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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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to do it and many times i've said, it's probably getting old but you have to knock on my door so i can let you in, you can't break them through my window or front door and that's all we are asking, that needs to be done. it takes bipartisanship to be together on this. >> thank you for joining us, thank you for your service to our country. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you've been watching the evening edit, join us again tomorrow night. >> breaking news tonight, ghislaine maxwell found guilty on five of six charters of helping jeffrey epstein sexually abused teen girls. while she start naming names? i am tom shillue and for kennedy. the trial lasted nearly a month and victory has been deliberating since early last week. in the end, he decided she did indeed help lure girls as young as 14 for epstein to rape in his
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manchin or his private island. epstein himself is dead and the defense tried to argue maxwell was made a scapegoat for his heinous acts but the jury didn't buy it and now the 60-year-old british socialite is looking at decades behind bars far cry from the yachts and private planes she'd been accustomed to. as a father and human, i say it probably right verdict. joining me now live, fox news correspondent electrics mcadams live outside the courthouse in manhattan with more. alexis. >> six after eight of deliberations for the trafficking case found guilty on five out of six federal charges, jury spending about 40 hours of deliberating before they came out with that verdict, around 5:00 an hour before they would have been dismissed for the day. in the verdict was read from a maxwell appeared pretty much motionless, she didn't have action inside the courtroom the entire time or expression but she sat forward and listen to the verdict and as she left, she looked at her siblings and was
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pretty much expressionless. the u.s. attorney for the southern district praising the woman who came forward. >> unanimous jury found ghislaine maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable, facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children, crimes she committed with her longtime partner and co-conspirator, jeffrey epstein. the road to justice has been far too long but today, justice has been done. >> ghislaine maxwell was facing six federal charges here including child sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. prosecutors say she groomed and trafficked under aged girls as young as 14 years old to be sexually abused by her former boyfriend, jeffrey epstein. during the two weeks of graphic testimony we heard, the court was for women who said they were
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under aged when maxwell met them and tricked them into be sexually abused by epstein lawyers saying maxwell should not be a scapegoat for epstein's kate just because he's no longer here to face the charges. several victims of maxwell and epstein said in a statement this is the right verdict without ghislaine, jeffrey what happened a sexual predator, without victims in which to perpetrate sickening crimes. she created the monster that hurt so many people and the jury finally delivered justice. i got here live in manhattan, even though she pled not guilty to all of the six charges and found guilty of five out of six now facing 65 years behind bars, once again pretty much expressionless as she walked out and you can see action behind me disappearing in front of the courthouse from a people waiting for the attorneys to come out, prosecutors and defense to come out and waiting to see if maxwell's family would speak. we haven't heard from any of them tonight.
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>> thanks, alexis. guilty on five of six charges. sentences for each count ranges five to 40 years so how much time is she really looking at? could she start naming names to get less time? here to discuss, defense attorney former prosecutor, u.s. assistant attorney, jim trustee. five out of six, i am -- someone is five out of six, i'm interested in the one she was found not guilty on, what is your take on that? >> what i've heard is it was account related to a victim was given the name jane for purposes of the trial and not particularly well formed information about why jane traveled to and from new mexico at least in terms of implicating ms. maxwell so it's not that jane was a liar or didn't happen but they didn't seem to have the ability to tie it cleanly into miss maxwell.
