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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 29, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> when i read that story i was in disbelief. my wife was rescued by the coast guard in the caribbean leaving the socialist tyranny of fidel castro and her family was separated. we would never ask for anything like that from the government. maria: she has seen this before. great to have you this morning. have a great weekend, see you monday. "varney and company" starts now. stuart: we have a jampacked friday, news on all fronts, start with this. amazon and apple done in by supply-chain trouble. amazon sees the problem continuing and both committed the unpardonable sin of missing wall street expectations. down they go big time. microsoft doing really well. it that it may soon dethrone
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apple as the most valuable company, apple is worth $2.5 trillion in following, microsoft is worth $2.4 trillion and rising. because of the apple and amazon declined there's plenty of red ink on wall street in premarket action, the dow still very close to its all-time high down 50 points, the s&p still very close to its series of highs but a big drop for the nasdaq influenced by apple and amazon. nasdaq down 130. let's get away from money and turned to politics, a dramatic turn in the virginia governor's race, republican glenn youngcan leads terry mcauliffe by 8 points, last week it was a dead heat, now it is not. how will voters feel about this? the biden administration is going to pay out big big money to families separated at the
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border, 450,$000 per person. some families will receive $1 million, we will be paying illegals more than we pay the relatives of soldiers killed in action. the socialists are not happy with the big spending plan so they are blocking a vote on the infrastructure plan. they may think both -- for sending plans. the left calls the shots for the democratic party. the president has plenty europe carrying a legislative failure, civil war among the democrats. i promised a big show, friday october 20 ninth 2021, "varney and company" is about to begin. ♪♪ ♪♪ stuart: all right.
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that is virginia. very appropriate place to start because there's a new foss paul mentioned at the top of the show. glenn youngcan leads terry mcauliffe by eight points in virginia -- virginia's race. it goes from the dead heat to an 8 point lead. >> the other pole went from a 5 point deficit to an 8 point lead for youngkin in the span of a few weeks and that is typical, somebody found a tape of doing something really bad category, that's not the situation as far as we know. that is based solely on education and the fears that the voters in virginia regardless of party have for education and the situation where former governor wilder came out more or less with an
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endorsement of youngkin. when you have that happen the african americans in virginia are saying i don't know if this mcauliffe guy is the guy for me combined with suburban soccer moms. stuart: there will always be people who say it was a fox poll. what is your answer to that? >> foxholes historically have been extremely accurate much to the chagrin of some of our viewers but they have been extremely accurate. i'm headed to virginia in 3 hours to get the polls to the people covering it on fox and friends. i'm curious what happens in the next 96 hours. stuart: if youngkin wins, that is a major breakthrough for the republicans at a disaster for the democrats. >> combines that with mitch mcconnell's strategy, the debt ceiling in december combined those two republicans have an amazing negotiating chips to get what they want from a congress that is still controlled by the democrats. stuart: thanks for that. i will get more from you at the
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11:00 hour. let's turn to amazon. they reported along with apple neither of them did well. >> reporter: good friday morning. for amazon that chaos added to billion dollars and that is expected to double, their outlook disappointing, so has andy jaffe's performance as ceo, he steps down 6%. final thing on amazon, cloud and services revenue bigger than retail for the first time. similar story at apple when you look at the supply chains, $6 billion in sales. tim cook says it will get worse. i have good news for apple. this is a supply problem, not a demand one. revenue light, $83 billion, stock down 3.5%. stuart: of apple and amazon open up this morning at those reduced prices, i believe
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microsoft will overtake apple as this country's most valuable company. >> worth $2.5 trillion. of this loss for apple sticks and microsoft is higher it will be worth $200 trillion, number one in the us. stuart: i didn't see it, even though i bought it a few years ago. you've got to explain to me what facebook, they changed their name to meta-blooge >> can we have mark zuckerberg do it? >> the next platform will be more immersive in the experience. you can do everything you imagined. stuart: i don't want to be immersed. i to step into this new universe. lauren: it is augmented and virtual reality. why rebrand the facebook company meta-verse?
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they want to decouple the platforms that are under fire for being toxic and dishonest from the ambitions of mark zuckerberg. nobody is fooled, we all know what facebook is and you can compare this to what google did when they created out the bat as the umbrella company. when alphabet did that, their cofounders distanced themselves and the company was mark zuckerberg is doing the opposite. stuart: do you think he wants to take facebook away from advertising? because that revenue is the basis for facebook. lauren: i will give you that. stuart: look in the future they might want to get into different things apart from advertising. lauren: advertising in the meta-verse where you don't want to go. you can bring in big advertiser dollars. if he is right that is where he's putting his money. stuart: todd pyro is laughing at me about the meta-verse. >> you sound like a british scientist, i don't want to be immersed.
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i don't want to be immersed. stuart: my grandchildren might love it and probably will. maria: and never leave their houses. stuart: that will be their life and facebook is up. look at big tech, across-the-board. it is all down except facebook. brian belsky, are you buying the dip in apple and amazon? >> reporter: i am immersed in the bull market in the us which continues. the supply chain woes are very short-term. ceos will under promise and over deliver, there's going to be a supply got, which no one is talking about. in a hockey analogy, where the puck is going.
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and and a lot of supply. that will send these stocks higher. we would be buying the in apple and amazon today. stuart: try to continue what this consensus is. stock prices will keep going higher this year and go down next year. is a big picture statement. how these see it going. >> this notion of transitory versus long-term inflation for what could happen with the pandemic, could make for a bumpy ride in 2022. we thought that as we transition to the market.
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that is where the price momentum in 2020, 2021, the secular bull market is in place for years end, it remains very much in place and we are foolish for the long-term. >> it is at $41.60. still have some more to go in the s&p this year. thanks for being with us. check futures, i'm seeing increasing red ink. largely because of amazon and apple which dominate the exchanges with your down across-the-board. the socialist wing of the democrat party teaming up to take down a vote on the president's infrastructure bill. >> you need the vote on both bills in the house. >> we need a little bit more than an iou. >> i am a know. stuart: sounds like the roads and bridges infrastructure packages in deep trouble.
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congressman pat fallon is next was he wants to from all the spending. the administration is in talks to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to migrant families separated under the trump administration. we are to reboard illegals with a boatload of money. i don't ink that will fly but we will certainly discuss it. ♪♪ baby ♪♪ making me crazy ♪♪ ise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. visit
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a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. stuart: the macarena started on capitol hill. thunderstorms are coming.
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the house delaying its vote on the infrastructure bill because the progressives oppose that plan. congressman pat fallon joined me now. would you kill all these spending packages? >> yes. if you handed me a magic wand i absolutely would. stuart: it is not likely. >> look at inflation. when you inject trillions into the economy they in claim inflation is at 5.4%. fuel is up 42%. homes somewhere between 13% and 20% and bacon is up 19%, patently un-american. stuart: you make the case in trillions and spending will make that inflation worse, is that your argument? >> it will aggravate it, the worst is yet to come. stuart: what about the roads and bridges part of the first infrastructure plan?
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general consensus is that we need a little bit. a couple hundred billion. >> that is across-the-board regionally, ideological, something we need. that's real infrastructure and that would be infrastructure as well but all the other claims they are making if it is a socialist wish list they are converting it into infrastructure. stuart: the republicans could pay a political price if the spending is washed away because a lot of people would like some help with childcare or pre-k education and if you're denying it, they will vote against you. >> inflation is a tax on all of us. we can't inject trillions of
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dollars, it seems the republicans are the only adults in the room when it comes to this. we are already a deficit and debtor nation and i don't want to increase it. i have young children and that worries me quite a bit. when the government and something out people get used to it and expected but we have to be rational here moving forward. stuart: called on. i have to cover another story and i your comment on it. it is an outrageous story. the administration could pay millions to families separated at the border in 2018. dan springer is in rio grande valley, texas. tell me more about this. >> border patrol and texas state rangers continue to work overtime to catch people who are coming into the country illegally. there is a bus being loaded with people overnight and early this morning as they continue to gear up for the caravan of
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thousands of migrants in southern mexico but their job may have gotten harder as news spreads of the us government about to make huge payouts to migrant families separated at the border during a couple months of the trump administration. in 2018 under a controversial 0-tolerance policy children were taken from their parents and helmet detention facilities while their parents were sent back to their home countries. the wall street journal is reporting a settlement with those families that pay 450,$000 per illegal immigrant impacted, many republican lawmakers are outraged. >> every decision president biden makes since he has been president has made our border more open to illegals. once again president biden prioritizes the rights of illegals over the rights of taxpaying working americans.
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>> former navy seal dan crenshaw tweeted biden wants to pay illegal immigrants 450,$000 for hardship and breaking our laws, for perspective of a servicemember killed in action, their next of kin gets an insurance payment of 400,$000. according to the journal the total payout can end up being $1 billion or more. president biden called the separation policy a moral and national shame and has been working to reunite those separated families as the surge at the border continues. we shot this video in la jolla, they caught 175 people and they are being taken away right now, most of the people being caught at this spot our family members. stuart: thank you very much. let's go to the republican from the state of texas, pat fallon. you've heard the story, i'm sure you've seen it. are we going to do this?
