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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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requirements once he has a recommendation from the white house medical team. the president also relaying that he has not yet spoken with senator joe manchin this week. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: a new "gallup poll" shows more trouble for the white house. this new debate, the common sense needed in a pandemic response. now states have to call in the national guard to cover for tens of thousands of health workers and nursing homeworkers let go nationwide because they're not vaccinated. is the guard totally vaccinated? the president hears this, he is campaigned that he would shut down the virus. he repeatedly said that. he blasted trump on lack of testing. now says the government is not
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the solution. there is no "operation warp speed" to ramp up manufacturing of covid tests when the president is mandating testing and vaccines. we have this new covid confusion. the cdc today dramatically cut down its estimate of the prevalence of the omicron variant after scaring everyone. and we've got dr. fauci again confusing americans, flip-flopping on vaccine mandates for flights on airplanes. joining us tonight congressman byron donalds and tim burchett. fox news contributor dr. marty makary. former white house council of economic advisors chair thomas phillipson. former congressman jason chaffetz. "the hill"'s joe concha. arizona attorney general mark brnovich also joins us tonight. this new fight, should workers fired for being unvaccinated should they be denied jobless benefits? we'll dig into that big debate. this story, what do republicans
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plan to investigate if they win back control of congress in the midterms? we look at the variety of probes that could be coming including dr. fauci, afghanistan and the border. to crime in america, the debate over cities with historic homicides. they went left on crime and policing. now they're paying the price. it has gotten so bad in chicago, a 911 dispatcher's video goes viral. he is warning about a severe cop shortage. media hypocrisy, ignoring rising crime and the border crisis instead focus on the attacking the "let's go brandon" phone caller with the president. claiming this is insurrection. that the cia, fbi should investigate. the debate on media silence on physical threats made to trump and his family. remember that? the border crisis. former top i.c.e. official, tom homan details how sanctuary cities, that they are blocking i.c.e. that this is also helping to
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fuel a crime wave now hitting cities nationwide. where is the white house on this? thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. let's get you updated on this story. flight cancellations were still bad today. we're tracking nearly 2900 flights canceled, over 9,000 delayed. now just yesterday 28 flights were canceled yesterday, 11,000 delayed. we had, by the way, 6,000 flights were canceled kiss chris eve to christmas day. we have that on top of it. if you're stuck at an airport shouldn't be you worried about covid? jeff flock has more. reporter: good evening liz, from
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the american area of the philadelphia airport. it was a good day in the terms of the future of air travel. number one, dr. fauci is saying he is at time not pushing for a cdc vaccine mandate. up until now a airplane worker or a pilot or flight attendant someone tested positive for covid they had to sit out in quarantine for 10 days. now the cdc says they will reduce that to five days and if you're boosted, you have the vaccines and you're exposed to covid, you don't even need to go quarantine anymore. we talked to aviation expert analyst, mike boyd, what the future holds in terms of air travel. he thinks there may be big changes like for example, maybe ditching masks we all have to wear. >> let's be clear wearing a mask on an airplane is nonsense. we have no definition of a mask is. is it n95? is it bandanna, the cheap chunk from china we buy that is blue?
