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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 16, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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sean: cream cheese shortage means will be a cheesecake free holiday for everybody. kraft has a solution. the company is offering 18,000 people a 20-dollar reimbursement for buying dessert that doesn't involve cream cheese. i'm up for that. that does it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: breaking news, a new "fox business poll" reveals even more bad numbers for the white house. a majority disapproves of the president's job performance on crime, on the pandemic, taxes, spending and the border but the white house is going on the attack. it has been blaming the media, blaming the pandemic, threatening government crackdowns. this as "the new york times" again warns that this presidency is out of touch and going south fast. the new debate what would donald trump have done
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differently? joining us congressman jason smith, mariannette miller-meeks, former georgia congressman doug collins, liz peek, the hill's joe concha, former federal prosecutor jim trusty, national border patrol council vice president art del cueto. more on media and white house silence on major root cause of crime spelled out in government documents. the big time funding far left billionaire george soros weak on crime district attorneys, who don't prosecute violent criminals, instead let them walk free. democrat house speaker pelosi criticized for trying to claim she does not know the reason for growing lawlessers in when her own party for more than a year supported defunding police. also this, former president obama's ethics chief calls nancy pelosi's comments defending stock trading by members of commerce quote, disgusting. the opposite of government
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ethics. also this, why the silence from the progressive "squad" when they criticized the stock trading? ceos of southwest and american airlines are getting blowback for testifying you don't need to wear masks on planes. we have favoritism in trump russia. reports that a former fbi lawyer who pleaded guilty to special council durham's felony charge of doctoring trump russia evidence reportedly, reportedly restored to the bar in d.c., when that should have gotten him kicked out. plus the aclu the doj ended, pulled the plug on talks that could have paid illegal alien families separated at the border $450,000 each. we have new numbers. november seeing the biggest jump in border crossings in years. criminals and gang members getting caught trying to cross. texas moving to build its own border wall.
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will the other border state follow closs behind? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: we've got breaking news. another tough poll for the president. a new "fox business poll" finds the president underwater with voters across the board. on crime, the pandemic, taxes, spending, the border. jackie deangelis is back with us. she has got the story. reporter: good evening to you, liz. that's right, this new "fox business poll" out tonight says less than half of voters approve of president biden's job. that number hit a low of 44% lass month. this of course as coronavirus coronavirus cases are back on the rise and a massive spending bill hangs in the balance. supply chain and inflation issues persist. in fact aside from the pandemic, only a little more than a third of voters approve of biden on
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the economy, taxes, crime, government spending, and immigration. that is a lot of issues where there is falling confidence. voters consistently give president joe biden his best ratings on the pandemic. even there he has lost ground over the last few months. currently 41% of voters approve. 49% disapprove. those are his worst marks on the pandemic to date, a far cry from his ratings back in the spring. when it comes to a number one issue of concern, we talked about it last night, inflation is it, but as crime rates continue to soar across the country almost eight in 10 registered voters are extremely or very concerned about the surge in crime. 77%. now voters were asked why they thought crime was rising. the majority said it is this breakdown of moral values. remember the democrats always like to say the availability of guns but only 12% said that they thought defunding the police was to blame.
