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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i point you to florida, we talk about it, when in august covid spiked they deployed rapid response teams to ad anyone sister the antibodies. in florida life goes on but in the blue state we're panicked again. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight we're going to break down how absurd it is for democrats to be in meltdown. also this, senator joe manchin is firing back after the white house and democrats blasted manchin saying no, he won't vote for biden's massive spending. he has been saying this for months. senator manchin blames white house staffers for bullying, browbeating and railroading him and other moderates. how the democrat bullying was evident all along, how democrats bullied america for months what was buried in the spending. things like trillions cost zero
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and lower inflation. that was the public face. their silence on new taxes that would hit everybody and more irs audit power to go after you. now the media is claiming manchin's no is a bombshell. again he said it all along, no. now the democrats new go-to? push for more spending with another covid relief bill. is the biden agenda now dead? joining us tonight, kevin has sit, former chair of the white house council of economic advisors, diana hash barger, jeff van drew. former va secretary robert wilkie with us, former top dhs official, laura ries. the supreme court flooded with appeals against biden's vaccine mandate. expect another negative winter of death and despair this christmas week from the president tomorrow. blue states moving towards restrictions. tonight emails surfacing between dr. fauci and the former nih director. the emails are about orchestrating media attacks on
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scientists they don't like who were opposed to lockdowns. when dr. fauci opposed lockdowns he was against them at the start of the pandemic. plus we've got studies from the w.h.o. that says lockdowns don't work. this controversy. critics say nancy pelosi release your tax returns after you backed stock trading by congress. plus, the feel-good christmas story. military veterans, member of the reserve surprising washington, rescuing dozens of citizens and legal residents from afghanistan. the white house again trying to claim their botched exit from afghanistan was a success. elon musk firing back at senator elizabeth warren saying he will pay $11 billion in taxes after senator warren called musk a freeloader. now senator warren is trying to fund raise and freeload off this fight she started. texas governor abbott says the consequences of biden's failure to secure the border, are quote, staggering. another potential terrorist now caught.
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the border crisis, increasingly a national security crisis. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪ elizabeth: we've got breaking news coming in. new "fox business poll" just released. once again things not lookinggood for the white house. 70%, seven out of 10 say it has been a bad year for the country, 2021. 54% are pessimistic about the future. now to the white house and democrats in meltdown. after senator manchin said no to the biden agenda, senator bernie sanders, the progressive "squad" outraged. democrats pelosi and schumer still trying to get biden's agenda passed. new npr marist poll has biden's disapproval rating now at historic 55%. they don't like the job he is doing. hillary vaughn has more.
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reporter: leader chuck schumer says he will going to vote on build back better in the new year even though on sunday senator joe manchin shocked the beltway by essentially walking away from negotiations with president biden on his build back better bill saying on "fox news sunday," he is a no and demand chin explained he will not be bullied to vote for a bill when he thinks west virginians are not on board with this part of biden's agenda. >> they figure, surely to god we can move one person. surely we can badger and beat one person up. surely we can get enough protestors make the person uncomfortable enough, i will vote for anything, just quit. guess what, i'm from west virginia? i'm not from where they are from to beat the living crap out of people and they will be submissive, period. reporter: there are other things that could be roadblocks for biden's social spending package besides joe manchin. the senate parliamentarian ruled certain immigration provisions
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could not be in the package there. is some disagreement among democrats including state and local tax deductions some argue benefit the wealthy. senator krysten sinema has not been won over on the final details. all this means that president biden's build back better could be build back never. elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you for your journalism there. joining us now, kevin hassett, the former chair of white house council of economic advisors. the president and senator manchin are still talking but what is your reaction when you saw the media reaction. msnbc's hassan and "washington post" jennifer rubin claiming this could be the end of democracy. what do you say? >> no. this isn't the end of democracy. it is actually preserving democracy. if you think about it joe biden ran as a moderate. he was good ol' uncan joe and he was going to bring us together. he came in the white house, the first thing he did he pushed unbelievely huge stimulus bill. it got zero republican votes.
