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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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want in the country so they are willing to take the risk and assault border patrol agents to get there came. liz: good to see her, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to the country. you've been rocking the evening at it on foxbusiness, but those are for us. thank you for watching, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: diamonds are forever especially if you're hunter biden because today we learned the first time/artist/drug aficionado, he's more corrupt than we ever imagined. apparently so is darrell, according to a new book called laptop from hell, miranda devine, the chinese businessmen gave hunter biden 3.16 ^-caret diamond and promised $30 million payday just to make introduction to washington's most powerful
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people, just a few introductions from bethel and the details of this and other viewings in the laptop from a hunter's drop off -- it was online -- all right, is a stellar repair shop in 2019, the same laptop (hereafter license presidential campaigns before the election but the mainstream media twitter basically killed the story from the rest is presidential history service why hunter? probably because he's easy to manipulate, a well-known drug problem and his wife life has always been a mess. here's the kicker, laptop evidence suggests joe biden himself from of the big guy could have scored a 10% cut of hunters deals so the more dirty money erecting from the rich of the family got back despite president biden repeatedly claiming things like this. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his
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business dealings? >> i've never spoken to my son about his business dealings. >> i've never discussed with my son or brother or anyone else or anything to do with that business must. third i will do the same we did in our administration, a wall between personal and private in the government must you stand by your statement that you did not discuss any of your sons business dealings? >> i stand by that statement. kennedy: was out a life? what else could return still learn about the biden's dirty stealing stuff we currently have podcast health and spectator usa contributing editor, stephen l miller is back. democrat poster and fox news printer but, truly growing, jessica is here. caleb director is a studies, was the constitution flexed no one like that anymore. everyone welcome. stephen, why does this matter?
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i does the information about hunter biden and what he was doing between 2016 and 19, why does it matter now? >> it matters greatly, you obviously have the president's son who looks to be a party hearts march and these things matter when we have an investigation into the origins of covid in the presidential team says is inconclusive or xi jinping called biden his old friend and we have problems with russia and ukraine and there's nothing there with influencing the family. i think it's funny hunter biden has turned out to be who we were always told the trump kids are supposed to be and there's a lot of that going on from the media sets the standards by constantly going after those people since they just ignore hunter biden's influence on this administration's and that goes back to prior to the election
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when twitter and facebook are blocking accurate stories because they think it's somehow going to weigh in on how it affects the outcome we don't really know what is a serious problem when it comes to china again when we have human and rights of use bills being pushed through and the administration acting towards those things. when we get inconclusive results about covid in front variance we have to deal with, it should raise some eyebrows. kennedy: it raises my eyebrows because nobody knew joe biden was going to run for president, he knew that in 2016 so i don't buy that everything is shady and we are going on enormous amounts of money that were promised delivered, that went to a guy who really had no area of expertise and the only commodity there was to sell and that family specifically with hunter biden was access, that's all he could sell, joe biden's knew that and you have more than one member of the biden family not only aware are actively involved
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in that said what time does it become a problem for joe biden? >> i think it becomes a problem when there's not just speculation but we have on the record those who were in the meeting who said joe biden -- here is what the quid pro quo low was all about. an excerpt from i know the book comes out. talking about a meeting that took place in 2015 as we have no confirmation joe biden was there and another meeting with him in hunter biden's associates 2017 when he was already out of office. if we are going to sit here and pretend people related to powerful people don't trade on access, everyone will just be a bunch of flyers here. i'd like to see hard evidence this happened and he was telling the office he was being manipulated in some way or they profited off of it and i understand their ways to move money around so we wouldn't necessarily see it and tax returns but as of now, there's
