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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 6, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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that is the problem. liz: you been doing the right thing, nine out of ten deportations are usually criminal, or, thank you for your service to our country. you have been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness, that does it for us, thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: democracy is under attack and if we don't act now, our country may never be the same so why is this happening? was at last year's january 6 right? nope. the voting rights battle. wrong. critical race theory? it's not that either. the single "issue is" it could bring our republic to its knees, authoritarianism under the guise of keeping us safe from covid. economic and social lockdowns, vaccine and mask mandate, just to go to dinner, these are all
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things happening in this country right now as one website put it, health first, freedom second. civil liberties stamped. it was unchecked, it's only going to get worse and won't let up not just here, in france, the president there he's purposely trying to make life as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated. if any party. germany and austria vaccinated people and stop people from leaving their homes. uk, couples at one time were forbidden from having sex, with no heavy -- with heavy fines. nobody is allowed to enter or leave the country for almost two years not to mention people, keep in mind, these are forward thinking democracies and they an active all of this in the snap of a finger. washington post motto is democracy dies darkness. it turns out it can die in broad
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daylight, too. the one who's killing it on elected medical bureaucrats like doctor anthony fauci, how do we prevent this pandemic from destroying our freedom and liberty? let's get into it with tonight's party panel, human events in jupiter, chris barron, democrat strategist and fox news contributor leslie marshall and the president -- welcome, everyone. >> happy new year. kennedy: happy new year to you, too. let's talk about this a bit chris, is covid the thing that's changing these once flourishing democracy? >> yes, absolutely and you hit the nail on the head, it's unbelievably ironic january 6 we've been treated to an entire day of theater pretending that the riots at the capitol hill are the x essential threat to our republic, our way of life when the fact is, we've been giving away our freedoms bit by
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bit and drop by drop for the last 18 months. benjamin franklin said those who would parade essential liberties in exchange for temporary safety deserve neither and that's what's happening not only in this country but all across the globe every freedom loving person on this planet should be concerned the last 18 months we've allowed government all the way from the top to the bottom to abridge basic civil rights in the name of ending a healthcare crisis. kennedy: pacifica threat, covid authoritarianism or the thought of january 6? [laughter] >> i guess it depends on who you are. during world war ii when we were being attacked, we had to have a curfew, we had to ration and pull drapes down so i was told by my family members who lived during those times and people
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dead because they wanted to be safe. a pandemic we are trying to get behind because we've overburdened our healthcare workers and system and for so many of us, we've married (, we definitely want that to stop so i understand people want their liberty and freedom but at the same time you can't get this behind us and scream we have liberties and freedoms infringed upon. obviously when you have something like this, any kind of a health problem or work problem, anything that will infringe upon our safety and lives than our freedoms will be infringed upon. i'm not surprised we are seeing this in different countries. people and leaders are afraid, everyone is afraid. kennedy: that is great, fear has been the ultimate tool of the government to control people's lives it hasn't kept people alive or safe, it hasn't kept people from getting sick. the only thing we have still
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lingering is this state of constant fear. what are your thoughts? >> not everyone is in fear of covid. people would like to get on with things, frankly. it's a pretty minor virus in the history but more important, it shows you just because you are in a western democracy doesn't mean you are anymore immune, we've lost the basic parameters and what made the west, western democracy special about the idea of the individual that has some degree of right versus the collective versus the state which can't be imposed upon the matter what and second, there are things more important than security and safety. the security and safety are not the greatest or highest values in society and once you lose those, these distinctions between we are a democracy, okay. new zealand and australia are two of the most lockdown countries on earth the past two years due to covid, i would
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venture that healthy majorities in both those countries support what's going on with her own government so democracy is not it here, as far as fear, during world war ii, people voluntarily group together for the war efforts but even during world war ii and london, people went to work, they didn't lockdown. kennedy: those are good points and the things that will remain from this, they are actually quite scary because when we do follow the signs in the name of safety, those definitions keep changing the whole you can claim once this, that's the bottom line, this is what safety is and when that becomes inconvenient for fear congress, they change the definition of what it means to be safe so when you change the definition of things, people can no longer trust what you are saying or selling that's what's