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450,$000. >> i pray to god not. i'm furious about this. dan crenshaw pointed out when you're killed in action as a warrior of this nation your family gets 400,$000 and we are going to subsidize illegal activity and when you subsidize something you incentivize it and get more of it. it is my understanding that a few years back they were allowed to go back to mexico as a family unit if they chose. this is a choice they make and to reward that choice is insane. we added the entire state of west virginia is legally over the past ten months under the biden administration. now we are going to do this, this is like winning the lottery. we are going to increase those record numbers. stuart: we could encourage more lawsuits, why not? >> of course.
9:22 am
we come out of the woodwork for this kind of stuff. stuart: you know the well in texas. thanks for joining us, appreciate it. back to the market. i'm seeing some red ink especially on the nasdaq but that is apple and amazon turning south. dow is down 70, s&p down 20, "the opening bell" is next. ♪♪
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guide from humana. there is no obligation, so call the number on your screen right now to see if your doctor is in our network; to find out if you could save on your prescriptions, and to get our free decision guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. stuart: all the futures point self largely because of losses apple and amazon. on that note let's bring in mark martinhaney. last time you were on the show, amazon goes to 400,$700 by the end of next year. their way down after the tough earnings report. are you going to 4700 end of next year? >> we lowered our price target.
9:27 am
i think the stock goes higher. the company was going to be very conservative or aggressive operating income and that is what happened. amazon is the second-largest employer in this country, one of those vertically integrated companies in the world so when there is wage inflation, resource inflation, amazon sees it all, $6 billion in incremental cost they are fighting against. what we need to figure out as investors is temporary, structural or elected of, accelerating investments and faster delivery. i like amazon on the other side of this so we had a clearing event quarter. in terms of revenue growth, there is no change, margins will recover. we want to buy amazon when stock is down. stuart: any problem with the new ceo? >> he has been with the company
9:28 am
20 years, we will judge him the next 3 to 5 years, this is amazon, they invest near-term, not worried about taking margins down. what it is generally done is you buy amazon the last 5, you made good returns which don't think this is any different. stuart: let's turn to google. they seem to be a real standout. i know you like it, they are down today. $2,900 a share. where is it going? >> google goes higher. i will be contrary and when i make more money for investors. you will buy good as let's when dislocated. the fundamentals are phenomenal, advertising business gated around apple
9:29 am
dislocation that is fully participating, google is a great way, great stock for long-term investors, not an enormous return start, i prefer dislocated games long-term like amazon or facebook. stuart: yesterday afternoon you were glued to your computer. did you fall off your chair when amazon reported those results? >> it has been a wild since i have fallen out of my chair. i've gotten used to the surprises that come out of this. those losses were greater than i thought. stuart: we have a 12 year bull run. ever seen anything like this? >> working the street, tech stocks for 25 years so i've gone through five years of bear
9:30 am
markets in 2000-2005, massive dislocations from the housing crisis, the covid crisis had such an odd impact, positive and negative on tech names. that is one of the greatest analytical challenges but i want to step back, identifying high quality assets, amazon, you want to stay in when they are dislocated. stuart: see you again soon. the market is open on friday morning. we open lower, the vast majority of the dow 30 stocks are in the red and the dow is down 97 points. the s&p is similar picture though it is worse down half a percentage point, the nasdaq is heavy-duty red down 3 quarters of one%. have a look at big tech across
9:31 am
the board, microsoft up, facebook up, others little changed except amazon which is open down, $150, apple shaving 28 points off the dow industrials. we heard although the earnings report and supply chain problems from apple stocks open lower, what is jpmorgan saying? >> these issues are temporary so by the dip. maybe it is time to buy apple and others agreeing, this does not impact their long-term bullishness. it is not a thesis changer, ubs calls a transitory. stuart: a lot of people buying the dip today at any moment we will see microsoft emerge as the most valuable company but you got to tell me about chevron.
9:32 am
there earnings came out, the best profit in eight years. >> they swung to a profit in eight years, the reason is easy, gas, 3 times as much and they are producing more, you have the grilling by lawmakers on capitol hill and chevron saying we will increase production by 3% annually over the next four years but it is how they do it. they are not commissioning oil projects that take years to come online because of the headaches they are getting but they will drill more shall wealth and produce more quickly. stuart: before you go on to exxon, microsoft is worth $2.45 trillion and apple is worth $2.44 trillion. microsoft. saw it coming. let's get to exxon. what have you got? >> they posted their strongest results since 2017. stuart: western digital.
9:33 am
>> they make disc drives, flash memory chips, disappointing profit guidance down 12%. guess what they blame? the supply chain. stuart: everybody is doing it. >> brokers come in and the wall street firms and half a dozen cutting their price target. stuart: a company that has no trouble with the supply chain, lucid, the electric vehicle people. they were up 30% yesterday, they are up 10% this morning. what is the story? >> deliver one of their cars, the luxury sedan for first people who place reservations and do so saturday, starts at 77,$000, the premium edition, 170,$000. the ceo compared lucid to tesla. he said they are the only two
9:34 am
easy companies in the world to design, develop and make their entire car from the battery up. a 500 mile range. stuart: $40 a share for an electric vehicle company with a 500 mile range launches the 1 on the road sunday. that is a big story. tesla keep going up a fraction, they are at $1,078 per share but you were telling me tesla is the most shorted stock. many investors saying it is going down in price. >> that is what we hear from s3 partners. if you look at other data commissioning activities the lowest 11 years, this mixed opinion on this. stuart: it is that 1077. trying to compute musk's net worth. lauren: over $300 billion. stuart: you are counting real
9:35 am
money. >> reports say, 100,000 they could double that. big demand from bluebird drivers, $300 a week. stuart: doubling that order they might do it. show me us steel, that is going up sharply, double digit gain. lauren: they keep winning, crushed there earnings and continue to set records, the language the ceo is using, they shipped 1 million tons of steel this quarter but dropped up compared to last year and raise their dividend. stuart: times change.
9:36 am
i remember us steel was not a place you wanted to be because you're getting killed with import and competition from overseas. now they are the bill of the ball, $26 a share. meta-the new name for facebook. there is another company called meta-. same name. lauren: same happened with zoom. that is a different company. for meta-better first, mark zuckerberg's new company there is a canadian material company called meta-materials. it is different. that is 7%. mark zuckerberg's company, in the rs, that's not starting to trade until december 1st. stuart: this is not the same. lauren: the same company put out a tweet and said welcome to the meta-verse but it is not us.
9:37 am
don't be confused. stuart: dow winners, headed by caterpillar, chevron, american express back in there. financial companies, s&p winners. >> there sign, stranger. stuart: don't know many of them. >> a broad range of sectors coming industrials, financials. stuart: now the nasdaq winners. facebook is on their. when did we start calling the meta-cuecue >> the summer first. the rs starts treating that way. stuart: big board. the 10 year treasury. the yield on the 10 year treasury is one.60%. checking gold, has never been moving very much, $25, bitcoin we haven't shown you that, 61,$000 a coin. oil is at $82 a barrel. natural gas, it is getting cold out there. natural gas down in price and
9:38 am
gasoline $3.40 is your national average but the same gallon of gas will cost you $4.59 in california. democrats on capitol hill treating oil executives as if they were common criminals. >> what do you have to say to america's children born into a burning world? >> a message for you and chevron's ceo, you may $29 million poisoning the planet. stuart: the administration is begging the oil companies to produce more oil. there is irony there. president biden meets with pope francis ahead of the g 20 summit. is the administration using the pope as a political ploy? jonathan morris will answer that question. despite the problem and labor shortage my next guest says it will be a monster halloween and monster holiday sales period for the retailers.
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gerald staunch, ace retail guy is here next. ♪♪ no one's going to save you ♪♪ from the beast about to bite ♪♪ you know it's thriller ♪♪ thriller of the night ♪♪ you are fighting for your life ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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stuart: netflix, all-time high, $676 a share. we are two days from hello we. gerald staunch is with us, he says halloween will be a monster this year. these retail guy, i will ask why monster year for halloween. >> consumers spend $10 billion in halloween, up 20% when consumers were spooked by the virus. we are past that ghoulish
9:44 am
period, everyone is ready to celebrate something. candy sales. stuart: halloween will be a monster. what about thanksgiving, christmas and september holidays. >> an open book exam. you heard it here. exports from china up 30%, long beach and los angeles up 22% versus 2019 pre-pandemic levels and consumer sales month after month after month like clockwork for the last several months of the net the same 20% versus two years ago the pre-pandemic period. you apply the 20% factor to 2019 for november and december this year and the answer is a double-digit increase in holiday sales. it is going to happen. it is almost in the bank. people are spending money.
