking to trump's organization computers when the fbi said that was just hotel marketing spam. so could it be, could it lead way to the top? is that what they're covering up? >> well it is hard to know. i don't want to speculate too much. it is certainly of interest to know what a president said or didn't say when it comes to investigating someone running for president. the overall sensitivity from the situation. the bottom line, shadows of all this, jim comey, andy mccabe's fbi is it becoming a politicized weapon for one party. their willingness to accept bogus information to launch probes for political damage -- liz: can they just launch probes on their own? could they have launched probes on their own or they need the president saying yes do it? >> they would need, for something that sensitive they would need someone up the chain. not necessarily the president but someone would have to be in the know early on. liz: jim trusty, good to see you. come back soon. >> all right. liz: still to come this hour,
6:42 pm
the border crisis is getting more and more dangerous. criminal cartels increasingly shooting at u.s. officials from across the border as tens of thousands of migrants approach. we'll break down that story. florida attorney general ashley moody. gop senator marco rubio says the white house should fire climate czar john kerry over conflicts of interest involving john kerry's invests in china. we have got the story next.
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an official message from medicare. did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums and lower prescription costs. that'll save you money. so uh, mark? on now. open enrollment ends december 7th use the plan finder at to compare medicare health and prescription plans. comparing plans really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services ♪. liz: let's welcome back to the show florida attorney general ashley moody is with us. it is good to see you. okay, we have florida senator marco rubio, saying listen, mr. president, you have to fire climate envoy john kerry. john kerry owns a stake worth at least a million dollars in a chinese investment group that is a top shareholder after chinese tech company blacklisted by the trump white house for basically
6:47 pm
selling surveillance software to do facial recognition software on minority groups in order to oppress them. what do you say to this story? >> well the main point here, it is an interest and a stake in a company that has profited from what is claimed to be forced labor and you know, this is senator rubio who has repeatedly tried to bring attention to this practice by the chinese government. he is repeatedly tried to pass a forced labor act to protect the uyghur people. he was confused why is kerry pushing back against this legislation? why is he standing in the way? in fact he would say things like china ace's government doesn't want to help us because we're shining a light on inhumane practices and they can't do that, if they're selling solar panels why would they help us against climate?
6:48 pm
rubio is calling this out. president biden you cannot remain silent. this is egregious, you can't have the quote, unquote climate czar out there making excuses for the chinese government and their forced labor practices. as a country we have to be pushing back on that. our leaders have to be pushing back on that and to say we're going to put virtue signaling, extremist policy ahead of right and just and humane policy is, is out of control and we cannot accept that by our leaders. liz: let's show what senator rubio wrote. he is saying the president has a choice, stand by the man profiting from slave labor. the president's son, hunter biden, still own as 10% stake in a chinese investment firm invested in facial recognition software used to oppress minorities including the muslim uyghurs. climate envoy john kerry already faced scrutiny from gop lawmakers. they say he repeatedly
6:49 pm
downplaying china's oppression, imprisonment, forced labor of the uyghurs. john kerry, basically they're saying prioritizes climate change issues over human rights while middle easting with meeting with chinese officials. he told "bloomberg news" that life is always full of tough choices. what do you say to that? >> again we expect the leaders of the united states of america to stand up for human rights. i have been plus straighted at the attorney general in florida challenging biden administration bring comprehensive patrol policy in the border. stop aiding and abetting human traffickers, and forced labor. that same frustration is what senator rubio is feeling right now. repeatedly he tried to push policy to protect the uyghur people and when you have got a climate czar, kerry and now biden by his acquiescence, no, we don't want to offend the chinese government.
6:50 pm
we'll not call out this oppressive regime and practices, you know, number one, they're doing it to virtue signal. maybe because they're trying to protect profit to line their own pockets. liz: sure puts them in a tough spot. we don't know either way what the backstory there is there, but there is silence on this, right? the messaging is pretty poor critics have said. attorney general ashley moody. thanks for joining us, good to see you. up next former top dhs security official mike howell joins us. the border is growing more and more dangerous. cartels are increasingly shooting at officials from across the border as thousands of migrants approach. the story is next.