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happening in this country and fly there's a push back of healthcare workers and it's not just a crisis of healthcare workers, the crisis is healthcare workers exercising medical freedom are being fired. that is the manufactured crisis manifesting in hospitals. let's go back down to one of my favorite places, australia. we know authoritarianism stinks, who's the latest casualty? supposed to defend his australian open title this month but now that might not happen. he has a valid medical vaccine exemptions but his visa was yanked because it prime minister says rules are rules and facts not enough. i think it's weird. he's stuck in refugee hotel, he's waiting for a hearing on the matter which could be days
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away so well he missed a tournament because of pandemic autocracy? chris. >> probably. i understand rules are rules but what if the rules are absolutely stupid? with the rules and do nothing to help? this reminds me of the aaron rodgers situation in the nfl, i get. both of these guys aren't following by the rules but the rules don't make any sense we got government lying to us and jen psaki say is no pandemic of the unvaccinated -- that's not true. vaccinated people all across the country are catching covid in passing it on to other people. the rules don't make sense. sometimes we have to look at the rules and say do they make any sense? kennedy: we also have to be more sophisticated when we get new data in instead of link it policies, you can't come in here because i said so, that doesn't work forever people will start
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to revolt and some australians are grateful joke of it is being singled out in the prime minister admitted he was singled out. he got covid last month or two months ago and still allowed in the country so what's going on? it's arbitrary. >> i think you can see the record player playing the smollett record with the saddest song. tennis is a game of rules. i get tired of rich athletes whining because the rules have to apply to them, too. even if the rules are stupid, i think it's stupid i have to drive 55 or 65, i'd like to drive 105 but i can't and i
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don't. i can, i could get arrested and lose my license and hurt somebody, because of the roles that's what australia set up. they have immigration laws and during this pandemic, a small island they have every right to do that so i'm sorry, i will continue to play the record player him, he knew what he was getting into, just like the game of tennis which a lot of people think has stupid rules as well. kennedy: vest the same condescending attitude the u.s. government had toward citizens that you are exhibiting, what do you think? -- >> i am not condescending. kennedy: we can make all sorts of roles and have layers and protocols and live in a segregated society and you can tell african-americans distrustful of the government who don't want the vaccine, you can sit down and stay out of this restaurant because these are the rules. that's definitely a free society, go ahead, jeff.
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>> you asked my opinion, i gave my opinion. kennedy: and you know what? your opinion was condescending and condescending, i will call you on it. >> yeah, there are rules and australia commercial on emirates, he did not get on that plane without valid australian pizza of some type with somebody and australia issued so i think this was a set up whether to design and humiliate him and put him in a situation or whether it was they australia government nervous about social media attention given in the fact that he was going around the vaccine rules, i don't know but nonetheless, the guy had a visa and now he's basically in detention and as far as rules go, okay, when any of us on this panel are literally the best person on earth at our job, no
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aaron rodgers, then maybe we will have a different set of rules so i think australia is showing itself badly here, i think the australia public piling on djokovic and australia relies on tourists, which they haven't had for two years now and as far as it being an island, it is an island, you can cut off boats and planes from coming in and they have covid the same as anybody else, a virus and virus. kennedy: especially when the virus is even more when it gets there. what australia has done to its citizens is unconscionable and i've talked to people there and they are worried that that won't even recover because that used to be a fun and free place in a little dangerous because of sharks and crocodiles and spiders and snakes and pet jellyfish, the most dangerous in the world and that makes it kind of sexy. thank god for florida.
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without it, democrats covid crazies with nowhere to breathe free and vacation. she was caught airing out her big mouth with her boyfriend in miami last week and this week california congressman eric swalwell who became famous for guarding on television and having an affair with a chinese spy, he was in a hotel, who wouldn't want to be there in miami? what a fun place to be. this photo was taken five days after he called for masks everywhere in a tweet and blamed republicans prolonging the pandemic, hypocrisy has not escaped ron desantis. >> as i had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to florida the last two years, i would be a pretty wealthy man. mayors, governors, you name it. kennedy: are these lockdown democrats not as scared as covid as a pretend to be?