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no evidence there was a gateway to joe biden or he acted in any professional capacity while in office . kennedy: with the big guys getting 10% of the mass of multimillion dollar deals? >> show it to me. i'd be perfectly happy as a lot of democrats have been changing her tune about bill clinton for instance if you show the evidence that this actually happened b2 are you serious? there are e-mails going back and forth talking about numbers and percentages, not to mention the whatsapp chat miranda devine published, these are not anonymous versus tony belinsky, if he were a liar just making this up for his own personal gain, he would be mowed down by the biden machine. so this is just one of many
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problems for joe biden right now. what else does he have sewing on? >> that's exactly it between the afghanistan gas company, unconstitutionality of the federal vaccine mandates, the money printer, inflationary spending more than enough to criticize without going back to hunter biden's laptops, there's more of a media scandal how much did joe know and how involved was he? i just don't think he is as business sophisticated running this chinese operation behind the scenes kind of like the phil hartman sketch about ronald reagan on saturday night live 30 years ago with her daughter and send product suddenly becomes this operative. he probably wanted to profit entrusted hunter and his brother too much. it doesn't back great but all
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the shadiness is biden's family, i am more concerned with how shady he is in terms of public policy right here right now. kennedy: this is not someone concerning himself with any ethics considering a future run even if his family scandals don't bring him down. president biden to run for a second term from nobody, especially not joe but a shower than a dry kiddy pool. kamala harris has the personality of multi- possum and approval ratings to beach. hillary clinton can't run because we all know she will be in jail any day now. lock her up. nancy pelosi is coming up on her fourth hundredth birthday but there's one fresh boy wonder ready to be in the spotlight. wn inflecting media darling but can't get enough of him.
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he become the democrat party 24 presidential nominee? how are they reactive is passed over? i never understood why joe biden didn't pete buttigieg in the first place. i thought he had tremendous ability and is a hoosier, i gave him my crew, i've never vote for him but i do like him stephen l miller. [laughter] >> biden kind of screwed his party up a little bit by picking somebody who had to drop out before iowa. criticisms are that she's not a very good politician and they've found themselves in this conundrum from the worst kept secret among media circles, everyone knows joe biden is 99%, probably a one term president whether he knows it or not. as soon as he swivels around in
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the office chair and says he's going to run again, they will say joe, you need to tell him we can't do this sweetheart. that leaves them with an open primary in 2024 and i don't think it would a judge or harris and that's when you get us youngest cassio cortez throwing her head in the rink. kennedy: i have an air runner, i think that would be fantastic. a phenomenal plan. i always thought harris -- >> be careful what you wish for. kennedy: seriously. >> she's almost as likable as hillary clinton so you know, could be competitive that's a joke b2 hillary as likable? what happened? >> harris maybe the only democrats capable of losing to donald trump in the next election, i do. kennedy: for jessica, obviously he can't be the nominee but you don't even think mayor pete is
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going to be the nominee, what is going on? >> i think it will be a wide open primary joe biden decides not to run and he's been signaling more and more he does intend to run. we'll see what happens. you're looking at a second term, republicans have control of the senate and the house, different fields that but i don't think necessarily it will be kamala or pete buttigieg. i'd like him from the get-go and what has voted for him but i don't think the country is frankly ready to have an openly gay president but i don't think that's where we are going you will probably have to put someone there in the top of the ticket. kennedy: i don't think the democrat party -- [inaudible] >> amy corporate chart in terms of policy more likely to pick up the moderate republicans we got in 2020 we are probably going to have to go down that route if it comes down to the. kennedy: kamala harris gives all women a bad name.
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>> he could have picked him equal test. cold feet because of what happened in minneapolis. >> she has to whitesburg if you can't have anybody white in the democratic party. kennedy: she is a white devil. >> okay, the only democrat on the panel last time i checked it's not about getting cold feet when the naacp in minnesota after the killing of torchlight comes out, amy called the trust was linked to letting their child off the pass offenses, you can't have a white ticket necessarily. >> that killed the prosecutor from san francisco? >> 20% more black men under her watch. good stuff. >> good luck with what she has now, i guess. >> she will miss your vote. >> is three years away, it's fine i guess but i don't think in the end it will matter.
