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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 12, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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depending on the region. it has been 10 years since there was a price increase but it is happening everywhere, folks. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." thank you so much for watching. we hope you enjoyed the show. and will be back here tomorrow. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight president trump, former president trump now moving to hold a rally in arizona this weekend, capitalizing on another historic collapse in president biden's job approval, just 33% in a new "quinnepiac poll." a danger zone few presidents can recover from. the president, he tries to topspin a 40-year high in inflation today. pete buttigieg topspinning that he saved christmas but #bareshelvesbiden is trending on
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twitter. stores having bare shelves that look like the former soviet union. it talks democrat insiders of a hillary clinton-trump rematch in 2024. joining us we have congressman dusty johnson, jeff van drew, warren davidson, for example media chair steve forbes, the hill columnist kristin tate and federal prosecutor jim trusty, former dhs dep city chief of staff lora ries. we have a jam-packed show. mitch mcconnell hitting president biden for unpresidential, incoherent incorrect speech yesterday attacking georgia's quote, racist vote law. we'll show how how biden, democrats, media are misleading america on this. the same voter i.d. used to get medical care is somehow racist when it comes to voting? georgia has more early voting days and better absentee balloting rules than biden's home state of delaware or new york. are blue democrat states, are they jim crow states too?
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senator roger marshall is now firing back at dr. fauci after dr. fauci was caught on a hot mic calling the senator, quote a moron during the fiery senate health hearing yesterday. e-mails surfacing spelling more trouble for dr. fauci. fellow democrats out with a new bill banning stock insider trading by lawmakers that would include nancy pelosi. scrutiny increasing on the timing of pelosi family stocks trades and legislation. emails indicating biden's education secretary was much more involved and the white house aiming the fbi and justice department at school board parents, calling them quote domestic terrorists because they're upset what schools are teaching children? we'll break it down. a top trump russia player, did work with the hillary campaign, he is charged with lie together fbi, he is now scheduled to go on trial right in the middle of the midterms. more on how special counsel
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durham has hillary's campaign square in his bull's-eye. republicans demanding answers, a white house official yesterday said yes, white house diverted taxpayer money meant for covid testing to the border. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with this, trump, trump is ready to rock and roll. we've seen what is happening in the trump section of the country as quinnepiac is reporting an historic plunge in biden's job approval, just 33% approve of biden, 53% now disapprove. the white house getting slammed today for trying to topspin as a good thing the numbers inside of a 40-year high inflation report now at 7%. shoppers from coast to coast posting videos and photos of empty store shelves. edward lawrence is in washington with more.
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edward. reporter: well, liz, the last time inflation rose this high this fast the movie "e.t." was just released. when you're looking at a 7% year-over-year cpi inflation number that gives more ammunition to the federal reserve to raise interest rates starting in march. look inside the numbers. where are some of the increases? all types of gas rose 49.6% year-over-year. fuel oil to heat your home up 41%. if you're buying a car, new car prices up almost 12%. used car prices ballooning more than 3%. when 37%. bakery grocery products cereal up 1%. that is more than increase of wages year-over-year. meat, poultry, eggs up 12 1/2% over the past 12 months, fruits and vegetables up 5%. republicans squarely blaming president biden. >> inflation is the biggest problem people talk to me back
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home about. this is a social injustice, another crisis created by this president and his policies. until we reverse the policies inflation is going to continue. reporter: the white house brushing off these inflation numbers. >> our focus now is why assessing where we are trying to address the issues in front of us in an effort to try to accelerate the course, the course of the recovery. reporter: federal reserve chairman testified that we will see the supply chain issues affecting inflation sort themselves out by the end of this year. you may remember in december president joe biden saying that he saved christmas by fixing those supply issues. back to you, liz. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much for joining us. look who is back with us now. we have congressman dusty johnson from house transportation and infrastructure along with forbes media chair, editor-in-chief, steve forbes. he is my former boss. ask you both this. first to you, congressman, a piece by doug schoen and andy stein in "the wall street journal"
