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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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"the evening edit" is starting right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: okay, the president scrambling today saying "vanity fair"'s bombshell report is wrong. that the president in october rejected ramping up manufacturing covid tests in hundreds of millions, 700 million tests as variants like omicron bore down but they are tests that the president's vaccine mandates demand. now the president says he agrees with republican governors that there is no one size fits all, no federal government solution on testing but his own white house is fighting in court
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for biden's top-down federal solutions like his vaccine mandate and weekly testing. okay, there is hope in this fight against government craziness. health experts, sign university its, even dr. fauci now increasingly say, they're saying now that the u.s. could hit possibly hit herd immunity because of omicron wave. nancy mace, mark green, meeks me, also with us former white house medical advisor sara lynn mark, gop strategist ford o'connell, national border patrol council president, he is brandon judd. white house chief of staff ron klain in another twitter controversy retweeting a column that claimed 2021 not all bad for the white house. that column left out biden's numerous controversies. we've got them. we have this, it did leave out the "vanity fair" bombshell.
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the white house favor advantage nation approach, rejected ramping up manufacturing tests. even the president and dr. fauci today said there is a nationwide testing shortage that was preventable. rapid tests can prevent more government shutdowns. the president's approval on the economy crashes again to a new historic low of 36%. also we've got a froing growing nationwide backlash against soft on crime prosecutors and weak democrat policies. crime is spiraling. retailers closing hundreds of stores, many because of smash-and-grab looting. new jersey is the first state to pay out tens of millions of dollars to tell nursing home covid death cases. so there is the story. will new york, california, michigan, pennsylvania, are they going to follow suit? we'll dig into that one. plus we've got this, human smugglers try to take advantage of the holiday weekend, caught
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moving hundreds of illegal immigrant across the southern border in texas. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. we begin with flying the unfriendly skies. over 6,000 flights delayed and canceled just today. over the weekend 10,000 were canceled or delayed during the christmas holiday rush. we've got airline workers coming down with a highly contagious omicron variant. all this as dr. fauci is now saying he support as vaccine mandate to fly on airplanes. democrats are pressuring the president to do this. madison alworth has the update and more. madison? reporter: liz, over the last couple of daves thousands of flights have been canceled. the spread of covid-19 has created a problem for these airlines trying to staff those flights and get them off the
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ground. it has caused major headaches across the u.s. look where cancellations and delays stand today. right now there have been over 1200 flights canceled today. that is getting dangerously close to yesterday's eye-opening 1500 cancellations. there are also now over 5,000 delays. southwest airlines, they have about 1000 of those. taking up a vast majority of those delays. we spoke to flyers. they are really frustrated. >> we had a delayed flight yesterday which made us miss our flight to columbia. we tried to order doordash. i hate making people work but i'm stranded here with two little boys. we needed some type of dinner. >> it is frustrating. you already made your plans. all of sudden you get have to do something else because they canceled the flight without notifications. reporter: as the travel industry struggles to rebound during what is the busiest travel time of
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the year, dr. anthony fauci says this show as need for vaccine mandates for flying. others worry itmake the staffing issue worse if employees don't comply. with new year's around the corner, travel far from being every, liz, this could get worse before it gets better. elizabeth: madison, thank you so much for your reporting there. good to see you. okay, joining us now dr. michael burgess of the house gop doctors caucus, former white house senior medical advisor and physician, dr. sara lynn mark. so great to have you on. the president was on a call with republican governors today. he getting hit with this "vanity fair" bombshell that said the president turned down manufacturing 700 million covid test as month. today he is saying you know what, republican governors, i agree with you there is no federal government solution on the covid. he is three trying to throw
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water on the "vanity fair" story. >> there is no federal solution. i'm getting involved in the state level. governor sununu on the board here, he talks about that a lot. ultimately gets down where the rubber meets the road. where the patient is in need of help or preventing the need for help. elizabeth: wait a second. congressman, he has been saying only the federal government can help t was a hair on fire moment. we have to come to the rescue. what's going on now? >> yeah. don't forget right after he was inaugurated it was crush the coronavirus with the american rescue plan, so another $2 trillion went out the door fueled the inflationary pressures we're feeling today. they didn't get the job done. look they have approached this with a vaccine only strategy right from the beginning and while i think the vaccines are wonderful advancement they're not the only story here and it has been to the detriment of public health that they have pushed this vaccine only
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strategy. elizabeth: i mean, testing by the way, it can help with shutdowns, right, avoid them. dr. mark, americans are tired. we're in year three. herd immunity, is it possible? can we get to herd immunity? vaccine maker pfizer executives say yeah, they believe that could happen. dr. fauci is saying it is conceivable. what do you think. >> well thank you for having me back on. i think it's possible. we have to keep in mind we really don't know the duration nor the durability of our immune response to natural infection to two vaccines. what we see with omicron is one of the most transmissible viruses on the planet t will go through our communities like wildfire. there may be a time where everyone has been exposed and potentially infected as well as potentially hopefully vaccinated as well. the question is how long will that immune last? then we also have to be concerned about another variant around the corner. elizabeth: i hear you, dr. mark.