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he went up from there. and so what senator manchin has done, he is a person of character, he said now, wait a minute this is not what the voters voted for when they voted for you, sir. you're changing track. you're listening to aoc i will not support you. this is exactly how democracy works. if you want to pass bills through congress you need to reach out to moderates and put things in the bills that are attractive to them, you will get their votes. instead of doing that as senator manchin said the democrats have been all about bullying, brutality, doing everything they can to try to strong arm people for voting for this far left socialist agenda. manchin, god bless him is standing up to it. liz, if i go to a college campus to talk about capitalism they will try to bully me. this is the playbook that these guys play with right now. they're out there bullying folks. it is time we are all tired of it, we stand up to it. thank god senator manchin is. elizabeth: can you imagine if they were in power? this is how they would govern is
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bullying. that is what they're doing. they're in meltdown mode now. representative ilhan omar called it bs. senator manchin, we heard in the sound bite he is saying they were doing things as you point out, browbeating and bullying this is long gone tip o'neill, ronald reagan era of negotiating that you know, joe biden was a senator during. remember, let's show the far left stalking and harassing senators manchin and sinema at their homes in airports, in bathrooms. they had no mandate. why did biden hand it over to the far left to bully their agenda through just a 50-50 senate? this is a epic misfire. why go with this? >> well i think they basically you know, biden doesn't have a whole lot of fastball left in his game, right? so really what is going on that nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are running the show. the white house might as well not exist. right now up on capitol hill it is the left-wing folks moving leadership in their direction. i can't really imagine there was
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ever a white house process where they decided to do this stuff they're talking about. any rigorous process would reject the crazy, crazy thoughts they have been putting forward. so my view, just that joe biden, the guy you see stumbling up the stairs and barely able to complete a sentence, is sitting back letting congress run things. congress is far to the left. that is what happened. elizabeth: they only got the senate with 13,500 net votes, when david purdue the republican lost out of georgia. bernie sanders is promising retribution in west virginia. west virginia opposed the bill three to one. manchin may switch parties to become an independent, we don't know. the messaging is so bad. biden should not run again that's a bad sign. white house press secretary called manchin's announcement a sudden and inexplicable reversal when it was a betrayal he was saying no for months.
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he didn't like it. pounding billions of dollars in a lock system with a supply chain crisis. $80 billion for the irs a audit power go after everybody and audit everyone. >> right. this is, thank goodness that bill is dead but just think about the long list of failures of that administration already. right? failures into the first year. i can't imagine what will happen next year but think about it right now. they're as close to having power right now as they are ever going to be because there is no way american voters will come out and rally behind joe biden next year in the midterms. elizabeth: yeah. >> republicans will capture the house. they will capture the senate. then what will happen next? in my view is republicans care about the country. they will put forward bills they hope joe biden will sign. they will try to make things work. between now and then everything is dead. only thing i can imagine happening is that if we go into
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recession because of all the heavy regulation biden is pushing, fed starts raising interest rates, they might have a stimulus bill. if republicans see a bad recession they might do that. but my guess there will be not be a single piece of legislation between now and midterms. elizabeth: interesting you say that. >> extenders, keeping the government open kind of stuff. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. listen to the common sense school board parents, security moms, worried about inflation and crime and things like food prices hitting the kitchen tables, even crime at the border, know what i mean? instead you have messaging, when you look back, kevin, epically bad messaging, cash handouts are infrastructure. human beings are infrastructure that trillions in spending costs zero. that spending fixes inflation as nobody believes them. they're in their own world. they're in their own bubble. they're not in the real world. kevin, your final word? >> right. they're not only wrong just
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about everything but mean bullys who are wrong. that is the most despicable type of person you come across in society. you wonder why approval of these people is as low as it is, basically as low we have ever seen in our lifetimes, they're bullying you, hectoring you, telling you you're a fool not signing on to their idiotic policies. they're getting their just deserts. elizabeth: tolerant intolerant left, open-minded brains have fallen out you can see to the back of their heads. kevin hassett. thanks. up next, congressman diana harsh barring garr. expect a negative speech from the president for the pandemic blue states are looking at possible shutdowns. dr. fauci and former nih dredge are talking about attacking scientists opposing lockdowns when dr. fauci opposed them at the beginning of the pandemic. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox