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suggesting that hillary could be the democrat candidate in 2024. will we see a rematch with trump? >> i will say this, hillary clinton was not an impressive candidate. i can't imagine the democrats would do that as republican i would be ecstatic. for america, here is the bigger question. 350 million people in the country. many of them are brilliant. i feel like america's best days ahead. focus on future, get new energy, get new blood. get new vision. i do not think rematch of 2016 will get that to americans. elizabeth: we feel your sunny optimism, congressman. to you, steve, it is not a good look "the hill," "politico," cnn, "new york times" talking about replacing biden on the ticket because of his bad poll numbers. there is talk of switching up the matchup. "new york times" is talking about a biden-liz cheney ticket. what do you think, steve? >> shows how desperate they are, somebody said why aren't they going to nominate dr. fauci to
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really stir the pot? but hillary clinton, that is like saying we're going to resurrect richard nixon to run him again. no, they do need to look to the future. they don't have a future because they don't have policies that make a good future. they're dead set on modern socialist agenda. they don't know how to fight inflation. they want to rig the voting system. open the borders. add it all up american people resoundingly saying more and more to crime and everything else, no. so hillary clinton i agree with the congressman, that it would be wonderful, congressman johnson if hillary clinton ran again. we could find out about russian collusion. what happened to all the emails? what happened to her various computers? elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, congressman, to steve's point. this is also happening too, "the daily beast" is reporting that democrats are not talking about the biden agenda anymore as they're out on the campaign
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trail. the white house is focusing on the democrats effective federal takeover on state elections. how is i.d. used to get medical care quote racism, equivalent of jim crow on steroids when blue states have been doing that a long time? >> this amazing to me. america needs to be a serious country. we have serious problems. the idea we use bumper sticker slogans to attack republicans does not make any sense to me. in washington, d.c. where i'm at right now, i rather be in south dakota, in d.c. i can't sit down in a restaurant without showing photo i.d. and vaccine card. somehow a photo i.d. is racist doesn't make any sense to me. liz, this is exactly what happened in georgia. in georgia they shortened the window for early voting three weeks. that was roundly called a racist policy but that is still more early voting time than new york has. so is new york state just filled with a bunch of racists?
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i think we're off the path here. elizabeth: we hear you, congressman, steve to the congressman's point, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell gave a withering response to the president's speech yesterday. take a listen. i would like your reaction. >> he compared, listen to this a bipartisan majority of senators to literal traitors. how profundly, profoundly unpresidential. so the world saw our commander-in-chief prop began dies against his own country, his own country to a degree would have made "pravda" blush. elizabeth: what do you think, steve? well i think the senator makes a very good point because this has foreign policy implications. do you think vladmir putin would be making his moves against ukraine, against belarus, against kazakhstan? do you think china would be eyeing taiwan the way it is? do you think the iranians would be on the verge of getting
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material for a nuclear weapon? they're only months away from it, if joe biden wasn't so weak and trashing his own country. they're taking their cues from washington. what they're see something leading to dangerous behavior, not only for our economy here at home but for our security around the world. elizabeth: we should point out too, we hear what you're saying, steve. georgia has more early voting days and no excuse absentee balloting than biden's home state of delaware or new york. again are those blue democrat states, are they jim crow states too? the other thing too, congressman, we're finding senate democrat caucus, the democrats in the senate, used the filibuster more than 15,500 times since 1989 but according to it is racist according to joe biden and chuck schumer. >> we let rhetoric get out of hand. part of it is they need to change the headlines, when you