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>> we are looking at the guilty verdict up on the screen and i want to ask you from almost every one of these verdicts involved transfer or traveling from these sexual crimes are illegal no matter where you are, why was it so important to have this transportation as part of the charges? >> that's the federal hook, what you're talking about is interstate travel being the key phrase. not a difficult thing to prove when you have the facts they had in the case in terms of luring people to cross different state come to florida to go to new mexico to meet up with these monsters but that is the basis for wife the federal case as opposed to individualized state prosecutions from where ever the acts actually took place. >> so that's it, if this was entirely in his manchin in new york, it would happen a new york
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case, no federal charges? >> could happen. you could still bring in evidence of other crimes and maybe the whole story plays out the federal hook gives you the ability to use different venues without a hiccup or difficulty coming from the judge you could tell the whole story of new york, florida, new mexico or wherever in one venue at one time and go for broke. >> jeffrey epstein is dead obviously, he is the real perpetrator, she was acting as his assistant, is a or whatever you want to call her but you think she is essentially doing his time? let's pretend jeffrey epstein is still alive serving 50 years, life sentence or whatever he is serving, you think she would be serving this much time if you are still during his time? >> we don't know how much time she's going to serve but she's clearly, he may be number one but she has one a, not number two or three, she is a very involved partner the four women
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who testified about sexual abuse going back to their youthful years, all talked about her not just in types of enticing or persuading or using eloquence to get them to do certain things but physically participating in sexual abuse of them as well so no doubt mr. epstein is a monster but she is right there with him, it's not like an abusive drop off in terms of authority between jeff and ms. maxwell. >> thanks, jim. >> sure. >> jeffrey epstein is dead in his could spend the rest of her life in a prison cell, has justice been done or is this just the tip of the iceberg? let's get into it with tonight's panel, attorney republican strategist alexandra wilkes, former trump advisory board member, jason meister and foundation for economic education content manager and host of face with hannah cox, it
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is hannah cox. hannah, this hit us with a surprise, who were planning on coming to talk about this at the top but did this verdict surprise you? >> we got good news on the way and it didn't surprise me, i expected her to be found guilty, it's a good thing i think she should be held accountable for her actions and i know way think she is a scapegoat in place fourth jeffrey epstein. that being said, i don't think just bully has been served because there's a lot of men who've not been named or apprehended or prosecuted for guilty carrying out these crimes so i don't think we can the back and say justice done, kate shut. this is one step in justice but the victims have a lot more accountability in that regard. >> jason, the jury has been out for a long time, we are talking about this last night on the show, did it surprise you? the longer the jury was out, the
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more people were thinking this would either be a hung jury or not guilty, what do you think? >> i am not surprised, i think this was clearly the right verdict but the glaring issue in the conviction is maxwell conspired to transport these young teen girls for sex. beyond epstein, none of the powerful men who have back with these young girls were prosecuted. these girls were raped, trafficked and their abuser should be held accountable, whoever they are and however powerful they are but it is clear to me from the beginning of the trial they wanted maxwell walked up, everyone gagged and the court documents sealed and they wanted no one to ever see jeffrey epstein and his network again. my only hope is maxwell sings like a bird and bless them know who was involved. >> that's obviously the hand she can play at this time. do you think more will happen?
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you think she took this hundreds why she going to take her sentence and try to knock it down by naming names? >> there's a debate out there in the legal community about whether or not she has something, whether or not she would have used it to get a more favorable outcome today or if she had in respect to sentencing later on back at mitigate her circumstances. we will have to see but what we do know is in these cases we are increasingly seeing whether harvey weinstein must jeffrey epstein and the main maxwell, is an entire network of people involved in these despicable cases, it's not just ghislaine maxwell. there are all types of drivers and personal assistance, managers, different people involved saw something and never said anything so i hope the
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victims are brave enough to come forward, today brings some comfort and healing but the story continues. >> it continues and it's uncomfortable just to talk about it with all of these young victims and i'm surprised we haven't seen more about the people who travel to the island, we know he had that list of people who have been there. it's going to come out whether it's ghislaine maxwell who releases it, we are going to find out more what went on on the island so hannah -- panel, stick around. coming up, the omicron variance is causing a spike in cases across the u.s. and now children's hospitals are filling up, is there anything we can do to stop the spread? doctor marty makary is here with all the answers next. ♪♪
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(swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. u.s. set a new daily covid infection record with 440,000 cases yesterday.