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we have a requirement to cover our nose and mouth because it doesn't any good because there are no standards for it. reporter: i don't know if he was referring to the one i have on, but, if he does, i guess i should change my mask. liz? elizabeth: a pretty blue mask, jeff flock. good to have you on. joining us congressman byron donalds from house small business committee, fox news contributor, johns hopkins university professor of public health, dr. marty makary. sit tight for a second. we have breaking news from the cdc. dr. makary the cdc cut the prevalence of omicron to 58% of cases down to 73. what is going on here? one point through the week of december it was 23% of all cases. the that is a big cut. the larger number scared everyone. what happened? >> this is number of corrections they made. we're getting reality a
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sneak-peek how though collect data. it is very sloppy. the posting of that data is not only sloppy but date. many times the data is month late. omicron will be the dominant variant. it already is in many parts of country. that is not a bad thing. this is more contagious but mild virus we have lab evidence of that, epidemiological evidence and bedside observations. omicron may be nature's vaccine for many people that will not get vaccinated. >> we hear you on that. to the doctor's point, so people, congressman, people are really scared, right? they don't want to get covid. covid can hit you for the long term too. it is bad stuff. now we have the new "gallup poll." the president's approval rating 43% lower than vice president kamala harris' rating of 44. the president is polling lower than his own vice president. >> he is polling lower because he has done a terrible job. this shouldn't be a shock to
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anybody. kamala harris, i'm no defender of hers, she is the border czar. she got hand ad border of poor policies by joe biden. he failed in afghanistan. he failed with energy prices. he has failed with supply chain. he has failed now with at-home tests. he has failed with monoclonal antibodies, and only thing has been successful is vaccinations. guess what? the vaccines were already purchased before he got here. the distribution model was set up before he got here. even he tried to set up the fema sites which didn't work and he had to follow the ron desantis plan, letting supermarket and pharmacies disperse the vaccine as opposed to relying on fema to do it. he has done nothing right. the approval ratings reflect the terrible job he has done. elizabeth: the president said there was no federal solution, doctor, on things like covid tests. it is up to the state. "wall street journal" is saying that is what he now thinks he should rescind the osha vaccine mandate. there is that.
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there is, i want to move, doctor, you're a terrific source of information. a study out of africa the omicron variant can protect reinfection from the delta variant. that is consuming hospitals right now is the delta variant. what do you say to that study? >> that is pretty remarkable this is maybe the most significant study we've seen in several months. it suggests omicron will outcrowd delta, the more dangerous variant. omicron is clearly more mild now for multiple reasons but that's good. if we have a dominant variant more contagious less dangerous, we would rather no one get any infection but that that is a god outcome given the options. basically the study shows infection with omicron gives you immunity to delta and vice versa. that is pretty significant. elizabeth: yay. people want to return to normalcy, to the doctor's point, congressman, right? they want a normal messaging, normalcy back in their lives but congressman, i want you to react to this.
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dr. fauci again muddying the waters, confusing americans. he told msnbc he thinks vaccine mandates for flights on airplanes should be seriously considered. then he is saying i din say that. watch this. >> sorry, go right ahead. >> i did not say i support mandates on domestic flights. i said that is something that is on the table for consideration. i didn't say i supported or didn't support it. if you're making requirement the for vaccination for people getting on planes coming into the country, that is understandable. that you don't want to bring more cases into the country but if you're talking about requiring vaccination to get on a plane domestically, that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider when you make vaccination a requirement, that is another incentive to get more people vaccinated. if you want to do that with domestic flights i think that is something that seriously should be considered. elizabeth: okay.
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so what -- i'm, what is he talking about? congressman, doctor, you can weigh in too, congressman, what do you say to that? >> i would say that anthony fauci has flipped flopped through this entire pandemic. he is not reliable. he does a lot of tv and fantastic but hard for people to follow him to figure out which way he wants to go. let's get back to people returning to normal. we can do that now. we have more treatments. omicron to the doctor's point is far less severe than delta or the original strain. if people get it, they recover, that is a good thing for public health overall. what the white house should be doing, what dr. fauci should be doing putting out facts and data. not talking about more mandates, more restrictions. that will not help us where we are with covid-19. elizabeth: yeah. i mean i think the government only dna tests about less than 6% of covid variant samples. that is like a fraction of what europe and the uk is doing. doctor, people are racing for testing because the omicron
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variant is so mild they're confused they don't know if they have the cold or flu which is on the rise. biden is admitting they should have done more to do ramp up manufacturing of rapid tests. he is claiming no one saw omicron coming. what do you say to that? >> look, not only did many doctors say this was coming and likely but once omicron came it took almost six weeks for any contract with testing facilities to get drawn up and this is the role of the federal government in the time of any health emergency is to prepurchase medications and tests. that is their role. everything else is down at the state leveled. this is where we've seen a significant delay. it may come too late you by the time tests come. we may see the boom and bust of omicron like we're seeing in south africa. elizabeth: to your point the doctor is making a point -- just want to follow up with the doctor. what the president is saying he has to have tests and vaccines in his osha mandate, shouldn't