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congressman burgess, given what the doctor just said, we're hearing some scientists said maybe by spring. 61% have two vaccinations. 72% one dose. 30% have gotten their booster. can we get to herd immunity? this thing does mutate and also we see prior infections and vaccines do not provide lasting immunity. so which way do we go here? >> well, there is some evidence that they provide some protection against virile you lentness and death and we don't know the final answer on that and the data continues to accumulate but isn't it interesting today that the cdc said, oh, look that 10 day period of time that we were required you to isolate after a positive test, let's back that off to five days. i think that is acknowledging the speed with which omicron has gone through the population, the number of positive tests that are out there and if you sequester everyone for 10 days
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the effect on the economic dislocation will be significant. elizabeth: okay. so, again, i want to stay on this because people want to get back to normal. this country has been through pandemics before, right, dr. mark? and we somehow, we come out of the other end. elizabeth hall loranne, epidemiologist at the fred hutchins cancer center in seattle. she says this is endemic. we'll have to live with it. what do you say to that, doctor? >> i agree with that. it will become endemic. we're trying ways to live with it. we're trying to do it right now. we look at vaccination as important as congressman stated it creates lesser severity, hospitalization and hopefully death. we have to look at other public health measures that is the one of the most important tools that got us out of other pandemics, masking, social distancing, hand washing, ventilation. we talked about this for the past two years.
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they're really core. it is not either/or. keep in mind with a lot of human behavior and how fast and how quickly we can come to a point of normalcy. elizabeth: okay. we hear you, dr. mark. congressman, okay, we've got nih director francis collins emailing dr. fauci in the fall of 2020. fringe epidemiologists pushing herd immunity. they have to be taken out in a quick and devastating published takedown. there was that fight, right? shouldn't be all? approach, not just vaccinations. monoclonal antibodies drugs, the pfizer and merck covid oral pills? go ahead, congressman. >> absolutely should be depoliticized. the comments from october 2020 didn't age well. look where we are now. i think you will find that the barrington study perhaps had a lot of merit to it and no one knows what actual herd immunity will look like as dr. mark says. the virus does mutate with such
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facility herd immunity may be only partially achievable and what are we going to do then? 20 months ago i made a comment on a radio show locally people will figure out a lot themselves. i was criticized for making that remark. told that the government should figure this out for them. we're 20 months later. guess what people are figuring out themselves. assess their own risk and level of willing to tolerate. >> dr. mark, final word? >> my final word we should not give up hope. we're developing immune novel therapeutics every day and developing more testing and again we have to look ahead as we look at universal vaccine, look we're all in it together. there is an infection in one part of the world, there is infection everywhere. it will take a global effort and all of us working together, thank you. elizabeth: dr. michael burgess, dr. sara lynn mark, thanks for
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joining us. before we head to break we want to welcome the newest member of "the evening edit" family, senior producer joanna chow son, legend henry hoffman. born on thanksgiving. isn't he gorgeous? wish to anna and her family all the best. legend henry hoffman. what a cute baby. still to come backlash growing on soft on crime d.a.s and weak on crime policies and retailers look at this they're moving to close hundreds of stores nationwide amid the pandemic due to smash-and-grab looting and much more. up next south carolina congressman nancy mace, white house chief of staff ron klain is in another twitter controversy, retweeting a column claiming that 2021 wasn't all bad for the white house. the column left out the biden's controversies we got them as the president's approval on the economy crashes to a new historic low at 36%. you're watching
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elizabeth: we've got more polls coming in. this one from yahoo! news shows that more democrats than independents want somebody else on the ticket other than president biden in 2024.