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the last daily record was set in january before vaccines were widely available. the new omicron variant is highly transmissible and spreading fast across the country when people are gathering for the holidays. unfortunately, it seems now children have been hit hard for this time so they say hospitalizations have more than doubled from last month. what can we do to stop the spread or is it inevitable that everyone will get covid? here to discuss fox news medical contributor and professor at john hopkins school of medicine, doctor marty makary. thank you for joining us, you've often been a voice of reason and i was just doing my story and i mentioned 440,000 cases, you record but at this time, should we be counting cases? have we decided that's not a good metric to talk about this situation? >> if you want to create fear,
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it's a good metric to plot everything on a daily basis, can you imagine if we did that for influenza when we had four years ago 31 million new cases in a matter of a couple of months, can you imagine if we would have calculated the present increase on a daily basis? omicron is going around right now and it's like a bad flu season, think of it in terms of about half of everybody you know for probably get the infection, most a some dramatic or mild. vast majority of cases do not need any treatment or hospitalization. >> do you think we are testing too much? people get home kids, winding up at the vans and getting positive tests and then they think they are ill but you are not ill if you have a positive test, should we have from the beginning gone with if you feel sick, stay home? >> as a pragmatic policy and basically starting the cdc to inch back to back him arguing
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they've got new evidence but they really don't, they've got evidence from april of 2020. that is a reasonable approach to say if you think you've been exposed, be careful, wear a mask, maybe avoid orderable people and if you have symptoms, stay home, don't show up in public areas, that's common sense within influenza and if we want to test everybody, almost every day, why not do it for the other respiratory pathogens? there are a lot out there in they circulate with rate comparable to what we see with covid-19 in immune people or children. >> also the idea that hospitals are filling up with children, you did a tweet today that i was going to ask about and i noticed in your twitter feed, when you get down to the hospitals and ask the doctors, they mention a lot of these kids come in for other things, they test them and then say we are filling up with
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covid but it may not be the reason they are hospitalized in the first place. >> children's hospitals are filled up, reporting a lot of cases and here is one of the top doctors there, doctor pol off it said we test anybody who's admitted to the hospital for whatever reason, we are seeing an increase in cases. however, we are not seen an increase in children were hospitalized for covid. or the icu for covid so we don't have reliable numbers so be careful about a fivefold increase like new york reports sure, there are kids coming in with covid and we need to take the cases seriously but we don't have this onslaught of people dying of covid and the kids who do dive covid, nearly all of them have comorbidity condition, they are the want to protect or get vaccinated. >> quickly, the new guidance cutting the ten day quarantine to five days, do you agree with that? >> i don't think there should be any quarantine you've got a
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population that's immune, what are we quarantining people for? what are we protecting the population from? we've got brought population immunity, people vaccinated, people with hybrid immunity, i think it should be as simple if you have symptoms or you know you carry the infection, be careful and wear a mask around others or avoid public areas and other people. >> the voice of reason again. thank you so much, doctor marty makary. chicago teachers are threatening to bring in the new york with a strike. teachers union portably set out a survey, asking if they would support a shift to remote learning when classes resume in january due to a rise in covid cases and if they don't get their way, are they even considering a city wide work stop?
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why are we still allowing teachers unions to hold our kids hostage? joining me now, american confederation children's national director of research, cory deangelis. can you believe we are two years into this still considering shutting down the schools like we haven't had enough of this? >> it is ridiculous. we have so much evidence suggesting close can be open safely and tons of data suggesting there are harms of keeping kids out of school for extended periods of time, it hurt children academically, mentally, physically, socially, a spike in teen suicide attempts and emergency department visit associated with both attempt, increase of 31% overall and higher for female students so cost to lockdown policies but the teachers unions figure out they can hold children's education hostage in perpetuity to use as leverage for more ransom payments from the taxpayer and two years later you have hostages essentially
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holding the kids hostage even further, they've gone ransom payments, at least 190 billing dollars in the u.s. in the k-12 education system with covid relief funding and they want to take hostages back, it's time to free our children from the clutches of the teachers union and the only way to take the money currently going to the close to government institutions we call schools and give them to the families directly instead. chicago spent $27000 kid. year according to the latest data, average private school tuition and fees in chicago is only 11 or 12,000 dollars, less than half that. imagine how many families could find open alternatives if we find people as opposed to buildings. >> that's amazing and they are amazing numbers, you are saying is almost double what they spend in the failing public schools and someone in a private school. if i am in a union, i want them to fight for my benefits, i want
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them to get out and get a better wage and working conditions and if they give me time off working from home, i want them to do that but if what they are doing is causing students to leave the schools and you are hurting squarely at the teachers union, you think that's what's happening? for this accelerate? forget if they get the payment, will accelerate abandoning schools altogether? >> absolutely, we've already seen 1.5 million students leave government run school systems over the past couple of years, 3% of the total population. charter schools have seen an uptick of about 7.1% in their enrollment, private schools open have seen enrollment optics at the same time, homeschooling isn't blooming, the latest census bureau suggests homeschooling has about tripled since pre-pandemic levels so teachers unions are stepping on their own foot here and making
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the case for school choice. we make jokes about randi weingarten being a horrible person for pushing closures but he's doing to advance parental and education right so the martha chicago teachers unions and power-hungry teachers unions push for anti- parent anti- student policies, the more parents wake up more than ever to push for school choice policies and more of a right to educate their children as they see fit so it's almost like a silver lining when it comes to covid, families are waking up figuring out there isn't a good reason to send the money to the buildings when the parents could direct their own children instead. >> thanks. coming up, the cdc has completely revamped their so-called covid guidelines.