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elizabeth: welcome back. the president addressed the nation tomorrow expect another dark winter of death message this christmas week. cities and states on the brink whether to lock down again. moderna says test of its booster vaccine show it significantly raises the level of antibodies
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to thwart the omicron variant. edward lawrence in washington with more. edward. reporter: liz, osha moving forward with the vaccine mandates now that the sixth court of appeals reinstated it. osha saying on january the 10th the penalties for the vaccine part of the mandate will go into effect. on february 9th, the testing penalties for the testing part of the mandate go into effect. republicans are saying president joe biden is not in charge of his own administration. >> i do not believe biden is anything more than a puppet. that people are putting up on the teleprompter what his policy is, and he is finding out about it at that moment. he is not in control. this is not, the policies of what is going on in this administration are not the policies of the joe biden in the past. reporter: on one hand you have president biden and members of the administration assuring there will not be any lockdowns. on the other hand policies are pushing mandates for masks, vaccinations while threatening the unvaccinated. >> we with are intent not letting omicron disrupt work and
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school for the vaccinated. we've done the right thing and we will get through this. for the unvaccinated you're looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm. reporter: the president will address all of this in his speech tomorrow. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you for your journalism. from the house gop doctor's caucus, congresswoman diana harshbarger. stay on messaging, where are the messaging from all the therapeutics coming in? this is very dark message from the white house. >> it absoly is. there is gloom and doom like there is no hope. when you don't give the american people hope, you instill fear. that is the wrong message. the message tomorrow is going to be divisive. it will pit vaccinated against unvaccinated, he will shame those people who have chosen not to get the vaccine for one reason or the other. that will be the bottom line.
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it is winter of death as you said. it is what he wants to portray, just like he did las cognitive dissonance and messaging coming out of the white house. we have new emails surfacing showing dr. anthony fauci and former nih director francis collins talking about a media campaign to do a quote, quick and devastating takedown attack on scientists who oppose lockdowns. they call these scientists basically fringe epidemiologists this is the great barring ring ton declaration scientists. what do you say to this? >> this is how you control the narrative. you silence your critics. they preach about following the science. they want to dismantle science all together. if you don't agree with their opinion, then sorry, we're going to discredit you and we're going to send you to the sides so nobody will believe you. that is a shame. how do the media have this much
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of a hold on society as a whole? we in congress need to do something about this, liz, i mean i'm putting it out there to anyone who will listen, we have to control the narrative. we have to give truth. elizabeth: congressman, it is odd that two of the government top scientists talking about how to manipulate the media against fellow scientists. dr. jay batera now knows what it feels like to be the subject after propoganda attack by his own government when dr. fauci, according to "the wall street journal" in january 2020, said no, he can't imagine what it would do to lock down los angeles or new york. he is saying we should never get there. dr. fauci was against lockdowns. you don't think we could possibly do that at all. he can't imagine shutting down new york or l.a. historically does not have a major impact. dr. fauci was against lockdowns then but for them when he wants to attack the scientists. >> absolutely.
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i don't know why anybody ever believes anything he has to say. he goes to the side -- he is a movie star now? he has to get the story some way, but look at the northern states and the cases, number of cases of omicron going up now. in the southern states tennessee, texas, florida, you see those cases dropping. for heavens sake we know lockdowns are not the answer. you go back to the spanish flu epidemic. it is not the answer -- elizabeth: stay on that. i want to stay on that. i don't mean to interrupt, we're running out of time but the w.h.o. and the johns hopkins university studies 2019, 2006, based on the spanish flu epidemic in 1918 they found lockdowns did not work. multiple studies based on that epidemic found lockdowns were waste of time, in effective, and medical historian john barry said they don't work. >> they are right.
6:21 pm
look at historic events and draw your scientific evidence from them. they don't want to look at that. whatever narrative fits. remember it is not covid. it is about control. i said it over and over. i will continue to do that. history will repeat itself. go back and look at these studies and even in 2009, like you said, 2006, they said that it was ineffective. no lockdowns. so that is exactly what they will talk about tomorrow morning likely. elizabeth: w.h.o., that was mainstream consensus don't do lockdowns. don't do shutdowns. how does it stop the pandemic if you shut down a little dry cleaner or the shoe repair guy or the small business mom-and-pop shop? how does that stop the pandemic? final word? >> yeah, exactly. how come we have to wear masks on the house side and the senate side lives in freedom with no mask mandate. i guess the line is drawn in the middle of the, middle of the capitol. elizabeth: congresswoman harshbarger, thank you so much for joining us.