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kennedy: i don't know, man. she's proven herself to be a dismal politician, no political instincts. if she had the nimbleness of somebody like bill clinton, she could figure out how to turn things around but kamala harris cannot, she is incapable and watching her talk about inflation -- go ahead. >> she has a lower approval rating than vps who shot us in the face from x-uppercase-letter you back off mike pence. he was asking for. [laughter] 's so let's steer clear accepts coming back in a little bit. next, the trial for jeffrey epstein's trials from maxwell finally underway. what they unravel the truth behind the epstein twisted history? an attorney is here with thoughts next. ♪♪
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long-awaited trial of jeffrey epstein's alleged partner, elaine maxwell maxwell getting started today inc. his ex-girlfriend count of enticing
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minors to engage in sex ask. prosecutors argue she was a key architect in procuring young girls epstein's pyramid scheme of abuse. the former socialite so claims she's innocent and her brother says she's been set up as a scapegoat. >> just me to face the charges of epstein never faced in place of his she's paying a heavy blood price. she's treated as guilty. kennedy: she's just not paying for his crime, she's paying for her crime accused of sexually abusing children herself so will the trial deliver justice for epstein and maxwell's victims? he with me now to discuss attorney and northwestern law professor, andrew, welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: let's discuss this because this is a more narrow case and people might assume, there are only four victims here
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to testify from the case centers around, why is that? >> i think the prosecutors want to if it's basic and straightforward. the less victims you have, the more compelling their testimony can be and i think that's the biggest challenge for prosecutors in this case because the witnesses have credibility issues. these are the problems in sexual assault cases like this in many allegations happened in 1996 and 97 so going to be an uphill climb for a prosecutors and hopefully they will have enough to convict. kennedy: 's they do have that little black book, found in stone book with typed pages including not only many of the victims groomed throughout the process but also some of epstein's celebrity friends and politicians, where that come into play? >> yes, it's going to come into play and you have some of the most famous men in the world,
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former presidents, multibillionaire's and celebrities who are extremely nervous, not just about the black book but it as peers as though she's going to testify in this case. i can tell you, when somebody is facing 70 years in federal prison, they will say virtually anything to get off so i can promise you some really nervous people right now, some of the most powerful men in the country. kennedy: but she's not been able to come to a plea agreement yet and she's offered quite a bit to the federal government but they've not taken debate, why is that? >> i don't know, maybe she hasn't been willing to provide all the details necessary but i think it is horrific, this is the only person epstein's inner circle who's been charged. i'm hoping additional charges will come down the line but when you have a private jet call it the lolita express in bearing their best friends across the world with what appeal to be
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under age girls, why hasn't anybody else been charged? is she protecting someone or are prosecutors who botch the case in 2008 when they agreed to a plea deal without serving any time, are they trying to protect these people? kennedy: this case has been well documented, there was the original book filthy rich and the netflix series the people have gotten emotionally attached to this case and many people believe jeffrey epstein doesn't kill himself. >> there are so many things problematic here and i'll bet if you didn't have that amazing reporting in the netflix series, i don't think prosecutors would have pursued the charges against pressure is overwhelming to the prosecutors better get it right and i'm hoping she's not the only one in jeffrey's circle who's going to be charged with a
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crime because there are others involved. kennedy: she wasn't just a, just procuring women, he will have a psychologist testify she was a big part of the grooming process and that's a hideous affair on top of all of that, she herself had been accused of sexual abuse, sexually abusing these young women. i hope she answers and i hope justice prevails here because not woman deserves a warm spot in hell. >> amen, well said. kennedy: thank you. american sweetheart doctor anthony fauci as people are antiscience. covid overlord. i'll break down why he's out of his mind, his tiny little mind in my memo after this. ♪♪
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omicron variant wreaking havoc in southern africa, biden administration is in a pickle how to respond. should we shutdown travel for african nations in a covid strain that may be mild or possibly weird? no, it only buys a few days and will actually stop transmission. the size is far from settled to houses greek letter devil's response to vaccines, it could be a weak version of the more ominous strain, vaccinated are amply protected against. it's like 98 degrees' version 2000 backstreet boys but don't listen to me, i'm just a thickheaded warming. someone is just crowned himself product lines just in time for christmas. doctor anthony fauci has gotten a lot of deserved heat for what he knew and when he knew it and he said anyone attacking him is to dumb to know what science is.