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how are we supposed to follow the signs if the so-called science continually contradicts itself and common sense? that's next. ♪♪
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they are lying or have no idea what they are talking about, the white house and cdc issuing new covid guidance that not only against previous guidance from people are worried the new stuff is downright dangerous. here's where we stand. this week the cdc cut isolation time in half for people who get infected with covid from ten days to five. these are the same people who have been saying we must follow the science but now the head of the cdc doctor rochelle walensky is admitting signs had nothing to do with the new decision. watch. >> it really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate, we've seen relatively low rates of
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isolation for all of the pandemic, some scientists demonstrate less than a third of people are isolating when they need to. >> based on what they think americans would tolerate? that doesn't sound scientific to me but here is where things get weirder, the cdc admitting vastly overestimated the prevalence of omicron infections. first they said 73% of all new cases, then they said closer to 22%. majority of the rest of the cases are far more dangerous, delta strain. why does it matter? it appears cutting isolation time in half under the belief the less dangerous omicron variance was the major strain in the u.s. but if the delta is still the big one, the new isolation guidance could be useless and maybe dangerous, what you think? even mbc is questioning whether we can trust the trip guidance. watch. >> as you know well cdc criticized for mixed messaging
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throughout the course of the pandemic whether on masks or boosters, why should americans trust the cdc? >> my job right now is to take all of the signs and information we have an deliver guidance and recommendations to the american people adapting to the signs at hand. this pandemic has given us a lot of new updated science the last two years and it's my job to convey that science through the recommendations and that's what we are doing. >> struck this time, because the cdc stand for confusion, destruction and chaos? the panelist back. alexandra wilkes, jason meister and hannah cox. the nbc guide, the director of the cdc, does the cdc have any credibility? it's not exactly the same but what you think? >> i'd have to say no and it
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reminds me of late summer when we saw the disaster of afghanistan unfold, the situation was so bad people could literally see with their own eyes things spiraling out of control, they didn't get that loss from the media from the podium, in this case, they are hearing different things and it is confusing to them and i think in terms of rochelle walensky or doctor fauci, these are individuals keep popping up, 1 million programs a day saying a bunch of different things and they outlived their usefulness of communicators. the president needs to come out and be the strong communicator about what's going on and he needs to level with the american people about what is happening. at the end of the day with a lot of these agents like the cdc, operating with a handshake agreement. americans generally trust these institutions until they don't.
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i think we need to be mindful of the fact that the more they continue to deliver confusing information, the more americans are going to start to question, i think reasonably so, other things that were not in question before. >> jason, follow the signs? obviously at this time they are basically admitting they're just doing politics. >> they are following political science, not science. if you look at today the cdc downgrades the omicron variance from 77.2% to 22.5%. this is incredible this thread they have wrong and they do and the federal government advises hospitals not to give monoclonal antibodies to patients with covid because they are saying it doesn't work for this variance. how is that not an earth shattering career ending congressional testimony scandal
7:34 pm
of epic proportions? within 48 hours of, joe biden admitted he can't shut down the virus, cnn admitted masks do not work and they also admitted the cdc that pcr tests are a fraud so for the last four years, everything we've done to mitigate and try to deal with covid has been completely and utterly wrong so how do people listen to these people about anything let alone medical advice? >> hannah, i don't listen to them about anything, basically no credibility with me at all and i think it's increasingly the american people feel the same. what did they do to get the trust back? >> they cannot get the trust back.
