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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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cheesecake is falling prey to the cream cheese shortage. the cheesecake is made from 85% cream cheese. make it impossible to prepare without that key ingredients. the shortage is so bad the company had deposited cheese cake production and december is a junior at the busiest month of the air. i take a moment of silence for that but that we are out of time for that desert breast on "foxbusiness tonight" "the evening edit" starts now. elizabeth: tonight economist call it a scary high inflationary rate not seen in the modern era. not seen in four decades since reagan. that, plus a new report today on how bad a democrat spending really is. could all of that once and for all stop the biting agenda for good? is it done? over? vulnerable democrats may balk. working middle-class americans sing their wage growth wiped out with the white house on the move going on offense.
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all that's more than five dozen liberal groups now calling and pressuring and blaming the media, and demanding favorable coverage provided. but the polls already warned a few believe them here. joining us on it congressman leaves eldon, james, andy biggs, plus economic expert liz the washington times charlie hurt, doctor marc siegel, former top ice official. more and tonight on how to tromp, he is now pulling it better than biden in a real clear politics average. also tonight top democrats and the media and slammed for silence after they rushed to defend and his fraudulent hate crime, found guilty tonight and democrats opportunistically exploiting a racism and identity politics dividing the country further when chicago already on the brink where else have they rush to judge? by the silence on the real
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crime of hitting the country is it because democrats cannot exploit back to stay in power? and biden's a vaccine demanded a poll shows a majority of government workers do not like it. we take the debate on surplus congressman and james, with his take on his major fight on the floor of the house with democrat adam schiff. failing to deliver the proof that adam schiff repeatedly claims he had a tromp russia collusion parade special counsel robert mueller the bomb official said it was not there, we've got the fireworks. plus more on this to report both senate judiciary actually follow through on its threat to hold a justice department in contempt of congress are stonewalling in multiple controversies including the targeting of schoolboard parents. plus, more news on how dangerous the border crisis really is. dozens of illegal immigrants are dead. more than 100 injured and yet another fatal crash.
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and border patrol increasingly finding human smugglers and illegal immigrants armed with guns. thanks for joining us i am elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit", it starts right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to the show you're watching the foxbusiness network. it was a somber day for washington former senator bob dole celebrated by the president and u.s. leaders at a washington funeral it was a moving day for d.c. today also the white house scrambling the highest inflation rate since 1982 when the u.s. was admired and ate steep and sharp recession very plus a new cbo report calls vulnerable democrats to stop the biting agenda. democrat social spending is almost doubled what democrats claimed was a deficit. cbo says it's $3 trillion if it is made permanent. edward lawrence in washington with moore, edward p.
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>> president joe biden asking americans to be patient and eventually he says it will settle back down. senior democratic official said they are using used cars as a leading indicator and eventually at some point next year after three things happen. first to unclog the supply chain second gas prices need to come down and more people need to get vaccination so employees feel comfortable about going back to work. well, the price of used cars is at 31.4% more this year than last year. still, the president using high-end inflation as a way to push for more spending. >> what is inflation all about her people? they are paying more for things they need and they had to pay before. that is the bottom line. now, if they are paying for childcare, considerably less for healthcare, considerably less for insolent, considerably less you can go down the list all the things
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of the build back better plan protects the only issue when he says wages are rising that's 4.8% over the past 12 months. but inflation is up 6.8%. so raises are falling short to be just look at what we are seeing in the grocery store seal cereal and bakery products up 6.4 meat, fish, chicken egg up 12.8%. fruits and beck's triples up 4%. want to go out to a restaurant to eat, that meal is up 6%. to get to that meal is going to cost you 58.1% more because that is how much more all gasoline is year-over-year, lisbeth. >> edward lawrence think of your journalism they're good to see you but let's welcome back to the show congressman lee from house financial services and fox news contributor to economic expert liz peak. first you congressman it's not going to get better. reuters is reporting inflation will stay high well into 2023 because of the global shipping crisis. it's good to see both what you think of that congressman?