9:45 am
they have the money. it is close to a sure thing as you can get. stuart: what is the split? brick and mortar shopping, online shopping? >> you saw amazon yesterday, last year, e-commerce growth, twice or 3 times the rate of growth happening before. it looks like amazon had half of the disproportionate growth. amazon is making a serious error. forget the pandemic sort of strangeness going on, it is in the 50 to 60% range over two years. the company that size, $100 billion quarters. e-commerce will continue to grow, a better holiday than it did last year, a lot of closers in california, northeast, a swing in the pandemic, we won't
9:46 am
have that this year which means brick-and-mortar's chance to capture that loss. they can't deliver that. it is a heavy brick and mortar week. stuart: can you pick out one retailer you think will be the big winner? >> they are winning over halloween, candy and home decorations, they are winning throughout the pandemic was walmart, target and costco not up as much. if i were a stock herder which i'm not, walmart looks like an interesting by. target has been soaring. stuart: don't be such a stranger. microsoft is going to community colleges and asking them train your students to be workers at
9:47 am
microsoft. how many workers are we talking about and what jobs are they making available? >> the jobs are cyber security, microsoft wants to fill them over four years and provide scholarships for community college students. the morning about hackers, they pay 100,$000 on average. they get a job that pays $105 on average. stuart: who's doing more for our youngsters? >> the private sector. starbucks raising wages trying to fend off unionization. i see stock off later today but isn't there a vote? >> two major issues for starbucks, the first is the union vote, the national labor relations board, these workers,
9:48 am
128 of them can hold elections, that will start november 10th, accounted vote december 9th. we will know more december 9th and see this in other places. they will put out earnings report. it wasn't the worst report but china sales fell 7% and they did say because of unionization, we are spending money on workers paying $17 an hour starting in the summer. that will lead into their profit margins in 2022. investors are partially reacting to that. stuart: there is one state putting its money where its mouth is pulling $100 million out over ben and jerry's israel boycott. today is the deadline for new york city's essential workers to show they were faxed to risk losing their pay. how many will leave the job, a
9:49 am
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stuart: new york city police
9:53 am
and firefighters show the city the vaccination status, you don't get the jet you don't get paid next week. is the city prepared for massive staffing shortages. >> that remains to be seen. no vaccination, no pay, the deadline 5:00 pm in 7 hours from now. city workers fighting against the city mandate took their case to bill deblasio outside gracie mansion. union leaders warn of chaos unless the city drops the vaccine mandates and city workers and sanitation workers will mean a more dangerous 30 city. 1000 cops received those who are vaccinated. the nypd says it is ready.
9:54 am
>> new yorkers should not be worried about this because you have people working throughout the weekend. the executive team sitting around, each day this week, contingency plans in place. cops on the street. >> sanitation workers in those departments, contingency plans for a worker shortage. at 5:00 pm today, would not lose any pay but that is still the deadline. they still receive a $500 bonus. stuart: left the best to last, the bonus. thank you very much. the oakland school district
9:55 am
telling parents vaccinate your kids are keep them home to learn. >> there is a carveout for religious and medical exemptions but if you're 12 and up and want to go to class to learn it is not going to happen, they move to independent study, if you don't want to do that your unenrolled from the school district. the earliest this would take effect would be january 1st. i think the biggest incentive for vaccination would be if the school districts lift the mask mandate. that's the best hope they have. stuart: they have two months before the mandate applies in november and december. stuart: thanks very much. 9:55, still had on this program, tammy bruce, morgan
9:56 am
ortagus, steve hilton, alaska's senator, 10:00 hour of "varney and company" is next. ♪♪ ♪♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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infected by the sound -- stuart: put the name up on the screen and who's singing it, because i don't know. anybody have a guess? >> sorry. stuart: no, we don't know. [laughter] we're trying to figure it out, believe me. good morning, everyone, 10:00 eastern. straight to your money. the dow has now turned positive. it's up 18 points. the nasdaq is not so down as it was, it's up 74 points as we speak. big tech, that's where the action is today and for the last 15 years. facebook is up. got that new name coming. microsoft is up, the rest of them though, google, apple and amazon, are down. especially amazon. down, what, i think it's 3.7%. that's a big drop. the 10-year treasury yield right around 1.60, 1.59%. not much change.
10:01 am
just 10:00 eastern, and we just received the latest, the michigan consumer sentiment index. do you have a number for me? >> yes. it came in for the month of october slightly better than we thought it would be at 71.7. so we're more confident in october than we were in september. stuart: you're right, did not move the market. still as is. thanks very much, everybody. now this. leapt there be no doubt the far left runs the democrat party. they're running it into the ground. taking the poor moderates, of whom are this swing districts, they are this a party which ignores inflation, crime and all the other problems. look what happened yesterday. the left shot down the president's spending plan. we were expecting more, said one squad member. they wouldn't allow a vote on infrastructure. we were bamboozled, said another. so the president flies off to
10:02 am
europe without the legislation he hoped would have burnished his image abroad. the people who put joe biden in the white house surely didn't bargain for this. they just wanted donald trump out. what they got was a socialist, bernie sanders, running the senate budget committee, if that's believable, and the socialist squad calling the shots in the house. voters are watching, and they see what the left is doing. as we've reported, a new fox poll shows a dramatic shift in the virginia election. republican glenn youngkin now leads terry mcauliffe by 8 points, and that's ability the left -- about the left pushing race-based education. they'll keep pushing socialism because it's their religion, and they know this is probably their last chance to get it for a generation. the democrats' civil war will intensify. the republicans are standing a aside watching their opponents tear each other apart. second hour of "varney" just getting started. ♪ he can -- ♪
10:03 am
♪ stuart: i want to get more on this virginia governor's race. tammy bruce is with he this morning. you saw that poll. >> yeah. stuart: i sonnishing turn -- a astonishing turn around. i'm saying it's because of race-based education in virginia and elsewhere that is not popular. what do you say? >> that is correct. it's a whole lot of issues in virginia. certainly every race is a local race, but every single issue they're dealing with, issues like covid, education, violence, crime, the economy are the same issues around the country. and, of course, these stories become national. that race is being looked at, kind of like this a petrie dish. what's astonishing is how quickly these numbers have have changed. stuart: yes. >> it's not that the undecideds decided, people are switching. this is in a state that joe biden won by 10 points.
10:04 am
mcauliffe who had been governor before, so they know him. when we saw this, he was ahead, then they became even, now youngkin is +8 which is beyond the margins of error. and keep in mind, this has happened after barack obama campaigned for him, after joe biden campaigned for him. it's almost as though those campaign events switched people to youngkin -- stuart: you're right, you're right. >> it's astounding. stuart: this fox poll, we're quoting here, youngkin with an 8-point lead -- >> that's right. stuart: -- that occurred after joe biden and obama had gone to campaign for him. >> and especially some remarks that president obama made which reinforced what your point has been also in your monologue, that the left has taken hold of the democratic party. and all of these individuals are entranced by it. barack obama said especially with this particular rape at a high school that a judge found
10:05 am
did occur, and he said we're not interested in these phony culture wars. the very next day you have students walking out in defense of sex assault victims. and it's like the parents are thinking -- and they though this is not tony. who is this person saying it's phony? and then the question becomes about agenda. and if you're in touch with what's happening in real people's lives, those kinds of remarks begin to switch. mcauliffe's remark about parents shouldn't have any involvement or any business in what their children are taught in school and parents were, like, well, no. we're paying for this. this is ability our family, our -- this is about our family, our futures. and this is, i think, very important when it comes to the attitude about what these people are conveying to parents in particular. the radicalization of parents. so you see the switch, and the good news is, and i'll end with this, the mesh -- the american
10:06 am
people see we're not divided, and i think we're going to see that on tuesday's election. stuart: we shall see. you're not supposed to say this, only time will tell. it will tell. >> fascinating. stuart: thanks very much, indeed. we appreciate it always. thanks very much. now, the house delayed the vote on the infrastructure bill again. >> yeah. stuart: this is because the progress if i haves objected it to, is that correct? >> progressives put their foot down. even the president's visit to capitol hill could not persuade them. house speaker nancy pelosi, she can usually muscle the votes. she doesn't have 'em. so this rift in the party, it's so deep right now, progressives say we need to see everything because they don't trust the moderates, senators manchin and sinema. so does pelosi have to offer them something to get these bills through because we've heard from pelosi, from sanders and from the president yesterday that this is their agenda, this is their last attempt, this is their legacy.