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talk about inflation, supply change crunch, talk about the covid numbers, talk about what is going on at the southern border, these are not good things for the biden administration. we need more strategic leadership in this country. whispering soft nothings into american people's ears is not a strategy. we need leadership, not wish full thinking. elizabeth: the doom and gloom rhetoric out of the white house, this is going to be the most severe christmas ever, the worst christmas ever, steve, you know the downbeat message is dividing the country on racism, attacking states for their vote laws, right? it feels like light years away from the trump era where, yeah, it was crazy time, right with what trump was saying and things he was doing but americans felt upbeat, they felt good, started to feel a lot of americans felt the country was headed in the right direction. steve, we have inflation dangerously high. i like your reaction to general
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saki. let's listen to senator john kennedy on this. >> there is additional data that is coming out tomorrow and we certainly anticipate forecasters generally expect elevated inflation tomorrow especially for the year-over-year measure which includes high inflation from nearly a year ago when the economy was reopening. >> i have a plea above all else, above everything else on your plate, i ask that you please preserve the independence of the federal reserve. the last thing that america needs right now is to have the federal reserve politicized. it is the last thing the world needs right now. and believe me, the whole world is watching. elizabeth: steve, so that was
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jen psaki, yeah, inflation is elevated. it is not transitory. senator john kennedy pleading with fed chair jerome powell, don't be politicized, if you need to raise rates to stop runaway inflation, you need to do it. don't get pressure from democrats. reaction to that, steve, final word. >> i wish chairman powell had taken that advice if he ever takes it a year ago, year-and-a-half ago, when he approved all the vast spending that led to money creation that will give us worse inflation in 2022. unfortunately the whole democratic approach is giving hypocrisy a bad name. powell has been part of the problem, not the solution. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear, steve forbes. it was good stuff from congressman dusty johnson and steve forbes there. we were controlling on the numbers for inflation, the last number was 7%. yeah, you devices, inflation moving inexorably higher in the first year of the biden white house. good to see you both,
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congressman dusty johnson, steve forbes. come back soon. still to come nancy pelosi is taking heat from fellow democrats as scrutiny increases on timing of her family's stock trades and legislation. fellow democrats supporting a new bill sponsored by a democrat to stop lawmakers and their families from trading individual stocks while in office. up next house gop doctor's caucus jeff van drew. he is fired up. dr. fauci called senator roger marshall on a hot mic calling him a moron talking about the fauci's finances. the senator firing back. you're watching fox business. or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now from the house gop doctors caucus, he is congressman jeff van drew. we always love having you on, congressman. first of all talk about the good news from studies on the pandemic. this thing could soon turn around. show the viewer studies we're talking about. the common cold could give, t-cells there could protect against covid. omicron gives immunity against the delta variant. the omicron wave peaked and going down in europe, uk and south africa and the peak could happen here pretty soon. what do you think.
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>> i think agree. we have the move on with our life and omicron has the potential to give us herd immunity we talked about so long. frankly i can't understand why we're going forward with a omicron vaccination now. i don't necessarily think that is the way to go. but as you know i think that, you know, dr. fauci has done an awful job. he has lied what he said. in fact i like to say dr. fauci lied and american men and women died and it's the truth because of what he did. this goes all the way back to when we originally saw this virus, when it was supposedly kept at a wet meat market and came from that, from a bat which there were no bats there. then of course we found out, many of us were willing to speak up there was a laboratory there, that some sort of error, we hope an error occurred and everything else as a result of that. fauci knew that. he didn't tell the truth to the american people. that's wrong.