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>> obviously is something that is hugely concerning. it seems very accurate. it is compounded by push right now the united states senate to pass a massive multi trillion dollar bill, not just with the increase in spending but also the increase in tax policy and what that can mean as far as businesses. you reference a supply chain rater regulatory push that is there by this administration. some of the moves are being talked about from the administration going forward can actually make this worse. obviously inflation has the lowest income americans the hardest. >> let's talk about that. >> are my thoughts it's going to get worse. elizabeth: it's getting stickier for biden monmouth out the polls american americans disapprove of bite and they do not believe the white house narrative more tax-and-spend will lower inflation. he's middle-class joe he's sympathetic but he seems out of touch does not seem about
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issues that affect them that is the thinking. remember white house chief of staff retweeted inflation only as a high-class problem, your word on this? >> that is exactly right, liz. the white house today began to try to spin this it differently. trying to bring empathy back to the approach to talking about inflation. but i think biden has done something very >> here which is basically promising people prices are going to start to go down for the truth is yes, used car prices, which affected very few people may start going down. but what we saw today was food prices, gasoline, and rent all moving higher. people with income less than $50000 a year end say they are being hurt very badly by inflation. overall 40% of americans are saying that. the white house is really on the wrong track of the underplayed this from the beginning. most economists now think this
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will not peak until possibly midyear next year. elizabeth: alright liz peake is making a good point congressman. and then begot the white house increasingly bullying and blaming the media doing a preemptive pressure campaign secretly calling reporters and producers along with five dozen liberal group singing a letter to media bosses demanding more positive coverage for biden claim in the media's quote harming democracy on the reputation they do not do favorable coverage of biden. their bullying here. remember they did this during the campaign. bullying depressed to not cover hunter biden, go ahead. >> they are actually lucky the coverage is not far worse. there are many in the media that still go way out of their way to hold this administration to the water. i think they have a heightened expectation that are holding their water during last year's campaign. without the hunter biden story last fall where they were able to get not just the media but big tech to work together to
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suppress post- coverage and others. there is this desire to multiply out the white house spin room. they tried to spin reality like this is a democratic national convention we are living through. they are realizing they're not going to build to survive these crises if they do not have the media doing more to act as their stooges. >> two, the congressman point it is how we are reporting on the story right liz? we know the economy is nearing full employment businesses add 200 10,000 jobs in november. labor force participation highest level since the pandemic. there is that end of it. so then we have the supply chain we have congress and democrats talking about plowing trillions of dollars into the economy. and now we got potential double whammy for the market. does the fed have to raise interest rates they want to raise taxes to pay that is a big deal, what you say?
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>> i say totally a big deal. this skittishness in the market over these last few weeks is because the fed has changed tones, liz, right after basically becoming renominated for another term. talked about hastening the tapering and started to imply would be look at higher rates. but look, the reason i think the market went up today even though we had a really bone crushing inflation report is because there is some thought they might even be worse. combined with the report i think the build back better thing is dead. i think that is what investors are beginning to count on. >> we've gotten out to your point, by the way democrats are saying inflation is not transitory representing saying that. saying it's brought on by covid. you wonder if they locked out or shutdown coming back to bite the white house. you've got the white down and chat white house with no evidence of price gouging.