7:28 pm
>> anybody looking at this carefully realizes there is a distinct antiscience flavor to this topic get up and criticize science, nobody is going to know what they are talking about but if they get up and aim their bullets at tony fauci, people recognize there's a person there so it's easy to criticize for theoretic criticizing size because i represent science. kennedy: oh my gosh. how big of him people appreciate straightforward agnostic data at this time. they have a hard time with his fist convenient misdirect because not only is he a bad person for knowing gain of function researched and actively funding it for engaging in prescription strength cya. on top of that, he's a condescending pastor. ted cruz had it right when he tweeted fauci is on electric technocrat the start of science
7:29 pm
and facts in order to exercise authoritarian control over millions of americans. that's it. that gets to the heart of it as fauci exaggerated, quiet and misled about everything from the nature of the virus to is in situ of funding the players programs, he's looking at you equal help alliance, back coronavirus research all the way to mask mandate, fudging herd immunity numbers willy-nilly keeping kids out of school. fun fact, brown university found 23% iq drop in babies and toddlers due to missing out on facial cues because of over masking. can you imagine if you were 23% smarter you might be able to understand science? lockdowns have not worked. barriers for those who may or may not bring the variant with
7:30 pm
them. residents can still travel back here so much so does their legal status provide a magical prophylaxis against the new strain? we could ask tony fauci but he has his head so far up his own keister, he will never hear from us little people. that's the memo. fauci wines, president biden says he'll be wrong about a new public plan this week in response to the omicron variance. he claims the lockdowns are off the table for now. watch. >> thursday, i will put forward a detailed strategy outlined in how we will fight covid this winter. not shutdowns or lockdowns. widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing and more. kennedy: boosters? tony fauci needs a booster. what happens if they push covid articles we've already tried and we know don't work? the party panel is back.
7:31 pm
stephen, jessica and india. i don't trust anthony fauci anymore and haven't for a long time. the more i read, the less i like him. why does he still have a job? >> he's in with the right people, he's in with the club. if you are not in that club, fauci was just out of party not wearing a mask, i think people have had enough of this. i'm not a fan of the prosecutorial tone senators take with him but people in the media don't question him, they are only people who do question him, you get what he's saying, i represent science and he's talking about it like he is an attorney. i guess if you want to mumble brag about that when you're client killed 11 million people worldwide and your fingerprints might be on that, it's kind of a
7:32 pm
problem, a little humility from him i think is what's needed and the only reason lockdowns aren't on the table for the biden administration is because they know it's the end of his presidency if they tried again. this is the second time he's made this statement about criticizing signs if you criticize me and assist on this is omnipotent attitude like "star trek"'s without being, what is god? what does anthony fauci do with starship? you can't question anything i'm doing. he should have been allowed to quietly retire months ago. one of the first people to put in writing he should have resigned or been fired because like you said, constant flip-flopping, it's one thing to get things wrong, science is a process moving, it's not declared religion here but he treated that way and when he's questions about it . kennedy: he treats it as a static settle behemoth and that's not what science is but
7:33 pm
it's interesting. >> very devout b2 he has. the more you read about science and viruses and genomic mapping in those things, the more you question his role in the information about virus and the role he might have played creating the virus knowing the legality is something like a lab like the wuhan institute of virology so i do have issues with him. >> a lot of people have issues with him and the end of the biden presidency being related to covid, we found virginia what happens when parents are upset their kids couldn't practice or when science shows low level of transmission amongst children learning about masking in terms of iqs for a kid can't take facial cues from folks wearing masks and etc. so this is
7:34 pm
obviously a midterms issue, 2024 issue but it's our everyday issue. ryan paying attention to is the head of the south african medical board whatever the technical term as an seen bible symptoms in people falling ill and there is no reason to panic about this. kennedy: don't panic, it's organic. i've got to move on. i appreciate that very much. so what happens now? people no longer believe representatives of the federal government when they tell them everything in the life or death issue and we have to panic about everything, they don't believe them anymore, is that problematic? >> it's a combination of chicken middle and just being fraudulent. he's a tremendously ineffective messenger. if you want the new plan to get people hesitant to get the vaccine or one of the planets, he needs to fire him and get somebody else.