6:20 pm
he should be fired. i said it before, i'm going to say it again. elizabeth: we've got republicans jim jordan and james comer, they have emails with scientists from tulane and script institute indicating they told dr. fauci early in 2020, january, february, this virus looks genetically altered and looked like it escaped from a lab in china. there were multiple labs, not just the wuhan lab working on gain of function work. dr. fauci, looks like emails keep coming out, congressman. what do you think of this? >> i think it is horrible. i think he should be made accountable for that, lose his job again because of his lying, people got sick and actually died. this is really serious business. i can't believe that so many people are overlooking it at the government level and certainly the administration is. it is not right and jim jordan is doing a good job, they both
6:21 pm
are, doing a good job digging into this, finding out what the truth is. this whole thing has been unbelievable. first fauci told us you need no masks. then one mask, two masks, three masks. then you didn't need, you get the vaccine you wouldn't, you would be totally protected, you wouldn't need masks at all. that wasn't true. the j&j shot was okay even only one shot. that wasn't true at all. you wouldn't be able to pass the disease on if you know, got the vaccination. wrong. elizabeth: okay. you know the issue about the emails too is whether or not dr. fauci warned the white house or anybody when he was told that. we don't know that too. "the washington post," congressman, has been doing stories on the nih funding, gain of function supervirus research. indicated dr. fauci and former nih director francis collins were stonewalling them. they found nearly $50 million went to 18 lab experiments to
6:22 pm
concoct and create viruses inside of the laboratory. i want to turn to the hot mic moment between senator marshall and dr. fauci. let's listen to this. >> i cannot find, our office cannot find them where would they be if they're public knowledge? >> it is totally accessible to you, if you want it. >> for the public, is it accessible? >> to the public. to the public. >> we look forward. >> you are totally incorrect. >> doing it. >> senator marshall, dr. fauci has answered you it is public information. he is happy to give it to you if you would have asked. senator moran. >> what a moron. jesus christ. elizabeth: okay. senator marshall is asking about dr. fauci's financial disclosures. calling him a moron, calling the senator a moron. what is your reaction to this. >> disgust me, completely unacceptable. look himself in the mirror, when he did that. certainly done more harm than the senator ever would. the senator is getting to the
6:23 pm
bottom to find out the truth. that is his job. he is doing his job. i wish fauci would do his job in much better place. by the way why are we doing experiments in china? why do we pay for them? why do we pay almost all the cost of the world health organization when they also lied to us? this has got to change. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. thank you so much, congressman jeff van drew. thanks for joining us. >> always good to be with you. elizabeth: same here. coming up with house financial services we have congressman warren davidson on this story, nancy pelosi taking heat from fellow democrats. scrutiny increasing on the timing of her family's stock trades and legislation. now fellow democrats are supporting a new bill sponsored by a democrat to stop lawmakers and their families from trading individual stocks while they are in office. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> same 2012 stock act also reiterated that no member of congress is except from the insider trading laws just like
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yeah, yep. which one, what'd you find? lorraine banks, look, county of macomb, michigan? look at grandma... hey grandma! unbelievable. everybody deserves to know who they are and where they came from. this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show congressman warren davidson of house financial services. it is great to see you, congressman. >> likewise. elizabeth: bad news for pelosi. great to have you on. so we've got democrats including tom nelson and john fetterman uniting on a new ethics bill by georgia democrat senator jon
6:28 pm
ossoff, would ban sitting lawmakers and families from doing stock trading while in office. senator josh hawley is moving on a similar bill. what do you think of these bills coming forward? >> well look, it is bad news for speaker pelosi because she outperformed, she and her husband outperformed most everyone that financial trades for a living. unfortunately most members of congress should stay out of the financial markets. most of us have not outperformed at all. i do believe members of congress should own things, disclose them in accordance with the law. elizabeth: put them in a blind trust or index fund, or if you don't like the rules just quit. timing of trades involving nancy pelosi's husband and legislation. what we're talking about here, congressman, by the way republicans have been doing the same thing, they're being accused of doing stock trading while in office. speaker pelosi, her husband bout tesla stock a month before president biden announced an
6:29 pm