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watch top white house official said working with fdc to go after meat producers and blaming that meat processors for inflation, watch this. >> when you look at most of the increase in food costs, you can isolate a significant portion of that to meet, beef, pork, chicken particular there's a very concentrated industries were a small number of meat processors control the industry. that's an issue of concern and one that we have focused on both from an antitrust perspective but also investing in helping competitors get into that market. elizabeth: okay, is that really the answer? the little meat guys that meat processors are going to sick on the meat processors because they are but to blame for inflation? you know how incompetent this is the big government response? let's get them on the stick let's shift the blame and finger-pointing. it's their policies you know
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what i mean congressman? your final wordpress. >> yes a shiny object deflection per they want the bill and to be anyone else. the democrats and joe biden historically many and this administration have looked towards any type of a big business to ultimately try to vilify. they move numbers as best they can because their approval numbers are certainly cratering right now. the consequences are not going to just hurt them at the ballot box is going to hurt them to pass their agenda. elizabeth: congressman lee, lives were going to come to first next time but it's good to have you both on come back soon okay? good to see you. still to come topper cap publican congressman james a comb or his take on the major fight on the floor the house. democratic adam shift over a ship failing to deliver the proof of the trump russia collusion. special counsel robert mueller never found it. officials say it wasn't there but we got the fireworks. cap next washington times charlie hurt on the jussie
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elizabeth: back with his now fox news contributor charlie hurt. charlie it's great to be back on. okay the jussie smollett guilty verdict. the media now silent after they rushed to defend jussie smollett fraudulent hate crime claims for the evidence came in. we are talking biden kamala harris, cory booker, pelosi, peach buttigieg, adam schiff what is your reaction? >> is where the most appalling episodes we have seen in modern politics. you have an entire party seeking to politicize absolutely every aspect of everything. including race and what potentially could have been a terrible crime. but what we are really seeing now is the democrats are obsessed with fake crimes. they want to ignore real crimes. i think voters next year will get their say on all of this.
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elizabeth: let's take i listen to how they blindly supported jussie smollett and the press secretary had damage control after the guilty verdict, watch this. >> i do not like it's been put out there in the media this is a possible hate crime. >> a lot of questions why don't. jack: is a really good guy went just to be served in this case. >> that media has cast so much doubt on his story which i find so personally offensive. >> he is given a detailed account, account chicago polices that has been consistent he has not changed his story but they also said it's incredible the police have said that. also he has been very cooperative. >> this is american 2019. >> there are lessons learned perhaps for everyone who commented on the time. including former president trump. we respect the jury's decision, lying to the police particularly about something as heinous as a hate crime is shameful. if you look back at the time it's also true and important
6:19 pm
to note hate crime should be taken seriously. and the need to be fully investigated. but that is where efraim was looking at the time. elizabeth: wrong totally wrong what jen psaki just had. wait for the evidence. accusations are always with conviction when you exploit hate crimes from political advantage, your word? >> exactly. these people are fundamentally unserious no one waited for any evidence to come out. nobody waited for the judicial process to take place. every single one of them from president biden on down one to turn this into a political football. they did that and what they ultimately did is made it far more difficult for somebody, the next person. the next person who is a victim of some sort of hate crime is going to make it a whole lot more difficult for them to have their charges heard. elizabeth: the other thing to that used up a lot of chicago police resources during a
6:20 pm
historic crime wave. it is dividing the nation when the nation was already volatile. chicago is always on edge with a tinderbox they could've caused more rights and destruction but it's like putting an accelerant on a fire. dozens were getting shot and killed throughout all of this. it's exploiting racial tension for their own political gain. by the late justice has a potential jail time they're going to have the verdict your word on that? >> is absently amazing. actual real crimes, there are victims. and a real crime is an assault on justice for all of us. but there are real victims in real times. but these people did as you rightly just pointed out, they took resources away from the ability to prosecute real crimes and to bring peace to real people. they don't care about real people they do not care about real crimes and they do not care about real victims. all they care about is occurring their own political
6:21 pm
power exploiting whatever they have to exploit to do so. elizabeth: oh hate crimes work to their advantage but not real crime waves but their silence on right now. democrats are saying, eric adams is saying why are you throwing up your hands democrats questioning the sisters in crime wave going on. white tweet about it right away before the evidence? that is opportunistic. why not wait for the evidence? you have chicago police chasing imaginary attackers. white tweet about it right away? >> of course that is why we have a judicial process. these things do take time in the evidence doesn't matter. equal justice under law is not something that happens of snap of a finger does not happen over twitter it happens with the process. democrat should be very wary of i think they're starting to come around on this. crime is not a democrat or conservative or liberal or republican issue. crime, safety is something that matters to all
6:22 pm
americans. if democrats continue to ignore or worse, make up these things and try to inflame passions around false crimes, and they are going to pay a grievous and pricing. elizabeth: and charlie hurt great to see a come back soon. still to come this our new report senate judiciary actually hold the justice department in contempt of congress? they are threatening to do that. the d.o.j.'s stonewalling and multiple controversy eggs including the targeting of schoolboard parents. cap next dr. marc siegel advised vaccine mandate facing pushback from his own party. also a government poll shows the majority of government workers don't like it. the debate on where our freedom ends and others begins. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: look is with his now fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. we love talking to dr. siegel. here's the thing we know the white house and president biden will veto any bill that banned his vaccine mandates. this is the debate. should centralized federal government power have the push to enact vaccine mandates? supreme court in 1905 said no that power belongs to the state. others say word is our freedom and others begin? why should someone be allowed to infect others with covid because they are not vaccinated? what do you say? >> you set that up beautifully. let me tell you what i say.