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also recall that the president campaigned on battling the coronavirus. he said he was going to do it better. nearly two years into the pandemic, roughly a year after the first vaccinations, only 8% say that the pandemic is completely under control. liz, that is the exact same percentage as a year ago this month. elizabeth: wow, that didn't budge. that is really interesting stuff. jackie, thank you so much for your reporting there. good to have you back on. let's bring on to the show congressman jason smith, ranking member house budget and fox news contributor, economic expert, liz peek. congressman, your action to the polls to the polls. president is under water across the board. >> liz, when you have one crisis created after another, the energy crisis, afghan crisis, the border crisis all at the hands of president biden, what do you expect? the american people have had enough and it is pretty sad, liz. there was a poll that came out
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in november that said 46% of americans say president biden isn't mentally fit to be president. that's pretty sad for our country. elizabeth: you know, liz peek, what would donald trump have done differently? how would donald trump have handled it differently? now you have the white house blaming and threatening supply chain companies for raising prices. they could use "the ft" contract, the doj to go after those companies on the supply chains. they're saying greedy meat processors for example. remember, liz they were quick to pull the trigger using fbi terror firepower to go after school board parents. what would trump have done differently? >> well the very first thing he would have done, liz, go all out ramping up u.s. oil production because one of the biggest issues for inflation is energy costs, not just gasoline but also natural gas costs. so that is something that president trump was very, very keen on. he pushed americans oil and gas producers to produce more and we did. we became energy independent
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which nobody thought was possible. of course joe biden has taken exactly the opposite tack. that is one things. i think secondly he would have very aggressively gone after the supply chain issues. he would have gotten labor and corporations into his office. let's get rid of whatever rules are hammering getting stuff ashore from all the ships. let's up our top up warehouses, let's get this done. i have a feeling that would have been pretty impactful. what biden has done is sort of nudge here and nudge there, really nothing much to show for it. i think if you really pushed unions to get rid of some labor rules and so forth that has been hampering our productivity on the supply chain issues that would have been a big help. elizabeth: liz, it feels like, congressman, to liz peek's point we're experiencing history in real time right now. it feels like the collapse after presidency. the president campaigned as a centrist. he then swung way too far left and then you had the
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progressives and pelosi railroading congress to doing it the way they thought was out negotiation, right? sitting on the heads of the moderates, losing the moderate touch. watch the rhetoric ramping up from the rhetoric and medical pell now. >> now wee look at 2022, my republican friends, get ready pal, you're in for a problem. we need to stay unified. >> our country could not be more, could not be better served than with this most experienced capable hands than yours, president biden. [cheers and applause] he is just perfect. the timing couldn't be better. madam vice president, we're inspired by your work for the people as you continue to be an invaluable partner to president biden. elizabeth: what backs up this rhetoric pretty much across the board? across the polls, biden's job approval is underwater. what is backing up this
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rhetoric? >> you know, liz, it blows my mind that speaker pelosi and all the democrats aren't hearing and seeing what we are from the american people. the american people have had enough. they're tired of this reckless behavior coming out of the biden administration and what they are facing, these high prices at the grocery store, the high prices at the gas pump, i mean, highest inflation in 40 years. the democrats and joe biden believe that the solution is to spend another $5 trillion to only, only add fuel to the inflation fire? they don't understand what real americans are dealing with. they're just pushing their progressive agenda. elizabeth: let's show, gang, show "the new york times" bret stephens column on this. of the liz, democrats are drinking like the plane is going down. they don't believe biden will get reelected. kamala harris was asked about that. she says we're not talking about
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it. really, not talking about it? remember they were saying that oh, inflation is not a problem a couple months ago. now it is such a big problem the fed is going to raise interest rates six times starting in 2022? the san francisco fed said stimulus added to inflation. ray dalio, wall street pros are talking about inflation. seems like they are so out of touch, right? >> they are and they're not doing anything constructive. i'm very disappointed in the fed, the meager effort they announced to rein in inflation, liz that will not have any impact for about a year. that is literally true. they should have stopped the monetary, buying of bonds right away as opposed to tapering slowly. i don't know what they're thinking honestly but in terms of joe biden 2024, read my lips. he is not going to run. and if he runs he will lose and every politician in america knows that this is true. he is not going to be capable of doing so.