10:07 am
stuart: there's no vote -- there was supposed to be a vote yesterday. >> they didn't have the vote for if it. stuart: they said there'll be a vote next week. >> likely, yeah. do you trust that? they keep pushing the timeline. stuart: exactly. speaker pelosi would not allow a vote unless she knows she would win it. >> december 3rd might be the latest that they can try to get this done. stuart: ah, those socialists. >> after virginia. if. stuart: let's get back to money, shall we? apple is down $4. very interesting. kenny poll carry is with us this horning. all right, kenny, those two stocks, they're down. that will erase $200 billion in value. do you think that's justified? >> nah, listen, i think it's -- like always, i think it's an overreaction, right? everyone's fed -- set up for these great earn, and the two companies that missed amazingly
10:08 am
is apple and amazon, which is a little confusing. but the fact that these two companies his miss now -- miss now creates this drama. amazon and apple, they're not going away. this little selloff today, i think, is just that, a little selloff. they bought yesterday, they were disappointed with the underwhelming results and so now they'll take some money off the table. in the short term, sure, they'll all be talking about the destruction of that wealth. i don't think it's a big deal at all. stuart: would you buy the kip in apple and -- dip in apple and amazon? >> i already own apple, i like apple. it would have to dip a lot more for he to buy it because it, you know, it's enough of a weight in my portfolio that i'm not necessarily going to do anything at the moment. but i would say to somebody if you're just starting or starting to add apple to your position, yes, on weakness i would buy apple. i'm not buying it because it's
10:09 am
the right percentage in my portfolio, so there's no reason for me to. stuart: kenny, i'm sure you saw this. this morning microsoft surpassed apple to become the most valuable company. >> right. stuart: i think it's now worth $2.5 trillion, apple 2.4 trillion. what do you make of that? >> i think it's great because i also own microsoft. [laughter] i'm as happy as you are right now. they're looking to hire some 250,000 cybersecurity experts or people, whatever -- over the next couple of years. so i think that's the way the world is going, clearly, and so i'm bullish on microsoft. and i'm bullish on apple. stuart: microsoft still has room to run in its cloud business. >> yeah. stuart: that's still a huge business with lots of opportunity, and microsoft is becoming the second player after amazon. >> right. right. so i think it's all very good news for, certainly for
10:10 am
microsoft. but i'm not even -- listen, i'm not really worried about amazon either. this little pullback is just a bunch of people stamping their feet. it'll be tine. stuart: the consensus is stock prices go a bit higher this year and come down next year. you're this line with that, real fast? >> so i do think we're going to have that little rally, i think we're probably at the highs of the year. i don't see it going that much higher, but we do think there's going to be turbulence in the first six months of next year. stuart: got it. kenny, see you again next if week. thanks. let's turn to lauren who's looking at the movers, and starbucks surely is moving. >> u.s. sales weren't a problem, they were up 22%, but they fell 7% in china. they're spending a lot of money to get workers, to keep workers, that'll squeeze their margins. and they're probably going to flex their pricing power meaning your $4 latte is most likely going to go up.
10:11 am
but that not going to be enough, those price increases that are probably coming to offset these higher costs. stuart: i see some of the cruise lines going up, royal caribbean in particular. not up that much. what are they doing? >> they just reported, and they expect to be cash flow positive by the spring. and then they're giving us, you know, how are they doing, and they are doing better than they were in 2019 by some metrics. their sailings booked for next year are at higher prices than in 2019, and that's a positive for the stock. not much but cruising slowly coming back. stuart: slowly coming back. okay. let's move on to tesla. i really want to take a look at that one. $1,091 as we speak, up another 1.3%. musk's net worth has topped $300 billion. and thousand he's coming -- now he's coming out against the democrats' proposal targeting ultra-wealthy people for extra taxes. he says he has a better plan for his money than giving it to the
10:12 am
government. what's the plan? >> he says my plan is to use the money to get humanity to mars and preserve the light of consciousness. [laughter] stuart: okay. >> he doesn't want to be one of the few targets of this idea of a billionaires' tax. of course he doesn't. and he spends his money in so many different ways, and he's so inventive, this would punish him and his genius. stuart: exactly are. >> and how he transforms society. he really is revolutionary. stuart: it's a personal opinion, but i think he'll make a lot better use of that money than the government will. that's where i'm coming from. >> just give them a chunk of out with, like -- of it with, like, no strings attached and then just leave me alone. he's doing it well. stuart: the billionaires now, next it's the millionaires, then it's the guys with a couple hundred thousand, and then you're down, you're out. you're finished because they found a way to tap wealth. >> they'd have to change the constitution, i believe, to do that -- stuart: yes.
10:13 am
>> and once you do that and you find out it works, and of course it works, you just keep doing that to pay for what you want to do. it doesn't go away. stuart: i hope confiscation of wealth is always unconstitutional. >> we'll see. billionaires tax even in the progressives' bill. stuart: you know, oil prices are up, jobs are up. alaska is doing well, so what does alaska senator dan sullivan have to complain about, if anything? [laughter] probably nothing. i'll ask him though because he's on the show in the 11:00 hour. the supply chain crisis now affecting the world series? the rat can canceled -- vatican canceled the live broadcast of the pope's meeting with president biden. we've got a live report on what exactly happened. that's in connection. ♪ take me to church -- so you can sharpen your knife. ♪ offer he that debtless
10:14 am
death -- ♪ good god, let me give you my life ♪♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges. and a few surprises. but wherever you are on your journey. your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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as i observe investors balance risk and reward, wii see one element securings. portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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10:18 am
♪ say a little prayer for you ♪♪ stuart: right there, st. peter's square, vatican city. 68 degrees as of right now. president biden met with the pope this morning. amy kellogg is in rome. the vatican abruptly canceled the live tv broadcast. do we know why? >> reporter: well, the vatican said, stuart, due to covid-related restrictions, they simply couldn't have the extra bodies there to carry out that live broadcast. and, of course, though given all the curiosity about this meeting between the world's two most famous catholics and about what
10:19 am
would actually be said between them, of course, added to that the statute thu of the conservative -- scrutiny of the conservative u.s. bishops who are really putting the pressure on both of these leaders to tow the catholic line in a very hard way, there was a lot of suspicion that the plug had been pulled for other reasons. and yet afterwards we did get images of that meeting pretty shortly after it happened. they were fed to us in two parts. we did see the arrival of president biden. that was filmed live. and then he went inside. ask you could just see how happy he was to be here. it was his fourth meeting with the holy father. they exchanged gifts. he classified the meeting as wonderful, as i said. one of the gifts that was given by the president to the pope was a challenge coin that had belonged to his late son beau. the brouhaha with the bishops has to do with their inability to square the circle -- president biden is devoutly
10:20 am
catholic himself but politically pro-choice x they worry that the pope is giving him cover. >> the struggle against abortion, legal abortion, is the preeminent purity. president biden's support for it is even worse because he's a catholic of. it's more troubling. as they say, it scandalizes people. >> reporter: each of them put out we're dealing with a climate crisis, dealing with economic recovery with the an demick and human rights -- pandemic and human rights. the u.s. bishops, stuart, are contemplating putting out some sort of statement that would call for communion to be refused to politicians who are pro-choice and that, of course, was include president biden and the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. the pope has not been happy about this conflict within church ranks and as diplomatically as possible he has pushed back saying that astors should be pastors, not politicians.
10:21 am
and he has even pointed out he has not even once even back in the days when he was priest refused thin communion -- anyone communion. i think i've lost connection, but i send it back to you. stuart we heard everything. jonathan morris joins me here in new york city. there is some suspicion that president biden is using pope francis for political purposes, taking advantage of him to some degree. what do you say to that? >> politicians use everything for political purposes. that's what they do. i believe president biden's very happy to be in the vatican. he is a devout catholic. i think he has great esteem for pope francis. but, yeah, i i think the pope has a respondent not to be used, okay, and to make sure that the message of the church is very clear. now, he has the authority to
10:22 am
change policies. he has the authority to change canon law. in canon law, it's pretty clear that a minister giving out communion has a responsibility not to scandalize the public by somebody publicly receiving communion that is known to be against the church's teaching on core issues. so the pope could make a decision we're going to change canon law. i think that would be more intellectually honest the that's what he believes, and i think pope francis just is a little bit politically correct on these issues and not very clear. stuart: it's a fraught meeting, and that's why they don't want any coverage of it. there's no live broadcast of the meeting, no -- we don't know what they're actually talking about in the give and take. they don't want us to know. >> yeah, well, it's typical not to broadcast the actual meeting between a head of state and the pope. but they usually show the entrance, walking together, the first meeting, and usually there's some exchange of words that you can kind of pick up
10:23 am
what the general sentiment is, and they didn't give that to us this after the meeting. are strange. i'm not sure why they did that. stuart: confusing really, isn't it? it does appear to be a genuinely cordial meeting. >> pope francis, this is the way he does business, okay? he asks a lot of questions. he doesn't answer a lot of questions. i think he lives an exemplary life of humility, and that's awesome. but the pope has one major job, and that is to defend the gospel and to teach clearly what the church believes. and he prefers to do it in a little bit more, i would say, less than super clear are. stuart: i got it. [laughter] the name of the game, i believe. one quick point. how's your young son doing? you had a baby six weeks ago? >> three weeks ago.
10:24 am
andrew graham timothy morse. if i'd hone the you were going to talk about it, i'd have printed pictures. stuart: you sleeping through the night? >> no. stuart: is he? >> i haven't slept in three weeks. i guess it's normal. this does not feel normal. it feels very bad. stuart: i thought you looked a little tired. jonathan morris, we appreciate it. let's check the markets right before the weekend. the dow is now down 15, not a big drop. nasdaq's down 72. some red ink. coming up, the cdc is giving the okay for a fourth covid booster shot. we have details as to who they say this is before, by the -- this is for, by the way. democrats grilled oil executives on the hill yesterday. watch this. >> i have a message for you as chevron ceo. i mean, you made, what, $29 million last year in poisoning the planet? stuart: okay. i thought she was going to go
10:25 am
on. no. there's irony here. they're begging oil guys to produce more oil. go figure. we'll be back. ♪ it's like rain on your wedding day -- ♪ it's a free ride when you've already paid. ♪ it's the good advice that you just can't take --
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>> what do you have to say to amers children born into a burning world? >> for years you all have continued to promote if fossil fuels despite promoting violence in black and brown communities. >> i have a message for you as chevron ceo. i mean, you made, what, $29 million last year in poisoning the planet? stuart: democrat lawmakers grilling energy ceos over their response to past climate change -- or their past response to climate change. got that. danielier begin's request us. don't you find it ironic that we're treating these people as criminals, yet we're begging hem to produce more oil? what is going the on here? >> yeah, exactly.