6:27 pm
surveys have shown at harvard a commonwealth fund, liz, it is okay to mandate testing and pride not vaccines but if you protect the public health environment you can say get a test before enter the workplace. not sure that's government's role by the way. a lot of businesses are already doing that. that is more popular. this is unpopular because it is so narrow at a time when vaccines are waiting. when boosters are still being tested against the new variants. what are they mandating exactly? there is not always a test option and not always an option for i got over covid i've got immunity from that part of adding the vaccine shot to that. it is a rigid two shots are now three shots or you are being fired. that is a problem here superimposed bully government idea versus the private sector may know what is best for them. again the importance of testing is an option for that is much more predictive from the public point of view. elizabeth: we hear you but let's try the mandate cast
6:28 pm
happening as we continue to talk to the doctor. it's an issue of state and local government power. listen, vaccinations have lowered hospitalizations and reduced the effect of this disease, right? you have that. we know vaccinations are important. but the government executive magazine did a poll of 3200 workers. more than half 53% said they do not like the buyback mandate. government workers are saying quote, it should not mean the federal government has the power to force anyone to get a shot they do not want. so you have that debates. centralized government power, vaccinations to work you should do the state and local level. that is where the debate is, no? am i wrong? >> who are totally right i agree with everything you just said. i would add one piece to this yes vaccines work dramatic studies say boosters work to decrease not just hospitalization and severe
6:29 pm
illness but infection and death went down dramatically in the bistro population. guess who should be having that discussion? me doctors and their patients. we just approved it for five -year-olds and above it. doctors and their patients the case of children and parents. i want to hear why someone is reluctant to take the vaccine and have that conversation. liz you have no idea how many people that i talk to that decided to take the vaccine rather than lose their job because i reasoned with them because i asked what their concern was. what was the reluctance? it's the government mandate forcing people into something without any other options. that is the issue here. it is a local issue. elizabeth: and firing people firing first responders in the middle of a pandemic in a crime wave, right? >> is put their lives on the lines of tree covid. we have a huge shortage of healthcare workers here. first line responders are
6:30 pm
heroes. then they're faced with termination. with a vaccine that's hugely effective it's waning it is not a perfect solution here. i want everyone vaccinated i want everyone boosted pretty want natural immunity from infection to account but i want testing as an option. i want people to talk to people not threaten them. elizabeth: infection is so badly a break to infections. what is your take on fully vaccinated with three doses not just to? that is the talk now out of people like dr. fauci you what you say to that? >> that's more of the same rhetoric. i said a little earlier here i think boosters are very effective people who have not had covid people who have had covid may be a need one shot a study shows one-shot plus covid works as well as two shots. the idea of defining it again, what is the definition? i'd like boosters i do not want them to be mandated. elizabeth: got it, dr. marc siegel good to hear from you. you're coming into the bottom of the hour you're watching a
6:31 pm
foxbusiness network. still to come more news and how dangerous the border crisis really is. fifty-four illegal immigrants now dead, more than 100 injured in yet another fatal crash. also border patrol increasingly finding human smugglers and illegal immigrants, tom hellman is going to take it on next. james culver and his take on the fight of the floor of the house with democrat adam shift over shift failing to deliver the proof he claims he has on trump/russia collision special counsel robert mueller never found it. obama officials that it was not there. we've got the fireworks coming up you are watching "the evening edit" of foxbusiness. ♪♪
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elizabeth: it's walk back to the showhouse oversight ranking member, saw grossman james cromer. good to have you back on sir. so, you and adam schiff got on
6:36 pm
a fight on the house floor can you tells about it? >> we were debating his bill protecting democracy act. and imagine that, liz, built by adam schiff at that title. i was leading the floor opposition against it. i offered to guild adam schiff some time after he had spoken twice and never talked about any of his investigation that he spent over the past four years. i offered to yield him time to talk about this deal dossier and that whistleblower that we never did really learn that much about and all of that substantial evidence that he had. he could not come up with anything other than the same old rhetoric that did not amount to anything that he said before. elizabeth: are going to watch what happened. adam schiff failed to deliver the proof he claimed he repeatedly had of the trump/russia collision with special counsel robert did not find it. the mueller report hardly mentioned this deal dossier. it did not cooperate the mueller report.