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elizabeth: the biden agenda is over. it's done. they're not going to do it next year, congressman. i mean the far left losses are piling up. they didn't get free community college. they didn't get medicare expansion. they didn't get a wealth tax. they want $80 billion for the irs to ramp up audits for everyone, raise taxes when inflation is going up? this is a complete meltdown in the democratic party this is historic, nancy pelosi sat on the heads ever the moderates and caused a collapse of in real time of democrat party. your final word? >> think about this, liz, president biden's approval numbers are some of the lowest ever of a president but still higher than speaker pelosi and chuck schumer. the democrat party where telephone won complete control of government, the american people are not happy with it, they're done with it. elizabeth: i promised liz peek the final word last time. liz, final word quickly. >> i would say donald trump would never have allowed the $1.9 trillion rescue plan to pass, liz. that was probably the biggest
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igniter of inflation that we've seen. elizabeth: yeah. that is a good point. >> that should not ever have been done. elizabeth: we got it, congressman jason smith, liz peek, good to have you on. come back soon. up next former georgia congressman doug collins, speaker pelosi criticized not claiming to know the reason for lawlessness when her party supported defunding the police over a year. it is now slamming minority neighborhoods and communities with more crime. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: the new "fox business poll" shows nearly six out of 10 disapprove the president when it comes to crime. today this is what the administration is doing. it is rolling out new task forces to combat, to fight against international crime but it is facing criticism, it is not doing enough to address the crisis of crime here at home. gillian turner has more. reporter: good evening, elizabeth. the legal community says it is time for the biden administration to get tough on the smash-and-grab crime crisis at the federal level. the white house been leaving it to city and state leaders to fend off thieves and vandals across the nation.
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some smash-and-grab perps are stealing millions of dollars of goods from brick-and-mortar stores, reselling them, getting away with it. senate judiciary republicans say they will come up with a national level solution if the white house won't. they write, given the many cities that are impacted by the crime surge we believe it would be even more useful if we could explore these problems on a national scale. it is not just republicans who are desperate for a national solution. take a listen to nancy pelosi. >> it must be stopped. it is not just san francisco. it is in, it is in our entire country. reporter: the doj could bring criminal charges under what is known as rico. short for the racketeer influence corrupt organization statutes. they have used similar statutes to go after parents at school board meetings. >> at a minimum much the department of justice should be making it clear to local prosecutors, either you clean this up or we will. this would not be the first time that the federal government stepped in when local prosecutors, or local
6:18 pm
politicians were failing to protect citizens in their jurisdictions. reporter: the doj tells fox news they are looking for federal level solutions to crisis. legal experts are unsure whether they will actually clamp down. elizabeth. elizabeth: great reporting, gillian turner. thank you so much. joining us now former georgia congressman doug collins. we have all of this going on, congressman. great to have you back on. we did the report on last night about far left billionaire george soros bankrolling the far left campaigns for soft on crime d.a.s, including george gascon in l.a. and kim fox in chicago. home sides skyrocketing. what would trump do now if he was in office? >> well, number one i think he would be a lot more stronger push on the fact that the federal government is going to get involved. we have the doj pushing, instead of doj worried about parents at school board meetings, worried about the crime going on in these larger cities. again the george soros
6:19 pm
connection is an interesting one because what they really claim to have that these are d.a. criminal justice reforms hersers. they are not criminal justice reformers. i've done criminal justice reform with president trump to make the system better. they are giving incentive to commit crime. when you have that incentive it causes chaos in our cities. elizabeth: nancy pelosi said she had no idea why i cities collapse into lawlessness when democrats pushed for a year to defund, even abolish police. watch this. >> the fact is there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from, i don't know where. maybe you do. elizabeth: really? zero cash bail reform? downgrading shoplifting to misdemeanors and felonies in her home state of california? not prosecuting certain crimes? releasing prisoners from jail in
6:20 pm
her home state too, what do you say? >> well maybe, you know speaker pelosi get out of her gated palace and bodyguards walk the streets of downtown san francisco where the biggest issue london breed has to deal with now from community leaders is human feces in the street, homelessness and businesses are closing. what bothers me, elizabeth, is this, they didn't start talking about this in california until the smash and grab robberies started at nordstrom, louis vuitton and high-end stores. i'm tired of democrats saying we help people in minority communities. itly cared to them when high-end stores started getting hit, while communities of color are getting hammered all the time. elizabeth: let's listen to fresno county california d.a. talking about the los angeles d.a. he is soft on crime that is the criticism. that is george gas cone. watch this. >> george gascon should not be
6:21 pm