10:30 am
they're rationing electricity in europe and china, and the biden administration is asking opec for more oil but treating our domestic industry as you describe it. of course, that theory was predetermined. it was theater, it was scripted in advance, and it was done for -- to get all those sound bites in. it doesn't address the problem of gasoline are prices -- [inaudible] stuart: so are we going to get to $100 a barrel oil? >> well, it seems the prices are easing up just a little bit right now. i think that could happen basically if we have a cold winter. but oil is being dragged up by what's happening, with global shortage of liquified natural gas, the shortage of coal. and this is one of those times what happens with weather, but motorists are looking at $3.40
10:31 am
for gasoline. so i would just say that, you know, we do have this asset in this country called domestic oil -- stuart: exactly. why can't we go except the oil that's ours? is this just pure biden policy? we don't want you to drill for oil in america. is that the deal? >> well, i think there are a lot of, you know, people in this administration that feel that way. i think he ran saying i'm not going to ban fracking. i think he realizes that the we don't drill in this country, you know what's going to happen. we're going to go back to importing oil and be energy dependent. stuart: so we could actually get to $100 a barrel winter -- oil if it's a cold winter. >> yeah. i don't want to predict it, but certainly people are saying that, and you could see -- [inaudible] continue to be tight. and we basically are seeing underinvestment in energy resources. stuart: that would set off inflation bigtime.
10:32 am
why do you want to talk about halloween candy, daniel? >> because i have some breaking news for you. in fact, stuart, i are some sweet news for you. our ihs market economists have just predicted that candy sales for halloween will be up 10% this year, and costs will be up only 2.5% because they're not affected by the overall supply chain disruption that is sending shock waves through our economy. but good news, positive news if you have a sweet tooth. stuart: i should just go out and find a candy company to invest in because they're going to make a lot of money for halloween. >> exactly. but they do have their labor shortages like everybody else. stuart: i'm glad you brought that gem to our understanding, daniel yergin. we'll see him again soon. thanks. >> happy halloween. stuart: yes, sir. arnold schwarzenegger making headlines for his comments on the u.n. climate summit. what did he say? >> he said it's a waste of time. i'll give you his words exactly.
10:33 am
he says what does a promise ask a pledge mean in the end? nothing. over and over, year after year they make these pledges, and they come out to declare victory, but then nothing is getting done. in other words, it's all empty promises. here's the thing, if you want a different result, you need to do something different: and he isn't suggesting what you should do differently. you take china, the world's biggest polluter, they've only made small improvements and consistently disappoint if when we look at their climate goals, and that proves his point. stuart: the man's right. >> yeah. stuart: we constantly set these goals and nothing happens time after time. california's governor, newsom, and transportation secretary pete buttigieg, they've announced new loans to help solve the backlog at the or or ? to whom and how much? >> total of $5 billion, and details are very light. and the major problem is that it's not for now all of this money will fix things in the
10:34 am
future like modernizing the ports, no details, expanding rail capacity, no details. developing warehouse storage, no details. yeah, it's great that you're talking and doing this partnership to fix things in the future because 40% of the imports to this country, much of what we use on the east coast, go to the port of los angeles. stuart: that's pathetic. the problem with the ports in california is california rules on who can drive trucks at the ports, who can operate in the ports and the union. those are the problems this california. >> automation too because that's where the unions come in. because if you can use technology to unload a lot of this, it would happen a lot faster. but, yes, the union won't allow it. stuart: it's the administration's fault, flat out. i've got one more. the supply chain crisis has made this year's world series a little different. is something missing? >> so the teams are missing the world series patches that go on
10:35 am
their jersey. they did have enough for the players, but they won't have enough for the fans' jerseys, the ones you buy in the retail stores, so they took them off entirely. they're tied 1-1, game three is tonight this atlanta. stuart: on fox. >> on fox. stuart: important to mention that. now the administration is issuing a cease and desist order for governor of florida ron desantis. they say he cannot penalize schools who have mask mandates. we've got the latest on that for you. morgan ortugas is warning americans not to travel to china. that's a wig deal. -- big deal. she's here to tell us why not. ♪ ♪ zero-commission trades for online u.s. stocks and etfs. and a commitment to get you the best price on every trade,
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10:40 am
risks americans face the they travel to china. morgan ortugas joins us now. morgan, does your warning apply to business executives, tourists or all travelers? >> so it really applies to all travelers. there are plenty of tourists. this was before covid went to china, european tourists that went to china unharmed. however, i do think that businesses really need to start thinking twice about sending their executives overseas or especially the you do any -- if you do any work with human rights, aid organizations. these are the types of people that the chinese communist party have taken hostage, as i call them, over the past few years. and this is sort of their, this is sort of their plan, their m.o. whenever canada arrested one of the huawei executives, you remember the story was very big, for evading sanctions, the
10:41 am
chinese right away arrested two canadian citizens that were mostly doing aid type work in china. and they said it wasn't retribution, it had nothing to do with it, but basically if you're a business person and there is a political disagreement between the united states and china, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the chinese could arbitrarily detain you, and americans really need to be aware of that when travel thing overseas, especially business people. stuart: i'm thinking of tesla which does a lot of business in china, i'm thinking disney, lots of business in china. i'm thinking apple, lots of business in china. surely you don't think that tim cook or elon musk or the ceo of disney could be held hostage? i mean, surely that's a little far february fetched -- farfetched, isn't it? >> i mean, perhaps. but if you look at the new national security law that the chinese have instituted in hong kong, i mean, hong kong is a
10:42 am
place -- i'm sure plenty of business people watching your show on a daily basis that do international business have gone in and out of hong kong. in that, quote-unquote, national security law, you can be detained for peacefully protesting for democracy. it's not a national security law. it's a crackdown on anybody who would like to support, to voice any sort of support for freedom, for democracy, for anything that the chinese committed to as it relates to hong kong. so if you're a very senior, high profile business person will that protect you a bit more? yes, but in an op-ed that i recently wrote we detailed how the chinese have used diplomacy to further their political aims. and in the recent case of what we call the two michaels from canada, they've sort of been rewarded for those tactics and that behavior. stuart: well, i used to live in hong kong -- >> great city. stuart: -- somebody on television in america, i'm thinking twice about going back there for any purpose whatsoever.
10:43 am
i want to raise another issue here. china says taiwan has no right, their words, no right to join the united nations. that's pretty serious stuff. >> it is, and i think secretary blinken has had strong words of support for taiwan in the past few weeks which i think is important. what the chinese are saying is basically you can't join the main u.n. body if you don't have statehood, and they're saying, you know, the taiwanese, of course, don't have statehood. but whether it is the main body or other u.n. or international organizations like the w.h.o. or other bodies, there's plenty of cases where entities like taiwan that may not have, quote-unquote, statehood do have meaningful representation at u.n.-affiliated bodies. and the chinese are trying to keep them out of -- we saw this fisthand in the trump administration -- firsthand when we were dealing with the w.h.o., china -- excuse me, taiwan was on the forefront of covid-19. they were fighting it, they were
10:44 am
getting cases right away, and so their knowledge and expertise in those early days of how to successfully fight covid-19, that information was desperately needed at the w.h.o., but the chinese blocked them at every turn. and so we need to continue to do everything we can to support taiwan. like i said, secretary blinken had meaningful words, but how are we going to back that up. which countries are going to stand with us. you saw at the u.n. in the past week israel did not sign on to -- and this is a country that is a big ally country that i'm very supportive of, but many of us were just grossly disappointed that even israel didn't sign on to a letter at the u.n. condemning the genocide against the uyghurs in china. china has enormous influence. they're going to continue to muscle all of our allies and friends over issues like taiwan, like the uyghurs, and we're going to have to not only have pretty words, we're going to have to find other coercion tactics to stand strong and fight the chinese.
10:45 am
stuart: morgan ortegas, good stuff, indeed. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: iran has agreed to return to nuclear a talks. the announcement came a couple of -- last week, i think it was. six major power, they're going to talk. should we expect any kind of deal anytime soon? >> no, but the president campaigned on reengaging iran. they might talk. president biden will talk, his counterparts this coming days, the france, u.k. and germany about a shared strategy to get iran in line, but the atomic energy agency is warning iran will have enough material for a nuclear bomb within months. stuart: within months. >> of course they want to engage, they have crippling sanctions on their economy, they want them lifted. but no one's expecting a deal anytime soon. stuart i'm relieved. coming up, the popular netflix series squid game now has it own cryptocurrency which has surged
10:46 am
in just the last 24 hours. we'll tell you about that. parents outraged after open schools decided to mandate the vaccine for kids 12 and up. roll tape. >> these shots ain't like the vaccines we got when we was children. nobody knows what's in 'em. somebody tell me what's in these vaccines. stuart: so who should decide whether your child getses the jab? i will ask dr. marc siegel next. ♪ ♪ i promise - as an independent advisor - to put the financial well-being of you and your family first. i promise to serve, not sell. i promise our relationship will be one of partnership and trust. i am a fiduciary, not just some of the time,
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10:50 am
stuart: the cdc has updated their guidae on the immunocompromised. finish i think are they going to need -- are they going to say you need a fourth shot? >> this is for patients who are undergoing cancer treatments or who are awaiting organ transplants or just got one. so their immune systems are weaker, and those patients might need a fourth shot. this is not a message for, you know, older americans or anybody compromised, just severely compromised. stuart: got it.