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41% say that. biden's approval on the economy crashed to 36% in a new poll and his support among his powerhouse bases including hispanics eroding fast lydia hu has more. reporter: liz, polls are showing a significant shift how the latino demographic could cast their ballots in the upcoming midterms elections and beyond. he can questions research, a democratic research firm shows 40% of latino vote remembers concerned that democrats are embracing socialism and leftist policies. those were once issues that largely resonated with a more conservative-leaning cuban-american population in florida but they are now a national issue for latinos and increased the likelihood of a vote for donald trump in 2020. "wall street journal" poll shows latino voters were split evenly when asked about the up coming 2022 congressional elections. 37% says that they would support
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the republican candidate. another 37% says they would support the democratic candidate and still 22% are undecided. that is a big change from just last year when latinos supported democratic candidates with more than 60% of their vote. liz, even with these possible gains for the gop they're is still more room for growth. hispanic voters are one of the fastest growing groups in the electorate according to ucla. there was nearly a 31% increase in latino voters between 2016 and 2020. back to you, liz. elizabeth: lydia hu, thank you so much for your reporting there. good to see you. let's get right at it with joining us now from the house oversight committee is congresswoman nancy mace. congresswoman, great to have you back on. we have ron klain, white house chief of staff, he is getting in trouble for his weird tweets, right? he is criticized again on social
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media. he retweeted a column from "the hill" written by al hunt claiming 2021 was not all bad for the white house when that story left out multiple crises, the border in chaos, 39-year high in inflation and it downplayed afghanistan and that debacle there. are you seeing this, there is sort of this bubble mentality in d.c.? >> absolutely. i would tell you that the biden administration is really tone deaf to hard-working middle-class americans whether we're talking about immigration or afghanistan or other issues. in 2021 we had the botched exit from afghanistan. covid has been on the rise even with mass vaccinations. inflation is higher than ever in the last 30 years. and then we had more border crossings than ever in the last 30 years. so all of these issues are piling up. that article also said that the biden administration was more honest and more competent. when you look at failures, different crises we faced over the last year, i think that is really hard to argue. i don't know what rainbows and unicorns they're seeing across
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the country but that is not what real people, real families and real workers are seeing day in, day out right now. elizabeth: now you've got "the hill" newspaper, cnn, "new york times," talking about other democrats who could on the 2024 ticket. we can't recall when we've seen that before in a president's first term. the reports are coming in president saying the omicron variant caught the white house off-guard when the white house was predicting the omicron variant and dangerous variants since the summer. >> let's not -- elizabeth: we need, we need testing, more testing to come in so we can, you know, push back on this pandemic, right? so we've got that kind of new rhetoric coming out of the white house. go ahead. >> absolutely. i recall in march or april of 2020 when covid was really starting, really starting to grip the nation i wrote one of my first op-eds on covid-19 and i talked about the need for testing in particular rapid
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testing to understand where hot spots are and how to defeat them and keep people healthy and safe. still now we're two years later, we haven't done this. the biden administration we learned last spring turned down a plan to give rapid tests to americans across the country both in the spring and a second time in october. and now when omicron is before us, right, it us right here, it's now, it is happening now, tests are not on the shelves when you go to the drugstore to get them over-the-counter. hot spots we have in the northeast they're running out of tests. people are waiting hours and hours in line. this could have been prevented with better planning but here we are a year into the administration and we don't really have a plan to defeat omicron with testing. that is really what we should be focused on right now. elizabeth: you know the, we know that retail sales are up 8 1/2%. that is the most in 17 years. "the hill" newspaper, that column that ron klain retweeted, it was assigning a jobless rate of 4.2%, and claiming that total
6:22 pm