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>> obviously they are not but i got an idea and should go along with this into our all for will have to sacrifice precious freedoms, how about florida institute a law that says if you vote in favor of mask mandate, you can't come to florida? you can't come at all. stay in your state. you can't come to florida. you have to give up our precious freedoms, you will have to do that and we will all have to suck it up like world war ii and we will just have to give it up because it's necessary to fight this. kennedy: you should round up the unvaccinated and put them in camps. it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated and they should be rounded up and corralled and tucked away from the rest of society so the virus can die. >> and by the way, the wonderful things done during world war ii, we did internment camps and stuck people and camps in world
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war ii. sometimes there's government outreach. sometimes sacrifices committed are not fair or equitable and they shouldn't be tolerated. kennedy: eric swalwell tolerated, leslie? >> well if that wasn't condescending, not you but the analysis before that, i'm not sure what is. i have no problem florida saying don't come and i like my state so stop putting it down. i went to the beach this weekend and was outside without a mask as many people were out in the fresh air, i am friends with eric is hypocritical if you are inside saying you got to wear a mask and you are not wearing a mask but it's hypocritical not to your state to be outside without a mask because that's pretty much what we have all been practicing especially if we are vaccinated and boosted in the end. kennedy: doesn't matter, i know plenty vaccinated and boosted people who have not only gotten
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covid but they have spread covid so jeff, aren't all -- >> she want them to wear a mask or don't? kennedy: i think it's up to the individual whether or not they wear a mask and if air what eric swalwell doesn't want to that he shouldn't tell everyone else they are required to wear a mask somehow not wearing a mask has kept the pandemic going but jeff, this is just another hypocritical politician. >> well, good for him because masks are stupid and don't work so there's no reason for him to wear one but charges of hypocrisy were going to hurt politicians, they would have been hurt by now. there are sanctions and politics for being hypocritical, he won't lose his committee assignment or donor months, he's not going to lose face or shamer's social programs, it will be a one day
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new cycle hit on him and he'll attack back it will be over so hypocrisy, too late in the american game policy to talk about policy, it's like talking about the other, too far gone. kennedy: wise being massless in florida, why does it pose less of a threat than being massless in other parts of the country? that's what he is imploring people to do, everyone to wear a mask but somehow covid in florida is not going to go back and i don't understand that. >> there's a deep-rooted need to demonize and humiliate the other in this case, the other is florida red state, honestly they are worried about desantis, anti- vaccine and covid deniers, they are simply a new version of trump so that was a shift trump is not in office and this is what politics do, hatred and
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division, it is a sick way to organize society, red versus blue thing. kennedy: we need a lot more yellow in there because the red versus blue is not working anymore so i'm short the primary colors have been taken away and liberty minded will have to take over so we can give you the power back because the ones in power right now, they pretty much wrecked everything. the party panel is sticking around, have you ever played game night here? we are going to play this in a bit. have you received money through then no, paypal orizaba or cash app? the irs is coming for you. jonas max ferris is here to tell you where to put your money, in your mattress, but quite and cold, i'm sure he's going to say that next. [laughter] ♪♪
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if you use cash app, the irs is coming for you, baby. biden administration is cracking down on payments with things like venlo, paypal, his out. they are required to report transactions if they exceed $600 a year so if you send your rent money for concert tickers or