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they have been ramping it up for months? final word. >> we have a scarce supply of tests. you cannot put out a broad test to test everybody, you're creating chaos. we're creating a black market. people are on scavager hunts. we don't have a testing czar or fda commissioner and no plan for testing. elizabeth: what do you say, congressman, what is your final word? >> the doctor is actually right and you're dealing with a president ho doesn't know how to get things done to do them effectively. the fact we're having chaos in other segment of our economy is not a shock to me and shouldn't be a shock to anybody else. elizabeth: congressman byron donalds, dr. marty makary, thanks for joining us. come back soon. still to come what do republicans plan to investigate if they win back congress in the midterms. we look a variety of probes that could be coming, afghanistan,
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the border, possibly dr. fauci. coming up white house council economic advisors chair thomas phillipson, the fight, should workers fired for being unvaccinated should they be denied jobless benefits? you're looking at big debate growing now. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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♪. elizabeth: okay. we've got a new fight breaking out. should workers fired for being unvaccinated, should they be denied jobless benefits? remember if you're fired you can't get jobless benefits. now some republican led states yeah, they should get their benefits. far left media, pundits, they say they should not. kelly o'grady has more. kelly. reporter: hi, liz. good to see you. well in a controversial move a number of states will now offer unemployment benefits for people that lot of their jobs over the vaccine mandates. this is deepening political lines here. critics say it equates to paying people that are unvaccinated but backers of this relief effort that americans should be able to decide for them set of rather to get the job. let's dig into that. arkansas florida, kansas, tennessee. similar ideas in wisconsin and missouri. this is important because
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workers typically doesn't qualify for unemployment benefits if they quit or are dismissed for violating company policies. what some advocacy groups going further calling for broader expansion of benefits for individuals rather than just unvaccinated. >> we should open up unemployment insurance to anybody that quits. the benefits that you get on unemployment benefits are paltry in the grand scheme of things. only people accessing it are people genuinely in precarious financial situations. reporter: this begs the question, what vaccinated push for employees claim being unemployment benefit in the long run but could allow for employees in these states who feel backed into a corner by the looming mandates, liz. elizabeth: interesting. kelly o'grady, thank you for your journalism there. back we have, former white house chair of council of economic advisors, thomas phillipson. great to have you on.
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media pundits of far left don't give them jobless benefits that are unvaccinated. talking about first-responders, tens of thousands of health care workers and nursing homeworkers let go. so where do you come down on this? >> well i this that is important to differentiate what the type of forces that make employees have to vaccinate. one is private companies that choose to do so on their own which i think, i'm a freedom guy. i think people, organizations private organizations should have the, you know the right to do whatever they want in terms of regulating safety in their organizations. the second problem is that the state or federal governmentscome in and mandate this on a private organization. i think that is a very difficult issue. i think the big elephant in the room here is obviously natural immunity, right? we don't know whether a lot of people with natural immunity, whether it's a smart thing for them or not to get the vaccine. we just don't have the science on natural immunity nailed down,
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actually for good reasons because you can't sell natural immunity. so therefore companies don't study it, or provide effectiveness data on their product which they can't sell. elizabeth: this is, this is a really tricky debate. it's a sticky wicket. watch zeke emanuel, say the unvaccinated should be punished, not get jobless benefits. watch this. >> i don't like this incentive at all. it basically says people who are rejecting the vaccine mainly because of they're against vaccinations, are actually not, are doing social harm and now governors are rewarding them. that is a very bad incentive and just the opposite of what the country need. elizabeth: okay. you know what the country really needs? somebody to watch the store. thomas, the house gop, house oversight they plan to
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investigate an estimated $140 billion in jobless benefits stolen by overseas crime incident cats in places like china and russia. $100 billion estimated in fraud in the covid-19 pandemic program for small businesses. i mean so, you know, they're talking about denying jobless benefits for people like first-responders when they're not watching the store. >> yeah, i agree. this is an example when the benefits go to the people they like then it is not a problem with having fraud essentially. i think that is the regular issue but i think the bigger picture here i think is that this debate is really an example of you know, how much we're pushing the young, which is the working population to be gauge in very costly behavior, to protect the health of the old which is really the high-risk people from covid. so you know university of chicago has estimated 80% of the
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damage, total damage from covid is from prevention, foregone economic activity, foregone schooling, 20% of morbidity. these are generational transfers from young to old. i think that is something that is not recognized. this is all in the name of old. we're basically punishing the young, whether it is through less schools or less work. elizabeth: i hear what you're saying. i mean the point is too that 37,000 health workers are sidelined, not working in new york state, 37,000 because they're not vaccinated that is a lot of people. >> [inaudible]. have natural immunity. elizabeth: yeah it is quite a story. thomas phillipson, you're terrific. thanks for coming on. we'll have you back on soon. coming up next what do republicans plan to investigate if they win congress in the midterms? we look a the variety of probes that could be coming down.