wages including extra hours of work, extra hours of workout paced inflation. uh-uh. inflation is wiping out wage gains, right? when you see all of this, and you see the media going crazy about this father in oregon who called the president brandon in a phone call, i mean that is their focus, right? by the way let's listen to that sound bite. watch this. >> i hope you guys have a wonderful christmas as well. and "let's go brandon." >> "let's go brandon." i agree. hey, by the way, are you in oregon? where is your home? elizabeth: you know, so it's a joke, right? we've got so many, who cares that he said that, big deal, right? i mean so what it's a joke, congresswoman, right? so many other things going on than this. >> all of this fighting that we see both intra-party and across the aisle meanwhile china and russia are going to eat our
6:23 pm
lunch liz, if we don't start paying attention to what is going on around the world. we cannot continue the crisis of this administration, why you're seeing biden's poll numbers so low. why moderate democrats, independents are looking for an alternative right now almost two years before a presidential election and he has got big problems ahead, especially going into the 22 midterms. elizabeth: congressman nancy mace, thanks for joining us come back soon. coming up next, it will come later in the hour, new jersey is the first state to pay out 10 of millions of dollars to settle nursing home cases. here is the question, will new york, california, michigan, pennsylvania, will they follow suit? they have lawsuits outstanding too. we'll investigate. up next for the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus. congressman mark green on the bombshell from "vanity fair." the white house in october rejected ramping up manufacturing of hundreds of millions of new covid rapid tests favoring vaccines instead.
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now we're facing a nationwide test shortage as the the biden mandate is bearing down, demanding weekly testing. keep it here on "the evening edit". out a cold sore is how it can make you feel. but, when used at the first sign, abreva can get you back to being you in just 2 and a half days. be kinder to yourself and tougher on your cold sores. at st. joseph's indian school, we know that a native american child's future depends on a strong foundation of community, culture and education. to learn more, go to today.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show from the house select committee on the coronavirus, it's congressman mark green. congressman, it is great to have you on. okay, "vanity fair," the white house rejected in october
6:28 pm
"vanity fair" is reporting this, rejected a plan from health experts at harvard and rockefeller foundation and other groups to manufacture more than 700 million tests each month. they just focused instead on vaccinations. that was the priority undeniably they were deprioritizing rapid ding in favor of vaccinations. why? >> well this administration has been separating vaccinations over everything whether it is testing or therapeutics and we're having to force them, actually a democrat came to me on the floor of the house to join a letter demanding the administration supported a vansment of therapeutics. it is all vaccinations for these guys. all they can say is vaccination, vaccination, vaccination. they're even attacking american people who are unvaccinated. it's a war on those people. as far as the testing goes, i think it speaks huge to the fact that "vanity fair," pretty
6:29 pm
liberal publication, is calling the president out. that tells us a huge amount about just who this president is, even his own party and his own liberal media are starting to attack him. elizabeth: yeah. i mean this would have been a "operation warp speed" vaccine approach. everybody understands vaccinations are needed. you need also testing too in in order for people to get a grip on the pandemic. what experts are saying, half a billion tests that the white house is talking about, they will not be ready until late january. let's listen to admiral brett giroir on this, cnn expert talking about the need for testing. watch this. >> testing is a problem right now because after the trump administration left in january there was essentially no investment, particularly in at-home tests in october. now they're playing catch up f you have eight months of no investment we should have been half a billion tests per month by june or july. now we're only at 70 or
6:30 pm
80 million. it is catchup. it's a bad situation. it's a lack of investment. >> the meeting i reported on took place on october 22nd and a group of covid-19 testing experts who had been strongly advocating for a surge in rapid tests but at the time the biden administration assessed the plan, decided they did not have the manufacturing capacity to do it and passed on it instead of doubling down on-ramping up the testing. so i interviewed seven people who have been at that meeting and one of them put it to me, the biden administration in baseball terms was playing small ball, just bunting the players along. elizabeth: bunting, bunting the players along, right? so you know, the free at-home test could stop lockdowns or shutdowns and now you have got test lines nationwide looking like the gas lines during the oil embargo of the early '70s, congressman. >> yeah, there are people who
6:31 pm