executive order requiring all government vehicles be electric. exercised millions of dollars worth of microsoft options two weeks before microsoft won a u.s. army contract. then bought up to $11 million worth of tech stocks right around, you know, right when antitrust legislation that would hit the big tech companies was in play in congress. apple's tim cook was personally calling pelosi to slow walk a half a dozen antitrust bills. the timing is an issue here. >> the speaker has special scrutiny because she control as lot of agenda in the house. for the most part she can delay, shift the timing, things like that. for your rank-and-file members, we're doing good to get hearings on our topics particularly from the minority. i understand the public concern about it, frankly you don't want farmers that, you want the ag committee to have farmers on it. you want the judiciary committee to have lawyers on it. i think you want members of
6:30 pm
congress to do the things ordinary american citizens do. i don't think you want members of congress more separated from civic life personally but i think it is fair for people to say what do you own, what kind of things have you done? they can take that into account in the election cycle. that is the most important thing, disclosures are inside the election cycle. elizabeth: it seems to close to call, that you leave it up to the voter to decide. obama's ethics chief walter schawb said for nancy pelosi to defend this practice saying this is free market, suddenly she is a libertarian by the way, sort of like let them eat cake attitude. that the average man and woman out on main street do not get confidential briefings from government officials or heads up on legislation or policies that could move stock, that could be coming down the pike. >> yeah. you know, as an example i have been outspoken about the need to regulate, you know, financial services markets for digital
6:31 pm
assets, crypto, and you know when i came to congress started talking about bitcoin, bitcoin was trading $1000 a token and, you know, i've avoided buying bitcoin because of the perception about it. would it be legal for me to buy it? yes. frankly i have not succeeded getting good hearings on it. i can't say i have dramatically influenced the market but people do understand the perception issues. as you point out i wish the speaker had more libertarian views. it would be a better place. elizabeth: yeah. we hear you loud and clear. it is ironic that the sec chair, paul gensler is calling for tougher insider trading rules for ceos and executives of companies but we have insider saying it has been violated dozens of times by dozens of lawmakers. that is the disclosure bill that says, disclose your trades. that's it. it just feels really weak that congress is getting away with a lot. all of a sudden nancy pelosi's
6:32 pm
per family net worth shot up $315 million estimated, when it was 114 million range in 2018. >> that is the thing you look at. there are members like nancy pelosi that have done phenomenally well financially being in elected office and then most of us have found a way to lose money while being in office. so that is less reported. so, again, you know, insider trading is already illegal. i think chris collins from new york is in jail because of insider trading. members of congress are not exempt from insider trading rules. they can go to jail trading on insider information. you shouldn't conflate the two as i guess the point i'm making. elizabeth: we're not conflating. we're just saying there is inside edge congress enjoys that the little guy doesn't. congressman warren davidson, thanks so much. good to see you. coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. up next "the hill"'s kristin tate suggests that biden's
6:33 pm
education secretary was more involved than the white house aiming the patriot act meant for terrorists for al qaeda at parents upset what school boards were teaching their children. we'll break it down next. >> it is completely diabolical. this is the evidence, this email we have not only the justice department involved in this diabolical plan but also now the education department. (vo) verizon is going ultra! and so is manny! event planning with our best business unlimited plan ever! with 5g ultra wideband now in many more cities and up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost, the downloads are flying fast! verizon is going ultra, so your business can too. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now "the hill" columnist kristin tate. great to have you back on, kristin. okay, how is this -- good to see you. that we have the education secretary miguel cardona, he is a powerful guy, that it looks like he personally requested the now famous letter from the national school boards association calling school board parents domestic terrorists and suggested using the patriot act meant for isis to basically aim that at school board parents.
6:38 pm
so he is on that letter ahead of time. this is troubling stuff. what do you think? >> right. if these allegations are true this is a massive and infuriating scandal. it appears that the biden administration waged war on parents from the top, from the highest levels. ag merrick garland stated that his memo which mobilized the fbi was based on that nsba letter. we're now hearing that biden's own education secretary was involved in the creation of that very letter. look, these radical leftists, they want to target parents because they want the state to have full control of the programing of young minds. they do not believe the parents are the primary stakeholders in their own kids education. the message coming from this administration, liz, to parents is very clear, it is that you need to sit down, shut up and you're not allowed to say anything about what your kids are being taught seven hours a day, even when the curriculum includes anti-historical, racist
6:39 pm