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dinner, the irs is going to look into your so instead of going after billy nurse like they said they were, they should pay their fair share, the most impacted will be small businesses and poor college kids with no money, is this seriously the best way? joining me now, cofounder and fox news contributor, jonas max ferris. welcome back to the shop. >> i know matt gaetz would not have voted for this nor would he found a $99 girlfriend. [laughter] it is addressed by the irs, it will be a hassle for small businesses not because they do the reporting, they arty have to do reporting, it's because 20 elect data that will be useless in many cases because people spend more money for stupid stuff for each other and it's not a business but there's no way for the irs to know it income or not without arguing
7:24 pm
for not even clear how this will work. the irs from helping $600 is a lot of money. kennedy: ms for the year. >> when you pay over $600, you've got to 1099 dumped come up with inflation as you saw this year, it's not a lot of money anymore and again, it's irs and i don't want to blame them entirely because congress makes the rules they have to enforce but there's a guy with a billion-dollar roth ira there's a lot of -- until recently, if you sold hundred million dollars in stock, the broker never had to tell the irs what you pay for it is it's up to you to disclose -- i paid 99 million right, that's how it worked but somehow there's resources for the $600 transaction and i do think it's easy in some ways the irs -- they don't fight back, it's too expensive to defend yourself you
7:25 pm
zero five grand, you just pay interest and penalty but when you've got a million dollars, this will never catch you so i don't know why, they are already backed up, you can't call them, they are not taking tax returns right now so i don't know how they will do. kennedy: there are not taking? >> that's not only their fault, its covid changes and irs managed a lot of this, it burned them last year end they understaffed and everybody else, people taken off work so they have yet to catch up and tax returns, you literally can't communicate them so it's not like they will have a lot, there is not a staffing right now. kennedy: but if build back better passes, they will have 80 billing dollars for the irs and they are not going to just redo their bathrooms and lobby fixtures, they are going to get a bunch of asians and kickstart out of the cap i don't think people remember the horrible base in the 80s and 90s when audits were quite common and we
7:26 pm
sort of got out of that era for a few administrations but we are going to get back into that. >> i am not pro- tax, i'm for people paying tax -- but a bureaucracy that you can't call that has no customer service that harasses and doesn't really go after larger scale tax avoidance or the tax cut will fix either and a lot of small businesses with a few thousand dollars out of the house, it's not the worth the time or resources, is not profitable for the irs to spend time auditing somebody for $600. this is the negative, it's not going to do anything, there's some in a fit of people scare they are looking at them more and might report more income but it will drive certain transactions completely into hidden transactions, i wouldn't use crypto or something throw wallet and all of a sudden even
7:27 pm
in an audit situation from a they could have brought the information anyway, they were not going to know and they will say i can make any money so i don't even know -- i want to go that far but it could lead to more tax avoidance than anything. kennedy: something's got to bless crypto because -- >> donald spiral. kennedy: what are you, 100? that's the thing, old people wrote these laws because they don't understand what venlo and thou are. my granddaughter asked me if i had venlo and that's got to be something that, like the tik tok, the communist and represent. >> bush did something like that with part, at least it was more merchant, they keep coming up with $600 but the same situation, i crackdown on a small businesses using paypal for revenue, it's not necessarily a sale is just
7:28 pm
sending money to somebody. kennedy: these people are high and want the government to be intrusive with low income earners and they are on the list of things that suck. >> irs on their own tax supply we do one and only -- >> pro irs stuff. [laughter] they are backed up. kennedy: we can talk them out of it. thank you. we got a great game for boomers and millennial's out there. how well you know the jens east line? panel will find out. game night is next. you're going to love it. ♪♪
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i will read modern-day slang expression the kids are using today, tik tok in the what graham and they will score two points if they can tell me what it means or one if they need me to use it in a sentence where they can define it. however scores the most wins in autographed tik tok pan from your mama. are you all ready to play? >> yes. >> yep. kennedy: good, this is fantastic, you are all excited. chris, two points if i don't have to use it in a sentence. your word, sacks, no printer. you know what that means? you need me to use it in a sentence? >> that needs to be used in a sentence.