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maybe afghanistan, the border, we'll talk about it with tennessee congressman tim burchett. keep it here on "the evening edit". you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show tennessee congressman, member house foreign affairs, he is congressman tim burchett. okay, here is the question, if the gop takes back control of congress what will they investigate first? >> i'm not sure what they're going to investigate first but
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you know -- elizabeth: come on, there is target rich environment. republicans would call it a target-rich environment. what do you think they will go after first? >> i hope we go after afghanistan. 13 dead, a kid grew up here in the neighborhood i live in named ryan knoss, the last confirmed death in afghanistan. we have over 100 americans over there. the taliban is hunting down our allies. the terrorists control billions of dollars in weapons. secretary blinken should resign. he won't. we need to find out what the heck they're doing about all of this, what is going on within the state department. the state department is always under the radar but they are are always involved in everything. they need to be held accountable. they are bureaucrats. they don't answer the phone. you can't get a passport. they're still on the waiting list. i still think they're using covid to work from home. it is dysfunctional government. elizabeth: you say afghanistan.
6:28 pm
are they going to investigate testify that he denied the nih was funding dangerous gain of function research in china when it was funding research since 2002? yes, ma'am. elizabeth: and investigate a leak from lab in china? will they investigate the doj targeting school board parents using terrorist firepower? >> you can't put the cart before the horse. we have to make sure we're in charge. i'm sure that will have to be at the top of the list. fauci has lied to the american public. we need to follow the money over there and who exactly was involved in the financing of that. american taxpayers had a part in it. we know where is came from. we know exactly where it came from and how it got out and what was done. the chinese knew pretty much it was out. they let their people to travel over here. we allowed them to do that. when we tried to stop it we're labeled as racist. it's a complete, it is, it is the rule book and we're having
6:29 pm
to follow it. hopefully we'll get some guts and quit following the lead of the far left and worrying about what the national media thinks and start worrying about what america thinks. elizabeth: what about targeting school board parents using the fbi? >> fbi of course, absolutely. i doubt that would be under the purview of the committee i'm on. i would hope that they would because they have definitely overstepped their bounds. american, now you're the enemy of the state if you're a concerned parent and want to know what is going on in your publicly funded classrooms. that is why private schools and folks that educate at home like we do are just flourishing right now because they don't trust what is going on in the classroom. they're worried about indoctrination happening in our classrooms. the fbi is right at the top of that. you know our local fbis are very cooperative. it is when they get to the national level they lose all sense of conscience and who the
6:30 pm
heck they're supposed to be representing or defending. they turn right around and defend bureaucrats, yes, ma'am. elizabeth: the question to be asked which situation biden inherited has he improved? he got the infrastructure bill through. but pew research saying this biden administration, this congress ranks among the bottom, fourth lowest, rank fourth from the bottom in terms of legislation passed. about 3 dozen pieces of legislation. 18 significant. this is the fourth worst since 1987. now you have far left congressman jeffries of new york and congressman jayapal saying the president should pass his agenda just via fiat, via executive order. he can't do that. right. so he can't just do tax hikes. that is ridiculous. go ahead. >> will he attempt to do it? thefy clearly isn't in control of his own fab cults. whoever is pulling the string,
6:31 pm
it is obama 2.0. whoever was running his show is clearly running what is going on in the white house now as i stated many times, i don't think the president is well. i think, but only problem is if he steps aside what is the number two spot is much worse, much worse. i agree with you 100%. elizabeth: okay. congressman tim burchett, thanks for joining us. good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come. former i.c.e. official tom homan sanctuary cities blocking i.c.e. from arresting criminal illegal aliens helping to fuel the crime wave hitting u.s. cities. think drug gangs. where is the white house on this? up next former utah congressman jason chaffetz. crime in america, cities with historic homicides. they went left on crime and policing. they are now paying the price. gop lawmakers warning that the federal government could take on the weak on crime local