7:35 pm
the only people who believe him are the virtual signals, not people who believe in science. if he's science been cruz and paul are like two corinthians or something and they happen to have the right of the argument over gain of function research, at least thank heavens someone is questioning him because science is not about that, it's proving and testing theories and seeking the truth. we need fundamentally different messenger and i say this as somebody not only vaccinated, i got my booster because the vaccine fades -- mike. kennedy: unlike my love for fauci that never fades. thank you guys so much. way to start the week. back from the holiday and stronger than ever. how dangerous is the new omicron variance? government walking down borders, canceling flights and researchers are on the ground in
7:36 pm
south africa. symptoms are pretty mild as far as we know, it's not cause any debts or wire we -- here to discuss, fox news medical correspondent and professor of medicine, doctor marc siegel is back. welcome back. >> straight to be with you. kennedy: how worried should we be? how bad is the variance? >> speaking of science, fear is science, to a. do not fear is? your works in a hardwired where in the human brain. we don't know what this is get, we have to be vigilant, we have to be on the lookout, we are shutting everything down potentially. you know what happens? your alarm goes off and you jump to worst-case scenario and that's why we like hitchcock in horror movies but there's so far doesn't seem to rate up there because for one thing, viruses and to get milder as they go on during the pandemic, that's number one.
7:37 pm
i don't know for sure this is the case but what we are hearing out of south africa certainly not more severe than other parents, public milder and seems to be more transmissible but if it's more transmissible but milder, that's going to end up being a good thing. second, it looks like the vaccines will probably work against this. they are not telling you this but they are testing that right now with a clever way of testing for they take a pseudo- virus the head of this virus on it and they check and they are almost done. in a day or two we will know, or the vaccines work? my production is yes. kennedy: thank hollow it out in hiv virus put medicine in it and injected into a dying little boy. miraculous. obviously this has changed how we understand the virus from a how quickly can make sequence the genome of these variance?
7:38 pm
>> they've already done that. thank you south africa for doing that and thank you south africa for looking in your sewer want to see how much of the virus was there. there's a lot of great science in the got punished with everybody saying you got cooties over there, we don't want anywhere near you and that was not the right approach because the sick horses were out of the barn are ready and then they closed the barn door. what am i doing with travel bands all over the world? south africa should be congratulated for the work they did. kennedy: and everyone knows it doesn't buy a lot of time or stop transmission, they have to stop these ridiculous bands. thank you, always good to talk to you. >> thanks, great to be with you. kennedy: another weekend of shocking smash and grab robberies.
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it's a dance party. always. would like were stuffing our faces this thanksgiving we can, organized thieves were stopping their cars with merchandise stolen major retail smashing wrapped on black friday? twenty-two people rated and loot. los angeles county criminals storm home depot to steal some tools. for later looting so i'm guessing. shot and killed during a robbery clothing store trying to protect a tv crew. it's gone so bad even california governor gavin newsom calling for crackdown on crime.