7:34 pm
[laughter] kennedy: person one -- taco bell taste better when you're drunk. present tooth -- sacks, no printer. >> oh, that's the facts? that's the truth? kennedy: well done. that's it. lastly, i know you have hipsters at home, all right, what is this word? >> yes, i want them to laugh at me. [laughter] kennedy: all right she will be -- chp ug why. >> i need a in a sentence. kennedy: being obsessed with disney as an adult is ch ug why. >> oh, how do you say it like -- i don't know, juvenile? ridiculous because you are an adult liking for something for kids. kennedy: and embarrassing millennial trend, we will give you one for that. we'll see if jeff is hip and if he doesn't know this need this
7:35 pm
in a sentence, why et. do you need me to use it in a sentence? >> no because it would be the same with or without a sentence. eat -- i have teens. it's like yikes for old people, that's my answer. kennedy: you are wrong. it is to throw. the sentence would have been watch as i yeet this bottle into the trash can. i also have teens and i know not of this and if i go home and say it to them, they will make fun of me even if they know what it is. chris, this is one my daughter's asked me about all the time, sneaky links. you need me to use in a sentence, chris? [laughter] >> sure.
7:36 pm
kennedy: don't tell anyone but chris and tina are sneaky links. >> dating? kennedy: a little more specific than that, don't tell anyone. >> sleeping together? hooking up? kennedy: we will take hookup, secret hookup partners. my daughter's use the term sneaky things so much they wanted to start a pocket sausage links with you. here we go. based. do you need a in a sentence? >> i do. kennedy: okay, here's your sentence. did you see kennedy's monologue last night? she is so base. >> all right then. [laughter] funny? snarky? kennedy: no, unapologetic about being yourself.
7:37 pm
>> oh, okay. kennedy: are not going to give you one for that. jeff, you should be able to get this without a sentence. red pill. >> well, there are so many pills now, i rely on dave smith for this one. blue pill means -- red pill -- i never saw the matrix, i don't like that stuff but red pill means you are seeing the world clearly even if it's nasty versus blue pill means you have goofy happy blinders. kennedy: we'll take it. it's a to be awake to the mainstream media's lies originating from the matrix. we will give jeff to for that because he didn't need the defining sentence. here we go, one more for chris. catch these hands. would you like it in a sentence?
7:38 pm
>> i will need that, yes. kennedy: if you cut me off in traffic, now get ready to catch these hands. >> is it like give somebody the finger? kennedy: a little more broad than that, not quite as specific. >> i don't know. kennedy: okay, i won't give you one for that. start a fight, and expression, confrontation. >> oh man. he should have set -- all right i'm embarrassed. kennedy: the next one is balk, would you like in a sentence? >> what was the word? kennedy: bump like m.bop. the john rich song is a bop. >> oh, a hit that you can dance to.
7:39 pm
kennedy: i'll give you that, you are all tied out to a piece. jeff, you can win the whole thing here. i love this one, the phrases glow up. you need a in a sentence? >> glow up? kennedy: yes. >> i do. kennedy: you look great, you really had a glow up since the last time i saw you. [laughter] >> i guess and young people's terms, looking better. in grown-up terms, growing up. kennedy: physical, mental or spiritual change, we will take that. word on the street, he gets in autographed tik tok dance, i will do it with a colored sharpie. thank you so much, playing tonight. thank you. coming up, one of the brighter spots in the pandemic, the state bringing them back for good.
7:40 pm
what's the best cocktail of them all? legendary john wayne talking about his new line of bourbon and tequila inspired by the wild west icon himself. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: let's do it. new york replacement governor kathy hochul is apparently trying to make friends when she announced reinstating the pandemic innovation, bars and restaurants through the winter, 80% of new yorkers approved local businesses are thrilled in my next guest, the duke spirit bourbon and tequila distillery,
7:45 pm
two of my favorites, inspired by the duke himself, i can't john wayne, even plain fulfilling a stream of opening a liquor line and the distillery lineup tequila supporting john wayne cancer foundation which is fantastic. here to discuss, son of john wayne, it is ethan wayne. hi, even. founder and ceo duke spirit, grace, gentlemen, great to have you both. tequila and the bourbon. i feel like i've won two academy awards tonight. this is fantastic, even, how did you know your dad had desire to start the bourbon line? >> my father has many different interests but he was busy. he made to him, six months a year end then he comes back deal
7:46 pm
with family, three wives and other business so besides spirits and mining and ranching and farming, he didn't have the time to get to everything and when we got into our archive and i saw the bourbon's and tequila's and champagnes stored there, chris came with me, we looked at it and knew what he liked and thought was appropriate to bring to market, it was timeless over trend and i think that is what we will find, authentic quality spirit whether it whiskey or tequila. kennedy: i really appreciate that you have both of those in their and chris, i think authenticity is the name of the game and obviously there's a lot of competition out there so how do you get that feeling, that connection in a bottle john
7:47 pm
wayne had given to fans throughout the world? >> we had the opportunity when ethan showed us what you covid, a lot of the spirit that had in the archives and it was this profile, like anything else made 30, 40 or 50 years ago, it was done differently. i was in to it a long time and we were sort of able to reengineer what we had to do something a little different and it's reflective in the bottle. kennedy: so what is the process like? what is reverse engineering entailed to get that flavor? >> a lot of it is talent, bourbons have different grains and them, the composition, casing to get there right flavor profile, no different than the nuances of fine wine. so it is a process.