referred to as a district attorney. i call him a imposter district attorney because the district attorney should be the chief law enforcement official in the county and what george gascon is a public defender in disguise. he never tried a case. he has never been in a courtroom. and what he is doing is pushing an agenda of the people who are funding his campaign. and he is destroying the beautiful county of los angeles. he is actually a menace to public safety when he should be the person who is the strongest advocate for public safety. elizabeth: she is a d.a. for fresno in the same state and she is saying that. he has never been in a courtroom to try a case and he is a d.a. for los angeles, really? los angeles city council is saying give more money to the cops but they have to deal with that guy. what do you think of her comments? >> i think she is spot on. i think the interesting thing here is, this one thing, county wanted to give more money to the cops, that is a great thing. but it is the old saying from the old tv show, there is both the law enforcement side where
6:22 pm
you have the police actually enforcing law but you have to have the court side an prosecutor side, actually taking those cases and prosecuting them. i read a comment from a prosecutor in l.a. county, unfortunately l.a. county is becoming like the movie the purge. when you have law enforcement officers talking in those kind of terms where lawlessness is okay. you have got a problem. we have to understand that. this is not about a new idea that nancy pelosi has never heard of. she is just blind to the fact of her own liberal agenda that is causing this. elizabeth: doug collins, good to see you, come back soon? >> we'll look forward, liz. take care. elizabeth: still to come, favoritism in trump russia? reports that the former fbi lawyer, kevin clinesmith who bleeded guilty to a felony charge that came out of the special council durham charge, he was accused and pled guilty of doctoring trump russia evidence, the washington, d.c., bar is going to reinstate him when that felony should get him kicked out?
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we'll dig into it. up next iowa congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. the ceos of southwest and american airlines getting blowback, testifying you don't need to wear masks on airplanes. we'll break it down next. at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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elizabeth: we have breaking news. the white house is now turning to the supreme court to get sign-off, approval of enforcement of the biden vaccine mandate for hospital workers who
6:27 pm
work at hospitals that get medicare and medicaid funding. welcome to the show congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. your reaction to that. now they're playing hardball, going right to the supreme court on this. what do you say? >> you know i think it is a absurd the courts have already put a stay and ruled that it is unconstitutional for the vaccine mandate for private businesses and you know, we already know that there is a labor shortage. there is a supply chain shortage. now you will have workers who are forced to leave their jobs because of vaccine mandates. so, and you're correct, for health care providers it is under cms and for, for the private businesses it is under osha, but the osha mandate was ruled unconstitutional. elizabeth: so, yeah, what they're doing is, they effectively took a fifth circuit appeals court ruling recently revived the vax mandate for health care workers at hospitals
6:28 pm
that get medicare and medicaid funding. that slim victory, they jumped right on it and went to the supreme court. this shows how aggressive the white house will be on the biden vaccine mandate when health care workers are getting fired. there are labor shortages for front line workers on this. how do you think this will play out with the voter? >> i think this is going to have a tremendous repercussions for the election next year. think about it, health care workers, all throughout the pandemic, put themselves at risk. they were in, you know in an environment where they were highly contagious, highly exposed, great exposure and they were concerned about bringing viruses home to their families. so they put themselves at peril in order to take care of people. now our spoons to that is, well it was great you took care of people throughout the pandemic without a vaccine. now there is a vaccine, if you don't get a vaccine you can leave your job. it is unconscionable what the
6:29 pm
biden administration is doing. understand what happened through the court with the vaccine mandate from osha. this will be the same thing. this vaccine mandate will be ruled unconstitutional. elizabeth: the vaccine does work in stopping severe disease. vaccinations are successful. they're a good thing. they work. it's, it is sort of like weed into to have a hearing just to hear what the hospital workers are saying on a why they're opposed to it. but, doing top-down bullying, people get really upset with that, you know what i mean, at the federal level when again and again the supreme court said it is power to the states to do it. i want to move on to this. american airlines and southwest ceo's questioned the need foremask on airplanes. they say you don't need to wear them. we have hepa filters very powerful to limit to the exposure to covid. listen to the sound bite. watch. >> the statistics i recall is 99.97% of airborne pathogens are
6:30 pm
captured by the hepa filtering system and turned over every two or three minutes. yeah i think the case is very strong that masks don't add much if anything in the air cabin environment. it is very safe, very high quality compared to any other indoor setting. elizabeth: but instead of listening to him, right, instead of hearing out the facts they're getting blowback on that. your response? >> i was surprised that they came forward and said what many of us know is factual, the ventlation systems in the airplane is very highly effective. that there have not been cases with contact tracing that were, that came back to exposure or contagion from air travel. and so i was surprised when they continued the mask mandate on airlines. i think it is time to revisit. that if individuals want to wear