6:37 pm
schiff read into the congressional record from explosive steele dossier during the march 2017 house intelligence hearing. a number of claims were debunked, let's watch the fireworks. >> every time the chairman schiff rises to speak on a bill about intelligence, security, hold the president accountable i get excited hoping we are going to hear about that evidence of collusion. in all of the other investigations that were conducted in this house. >> are you aware by little illustration, that the president's campaign chairman, secretly met with an agent of russian intelligence and provided russian intelligence with internal campaign polling data? as well as strategic insights about their strategy in key battleground states, are you aware of that? >> are you aware. [inaudible] are you aware of hunter
6:38 pm
biden's art dealings? are you aware of the president's son dealings with, and congo with the cobalt minds? are you aware of the deals in ukraine? elizabeth: has quite a fight. schiff is saying the sharing by the trump campaign of polling data, battleground state information with russia, russian was doing a social media campaign to elect a trump or the trump was ready to get dirt on hillary in the trump tower in russia. that's all collision does not rise to the level of conspiracy under the law? >> absently not. that is a joke. every campaign tries to get dirt on their opponent that is called opposition research. facebook has disclosed numerous times that russia has bought ads. a few weeks ago russia bought ads in ukraine to try to stir up civil unrest there. russia buys facebook ads. that is all that adam schiff could come up with was that russia bought facebook ads. he never could prove they were
6:39 pm
colluding with the trump campaign. he spent millions and millions of tax dollars in four years and two impeachments over nothing. it is a joke. adam schiff is a joke it is a disgrace he is still chairman of the house committee. elizabeth: now is content to mislead the country with his claims of what he thanks it trump/russia collusion is when mueller did not agree with anything that adam schiff is claiming as collusion. the steele dossier is rarely mentioned in more than 400 pages of the mueller report predicted not find a level of coordination that was suggested by adam schiff. it did find it was opportunistic about help from russia but did not find the evidence of conspiracy but there is trump/russia collision to disrupt the election, right? we also have eight senate report found that trump and his team took help from russia but not conspiracy not
6:40 pm
collusion, your word? >> remember the "washington post" had to redact a lot of what they said about trump with respect to russian collusion when it became evident the steele dossier it was a fake. the steele dossier was campaign opposition research. clinton campaign opposition research and it was fictitious. for adam schiff to stand on the house floor and try to claim any type of victory with respect to all of the money he wasted on investing the trump family it is just a joke. it is par for the course with adam schiff. i have very little respect for him with all he has led the country through over the past four years. when i gave him the opportunity to redeem himself and show some credibility, all he does regurgitate the same old talking points he said for the past four years. elizabeth: house intelligence report found that adam schiff knew there is not trump/russia
6:41 pm
collusion but he plowed ahead anyway. former director of national intelligence under obama former obama attorney general loretta lynch. susan rice, samantha power, all said they never saw direct evidence the trump campaign was applauding her work conspiring to collude with russia. they did not find it. those officials james comey would testify to that too, did not find it. no they are there they did not find it pretty is still sick there was, your final word. >> that's why gave them the opportunity that is why yielded my time to adam schiff to give him an opportunity to maybe teach us something we haven't learned may be dispute the mueller report. dispute the latest intelligence findings a steele dossier was fake and he can't
6:42 pm
do it because there's nothing there. >> congressman james comer keep it up at the fireworks are. we will cover it. it's good have you back on come back soon. cap next house judiciary he is congressman at a big spread with the senate judiciary committee actually follow through on a threat potentially to hold a justice department in contempt of congress? including the targeting of parents prettier watching "the evening edit" stay right there we would back in two minutes.