10:51 am
the oakland unified school district marking a january 1st deadline for student vaccinations. if children 12 and over don't get the jab, they'll be forced to switch to what's called an independent study program or disenroll from the school district completely. dr. marc siegel joins us now. i want to ask you, doctor, who should decide on a child's vaccination? the school, the state governor or the parents? >> i think it's the parents in coordination with physicians, with pediatricians, by the way. and one more thing about that oakland school district that's very disturbing is there's no test-out option, there's no option if you had covid already and you have at least immunity for three months where i might not even want to give you a shot. there's no leeway or flexibility to that. it's my way or the highway, and that's super-imposed government that there's been so much rebellion against. what if you had a home test for
10:52 am
a rapid test at home where people that weren't vaccinated could test twice a week? i've got to tell you, public health, it's probably just as good or more reliable at saying you're not carrying the virus, so i think they've got to have more flexibility here. stuart: are those tests available? a test that you can do in your own home, real fast and real cheap? is such a test available? >> really -- absolutely, yes, except for the last word, cheap. i've been urging the biden administration for weeks now, and if i'm not alone, to do an operation warp seed on testing. let's get that rapid test which is available this every home in the country, especially in poor neighborhoods where we can have that information for kids going to school. they can do it. they can use the defense production act to do it. it should have been done months ago. stuart: okay. you at this point would say yes to vaccinating children 12 and up. you're a yes on that, are you? >> i'm a yes on 12 and up because already millions of people have been vaccinated, teens, and i think that the side
10:53 am
effects have been hyped more than they are. i do think the dose should be relooked at. look, stuart, they just studied one-third the dose of pfizer from 5-11. so you mean when you hit your birthday at 12, you suddenly get three times the amount? that has to be relooked at. i think they should be giving teens lower doses, but the side effects are very, very rare. i think the 12 to 17 group should be vaccinated but, again, in coordination with parents and pediatricians. stuart: every day i make a point of checking the new caseload because i think the delta virus is in very sharp retreat. there's just about 70,000 new cases a day now in a country with 30 if million people. 330 million people. it's almost over, is it? >> it's heading towards what we call an endemic phase where it doesn't disappear, but it becomes art of daily life and becomes less of a political weapon and less saber rattling. that's where we're heading.
10:54 am
the more people they get vaccinated, the faster that occurs, and we're heading in that direction, for sure. all of this has been misrepresented. they're public stool tools we have to help you, vaccines, tests, masks, these are there to help people. stuart well said. you're in favor of vaccination but not a mandate. we always come back to this. >> you bet. stuart: yes, absolutely. vaccinate, do a booster shot but don't demand it. >> by the way, stuart, the 5 to 11-year-old is going to end up in the pediatrician's office where it belongs. i trust doctors to talk to the family and the child, not government. stuart: got it. thanks, sir, see you again soon. >> thank you, sir. stuart: the governor of florida, ron desantis, clashing with the biden administration over masks in schools. what's the latest on that? >> cut funding, about $700,000 that was supposed to go to two school districts in florida because those districts mandated
10:55 am
masks for their students. he says once those districts pull the mandate, they get their money. this is a case where the school districts are violating florida law, somewhat different from federal law. so their hands are tied. one quick comment if on swabbing kids at home, home testing? stuart: yes. >> school districts don't always accept that because you need to prove when the test was taken, how it was the taken. so i think that the issue is you have to wait 15 minutes, how do you qualify that. stuart: i understand the point. >> yeah. i tried that. [laughter] stuart: you know what you're talking about then. lauren, thanks very much, indeed. here's what we have coming up in our next hour, steve hilton, zane tankel and alaska senator dan sullivan. the administration could pay millions of dollars to families separated at the border. why should we be footing the bills for illegals? that's my take, and it's next. ♪ ♪
10:56 am
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>> consumers will spend $10 billion on halloween this year up 25% versus last year. everyone is ready to celebrate. >> i'm immersed in a bull market which continues. i think there will be a supply glut in the first half of 2022. we are buying the to be an apple amazon today. >> this selloff is just that. a little selloff. it's not a big deal at all. >> can't inject trillions of dollars. it seems to me the republicans are the only adults in the room when it comes to this. >> expert advice ♪♪ getting money twice ♪♪ stuart: what was that song? feel this moment ♪♪ stuart: i kind of like that.
11:01 am
i feel like i am about to get going. 11:00 eastern time on friday october 20 ninth. the dow has turned positive but only just. show me big tech. that's where the action is. apple is down and that is shaving 35 points but cut its loss, down more than that. amazon is down 127 points, 3.7%. the treasury's 10 year bond is one.57%, that should help big tech. now this. families separated at the border will get a payout, try 450,$000 per person. $1 million or more for the whole family. that is the plan as revealed in
11:02 am
the wall street journal. in early 2018 the trump administration imposed a 0-tolerance policy at the border. adults were separated from children. the message was clear, don't come but families are suing for psychological damage. the 450,$000 per person. think this through. we will be paying people a lot of money for breaking the law. we will be paying illegals more than is paid to relatives of soldiers killed in action and lawsuits from haitians flown in willingly back to haiti or lawsuits for many migrants who didn't get instant first class medical treatment. lawyers will pile in because they get a piece of the action. the taxpayer is on the hook for the migrant mess. it is president biden who is responsible, he invited them in, pledged health and welfare services for any illegal who made it across the border, a
11:03 am
border which he opened. he should pay a political price the border nests and we should not be footing the bill. third hour of "varney and company" just getting warmed up. there is a feeling of outrage in our studio in new york and i wonder if it is true in california, outrage at paying illegals more than we pay relatives of soldiers killed in action. have at it. >> every day there seems to be something so outrageous and so offensive to the people of this country, the majority of people in this country who just want a place where they work hard,
11:04 am
look after their family, part of their community, pay their taxes and want to get something decent in return and what they are so offended by is when the taxes they pay go to people you just laid out so clearly who break the law and they wonder what is it about the people who lead this country, politicians in charge that they would do such a thing, not just waste of money. the insult, the delivered insult, the cruelty of that, as a direct result of their stupid economic policies, the inflation and the fact that small businesses are struggling to find work, all the struggles people have caused by politicians. they are giving money, to people who break the law, it is just unfathomably cruel actually. stuart: 450,$000 per person. man and wife, mom and dad, two kids, that is $2 million,
11:05 am
$2 million, what are democrats going to think of this. what will working families think of this? $2 million? just out of the blue. and and it is out of the question. >> a good point, nevermind anyone else, just the democrats, imagine if you are democrat looking at the shambles in congress when they can't get through the legislation they say is so important and every single day something is chopped out of that legislation. if you are democrat you want that and you campaign for that, they are chopping out family leave and extra things for medicare, we don't have the money, we can't afford it, and at the same time they find the money for this.
11:06 am
stuart: the outrage is palpable in california and new york. the biden team is far left, that is what i think and so is the californian team. do you think the administration in california are teaming up to turn the entire country left word? it looks like it. >> they brag that california is at the heart of politics, you have nancy pelosi driving it all in congress. kamala harris in the white house with president biden, gavin newsom going on about it the whole time, california's arrive at the heart of everything and you look at what is coming out of california, a model for the nation. if that is true, what a horrendous future, one place after another, completely ruined by their policies these people say why are they doing this? an interesting phrase was used by michael shellinberger, he
11:07 am
wrote why progressives ruin cities and he is on my podcast yesterday. really interesting phrase about why the democrats are so disastrous when they claim compassion, they want to help people, he called it pathological altruism. they want to be seen as kind and caring and compassionate in the process they hurt the exact people they claim to speak for. stuart: i like that. i will have him on my show if i can get hold of him. we will be watching you on the next revolution sunday night on fox. todd pyro is back with us, glutton for punishment will stay for the entire hour. you interviewed caitlin jenner on your early show on fox. what did she say about governor newsom. >> with sepals and touched upon.
11:08 am
there is a feeling among so many out there that it is time to leave the golden state because they have real problems. >> very disappointed that gavin newsom is still in there. he is a hypocrite, he is a frog, he is what california is. california looking into it is one big hypocrisy. a population will keep leaving and i don't blame him. >> when you think about california, people working so hard, that is the place, so many people think of the american dream, all the money you put in a normal state you are getting taxed to the health in california it is exponential and how do you achieve the american dream, and there was a lawyer, you have 49 states that follow, you need to do
11:09 am
something different for california as a business owner. how onerous, it is real tough. stuart: half century ago i went to california for the california american dream, that was a turnaround. it is friday, must be jonathan ho won't. what are you wearing? >> happy halloween. and are you betting against big tech, bedding it goes down. >> technology is not what it used to be. stocks have been stolen, facebook is extraordinarily weak.