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come back soon. still to come we have the feel-good christmas story, a volunteer group of military veterans, members of the reserve surprised washington by rescuing dozens of citizens and legal residents from afghanistan. the white house again claiming afghanistan is a success as bad messaging continues to fuel the president's drop in the polls. next "the federalist" chris bedford on critics saying nancy pelosi release her tax returns after the house speaker publicly backed stock trading while still in office. pelosi's push for power laying for a possible hurricane of losses for the democrats in the midterms. we'll look how bad it will get for the democrats next on "the evening edit". ♪♪
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♪ ♪ learning is hard work. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show "the federalist" senior editor, he is chris bedford. there is push back from republicans that nancy pelosi should release all her financial information in her taxes given her statements supporting stock trading from members of congress while still in office. is that too dramatic, too drastic what do you think. >> i don't think it will be too dramatic or too drastic. it is up to her in the end. she has to provide financial disclosures in broad strokes. there are basically suspicious things involving nancy pelosi should be put in front of voters. her net worth was up 16%. most people were struggling. she was down and out, making
6:27 pm
money in millions and millions of dollars. she said she would be able to invest and gop says we will not disclose things, they should push back on that. elizabeth: her husband is doing puts and call options on tech companies that happening to be here or in nancy's district. it is an interesting debate. senator lindsey graham taking on house speaker's claim not knowing causes of crime, saying that should qualify her for house speaker when pelosi's district in son fran, mayor london breed says she knows why crime is increasing because of defund the police and zero bash cale. listen to senator graham. >> if you don't understand what is going on in america on crime, you shouldn't be speaker of the house. in 2020 we declared war on the cops. liberal left tried to destroy policing as we know it. revolving door when it comes to bail.
6:28 pm
we're eliminating cash bail. criminals don't believe they will go to jail and stay in jail. between destroying policing, being soft on crime you have lost control on crime. it is time to take the car keys away from the democratic country. they're running our country into a crime ditch, an inflation ditch, our border is broken. after afghanistan these people should not be allowed to drive the car in america anymore. to the american public you need to stop these people before they ruin our country. what. elizabeth: what do you say, chris? >> he is right, we know exactly the cause of crime. we did this in '50s and '60s, america had lower incarceration than sweden. the result was massive increase in0's, '80s, massive spike in crime. d.c. has been doing it. not charging people. you can hear it from the police. hear it from the neighborhood advisory councils. you hear it from my neighbors. they are fleeing these cities.
6:29 pm
seeing demographic shifts. pelosi said she is not aware of what is causing this? anyone with common sense can look out the window, this place is going to heck and we have actual policies and people that are behind it. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. "politico" is reporting because of how nancy pelosi controlled the power in the democrat party there could be a hurricane of losses for the democrats in next year's midterm. remember when "politico" reported that obama said in 2020, that biden doesn't have this. quote, one democrat spoke to obama recalled the former president warning don't underestimate joe's ability to "f" things up. and obama told another 2020 candidate, you know who really doesn't have it, joe biden. what do you say to this? >> that is exactly right. between chuck schumer and washington, d.c., joe biden a bunch of people in late '70s and '80s, clinging to power, white-knuckled not making room for new generations of power. the dynamics have changed on capitol hill which nancy pelosi
6:30 pm
was really in charge. the press was backing her. there is fracture in the democratic party, hard left aligned with biden and white house and maybe more centrist candidate politicians of the democratic party. she is having a difficult time controlling that. she is not a charismatic leader. seems like she lost the faith of a lot of democrats here in d.c. elizabeth: when you talk about the leadership, who is running the show, who is running things at the white house? is it nancy pelosi with chuck schumer? is it susan rice? ben rhodes, former obama national security advisor he wrote in the memoir in the situation room biden could be a unguided missile. who is running the show? >> seen that over and over again with biden what he decided to announce, what policies he seems to be aware of, the deals that he said were going to go forth or not going to go forth since really quickly been backtracked by his staff. biden brought in a huge amount of the obama white house. a lot of very idealistic young
6:31 pm