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show fox news contributor, former utah congressman, he is jason chaffetz. congressman, good to see you. okay, i want you to listen to this 911 emergency dispatcher in chicago. this went viral. jason this is a hair on fire moment that should have everybody in washington and chicago sitting up and taking notice. this guy, he is a 911 dispatcher. he is saying the cop shortage in chicago is so bad even chicago cops are scared to go out on the beat. watch this. >> it is outrageous, i'm not happy. when you say chicago people are afraid. it is like it's a death zone. several of my officers who texted me, okay, and said they were scared. they're tired of this none
6:37 pm
essential. they have no backing and they're scared of being out there by themselves. elizabeth: so they have no backup. say a drug gang shoots him a guy and her partner. they're in the street. they can't call for backup, really, that is where chicago's at? >> well dispatchers never get enough credit. the work that they do, the poise that they offer and they got to listen and understand is as close to the policemen as anybody so i would listen and heed what that person is talking about. look, illinois has the resources. it is a major, major state. chicago has the resources. what they lack is the political will. they have policies that they implemented that don't protect the police, don't protect the communities. when you don't protect the police, you don't have their back, you don't have the policies in place, you don't prosecute people that are committing these crimes this is what you end up. people of chicago, people of illinois have to vote
6:38 pm
differently. don't come crying to everybody else. this is on purpose. this is what they did and this is what the people of chicago and illinois voted for. elizabeth: what do you mean it is on purpose? >> because i think there is a conscious decision, look, policing is changing in this country because the democrats have taken a totally different tact to it. just last year kamala harris was dialing for dollars trying to raise money to get people that were arrested out on to the streets and get them bail so they could get out to protest and riot just as fast as they possibly can. you have a democratic party in congress where a significant portion of them, they don't want immigration and customs enforcement, which is often the backup working hand-in-glove with the local partners. they don't want the border patrol. they want to defund the police this is a conscious cities. policemen know that they will not go on a dangerous call and respond as timely as they should
6:39 pm
because they know they don't have the backing and they're going to end up in some youtube video. elizabeth: you know, i mean, this is where we're at. it is covid-19. it is defund police. it is police reform, soft on crime stuff. it is demoralizing cops. winsome sears, democratic lieutenant governor in virginia, that they will lose black and immigrant voters because of issues like crime and education. that is what winsome sears is saying. >> she is 100% right. they are going to lose the backing. the american people recognize what is happening here. this is not one-off accidents. you go from portland, to seattle, to new york, to washington, d.c., it is all a ratings, can we be the worse of baltimore? that is the race to the bottom. it's a conscience decision, you either vote for the democrats, that is what you get, vote for a
6:40 pm
pro-police type of ticket, usually republicans out there that want to be tough on crime this is a choice election coming up. they have a choice, will they back the police and have safe communities or do they want lawlessness an call a local psychologist and have a community responder shows up or somebody that knows how to deal with a gun and protect you? it's a choice. elizabeth: you know, california congressman, he is republican, mike garcia calling for the resignation of local d.a. george gas cone for his weak handling of crime. listen what he said. >> folks have committed murder against law enforcement officers looking at option of early parole because of gascon. we need to all elected officials call for his resignation, push for a recall if needed he is not helping our county. the city of los angeles has
6:41 pm
effective like the pen -- penguin operating like gotham city. policies uploaded to the federal government. this is a fight we're fighting making sure our nation doesn't become like california has become. elizabeth: what is that, what was that last part? what is your reaction to what he said, that the federal government will be up loading weak on crime local policies? is that possible? >> look at joe biden and look at kamala harris. kamala harris was attorney general back in her day and she does know these topics but she has been sympathetic to the far ultimate left. look at the border. she is in charge according to joe biden. the border is just wide open. drug cartels, human trafficking, drug trafficking. there is no consequences. it is catch-and-release. it doesn't matter that is the type of attitude and approach. it is happening by the hundreds of thousands. elizabeth: jason chaffetz,
