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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  October 30, 2021 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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housing and urban development secretary doctor ben carson but it's out sunday on fox news at 10:00 a.m. right foxbusiness start smart every week and six -- 9:00 a.m. eastern joint meet weekdays for mornings with maria on foxbusiness for help will start with your day with us every weekday. that will do it for us in this weekend, thank you s being with me. have a great rest of the weekend everybody and i'll see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello this week on the wall street journal at large, still no deal for the u.s. economy shows signs of stalling and inflation continues to surge democrats are still arguing among themselves about the plan to spend trillions of dollars and raised taxes. this is exactly the u.s. economy really needs right now? plus yes virginia there is a santa claus and he might be about to bring you an early
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christmas present in the shape of a republican governor. look at the hottest resnick country right now is a contest goes on to the wire. you get hammered from all sides facebook's out of the witness protection program got give itself a protection identity what a new name for the social network everyone loves tammy bruce and lenny davis will be rib first this week it is a year end next week since a presidential election, what you could be forgiven to thinking it feels like ten. joe biden so-called build back better plan is shrinking fast still faces uncertain passage they were fractured democratic party in congress. voters go to the polls of elected virginia next week virginia estate biden one bite ten years ago republican glenn seems to be inching ahead with the fox news poll showing young can with an eight-point will talk about that later in the show the biden fiasco
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continues voters are having a bad case of buyers remorse. this could be a moment of great opportunity for the republican party not just a stall biden's agenda and win big and next year's midterm election they will cheat even larger. perhaps have a chance to bridge the great divide in american politics they could build a governing coalition of the country has not seen any generation. will they seize that opportunity? in these circumstances that sit back and enjoy your opponents failures and reach for familiar answers. three particular temptations currently are dangling for the gop he delivered gop in 2016 certainly looks like he could do it again. it is a sensation whatever good is policies meant that its content and rejection of the 2020 election remains a threat to constitutional government. and indeed to the republican party's prospect. is to revert to the treatment free trump days. this vanilla missed the lesson of the last five years and
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indeed donald trump's spectacular success it would also represent nostalgic harkening for something that's no longer relevant. reagan was a political genius who had process of the right answer to the country's problems of 40 years ago. today's challenges are really different and lead a really different response. the third temptation comes with enjoyed for centuries has failed. less emphasis on traditional freedom and more on creating new moral leadership for the nation. sounds like a good idea in principle but nobody really has a clue how to make it work. the answer may be much simpler republicans have a big opportunity to build a coalition of populism and conservativism. this would involve elevating the family and traditional values, resisting the tide of woke and cultural nihilism or rejecting the old creed that tax cuts and deregulation are always answered everything huge inequality in the face of rapid technology change and growing power for big business requires a new activist conservatism that tackles the failures of capitalism.
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it is a huge opportunity for conservatives and indeed the nation. there bold enough to seize it. democrats continue to try to push their own bold agenda on thursday before he let's restrict to europe, joe biden said the party had agreed on a framework for his spending plan. the more he looks at it it's clear there's great uncertainty seller whether the party fractions can agree on a deal. in the room where the u.s. economy is weakening and slowing growth and accelerating inflation. suggested democrats democrats may have their priorities all wrong. joining me too discuss this fox news contributor radio talkshow host tammy bruce and former counsel clinton lanny davis for thank you so much for being here. we still await for these democrats to come together over this plan. present biden hope to have a deal before went to europe this week and said turns out to be a framework for this going to be going on for some time yet.
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even if they come to deal though with the economy with all the challenges they're facing at the border it seems like the democrats are monumentally missing the point, do you agree? >> i think we are seeing in virginia and your monologue was right on their reflection of that. biden one by ten points have been governor before he is a known entity. and yet, suddenly in a very swift manner, within two weeks we saw sneaking up on them. there is this a flip is now eight points ahead which is beyond the margin of air. course anything can happen between now and tuesday. but it is because those same issues in that state or national issues, the economy, crime, violence, education now topping the list. this pull, keep in mind, gerry started the day after obama had gone to a rally.