can't even get tests. we had a friend who wanted to get a es it. went to place after place after place and they only had limited number for each day. so there are a ton of people who are sick who can't even get a test. if you layer in these mandates, i mean the vaccine mandate itself, if you don't take the vaccine you're mandated to be tested once a week. so it is an absurd requirement when you don't even care to go and get the tests. it is almost as if they're trying to twist peoples arms to get the vaccine which is exactly what they're trying to do. elizabeth: well, listen, the vaccine will stop people from being hospitalized. it works in that sense. there are breakthrough cases everybody understands that. >> yes. elizabeth: the thing is, to your point, the mandate, the biden mandate is saying you have to have weekly testing if you're not getting vaccinated. not ramping up the tests saying we didn't see the omicron variant coming when his own
6:32 pm
white house saw it coming? striking that the demand of vaccine passport to get into public venues but not i.d. to vote, right? there is this weirdness coming out of d.c. people are tired of the twitter fighting. they're tired of the politicizing of the pandemic. they don't want either side villainizing the other because that makes it easier to attack. they are done. they want to move on. having tests helps people control the outbreak on their own without shutdowns. >> yeah. this administration is failing at every single thing they do and especially managing the pandemic. number of death this is year, and for them, they turn around and contradict themselves. they say you know, we know for a fact that this thing mutates. in fact the scientists know it mutates on a clock every 28 days but yet fauci, all the others now seem surprised about omicron. the continuous hypocrisy, contradicting themselves, basically lying about -- biden's campaign promise was testing.
6:33 pm
here it is a massive failure. it is what we expect out of joe biden and his bunch now. elizabeth: got it. congressman mark green, thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. we'll have you on again soon. coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network the still to come dr. fauci supports vaccine mandates for air travelers but still silent on covid at the border. this story, human smugglers trying to take advantage of the holiday weekend moving hundreds of illegal immigrants across the southern border into texas. gop strategist, ford o'connell. national backlash against soft on crime d.a. and prosecutors and weak -- retailers closing hundreds of stores due to things like smash-and-grab looting. keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome to the show gop strategist ford o'connell. great to have you back on, ford. we see news stories and headlines across the country. local voters, communities, police officials, police unions, stepping up, standing up, battling back against soft on crime d.a.s and prosecutors. is this movement going to take hold nationwide? what do you think? >> well i think that crime is going to be a very important issue in the 2022 midterms, emac, because you're absolutely right. there is an unbridled pandemic much lawlessness gripping the nation. this lawlessness was entirely predictable and because of democrat soft on crime policies, whether defunding the police, toothless bail reform or soros backed d.a.s who refuse to uphold the law and basically undermine the criminal justice system from within. elizabeth: okay. so when you see within 24 hours two democrat lawmakers, one in illinois, one in pennsylvania, they supported police reform. they got carjacked at gunpoint. they had their cars stolen from
6:39 pm
them at gun point. that is how bad it has gotten. up watch this, a woman carrying a pick axe walks out of a california rite aid with a basket of liquor. she is caught shoplifting in venice beach, california. it is unclear if she was arrested but that is how brazen it is getting. we have 2200 shootings in philadelphia this year. 4400 shootings in chicago. nearlyhundred homicides by gunshots in chicago. that is what is going on in this country. >> democrats destroyed their own cities and towns with their own democrat policies. unfortunately even, if you can actually put the crime genie back in the bottle, democrats start to how shall we say refund the police. mayors are getting tough on crime that still does not solve the sort of d.a., these criminal justice d.a.s soros backed, 75 across the country. if they're not prosecuting the criminals, you have a real
6:40 pm
problem, crime is like any other disease. if it goes unpunished, it spreads like wildfire. elizabeth: americans out there, right, they went through lockdowns. they went through shutdowns. they went through rioting. they saw peoples businesses torched to the ground. they see this shoplifting, smash-and-grab looting going on. retailers closing hundreds of stores nationwide after a year of rising crime and lockdowns. cvs health, walgreens, rite aid, target. when you see that happening, do people understand that when you do shutdowns and when you have a crime wave, it is, annihilates your tax base? people who stay there see their own taxes go up when you lose that revenue? >> well there is no question about it a lot of the democrat policies when it came to soft on crime and inconsistent pandemic lockdowns are note only destroying their own economies but as you noted, retailers are packing up and leaving.