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who is still listening to these people? they been wrong time after time after time again pushing security theater on this country almost two years, they freaked havoc on our economy and society and on lies. we seen consequences to the things they've been doing, increasing in mental health issues and suicide attempts at drugs and homelessness and poverty and hunger and child hunger, the list goes on. they have blood on their hands, unelected bureaucrats hungry on their own power and used to it and they wanted to keep clinging to it and finally recognize the american people have had enough and they are rising up. i'd love to see the cdc director saying we are doing what we now the american people are tolerate, finally they cannot bully us and push the crab on us and time for people to say enough is enough pushback disregard these people because we've never been looking out for our interest and they have certainly not been following science. they should be done. >> i totally agree. meanwhile political analysts say because of biden's, 2022 will likely be a good year for republicans. a red wave.
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expected to wash over capitol hill potentially flipping both the house and senate but what about the 2024 presidential election former president trump has been hinting at another run but nothing is said to be concrete part of how a lot of potential gop candidates are said to be waiting for him to make a decision. among them, florida governor ron desantis mike pence texas senator ted cruz and well trump run? if not, who is his political air apparent? the panel is back. i have the wrong name in here. hannah. [laughter] jason, let's go to your. i think some of the potentials i read, there is no chance, what do you think? besides trump, who is a possibility? >> first of all, there is no home for rhinos in the republican party, it's america first candidates that believe in
7:37 pm
putting america first and foremost. there's a ton of people, candidates on the list who are completely not going to have it. maybe i would say chris christie, mike pence, nikki hailey, they are not going to be president, they have no chance. i'd say the only two viable options on the list are donald trump and ron desantis but as far as i'm concerned, there's no question trump is going to run it he's going to win by a wide margin the contrast between what americans are seeing in the trump policies from the last administration to the biden administration's policies, unbelievable contrast is for everyone to see, their eyes are wide open. i do think ron desantis has a future and i do think he has a future to be president, i think he's been an incredible governor in florida, extremely productive, he'd make up great president. however, i do not believe he will run against president
7:38 pm
trump. >> with that, i want to go from jason to hannah. something tells me you don't agree with him on trump. >> i think you could see a red wave in 2024 if trump sits it out. he's unpopular for good reason, he made a mockery of our system this last go around. people are fed up with joe biden and his awful policies and will vote against them but the gop has to decide, doesn't want to be an actual major contender and push back on these things that violate civil liberties and market or keep going down this path that's stretchy and populist and nationalist and fickle to everything they say they stand for? if they decide to go to the path of actually winning, they have strong contenders, the santos is a palpable version of trump and some people like rand paul who have done a good job maintaining credibility the past five years working with different factions of the gop and bringing people
7:39 pm
together, having fluent. rand paul voted against trump more than any other republican and liked by the base and trump himself. these people are serious leaders with serious solutions hoping to see them rise up the people who are out, i agree on this, nikki hailey, kristi know when people look at her congressional record on foreign policy and chris christie, they are going to be forgotten, they are totally out of the party. >> i already forgot chris christie. [laughter] alexandra, donald trump is very popular with the base. they still love him but he was booed last week, the covid people, there's a lot of people who don't like his policy uncovered what they didn't like the fact that he kept psaki on as long as he did, he's still pro- vaccine at the base, a lot of them are anti- vaccine, i don't know if trump is as
7:40 pm
popular those who go around. >> we will have to see what the situation calls for in 2024. in 2016 of course the situation calls for complete antidote to the establishment. people want to take a sledgehammer to the way things were and willing to use any instrument, however blunt or different to shake it up. in 2024 with looming economic crisis in respect to inflation, covid, you might see a desire with the republicans to marry up some of the trump attitude but also policies with more traditional background gop voters have been attracted to in the past like military background, law & order, previously run for office. these backgrounds might be more palatable for republicans in
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2024 depending on the political situation. >> thanks a lot, panel. great as always. coming up. with 2021 almost behind us, how can we financially prepare for 2022? will inflation ever and? we will break that down next. ♪♪