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the shift is so significant. democrats don't seem to understand this. so many forced errors, afghanistan, the border, the economy even covered that perhaps to rethink how americans are viewing this mad -- to spend, spend, spend when our own lives are reflecting the inflation and economic trouble we face. gerry: you works in the clinton white house. i don't quite understand, biden came in he had a very, very narrow majority bill clinton did quite successfully for relatively measured small achievements. he kind of shot it looks like it's not what he wanted to achieve a looks like half a loaf, a failure. why did they make this mistake? lexi caucus has just endorsed the biden plan as manchin and
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cinema. it looks like a breakthrough. i would certainly agree democrats don't seem to want a victory. right now consensus on over $3 trillion of spending on infrastructure which president trump tried and never succeeded in doing. it looks like that is one 100% in agreement. in addition to social spending we are at at least $3 trillion which is about the cost of the trump tax cut that all republican supported over $3 trillion. we are close to victory but it looks like we democrats not too different than republicans when they promised, remember how many times they promised replacement for obamacare?
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gerry: does this what the economy needs right now? getting the christmas, thanksgiving dinner is going to cost more than ever cop cost before checking out a program that will create more childcare several years down the right does not seem to be answering of the american people. exits aptly inaccurate. every single poll shows childcare and other aspects to 60 -- 70% supported by the american people. no economist is attributing that spending should the inflationary pressure which is almost entirely supply-chain and pandemic related. so the individual aspects of the program are popular. but i do agree overall debating and dissent among democrats is not been well received by the american people. gerry: was gotta take a break there was back with a panel later in the chauffeured coming up you want to talk a
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little bit about the virginia governor's race it's a very tight race there with republican glenn youngkin moving a little ahead where they sing but the mood of the nation is at helping or hindering? >> we know he's got them on the run, terry mcauliffe versus virginia. that is what is on the ballot. terry mcauliffe believes that big government control is the answer. who believes government should state in between parents and their children break. >> glenn youngkin will do whatever donald trump wants them to do. his whole campaign has been critical race theory, which is not taught here in virginia pre-election integrity, crt, there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go.
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your dell technologies advisor is here for you - with the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. what physics present biden's brisk stump speech in arlington on tuesday might've been confuse who is running of virginia's gubernatorial race.
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terry mcauliffe or glenn youngkin or maybe it former president donald trump right. >> now he does not want to talk about trump anymore. well, i do, donald trump, donald trump, donald trump, donald trump. >> former president trump. trump, donald trump,. >> is there a problem with trunk being here? >> 24 times we think shocking late joe biden support does not really seem to be paying off. the latest box poll shows glenn youngkin eight-point lead over terry mcauliffe. that is a reversal from earlier this month when he was had by ten points but with me now talk about this is fox news bull codirector during a shot thank you for joining us. >> wonderful to be here. gerry: this is a remarkable poll was on the first of and to show glenn youngkin such a strong lead. we don't know the result i'm not going to ask get your crystal ball and tell us for what he want to get at is clearly there's a big shift going on in virginia. whether or not terry mcauliffe
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is going to pull it out right what art does this tell us what are the national implications of this off year? >> that is what everyone wants to know. is it a massive republican resurgence in 2022 or not? real briefly the macro and micro elements to this. it's very most predictive of what we might see in 2022. that is a president whose approval rating is in the low 40s that seems some of the troubles we've had lately permeates this election. these national forces are certainly going to be in plan 2022 leslie president turns things around, that does not bode well. at the micro level is a particular set of issues very favorable to the republicans most notably involving school boards and school administrators out emphasize more particularly that of galvanized the rights, that plus crime, immigration, some
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other issues are presenting a stew in virginia that's very minimal to enthusiasm turnout and maybe even perhaps victorious election. gerry: you see the education issue is a micro issue it does have a national implications this whole issue of what children are taught in schools, the whole issue of critical race theory the way in which parents should be able to be involved in their schools resonates with a lot of people around the country. i wonder if that actually might have some significance here? of seeing other election school board elections this the first time it's been tested in a statewide race that could really send a message the democrats they are really getting this wrong on this question of education, what you think? >> it is a great point. education is a micro issue in the sense it is more or less relevant different places obviously relevant in northern virginia have clashes over curriculum. i'm in austin, texas right now the fights of the austin independent school district
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were my kid went to school over curriculum, over teaching critical race theory as well as issues involving covid, mask mandates and that sort of thing. maybe this things are playing out more consistently more broadly than i'm thinking. i think they are more or less relevant in different pockets of the country. although what you are you are seeing is coercive narrative may be the democrats have pushed too far, too aggressively too fast on issues where parents are not really willing to go along with that yet. >> very briefly, these off year elections at the government raises in virginia and new jersey coming up. historically, do they tell is much about where things go or do we tend to get very excited about it at the time and forget about them later? >> it's a very blue state people trying to read a lot into that. parts of the data perhaps four or five democratic wind
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ten-point democratic wind is seen as a validation of the progressive live governing principles. tilting blue it's a battleground state so we are interested. >> were certainly that will listen on tuesday night we'll be right back with more on that race in virginia and other topics this week. what they could tell about the future elections, stay with us.