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elizabeth: training if not from house judiciary and the big spread congressman it is great to see you. okay, what are you that the senate judiciary are threatening were talking about holding the justice department in contempt of congress for stonewalling a probe including targeting of schoolboard parents, treating them like domestic terrorist using fbi terror firepower meant for al qaeda to go after parents.
6:47 pm
that is a real abuse of power, why the stonewalling? >> a list that is a great question good to be with you. let me tell you something this is where we seen the democrats weapon icing that and what we are seeing is the d.o.j. is not responding to the senate or the house they don't respond. they have utter contempt for congress. we're going to see that happen the senate's gotta get over the hurdle of the votes. they're going to have to get the votes told them in contempt and enforce it in the courts. i think it's an appropriate move. i can tell you my office alone we've generated over 40 on the responses take everything from the border to this very issue ted cruz, mike lee, senator grassley the others are trying to get at. parents are showing up at the
6:48 pm
school board meeting. they send spies and one even tells how many they are doing that too. >> they don't have any transparency no data whatsoever on the fbi d.o.j. targeting intelligence division within the d.o.j. to go after parents they are demanding to know why all of the sadness fell off the map? the biden white house is declining to provide d.o.j. witnesses the detention center in cuba the d.o.j. leadership was absent from a september hearing about the fbi handling of sexual assault allegations made against the former doctor for the women olympic gymnastic team and then it circles back to what is going on the schoolboard parents. talk to us about the house judiciary chair democrat representative jerry nadler
6:49 pm
with representative jim and jordan to subpoena administration officials involved. the white house or the fbi to go after schoolboard parents. what happened there? she's a senior member is presenting an opening statement he called attention to her merrick garland basically, it looks like he has lied to the house of the house judiciary committee. we need to have a hearing on this he was asking for unanimous consent back and forth a little bit of explosion. jerry nadler says i object on the other side, this is still jim's opening statement. some of us got involved in this argument over procedure because the procedure is what's driving or preventing the transparency that you were talking about.
6:50 pm
it is allowing the d.o.j. in this administration to abuse its power without any kind of oversight really on the part of congress. the thing that is so exasperating about this when it was president trump in there, jerry nadler made a point of bringing everybody and he possibly could from the trump administration trying to get them on the hook for everything so they could lay the groundwork for a couple of impeachments. we are simply trying to get answers because it looks like we have been lied to in congress. the american people have been lied to. we've got to get to the bottom of it and jerry nadler is taking the approach. elizabeth: we took footage of the father whose daughter was raped in a high school bathroom. there was potentially, allegedly a cover up about that. we're going to stay on the story with you, congressman. i guess everybody is supposed to be okay that you can use firepower meant to catch al qaeda to go after schoolboard parents are going to stay on the story, congressman andy biggs is good have you back on
6:51 pm
come back again soon. up next former top ice official he is tom homan on the border crisis. a more news on how dangerous it is to come here illegally 54 illegal immigrants dead more than 100 injured and yet another fatal crash. also border patrol is increasingly finding human smugglers and illegal immigrants armed with guns. we cover it all, keep it here on "the evening edit". to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. (vo) t-mobile for business helps small business owners prosper during their most important time of year. when you switch and bring your own device, we'll pay off your phone up to $1000. you can keep your phone and keep your number. visit your local t-mobile store today.