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let's face it. for many people 2021 for the financial disaster. the pandemic forced a lot of folks out of work either because of job cuts or vaccine mandates and inflation crisis through the roof. a number of economists predict 2022 might not be much better. researchers say food and gas will likely continue to get more expensive. is that true? if so, how can we better protect our bottom line? here to discuss, cofounder and fox news jupiter,
7:46 pm
jonas, i just gave you a litany of doomsday, what's the best thing we could do? you've given me financial advice, what should i do? by a bit coin, get into stocks, stuff it under my mattress? >> if you can afford a whole coin, you are buying drinks next time i see you. if you're worried about inflation, by i bonds from the u.s. government, one 100% risk free, you can't lose money. pay over 7% right now, it's better than, cap at $10000 personal security number year you can do to if you do it january or today on their website, it's always going to be inflation so inflation goes down to poor 4% next year the new get 4%. at the great safe return. to be that the stock market will require a strong economy,
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licking inflation without destroying the market so that your best safe environment. it's guaranteed to match inflation and i can't think of a better safe investment. riskier investments you could beat the return but now you take risks the economy is going to sink possibly if the strain takes up in government shuts down again like laster, 37% hit from the stock market in a few short weeks, i don't know if we will get that again but if the fed are trying to fix inflation, you can get a situation like that. >> we talk about bitcoin, each bit coin, what are they, 50 or 60 grand? >> 30% off sale from baha'is a few months ago but they are down to a little under 50000, it was over 60000 briefly. i think it's a bad way to play inflation.
7:48 pm
it's a bubble in itself that will collapse when interest rates go higher, probably already started collapsing. a lot of stocks in that sector have long ago peaked down ten to 30% from their highs. i see a washout in the next year like crash of a one. some go out of business, but coin minors which is a stupid business, trading companies and crypto themselves, scam tokens will go out of business, there will be a few lingering ones that will fall maybe eight or% but that's not an area to jump into just like you wouldn't want to jump in 2000. >> inflation, when we have inflation, everything goes up. are people getting more money in their pocket? >> inflation is pretty widespread, basically everything, food items, the items are in the inflation measures, that's an indication
7:49 pm
but wages are going up, it is hard to hire an employee at current rates without boosting wages. some isn't inflation but higher minimum wages are kicking in like places like california will hit $15, that's not inflation but it causes price inflation down the road. the real inflation is he too much money and too little supply which this could get worse before it gets better if there's more shutdowns related. people are going to work like you seen the airlines. if there's less supply of goods and people demanding the goods, prices will keep going higher. >> okay, got to go. topical storm is next. ♪♪
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just from your course at using leeches and 14 photos of elizabeth cady stanton you won't believe are real. the quiz to determine which pride and prejudice character are you? as you can tell, magazines were much more sophisticated back then. topic number three. egyptian engineer built a robot that can take in the atmosphere and turn it into water but still no one sucked the air out of a room like whoopi goldberg. the robot that could one day produce water on mars which would be crucial to the cdc's goal of moving the unvaccinated there. we pulled moisture from the air and runs it through filtration systems turning into drinkable h2o. i am a stock so i won't touch it unless there's cucumber slices in their but it drinkable enough for you. e lou even speaks. >> i'm a robot dedicated to moisture and converting it to
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drinkable water which gives life to mars and other planets. >> i hate watercooler talk. we get it, your kid was in a school play, just lost again, blah blah blah. good news is, she can operate in 15% humidity allowing it to generate water and some of the driest places on earth. it even once produced water at a nola comedy show. aha, he's dry. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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thanks for watching the show tonight, follow kennedy on twitter and instagram at kennedy nation on facebook kennedy fbn and e-mail kennedy tomorrow, stephen l miller, kevin walling and mike chase. i am tom shillue. good night, everybody. ♪♪ - holy cow. all of a sudden we've got a chunk of gold right in these grooves around here. right there. - [narrator] veteran miner rick dale is panning a sample from an abandoned gold mine called the mohave. - [rick] i am shocked that we're finding a nugget already. i wish i had a bell to ding.


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