7:48 pm
>> i do have a recommendation. kennedy: go ahead. >> by barbara now because the government is printing money, it will be more valuable over time. kennedy: absolutely right, more valuable than gold. two bottles of liquid gold i've got right here. of course we want everyone worried about their health to get cancer screenings, a lot of people have stayed awake during the pandemic and your company raises money for cancer research so thank you both for that. appreciate it. >> thank you, thanks for having us on. kennedy: what were you going to say? >> i just said it's our pleasure to pull the legacy and do something a little different. kennedy: yes, it's wonderful because you guys are not only putting out a great product in memory of a great man who left it but the money is also going to a fantastic cause so you're
7:49 pm
doing good and doing well at the same time. my dad said you should always do that so thank you both for doing that. >> thank you. kennedy: thank you, tropical storm is next. drinks on me. ♪♪
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kennedy: state lawmaker and double as governor e tennessee don't out of his son's high school basketball game after he got angry about a call from i tried to pull the referee's pants down from a complaint was filed with the school athletic association, lawmaker charged with both vowels. they are going nuts and this is topical storm. topic number one. this is in florida, leaving notes, leave if they are walk but unfortunately, the new yorkers didn't get the message. this note was placed with new york's license plates reading if you are a week prison, leave florida, you will be heavier elsewhere as well be.
7:54 pm
police launched an investigation to find the perpetrators of the communicative name the firstborn children after them. there are some leads for instance, on the back of each know it says i mean it vaguely, you should leave town so fast, everyone says so, believe me. i guess we will never know who the monster is but we do know their plan won't work because there's only one thing if they can ever make democratically the state and its impact of their own policies and that will take us to topic number two. customers and border patrol agents in progressive texas intercepted an american woman trying to smuggle spider monkeys into the u.s. still no word if they were here for monkey business or monkey pleasure. primates found in this blue duffel bag. during an inspection of the
7:55 pm
young woman's vehicle probably could've gotten away with it she having put the court in symbols in the back and focus to make music, they issued a penalty because spider monkeys considered endangered, even more now than the american government. officials say total of four spider monkeys removed from the vehicle and placed in animal container. i don't know about you but my favorite type of animal container is a sandwich. have you ever had a spider monkey sub? delicious. a little mail, diced tomatoes, wonderful. speaking of stupid monkeys, time to hear what you have to say numb nuts. this is your mail, jeff says kennedy nation, you should get educated. as he places banjo, weirdo. nice pun, studio city.
7:56 pm
i can only give you $150 for that freedom, best i can do. kennedy nation, you obviously live in your own shallow world of fantasy, thank you. i do think this was a fan mail thing but you are right. jackson leaves us with kennedy is an idiot. jackson, you are a nut smuggling effort. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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8:00 pm
>> thank you so much for watching the best hour of your day, follow me on twitter and instagram. kennedy saves world, apple podcast. >> entertainment. not the most tangible of american staples but try to imagine our country without it. neither can i am it is too essential to our economy and our nature as humans, all of the entertainment that we often take for granted does not come easy, it takes discipline. . and some serious patience. >> they must have had some party in here. >>


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