left-wing act it vests in his administration. when he says this will not be what we're going to do they seem to do it anyways. the staff of the white house has harder left agenda than the president is willing to talk about seems to me running this show. elizabeth: chris bedford, good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching evening edit. elon musk says he will fire back at elizabeth warren, will pay $11 billion. after warren called musk a freeloader. she is starting to fund raise and free load off the fight she started asking for political donations. we have former va director, robert wilkie. this feel good story, members of the reserve surprising d.c. volunteering to rescue dozens of citizens and legal residents from afghanistan. this story, the white house again claims afghanistan was a success as bad messaging is fueling biden's drop in the
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former va secretary and u.s. air force reserve colonel, he is robert wilkie. colonel, this is, great to have you back on. this is a really wonderful, feel-good christmas story. nearly 50 u.s. citizens and legal resident evacuated, rescued from afghanistan. they are at jfk airport. project dynamo a volunteer civilian group led by military vets and reserves are doing this they claimed they helped rescue 2,000 americans and legal residents escape afghanistan. that is well above the few hundred that the white house said were left in afghanistan after the exit. what do you think of this story? >> absolutely. it's a feel-good story. the sad thing that we had an administration that abandoned
6:37 pm
thousands of people. probably over 1000 americans. and what the geopolitical story is here, liz, is that this is exactly what putin is whispering in the ears of ukrainians and xi is whispering in the ears of the taiwanese. you can't count on this administration to even protect its own citizens and this is the ramifications, ramification that operation had. it was a disaster. it is as much as they tried to guild the lily, the united states was humiliated by the taliban and this president went back on the fundamental duty of any american president and that is to protect those american citizens at home but most importantly abroad. elizabeth: colonel in light of what you just said let's listen to national security advisor jake sullivan. he is now saying this was a safe and effective exit out of afghanistan. watch this. >> standing here in december that strategic december remains the right decision. for the first time in 20 years
6:38 pm
there are no u.s. troops in harm's way in afghanistan this holiday season. we safely and effectively drew down our diplomatic presence. we lifted tens of thousands of vulnerable afghans to safety in a unique american example of capacity, commitment and sheer logistics. elizabeth: doesn't mention the thousands abandoned americans abandoned. doesn't mention the 13 u.s. troops slaughtered and killed by a suicide bomber. doesn't mention you know, surrendering bagram airbase which could be used for evacuations or military hardware left behind. your take what he said? >> this is the same individual who brought you the disaster in ukraine in 2014. there is no operational logistic experience in white house. i said before that a rotc student could have planned this better. the bottom line, not only
6:39 pm
americans were left behind but this has had a cascading effect around the globe. no one takes president biden seriously or his national security team seriously at a time we're being tested in the middle east, russia and china. so there is more than just a chaotic withdrawal. this is a disaster of the first order the likes of which we really have not seen since the end of vietnam. i would argue that the world is much more dangerous than it was then this was a more deadly example of american failure. elizabeth: congressman, really it is the bad messaging, right? say we're not going to unilaterally pull out when they did. the false claims throughout this pullout that were made. you know misleading the american people time and again on afghanistan and a multitude number of other issues. so, can you talk to us more about russia, ukraine, china, taiwan, which of those countries are you concerned about when you
6:40 pm
look how the white house handled afghanistan? which geopolitical hot spot are you most worried about in light of that? >> well certainly because of the power of the chinese nation that is the real bellwether for any national security discussion in this country. china has an economic component that the old soviet union did not have, certainly russia doesn't have, iranians do not. china is wielding its influence, its malign influence around the world. it is interesting, they have, they have taken the measure of this president. they have harangued the secretary of state. they have humiliated him and the national security team and now they are threatening american allies from the korean peninsula all the way across to australia and to india. so that is the great threat. putin is punching as much as he can given the economic situation that he has but even in that
6:41 pm