6:41 pm
you will leave retail wastelands. when you have rite aids and walgreens leave certain neighborhoods, that is only going to hurt the impoverished. when the democrats in a lot of major cities go to the voting booth next year, it would be wise for republicans to remind them why they're in this predictment. elizabeth: ford, the other thing too is, you have got two dozen ceos of retailers sending letters to congress saying you have to step up here and stop it. still there is silence on that. ford o'connell, have you back on soon. good to see you, ford. still to come dr. fauci does support vaccine mandates for air travelers. still largely silent about covid at the border. we have this, human smugglers trying to take advantage of the holiday weekend moving hundreds of illegal immigrants across the southern border. we have the story coming up. up next from the house select subcommittee on the virus, congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. new jersey is the first state to pay out millions of dollars to settle nursing home covid death
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♪. elizabeth: join being us now from the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus iowa congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks. congresswoman, it is great to have you back on. now thousands, and tens of thousands of families out there lost loved ones from covid-19 in nursing homes this sounds like the first feel good story about that debacle. new jersey is now the first state to pay out $53 million to settle out claims of covid deaths. 123 military veterans died in new jersey. will the other states follow, california, new york, michigan earns pennsylvania? they had this too. >> let me address something you mentioned in your last segment and i will address the nursing
6:47 pm
home issue in new jersey. you mentioned that dr. faw chair favoring mandates for air travel but is silent on the border. when i visited border in january i specifically asked about covid-19 testing there is no covid-19 testing for hundreds of thousands of people illegally coming across the border illegally. i put in a bill to require every alien to have covid-19 testing. the hypocrisy as you have elucidated tremendously we're not covid-19 testing anybody across the border but require it for air travel even though there have not been documented instances. as far as new jersey, this is a special situation. new jersey, their governor had required nursing homes to accept covid-19 positive patients from hospitals and also even email traffic through the veterans administrations hospitals where the death rate was higher than other residential nursing care facilities had documentation that they were told not to wear
6:48 pm
gloves or masks or other ppe. they were afraid make the nursing home residents nervous despite the warnings from the cdc that advocated separated nursing home patients and having them isolated from other patients. so i do think that it will follow in other states as fox news has been you know, very, you know, very loud and vocal on this issue about holding governors accountable for making nursing home accept covid-19 positive and infected patients. elizabeth: but you know you see this ad hoc, on the fly, kind of cavalier approach to rulemaking, right? to your point no covid testing at the border, the white house, the doj, the biden justice department, they dropped all the investigations into the democrat governors who put back into nursing homes the sick covid patients, killing thousands and thousands of americans, right? american seniors. >> yes. elizabeth: so infecting a number
6:49 pm
of family members as well. it just feels like inequity. it doesn't feel right. it doesn't, it doesn't seem that it is okay. the white house could go ahead and do that. four out of 10, four out of 10 covid deaths are from nursing homes. so you know, so when you have these democrats making those moves, people, people are rightfully outraged. >> well, it is interesting because, you know, there has been so much criticism of the trump administration over the handling of the pandemic but the biden administration has been completely incompetent in its handling of the covid-19 pandemic, despite the fact that they came into office with two vaccines and a third one that was very rapidly approved. you know, they have had a difficult time with their messaging. they have been inconsistent across the board. they're not wanting to hold democrat governors accountable for their egregious actions through the pandemic, which, putting infected patients back into nursing homes in a closed
6:50 pm
environment in these northern states was atrocious that was against the science and against the cdc guidelines ad the time. -- at the time. elizabeth: congresswoman, there is gross negligence happening inside of the nursing homes because they were seeing slipshod, all over the map, kind of contradictory guidance coming down how to do this, what to do. many of them didn't know to sequester and keep the sick patients away from the general population. so you know, they just went ahead in the middle of a pandemic and made all these decisions on the fly, like doing lockdowns, like shutting the local grocer or the shoe repair guy will stop the pandemic. this vanity, this self-moralizing sanctimony from on high, the people, little guy on the street has to deal with it, congresswoman. your final word? >> they're self-righteous and virtue signaling how good they are. meanwhile the rest of us are ones that sacrificed and suffer through the pandemic.