6:42 pm
thanks for joining us. come back soon, great to have you on. up next "the hill"'s joe concha is fired up on media hypocrisy ignoring rising crime, the border crisis, instead focusing on attacking the less go brand done phone caller with the -- "let's go brandon" phone caller. media claiming it is insurrection, demanding the fbi investigate. what about silence on threats made to trump and his family? keep it here on "the evening edit". i use liberty mutual, they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. wooo, yeaa, woooooo and, by switching you could even save 665 dollars. hey tex, can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. yeah. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: have you been catching what is going on with the media and pundits focusing on oregon father jared schmidt for saying "let's go brandon" to president biden on a phone call? they're putting more energy behind that. they're not even focusing on things like rising crime or collapse at the border. let's get his reaction, fox news contributor, "the hill" media columnist, joe concha. good to have you on.
6:47 pm
msnbc anchor nicole wallace says this is slow moving insurrection. getting fbi and cia to investigate hill? what is going on here? >> nicole wallace, former communications director president george w. bush playing a republican on tv. go figure. i'm old enough to remember shakespeare in the park, teen version of caesar. caesar is president trump. we know how that ends up, caesar trump stabbed on stage. talk about romantic night out. cable news hosts calling trump a asset of russia with they were not calling him hitler or mao. anthrax, sent to several members of first family. that was dismissed and laughed off. anyone in the left or in the media to applaud all of that, be outraged by the benign "let's go brandon" they need a good chiropractor to unknot themselves. if you are not angry about those
6:48 pm
things said to the 45th president, you can't be angry about "let's go brandon" to the 46th president. elizabeth: let's get you more outraged. watch this. >> azymite very advantages of trump right. asymmetry of saying f-you to a sitting president to a call in front of your four kids, don't look past this. don't look at this as a story about giving airtime to a maga guy who goes on steve bannon's podcast, says i wasn't joking. not only did i say f-u, mr. president. i said more than that. this is the slow motion insurrection, jason, in full color. >> i hope we have a just tis department and a fbi, and cia that investigates -- >> ungracious. it is juvenile, reprehensible by the father but i don't think it is fundamentally about incivility. i think it is fundamentally about insurrection.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: are they so wrapped up still in, i mean we're 11 months news cycles in. they have been full-on capitol riots this whole time. they think a phone call is insurrection. have they really lost their minds? >> they have lost their minds, elizabeth, they lost their audience. compare cnn for example, from january of this year to what they're rating now they have lost0% of their audience. -- 80%. eight in 10 viewers watching at beginning of 2021 they're gone because of this nonsense that they're hearing where they're acting so outraged over this. look they're ignoring the biggest story of the year in my opinion, at least most underreported one, 2.2 million migrants coming over the border illegally. that is more than the population of boston, washington, denver combined. we have a president and a vice president serving as absentee landlords. this is crisis of their own doing. ending remain in mexico. i am flooring migrants to come illegally during the campaign. attacking the border patrol
6:50 pm
agents with lies around being racists. fentanyl leading cause of death among those 18 to 45 in country. be outraged about that, not about a benign saying the president laughed off but didn't seem to offended anyway. elizabeth: not every american supported capitol riots were about insurrection. this is a frank call, or gauche or whatever, shouldn't have said it but msnbc saying it's a right-wing slur. abc, a vulgar insult. the president was ambushed says "the daily news." where was the media when former president trump, when johnny depp called for his assassination? nbc reported on it saying that this was him ramping up the rhetoric up to a certain level. that is nbc on johnny depp. rapper snoop dogg basically saying sass assassinate the president. the media saying this is a rapper's creativity. that is what is going on joe, in
6:51 pm
this country. we ran out of time w very a hard break. joe, you will be on soon. you made excellent points. joe concha is a great writer. arizona attorney general mark brnovich, helping raise the crime rate in america's cities. ♪♪ ♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. tums vs. mozzarella stick experience the power when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite.