7:44 pm
how convenient. >> i have no sympathy or empathy whatsoever people smashing and prodding, stealing items creating havoc and terror on our street. none. kennedy: negative. when the crime wave be stopped before it gets even worse? joining me to discuss former d.c. police detective defense attorney and fox news contributor, ted williams is back. welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: is this a new normal and people should expect when they go to malls? i was at an open air mall in california this weekend and there was a lot of security in a few lapd cruisers scrubbing the place out and everyone looking around like smash and grab? is that our new normal? >> it could be the new normal. when you get back to your
7:45 pm
office, i went on the street and saw jojo and about a louis vuitton purse in your office waiting for you. kennedy: thank you. [laughter] kennedy: >> it is such a serious situation, smash and grab scenario taking place all over this country and as you just reported that they on saturday, a security guard, a former police officer in the bay area guarding a tv crew, there was a smash and grab the other cameras and he wound up trying to protect them and he wound up being shot and he died, unfortunately but this is going on all over the country right now. what i believe is the cure is you're going to have to enact
7:46 pm
laws them. right now if you steal under $900 in california, it's treated as a misdemeanor and you are going to have to have laws that treat these crimes as felonies. i think sadly merchants will have to step up to the plate the power them, i would hire off-duty police officers, undercover officers to participate in the stores there to calm it down but it is blowing up all over the country. kennedy: people look at the videos and they say that's all you have to do? bring a dozen friends and overwhelm everybody because people working, they don't want sprayed in the face bear spray
7:47 pm
or hit in the head with a crowbar or hammer. they are letting this happen, it's going to cost small businesses money to protect their inventory and it's garbage it's happening before christmas and hurting businesses rebounding from pandemic, they may be in trouble this year yet again. just go out and buy stuff, consignment is a beautiful thing, you don't have to feel it. especially if it makes the prices of things i want go up. >> you're absolutely right. look at what happened in california at one of the stores. eighty individuals hit nordstrom's and within a minute they just about cleaned the place out. kennedy: $1 million, that was crazy. i love your view and i'm glad you are back. thank you for making my monday. >> my pleasure, it's nice being
7:48 pm
with you. kennedy: topical storm is up next. ♪♪
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kim jong un and reportedly fanned citizens in north korea
7:52 pm
from wearing leather coats. stop them from copying his look which explains why he doesn't give them food. dictator starving for attention. this is topical storm you made it. topic number one passenger on delta airlines -- this story is so gross. reportedly caught breast-feeding her cat during a flight to atlanta. don't ever try this at home or you could end up with a horrible case of catnip. [laughter] according to an aircraft communications system, the woman refused to stop breast-feeding the kitty despite repeated pleas from the cabin crew. the passenger were reportedly confronted by delta customer service upon landing if you've ever tried to change a flight, you know dealing with customer service is way too harsh a penalty for a little thing like beastie audit. put my nipple in your mouth. it's possible she could be banned for life from all delta
7:53 pm
flights are upgraded to first class on spirit airlines where she will instantly be the classiest passenger on the plane. well done. gross. topic number two. buckshot monday. tonight we meet a couple caught packing heat. here we go, arrested for reportedly recording a sex video in the back of a patrol car. the couple picked up after noah was found running on an expired license. these two went on an expiration date. the back of the patrol car, they suggested maybe video back here. arresting officer stepped away for a few minutes, the couple was caught engaging in sexual activity filming it on noah's film. the most expensive part, they
7:54 pm
film the all in portrait mode. on the bright side, there is finally a new police, kevin hart. topic number three. after an unexpected blizzard this weekend, thousands of customers got snowed in and trapped for three days. a british pub with an oasis cover band. customers just hope someday he would go in the landslide. all right. this was the scene in japan 300 miles north of london. they gathered to heal all of the best, no word on what they plan to do after the 12 minutes were done. unfortunately, late storm forced roads to close locking them in and stopping workers from reaching the bar which was disappointing because they thought maybe they would be the ones to save them.
7:55 pm
they survived by eating bar food, drinking and watching movies, basically everything i do when i am not trapped in a dangerous snowstorm. topic number four. would you like to see your man's face light up for christmas but don't feel like doing anything to make him happy? now there is a way. our fox company, check out these new lights. eighteen many christmas lights, his spirit. attachment clips so you can stick them in your beard and light up every room you walk into. they are great for nighttime bicyclists and crossing guards and they are battery operated so you won't need extension cords. keep an eye on the battery pack market blow up in your face. you can add beer ornaments to your bug so you can put everyone in the christmas spirit, entirely to yourself.
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i'll be right back. ♪♪
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