and divisive content. so you know, schools are sadly just becoming political institutions instead of educational institutions and parents are getting fed up. at least the facts are coming out though. elizabeth: the education secretary denies involvement in this but the parents defending education group says it has the emails and is posting the emails showing this. the idea that a member of the president's cabinet secretly helped an ally, an outside organization, school board association, put together a letter, then acted on the request with the force of law? all under the pretense of neutrality? it just seems really, really bad and scandalous, right? we're talking about the threat assessment center, the national security division, the fbi's criminal unit. that is what the doj and merrick garland was doing, kristin. you talked about this, written about this. doesn't he sit down and listen to parents instead of using
6:40 pm
terror power against them? >> of course that is what they should do but this is all about control. it is all about federalizing and taking control of the education in this country but there is a silver lining here though which is that parents are leaving public schools in droves right now, in unprecedented numbers as this information comes out. families are taking education into their own hands. they're turning to charter schools, private schools, homeschooling, repeated lockdown, closing of schools totally not based in science, but because of this, because of the crt and the failure of the public schools to really educate our youth. i have live in texas, down here the schools even have gone woke. parent in my community are pulling kids out to homeschool. if it is happening in texas, it is happening all over the country, what is really sad, vulnerable kids from lower income communities whose parents cannot afford to take them out
6:41 pm
of the public schools to put them into private schools. we have to have school choice and more charter school options. elizabeth: hear you. homeschooling increased nearly 40% in virginia. we have the former deputy february by director andrew mccabe, speaking at the university of chicago. he is accusing parents at school board meetings of quote political violence, it is essential to have rapid, complete response by law enforcement at the state, local federal level against them. they are threatening national security and basically he is suggesting the actions of these concerned parents is an issue. that they are serving to undermine our democrat process. your reaction to the democrat process there? >> it is just so crazy. i mean i never thought it would get to this in this country but i will tell you, this is going to backfire politically on the democrats, this radical takeover of our education system and the targeting of parents. what happened in virginia with that gubernatorial race, glenn
6:42 pm
youngkin's victory, that is peek what we will likely see happen this fall in 2024. parents are fed up, when you mess with people's kids, they put their feet down. they say enough. elizabeth: got it. kristin tate, great to have you on, come back soon, okay? >> thank you very much, liz. elizabeth: sure. up next former federal prosecutor jim trusty. we have a top trump russia player working with the hillary campaign. igor danchenko charged with lying to the fbi. set to go on trial during the midterms. special counsel durham has hillary campaign squarely in his bull's-eye. keep it here on "the evening edit". we have to be able to repair the enamel on a daily basis. with pronamel repair toothpaste,
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, former federal prosecutor jim trusty. great to have you back on. okay, federal judge set a trial date of october 11th in russian national igor
6:47 pm
danchenko's trial. special counsel john durham charges danchenko with five counts of lying to the fbi. he is the principle source of the debunked discredited steele dossier. this is the middle of the midterms a lot of ugly stuff could come out with democrats in the middle of this. >> could be but keep in mind trial dates are not set in stone. could be pretty tight with the eastern virginia where the case is. they tend to move their dockets pretty quickly. that could move in a heartbeat. it is not 100% at trial. it now certainly shapes up might be a trial where a lot of the dirty laundrie of hillary clinton campaign becomes publicly available in october. elizabeth: danchenko is the main source of the bogus steele dossier used by the if fbi based on the trump russia investigation. what we're reading in the durham indictments he set his sights on the clinton campaign. special counsel durham scrutinizing how much the clinton campaign controlled the
6:48 pm
steele dossier and igor danchenko. clinton campaign workers may be called on to testify. what does this mean? what is the fallout you see coming on this? >> here is what is interesting to me from federal practice, knowing how these things work, couple of things. first, when you have a white-collar case, this falls broadly into that category there is awful lot of opportunity for the defense attorneys and prosecution to talk even before indictment about things like cooperating or pleading guilty. so to the extent that happened here it did not work, it did not get durham where he wanted to flip danchenko, use him against people into the hillary rodham clinton campaign. that is really the goal. a trial in october of igor danchenko is not a win for john durham. the other problem he has getting danchenko getting flip and conversations, sentencing guideline for these cases are not that high. the corollary the benefit of cooperation is not gigantic. you can still make a run at a
6:49 pm