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joining us now, arizona attorney general mark brnovich is back with us. great to have you on, looking back over 2021, the border crisis picked up since january since the president first sat down, he stopped terms border policy like remaining in mexico and waterfall. now we have 2 million border crosses, we haven't seen this in decades the numbers. >> it is a generational i and when you think about it, in january when president biden took office, the economy was booming from gas prices falling and we were energy dependent and the border were secure and now in less than a year under the christmas tree this year we have high inflation, rising grass gas
6:56 pm
prices, no longer energy independent and record search of the border and not just people crossing illegally, record amount of fentanyl. talking about just this year in arizona, 9 million fraternal pills were received, every single people in the state, it will affect not only arizona, it will affect the entire country we have cost of not only human lives, rise in crime photos and more people becoming addicted sons and daughters dying of overdoses. liz: we got drug gangs in every u.s. city and former top ice official tom homan saying politicians and government officials who supported defendant police and sanctuary cities, they are off the wall. they complain of crime in their district when you put together what you said, right? >> william shakespeare wrote, flying not in the stars but in ourselves it was created by
6:57 pm
democrat politicians and democratic cities think about this for a second, you have the bill back press, the democrats want to pay for green vest, cream fat and spend money we don't have done everything but police and prosecutors so they don't care about the public safety, they want to make people depend on washington d.c. and that is a radical notion and the role of loss made the country great, we need to get back to the fundamental understanding that laws have consequences. liz: the white house spending money for local police officers so that is happening right now but tom homan is saying 50% of criminals, illegal aliens arrested and let go, they're going to reoffend within the first year as many as 75% will reoffend within five years, the first five years so why with local criminal justice system refused to let the federal ice officers enforce the law and prevent other people from
6:58 pm
becoming victims? >> i think depending, maybe if you are in san francisco or in california, the issues going on but i think most law enforcement wants to cooperate with ice. part of the problem is there's a lawsuit against the biden administration because they refuse to pick up report people so you literally have people being released from custody, jails, from prison convicted and charged with serious crimes, like murder. ice refusing to pick up and reports of the biden administration is essentially slowing the seeds of the next crime wave not only letting them seize control of the poor but not punishing or deporting people charged or convicted of crimes and don't forget . liz: go ahead. >> operation streamlined in the past, the department aggressively did a search with prosecutors and judges and they
6:59 pm
made sure people who entered the country illegally prosecuted and that serve as a deterrent for people coming into the country so the biden administration as we talked about decriminalized and incentivize people coming in illegally and that is when hartel seized control of the border and fentanyl and memphis flooding into our country. liz: law enforcement authorities complements said illegal criminal alien released from jail most likely reoffend in the same community and neighborhoods where they live. it's unclear how releasing a child predator or summer accused of assault or murder to keeping communities safe when the local officials sworn an oath to protect their communities. final word? >> it's not and ultimately the problem at the southern border will not be solved until joe biden and kamala harris care more about taxpaying americans than central americans so we need to make sure we get our
7:00 pm
priorities straight as a country. liz: thank you for joining us, good to see you, i'll see you soon. you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening, thank you for watching and during a second tomorrow night. ♪♪ 's. ♪♪ ♪♪ 's. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> president biden once again flying hypocrisy flag teaming we giving up on leadership in the fight against the virus but this time republicans are the only ones scratching their head. i am tom and for kennedy. since as far back as 2020 presidential campaign, joe biden claimed he be the one to save the country from the pandemic and the feds were the key to defeating the disease that's not killed more than 800,000 americans. it's a message that helped him


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