11:10 am
stocks like apple, think back to 2001-2013. the big tech stocks were the names in 1999 going nowhere. that's my forecast for stocks like apple, microsoft and netflix. if i had to look 5 or 10 years out they are dead lining. stuart: 5 to 10 years out. that is a long time frame. >> people in 1999-2000 were betting on cisco, microsoft, intel for the next 5 to 10 years, 5 to 10 years after that those stocks have gone nowhere. stuart: may i ask you a quick question? do you have a motorcycle to go with the leather jacket? >> you don't know who i am? stuart: know. maybe i'm missing out but tell me. ♪♪ i am a macho macho man ♪♪ stuart: careful, you will destroy your reputation as a stock investor. i didn't realize i'm out of touch, nothing to do with motorcycles. >> not worried about that, i'm
11:11 am
worried about the direction of this country. democrats are talking about a wealth tax. they are not going to get it, they want it, that worries me because ideas move the nation and they believe they have a right to it. without property rights, no rights are possible. democrats are coming for your money, savings and life writ large. stuart: all right, next week you will be back in civilian clothes. thanks, see you later. how come i missed that? >> go through all the village people, it will be - sinking macho man. totally out of touch. >> disturb all of these. stuart: quite a shock when he
11:12 am
popped up like that. movers, you are in charge of the movers starting with big tech. >> from record highs yesterday, if you look at netflix, up a new high, deal from microsoft and nvidia up 91% this year and tesla pushing close to 1100 but the supply chain issues hitting your heavyweights, amazon and apple, why the nasdaq is down. stuart: still hitting hard. western digital. lauren: they make flash memory chips, disappointing guidance for profits for the current quarter. the supply chain, and easy excuse. stuart: i saw ebay drop sharply back 4% today. lauren: huge loss cut their holiday outlook and people said i people abandoning their online marketplace and that might have been a stress because you see investors coming back in today. yesterday, several brokers
11:13 am
increase their price target on ebay, not as bad as we thought. stuart: that hit netflix show "squid game" is so popular it has inspired a new crypto currency which is absolutely surging. we will tell you about it. alaska's workforce grew nearly 4% over the last year, jobs are up, oil prices up, alaska is doing quite well. senator dan sullivan is here to talk about that was a new fox poll shows a public and glenn youngtin pulling it in the virginia governor's race was a report from the campaign trail in virginia. he has an 8 point lead next. ♪♪
11:14 am
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11:18 am
>> a fox poll, and then 8 point lead, alexander is traveling with youngcan campaign, he is going to be happy about that poll. and to change minds or convincing rinses voters to work. youngcan has to ensure likely voters still do. >> youngcan, 53, mcauliffe, 45. how about that? you know what that is? that is virginians coming together? >> unusual education in the commonwealth youngcan is 8% above mcauliffe.
11:19 am
two weeks ago mcauliffe was ahead. he touted his experience, he served as governor from 2014-2018. >> the issues i talk about, 21st-century jobs, biotech, they are in charlottesville. this fox poll of likely voters trusted a better job in the economy, keeps another tie broken. and and and welcomed president biden to the campaign tuesday. and the campaign stops, >> david avella rejoins us. he is back today. virginia could flip read.
11:20 am
any states michael republican too? >> it would be victory in virginia this year, the starting line getting us ready in 2022, far more favorable territory in north carolina, florida and texas to pick up congressional seats that would ultimately give us the majority in the u.s. house, and prepare yourself, coming through new jersey with four seats up the republicans could win in the right environment and right candidate, virginia sets the tone in four days. the gop has momentum. stuart: the moderates, people you are talking about in new jersey, likely moderate democrats sitting in marginal constituencies and they are
11:21 am
really worried about next year and their party has been taken over by the left and you have new jersey people were presented by people not doing anything about a tax burden in new jersey. >> very clear the retirements you see in wisconsin or yarmouth and kentucky, they are feeling uncomfortable going into next election. the party in power, democrats start retiring and as the speaker and the president continue to push this massive spending and tax increase bill through congress, the reconciliation bill and infrastructure bill, it is going to make it tougher for moderate democrats to say they are on the side of suburban voters and economically conservative voters. stuart: 60% of republicans plan
11:22 am
to use donald trump's truth apps when it opens next month. question. does donald trump run the republican party? >> kind of like you run foxbusiness network. it is very similar. i appreciate the question. do you think we are that organized, the one person is in control, the reality we are seeing in virginia, candidates control the gop, that is what voters decide, do they want them representing them. donald trump has a large voice, they speak to the issues republican primary voters care about whether it be taxes, regulations, economic success we had in his administration. he has a loud voice.
11:23 am
we have lots of voices in our party and ultimately comes down to the candidates. stuart: see you again soon. >> protesters gathered outside and air force base in utah, does that is have to do with the vaccine mandate. >> out of hill, employees of northrop grumman, major federal defense contractor. 90% of active-duty air force numbers are vaccinated, that means 10,000 airmen are in danger. stuart: are we prepared to say goodbye to 2% or 3% of the workforce of any industry or company because of the vaccine mandate? >> talking about the military, talking about readiness. stuart: another one for you. new york, new york state just issued a response to been and
11:24 am
jerry's israel boycott. >> the pension fund pulling $111 million out of ben and jerry's. the decision to stop selling ice cream in the palestinian territory violated the state policy against the boycott and sanction of his real. the new york controller is yanking the money from unilever, $263 billion state pension funds, the third-largest invests $800 million. stuart: thank you. ted last oh is one of the biggest shows in streaming. watch this. >> you must be from england. >> another country? >> how many countries in this country? stuart: that was funny. i've not seen that before. he made an appearance on capitol hill. we will explain. over a third of all the restaurants in california cannot of paid -- pay their
11:25 am
rent. how are they supposed to keep up with rising wages and inflation. saint cantrell reports after this. ♪♪ when i fall down in the gutter ♪♪ ♪♪
11:26 am
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stuart: that dog is pretty cool, spot the robot dogma re-creating the start me a music video. boston dynamics released the video to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the stones tattoo you out them. not exactly lifelike but moves good. enough of that. let's go to the markets. mick jagger is doing that on stage. the dow is up 50, the nasdaq down 30 and the s&p down two. not that much price change in
11:30 am
the overall markets. microsoft, another all-time high, at $328 a share. don't you love it? one report says one third of the restaurants in california cannot afford to pay rent on your screens, one third can't meet the rent. dean tackled with us, 25 applebee's in the new york metro area. if one third can't pay the rent and facing inflation and worker shortage i can't see how they stay in business. >> it may be worse in new york city. the headwinds are unbelievable. the latest thing that happened was the mandates which, don't misunderstand, we've got to get rid of this virus but the mandates reduced sales, we were up 17%. today the mandates went into effect in new york city. sales dropped 20%. we are now underwater from
11:31 am
killing it for a while. we are now underwater. there was the great depression, the great recession and now the great resignation. people at the lower end of pay scales, the cost of leaving is not very great because if it doesn't work out there is another place that will take them immediately. the great resignation is taking place in all lower and oilfield and oil patch, might be interesting to note the lower paid hard-working guys can't get them to go into the oil fields in west texas and the cost of leaving if you make 40 grand a year's you make another job 40 grand and if that doesn't work out go to another one. i asked somebody why would you do that? because i can. they spent a year collecting money.
11:32 am
they spend your banking money, no place to spend it, no restaurants, movies or place to go. for the first time in their life they have a cushion so if we make 30,000 you go to another place and it doesn't work out, there's another place. that is the chain restaurant space. stuart: i took a couple of my relatives, simple lunch, two people with me have an alcoholic drink. in new jersey, a relatively simple meal. it occurred to me there's a change going on here we changed our eating out habits and staring at menu prices going through the roof. there is a real seachange in the way we eat out in america. would you agree with that?
11:33 am
>> 100%. that is not a good expression. you are squarely on. my pricing is chain supply issues, all the costs going up, 150 ships in the sea waiting to bring a self we can't get, supply and demand so pricing is going up. our suppliers can't get truckers or drivers, we use to get 5 deliveries a weekend are down to three. two of those, can't get a guy behind the wheel to drive a truck now. it stems from i firmly believe that the lower end of this scale, people spend one more your banking money, with no place to spend it. stuart: there's $2 trillion in bank accounts in the early part of this year.