6:31 pm
a mask on an, you know, on a plane, they should feel free to do so. they should you know, determine what their level of risk and what their level of comfort is. i'm fully vaccinated. i vaccinated people in all 24 counties in my congressional district. i recommend people to get vaccinated but i'm wholly against the vaccine mandate. i think that there will be tremendous blowback in the next election cycle and i really praise these airlines ceos coming forward and saying you know we don't need a mask mandate on airplanes because the ventilation system is far superior. remember one of the reasons that we couldn't reopen schools was because they wanted to upgrade the ventilation system. elizabeth: good point. >> upgraded ventilation system. you have excellent ventilation systems in planes. time to eliminate the mask mandate on planes and let people wear a mask if they choose to do so. elizabeth: congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. great to have you on. come back soon. we're coming out of the bottom
6:32 pm
of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come the aclu faces a loss with the justice department. the doj reportedly ended settlement talks pulling the plug on paying illegal alien families separated at the border $450,000 each. this is coming in, november the date is here, in november the largest jump in border crossings in years. up next "the hill"'s joe concha. he will take on obama's ethics chief, walter schawb, calling nancy pelosi's comments quote, disgusting, defending members of congress doing stock trading on the job. business insider says a member of pell lows a's own office is violating the stock act here. the story next.
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tough word from president obama's ethics chief walter shah, talking about comments by nancy pelosi quote, disgusting. the opposite of government ethics when she defended congress, you know, doing stock trading while in office. what do you say to this? >> walter schawb, who again as you said was the obama-biden ethics chief, he has been on the money this year. this is the same guy who slammed the biden administration for hunter biden's art deals and you know, he is the most outspoken here as far as government officials, members of congress owning stocks. it is refreshing to see a government official, at least a former one, doesn't see things through a partisan prism. who knew the guys even existed. 220 members of congress held individual stocks in 2020, elizabeth, right? you look at the most popular investments. apple, microsoft, disney, alphabet, amazon, right? do we really think congress can step forward to break up the
6:38 pm
companies whenthey will challenge them and owning the stock? it is a good argument. congress members should not own stocks. elizabeth: it's a very fair point. many companies have the headquarters near if not housed in nancy pelosi's district. >> yeah. elizabeth: listen to what she said, we'll show what walter schawb said, watch. >> five month investigation about 49 members of congress and 12 senior congressional staffers have violated the stock act insider trading laws. do you have any reaction to that? secondly should members of congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while in congress? >> no to the second one. any, we have a responsibility to report stock, on stock but i'm not familiar with that five-month review but if people aren't reporting they should be. >> why can't you be against
6:39 pm
that? >> because this is a free market and people, we're free market -- elizabeth: so she was saying that is a free market. that was the rest of the sound bite. you know, it is rare, it is rare for a democrat to cite the free markets, this time was defending stock trade, right? suddenly she is a libertarian. interesting, she was basically saying transparency works. no it doesn't. it doesn't. >> no. elizabeth: if somebody in her office is violating the stock act, business insider is doing the story here. walter schawb what do you think of this, he is saying they should be banned from trading stocks. if they're doing it, do index funds, mutual fund. if you don't like it quit. >> wow. that is candidate and it is to the point and i like it. i'm glad you're sitting down, elizabeth. i agree alexandria ocasio-cortez on this one. she says members of congress should not own stocks. when you look at nancy pelosi, not one, not three, but five
6:40 pm
homes apparently enough ice cream inher industrial freezer to feet every kid at every disney around the world, she is for buying and selling stocks as member of congress. this is obvious conflict of interest. let's put it this way, you have a senator, that person is writing aviation law or rules. that same senator owns stock in boeing. just the appearance, seems like a whole ball of wrong. just again, congress doesn't have exactly trust on its side. you have up standing members in the eyes of the public. yeah, let's go ahead with this, because if you want to on stock don't be in congress anymore. elizabeth: what is weird, the progressive squad, aoc they're suddenly silent on this, they're saying this is wrong. why are they going, why crickets from them right now? >> well if only they had social media accounts and twitter, that's right, they do. aoc, she gets paid by the tweet it seems. she was outspoken about this until pelosi said no, no, it should all be about the free
6:41 pm
market. she still seems a bit afraid of the house speaker to challenge her right now. a house speaker that will be retired by november of 2022, when gop takes over congress. i'm surprised they're hesitant basically pelosi a lame duck at this point. elizabeth: joe concha, so fun to talk to you. come back soon. federal prosecutor jim trusty, finding favoritism in trump russia? we have reports that former fbi lawyer kevin clinesmith who pleaded guilty to special counsel john durham doctoring trump russia evidence, reports are coming in he may have been reinstated to the bar in washington, d.c., when that felony should have got him kicked out. we'll dig into it all next. he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making.