case, liz, biden has given him a present by destroying american energy independence he has taken putin oil from about $30 a barrel to $90 a barrel. it is filling coffers that moscow never dreamed of filling. that was the first order of business for this administration. its downstream effects for american security are devastating. >> colonel robert wilkie, thanks so much for your service. good to have you come on. come back soon. still to come this hour, the border crisis, the governor of texas, governor abbott, says the consequences of biden's failure to secure the border are quote staggering. he says texas caught illegal aliens from 150 countries including from china, iran and syria. as another potential terrorist is captured trying to cross. up next, congressman jeff van drew. elon musk firing back at senator elizabeth warren saying he will pay an historic $11 billion if federal taxes after senator
6:42 pm
warren called musk a freeloader. senator warren accused of starting to fund raise off this fight she started, freeloading, demanding political donations. we have the story next. ring the important time of year. when you switch to t-mobile and bring your own device, we'll pay off your phone up to $1000. you can keep your phone. keep your number. and get your employees connected on the largest and fastest 5g network. plus, we give you $200 in facebook ads on us! so you can reach more customers, create more opportunities, and finish this year strong. visit your local t-mobile store today. [ joe ] my teeth were a mess. i had a lot of pain. as far as my physical health, my body was telling me you got to do something. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental implants from clearchoice.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, congressman jeff van drew of new jersey. okay, this elon musk senator warren fight, he is tweeting i will pay $11 billion in taxes after smart warren called him a freeloader. now senator warren is trying to fund raise off the fight, freeloading off a fight she started. she is asking for donations to get a wealth tax, keep the 1% in check. what do you say? >> oh, i say a few things. number one, how arrogant of her, how unbelievably arrogant to say that. she should be, he is the man of the year. she should be the fakeout artist of the year. here is a woman who pretended to be a minority, a
6:47 pm
native-american, to gain favor with her political party, also to gained a advantage in general in society. it is unbelievable. i mean it amazes me. she should really just sit down and shut up because she is lucky she is allowed to be a senator. i think it is just awful. then we have musk who will be paying $11 billion in taxes, is a real force of innovation, new ideas, new industries, new energy for america. this is what america is about. it is about entrepreneurial endeavor where people who are smarter, faster, and better help all of us because they're bright and they're hard-working. they make great things happen. elizabeth: why are, finish your thought. finish your thought. >> the only thing elizabeth warren knows how to do is tax whether in build back better with the tree equity and all the crazy things they have in there or in general, like, her goal is to stifle the energy of america.
6:48 pm
elizabeth: yeah. you know, the thing is, why are democrats going after the guy that will help with climate change? he is big on electric cars, know what i mean? just to break it down, he is paying 11 billion in taxes after cashing the stock options. that is more than the gdp of small countries. he is calling senator warren senator karen. he is named "time" magazine of the year. she reminds me of my friend's angry mom who would yell at them for no reason. "propublica" put out a report, that somebody leaked, remember, the tax returns of high income people and they found he paid nothing in income taxes in 2018. he paid less than 70,000 in federal income tax in 2017 and 2015. that is, we still don't know who did the leak of the "propublica" tax returns. this is really a story of the assets and liabilities of the u.s. government and how the government spends and spends and
6:49 pm
spends. it just hammers people who try to be success in the real world. >> no doubt about it. you know as i said in the beginning of this, she, he was the "person of the year." she should be the fakeout artist of the year and i would like to see him in government, quite frankly, because i think he could show us how to save some money and how we could do many more initiatives and public policy that would be innovative. i'm not saying he is perfect and i'm not saying you know shouldn't pay the $11 billion but what i am saying, he produced, made something happen. he has been beneficial to america, creating american jobs, creating american energy and i mean the dynamic entrepreneurial energy and all this woman did, this senator, is pretend she was somebody who she is not. now wants to actually make money off of him by criticizing him and others and, frankly i think it is, you know, it is arrogant,
6:50 pm
it is disgusting, it is unacceptable, it is un-american. this is un-american activity. elizabeth: elon musk has been taking it to senator bernie sanders as well. he is saying things, he tweeted out in october, eventually they run out of other peoples money, they will come after you. so your final word? >> exactly right. this is a majority party and a president and certainly warren represents that, who literally just want to drain the life out of the united states of america and thank god it is going to stop next november. elizabeth: congressman jeff van drew. thanks for joining us, up next, former top dhs official lora ries. the consequences of biden's failure to secure the border are quote, staggering. governor abbott said they have caught illegal aliens from 150 countries across the u.s. and syria, china.