6:51 pm
let me just say, happy new year to all of your listeners and want to say 157th anniversary to iowa. it is the anniversary of statehood tomorrow. elizabeth: okay. wonderful. congressman miller-meeks. thanks for joining us. we'll be back with an update on what is going on at the border. you won't believe what is happening. we have brandon judd. stick there. bull-rider i'm used to taking chances. but when it comes to my insurance i don't. i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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joining us now, national border patrol counselor president, braden is back with us. i'd like you to listen to this, by doctor fauci, he supports vaccine mandate for people flying into country but staying silent on illegal work crosses and not testing for covid at the southern border, let's watch this. >> there is no vaccine requirement for domestic air travel in the u.s. and when the president was asked should there be one? he set his team said it not necessary at this time, do you agree with that, there shouldn't be a vaccine requirement for air travel? >> it depends on what you want to use it for. vaccine requirement with people coming in from other countries is to prevent the infected
6:56 pm
people from getting into the country so anything i could get people more vaccinated would be welcome. liz: brandon, isn't that true for the border, too? >> it is and what makes me so that and what should make sure listeners that is when a civil servant goes politics rather than what's best for the country when he is more worried about pleasing president biden, his master, rather than looking out for the best of the country. when he says people coming into the u.s. could affect people through regiment air travel, legitimate travel and he stays silent on illegal activity which is illegal immigration, there's a lot more people coming and illegally than through air travel and legal means so where is he on this? he's totally silent trying to serve his master and that should make every one of us met.
6:57 pm
liz: you can't just walk into the country at an airport from another country, right? they have to show proof of vaccination, they walk across the border and break the law and come into the country, the border communities are so upset they are done, people are upset in texas and arizona and california and they are done. human smugglers are trying to exploit the holidays moving hundreds of illegal immigrants, many caught trying to get into texas starting christmas eve. kamala harris sang her biggest failure not getting out of washington more, she's the poor sarcoma she's only visited the border once. >> what you think your biggest failure has been at this time? >> to not get out of d.c. more. [laughter] i mean that sincerely for a number of reasons, large part of the relationship he and i have built have been being together in the same office for hours on
6:58 pm
end doing whatever because we couldn't get out of d.c. liz: get out of d.c. and go to the border fence. biden and kamala harris were screaming at trump over the border, now they are awol. what you say? >> what we just heard there is a reason why the crisis isn't going away anytime soon. she came to el paso, she didn't go to the border, between ports of entry, she was in safe locations and wasn't viewing what was actually going on and if there's any more proof we need that this will continue to ramp up is what happened on christmas, christmas is normally reprieve for border patrol agents, very few crossings take place christmas, this christmas was different than anything we've ever seen before. we have thousands of people crossing illegally, that shows us it's not going away anytime soon and the administration's
6:59 pm
interest in getting this issue under federal. liz: u.s. is an open arms country, pro- immigration but also pro- law and being fair and write about the border and it's unfair to people who came legally during the week away. now you got the white house apprehending 2 million illegally crossings during the president's first year in office, we haven't seen that in generations. >> i'm so glad you pointed that out, we are the most generous compassionate country in the world because we are. the reason why we are so generously compassionate is because of the blessings we've been given but we are compassionate because we have the rule of law, we have the guide to allow us to continue to exist as a free society but what we are seeing today, lawlessness not just on the border through the app you entire united states, it's taking our freedoms away. when you don't enforce laws properly on the border, bad things happen so we've got to
7:00 pm
get back to what made us great in the first place, continue to be the compassionate country we've always been but also be the country of the rule of law so freedoms don't go away in our children's can grow up in the great country we grew up. liz: thanks for your service to our country, thanks for watching, join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ >> christmas make be over but doctor fauci isn't finished playing the french. he's coming for your freedom to travel and your champagne. i am tom, in for kennedy. we cap are telling americans to rethink their christmas plans, the nation's top coronavirus at virus saying it's time to cancel your new year's eve party as well. will people listen? it's been a long two years


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