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we always love having you on. you have interesting insights. remember the story of kevin clinesmith. he was senior lawyer and falsified a document in the trump russia investigation to get fisa wiretaps to do surveillance of carter page. now the washington, d.c., bar is going to reinstate him? he pled guilty a felony. wouldn't you get kicked out of that. >> i haven't been there frankly. i'm a misdemeanor type of guy. this smells of special treatment. smells of a situation a man in a position of trust. remember his job as fbi general counsel was to keep the fbi agents on the straight an narrow. make sure they do something likely to the fisa court. he facilitated lying to get a wiretap to a political opposition figure. the whole thing is astounding. maybe he has a great personal
6:47 pm
story, tale of woe he was able to use to convince the court to keep him out of jail in the first place. this seems like a fast track, politically facilitated connection that is allowing him to get right back on the business of lawyering when he shouldn't be yet. elizabeth: you can lie, so it is okay to lie to the fisa court to get powerful wiretaps usually meant for al qaeda and isis? remember two hot fire wiretaps, not one phone call. that phone and who the person is calling that is what they're surveilling. i is okay to play the victim what you're saying, he can do whatever he wants and lie and doctor evidence? he doctored an email, making like carter page was not a government source when he was in order to get the fisa wiretaps to do massive surveillance. so it is okay for him to be reinstated? he didn't even finish serving out his probation reportedly. he is back in the bar? >> i mean it is not clear he completed all of his community service he was assigned to do,
6:48 pm
but again, i work inside of the beltway. i've seen this. it has that aura, that feel of people saying, essentially, hey, all sins are forgiven if you're going after donald trump. so if you have broken the law, if you really obstructed justice, which is probably a fairer characterization of what he did, that is okay pause your heart was in the right place. really, you know, it is a shame with we're the only ones that talk about it, liz. it will not get mainstream reaction. it will be too late when they politicized the every edgestution that does criminal justice including the local bars. elizabeth: this is about the scope of durham's mandates. we're trying to read into the documents. could it include durham, could he look at the fbi, how it handled hillary clinton's use of that unsecured email server to send and receive classified information and her destruction of more than 30,000 emails that were subpoenaed, that she generated while running the state department?
6:49 pm
remember, she was running the clinton foundation helping with the clinton foundation on the side? could durham look into that? >> i think it is uphill. when you create a special counsel position you have basically specifically limited authority. if you want to expand the authority. that does happen. sometimes the special council says there is something right here in plain view. i recognized another potential crime, even if unrelated to my original mandate. you have to go back to the attorney general to get permission. everything i've seen of this attorney general, is not encouraging me that he would give durham alicia gets looser. i don't think that is the fair read of the politics at the moment when it comes to merrick garland. elizabeth: the assistant general counsel in the national security branch, the bureau of the fbi, is kevin clinesmith. he made a instrumental role in the clinton email investigation. it was widely criticized by
6:50 pm
veterans of the fbi and justice department as ethics watchdogs as fraud with the suspicious irregularities all over the map. >> yeah, i mean, i will broaden out a little bit. we still have had not any real accountability for the regime of comey, page, strzok, paige. they were exposed in inspector general reports doing things that were outrageous. there was no consequences. andy mccab, if you read tee leaves of -- elizabeth: got fired, got pushed out. >> that got fired. pushed out. the doj said let me give you your cufflinks, your badge, we pretend you never got fired so you get your full pension. that was the weakest next since neville chamberlain. that is what is happening with doj. reaching settlements for wrong if you recall termination cases for andy mccabe. it doesn't bode well for even-handed justice across the political aisle. elizabeth: good to have you on. come back.