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elizabeth: back of the snow fox contributor tom homan. tom, yet another story get another car crash. dangerous illegal immigration, this is what is happening at the border. fifty-four illegal immigrants dead. 105 injured. a tractor trailer overturned and mexico. the death toll could rise. tom, this like a mass casualty event, what do you say? >> i've been saying open border brings more death. i have said before in the trump administration when he was building the wall he had the remain in mexico at title 42 illegal immigration was down by 83%, illegal immigration was a 35 year low, many lives were saved. i actually wrote a book defend
6:56 pm
the border, save lives is not just a catchphrase i spent my career doing this for the recited but wrote the book about it because a secure border saves lives a prudent part of the divided menstruation open border talk to one shift is found over 60 dead bodies in his county in south texas we know several hundred have perished on the u.s. side so far this year. that is not counting the hundreds who died in making the trek to mexico. the hundreds that died to the gap. when you open the border up and you know you will not be detained, you know you'll be released you know ice has been decapitated for their talking about an amnesty plan. they're talking about free healthcare. when he offered these incentives and shutdown of border enforcement, they are going to come for the most vulnerable people in the world are going to make that trip. and many, many of them won't make it. elizabeth: is an important what you're making. the texas reporting an increase of illegals and human
6:57 pm
smugglers coming in with guns. armed human smugglers. agents are seizing multiple possible and rifles during traffic stops and more. this seems to be a rise, your word on this? >> that is an extension of what we are just talking about. when the border is open and thousands of people or hiring organizations to get here. these organizations are making billions of dollars smuggling people. the more people they move the more money they make. this becomes almost like the drug trade smugglers are ripping each other often. smugglers are arming themselves. this is a lot of money at play right now because of the open border. i said on your board show before no one syllabi the biden victory more than the criminal cartel because they knew he was going to open the border up. this is big money business they're carrying a weapons for their assets. >> for the texas governor governor abbott taking steps
6:58 pm
to secure the border. notably eagle pass a wall of cargo, shipping containers and more. using that as a makeshift wall. this is a point we want to get to, texas dps the troopers continue to arrest a migrant super criminal trespassing on a property ranches north of the river. they are seeing widespread destruction by illegal immigrants. the city of yuma declaring a state of emergency because of the humanitarian crisis. they are seeing a surge in crossings, your word on that? >> verse i want to take credit of the cargo containers i brought that idea to the governor months ago you compiled them on top of each other, you can use it is much as you want, you can store equipment for the national guard but you can open containers for processing but if that is a great idea glad he picked up on it. but look, the governor of texas as a patriot. i don't care what people think about him. he is defending the state of texas he's protecting the texas citizens he's protecting
6:59 pm
the entire nation. climate out of the border five times this year 95% these people are not staying in texas. they're going all over the country. we have over 100,000 of fennel overdoses. the governor's action sees a lot of fence on the sea a lot of black tara, heroin, cocaine they've arrested a lot of criminal alien summer convicted summer child predators. he is doing a lot for the state of texas but he is doing a lot for the united states but he is doing with the federal government is failing to do under the biden administration. he should be the secretary of homeland security, governor abbott. elizabeth: that's an interesting point you make. it's about the states and what they need to do to protect themselves a federal government saying we have content control over immigration policy per your word on that? we've got ten seconds. >> the supreme court fight coming. i'm working with the governor on the constitution and using
7:00 pm
the parts of the constitution to enforce immigration law. we are in that conversation now. we are looking at it is coming. elizabeth: tom homan it thank you service of the country thank you for coming back soon. thank you for listening i am elizabeth mcdonald. we hope you have a good evening, good weekend and join us again monday night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello and welcome to come though i am larry kudlow. to save america, kill the bill. two very important numbers came out today that i think actually guarantees a pause in the big government socialist spending, taxing, and regulating bill that was proposed by president biden. virtually guarantees. and into next year gets us closer to killing the bill alto


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