11:34 am
bank accounts are flooded with money and you are right, that is the cushion people used to flit around in the workforce. it is wonderful to be a worker, go wherever you please. >> what is my risk profile if i make 40,$000 a year and quit and join another job and it doesn't work? my risk profile is 0 or none, there's another 40,$000 job that will take me. unless i get the one i like or don't like, it comes from not having a relationship with your labor force. we have 0 staffing problem, with a lot of people who are probably watching. the reason we have 0 is we always had a relationship with people, there was always interaction. we weren't the boston they were the worker. we were all together with a common purpose and that was to
11:35 am
beat the other team. stuart: glad you are winning, thanks for being here, we will see you again. thanks. show me netflix. they hit an all-time high earlier today, they are at $6.80. i to to talk about "squid game". what is this about a new crypto currency? >> takes the world by storm. a brand of crypto, up 200% in the last 24 hours, market cap of $419 million. "squid game" is a series about a deadly tournament of adults playing children's games and hopes of winning a cash prize. this comes amid a rash of "squid game" related stands and people trying to hop on the popularity of this thing. stuart: while we talk about the bizarre, what is this about mitt romney getting payback
11:36 am
this halloween? >> who can forget this awesome impression of mitt romney? >> in these trying times i think there is something very important a lot of people are forgetting which is i am mitt romney and i am still running for president. >> reporter: turnabout is fair play, these are senate addressed as ted lasso being played by jason from the apple tv show the same name and look who is with him in this shot? arizona senator kristen sinema, we don't have that. they re-created a famous moment from the show, kristen sinema, the liberals not happy with this picture. stuart: let's turn to the dictionary people. merriam-webster added 455 new words like tb 8. i didn't know that was a word.
11:37 am
and flutter nutter. we will sort it all out. the alaska railroad pulled its vaccine days after announcing the policy. what happened? is this a retreat of the vaccine mandate? i asked dan sullivan, senator from alaska, next. ♪♪ workingman ♪♪ ♪♪ i got it all on the line ♪♪ for the promised land ♪♪ i am burning when the only thought on your mind is “finally” this is financial security. and lincoln financial solutions will help you get there as you plan, protect and retire.
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11:41 am
stuart: alaska's workforce grew 3.8% last year. jobs are up, oil prices up, alaska is doing okay. senator dan sullivan is republican senator from alaska and joined me now. if anything, what, if anything, do you have to complain about? >> we have a lot to complain about.
11:42 am
we have 20 executive actions from the biden administration, 20 just focused on shutting down the economy of the state of alaska. it is unprecedented in terms of the anti-alaska agenda which covers so many sectors but it is definitely covering the energy sector where they are encouraging financers, banks not to invest in america's arctic where they are shutting down the ability to actually lease from oil and gas in federal lands and pipelines so we see a price spike certainly but that certain working families, there's a big attack on the alaska economy from the white house and i'm fighting every day to fight back against it. stuart: let me ask about this was the alaska railroad rescinded its employee vaccine mandate just days after announcing it.
11:43 am
is that a retreat from the vaccine mandate and do you approve of it? >> absolutely i do. i approve of it, i support it and i encourage other business leaders in alaska and america to not go forward with what is an unprecedented and unconstitutional edict from this president. this is never been done before at the level of the president without any authorization from congress and it is not about getting vaccines. it's not whether you should get vaccinated. i'm vaccinated, i encourage others to get vaccinated in consultation with their doctor. it is the president's overreach and unconstitutional action. is the key thing. think about this. during the covid pandemic, a key principle of democrats and republicans in the trump administration is businesses can get covid relief if they kept their workers and kept people working, that was the principal we worked under last year. president biden is taking a sledgehammer to that principle
11:44 am
and saying to american employers you have to fire your employees right before christmas if you don't listen to any act from the president? every business leader should hold off, the litigation is going to happen. what the alaska railroad is doing is the right thing for their employees. stuart: you do have a lot to complain about and glad you saved it for this show. thank you, senator, thanks for being with us. todd is still with us and he is going to sort out this merriam-webster addition to the dictionary of 455 new words. >> you see tbh which means to be honest. i sliced an interview because i use tbh to be honest about 40 times. not abc. i am at fox was a digital highlights include digital
11:45 am
nomads, super spreader and long covid. fluff are nutter, do you know what that is? stuart: no. >> you can scroll because i don't know either. a sandwich made with peanut butter and marcelo cream between two slices of white sandwich bread and dad body for which if you look in the merriam-webster dictionary there is a link to my instagram page. why did you get a picture of me? that's a little bit offensive and unnecessary. stuart: an average father, especially one that is slightly overweight and not extremely muscular. dad bond. that was great, just fine. quickly to the markets, in the green, half-and-half, split decision, no major price moves,
11:46 am
don't go anywhere. friday feedback is next. friday feedback is next. ♪♪ hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the one the most awful music i have ever heard in many a long year. this is the halloween edition of friday feedback. before we get started, are you dressing up? >> of course i'm dressing up. as a mermaid. stuart: your children? >> they have several days of celebrating. they went to school as a skeleton and a real halloween they will be an angel and a policeman and a baby. stuart: did you buy the mermaid costume or make it? >> i bought it in several places and piecing it together. stuart: are you dressing up? >> i'm dressing up as a fox and friends weekend reporter and continue covering the election and i will be a very tired dad. she is going to be a lobster. stuart: friday feedback, steve writes this.
11:51 am
i know you grow trees on your farm but would it be more profitable to grow marijuana? it grows like a weed, and open intended. not sure how to respond to that. don't know much about cultivation of marijuana. i believe it is labor-intensive and a lot of competition. i'll stick with trees and get out of this diplomatically. before i read the next one i have to remind you about something that happened this week. role tape. are you for your with anita -- tina? >> i love anita. i've known her for years. stuart: a you were named scott thinks anita could be a real term. he suggested anita alternatives, not in the air. a stretch for that one. i stick with tina. >> i'm glad the counter wasn't close up to see ryan's face. just don't think we should know. stuart: me and brian o'brien
11:52 am
and i? >> tina, anita, you are correct. stuart: tom wants to know this. what is your perfect vision for the perfect retirement? >> beach in yoga. stuart: todd? >> working man, i love working but i would like to work a little bit on the beach for the rest of the time. stuart: you know what i do? know obligations. not obligated to do anything. >> doesn't that get boring? stuart: i will give it a shot. they say money can't buy happiness but i'm determined to try to see if it does. jda right to this. i heard that donald trump may attend a world series game in atlanta. what would you expect the crowd response to be and the mainstream media response to that. >>
11:53 am
>> it would be while. you can get both. >> i won't say the exact phrase but the cheers will be about players named brandon and in reality i'm not saying it. i will talk about it later. the crowd reaction will be off the hook. i don't think the media will be happy about it. if they are going to downplay it. stuart: why am i so out of touch. i didn't know about macho man and now i don't know what you are talking about. neil: are not on social media. that is one reason. i give you a pass on the costume. it is only the top up. >> that is wrong. >> we have gone off the rails. we went getting out of hand. i will get back on the rails with this. dave writes, what is with this role tape stuff? get into the twentieth century.
11:54 am
i think it is the 21st century. hit play maybe, let's see that clip or show us that discussion. i have -- that's my expression. i am known for that. role tape. that's me. have the director knows that the q to literally put that tape on the air. >> i have said it sometimes and i just pull a steward because you are rubbing off on me but sometimes you say go. one ratchet it up a little bit. remember warner wolf, the new york sports guy? he would say let's go to the videotape. that was his queue. i shortened it, role tape. what do you say when introducing a sound bite? >> a lot of awkward things that confuse directors and cause untold problems in the booth. we when you can't say role tape. i am sticking with it. is it time for the question? no more questions. we left extra time, no more questions.
11:55 am
the trivia question, what was google's original name? you have four to pick from. google, googleplex and back links. that is quite a choice. i'm out of touch. we will be back with the answer. this broker is your man. let's open your binders to page 188... uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own, or with help from a financial consultant? like schwab does. uhhh... could we adjust our plan... ...yeah, like if we buy a new house? mmmm... and our son just started working. oh! do you offer a complimentary retirement plan for him? as in free? just like schwab. schwab! look forward to planning with schwab.
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11:58 am
stuart: what a question. what was google's original name? todd, your guess? >> i said google plex.
11:59 am
stuart: lauren? >> i said 3. stuart: i said the correct answer, which is back rub. it's the oddest of all names, that's why i picked it, because the guys who founded google are rather odd. they came up with the name in 1996. they decided on back rub are because it -- in 1997 it was named google because of a spelling error. it was meant to be googal, but when checking it, the domain was taken, a colleague accidentally searched on google. larry page liked it much better, and they stuck with google so now you know. >> alphabet. stuart: yeah, they changed it knockout -- [laughter] >> backrub, a horrible choice especially for the later years when it comes to law --
12:00 pm
[laughter] stuff like that. stuart: would the stock be now $2,000 a share if it was back backrub? >> stranger things have happened. stuart: what'll happen with facebook when it becomes meta? that's what they want. you know what? my time is absolutely up for the week, but i'll be back next week, and is so will all of us. neil, it's yours. neil: googling is weird. they had a meeting, right? and when it was all said and done, we've got to come up with a better name, they came up with alphabet. [laughter] they probably paid tens of millions of dollars for that gathering. it's just nuts. stuart: yeah. neil: all right. thank you very much, my friend. let's take a look at what's happening with 200 tech names being scrutinized as the dow goes in and out of record territory. the nasdaq would be doing a lot better if not for the performance particularly of amazon, that stock downet


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