6:51 pm
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pulled the plug and and settlement talks but it could have paid illegal alien families separated at the border as much as $450,000 each. it looks like that is over, what you say to this? >> thank goodness because instead of rewarding criminals, we need to start going after parents handing over the minors at the hands of drug smugglers, human smugglers and sex traffickers. we need to start coming down on criminals and individuals putting kids lives at risk. kennedy: . liz: they are coming to the poor and trying to cross illegally in
6:56 pm
fact wrong, that is the violation but at the same time a lot of these families were fake families, one estimate was four out of ten and their human smugglers or sex traffickers bringing children into the country. with settlement talks involving real families who felt they were separated at the border under trump. go ahead. >> right but we would have to say how the separation was, you have individuals living in the united states illegally, they've left their children in mexico and made arrangements to the smugglers to bring their children across so they can get unified with the kids here in the united states so there needs to be more investigation done on the individuals and how the families were separated in the first place. liz: don't break the law, don't come here illegally and more than angel families, 9/11 families goldstar families and military families were getting it's far surpassed that. >> don't reward people for breaking the law. liz: november numbers, 173,000
6:57 pm
in the month of november. that's up 5% from the prior month one of the sharpest increases in years. people pouring in from venezuela, cuba and central america not texas. texas is moving to build their border wall. other states follow? >> that's what's important, we need to see what the other governors are doing and realize what texas is doing, it sounds great and is but the same time, people need to realize a lot of these individuals entering illegally are not staying in border towns. what texas is doing is protecting its border which is what they should be doing. other states need to jump on board. these individuals who cross illegally don't stay in the border towns or sometimes in border states and travel further into the country so not just texas but all the other states should be doing something. they need to buckle down and
6:58 pm
force the governors of the state who aren't doing enough to do something themselves. kennedy: yuma is getting hit hard. you and i have talked about angel families, the victims here crimes because of the border. human smuggling is still rampant. we've had a smuggler with murder chargers after he hit, t-bones and innocent mother and her daughter in their car, now you have 100 migrants again walked in a trailer in texas, no ventilation. the border towns are sovereign, american citizens, too. they feel the white house abandoned them to the cartel. your word on that? >> not only are the numbers of apprehensions coming up, i always hard on this, the getaways are a big deal, up to 100,000 getaways nationwide so far. apprehensions sound great let's
6:59 pm
figure out of the apprehensions from cbp and dhs has to release the amount of individuals claiming some type of asylum being released because we hear apprehensions but we don't hear of the apprehensions, how many are being released into the united states and not something we need to focus on. kennedy: we were showing imagery of how militarized the cartel look at the border. they have military weapons, camouflage and more in functional is invading even more like pills in the u.s. more than ever before. your final word? >> it's heroin, methamphetamine, many drugs been brought across it's all happening because the current administration is failing the border issues from a failing the american public and not just border states affected, it's the rest of america. liz: thanks for your service to our country. will have you back, soon.
7:00 pm
you always have terrific backs and insight from your working the front lines and no the people on the front lines. in thank you for watching, i am elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: the whole world once again on the brink of shutting down but thanks to vaccines, a new treatment poll showing americans are no longer quite as worried about covid so why can't the government let us live our lives like we want to? the last few days universities have once again, sports leagues are canceling and postponing games. broadway on the verge of darkness. concerts could be kaput. cities are bringing back mask mandate but americans fear of covid is plummeting according to a new whole, most


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