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okay, tens of thousands of migrant we got this health lee shooting from across the border at u.s. officials. here's the story from the border in texas. reporter: violent gangs and cartel on the mexican side of the border is nothing new. the new department is something fire is coming across the river at u.s. positions. our cameras capturing gunfire around it. gains and cartel fire at each other but the texas department
6:55 pm
of public safety confirms as recently as saturday night someone from the mexican side took shots at u.s. positions. lieutenant governor of texas lames the biden administration. >> now we are actually seeing the cartel so embolden because biden is doing nothing to flash the guns on the other side over us and i've said this from day one the biden a ministration is going to lead to someone getting killed on the border. >> the flow of migrants is constant. fourth migrant try to slip into the u.s. undetected border patrol flushed them out in front of the up using helicopters and mountain bikes. usually what you see are migrants who seek out i spoke for production and turn themselves in with the hope of staying. that's what we saw saturday night when two groups totaling about 80 people, came across and submitted to authorities if the biden a ministration is taking heat from the left as well as right for failing to do away with policies, one that allows
6:56 pm
the government to send people back to their home country fighting health reasons. another forcing the migrants to stay in mexico while the case is being processed. liz: thanks for your journalism in there. bring a snack from a oversight council with the heritage foundation senior advisor, the story mike tobin brought to us, fair shooting across the border at u.s. officials. are they trying to clear out that area in order to have human traffickers bring coyotes with drugs through the area of the border, could not be what's going on? >> i think it's a clear indication of a couple things. they are making tens of noise of dollars every week off human trafficking in areas the cartel troll and they don't want that. two, they are not afraid. the biden administration is serious about doing anything to stop that self-care continuing to exercise control on impeded,
6:57 pm
it's astonishing it's happening, the only supply chain biden hasn't managed to screw up our illegal aliens crossing the border and this is what we are seeing my how aggressive the cartel are. liz: quicker a flow of tens of thousands coming in, are the cartel now shooting to protect the flow of tens of thousands coming to the border? >> sit on the national guard there in their way, they are basically keeping those lanes from interference from any sort of law enforcement. they are unafraid of the united states and what we can do. they know biden is not going to allow for any actions to go stop them and they certainly know is not going to use for patrol to secure the border and stop airlines for making millions so absolutely there unafraid to maintain control. these cartel are rich, they pay tons of money and military grade equipment and it's getting worse and confrontation should be more
6:58 pm
concerned about their readiness. liz: critics say week policy creates problems. the biden white house is a federal judge saying you got to reinstate trumps remain in mexico policy, they did oppose that and now they say the timeline for this for resuming hinges on mexico's cooperation to accept the return of migrant to its country cap mexico may not help out there. there have been more than 1 million apprehensions at the border, 34th of these involve repeat offenders. that's 34% in prior years it was just 14% for repeat offenders. keep trying to come across some of what you say? >> i say remain in mexico policy fear ministration is not going to do it. anyone closely watching having to reinstate no space your ministration was always blame
6:59 pm
mexico mexico complying from at the biden a ministration brought because they don't want them to and mexicans don't have to do it either so they are going through the motions to make federal judge they have no serious plans or implications of this going back on the books. liz: the biden white house claims they inherited their problems from the trump administration the president is criticized for taking we can beach trip as a disaster on the southern border flew up 10000 haitian migrants camped out under a bridge in del rio, texas. final word on the white house claiming they inherited trump white house but they go on leave for vacation. >> they inherited the most secure border in american history. right now there 2 million illegal apprehensions of the border in one year, shattering records left and right. the difference between an outburst before his they are here to stay because the biden administration shut down ice and they want them here to later go through them. liz: thank you so much, appreciate it.
7:00 pm
i'm elizabeth mcdonald from you been watching the evening on foxbusiness. have a good evening, thank you for watching we hope you join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: q. week, welcome to it. i hate to say i told you so but what did you think would happen when you have the federal government to power-hungry data's i told you so. and i love saying it. a new poll shows how frustrated people have grown the scope of government, 52% of respondents say uncle sam is doing too much and businesses individuals should be taking the wheel. i love when you talk dirty. a year ago, 54% said t


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