6:51 pm
now this, a potential terrorist caught. keep it here on "the evening edit". ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. (vo) the more we do with our phones, the more network quality and reliability matter.power of sanctuary and only verizon has been the most awarded for network quality 27 times in a row. that means the best experience with calls, texts and data usage of any major carrier, according to customers. there's only one best network. the only one ranked #1 in reliability 16 times in a row.
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running us now, former dhs acting deputy chief of staff, let's talk about the omicron.
6:55 pm
as it relates to the delta variant. omicron is 73% of all cases according to the cdc. 650,000 omicron cases as of last week. of it admissions are up 30% of cross the country, and over that's, omicron is not thought to be as severe as delta, it could be delta driving it so one of the consequences of biden's failure to secure the border the face of this pandemic? >> tomorrow the president is going to come further divide americans among those who have received vaccine and those who haven't, for perfectly perfectly reasonable reasons and yet he refuses to secure the border in terms of covid cases likely turning over in countries that have no high volumes of vaccines like here in the u.s. and their coming in terrible conditions whether crammed into stash houses or tractor-trailers with
6:56 pm
contagious disease, if he so concerned about this, he should be securing the border and using title 42 authority to turn immigrants back. liz: governor abbott is saying consequences of the failure to procure the border are staggering and there's also this, illegal aliens from 150 countries across, crossing including china, iran and syria and potential terrace, after crossing the border in arizona, a 21-year-old from saudi arabia meet several subjects in yemen, terrace a pension stuff there, he appeared to be wearing a volunteer ems outlet from a county in upstate new york, what you say to this? >> it is staggering, the governor is right and thank goodness rabbit and florida governor desantis are being proactive going on offense trying to help secure our border
6:57 pm
as best they can and push back against the smuggling going on by nongovernmental organizations. we need more leaders to stand up to the biden administration knowingly inviting in more crime and drugs and now terrorism. he needs to keep americans safe, that's his number one job and he's simply not doing it. we need more leaders in congress to stand up senator manchin and start saying no to the biden administration. liz: let's watch the governor of texas governor abbott and then show you an msnbc host said about the border. >> texas is taking what truly is unprecedented action by any state ever for a state to build a wall on our border to secure and safeguard the sovereignty of the united states as well as our own states. this unprecedented action is needed for one single reason. that's because the biden
6:58 pm
administration failed to do its job as required by the constitution, by law passed by congress to enforce the immigration laws of the united states of america. the consequences of biden's failure to do his job are staggering. >> i've talked about this many times, america has a warped sense of what immigration policy should look like. it's obsessed with the southern border and criminality. liz: obsessed with the southern border and criminality. what you say to that? >> americans want to be safe and don't want crime in their communities, they want to have their health protected and vibes protected so that's insulting to hear. thank goodness for governor abbott for taking so many steps to do what he can to protect the texas border whether it's arresting illegal aliens crossing and prosecuting them
6:59 pm
under state law, building the wall, he asked the department of homeland security if he could use acres of material lying on the ground when president biden decided to stop the border wall construction. i don't think the governor received an answer yet but dhs should absolutely turn over materials because border walls work. where they are in place, illegal immigration declined so it's the volumes of drugs across the border. liz: senator marsha blackburn said he would shutdown your schools before the border. arresting migrants criminal history including sex offenders and members of violent gangs. your work? >> he's right, the president should be keeping schools open and closing the border to terrorism and drugs and crime coming over in droves. liz: thank you for joining us, good to have you on. come back again soon, we
7:00 pm
appreciate your insight on the border, we know you are a special on that. we appreciate your perspective. thank you. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ speed. kennedy: betrayal, republicans say he may have saved the entire nation but now that the build back better bill dead as a doornail, and west virginia senator joe manchin, a hero or the devil? is a morning moderate democrats shock the political world when he went on fox news sunday hosted by brett baier and said this. >> if i can't go home and explain it to the people of west virginia, i can't vote for. i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legisti


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