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gerry: let's talk more about the virginia governor's race with a panel fox news contributor radio talkshow host former special counsel, tell me what's interesting. we don't know what's going to
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happen in the elections on tuesday it seems to show glenn youngkin ahead. what's really interesting if it's close if he wins is on this issue is education and how important the issue of parents of concerns about their children's education. democrats used to have a big advantage. according to the polls glenn youngkin has a big advantage on education what message you think this assenting to the country? >> there setting there is unity. the political messages we are divided thus we see the parties generally addressing but certainly the democrats use that. this is been a real radicalization of parents. it's an extraordinary decision to leave the house in the midst of a pandemic or the aftermath of a pandemic and go to a school board meeting with other people. that in and of itself is a radical move. but then to speak your mind and the american public to see in certain places the rowdiness of it or the arrest especially this one issue of
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rape and the father was arrested he's not going to sue. this issue now, for this to be seen as a republican issue is remarkable. it is an opportunity my with virginia and the republicans in general in your opening, this is one thing for the republicans to get victory at the jaws of defeat because the democrat is so bad. but what will they do with it? will they stand up with it? will they speak on these issues, claim the issues and have success once elections are done? gerry: the democrats have got this wrong, didn't they? they played down parents concerns. barack obama was there talking about all this concern about critical race theory mccormick said parents should not tell teachers what their children should be taught. what ever happens on tuesday we don't know it looks like they have misstep tear. >> i think the comment made
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was a mistake. trying to do it by overstating a very important principle that i agree with tammy this is a moment of potential unity which i always look for. his comment about parents not being involved with their children in school was a mistake and he is paying for it. gerry: did the democratic party get that message quickly? >> i think tammy puts it right this is a potential area of unity. i think she agrees the bullying, shouting, threats have occurred at some of the school board meetings is terrible. i also think it's very bad to discourage parents to be involved with their children in school. i am a parent with high school students for think we have a chance for some unity i agree with tammy on that. coming up, facebook is a real the new company name it has retained all the company problems will take that up at the panan
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to reflect who we are what we hope to build. i am proud to announce that starting today, our. >> those these weak almost
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acknowledging the company's old name had become so toxic they needed a new one. under siege of late after whistleblower led a coordinated campaign with major media organizations to highlight what facebook throws his if facebook has its problems and could use more than a new name. the main street media allows too much misinformation that they meet information on opinions that do not comport the mainstream media own view of the world. they went to facebook, to be remade with a voice is banished under intense pressure to shut down conservative voices it did with donald trump. will this campaign succeed very briefly and lanny davis. tammy very quickly will facebook's a new name change the way the company is sin? >> i would say do not
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underestimate them. this is been extraordinary developments in modern america. at the same time you are looking at a dynamic, facebook is change the way we communicate. the system is threatened on both sides great conservatives and democrats have a lot of power it affects the establishment. if left alone could do it once. nobody wants that at the same time a system of media is used to at least having every other media comply. i think that's what this is about at this point. gerry: very briefly assisted media and everyone else beating up on facebook just because they do not like the way facebook actually is representing conservative views that don't get in the rest of the media? >> i think it's wrong to politicize a yes left or right. it's one of the bipartisan commonalities we have. but facebook name change, it may be as a good idea i doubt it. the main issue is there trying
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to get rid of lies that cause harm. it's a very hard line to draw i'm glad i'm not sitting in the seat and facebook trying to figure that out right quick some people's misinformation or views, thank you both i appreciate you both thank you for joining us. we'll be back next up with more on the wall street journal at large for a thank for joining us. ♪ ♪ >> barron's roundtable sponsored by invesco queue queue queue. >> welcome to barron's roundtable we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead i'm jack are coming up strategist david kelly will tell us what inflation has in common with logrolling. can any other car company dethrone tesla as the undisputed king of motor vehicles? we begin with what we think are the most three things in the investors ought to be thinking about right


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