against attorney for probation on a false statement case without any sort of cooperation at all. disincentive or unavailability of big relief through cooperation is another factor that kind of points towards danchenko going to trial to put durham to the test when it comes to at least this particular defendant. elizabeth: we'll see, we'll see. special counsel durham we know he got approval from the judge to look into the possible conflict of interest because hillary clinton's campaign lawyers are defending danchenko. that is a conflict. durham is saying, watch this, that clinton, the campaign for hillary clinton and the defendant might have an incentive to shift the blame and or responsibility to each other for any alleged false information inside of that steele dossier. so, jim, i put it to you, put this to you, that durham is looking at how much hillary clinton and her campaign knew, how false igor danchenko's work was, how shoddy it was, the veracity of his work is being
6:50 pm
called into question, how much hillary clinton and her team controlled igor danchenko and how that information ended up inside of the fbi and was used as a basis for a fisa wiretap meant to wiretap terrorists to go after the clinton, excuse me the trump campaign. durham has them in the bull's-eye, that is what we're seeing. your final word. >> i think that's right. his object here is to objectively look all the way up the chain as far as he can go to see who got this false information and motioned to the fbi. i would say this, don't hang your hat on this motion that had to do with the conflict. it is not a big deal. it is creating a clean record. elizabeth: i know. >> attorneys are doing, prosecution will not kick them off the case, they are just preserving record. you're right, the big bull bull's-eye is going after danchenko. elizabeth: thank you, jim. lawmakers demanding answers that
6:51 pm
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back with us now, former homeland security acting deputy chief of staff, lori reese is back, good to see you again. i'd love to get your reaction from senator susan collins talking to a biden administration's official about why the white house diverted hundreds of millions of dollars in covid testing to the southern border. let's watch this. >> i'm going to repeat my question because you did not answer it. has any of that money been used for non- testing related purposes at the border? >> for mitigation purposes as well which the legislation allowed funding to be used for. >> i will follow up with you because i don't feel like i'm getting an answer. >> senator can't get answers on
6:56 pm
that? >> unfortunately it's for this administration part for the core and not providing information. specifically with respect to covid and testing and illegal immigration, it was reported in may the department of health and human services had to move to billion dollars away from restocking the national stockpile which are medical supplies and emergency use as well as $858 million to increase testing specifically for covid all to pay for housing, unaccompanied alien children so this administration continues to place great importance on having an open border bringing in more illegal immigration but what they are doing as importing more covid cases. we are seeing pictures released still of crowded facilities in
6:57 pm
our immigration centers and with a mccone being so contagious, how much is this affecting our number of cases in this country? if this administration would simply secure the border americans would be better off for many factors but including ability to get more tests and finally get a handle on this pandemic. >> the u.s. humanitarian country, and open arms country, who want immigrants to be safe. the way they are coming illegally is not safe and now we have the del rio sector in texas reporting arrests of 40 illegal immigrants from countries designated special interest meaning from syria -- it's not just central and south america coming in here.
6:58 pm
>> no, there have been nationals coming across the border during this administration from over 150 countries. that's three quarters of the globe so they've got the message are border is an they come. for many countries that are not the ally and do not wish us well so this is a national security in addition to being of a tough issue we discussed but americans have to be concerned about the spread of terrorism and who is crossing the border. there's about 2 million illegal aliens encountered under the biden administration and that doesn't include the getaways soe the u.s. inside the interior? this is a real threat and department of homeland security in this administration needs to get their priorities straight and secure the border to keep americans safe.
6:59 pm
>> this is happening at the white house under border enforcement, deportations are expected to drop 80% even from 2020s low and by 90% is 2019. jessica, real clear policy pointing out that ice a few years ago, 5.3 billion, 20000 workers deported to 40000 people, 150,000 of them will criminal illegal aliens, valleys. now we are looking at 7.9 billion for ice, about 20000 workers there, maybe seven removed. final word? >> this is by design. the biden administration put out ice priorities memo which limits who eyes can rest or detain or remove two spies, known or suspected terrorists, some aggregated balance but not many
7:00 pm
and supposedly to anyone who entered illegally after november 1 of last year end we know that's not true, simply processing them and. >> thank you for your service to our country, come back soon. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you have been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: just like rent prices are too hi, you know it, i know it, the white house doesn't seem to interest understand that. inflation skyrocketing. in december by the largest margin since 1982. solid gold still but the white house claims that's a good thing. did they legalize drugs without telling us? that might be the only silver lining. anyone who's been to the supermarket knows it's expensive.


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